Birmingham, AL– Joran Van Der Sloot, suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, and now the murder of Peruvian woman Stephany Flores Ramirez, is facing Federal extortion charges in Alabama.

On or about May 10, 2010, A person known to Mr. Van Der Sloot wire transferred $15,000 from an Alabama bank to a financial institution in the Netherlands.

The complaint, who does not name the party who dealt with Van Der Sloot directly, goes on to say that the funds were a deposit to secure the location of Natalee Holloway’s remains and the circumstances in which she died.


It would appear, given the date of the filing today, that Joran Van Der Sloot was the focus of a Federal sting.

Who was he attempting to extort?

Sources, willing to speak to only on the condition of anonymity, suggest the victim of Van Der Sloot’s extortion plot was none other than Natalee’s mother, Beth Holloway.

Ms. Holloway has been unavailable for comment since the news of Joran’s involvement with the Peruvian murder broke, and has not answered requests for interviews.

Stephany Flores Ramirez was murdered in her hotel room on the 5th anniversary of the disappearance of Natlee Holloway.

Is it possible he found out about the sting, and snapped to get back at the mother of the very girl who many believe also met her end in his hands?

The inconceivable in this case is becoming more conceivable by the moment.

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  1. cadillac says:

    Katie – with regard to May 10th, Blink told us he was in the Netherlands. So, he didn’t pick up the money in Aruba.

    Correct, Blink?

  2. Katie says:

    Re: cadillac says:
    June 6, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    Katie – with regard to May 10th, Blink told us he was in the Netherlands. So, he didn’t pick up the money in Aruba.

    Correct, Blink?

    That appears to be the big question. Some suggest he was in Aruba, where he reportedly received cash, left there on the 10th to travel to Columbia and then on to Lima. In most recent reports there are inferences that he was using at least some of the “extortion money” to gamble in Lima, Peru.

    The important piece …to me anyway…re: the wire fraud indictment is when did he actually take possession of the wired monies.

    I can confirm the money went to the Netherlands on May 10, not Joran’s location to retrieve it, Katie.

  3. Katie says:

    I am concerned that the Aruba can bring forth Murder charges and thereby trump Peru…by virtue of the fact that Natalie’s case occurred earlier. Then, I am wondering if Aruba could try to extradite him and the little f’r could be convicted there, in Aruba, and thus serve a more cushy sentence.

    They cannot conlude there was a death, unless that changes by way of physical evidence, won’t happen.

    Also, it goes by your indictment, not the date of the actual crime.

  4. blue bird says:

    Thanks god this time he can’t get off the hook. My sympathy goes to the families of the victims. Joran, the mama boy, was spoiled and transformed in a monster by his family, and Dutch Judiciary system and Government. He thinks that is very smart, and is in full disregard for others. For the disappearances of Natalee, the Dutch government covered up the Joran’s crime, and they are as guilty as him. The Peruvians are Kind and Nice people, but they won’t tolerate this macabre crime. This is something that they can’t swallow. Peruvians are going to spit Joran’s body at least in to PIECES.

  5. Eric's mom says:

    Eric Dee Preimesberger, age 29, is missing and he has been since April 20, 2010. From Reno NV. I have reported him missing to the Reno, NV police the name of the detective is Tazy 775-321-8372 case # 10-13551. He is the father of two children oldest is Ivy she is 6 years old and Damion the baby, he is 1 1/2 years old. He is an outstanding father and would not willingly leave his kids without any contact for this long.

    I have been trying to get anyone to listen to me, I feel like if he were a woman and had been missing this long more would be done. The detective is basically telling me that “he’s a big boy and just doesn’t want to talk to anyone.” He was calling me at least 1 time a week, usually on Sundays when his wife was gone, as soon as she would come home he would have to go. She is jealous of anyone and anything that takes his focus off her. My point being that she was the reason he only called me once a week, now that he is gone from her home why would he not contact me or someone in the family. There has been no contact with ANY family member anywhere. Nor have his friends heard from him.
    She says he left on foot, I do not belive he would leave behind his prize possession his little Ruckus scooter even if it were not running which is what she says is the reason he left it behind. The ruckus sight that he visited is at he was known as ruckrider on the sight he is posted as missing on that sight. I am afraid there has been foul play and I just want to know where my son is. I know he is a big boy but at the end of the day he is still my ” little boy” he is all alone and lost and I can’t find him. PLEASE HELP ME TO FIND MY SON!

    Eric’s mom

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