Lima, Peru– Dutch National Joran Van Der Sloot, twice arrested as a suspect in the disappearance of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, is a fugitive from an International arrest warrant for the murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez, 21. The International poker playboy was in the country for a poker tournament.

How do I totally know this lul klootzak has Lady GaGa for his ringtone?

Just like a chic in the casino

Take your Bank before I pay you out

I promise this, I promise this

Check this hand because I’m marvelous

Joran Lounge

Ms. Flores, daughter of former Presidential candidate, Peruvian circus entrepenaur and race car enthusiast Ricardo Flores, was found murdered in the hotel room of Van Der Sloot after an approximately 4 hour encounter with him inside, as seen on security footage of the two.

According to Stephany’s cousin Rafael Vertiz, she was brutally beaten, stabbed, and wrapped in a blanket from the bed inside the room.

Vertiz told “The Today Show” that he last spoke to his cousin about a month ago, after a special aired about Van Der Sloot and the Halloway case and they discussed it via phone. It is unclear at press time if he was indicating Ramirez and Van Der Sloot actually met previously.

Van Der Sloot was seen leaving the hotel room alone, and reportedly took the victims vehicle at approximately 9 am May 30.

Late yesterday, the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) issued an arrest warrant for Van Der Sloot, whom they believe was last seen entering Chile by bus.

Dead Man Using Public Transit


It is this editors opinion, Van Der Sloot is on a Van*Der*Scoot to The Republic of Suriname, double time. Dead Man walking, is not actually walking as he was last determined to be using public transit to enter the Chilean border.

His surname, in Suriname, will carry the same clout it did in Aruba.

Suriname, bordering Brazil, is the only South American region where Dutch is the official language. It’s government is a democracy, with lifetime appointmentst in each administrative district and was inaugurated in 2005.

Former fellow suspects Deepak and Satish Kalpoe originate from the Republic of Suriname, and are legal citizens of the state.

Ironically, the countries motto, Justitia– Pietas– Fides’s English translation is JUSTICE-DUTY-LOYALTY.

Let’s hope in the event Joran Van Der Sloot makes it to her borders, she is true to her creedo.  As a Dutch citizen, he would be entitled to the protections of it’s government.

If not, one can hope he opts for the Guyana border and orders a Kool aid.

Aruban Reactions

Peter Blanken, the second Aruban prosecutor assigned to the Natalee Holloway case, told CBS news he was “personally shocked” by the developments.

According to Blanken, he does not feel this latest murder will produce any information in Natalee’s case but will be contacting Peruvian authorities today.

Despite Joran Van Der Sloot’s detainments, surreptitiously recorded confessions and admitted human trafficking deeds, he has never been arrested for or accused of any actual crime.

Julia Renfro, editor and chief of “Aruba Today” who has been a constant defender of both Paulus and Joran Van Der Sloot, is apparently choosing not to feauture the developments of Joran’s warrant and has opted instead to report on the break up of former Vice Presidential couple, Al and Tipper Gore.

Stateside Discussions

True to form, the BOMBSHELL hit the Media circuit last evening, and featured guests abounded on Nancy Grace, Greta Van Sustern and Jane Valez Mitchell.

Ironically, the person most affected by these recent events outside of the Flores/Ramirez family, Beth Holloway has remained silent.

Joe Tacopina, US attorney for Joran Van Der Sloot, advised all to “not rush to judgement” about the murder in Peru and Joran’s possible involvement.

Check back to for updates.

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  1. Arubian says:

    Kleat what the hell is wrong with you? how can you blame the whole island? are you out of your mind? we are not de vd sloots and they are not aruban they are dutch dont mistake the 2 for each other! besides we have 1 unsolved murder how many do you have? and yes i hope and wish that joran burns for his crimes!

    She did not blame the country, she suggested a boycott so that once and for all, we can bring our citizen home. Decisions were made by your Govt, by LE, and administrative bodies in Aruba that thwarted the investigation. Those are the facts. I think your anger is misplaced.

    Furthermore, If you ever wish to post on here again, you will apologize to Kleat for your rudeness and personal attack, which is not allowed here. Our opinions can differ, but our code to respect each other does not.

  2. Kleat says:

    Blink, no offense taken, and thanks for the back-up. You are right, a suggestion of a boycott is to directly confront the protectionist, ‘let’s keep our tourist industry safe’ position. This is not about the citizens of Aruba, but a tourist destination and power of influencial people in the judicial system there. Corruption in the state can never be good for the citizens.

    Things happen, in Mexico, there was a bumbling of a double murder of a holidaying couple, and two women were accused wrongly, the investigation not done properly, rooms cleaned before the investigation was done. We expect more of governments in countries like this, Aruba is not alone. Not visiting will keep tourists safe, if governments won’t do more than cover up.

  3. grietjebie says:

    Why are you writing that this psychopath would be welcome in Suriname?
    You are CRAZY!!

    Because we spoke to two of his friends that live there, but I have never once said he would be welcome.

  4. Starsky says:

    Hi Blink-
    Any idea how fast things move along in Peru? Will he sit in jail for a year before a trial begins? Has he made any statements? Secured a lawyer?

    V E R Y slow. Tribunal of 3, and I understand there is a Netherland envoy ( dispatched for every National)enroute.

  5. Starsky says:

    also, …it does not appear that he has any facial scratches or anything. Have the police indicated whether or not there are any wounds on him from Stephanie fighting back?

  6. ted says:

    This guy will get everything he deserves, Peruvian Jails are run by cartels and I doubt they will like the idea of a rich foreigner killing a young Peruvian girl. The father is a pretty wealthy business man and I’ll bet he has been paying someone on the inside of castro castro to make Joran’s stay extremely pleasant. Peru is a wonderful country and this shouldn’t scare possible travelers from visiting it, remember a large part of income for Peru is tourism. If anyone is interested provides great services for Peru tours at great rates.

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