Kyron Horman Missing and Endangered: Grand Jury Meets, Indictment Imminent

Portland, OR- In the case of missing 7-year-old Portland child Kyron Horman, developments today continue to unfold at lightening speed.

During a poorly-kept secret convening of a special grand jury that is in session today, sources inside the investigation believe it’s triers of fact will return an indictment against Terri Horman and possibly one other individual.

It is however, unclear as to whether or not the grand jury is hearing evidence in the alleged murder for hire plot MCSO informed Kaine Horman his wife had master-minded, OR evidence surrounding the disappearance of Kaine and Desiree Young’s son Kyron.

KOIN caught Terri Horman’s friend DeDe Spicher, who was subpoenaed to appear in the proceedings this morning, on video with her attorney, entering the courthouse. Spicher was the subject of a public plea asking her to cooperate with investigators by Kaine Horman and Desiree Young last week.  A neighbor of Spicher’s has confirmed the FBI has been seen removing boxes and unknown bagged material from her residence.

According to several sources, DeDe Spicher, Terri’s roommate  post Kaine’s restraining order,  was working in a garden near the Horman home the day of Kyron’s disappearance when she received a call at approximately 11:15 am. She left abruptly, returning at approximately 1:00 pm. DeDe was unreachable on her cell phone during that time and the property owner became concerned. Spicher is a long time friend and workout companion of Horman’s.

Earlier today, Laura Rackner, Kaine Horman’s Family Law attorney filed a motion to find out where the funds are coming from to foot the bill for Terri Horman’s high profile criminal defense attorney, Stephen Houze.

In Horman’s motion, he is seeking the disclosure of the payments made to Houze, and whether or not it came from marital funds. If it has, Kaine Horman wants half the cash to pay his own legal bills. Kaine Horman alleges that Terri Horman disclosed to a third party that she paid a whopping $350,000 retainer to Houze, however, provided no proof of same in the papers filed today.

In what appears to be a media timing coup, tonight’s episode of Dateline NBC will feature Kaine Horman, Desiree and Tony Young, with interviews and coverage of Kyron’s disappearance.

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer, Mary Lindstrand, has announced a press conference tomorrow at the MCSO Training Facility, beginning at 2:00 pm PST.

blinkoncrime editor Madeline Tanner contributed to this report

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  1. Angellica says:

    Insintel left a nasty comment over at yesterday. He/she and Hopeinva sound like one and the same.

  2. beejay says:

    About DeDe’s weight/exercise situation: we really don’t have nearly enough info. to pull out the DSM-IV.

    If she’d go on OPRAH, the two of them could discuss their struggles with weight. Oprah has had times when she exercised quite a bit with a personal trainer. And, yet, her weight goes up and down. She has times when she apparently eats more than she burns off (just like DeDe appears to). And yet, she functions well in her life generally (does DeDe? We don’t know.)

    A struggle with one’s weight doesn’t really give much of a clue as to where Kyron is, what role she might have played in his disappearance, etc.. MOO. My professional opinion. Also, MOO.

    I realize we need something to discuss while we await some sort of revelations from LE. I’m just frustrated. I want to know, among other things: when was Rudy detained and has it been continuously; was the white truck used by RS Landscape Maintenance seized and DNA evidence gathered, and when; what adult regularly at work on/around the grounds of Skyline went missing after June 4 and did s/he ever show up there again??

    Are Skyline parents totally comfortable with sending their kids back to schl. on Sept. 8–why/why not? Why won’t they speak about that here? And other stuff.

  3. CB says:

    Jackie Bauer: my comment was only to your link which I felt so informative. I enjoy all of your posts in general.

  4. Futureman says:

    aibohphobia writes/cites: “The Edge Gym, from which Terri is now banned, is where Terri met Dede.”

    I reported her to the club manager for shower urination.

    I will allow to defray the undercurrent of bicker, so that it too, goes down the drain :)

  5. Annals says:

    Cosmos, #36 on the previous page, nice insight & explanation, “Maybe HopeinVA = Hope in Veritas Aequitas”.

  6. justwondering says:

    re: post #38.
    Are there any records indicating that Kiara was with TH at the gym nursery during the workout times?
    Yes, but part of the investigation.

  7. Lazydog1 says:

    lyla says:
    August 1, 2010 at 2:32 am

    Does anyone know anything about Desiree’s child from a previous marriage? Just curious…

    JMO but this is an area that should be off limits. Personally I don’t believe he has anything to do with this case. I’m sure this young person is suffering and there is no need to dig into info about him. What could this kind of info possibly bring to light about this case.

    I’ve been doing a lot of reading and catching up on posts everyone has made here and on other websites. I am spending my free time, as much as possible, in a war with blackberry bushes. They will not win!

    The one thing I find very interesting at the moment is the lack of MC no word about him at all anywhere in the news. Also TH’s very vocal friend in the beginning JF. Maybe these two people have decided involvement in this case wasn’t such a good idea after all.

    As for DS there is more to the story now. Read this link at KGW–Kyron-Horman-up-to-50000-99349594.html

  8. Angellica says:

    @Cosmos- Good info. I just assumed the Va in “Hopeinva” meant Virginia. Your idea sounds more like it. It is obvious that Hopeinva and Insintel both like to play with words. Very good research on your part.

  9. cbickel says:

    @beejay, I too would like to know the answers to the questions you pose, I too wonder what the parents of students think about the coming school year in regards to their children’s safety. Hopefully camera’s are in place by the first day of school. I’ve no idea if that’s in the works but it would should make me feel better as a parent if they were.
    There is so much information that we don’t have, rightly so I think, yet having said that I have to add, why do we have what little information we DO have? If it added up to something, anything, would be one thing, but all it does for me is leave me more confused.

    Thoughts and prayers are with Kyron, his brothers and sister.

  10. beejay says:

    Are you also cathy bickel?? Name posted under here previously. If you are, I’ve been hoping to catch you to respond to your earlier comment about being a novice and trying to figure out all the MOO, LMAO, etc.

    Not sure BLINK will print this, and hate to add to the “clutter”, but I will. Perhaps for comic relief.

    Be very careful about your “sources.” I post here with great caution because I’m still suspicious that BOC might be either:

    1. A front for a Dairy trade association;
    2. Some kind of Cow Cult (accounts for all the MOO; the other acronyms are just to throw you off). Watch for other clues. Maybe excess concern with farms, products containing dairy, “beefing up” photos.

  11. dew says:

    “Mom3.0 says:
    August 1, 2010 at 5:31 am
    Here’s what I have been thinking about…”


    I have had some of the same thoughts. I am truly considered that LE has gotten so caught up in the melodrama of the Horman extended family that they have been sidetracked. Do I believe Terri – and friends, and family… have true issues and have engaged in bizarre and possibly criminal activity? ABSOLUTELY!

    But I am concerned that they have not been able to tie her in any way to Kyron. Is it possible that truth is truly stranger than fiction and all the craziness is not related to Kyron?

    I know some have said how could a stranger get him out of a school but I think there are scenarios. For example, suppose he was headed to class which I believe is near a door to the outside that is not monitored. A stranger knocks on the door. Kyron opens it. And in less than a second is grabbed, mouth covered to stifle a scream and he is gone.

    My son goes to a small school ( 500 kids in K-12). I have knocked on the rear entrance to get into the gym to retrieve him from practice. Kids who do not know me open it all the time. They assume school is safe and by extension those who enter it.

    I hope I am wrong and LE has tons of evidence.

  12. Angellica says:

    Thanks Futureman. A little humor is just what we need about now. A breath of fresh air as always.

  13. beejay says:

    Late June MCSO was stating, quoted by lots of MSM, including at link below:

    “Everyone is a person of interest,” Staton said in response to questions about any specific individuals. Staton added that there were no “serial patterns” that indicated a threat to the community.


    BUT, there’s always the first event in a series. Maybe Kyron was the first. Again, parents at Skyline, what other reassurances do you have that the Kyron-disappearer is locked up and your child is safe to return to school?

    AND, in early July–still looking for the link–didn’t MCSO say they had not ruled out a stranger did this??

    EVEN SO, if the perp were known to Kyron, doesn’t mean s/he couldn’t strike again and target a child who doesn’t know him.

    Very scarey to me. Hope parents know more than we outsiders do. Know–not hope. Not trust. Know, as in I’d bet my kid’s life on it.

  14. aibohphobia says:

    Blink, this is the link for the club she was reported to have gone on the 4th:

    This is the link for the club they had a membership in:

    Interestingly, the Google map is calling it “24 Hour Fitness AKA Extreme Edge” BUT they are two different gyms. They both have child care, as is shown on their links. But the one she went to on the 4th is farther away than the one they belong (she past tense, she has been 86′d) to.
    Thanks for responding, I know you are busy!

  15. Annals says:

    We, the public are definitely caught up in the melodrama of the Horman extended family, but I do not project that LE has been sidetracted, exclusively, into it.

    So much of what we hear comes from the family as opposed to what LE exposes (or leaks). As we learn more details from the family, it seems to me, that we are hearing that much of what they have revealed in the past comes from what Terri, herself, told them. Such as, the discrepancy between her account of where she was and cell pings/phone records. We hear some of what the family knows and they know, well… about the family.

    The family comments and elaborates a bit about stuff that has already been in the press, like DeDe. Kaine knew DeDe before kyron’s disappearance. But he hasn’t much to say about the landscaper except that he was unaware of him before all this.

    The murder for hire plot is revealed in the restraining order, but the detail that the hired individual is a landscaper is from seekers like Blink who got it from sources within the investigation. Then we got the landscaper’s name from Blink once she felt it was OK to reveal it. In other words, in my opinion, once the public knew of the murder for hire plot, someone within the investigation threw us a bone; it’s the landscaper.

    I believe that what the public knows is just a small amount of what LE has discovered and that they are not nearly as sidetracted as we are.

  16. NancyS says:

    Do we know for sure that Teri is ABSOLUTELY the LAST person to see Kyron? has this been confirmed?

  17. snapoutofit says:

    Angellica says:
    August 1, 2010 at 11:19 am – Insintel is Terri Horman.

  18. annla says:

    Does anyone have any info where LE says they are at odds w/ family doing these press conferences? Is this an assumption based on the fact that LE isn’t with them? B/C I actually wonder if LE is just fine with these press conferences – the public is really into this case and it keeps us busy and gives the parents some purpose and keeps Kyron’s face out there even though there really are no developments. It seems to me if DY and Kaine were really at odds with them they would not be saying they are satisfied with the investigation. They don’t seem to provide much info other than that which we already guess – they miss their child, they believe people know parts of this story that could crack it and they really want people to come forward. I find it hard to believe that DY or Kaine would do something publicly if told by LE that it would hurt the investigation.

  19. snapoutofit says:

    #16: NancyS says:
    August 1, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    Do we know for sure that Teri is ABSOLUTELY the LAST person to see Kyron? has this been confirmed?

    You’ll have to ask the FBI that question.

  20. S says:

    This is information which is once removed from the school/parents, but I have been told that parents are upset about the upcoming year and that children are traumatized. This is all very understandable as everyone’s innocence has been lost.

    Supposedly there is a group of parents who are furious about the lackadaisical manner with which the teachers directly involved treated Kyron’s absence. The feeling is that if the school would have implemented some simple rules that most schools do in 2010, this would have never happened, or that the perpetrator would be obvious. There are parents who believe “grounds people” who are currently employed with the school are dangerous. I’m not sure what that means or if it means anything other than parents are understandably terrified.

    I want to stress that this is hearsay, I did not personally talk to any parents of Skyline students. I got this info from an acquaintance who has nieces and nephews who attend Skyline.

  21. rollermonkey says:

    The most recent issue of People magazine indicates DeDe “refused” to take a polygraph test. Don’t know if this is true, and she certainly has the right to refuse. However, if she did refuse… it would be very interesting (as I believe several of Terri’s other friends have stated they willingly submitted to polygraph exams).

    Anybody know if DeDe’s “polygraph refusal” is actually confirmed?

  22. S says:

    Very interesting question, NancyS. I have given up on finding the correct answer. You can read an article on KATU and they will state that LE has said she was the last person to see Kyron. Then you can read another in The Oregonian and it will say LE has stated that TH is the last known person to see Kyron.

    The truth is only known possibly to LE and whomever saw Kyron last. Unfortunately, we are stuck with what we read and glean from the press and it is their business to sensationalize for our reading pleasure.

  23. GraceintheHills says:

    No, Nancy, I don’t think LE has confirmed that TH was the last person to see Kyron.
    I agree with Annals that LE is not as side-tracked as we are. I would not be surprised if they have a good, working theory about what happened to Kyron, and just can’t prove it yet. IMHO, I don’t think there was an elaborate plan involving mutiple individuals, but I could be wrong. Human behavior usually follows the path of least resistance, even in crimes such as this. I think if multiple persons were involved with the disappearance, someone would have talked by now, not necessarily to LE, but to someone.

  24. kharis says:

    I was digging online and there is a network of mostly women that kidnap children from “abuse” and have safe houses all over. They are called “Children of the Underground”…and the “protective parent groups”…as I look at this stuff I see kids taken from one state and being found across the country or overseas…just a thought.

  25. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @CB: Whew :) and ditto on your posts. Just wanted to make sure I hadn’t inadvertently said something stupid. I try to make my stupid statements intentionally LOL.

    @NancyS: re: TH being the last person. IIRC, yes. LE said in a more recent interview that TH was the last person to see Kyron *and* that she was last seen at 9 a.m. (15 minutes later than her stmt). Now something else may have come to light, so if that’s the case, someone please post the link so I can update my own list.

    Re: THs friendship with Dede. I noticed that during the interview, KH said that he didn’t know Dede well. I don’t think that should necessarily mean that TH and Dede weren’t close. But I want to hear that statement again before I comment further in case I’m off on this one. Which interview was that in?

  26. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @NancyS: now that other posts have updated, I will try to go back and find the interview I’m referring to so we can see if they said that or not. My hard drive is dying, so everything about online is cumbersome right now (whiney sound here).

  27. EliGrandma says:

    Re the poster “insintel”. Kaine works for Intel. What’s happened to precious Kyron is a sin. Could this poster’s name be telling us something, like Kaine is sinful while at Intel? I know, far fetched but, there were rumors of Kaine having an affair with a co-worker. Hope this makes some sense.

    I do not care if Kaine Horman has a harem stashed in his cubicle.

    Adults are responsible for their own behavior. I am sick to death of the buck passing for other’s actions that result in pain or trauma to others.

    I have seen both Kaine and Desiree on National TV openly professing blame and guilt TOWARD THEMSELVES. That is what people that had nothing to do with their child’s disappearance, but understand their own accountabilities to protect Kyron, and where they failed, do.

    These people are beyond terrified with good reason. My heart aches for them, and little Mr. Man, whose smile makes me want to throw rocks at something it is so unfair. He is an innocent child, aren’t they all?

    As bio parents, ultimately whatever happens to our babies good or bad, is our fault.

    “..Sometimes there aren’t enough rocks..”

    - Forrest Gump

    Terri Horman knows exactly what she can do to help this nightmare, and she is protecting her own ass.

    Wanna get the ball rolling people? Those of you dying to post something you know that is case relevant, climb on up the vine, post PRIVATE in the first line, and post privately to me. You were told not to?
    So was Terri Horman.


  28. Titch says:

    @ aibohphobia & Blink:

    Not sure if this helps at all, but both gyms are/were connected by Bob Briede. Please refer to the following links & snippets:
    On Tuesday, gym owner Bob Briede told KGW he was glad he called police.
    “Her behavior was definitely suspicious and I felt that it justified making a phone call to the authorities,” said Briede, who owns Xtreme Edge Gym in Beaverton.
    Exercise industry veteran Bob Driede opened The Xtreme Edge Fitness Club in early March at 16365 N.W. Twin Oaks Drive, Beaverton. Driede, previously a vice president and part owner of 24-Hour Fitness, has outfitted a full gym with new equipment. A room with a large-screen television lets spinning participants feel like they are in the Tour de France or yoga practitioners think they are on the bank of a tranquil pond. Basic Training workout classes change high-energy routines every time. 503-747-7497

    The Xtreme Edge Fitness Club 16365 N.W. Twin Oaks Drive, Beaverton
    24-Hour Fitness 1265 Northwest Waterhouse Avenue, Beaverton
    This address is the address of Xtreme Edge Fitness (16365 N.W. Twin Oaks Dr), but a Bing search of that address shows it maybe used to be a 24-Hour Fitness location.
    This link shows the 24-Hour Futness address (1265 Northwest Waterhouse Ave) location for sale but under lease by 24-Hour Fitness.

  29. FLGirl says:

    aibohphobia says:
    August 1, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    Blink, this is the link for the club she was reported to have gone on the 4th:

    This is the link for the club they had a membership in:

    Interestingly, the Google map is calling it “24 Hour Fitness AKA Extreme Edge” BUT they are two different gyms. They both have child care, as is shown on their links. But the one she went to on the 4th is farther away than the one they belong (she past tense, she has been 86′d) to.
    Thanks for responding, I know you are busy!

    I’m curious why Terri would need 2 separate gyms, in similar locations. I could see if say, you worked 20 miles from home and you would hit up a gym on your lunch break, one that’s closeby the office. And then maybe you have another gym that is close to your home, that you get to whenever, because of convenience. Don’t that that applies to Terri though.

    So, why 2 gyms? I wonder when she signed up for the second one? Is it simply because her friend is a member there and they wanted to work out together sometimes?

    Or was this part of the plan to abduct Kyron? Go to a new gym where they don’t know you and won’t really recognize your comings and goings? That way on the day your stepson goes missing, potentially your friend can sneak over there and impersonate you; and since the general public won’t hear about your alibi for (what turned out to be 6 weeks), no one is going to remember whether it was you or her, who was there on that day; if the staff was even paying that much attention. I mean seriously, pick any kind of club with a membership, go there and ask them if they saw so-and-so 6 weeks ago. They can check their records and verify that person was there, but are they going to remember themselves, seeing that person? Highly doubtful.

    Now, I know that sounds kinda crazy to go to that kind of length to create an alibi. But if she is a fan of crime shows, those things might occur to her. Set up the alibi by hitting up a couple stores and getting captured on film or keeping receipts. I assume she submitted store receipts to prove her presence since you can’t be assured someone would have cameras and you’d be seen on them.

    Keeping receipts (if she did) kinda send a red flag to me. Who does that when you pick up a handful of groceries? Something you can take back, yes, keep the receipt, but bread and milk or something? So, if she did keep those receipts any length of time, sounds like it was to create an alibi.

    Anyways, so she has the receipts to provide some alibi; then she uses the gym time to shore up the rest. I realize it sounds a bit much to go create a phony gym membership expressly for the purpose of needing a future alibi. But this could’ve been in the works for weeks or months; which is terrifying I’ll admit.

    But it makes sense. She’s known to work out regularly, so a gym would be a perfect alibi that wouldn’t seem like an alibi. Between the gym and the stores she went to, she probably figured that left her with little unaccounted time to do anything to Kyron. Perhaps until LE pointed out that 90-minute gap between the stores and the gym. Thus we get the ridiculous (and very much unplanned-sounding) excuse of driving Kiara around to get rid of an earache. I have to imagine she thought that up on the spot, since the other locations she could prove she was there. With the driving around, no proof.

    Also goes to the fact that though some of this was pre-planned, she wasn’t a genius about it whatsoever and got tripped up. I guess my point is, as excessive as it sounds to create the gym membership for a future crime alibi — and it does sound ridiculous to a normal person — it’s not that hard for me to imagine. If you’re planning something for a while, you want to cover all your bases.

    I think the scary part is, if you accept the gym set-up as a future alibi, you have to accept the idea that perhaps she was planning this for a while. And to me at least, planning something like this, cold and calculated, is scarier than “heat of the moment” type things.

    Of course, this could all be a moot point. Perhaps she did work out at 24 regularly, and she got the membership for innocuous reasons. Just saying there might be an unsavory reason for having 2 gym memberships.

  30. beejay says:

    @ S
    Thank you for telling us what you do know. Regarding your “acquaintance who has nieces and nephews who attend Skyline:” Will those children be returning to Skyline this fall? Or, are their parents sufficiently worried about the ongoing risks there that they are looking into transferring them to another school?

  31. FLGirl says:

    GraceintheHills says:
    August 1, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    No, Nancy, I don’t think LE has confirmed that TH was the last person to see Kyron.

    Actually yes they have. It’s been said by LE multiple times that the last person to see Kyron was Terri, at 8:45 am, when he was allegedly walking to his classroom.

    There was confusion in the beginning with a report that someone (Tanner perhaps) had seen Kyron after that; around 9am, but that’s apparently been discounted.

    Now, could they have info that they are not releasing, of someone having seen him after that? Potentially. But, publicly, the timeline LE gives out most definitely has Terri the last to see him at 8:45.

  32. Titch says:

    @ cosmos:

    Re your post referencing Veritas Aequitas – Well guess what? My son & I have been looking up this stuff for over a week! I was getting irate reading those comments from Hope wondering why the obvious agenda for one and literally against one (or 3). My son plays WOW. I had to step away bc I was so po’d! Well, my boy said something about VA meaning Veritas Aequitas in World of Warcraft as soon as he saw the avatar for insintel. We went through Hope’s comments & he said to me that he bets both people are one in the same. Who knows, really…but he also mentioned to me that Veritas Aequitas is found in many other online gaming communities. Some of which are the following: WOW, EverQuest, and Call of Duty: World at War…he’s played all 3. He doesn’t go on WOW as much bc he’s been busy with summer sports, but he did spend a few hours the other night trying to look into users from the NW Portland Oregon & Southern Washington area. Again, don’t know if it helps or confuses more, but it’s worth noting that somebody else thinks it a lil ironic like you do :) Just think, my 16 y/o son thought of this. I don’t play that game, but Terri did (or still does)…wonder how many other people play that game that could look into it, and if so, wonder if they have forums withing those gaming sites that could be utilized for other things besides just gaming…

  33. FLGirl says:

    rollermonkey says:
    August 1, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    The most recent issue of People magazine indicates DeDe “refused” to take a polygraph test. Don’t know if this is true, and she certainly has the right to refuse. However, if she did refuse… it would be very interesting (as I believe several of Terri’s other friends have stated they willingly submitted to polygraph exams).

    Anybody know if DeDe’s “polygraph refusal” is actually confirmed?

    I don’t think we’ll know that unless DeDe comes right out and says it; and I see no motivation for her to do so. The police won’t say one way or the other i’m sure.

    I believe the only ones we know for sure that have taken them are Kyron’s parents/step-parents, and that’s because they came straight out and said so.

    I too have heard about Terri’s friends who supposedly said they took them and passed, but no details, not even names. So I’m not personally going to consider that a confirmation. Not until/unless the person(s) and/or their lawyers say so.

  34. Titch says:

    @ FLGirl:

    You were wondering why she’s used 2 different gym memberships, etc…

    This is only hypothetical but what about if maybe they’re all part of a “chain” or a “franchise”. Maybe they have several gyms at different locations. Years ago I used to frequent Bally’s. I moved from Florida back home to NJ & now just go to my local club, but used to go to several Bally Total Fitness clubs. Isn’t 24-Hour Fitness a franchise? I really didn;t look into it that far but did notice that several 24-Hour Fitness clubs showed up on a generic search…

  35. S says:


    I did not hear anything said about children being transferred and it is my understanding that both parents and children absolutely love the school, it’s setting and curriculum. My acquaintance did say that her brother and sister-in-law expressed concern about their children seeing the “wall” everyday as they have been very open with their kids and told them they thought poor little Kyron was probably dead.

  36. Annals says:

    annla says:
    August 1, 2010 at 2:42 pm
    Does anyone have any info where LE says they are at odds w/ family doing these press conferences?

    Hi annla. I saw something similar on Seamus Orilley; here is the quote;

    Statements about confidence towards the investigation do not appear strong.

    Desiree not completely happy with law enforcement. “Unfortunately” we speak on our own.

    Here is the link;


    The above quote is seamus orilley statement analysis blog analysis; not in this case, anything comming directly from Kyron’s family. Seamus’ bolg has been linked numerous times here.

  37. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    FLGirl, I agree with you, except that in one last interview LE changed that time to 9 a.m. I noted it because it was the 15 minute leap, but can’t find the bloody LE statement. Is there any way I can search all my comments on here? Then I could see when the statement was made. Thanks!

  38. Annals says:

    Re my post at 4:40pm Aug 1; Sorry annala, I misread your question and got it the other way around. No, I have no reason to believe LE is at odds about the family press conferences. Just my opinion; got no links to back it up.

  39. Whaazupwitchu says:

    Well I wish like anything (and so do many of you I guess) that I had something important to post

    But, Blink’s comment is very interesting

    She was told not to tell (and i doubt you mean “deedles” – that would be going the other way, TH telling DDS)

    WHO? The only person I can think of in LS & she feels very threatened. Or is someone else still hiding in the woodwork (or woods, or in plain sight) we haven’t flushed out yet? As I mentioned recently, you had made a comment quite awhile back (lots of posts, eh?!) about people who did not work at the school after June 4th.

  40. cbickel says:

    Yes indeed BeeJay I am Cathy Bickel from earlier that couldn’t figure out what all the “moo’in” was about! Thanks for the update about sources and your right about the Dairy Farmer’s Assoc, scarey folks!

    From Blink’s comment earlier I’m thinkin’ somebody is chompin’ on the bit to tell something they either know or saw. I don’t understand the fear Kaine or Blink refer to. Anybody got a clue? Are they hinting at drugs, gangs etc?

    Thoughts and prayers are with Kyron, his brothers and sister.

  41. snapoutofit says:

    Local Internetpoll in Portland, OR from KPTV, FOX News:

    Tell FOX 12
    Has the media unfairly portrayed Terri Horman in the disappearance of her 7-year-old stepson Kyron Horman?
    Results | Disclaimer | E-Mail

    Has the media unfairly portrayed Terri Horman in the disappearance of her 7-year-old stepson Kyron Horman?
    Choice Votes Percentage of 2459 Votes
    Yes. 376 15%
    No. 2083 85%
    One of Terri Horman’s lawyers says the media is placing her at the center of the investigation despite the fact that she hasn’t been charged with a crime.

  42. Amy L. says:

    For once in my life I do not have a strong opinion either way with regards to this case. I have no “gut” feeling which is so rare for me. I honestly will not be shocked if Terri in involved or if she is completely innocent of anything dealing with Kyron’s dissappearance, but I do want to throw a few things out there to think about.
    Some of the behaviours that are “red flags” to others seem perfectly normal to me.
    for instance, I have a 19 month old daughter, and many older children as well. I do not think it odd to drive around your child to sooth them and have done this many times. My children are the type that if they fall asleep for 5 minutes in the car, they will not go back to sleep once I get them home so I have driven around for lengthy times to let them get a nap in, especially if they were not feeling well. (I do question how she knew it was an earache since at this age they are too young to verbalize that they are having ear pain).
    I also do not think it is super odd to go to two different gyms. The gym my husband belongs to has a reciprocity agreement with other gyms all over the east coast so he can go to whichever one he is closest too, or one could be a newer gym that had a special vs and older gym where the membership was about to expire,etc.
    I also don’t see anything really odd about going to the grocery store and then not going home to put groceries away. We do not know what she bought. For example if she bought diapers, wipes, and children’s tylenol, she would not need to go right home and refridgerate these items.
    I am not really taking up for Terri because I admit I am uncomfortable with her silence but I am saying that taken individually, I could explain away most of what people are discussing as ridiculous excuses and holes in her alibi.
    However, I have always thought that the most dangerous place in the world is between a mother and her child and can’t not fathom what could possibly be holding her back from running full speed to court to get her baby girl back…

  43. MockingbirdSings says:

    S says: There are parents who believe “grounds people” who are currently employed with the school are dangerous. I’m not sure what that means or if it means anything other than parents are understandably terrified.

    I am retired from PPS. I previously wrote about my own experience only a few years ago and knowing that workers who did not have direct contact with children were not required to pass thorough background checks, particularly if the work was considered temporary. This may or may not have been district policy or just up to individual school administrators, and may have changed, but it’s not something teachers, parents, volunteers, etc., would be likely to know for sure. In the “olden days” when Oregon schools had more adequate budgets, the district had its own grounds keeping crews. At one point all the building custodians were let go and the work was contracted out. The custodians were given the option to be reinstated several years later after winning a suit against the district. A lot of contracted work is still done – it’s cheaper, they say.

    The district has said that all the people who work with our children have to have background checks. If I were a parent, I would ask for proof that all the employees of contracted companies for ANY work onsite also were required to have, and had passed, background checks (fingerprinting, nationwide), including new hires and substitute hires for any (school site) job with the contracted company. The requirement should be in the contract which should be a document available to the public. I would also ask whether the “proof” was a yes/no/on-file box checked by the company owner or manager, or the presentation to the district of the file of results matched to each contracted company employee (not too likely). If there is a policy now that covers this, I would ask when it began and who monitors it.

    The assumption is that if someone is not approved to work directly with a child, the child remains under the direct supervision of someone who is qualified to do so – staff or parent. The problem is that a person can be “guilty by association” or can be, in a child’s mind, “safe by association” (as noticed by a conversation with a trusted adult, a regular appearance at the same location, a comment about the cool tools someone is using, etc.)- the child doesn’t have a list of who’s approved and who isn’t. And, of course, 99% or more of the time, it works – but not 100%, even though school staff members working with children are among the most dedicated people you will find anywhere.

    Although I pray not, I personally can’t say if there are any “dangerous” people employed by the district, or your local supermarket/church/pizza place/etc. for that matter, but I think parents have the right to know everyone who has reason to be on a school campus as a worker or volunteer of any kind is as thoroughly screened as possible. Parents feeling anxious (understandably) about sending kids back to school, need to work together as a group with the school district – this is the time to ask questions, figure out what is needed, and get it in place, including a test of the automatic phone calling system. District phones lines are through the computer system – if the computers are down, calls probably won’t happen, but ask and, if necessary, ask what backup is in place for that.

  44. mosaic says:

    @cosmos: I’m impressed! I’ll buy into your VA translation.

    I wonder how much of this is a game for these people…whoever is involved or knows something. The now famous smirk was so unsettling to see.

    I’ve always told my kids: “If you screw up, you’ll be in a lot less trouble if you own up to what you did and tell the truth. But if you lie and try to cover up, you’ll be in a lot more trouble.”

    There’s a certain amount of forgiveness and compassion that people are willing to give to those that come forward with admissions of their mistakes. Anyone that says: “I’m sorry, I really screwed up this time” earns huge points in my book.

  45. SuzyQ says:


    There are several very bizzarre posts on the various blogs and although I have been reading through them for a while now it`s somewhat difficult to discern between the posts could possibly be of value versus the posts of nuts looking for attention. I have no doubt that LE knows exactly who is who.

    I am convinced that Terri/Terri cohorts are posting and it is interesting to see how their posts have evolved. They have gone from defending Terri to bashing the school, Kaine, Desiree and LE and then back again. There also seem to have been attempts to direct the investigation via posts from certain “psychic” posters and people “close to the family” Ridiculous!

    Now the posts seem to be the last form of communication between cohorts. If you are reading them with any regularity some pretty odd stuff has popped up recently. Etiher long involved scenarios/theories of what happened the day Kyron disappeared (which looks to me like a attempt to establish a common version of the day) or pleas to refrain from talking to LE and to lawyer up.

    If these posts are in fact from people involved in Kyrons disappearance then they are not evidently not the sharpest tools in the shed and they are all going to be caught.

  46. Angellica says:

    @ snapoutofit- I agree with your theory about Insintel.
    @ Eligrandma-Insintel stands for Inside intelligence. This was confirmed by Insintel herself/himself over at Someone stated that they thought that is what it stood for and she/he congratulated them on getting name right.

  47. NancyS says:

    Oh my goodness Blink, your last post made me have to get up from this computer and take a little walk to stop the TEARS.

    Okay here goes, in my past I was stalked and abused by someone that had killed his brother over jealousy and domestic violence. When I first me this guy, I was also introduced to his friends that knew about his past.
    Everyone was SO GLAD to meet me and KNEW I had two small sons that I was raising alone. NOT ONE OF THEM WARNED ME! not one even hinted to the fact that maybe I shouldnt be around this guy and deifinatelly not MY CHILDREN.
    Well let me tell you after being close to death quite a few times, my very good friend Nicole Simpson got murdered and to this day I KNOW she was being stalked for 4 days before she was murdered and PEOPLE KNEW THIS< THE POLICE KNEW THIS. I had to LITERALLY testify in court against this guy, they let him out of jail because of overcrowding after only 45 days and DIDN"T NOTIFY ME. I had to pack up my jeep with only my kids and my clothes and move out of state, over 1,500 hundred miles from home to have me and my kids be safe as NO ONE would TELL THE POLICE the truth, including my FAMILY as they were scared for themsleves? they weren't in danger AT ALL. Me and my children were.

    IF THERE IS ANYONE ON THIS BLOG THAT KNOWS SOMETHING PLEASE COME forward. LE will help you if you are scared.

    BLINK will pass the inormation on without a name if that is what you need her to do if it has something to do with this case.

    Adults get frightened over turning in a famiy member or friend for horrific crimes. COME ON PEOPLE we as adults have a choice these children do not.

    Teri Horman and friends on here (if you are) Please help us to find KYRON, enough time has gone by. even if it is anonymously.

    I am so sorry but my goodness enough is enough…

  48. NancyS says:

    I would also like to add that most of the witnesses that have talked to law enforcement have not been harrassed by the media as they have kept a low profile so it looks like the ones that want to make it to the public eye have done so. I don’t think it is a matter if you go forward with info you will be harassed by the media. I think it is a matter of talking to the media directly gives them permission to investigate you or try to.

  49. justwondering says:

    How did our legal system get to the point that you can get away with murder if you can just manage to keep your ‘trap’ shut?

  50. NancyS says:

    Yes good point JUSTWONDERING, the laws are over 200 years old that is why, they need to brought up to the times. we need to stand up for these children, they can’t do it for themselves.

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