Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Kaine Horman Points A Finger Directly At Terri Horman

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“I believe respondent (Terri) is involved in the disappearance of my son Kyron who has been missing since June 4, 2010”

Ky Rabbit

The grim words of Kaine Horman as they appeared in the restraining order filed against his estranged wife, Terri Moulton Horman, were unsealed yesterday. 

It was the start of developments beginning to weave a portrait of Terri Horman, from the eyes of her husband and Kyron Horman’s biological Mother, Desiree Young.

“I thought the marriage was doing pretty well,” Kaine Horman said during a one-on-one interview with The Oregonian, “until we had our daughter, Kiara.”

Declining to elaborate, rumors of Terri Horman suffering from bouts of post partum depression following the birth of the couples 19 month old daughter have been swirling since the case began.

Yesterday’s press conference with Kyron’s parents, Kaine and Desiree left no doubt they believe Terri is involved with Kyron’s disappearance, and confirmed what has been reported exclusively on previously:Terri Horman failed both polygraph tests administered during the investigation.

“I have known Terri a long time, and I know she is lying.” She went on to say she had her suspicions from the onset of the phone call she received alerting her that Kyron was missing.

Curiously, famed Portland attorney Stephen Houze, retained by Terri Horman June 28th, known for his Public*Relations*Prowess, would not comment on the divorce, custody, or criminal investigation involving his client.

Although Terri Horman had 5 days to respond to object to the restraining order which denies her any visitation with the couples daughter, there was no response filed on her behalf in family court.

It is this editors opinion that was a calculated move on her part NOT to have to answer to the allegations of Kaine’s petition which could then be used against her in a criminal proceeding.

Last evening, an amendment was filed to the restraining order to force Terri Horman from the marital residence, which was purchased in Kaine Horman’s name in December 2006. 

Speaking to on the condition of anonymity, sources inside the investigation have confirmed that the detectives sting on the grounds of the Horman home, where a landscaper believed to have been in a romantic relationship with Terri Horman requested $10,000 for an alleged murder for hire plot, may have impeded the investigation.

“The climate was one where their hand was forced. They had the guy saying one thing, and when they said “prove it”, they felt they would be arresting her on at least the solicitation charge.

Did it backfire? Uh, yes, in a way, because for one– nobody gets paid ten grand for killing a live guy.. For two, she did not flinch, and between the two of them at the time she called 911, she looked more credible. It was an uncomfortable situation for detectives to have to explain to the patrol.

I think they are desperate to resolve this case, but I do not think Terri will be the first to be arrested, I think the landscaper may be arrested tomorrow. They are going to need a pretty solid case to get him to flip if she was involved, which it looks clear that she was. Our prosecutors use a grand jury in lieu of a preliminary hearing almost, so I would bet that is going on behind the scenes..”

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  1. beejay says:

    pamomma: no one knows who had the baby. Blink has stated, I believe, that she thinks the baby was not with Terri. But there is no verified knowledge of the baby’s whereabouts that I am aware of.

    Maybe Terri was running errands, going about her life, having someone keep her baby sometimes. Maybe she was meeting a lover on Sauvie Island. Probably wouldn’t take her baby along for that. Or tell her sitter where she was going.

    Any electronic evidence she was creating, such as electronic banking records can be useful in supporting her account of her whereabouts. So, if she’s innocent of a crime (well, other than adultery) that evidence is to her advantage.

  2. Hulagirl says:

    Just some thoughts…
    Not to say that some people’s posts don’t come from an interesting and unique perspective, but I would bet that TH’s attorney would have strongly advised her to not comment (including not posting on any sites, including facebook) on anything regarding the case or her relationships with or thoughts on any of the family members or people potentially involved in the investigation)…even under a false identity. Anything like that could be incriminating and her every move is probably being scrutinized.
    If she’s still posting at this point or chatting about anything other than the weather on facebook, I would be very surprised.
    I do believe however, that she reads a lot of these posts and is watching the news everyday.

  3. JEN says:

    An excerpt from TV station WOWK story:

    Police in the Charleston area were told to keep an eye out for a missing boy from out of state Saturday night.

    According to Metro 911 dispatchers, they received a call from the FBI asking them to put out a “be on the lookout message” for a boy, who may possibly be Kyron Horman.

    —> So despite the outcome of the WV “sighting,” are we to understand that the FBI believes Kyron could be alive?

  4. Karen says:

    46.annla says:
    July 12, 2010 at 6:11 am

    @ annla: I, too, have wondered about a fund for contributing to the investigation. I know at the beginning, while they were conducting intense searches, LE was accepting donations of food for investigators. Even though I live in the midwest and am far from wealthy, I would like to contribute what I can to help offset the expenses of this investigation.

    I also agree that there could be more coverage on this case. I usually have to do a web search each day to find any news. If there is an article or video relating to the case on Yahoo or MSN, it’s often a couple days old.

    Last night I read a comment on another forum about a man who has come forward, claiming he saw TH in her white truck on 6/4, in a location not included on her timeline. According to the poster, the information had just been reported on KOIN. I went to the KOIN website, but couldn’t find on article or video on it. Nor could I confirm it doing an engine search.

    I am wondering if the person (Mr. Gonzales?) being held as a material witness might be the 2nd LS that TH supposedly attempted to hire in a MFH plot?

  5. minima says:

    good answer pamomma!

    Good point Jackie, (as usual, you have an eye for details; I’d be lost without your posts, along with other posters that keep me afloat here!)

    The video footage looking for an accomplice, Kyron, Kiara. I think anyone would be curious to see exactly what TH was doing and who she was with that day! Would they release that kind of footage to the media, or the findings? Seems unlikely if they were trying to build a case, but none of this makes sense to me. It’s new week hopefully with new information to finding Kyron.

  6. Annals says:

    I just listened to Blink’s interview last week with D Pretzer and heard something I missed when I heard the show live. She said that according to her sources; [Terri] was “deceptive on questions that are relative to lifestyle.”

    I know that Blink has written that she thinks that there might very well be some link to Terri’s lifestyle in Kyron’s disappearance. So nothing new there, except that the lifestyle suspicions stem from the polygraph. Can we assume that Kaine was also asked questions relative to lifestyle? No one seems to be saying that Kaine was evasive in the polygraph process, nor evasive in any questioning by LE.

  7. lyla says:

    Here’s the link to MCSO in reference to Antonio Gonzales. He’s being held as a material witness. I have no clue who he is. Anyone have verification that he is, in fact, the LS mentioned in this case?

  8. SGS says:

    Greensthings …

    Thank you for your perspective on this. In general, I support the need for LE to “profile”: whether it is based on family relationship, age, gender, race, occupation, whatever …. if there are statistics that help LE guide their work, I support that they need to use those statistics.

    Unfortunately (and sometimes horrifically) there are people who are caught in the cross-fire of such profiling. This certainly sounds like the situation with you and your step-children. I hope I speak for others when I say “thank you” for your sacrifice.

    If it ends up that TH is another person that is unfairly treated based on general statistics, I am sure that the community of those who want Kyron’s return will gladly offer their apologies.

    Thanks again for sharing, and congratulations on what sound like two very fine children.

  9. annla says:

    Blink – I’m not from Oregon area – have seen on other sites with references to Portland being a hot spot for child trafficking? Is this true? Do you think there is any possiblity that’s at play here?

    FOOBROS: thanks for the shout out – when I go to bed at night I just am overwhelmed what it must be like for DY trying to sleep, when it’s dark out, and your mind is racing a thousand miles a minute. I just feel so so much for her. I can’t imagine not knowing where my boy is and knowing that someone knew and wouldn’t tell me! That’s a crime in itself, no an atrocity.

  10. Steadychick says:

    Many gyms have child care. If Terri was in her gym clothes, perhaps she left Kiara at the gym for some period of time.

  11. Hulagirl says:

    I know this has been asked here before but I searched and couldn’t find an answer to it…Does anyone know if Terri’s attorney would have to report if she told him that Kyron was deceased? Would he have to report if she told him that she gave Kyron to someone else? Since Kyron is a child, does that sort of information still fall under attorney-client priveledge? And if not, would the attorney be able to legally find a way around this and warn his client not to say those words (so he wouldn’t have to report her) but communicate along the lines of something like “hypothetically, if Kyron were deceased, then….”? And does this attorney-client priveledge, in dealing with a minor, differ from state to state? Thanks

  12. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @minima: thank you!

    I could certainly be wrong, but I do think that the video footage is a link to the other person who might know what happened or who did something to Kyron. I can’t imagine that it’s just to further support a bank trail (still can’t believe she wouldn’t pay cash… that is baffling to me). If the “other person” leak came from an LE source, there is a reason they want this info floated now. I figure LE knows all of the facts, Blink knows a lot of what they know, and we know what Blink can tell us or what we read online. So when info starts getting “leaked” out, I tend to believe there’s a motive behind the leak.

    @annla: wow! good question. Who knew?! Anyway, I got this info for you from an article posted 2/11/2010:

    “Toledo, about 55 miles southwest of Windsor, Ontario, rank fourth in the U.S. in terms of arrests, investigations and rescue of domestic child-sex victims, the report said. Only Miami, Portland, Ore., and Las Vegas had more.”

  13. nana2 says:

    @ Steadychick says:
    July 12, 2010 at 1:32 pm

    Many gyms have child care. If Terri was in her gym clothes, perhaps she left Kiara at the gym for some period of time.


    Steady, did you get that info about Terri being in her gym clothes on the day Kyron went missing from an article ? I had heard a pre-taped video of KH yesterday morning Sun. 7/11 about 8am on HLN say that same thing that when he came home around 2 on the day Kyron went missing Terri was in her gym clothes & had been at the gym & was on the pc (shortened quote).. My head turned when I heard that because it was the first time I had heard that but I cannot find a raw video or an article on that.. I’m sure that it had to be a fairly recent video interview since it was a Sunday morning news show & HLN doesn’t do too much live news more into reruns & I missed the lead in but caught the sound bite from the video with that statement.. Most of the video’s out there have been edited in one way or another so it could even be on one of them.. TY

  14. seemeatthebeach says:

    Donations to may be made at any Bank of America branch under the name “Kyron Horman Fund.”

    There is also a link to make donations through paypal.

  15. Hulagirl says:

    Did a little more research into attorney-client priviledge in Oregon when dealing with a child in suspected abuse/neglect or mistreatment. See the last sentence especially. States attorneys are exempt if it is detrimental to their client. Wow.

    Child Abuse and Neglect
    Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect

    To better understand this issue and to view it across States, see the Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect: Summary of State Laws (PDF – 633 KB) publication.
    Professionals Required to Report
    Citation: Rev. Stat. §§ 419B.005; 419B.010

    A public or private official is mandated to report. Public or private officials include:

    * Physicians, interns, or residents
    * Dentists
    * School employees
    * Licensed practical nurses or registered nurses
    * Employees of the Department of Human Services, State Commission on Children and Families, Child Care Division of the Employment Department, the Oregon Youth Authority, a county health department, a community mental health and developmental disabilities program, a county juvenile department, a licensed child-caring agency, or an alcohol and drug treatment program
    * Peace officers
    * Psychologists
    * Members of the clergy
    * Licensed clinical social workers
    * Optometrists
    * Chiropractors
    * Certified providers of foster care or their employees
    * Attorneys
    * Naturopathic physicians
    * Licensed professional counselors or marriage and family therapists
    * Firefighters or emergency medical technicians
    * Court appointed special advocates
    * Registered or certified child care providers
    * Members of the Legislative Assembly

    Reporting by Other Persons
    Citation: Rev. Stat. § 419B.015

    Any person may voluntarily make a report.

    Standards for Making a Report
    Citation: Rev. Stat. § 419B.010

    A report is required when any public or private official has reasonable cause to believe that any child with whom the official comes in contact has suffered abuse.

    Privileged Communications
    Citation: Rev. Stat. § 419B.010

    * A psychiatrist, psychologist, member of the clergy, or attorney shall not be required to report if such communication is privileged under law.

    * An attorney is not required to make a report of information communicated to the attorney in the course of representing a client, if disclosure of the information would be detrimental to the client.

  16. annla says:

    Have you seen KGW website? Any guesses as to what “heavy obligations” by law enforcement really means?

  17. Lillian says:

    Regarding Antonio Gonzales ( being a material witness (landscaper)…I found this article, dated 3/8/10, in which the same Antonio Gonzales(judging by photos and dob) received a 10 year jail term for shooting the mother of a rival gang member.

  18. Sondra says:

    Koin 6 just posted @ 12;17PM DST

    A letter filed by Moulton Horman’s attorney with Judge Keith Meisenheimer states that there is no need for the scheduled hearing on July 22 because Terri won’t contest what has been filed.

  19. Malty says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but I think the news
    said Terri agreed to move out

  20. minima says:

    Terri Horman agrees to leave the house. Which is good, but strange that this letter from her lawyer, stating that, is about the only thing we’ve heard. She doesn’t fight for Kiara, she doesn’t declare her innocence, she just agrees to move out?

  21. Sondra says:

    Koin 6 just posted @ 12;17PM DST
    Terri Horman agrees to move out.

    A letter filed by Moulton Horman’s attorney with Judge Keith Meisenheimer states that there is no need for the scheduled hearing on July 22 because Terri won’t contest what has been filed.

  22. minima says:

    In an Oregonian article is also states this:

    “In his letter, Houze said Terri Horman would not be contesting any of the matters before the court, including a restraining order that prevents her from any parenting time with her daughter, Kiara.”

  23. Twinkletoes says:

    In case anyone wants to listen to the Portland police scanner, here is the link.

  24. hebeke says:

    Terri Horman is not fighting the eviction proceedings against her per an article on

  25. snapoutofit says:

    Some progress: Kyron’s Stepmom Agrees To Move Out Of Home
    PORTLAND, Ore. — The stepmother of a missing 7-year-old boy agreed to move out of the family’s northwest Portland home, according to court documents.

    Terri Horman’s lawyer, Stephen Houze, issued a letter Monday morning to a Multnomah County court that stated she will not contest an amended restraining order filed by her husband.

    See Link:

  26. snapoutofit says:

    This is a better link for the full story of Kyron Horman’s stepmom not contesting restraining order:

  27. Hopalong says:

    If TH is the liar that DY has said she is, do you think that she is also being honest with her attorney? That might be why the paralegal in the elevator cracked a smile – she KNOWS how hard it is to get a straight answer out of that woman!!

  28. MackiezMom says:

    Looks like Terri doesn’t want to appear in court. She is apparently so eager to avoid appearing, that she is willing to give up being with (or seeing!) her child. Why would she give up seeing her child? Why?

  29. Eloise says:
    TH Not contesting the recent addendum to the RO. Also, stating she will be getting other counsel re domestic affairs.
    So, where will she move to?

  30. ElizabethinOR says:

    This is my first time posting a link so forgive me if I get it wrong. Terri Horman, through her lawyer, says she won’t contest the request for her to move out of the family home:

  31. mary says:

    KGW NEWS reported at noon today that Terri Horman has agreed to move out of the house.

  32. Gustoeater says:

    Contempt of court filing by Kyron Horman’s father accuses Terri Horman of having affair , sexting with husband’s high school friend.KGW via twitter.

  33. snapoutofit says:

    We cannot assume anything based on Terri not contesting restraining order. But at least something is moving along, right? As far as where she will move to – a video had shown her in a blue SUV which identified the driver as her sister. So I would guess she would move to her sisters place – wherever that is.

  34. Gustoeater says:

    PORTLAND, Ore. — The father of missing Portland boy Kyron Horman wants his estranged wife held in contempt of court, accusing her of violating a restraining order against her. The document also alleged she was having a sexual affair with one of Kaine’s childhood friends.

    A motion from Kaine Horman’s attorney asked the judge to hold Terri Moulton Horman in contempt of court for showing a then-sealed restraining order to Michael Cook.

    In the motion, it was alleged Terri also exchanged graphic sexual text messages with Cook since June 30. Cook was a high school friend of Kaine Horman.


  35. AG's Mom says:

    Hi, Blink.

    I am only sending this additional comment as I am not certain that my initial and first post to this site was received. If it was received and simply not posted, can you let me know so I do not wonder if I merely experienced an online malfunction?

    Thank you.

  36. Praying4Kyron says:

    Latest headline at KGW:

    Court doc: Kaine wants Terri Horman held in contempt, accused of sexual affair.

  37. vidda says:

    Sorry , missed that Kaine is blaiming her for violating of RO, having affair (!) with one of his childhood friend and obducting his daughter ..
    Common, LE, lock her up

  38. Elaine says:

    Court doc: Kaine wants Terri Horman held in contempt, accused of sexual affair

  39. vidda says:

    “…it was alleged Terri also exchanged hundred of text messages with Cook and several photographs of graphic sexual activity since June 30. Cook was a high school friend of Kaine Horman. Kaine told authorities that Terri and Cook did not know each other before Kyron’s disappearance and were now in a relationship ”
    Terri didnt know this guy before Ky’s disappearance ! WOW,this is just developed relationship.
    She deserves everything that comes her way

  40. beejay says:

    Now it gets uglier and Terri digs herself in deeper:

    Kaine thinks Terri only met Michael Cook after Kyron went missing, and started a sexual affair with him only recently. Also showed him the RO, etc. while it was still sealed. And they’ve been texting.

    Terri, Terri, Terri. Didn’t you have trouble enough??

  41. beejay says:

    Make that: they’ve been sexting. Cook’s cell phone has been searched by LE, according to the legal docs filed today by Kaine. They found photos of the RO docs there, as well as graphic sexual pictures.

  42. beejay says:

    Here’s the link to the court doc. Kaine filed today:

  43. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    I almost skipped the link because I thought that it just summarized the no contest letter. But then this:

    In an additional filing today, Kaine Horman’s lawyer asked that the court impose “remedial” sanctions against Terri Horman, claiming she disclosed documents that had been sealed in the restraining order case to one or more unauthorized parties.

    The filing says Terri Horman disclosed sections of the restraining order, at the time it was still sealed by the court, to a man named Michael Cook.

    The filing alleges Terri Horman is now involved in an intimate and sexual relationship with Cook, saying the sexual nature of the relationship began four days after Kaine Horman left their house.

    Authorities found evidence that Terri Horman and Cook were “sexting” on or after June 30. Cook went to high school with Kaine Horman, the document says.

    “Law enforcement has informed petitioner that the materials supporting this relationship that have been obtained and clarified by interviews with Mr. Cook include hundreds of text messages as well as several photographs of respondent in various stages of undress and graphic sexual activity,” the filing says.

    Terri Horman asked Cook to lie to her own attorney and others about the fact she had gone to Cook’s home, the filing says.

    It says Terri Horman allowed Cook to take cellphone photos of the restraining order and obtained the undisclosed address of Kaine Horman and his daughter.

    The filing also says Terri Horman came to the gym daycare center where her daughter Kiara was while her dad was working out on June 28 – the day Terri was served with a restraining order – looking to “abduct” her daughter.

    Isn’t Michael Cook the friend of Kaine’s who took supplies to the family? Is this bizarre behavior and icky, or am I just a little naive?

  44. snapoutofit says:

    FYI: There is a new link that Blink just started —-

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