Kyron Horman Case: The Path From Suspect To Defendant Is Forged

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Portland, OR-  The tangled web that is the life of Terri Horman continues to weave.



In an Exclusive development to, a Portland local, declining to be identified, provides the bombshell revelation that Terri Horman was behind the 5:16PM call to 911 last June 26th.

The object of her “threat based” call to 911 requiring officers response?

The Landscaper, in his white truck, on her property, demanding his payment for $10,000.

The same Portland source confirmed that an undercover detective, playing the role of an associate of the landscaper turned alleged assassin, was present. It was also confirmed a bulk of the incident was overheard on the police scanner.  The Truck registration and plate were called in on an open channel as well. 

What they did not count on, during the surreptitious meeting, was that Terri Horman would shut down the brief meeting and call Police; thwarting what they were hopeful would end in an arrest.

Kaine Horman had been advised to remove the couples 18 month old daughter in advance, for their safety, earlier in the day.

Upon deputies arrival, as informed by Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office about the sting, detectives were forced to tell Terri Horman she was a suspect.  Horman hired Stephen Houze, prominent Portland defense attorney by Monday June 28th.

The identity of the landscaper has been withheld as this is an ongoing investigation, but has learned that it is contained in the sealed portion of the restraining order obtained by Kaine Horman.

blinkoncrime reader titch contributed research to this article

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  1. Lauren says:


    What was the $10,000 payment for? If the alleged “hit” on Kaine never occurred (since Kaine is still alive), why would the landscaper be demanding a payment?


  2. NancyS says:

    dang she must be on the ball or had someone else do it?

  3. Ginger says:

    Wow. I am astonished that the cops thought this would work.

    Awesome work, Blink and Titch.

    I now find myself pondering the words weave, web and unraveling. Seems to me unraveling and weave are opposites.

    Imo, if they thought there was a milichance Ky was alive, they had no other choice.

  4. NancyS says:

    LOL oh I guess it was either the initial down payment on Kaine to get her to talk or it was for helping with Kyron and at this point they have no proof to tie her to the landscaper so maybe she don’t HAVE to talk?

  5. Vern says:

    So, with all the secrets coming out – the biggest secret remains unaswered … Where is Kyron?? He needs to come home now not later. I wish someone in this sorry lot of a family would just give it up already – Kyron deserves that. He deserves to be home … NOW.

  6. PDX says:

    Horrible to think someone would kill a child or hide their body for $10,000. Horrible for any amount, but you know what I mean.
    Could it possibly have been a blackmail attempt by the landscaper – perhaps encouraged by the sheriff’s office – get the money or he’ll tell the police about her trying to hire him to kill Kaine?
    Difficult to imagine if Kyron is alive and being held by someone that they wouldn’t have come forward once his disappearance became news.
    I just keep hoping he may somehow still be alive.

  7. Lauren says:

    The mention of “white truck” in this article sticks with me… how many white trucks could there possibly be in this case? Is this truck a Ford F-250?

  8. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    Great work! And now I know we’re all in a Coen brothers movie.

    So re: this:

    What was the $10,000 payment for? If the alleged “hit” on Kaine never occurred (since Kaine is still alive), why would the landscaper be demanding a payment?


    Would it be the 10K for someone else? Like an adorable 7 year old someone else?

  9. AndreasMom says:

    Oh my, I just posted on the other most recent thread, then come here and read this.

    I have a heavy heart.

    I have watched the news clips, the Mother and Father are in deep pain.

    Liken it to being kicked in the solar plexis by a ten ton elephant.
    You are doubled over and cannot catch your breath. The pain just goes on.

  10. oneilgirl75 says:

    Im sick to my stomach………. big sigh
    what’s next…….. I hate her!

    I get the emotions.

    We need to focus and not incite please. 3 Laps around the blog and a sun salutation for you.

  11. blue says:

    This is the craziest case I’ve ever followed. I can’t decide if Terri is crazy, these cops are desperate, or both. I’m thinking this will end up being a perfect storm type scenario, wherein there are kernels of truth, but we’re nowhere near the truth right now, IMHO. There are too many rumors about Terri. I find it nearly impossible that Terri was living a near double life to this extreme while Kaine innocently sat home and watched the kids.

    I will say that I hate that many people discount the possibility of Kaine abusing Terri simply because Terri is pulling some sort of Three Faces of Eve here. Is it possible an abusive Kaine drove Terri to the brink? Something about that guy REALLY sets off all my cumulate radars. Seriously.

    People just think it’s ugly now. Wait until the truth comes out! That’s my opinion, anyway.

  12. Verity says:

    interesting LE would pull a move like that…..Come on now why would she pay the guy 10,000 big ones if he hadn’t knocked off Kaine??surely the LE are smarter than that ?? if not poor Kyron… where was this Mr.Landscaper 6 or 7 months ago????

  13. Malty says:

    Yes someone is talking
    now let’s hope this is a start
    I think a bunch of people know something and
    friendships are over finally

    Let’s get some info and find Kyron

  14. AndreasMom says:

    Oh my, I just posted on the other most recent thread, then come here and read this.

    I have a heavy heart.

    I have watched the news clips, the Mother and Father are in deep pain.

    Liken it to being kicked in the solar plexis by a ten ton elephant.

    You are doubled over and cannot catch your breath. The pain just goes on.

    It is the step mom. How couid she?

  15. Gifter3 says:

    Goodness Blink, have you had any sleep in the last month??
    Thanks to you and your Team for your dedication, and tireless efforts!

    We need to bring this precious Ky home now. It”s time!
    Then these crazy adults can continue playing their games.

    Not enough, lol.
    Again kudos to Blink editors, and Klaasend, Global admin to

    As always, I am humbled at the caliber of participation of this site. Thanks for letting me hang.

  16. pink angel says:

    Kyron’s Parents Answer Questions 7/5/10
    Just released!

  17. Missouri_Mom says:

    This does not make any sense to me. If I understand correctly, the LS showed up at TH’s home and demanded money. It would seem to me if TH was involved in this “murder-for-hire plot”, she definitely wouldn’t call the police. Did she not think information of this “murder-for-hire plot” would come out with her doing this? This whole situation is nothing more than a big jumbled mess, and at the expense of a precious child missing, or possibly even feared deceased. Would love to hear thoughts on why she would call 9-1-1 if she was involved. I am in no way stating she’s involved with Kyron’s disappearance, just hopping on and off the fence, and getting tired and dizzy of doing so!Just wished we knew where this precious child was!

  18. Malty says:

    If you owe this woman money or favors
    if she knows stuff on you
    if you love her
    if what you know seems small or unimportant
    please talk

  19. Dee says:

    Let me get this straight…she approached him six or seven months ago to off her husband and he turns up now, in the middle of the media circus re the Kyron situation, and asks for 10 grand? Do they think she is stupid? Are they stupid?

  20. Red says:

    Did you say “BOMBSHELL”! ;)

    This case just gets more bizarre. Nice work.

    Lol. Just for you special-
    Thanks Boss a man Poppa Monkey

  21. Spam says:

    But who the heck is Phyllis??

  22. Tracygirl says:

    If she was guilt of this why would she call the police? Seems like when someone is one your property and they are asking for the 10 grand you promised them to off your husband, calling the police would be pretty much the last thing you would do.

    To portray yourself as a victim and not a victimizer.

  23. puddnheadwilson says:

    Terri could have shut this brief meeting down WITHOUT calling 9-1-1 in the end. I mean, that action even seems to have caught the police by surprise–because it’s not exactly what you’d expect from a totally guilty person. I don’t want to come across as a sympathizer, but calling the police seems to me like the act of a woman scared for her own life at this point; a woman who got in over her head, and never intended for things to go as far as they did with poor Kyron. NOT trying to excuse her if she is involved; I’m just saying that this report makes me want to hear Terri’s story?/version?/explanation? more than ever.

    I want so much for that sweet boy to be found alive and custody given to his mother Desiree. The fact that a detective was posing as “an associate…turned alleged assassin,” however, makes me think that the ending of this story will not be so happy.

  24. Nanc Drewtoo says:

    Now I understand what DY, TY, and KH meant by their statement to the effect that they agreed with everything that LE was doing/would do. Terri, you must tell the truth now. There is no place to hide. Where is Kyron?

  25. Lisa says:


    Do you think the $10,000 has to do with Kyron? Payment for “services rendered?”

    I think it is he said she said right now. I think they will likely both be in the can this week.

  26. minima says:

    Oh dear. The truth, as they say, is stranger than fiction. disgusting and Sad for this story a little boy was the victim.

    Ditto, “Lauren,” what would the $10,000 be for? And was the officer impersonating the “third person” (that Terri had never met)? There must have been some transaction that warranted money for LE to go through with this. What they did was risky, obviously, they wouldn’t have set it all up if there wasn’t reason to. They wouldn’t say, “let’s go try to set terri up and ask for 10,000 bucks that she doesn’t owe us b/c we didn’t kill kaine?” AH, but they could say, “if you don’t give us $10,000 we are going to tell police that you tried to get us to kill kaine (???), Blink, maybe?

    It’s so hard for me to wrap my brain around, wanting your husband killed and then possibly “settling” on you step-son, WTH?!

    I think she took Kyron from school and either directed him to LS or dropped Kyron off at sauvie island. How could they fathom getting away with all of this if Kyron was alive? But again, how to you go from wanting you husband dead to a 7 year old little boy? I just can’t wrap my mind around her wanting to dispose of Kyron, but I also can’t see with how wacko she obviously is, how she’d want him as a witness. FUDGE.

    Maybe she still planned to kill Kaine but the plan was thwarted? Maybe she was going to make it look like he left with Kyron? God, I don’t know. This story is so eff’ed up I can’t, oh, I just can’t imagine it or understand it.

    Here is a link to a Q and A with the trio this evening. We now know Kaine got home at 2:00pm, TH was on her laptop. – DY TY KH

  27. heat says:

    @ Vern – No doubt, there are even more secrets. Many secrets involved with the Kyron case, and even more family secrets not directly related to Kyron, but leading up to his ultimate disappearance. I suspect there are more plots and players in the background, some that have been speculated about and perhaps other unexpected schemes. This whole thing is bizarre. Just. Bizarre.

  28. nosoup4you says:

    WHITE TRUCK?????

  29. Kaylee says:

    Blink, I don’t know why people are bringing up the name Avery Villarreal (I mean I know why, don’t see the proof) but I think his little brother is in many of Terri’s most recent photographs. He was in the same class as Kyron they did both their projects on the tree frog. Sounds like his family has had a rough year as well.

    He is and they have, yes.

  30. MissMonkey says:

    What exactly was the threat? Or was it just an “I’m scared, there is someone trespassing on my property” kind of deal?

    And even with no admission during that failed sting, if Houze is shopping rights to photos and trying to get her money, there must be something to defend, right? And if he’s not out there already forging a PR war, perhaps they do have a bit more than she knows or at least more than WE know.

    The fact that she’s not fighting the RO leads me to believe there is some truth to the MFR plot as if it were total bull, she wouldn’t care if that came out.

    I so hope the 10k isn’t a Kyron payment…

  31. Patty1952 says:

    Seems the attention has moved from Kyron to She-Man.Kyron is the most important person in this tangled crazy story.Please let Kyron go home safe.

  32. angela_nw says:

    Geez someone plz explain. If Terri supposedly cooked up the MFH plot, why would she implicate herself by calling 911? Someone said earlier on the other thread that it is just his word against hers… is that correct? or is there evidence that his story is corroborated?

    I believe there are financial ties to support the possibility.
    There is just no way they got a subpoena for this sting without strong evidence.

  33. S.H. says:

    Thank-you for the article.

  34. FLGirl says:

    Alright, color me confused.

    The whole idea of the LS and a “buddy” showing up on her doorstep (in the middle of a huge kidnapping case no less) to demand payment for what? Kaine is still alive, so no hitman money there. Unless it was a case of the LS and undercover cop asking for hush money, not to talk about the hit on Kaine? If so, the timing would seem to be suspicious, which it obviously was to Terri. I mean the time to do something like this, is week 1, when all evidence hasn’t started to point to her yet. Not now.

    In thinking about Blink’s comment; “Imo, if they thought there was a milichance Ky was alive, they had no other choice.” Meaning what? That they would trick her into admitting the failed hit on Kaine, and when she admitted that, they threaten to charge her with attempted murder of Kaine, but agree to cut her some slack if she fessed up about Kyron’s whereabouts?

    It just all seems really weird.

    Meaning at the time, she was unrepresented, and imo, this was a new development that day-
    Yes, they were hoping to use the shock factor to their advantage.

    This guy, at a minimum, will be arrested today or tomorrow.

    The Police report of this incident alone would be enough to get an exparte order, imo.

  35. Jane says:

    This woman is something else. I’m surprised Kaine didn’t see/feel anything strange going on in months leading up to these episodes. Since this sting was a flop, what happens now, Blink? Does Terri just sit back and enjoy life until Kyron’s body is found? If she can shop all those photos for money, why can’t the search/rescue or investigators request some for of payback? What a heartbreaking story. God bless you, Kyron.

  36. osu says:

    Great job Blink. You are always so far ahead! The news media is only now reporting on the murder for hire plot that you told us of several days ago!

  37. carson says:

    While I completely agree with everyone that Kyron needs to be found NOW, I don’t agree he should go “home”. I hope when all is said and done, Kyron is alive and he and Kiara are taken away from these freaks and placed in a loving, safe home.

    Something is very wrong with Kaine too. Gives me the absolute willies.

  38. FairWitness says:

    Blink, Kyron Horman has been gone for over a month. Surely law enforcement knows beyond almost all doubt that he is gone forever …. just like Caylee …. just like Haleigh. Stepmother Terri Horman’s story, from day one, has made no sense. Children do not disappear without a trace inside a school, mere footsteps from their own classroom door. Terri’s story has been incredulous from its inception.

    Blink, something has gone horribly awry in America when children go missing from places they should be safe and are victimized by adults they have to trust and rely on. How many more of these kids are going to be killed before this society puts a stop to this?

    Divorced parents engaging in new relationships need to take more care in those they let into their lives and near their children. And how about rethinking the damn divorce in the first place? Children of divorce are at great risk. Children born into fatherless homes are also at great risk. The truth is, new spouses, especially those with kids of their own, have agendas and needs that directly conflict with the welfare of their spouses’ children from previous relationships.

    Families & marriages are in serious need of revival and repair. We, as a society, must take action to restore civil order. How many innocent, helpless children are going to pay the price until we step up?

  39. twinkletoes says:

    holly canolli! wth?!!!!! great job blink and titch.

    someone mentioned terri might have had a plan to dispose of kyron and kaine at the same time to make it look like kaine took off. maybe…
    but she gets no $$$ that way. but if they both end up dead, she gets the $$$, so whereever landscaper was supposed to dump kaine, I think we may find our dear kyron…

  40. ClassyGal says:

    People ask…….. why Kyron?

    Like Casey Anthony, SM has a need to be center of attention. I’m thinking that Kaine showed more attention to Kyron than to his wife Terri.

    Maybe Terri even mailed Kyron’s glasses to herself in an attempt for Kaine to pay whatever price was being asked and the landscaper friend would get what she promised and go away. Think about it. Kaine had the money- not her!

    If you believe that LS will be arrested within the next couple of days, he must have been guilty of SOMETHING. He must have told LE his involvment w/Kyron’s disappearance. I guess this is the “finger pointing” you spoke of. He’ll say something like- I took him but SM killed him and THEN she’ll speak and implicate him in an attempt to save her butt. Sorry Terri- you’re turning out to be an evil person.

  41. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    Jane says:
    July 6, 2010 at 6:36 am
    This woman is something else. I’m surprised Kaine didn’t see/feel anything strange going on in months leading up to these episodes.


    Depends on how good a sociopath she is… I promise you that the one I know, his wife will never see it coming, whatever “it” is, till it’s too late

  42. Redrock says:

    Now that Kaine has purportedly given a refreshed account of his timeline that day in new emails to media, he still makes no mention of who was caring for Kiara or where she was. He says Kiara was there when he returned home.

    Did Terri have her? Was she dropped off somewhere? Was there a sitter? My recollection is he also gave a slightly different account earlier saying Terri left first and he last saw Kyron who had gone outside to feed the cat. I could be mistaken on that.

  43. nana2 says:

    I wonder why this landscaper guy didn’t voluntarily come forward to LE with this murder for hire story the day Kyron went missing or soon after ? Why go approximately 22 days then pull the ‘show me the money’ grandstanding ?

  44. daydreamer says:

    Why can’t some people grow up and realize that children come first.
    Regardless of what is going on in their life,it is their responsibility
    to raise them in a safe environment.I’m sorry this pisses me off with
    all of these cases.If they looked in the mirror at themselves they
    would see an empty vessel.I feel Ky is no longer with us and that
    breaks my heart

  45. MissMonkey says:

    Going slightly off on a tangent here, but Kaylee mentioned the Villareals in an above post. On reading the newsletter she linked to, it says that Elinor Markgraf set up the fund for the family at the bank.

    Elinor Markgraf happens to live/lived at the same address as Jim Kelley who was the man that reported seeing the white truck at the end of the road twice that day.

    And Elinor has also been quoted in the papers about Kyron.

    Is this all a coincidence? Or is this case making me fully lose my mind?

  46. daydreamer says:

    I forgot to say good job Blink.You are one special lady

  47. nana2 says:

    @ Redrock

    So glad I’m not the only one that notices Kaine’s changing story.. While I’m fairly certain Kaine is concerned about losing his place of employment should too much info about his personal life gets out I still don’t get the warm & fuzzies from him.. This SM thing is so convenient right now & if SM wanted to do away with Kyron she could have done it at any time she was the SAHM she had time on her side in that scenario.. JMO

  48. westsidehudson says:

    I recently started to follow this case, it is just crazy. But I think this was a grave error on LE’s part. Why attempt such a dramatic event? Why not wire up the dude while he was talking in confidence to her alone? If she was involved, bringing in a third party (undercover agent) raised her suspicions, or at the least, scared her into contacting police. If she trusted only the landscaper originally, who would believe that she would open up to some new stranger? Maybe this was a sting against the landscaper, in the end?
    Either way, a low key operation might have worked better. Now everyone is going to get lawyered up and (clam up).

    I agree with you WSH, thus why I mention that I believe his arrest is imminent, at a minimum.

    What I also find very odd, is why, if this was a sting, responded to on an open channel? My guess is that they did not expect Terri to call 911 as I mention in the piece. I actually think that Terri expressed her intention to hire counsel in the day, so that caused the urgency.

    Also, I believe they needed it for Grand Jury presentation. Sitting GJ #1 Crimes of Violence.

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