Morgan Harrington Murder Breaking News: Virginia State Police To Fairfax Case

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Charlottesville, VA– According to sources inside the murder investigation of 20 year old Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, there has been a new development in her case.

Morgan with pup

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to, sources inside the investigation have confirmed Virginia State Police are preparing to announce a possible connection between Harrington’s murder, and the homicide of Vanessa Pham in Fairfax, VA.

However, late this morning, although blink editors attempted to confirm the reports in advance, Corrine Geller, PR Manager for VSP released a statement regarding a forensic connection to an unsolved case in 2005.

Therefore, blinkoncrime cannot confirm source reports Morgan’s case is connected to the recent homicide of Vanessa Pham, A Georgia Fashion Design student found stabbed in her upper torso after police initially believed she was the victim of a single vehicle car accident.


Pham was enroute to visit friends on Sunday afternoon at approximately 2:30PM ; by 3:30PM she was dead in a ditch.

Vanessa’s whiteScion had been traveling the wrong way down an access road, hopped the curb and ended up in a ravine. Although police had no indication she was not driving the vehicle, it was later discovered that she was deceased prior to the crash.

Anyone with information concerning the death of Vanessa Pham is asked to contact Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-8477. editor Madeline Tanner contributed to this report

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  1. Tom says:

    It sounds like DNA results from FBI would be due mid-August. Theorizing attacker was Friend/Acquaintance and that the attacker left the scene by car. Instead of just checking for others’ DNA in Vanessa’s car, why not also check for Vanessa’s DNA in the cars of her friends?

    Also, who’s the leader of Vanessa’s group of friends? Every group has a leader. If there was more than one person involved, chances are the leader knows something about it.

  2. katie says:

    In this news brief from July 26th, it mentions the location of the multiple stab wounds as being in her Torso.

  3. katie says:

    Many more details here about Vanessa Pham’s case; including FFX Co Police stating that there is no other video of her parking, leaving the car or returning to the parking space.

    Perhaps the arrest of Rony Herrera DeLeon might be connected. They have his DNA for the MySpace “date” that resulted in the stabbing and rape of the 17 yo Fairfax teen.

    Since that attack on June 24th and DeLeon’s arrest on June 26th, there was another car-jacking on a Sunday in a Chantilly (just west of Fairfax City) Shopper’s Food Warehouse parking lot. The man forced a woman out of her car and took off in the vehicle. An alert LEO spotted the car and the suspect, wrecked the car and was captured. He was very brazen as there were three kids in the back of the car. I hope they take this guys DNA, too.
    I believe they will solve Vanessa’s case.

  4. Tom says:

    I’ve thought the attacker in this case was probably friend/acquaintance, but if not, this stabbing incident
    in Chinatown appears similar. Melodie Brevard age 24
    stabbed a stranger for no apparent reason. Stranger was
    female and similar in age to Vanessa. Brevard stabbed
    the person multiple times. Article states that Brevard
    has history of mental illness and stopped taking her
    medication about a month ago, which is close in date to
    the Vanessa incident.

    Here’s a link:

  5. katie says:

    Tom, I had the same thought when i heard a bit of that story on the news. Someone is going to mess up and they will catch the person.

  6. starbucks says:

    Alright, this article (mentioned above) sets forth the time line:

    So she is at the nail salon around 3:00 pm and is presumably done by 3:09 pm when she updates her Facebook page, and she leaves the shopping center parking lot at 3:24 pm.

    I have some questions:

    Where was she between 3:09 and 3:24?
    Did she go to another store in the same shopping center that LE is not talking about?
    Did she encounter a, seemingly harmless, woman with a sob story who needed a ride?
    Offering a ride, did she hesitate upon leaving the parking lot to understand the directions?
    Did the women direct her to the isolated area close to where she had parked her own car?
    Was robbery a motive?
    Did they recover Vanessa’s purse and money?
    Was anyone else approached by someone in the shopping center asking for a ride that day?

    There is a rumor going around that they recovered the knife in the car – don’t know if it is true.

  7. katie says:

    I haven’t heard anything about the weapon being found. I’m wondering if
    this woman has been asked where she was on June 17th between 3:00 and 3:30 PM on Sunday June 27th, 2010. There is a Metro within two walking blocks of the Shopping Center. The attack that occurred near the Verizon Center is just a couple blocks from the Gallery Place Metro.

  8. katie says:

    oops, June 27th not 17th.

  9. cw says:

    I wonder if the suspect/sketch involved in the 30+ stabbings between Virginia, Michigan, and Ohio will be linked to VP too?

  10. katie says:

    In the span of less than two weeks there has been a rash of unprovoked stabbings, in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC and three different suspects involved. What the heck is going on, here? The two, in the area closet to Merrifield or along the subway lines have been arrested. I surely hope DC has obtained Ms. Brevard’s DNA and that Fairfax County has checked her as well as Mr. Herrera out. Now, we have this Michigan, Ohio, Virginia stabber/serial killer. I wonder if there are any unsolved murders or unprovoked attacks on minority women that the police haven’t thought to look at for a connection to these random attacks on minority men?

  11. katie says:

    I look forward to getting a specific life history on this Michigan/Virginia Serial stabber. Elias Abuelazam ex-wife’s father suggests that Abu-El-Azam “got rough with” his daughter. News reports say that the 2008 warrant in Loudon County pertains to a Simple Assault, domestic in nature, against his then brother-in-law. He is also said to have attacked a “friend” on his last trip to Israel. This was in the last six months. From news reports and quotes from family members and co-workers, in Virginia, it appears that Elias Abu-El-Azam lived in Virginia, near Landsdowne/Leesburg area in 2007. his ex-wife, iirc, is from Leesburg and reports show the marriage lasting three or four years from 2003-2008.

    So, I’m wondering where Mr. Elias Abu-El-Azam was in September 2005, October 2009, and even June 27th, 2010. It will be interesting to get details of where he traveled, worked and lived in those time frames.

  12. katie says:

    Found these in Fairfax County:

    GT01153707-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 11/05/2001 12:00 AM Prepaid Paid
    Court:Fairfax County General District
    Complainant: QUATTRIN, C R

    GT01153709-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 12/03/2001 12:00 AM Guilty Paid
    Court:Fairfax County General District
    Complainant:QUATTRIN, C R

    GT02146083-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 12/04/2002 12:00 AM Appealed
    Court:Fairfax County General District
    Charge: 085/55 RECKLESS
    Complainant: HUBERT, D R

    GT04192005-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 12/15/2004 12:00 AM Guilty In Absentia Paid
    Court:Fairfax County General District
    Complainant:POND, C J

    GT06188737-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 10/25/2006 12:00 AM Prepaid Paid
    Fairfax County General District
    Complainant: FARBRY, C W

    Still looking for other areas but this tells me that he was in Fairfax County

  13. katie says:

    Here are his arrests in Loudon County (That is where Leesburg is.)
    GC07005523-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 04/24/2008 01:00PM Guilty Paid
    Court:Loudoun County General District
    Complainant: KERWIN, D. M.

    GC07005524-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 04/24/2008 01:00 PM
    Nolle Prosequi
    Court: Loudoun County General District
    KERWIN, D. M.

    GC10003692-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 08/16/2010 11:15 AM Pending Case
    Court:Loudoun County General District
    Complainant: STANLEY, D.

    GT01031293-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 09/13/2001 12:00 AM Prepaid Paid
    Court: Loudoun County General District
    Complainant: KING, D. R.

    GT03008398-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 05/29/2003 12:00 AM Guilty Paid
    Court: Loudoun County General District
    Complainant: LOTZ, T. B.

    GT03008399-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 05/29/2003 12:00 AM Guilty Paid
    Court: Loudoun County General District
    Complainant: LOTZ, T. B.

    GT07004209-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 03/19/2007 08:30 AM Prepaid Paid
    Court: Loudoun County General District
    Complainant: DIVINEY, T. C.

    GT08045602-00 ABUELAZAM, ELIAS 10/08/2008 08:30 AM Prepaid Paid
    Court: Loudoun County General District
    Complainant: WELLISLEY, B. J.

  14. katie says:

    Remember the motive of the DC Sniper. He really just wanted to kill his ex-wife and have it added into the “random” killing spree. I wonder if this guy isn’t doing a similar thing. Maybe there are more personal cases and cases against women that just don’t fall into the mainly African American male MO.

    It turns out that a Leesburg neighbor of Abul-El-Azam, Jammie Lane, was stabbed to death (March 22, 2009) and an anonymous 911 caller said that they saw him, through his window, lying on his floor. The Police initially went as a wellness check.

    Something that keeps bothering me about the Vanessa Pham case is that a 911 caller called it in “right after the car came to rest” but that person did not stop. Then there is the woman who said she saw the car but didn’t stop. I have driven passed that location dozens of times since the murder and I can tell you this, no one driving from either direction on Rt 50, would have noticed that spot unless they were actually on the service road. From RT 50 (Arlington Blvd), moving at 45 MPH, one can’t see the spot unless they are looking directly at it. This requires looking completely away from the road while driving.

    I have wondered if the 911 caller has been identified and was it a man or a woman and did they actually see/hear the car crashing over the curb and into the dense brush. If so, then why didn’t they see the person that had to have been leaving the scene and covered in blood?!!!!!

  15. katie says:

    I have the wrong date on Jammie lane, I think. One source says March 26th, 2009. I think I confused the date of the Bennett couple’s attack (Lansdowne-not far from Leesburg.)

  16. Jo says:

    Has anyone hears anything about Victoria Doxey? I saw a missing person sign in Oakton today saying she had gone running around 7 pm on the 16th and never returned. The contact numbers are not for the police but it does say her cell is in police possession. I couldn’t find any news articles on her but google brings up an oakton high student of that name, and she had some similarities to Vanessa (besides obvious age) in the missing poster …

  17. katie says:

    This is very disturbing. I have twice called in a tip about a middle-aged white man (bald and wearing gold wire-framed aviator-type prescription glasses) in a burgundy sedan trying to persuade a high school aged girl to approach his car. This was one block from the intersection of Blake Lane and Lee Hwy. I wrote it all down including his license plate, model of his car and i called it in while I watched him. FFX Co. dispatcher took the tip very seriously but the second time I called them to remind them of this they never called me back. The location was about 1/4 of a mile from the parking lot of Oakton High School.

    I haven’t heard a thing on the news or on the FFX Co Police Website…very strange. I also haven’t seen any Missing Posters for this teen.

  18. Jo says:


    That is disturbing. There are so many sick people out there. The missing person poster I saw was on the bulletin board of California Tortilla in Oakton, off Hunter Mill (by the Giant) though I imagine they’re in a variety of places. Strange that there are no news articles about it (unless the cops suspect she left on her own), but then what teen girl would run away without her cell phone? Though the girls are not identical by any means, when I first saw te poster I thought it was a picture of Vanessa with shorter hair …

  19. Edward says:

    What happened with this case ??

    barking up wrong trees
    multiple profiles
    withholding information from the public
    lack of vsp savvy to use media to progress leads
    10 month head start by perps

  20. starbucks says:

    FALLS CHURCH, Va. (WUSA) — Friday marks two months since 19-year-old Vanessa Pham was found in her crashed car with stab wounds to her body.

    . . . .

    Detectives are stumped and say they have no new information as to who or why anyone would want to kill Vanessa and leave her stabbed to death in her crashed car.

    . . . .

    But the murder of the James Madison High School graduate remains a mystery, leaving her family anguishing even longer with no answers to their loved ones death.

    Police say they need the public in order to solve this case.

    Detectives come to visit Vanessa’s mother on a regular basis just like they did on Thursday to remind the family even though phone calls and leads have stopped, they haven’t given up.

    We need another look at that parking lot footage people. Perp is in it.

  21. Tom says:

    I wish police would make public what’s been ruled out so far. It’s frustrating not knowing if they are even following any leads. For instance, what about checking out Melanie Brevard for possible connection? Are they even considering her? Are they checking anything anymore? I would think DNA from the crash scene would be back from the lab by now.

  22. katie says:

    I think when you blow up stills of the video that you can see someone in the passenger seat. The Metro is in easy walking distance of this parking lot. How does someone stab someone in a small space like her car and just walk away…had to have Vanessa’s blood on their clothing/hands, etc. No one notices a person with blood on them?

  23. katie says:

    Here is a very interesting incident that occurred less than a mile from where Vanessa was murdered and the Fairfax County Police are just releasing this report! It happened ONE WEEK AGO!

    This young woman got very lucky.

  24. starbucks says:

    WASHINGTON – Nearly three months after a 19-year-old woman was found murdered in her car, police have apparently hit a dead end in the investigation.
    There are no suspects, no motive and fewer and fewer leads in the murder of Vanessa Pham.

    “We’re not making any progress and the case isn’t going anywhere,” sources familiar with the investigation say.

    . . . .

    Evidence was recovered at the scene and is being processed, but Fairfax County Police say they don’t have any suspects.

  25. Blink says:

    helps2 know-

    there is no way I am posting that without me verifying it personally.

    Just mark your post private and I will review.

  26. Booleigh says:

    I am new to posting but have a few thoughts to share that may not have been discussed. I know no one probably knows but did LE ever get any info about the help the prominent countess whose property was in the triangle of homes where MH was found? I am just an old country boy but I can tell you she doesn’t mow the grass or weed the garden. Also I would go out on a limb and say the home was pretty well endowed and with such valuables being left for a long time I personally would have cameras and a security detail checking my property every day , gated or not. I understand PL is on the board of UVA and quite prominent. I could see (just perhaps) someone in that position would not want to have any involvement (even most unintentional) that may tarnish my standing in society. Butler, husband of a maid perhaps (or chamber maid or whatever they refer to that type of help, I call mine wife…just kidding) landscapers, SECURITY checking on house. There has to be a flurry of people keeping up a large home and 1400 acres .I would assume a very nice camera system would be essential. I may be way off base and LE got a lot from that property and owner or I could be right and they were stonewalled with some high dollar lawyers saying don’t go there. Just thinking out of the box here but without knowing who certain security firms did work for whom or who was employing them “blinkers” may be spinning wheels for a long time. The place in my opinion was not random (Location location) and the perp knew where to go, when to go and how long they had. If a 4×4 was used it would have to be a monster truck (ground was soft and wet right?) otherwise you take the risk of being stuck / caught I doubt a ATV was used as they are noisy and you would still need to know where you are going ( unless you happen to live nearby) looking at the maps it may have been a long walk but if perp knew no one was coming (especially of they were the ones checking on things) they could park and feel secure. Was that house gated? Was an access card needed? Was a guard on duty? Still way too many question we don’t know. Regards, Booleigh


    My sincere welcome to BOC and provoking first post. You indeed have hit on thoughts I agree are important to the perps access to AF.

    I do not, nor have I ever, believed AF is a random location.

  27. Edward says:

    Another disturbing case.

  28. Frank says:


    I remember you ran something about a questionable private security company some time ago, because it may of been providing security at the UVA stadium the night of Morgan’s disappearance.

    Well, get this….

    The Federal ATF just raided a gun store and range belonging to a company named “Professional Security Services” in Roanoke. This company apparently provides security guard services (Armed and Unarmed) as well as private investigaiton services, and of course the practice firing range, and associated gun store.

    Scuttlebutt around Roanoke as well as on a few internet message bases implies that the company had some Felons working for it, as well as handling guns. Uhh… I didnt think people with criminal records were supposed to be involved in offering security services? REEEAAALLL impressed with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services…

    All you have to do to find out what I’m talking about is do a google search on “Private Security Services” Roanoke or PSS Roanoke ATF Raid and you’ll find the hits. For some reason the tv and Roanoke Times newspaper forgot to mention that the firearms range is actually part of a security business… its a security business that was raided by the Feds. I’ve even heard that silencers and stuff like that were discovered there at the time of the Raid!

  29. Ode says:
    I saw this story today about a serial slasher in Fairfax County Va. I could not help but think about Vanessa Pham’s murder

  30. Jessie says:

    News Release: 11/256/0036/tjw/(4)
    September 16, 2011
    Police Seek Witnesses in Merrifield Area Assault

    Mason Police District – Police are investigating an abduction that reportedly occurred in the area of Gallows Road and Arlington Boulevard around 11 p.m. on Monday, September 12. A 26-year-old woman told police she was walking along Arlington Boulevard when she saw a white van pull up next to her.

    A man allegedly grabbed the woman, pulled her inside the vehicle and headed eastbound on Arlington Boulevard. The victim tried to escape from three men that were inside the van. As she fought off her assailants, they pushed her out of the van near the intersection of Fairfax Boulevard and Chain Bridge Road. The next day, the victim sought medical attention for serious injuries.

    Police are also seeking a man who stopped to render aid to the woman; she used his cell phone to call a friend. He drove a dark green car.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Solvers by phone at 1-866-411-TIPS/8477, e-mail at or text “TIP187” plus your message to CRIMES/274637 or call Fairfax County Police at 703-691-2131.

  31. Jessie says:

    A couple of weeks ago, someone tried to get in the car with a woman in the same shopping complex.

    That dude has a partner, and this should absolutely be taken into consideration in the Pham case.

  32. katie says:

    It just burns me up that neither this or the September 16th Attempted Abduction were publicized in any timely fashion. I follow both the Fairfax County Police Facebook page and their own website and crime reports and never even heard about the September 16th Abduction.

    Waiting three weeks to report this man getting into the passenger seat of a woman’s car as she was coming back from the Unique Thrift Store (Same shopping Center where Vanessa was last seen) is ridiculous! They even have a sketch of the man but gave no informative details on the news report 11/15/2011.

    Today, there is a posting on the FFX CO PD FaceBook page:
    Here is the official news release

  33. katie says:

    Correction: the Attempted Abduction was September 12th, 2011 at Arlington BLVD and Gallows Road. This is less than .25 miles from where Vanessa was left to die.

    Many of us have commented on the White van in the Vanessa Pham surveillance videos.

  34. katie says:

    Well, if anyone has the time it is well worth watching both videos side by side. In the VP video we see the umbrella woman and man at the back of an SUV and the tallish thin man lingering on the bumper. As VP is passing that parking lane the white van starts backing up.

    In the newest video a light colored vehicle comes down the hill from the top/southern end of the parking lot just as the victim is nearing her car. He parks his car and moved quickly between cars to get to her’s as she is getting in. You can see her interior lights go on and then off. Then you can see the man stand at the back corner of her car. then the interior light goes on again and she is out of the var. Another car stops behind her car and the assailant walks away toward the Thift store and the cameras.

    Interestingly, in this new video, in the same lane as we saw in the Pham video, there are also two very similar light colored SUVs parked in two of the same two spots as the two SUVs in the Pham video.

    As the man approached this victim’s car the one SUV starts backing out of the parking space…Then another car with a couple pulls in directly behind the victim’s car. LE would like to speak with the occupants of that car…they were “said to have stopped to assist the woman when she screamed.”

    Meanwhile the suspect just walked away. BUT what is most interesting is that, if you watch the pillars in front of the Thrift Store, there is another tallish thin man in a dark hoodie standing in wait…so it seems, to communicate with the assailant. There is a quick interaction between the two and then hoodie guy turns to talk to some else who is standing near the entrance to the Thrift store. Watch these three men. This is definitely some sort of ring.

    I am now convinced that what we all noticed in the Pham video is some sort of crime gang or ring. They appear to have people throughout the parking lot to signal the assailant as to the victim and where she is parked. What is most telling about the new video is that the assailant drove down her parking lane and parked halfway up the hill. So, those who figured that a get away car was stashed are absolutely correct. This was not some area homeless man in Vanessa’s case and I would put money on these two being the same ring or gang. I still thing MS. Stutts case is related. IIRC, she was said to be going out to the Giant grocery store which is on the opposite side of the street and at the corner of Gallows & Rt 50.

    The only question I have is what kind of crime ring is this…simple theft/robbery, human trafficking, or car theft?

    Yep, thus why I said he had a partner. The answers are in that complex, imo.

  35. cstutts says:

    Verena Stutts’s death is unrelated to anything else. The Washington Post article a few days later contained slightly more info than the police press release; look at that. I don’t recall any report of Verena being at the Giant that night.

  36. Katie says:

    @cstutts, I understand that you are certain that the two cases are unrelated. I thought that I read somewhere that Ms Stutts intended to go to the Giant. Perhaps, I am mistaken. Yet, even if Ms. Stutts did have thoughts of suicide, is it at all possible that she thought of changing her mind, drove to and parked or sat in one of the shopping center parking lots? Nationally, statistics put setting oneself on fire to be below 1/2 of 1% of all suicides. That secluded, wooded and partial roadway is merely yards from where Vanessa’s car came to rest on the opposite side of the wooded area.

    It seems probable that someone slips into the passenger seat, as the females are getting in or sitting in their cars…then, that someone, for whatever reason, intends to force the women to drive to that same secluded/wooded spot where Ms Stutts, inside her car, was found. Perhaps, Vanessa saw that the man or woman intended to force her to drive there and determined that she might be better off trying to escape to a more populated area and bring attention to herself by crashing her car…or the crash (going the wrong way on the one way entrance,) occurred when she fought off her attacker and tried to get back to the highway.

    IMO, no matter why this attacker wanted Vanessa to drive to that area, he or she had someone following from behind to either pick him up, if something went wrong, or to assist at the meeting place with whatever it was they were trying to accomplish. Murder, does not appear to have been the original objective. The question is, are they trying to abduct the women or steal their vehicles?

  37. cstutts says:

    “Is it at all possible that she thought of changing her mind, drove to and parked or sat in one of the shopping center parking lots?”

    Verena was for the last month of her life severely depressed. She had a plan at least a few hours old, and she took a gasoline container with her. She knew the area where she parked; she drove past it to and from work. Any reason to think someone else else was involved? No.

  38. Questioner says:

    We need another look at that parking lot footage people. Perp is in it.
    It’s funny that you say that Blink, because I did look at the parking lot video for a very long time, and there is a car that goes around a truck that is sitting ready to turn left into a land, and Vanessa is coming up toward this truck in the opposite direction. A car goes around the truck on the right comes around it, and there is Vanessa’s car. If you watch the video in slow motion, you can see when Vanessa sees the car, she breals quickly. The car backs into what looks like a pick up area, Vanessa passes it and it looks like she gives whoever is in the car the finger. She goes on her way, and that car goes down an aisle and comes back up another aisle close to where Vanessa is stopped ready to get on the road from the lot. That’s about where the video stops.

    You are correct, I think this could have been a road rage incident and the lot video needs to be carefully studied by LE, because the perp IS in it.

  39. Questioner says:

    LOL, sorry about all the mistakes, I either need a new keyboard or new fingers.

  40. Dr. Pepper says:

    Katie- I check back here periodically to see if anything new has developed. Stay safe in FFX, we’ll find these SOB’s. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  41. Katie says:
    Could this be related?
    Note the description of the assailant.
    This crime sounds so similar to the Fairfax cases. The MO is the same and like I noted above, the assailant in the second Fairfax case walked up to the Thrift store where he talks to a tall possibly Caucasian man.
    “The assailant is described as a white male, between the ages of 30-40, about 6’3″ tall, of slender build with brown hair and a goatee. He was last seen wearing a beige sweater. Witnesses say the man left the area in a dark blue two-door hatchback”

  42. Dr. Pepper says:

    Recent Attempted Abduction Caught on Tape in Same Parking Lot- woman got away, thankfully.
    It is sad that catching the killer doing it again may be the only way to ever solve the case.
    Her family is in my prayers.

  43. [...] July 1st, as a direct result of an article linking Morgan’s case to an unsolved sexual assault case in 2005 in Fairfax, VA published by, a sketch of a man forensically linked to [...]

  44. katie says:

    He was arrested at a construction site in Vienna, Va. FFX County police are looking at him in reference to other crimes in the county.

  45. katie says:

    Well, I found 7 charges on him going back as far as 2004. Two in Prince William County, Two in Arlington, and 3 in Fairfax, County. Most are misdemeanors and only the traffic violations were adjudicated/guilty. There was a petit larceny charge that went nowhere and the most recent, changing a price tag at Safeway (grocery Store) was nolle’d.

  46. JJ says:

    Coincidence? Maybe, but bizarre.

    This is just a few miles from where Vanessa died and right near her high school

    I believe there has been an arrest in VP case?

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