Morgan Harrington Murder: Eric Howell, Neighbor To Anchorage Farm, Wanted On VA State Police Site

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North Garden, VA– A registered Sex Offender, Eric Micheal Howell, whose residence is adjacent to Anchorage Farm, the location in Charlottesville where 20 year old Morgan Harrington’s remains were located, is a wanted fugitive according to the Virginia State Police website.

Although he registered on June 10, as assigned, there is a warrant out for his arrest. It is unknown if Howell is involved in the circumstances of the disappearance and homicide of Morgan Harrington, or if he is wanted in connection to any recent grand jury activity. Check back to for updates

Update: Warrant is from Albemarle County Police Department for an unknown misdemeanor charge. An attempt to serve the warrant was made and Police were unable to locate Howell.

The charge from ACPD according to VSP spokesperson, Corrine Geller, is not related to the Harrington murder, and he is, for the time being, in compliace with the registry as of June 10th.

There is no pending charges on the Albemarle County Clerk site at the time of this post. 

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  1. Moon says:

    there is an interesting piece on’s morning edition about a neuroscientist studying the brains of psychopaths/serial killers/sociopaths. it’s interesting to listen to and now whenever i listen to stories like this, i always try to think of how it can relate to morgan’s case, so i thought i’d share it here with you all. it says something about how they are lacking in certain areas of the brain, but that alone doesn’t make someone a killer/violent, it’s a possibility of childhood abuse as well.

  2. fish says:

    “fish says:
    March 31, 2010 at 5:15 pm
    What would a hobby be of a “depraved spawn” besides hate-mongering and does it have a job?”

    “Redhilllocal: Has there ever been any talk of a secret club held in a barn in NG?”

    Mom3.0: I don’t remember the friends and a barn but here is one example of how we talked about a barn in North Garden and there were others, like Sherriff Willy’s suicide behind his barn, the barn on Chopin, etc.
    I’m thinking that Morgan just painted that because she may of saw something from a drive or such.
    She would have only been 16 or 17 when she painted that. But, really we do not know when she actually did that painting.
    I’m going with Blink on this one. Morgan was never to AF and this is just a concidence.
    A beautiful one as it is a beautiful painting and it was a beautiful gift from God that she was found.
    If for one minute, a Bad Guy thinks that he left her somewhere alone…He did not! She was always with friends from above. I know, sounds corny but I believe that.

    My mind tells me she laid in that field alone
    My heart tells me she was with loved ones the whole way.

    Mom, may I say something to you?
    His mother should be ashamed of him and be doing everything in her power to help heal this family and yes, even him!

  3. acho says:

    My memory of a barn and Morgan is there was a barn where a band played. Didn’t we all think that photo of her with the girls, incl Ramona, might’ve been in said barn?

  4. acho says:

    49.In Memory of Gini says:
    June 29, 2010 at 4:25 pm
    Doing a people search, I found a Ron K. Norman from Culpeper. If this is the same, I wonder what he is doing in Charlottesville driving drunk, with drugs, guns and no license????

    FWIW, loads of people who live in Culpeper come to Charlottesville for shopping (I guess they don’t want to deal with DC traffic?), and this guy might have family in the area — there’s a same named family doing contracting work in Crozet and surely plenty of others in the area.

    So I wonder, IMOG, if that’s the guy.

  5. messimamm says:

    Every time I go to BOC (I only read Morgan Harrington related posts) I am exposed to a giant close up of a guy with his hand on a woman’s boob. Disturbing. It is beginning to bug me. Is there a way to open directly to MH related posts?

  6. Observer says:

    Thanks, all. While my heart may not be behaving correctly, I’m still encouraged by all the kind words here. [Thanks too, fish, for offering a call from your undoubtedly sweet Guppy Girl.] No worries; it takes more than a misbehaving ticker to get me down. And yes, I promise I’m taking care of myself and following the MD’s orders…at least for now, that is:)))

  7. DCsteve says:

    So I wonder if this latest news about cheesesuit is any way related to Morgan? Maybe on the periphery, at least? Trying to get someone to spill the beans? A way to get a palm print (legally)? A way to get someone behind bars on trumped up charges? Or, of course, it may be completely unrelated.

    And has it been established that this incident took place in Charlottesville proper? And why the ACPD would be involved?

  8. Hummingbird says:

    Thank you Fish for your fighting words
    Mom3.0 so good to see you my misty mountain friend
    Observer OMG please take care of yourself you are much loved
    love Hummingbird J4M

  9. Amanda850 says:

    Hi all. I don’t post often, but I read every day (as I am sure Blink can tell). I want nothing more to see a break in this case and some justice for Dear Morgan. All of you provide hope, even if you don’t know it.

    Thoughts and prayers to J2K for the fire (My family had a house fire when I was a kid, and it is incredibly hard to deal with) and to Observer for intuitive, thorough, and kind doctors. Blink – I hope you are completely recovered from your spill. Love to everyone !<3

  10. Eloise says:

    When log onto Blink, find the page you want, then save as a link on yout favorites on your tool bar. That pic is from Kyron Hornam’s parents. I have my Morgan and Kyron saved that way.

    messimamm says:
    June 29, 2010 at 7:58 pm
    Every time I go to BOC (I only read Morgan Harrington related posts) I am exposed to a giant close up of a guy with his hand on a woman’s boob. Disturbing. It is beginning to bug me. Is there a way to open directly to MH related posts?

  11. Josie says:

    My thoughts are with Observer and J2K. I somehow missed J’s post about the fire. I’m so sorry. Observer, please take care. Take the time to get all better. Thank you for all you’ve done for Morgan and her family.

  12. MarchmallowWI says:

    I’m hoping and praying for justice for Morgan.

    messimamm says:
    June 29, 2010 at 7:58 pm
    …Is there a way to open directly to MH related posts?

    Bookmark this page:

  13. Ruckersville says:

    Interseting choice of words…”Time to get out”

    Albemarle PD Chief to Retire
    Posted: Jun 30, 2010 9:32 AM EDT
    Updated: Jun 30, 2010 9:44 AM EDT
    NBC29 has learned that Albemarle County Police Chief John Miller is retiring. The official announcement is set to happen later this morning.

    Miller joined the Albemarle County Police Department as chief in 1989. The 64-year-olds last day on the job will be September 30.

    Among others, Miller cited health reasons as why he was leaving the force. Miller had a heart attack back in 2005. The chief told us that it was time to get out.

    Count on Us for more on this developing story tonight on NBC29 HD News at Five and Six.

    Reported by NBC29 HD News

  14. Diana H. says:


    Couple of thoughts. A way to get a palm print. A way to talk. A way to talk even more often than once a month.

    “And has it been established that this incident took place in Charlottesville proper? And why the ACPD would be involved?”

    It was posted here on BOC that there were 2 misdemeanors in Charlottesville proper that day. B pointed out that they’d probably be handled by c’ville pd.

    anotherB found a simple assault case in North Garden that day which was handled by ACPD.
    If the vandalism happened outside of C’ville proper, like say… in North Garden, that would most likely explain the County LE involvement.

  15. Diana H. says:

    Dear Observer,

    Please take care and feel better soon! Hugs, hugs, hugs to you!

  16. Diana H. says:

    acho says:

    “My memory of a barn and Morgan is there was a barn where a band played. Didn’t we all think that photo of her with the girls, incl Ramona, might’ve been in said barn?”

    Yes. I definitely remember that as being an open fronted stage at one of the festivals. The photo of Morgan and friends, including RT (OYE?)was taken there.
    This was the pic with the guy with mustache and glasses in the background.

  17. Eloise says:

    This is the link to the thread re place where photo above is discussed. Barn or garage.?

  18. Mom3.0 says:

    Thanks Fish- I agree with you on Morgan’s artwork of a barn-

    My question wasn’t because of Morgan’s painting- recently I’ve been doing some research and it led me to question the barn party place- I believe it was on Morgan’s myspace comments or FB- I can’t remember- But thank you for trying to help me recall the conversation.

    HummingBird, you have a way with words that always seems to lift my spirits thank you my Misty Mountain friend I cherish your thoughts-

    You got me to thinking HummingBird, about all of BOC research and speculation-

    It made me happy to think that the BG has been reading our ponderings from the beginning and he was probably having conniptions each day- because of how many times we came close to figuring out where Morgan was- a farm a misty mountain-

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some of our musings have found him out- and he is sweating it and has for quite sometime- wondering if Blink and LE or we all are gonna put 2 and 2 together- Maybe in all the footage we have watched, he is there, and he knows it and is scared

    Yeah- these thoughts make me smile- someday BG someday soon-

  19. Mom3.0 says:

    Just wanted to say to J2K sorry to read about your fire- I am glad you are okay- Stay golden – my friend

  20. cosmo says:

    what is everyone’s take on the Albemarle PD Chief to Retire? is it really health issues? is the DNA back? what’s the deal? chime in people … this thing has been slowing down to a cold stop.

  21. mary says:

    Please forgive my ignorance — our MVP in the College World Series, Jackie Bradley, Jr, is also from Virginia.

    Dear Observer, I will purchase a bottle of Cardinal Mendoza brandy this weekend and drink to your health! Many warm regards.

  22. mary says:

    I have often wondered during this case if it might not be for the best if things did become “cold” as in regard to the perp — if he thinks the heat is off will he be more likely to make a big mistake?

  23. Mom3.0 says:

    cosmo do you have a link?

    DNA was said to take 6 mnths…

    Ps Don’t get discouraged its the weekend before the fourth- alot of posters are probably on vacation.

  24. fish says:

    Hey B, is there anyway of telling us the names of the four men in black clothing that may have interacted with Morgan Harrington the night of October 17, 2009?
    Or would that be a big, fat N O, even if I said pretty please with sugar on top?!

    Or how about this…Are they local, as in residents of Cville and surrounding area, at time lived on AF? Or students from another state? If so, will they be back kickin’ it up for fall semester?

    Or try this…Does Lt. Rader, my man extraordinaire, know of their names? This I say with respect, on my knees, begging on behalf of all of us that want to see this guy caught. Does he know. Refresh, please.

    Or one more time…Were these guys hookin’ up with “Kickee” and his party? Or someone later on the lawn?

    OK, I lied…Does Morgan go off with them or did she possibly tell them she would walk to 7-11 and be right back to meet them at JPJA and they pick her up on the bridge and said she was hitchhiking. Thus, Lt. R, does know their names?

    Obviously, I want those names. Enough on this already. We sit here, down to just placing rocks.

    How can we make this guy who did this to Morgan Harrington understand that no matter whatever his connection, or money, or whatever else he thinks he’s got in his back pocket, it pales in comparison to our support of Lt. Rader and Virginia State Police.

    Lt. Rader this ones for you!

    “Community, educate us,”
    “Educate the police.”
    said Lieutenant Joe Rader.

    I’m trying. We all are. We are not in your chosen profession. We are parents, moms, dads, Proud to-be Virginians and yes, even kids that read and wish we could do more.

    We can’t but sommmeboddddy can…

    “Please, do not protect him. Make amends, even though that will be hard to do but it can be done. Father to father. Mother to mother.
    Do you not watch the news? A New York Police Officer forgave the kid that shot and paralyzed him. Families of children who have been murdered have forgiven the person who took their child’s life. It is well-documented.
    Why do you think that this cannot be done?
    Is it because you have no faith?
    Where’s your church of choice, North Garden?
    Or do you not have one?
    Is it because he scares the crap, even out of you?

    Well, STOP!
    And understand that she is gone, not at your hands but his!

    How can you think protecting him makes him whole, a complete person, what now, a law-abidding citizen? Families can forgive but that doesn’t mean the Law should.
    Let the Harrington Family and yours, begin to heal.
    The the Law takes it’s proper course of action.
    Let it start, already!”

    “Here I did the work for you!”

    Mooreland Church‎
    2255 Taylors Gap Road(434)295-3882‎
    Trinity Church‎
    4637 Plank Road(434)977-5585‎
    Aberene Baptist‎
    2728 Plank Road(434)979-7777‎
    South Garden Baptist (434)984-3668‎
    Rising Sun Church‎(434)963-9748‎
    MT. Olivet United Methodist Church‎
    2500 Old Lynchburg Road(434)293-4330‎
    Zion Baptist
    Rabbit Valley Road(434)293-9459‎
    Grace Episcoal‎
    3121 Red Hill Depot Road(434)245-7053‎

    All Available in North Garden, Virginia, with good people to help you!

    After you read this article again, it sounds to me that it was someone really connected to the Bass’s farm and North Garden. Are they sure that they turned over everyone? Maybe someone slipped their minds back then. Have police gone back and asked again.
    Stupid, I know but I had to ask.

    “You are connected to that farm and not just because you placed or made Morgan walk out there!”

    Thanks for listening!

  25. fish says:

    “cosmo says:
    June 30, 2010 at 4:59 pm
    what is everyone’s take on the Albemarle PD Chief to Retire? is it really health issues? is the DNA back? what’s the deal? chime in people … this thing has been slowing down to a cold stop.”

    It’s a good thing, I’m a cold fish, then!!!!

  26. CvilleGirl says:

    Hi Blink. I don’t have access to work email right now, so I can’t send this via email. – this is between you and me: There’s going to be a press release tomorrow regarding a new development in the case. Stay tuned…

  27. Saramom says:

    I have been looking at this since last weekend–seems there are lots of job openings for LE, etc.

    I AM NOT from Virginia, so I don’t know if this is “typical” or not.

    Anyone have thoughts or comments on Police Reserves (volunteer program?)

  28. Observer says:

    TO: hummingbird, Diana H., josie, and mary: Thank you for your very kind sentiments. I’m taking good care of my ticker, as it’s the only one I have:)))

    RE: Chief John Miller’s (ACPD) announcement: I just posted the following on FM:

    With all due respect to those who may question the timing of Chief Miller’s retirement:

    I have known John Miller both personally and professionally since he was hired as Chief of the ACPD in 1989. During this lengthy period I have have the distinct privilege of knowing him as a person of uncommon integrity and character. This was especially evident as I witnessed him weather the occasional storm of public scrutiny or controversy–a circumstance that any police chief in any jurisdiction will tell you is part and parcel of being on The Job.

    When John had a heart attack in 2005 there were many of us who were very concerned about him. There was much understandable and anticipated speculation that he might retire shortly thereafter. That he did not is not a negative reflection of him, nor is the timing of the announcement of his upcoming retirement a reflection in any way whatsoever on the the investigation into the the murder of Morgan Harrington.

    While I appreciate and respect that there are those who may not be in accord with my statements above, I remain firm and unwavering in my sentiments.

    In closing, I wish John nothing but the very best in his well-deserved retirement.

  29. Saramom says:

    I do not like the sound of crickets either!

    Here is a link to the reserve program, which I am sure is fabulous program. Requirements for entry are stringent, BUT could there be someone involved who is a little overzealous? Someone who couldn’t meet the requirements to be a police officer. The volunteers do help out at special events and they are involved in search and rescue.

    Speaking of search and rescue, Blink, I think I get a “read” on how you feel about civilians “searching and rescuing,” do you believe there was anything “shady” going on during the search for Morgan? Sabotage? Anything having to do with a certain Pantera t-shirt even?

  30. In Memory of Gini says:

    Morgan’s Artwork made the Charlottesville news.

  31. Mom3.0 says:

    We know Morgan Liked Pantera- We know she liked Black Sabbath- We know she was very artistic-

    As a remembrance of those three loves- I am posting Pantera’s cover of Black Sabbath’s song- Planet Caravan its video and lyrics-

    The video is eerily reminiscent of TDbones wonderful maps and beautifully like Morgan’s own art work- The lyrics are hauntingly powerful IMO-

    I picture Morgan on a journey much like the one in this video-Shine on Morgan- RIP

    We sail through endless skies

    stars shine like eyes

    the black night sighs

    The moon in silver trees

    falls down in tears

    light of the night

    The earth, a purple blaze

    of sapphire haze

    in orbit always

    While down below the trees

    bathed in cool breeze

    silver starlight breaks down the night

    And so we pass on by the crimson eye

    of great god Mars

    as we travel the universe

    My prayers to Dr. Harrington, Gil and Alex.

  32. crimewriter says:

    alexandra says:
    June 28, 2010 at 7:20 am

    Re: Patience is trusting in God’s timing. I’m with you on the prayers for justice soon :)

  33. alexandra says:

    Jane Lillian Vance says:
    June 11, 2010 at 2:58 amDear Mr. And Mrs. Harrington, I also continue to fall into pits of grief, but something about Morgan’s smile, which I will never forget, and the obvious energy of who she was as she looked up from her desk in our Creative Process course in McBryde 216, sends me back into action. I remember something that Morgan really loved in class one day. We were talking about love and loss as the tributaries of the creative impulse, and I told my students about Roland Joffe’s film, City of Joy, based on a true story about a doctor’s experiences in the slums of Calcutta, India. The old proverb at the end of that film made Morgan thank me after class, and tell me that her Mom would love it: Everything not given is lost.

    I have kept for you a precious essay and drawing that Morgan made for one of my assignments, her Tibetan-style shrine, a way of her organizing what she valued and how she came to hold her values. I have read every word you have posted, Mrs. Harrington, and I see why it is no wonder that my student Morgan was such a dazzling writer. When the time is right, I have her work for you.

    For ten years I have been part of the making of a documentary film called A Gift for the Village. Morgan saw the rough draft of this film, and she is in the film, sitting and smiling with her classmates on my living room floor, and it is dedicated to her. The film is sanctioned by The Dalai Lama, and it will premiere in this country in Roanoke’s Taubman Museum on September 23, this Fall.

    I never forget about Morgan. Respectfully, Jane Lillian Vance, Morgan’s professor at Virginia Tech
    ———————————————–from Gil’s Blog

  34. fish says:

    •At least 21 years of age – Check
    •Meet the same standards as if applying for a full-time paid deputy position – Check
    •H.S. Diploma or G.E.D. – Check
    •Valid driver’s license – Check
    •No criminal record – Check
    •Good character – Check
    •Good health – Check
    •Citizen of the United States – Check

    I could be over-estimating but me thinks that you could have a reserve of your own and a damn good one!
    You have incredible contributors that meet the above requirements and I personally think more!

    Thanks for the link. It lets us know that there is a force to be reckoned with in Albemarle County and they are a proud bunch. But one thing, do you see how their photos start off with the gentle smiles of those deputies?
    And then BAAM!, Holy Toledo!…
    “Deputy Ike Wright”!!!
    Looks like someone I do not eva, eva want to meet. Eva!
    Maybe we can ask him to make some housecalls and guide the murderer of this young, gifted, talented, loved-by-so-many girl, to surrender and received the help HE needs by Lady Justice. They also have psychiatrists within the system that could start him on some road to recovery and redemption. Then again, maybe because there is no movement by someone, (You know Who), maybe the big, bad Deputy needs to come a knockin’!
    Just sayin’ ya know and Saramom, here is some good reading about the “DNA Dude”.

    I know we all wondering and even become angry about local LE including the VSP, but after you go to ACSO site and see all the hard work they put into their jobs and the many, many community programs, it’s not hard to understand why our fearless leader puts her trust in LE. May one of them will crack this case. They are all not bag eggs.
    Maybe one will step up to Chief Miller’s position.

    Your words of respect to Chief Miller speaks volumes to us and I’m sure him. Seems like you’re a true friend in deed and in need. And, yes, heard that his health did help him make that decision. My best to him and to you. You do take care of that “ticker”. Right?
    UVA Medical has some of the best. I hear.

    Just to let everyone know that I’m still here, sittin’ in this field, (maybe need a little water, it’s hot), not goin’ anywhere, and hoping that day is the day his Mother makes that…

    “One courageous phone call!”

    Lt. Joe Rader, VSP
    The Morgan Harrington Tipline

    phone number is: 434-352-3467

  35. Judi says:


    06-29-2010, 09:43 AM
    Senior Member Join Date: Mar 2010
    Posts: 538

    Dan Says DNA Results Are Pending…. 6/28/10

    Last night Dan said DNA results are pending and that the VA labs are backed up. What is your take on that????

  36. Judi says:

    Again from

    Yesterday, 08:58 PM
    Senior Member Join Date: Feb 2010
    Location: Los Angeles, CA
    Posts: 230

    FBI in Backlogged, Too.

    The FBI lab in Quantico, VA does DNA testing. Their current backlog is 6-9 months unless there is a trial about to start. The evidence in the Colonial Parkway Murders was sent in January 15, 2010. The FBI recently told the families that we should have something back in 30-45 days.

    Bill Thomas
    Brother of Cathleen Thoma

  37. fish says:

    God Blink, I don’t want to eat crow and it be someone from this department!
    Let it be someone who truly as Law Enforcment Delusions of Grandeur!!!

  38. Catch says:

    I am still here… reading here and praying for justice daily.

    Just found this on the WDBJ7-TV web site, but if this has already been reported, its okay to delete this. :) Continue the good fight for Morgan Blink & Blinkettes.

    UPDATED: State Police link 2005 assault to Morgan Harrington murder

    Virginia State Police say forensic evidence may link an unsolved 2005 assault in Fairfax to the murder of Morgan Harrington. Investigators are now asking for the public’s help identifying a suspect in the Fairfax case.

    From the State Police news release:

    Forensic evidence recovered during the course of the Harrington investigation has confirmed the link to the City of Fairfax assault. In September 2005, a Fairfax woman was abducted and sexually assaulted and City of Fairfax Police detectives were able to create a composite sketch based on the victim’s description of the suspect. However, the suspect may have changed his appearance over the course of the past five years.

    They ask anyone with information about the Fairfax case to contact City of Fairfax Police Detective Mike Boone at (703) 385-7959. Anyone wishing to provide information in the Morgan Harrington case is encouraged to call the Jefferson Area Crime Stoppers at (434) 977-4000 or Virginia State Police at (434) 352-3467 or email State Police at

    Click here to see 2005 wanted poster from Fairfax County

    Morgan Harrington, a Virginia Tech student from Roanoke County, disappeared after a concert in Charlottesville last October. Her remains were found on a farm in Albemarle County in January.

    Billboard goes up in Charlottesville to find Morgan Harrington’s killer
    T-shirt Found in Charlottesville belonged to Morgan Harrington
    State Police provide update on Morgan Harrington’s case

    Morgan Harrington’s death ruled a homicide

  39. evrli says:

    Once again, a ginormous “THANK YOU” for the contined reporting/updates on Miss Morgan Harrington…….

  40. evrli says:

    OOPS! continued…..(i misspelled it)

  41. fish says:

    Is he accounted for yet?

  42. fish says:

    Yep, I see that he is found.

  43. alabamamom says:

    Looking back over old posts here , old topics. Who is Eric Howell’s Brother or half brother / step brother ? Didn’t he practice in a band that was set up at the Sutherland house that burned on the day Morgan was found ?

    Also , who is Eric’s father ? Didn’t I read that he hunted on the farm ? Or that he was in trouble with the law about hunting ?
    Many Thanks …

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