Kyron Horman Case: Terri Horman Attorneys Call Her A Suspect

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In court papers filed Wednesday, Bunch went further, noting that Terri Horman is a “de facto suspect” in the second-grader’s disappearance…”

Portland, OR- In a voluntary appearance in court yesterday for matters relating to the pending divorce motion by estranged husband Kaine; Terri Horman showed her face for the first time since the week after her stepson, Kyron, vanished from Skyline School.

Although Kaine Horman opted to be represented by his counsel Laura Rackner and not appear personally to protect himself emotionally, according to Rackner, Terri Horman braved the fray.

Arriving with attorneys Peter Bunch and Stephen Houze, the trio was immediately met and escorted by MCSO deputies in “the box” formation to the 5th floor courtroom where local media scurried in from behind.  Within 45 minutes, Judge Meisenheimer ruled in Kaine Horman’s favor and granted his request that the issues of the mortgage-sized retainer, allegedly furnished by Terri to Houze and other distribution and custody  issues will be heard in a hearing on October 7, denying her request to have the issues bifurcated.

During the proceeding, Bunch argued that his Client cannot properly litigate the divorce and custody actions currently because she is.”..unable to proceed in the ordinary course to protect her rights as to discovery, property division, support and, particularly, custody and parenting time issues.”

In fact, for the first time publicly, we learn a very important detail about the criminal investigation into Kyron Horman’s disappearance.

According to her counsel, who would certainly be “in the know”, Terri Horman has NOT been named a suspect by MCSO in Kyron’s case, but she is painfully aware she is one.

Loosely translated, a defacto suspect is an unofficially declared suspect, but for all intents and purposes is definitely the target of the investigative crosshairs.

The Microsaccade Moment

Microsaccades are tiny involuntary movements of the eye generally caused by visual fixation.  The result on visual perception can cause the beholder to question if they are “really seeing what they are seeing.”

I had a few of those yesterday while analyzing footage of the day’s events in conjunction with known facts of this case.

They Are:

The MCSO guard detail dispatched at the courthouse assigned to Terri and counsel et al for a family court appearance.  I have spoken with a few local family lawyers who do not wish to be identified, with a combined 26 years of practice.  None have ever seen this practice in a similar matter in Multnomah County.  Specifically, the deputies went inside the actual hearing and waited to escort the trio out the back.

During the hearing, there was not a syllable mentioned about the driving force behind the request for expedition of the case in the first place. The very substantive weight that was used to secure an emergency custody and restraining order, which remains uncontested to date: The Alleged Murder for Hire Plot. Why wouldn’t a family lawyer looking to abate the divorce case strike at the very merits on which the plaintiff’s arguments are based? The plaintiff in this case uses an almost one year old mfh plot allegation, which was not carried out, and no person has been declared a suspect or arrested, to control every filing to date and counsel does not refute the claims therein? What possible reason could that be?

A recent interview with Terri Horman’s son James, in which he states that his Mother cannot have a computer, cell phone, or leave her parents home in Roseburg.

Blink Analysis Editorial: Sealed Criminal Indictment OR Civil Commitment?

A Civil commitment, which would have had to been voluntary, such as a concern for Ms. Horman injuring herself, or some sort of dependency is a possibility, but a highly unlikely one considering she appeared in court yesterday.

Strictly my opinion of course, but based on my microsaccades, I think it is entirely possible that Terri Horman is under a pre-arrest indictment in the matter of the alleged murder for hire plot, or some derivative thereof.

It would certainly be unlikely that she could have been booked and granted bail without a leak, but a sealed indictment, which may or may not include a sealed arrest warrant, would follow Oregon’s propensity to use the grand jury as a form of “preliminary hearing.”  In light of the fact that there is an ongoing criminal investigation into Kyron’s disappearance involving Federal, county and State investigative assets, it would be entirely appropriate.

The public would not know until such time as the indictment and any potentially attached writs are unsealed.  Throw in the possibility there is always the chance that Clackamas County may be the charging county for such an offense and not Multnomah.

In which case, this is about to get very interesting.  Recall MCSO chief Dan Staton saying Clackamas County Major Crimes Team is involved in the case?  That would suggest at least part of a crime has been established in their jurisdiction.  Rudy Sanchez resides in Clackamas County.

Clackamas County District Attorney John Foote and Criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze are well acquainted. You might say that Foote owes his very job to Houze in a way-

John Foote  lost as the incumbent DA in 1996 to his own deputy district attorney Terese “Terry” Gustafson.  Terry was in the middle of fighting an Oregon Bar complaint at the time which cleared her name just days before the inauguration.

The embattled DA did not take long to be the subject of more ethics violations including felony perjury charges for lying to a circuit judge about releasing the file of a juvenile that was ordered to be destroyed. Gustafson was disbarred.

Who filed the Bar complaint who also represented the accused boy who was subsequently acquitted?

Who was the prosecuting attorney for the Oregon Bar?

Stephen Houze.

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  1. Eloise says:


    Are you able to comment on whether that link that showed up from SM, MDave, showing the gun caches, masks etc and other scary things, are truly linked to TH &/or this case? I’m thinking yes ma’m. Can’t get it off my mind.

    I am not sure what your referring to E

  2. tarmancer says:

    Still, why does Desiree think Kyron is stashed? I cannot figure that out.

  3. tarmancer says:

    OOOH. Almost forgot. What do you think about Dede’s new tweet? Have you all heard? She said something about thanking angels. Some say that might mean she finally got immunity.

  4. justice4kyron says:

    Yes, Blink you can reach me by email.I will be happy to provide further info.

  5. Mom3.0 says:

    I agree with you Blink- I am all for everyone being able to become a productive citizen of America, and have their chance at the American dream. But-We have to have a way of making sure we know who sneaks in and what past offenses they may have.

    If one wants to become a citizen of Canada- they must be approved before they are granted citizenship. It is extremely scary to me how easy it is to get fake documentation or simply skirt the system altogether. Safety I think should be foremost in lawmakers minds. JMO

    Although this is not recent, I thought it spoke to some of the concerns.

    Prior offenses by the numbers

    Major crimes that showed up on the records of previously deported, illegal border crossers apprehended from Oct. 1, 2006, to Aug. 31, 2007:

    127: Kidnapping

    286: Homicide

    430: Sexual assault

    789: Robbery

    5,078: Assault

    10,843: Dangerous drugs

  6. Eloise says:

    I think crankycrankerson had the link at SM. We got wind of it- it was supposedly from TH’s email. Marinade Dave had it as a link, and it has disappeared. I had it saved and the link is now not functioning.
    It included the ‘drag’ photo of KH, had websites selling gun caches, body armour, and other weird websites in another language. ? German, I dont know. It went away quickly. It also had pics of regular photos we had seen on her fb. Oh and a lady named Terry, from another state. TN? I wondered if it might have been a possible birthmother, I think she was a teacher. Anyway, this was well before the public spoke of her being highly suspected and definetly before the public speculated on the kind of crime we suspect now. It just seems highly coincidental to me. You dont have to post this, but I would love to know if I refreshed your memory?

    Yes friend, completely bogus, don’t waste your hefty brain and research skills.

  7. GraceintheHills says:

    13.MariaEl says:
    September 9, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    “OK, here is my question..
    Given that so many agencies are involved, would Kyron’s case be put on a back burner? or be given less preference or attention because of these other cases? LE wouldn’t be hesitating on moving on Kyron’s case because of fear they might not solve another?’


    No, Maria. Finding this missing child is the primary concern of LE right now. The very fact that so many agencies are involved tells us that finding Kyron is a priority for every agent. They want so much to bring Kyron home to his Momma and Dad. All the investigations are going on simultaneously, with different agencies playing different roles, and one line of inquiry doesn’t take away from the other. The DEA is following different leads than the FBI, the FBI is following different leads than ICE, and so on. These “parallel’ investigations are important in that they may likely tease out what exactly happened to Kyron. Hope that answered your questions.

    Good night, sweet Kyron. We are all holding you close to our hearts.

  8. MariaEl says:

    THANK YOU so very much for the response. Your answer, believe it or not, gave me a sigh of relief. I just have this frustration and fear…. But my faith and hope remain steadfast.

    Kyron, you are in the hearts of many…always.

  9. KOOL LOOK says:

    Just a driveby lovely folks. Terri is lookin all buffed up under that suit jacket. Her face, she’s been workin out and she’s gonna give us an “exhibition” of her newly found time to work out since stay at home moms, me for one hehehe, never have time to schedule a workout. I’m a big liar! LOL I could if I wanted to. “You do what you want”.

    Sorry to make such a shallow post, but her pic just grabbed me hard and had to place my opinion here. Hope I didn’t offend anyone. Just what I see.

  10. cbickel says:

    I spoke out of turn before; I didn’t know things where as bad all over the country, not just the Pacific North West, until I started reading about medicinal marijuana and drug cartels. There are folks that have taken homes, gutted them for optimal growth of their garden and the whole house is a facade for growing pot. No furniture, no clothes, just plants.

    After reading about folks not really wanting people to wander around on private property to look for Kyron because of their concerns over pot they were growing made me wonder what in the world could they really be doing if they are too afraid to let somebody look for a little boy? That’s what started me reading about this, the more I read, the more I wonder where and when I’ll find a connection to Russian Mafia. Let’s do a quick search now…

    There ya go, since at least 2001 agencies have been looking into these connections themselves.

    Now call me silly or call me naive, but I had no clue…none, what-so-ever. This is what I mean when I think TH got in over her head with the people she was dealing with. I think she thought she was smarter than they were, I think she thought she could control the outcome, and I think Kyron paid the price for her underestimating these people.

    Thoughts and prayers are with Kyron, his brothers and sister.

  11. nate0419 says:

    Nate- In good conscious, I could not post that, you did nothing wrong, and there is definitely something odd in that “group”, but sans anything substantative- ya know? Thank you for pointing out that you are trying to learn, I had not thought of it that way.

  12. Idahogal says:

    Ode says:
    September 9, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    26.justice4kyron says:
    September 9, 2010 at 2:49 pm
    Is this the same Anselmo Sanchez that is implicated in our sweet Kyron’s case? OMG, I hope not…

    I hate to say this, but it really does look like the same guy. I sincerely hope not. Blink will find out, I’m sure. Excellent catch, justice4kyron!

  13. megan says:

    Ode- I highly doubt it is. MOO. But, that is from an April 2010 article and it states he was facing jail time- how could he be free and in the Portland area less than two months later. You know?

  14. Mel says:

    Hi, I had asked you about T Ashley a couple days ago. A while ago, I came across the name of someone posting on twitter using the screen name Torn2pieces. The name on this account is T Ashley, I did make a call regarding this person. This account for twitter was set up the exact day as De De Spichers twitter account was set up (when using mobile twitter it shows the date of account activation). The tweets shown started after Kyron dissappeared and seem to be informing somone of the “going ons” with in the case. I am just wondering if anyone has figured out who this account belongs to. There are many of the same people followed by both the torn2pieces and the DeDe account, not all related to the Kyron case. The similarities were just too much for me to keep ignoring.

  15. Karey says:

    37.cbickel says:
    September 9, 2010 at 5:39 pm

    @cbickel: I’m glad you’re out of the hospital now. Hope you are doing well and will continue to heal.

    Hoping with you that Kyron will return home soon to his parents and siblings!

  16. sjso says:

    Hi Blink… Although I have posted here a few times, I mainly come to read.. I am not sure exactly how to follow the thread.. when I first log on I can see more comments have been made since I last logged off by the “amount of comments” count at the end of your article. But, for example tonight.. the first 7 posts say they were posted on September 9th and then from the 8th post to the 15th say they are from September 10th then at the end of the page I can only go to “older posts” which take me back to September 9th again.. also the numbers by each post change from log in to log in… If I want to read something someone else posted lets say #19.. when I return and go to #19 it isn’t the same poster. Also, when I post a message, it doesn’t go to the top of the most recent posts but rather somewhere in the middle of the first page. I feel a bit stupid for not being able to follow this.. can you help? Thanks.. love this blog.. just trying to figure it out a bit more. :)

  17. LoriD says:

    Tarmancer asks.. why do the parents believe Kyron is stashed somewhere?

    if my theory is partly right and that the LS took Kyron as collateral so Terri would pay him his ‘retainer’ for the MFH, (or maybe he’s got to pay someone else for it.) IF he took Kyron, and LE suspects that also, since Terri had a relationship with the LS, and the fact that the LS knew kyron, it’s possible that they relayed this info to Desiree and maybe Desiree feels somewhat comfortable with the idea that someone who was friendly with Kyron wouldn’t hurt him and would hide him away somewhere. I also think sadly, at this point that the parents are clinging to the belief that he’s stashed somewhere because the alternative is unimaginable.

  18. marjiepi says:

    i know this might sound “out there” but does anybody know if the hormans have consulted a reputable psychic? they have been used more and more in solving criminal cases? if so what were the results

  19. Nancy says:

    Blink says:

    You can’t say he claims she was blotto most nights and woke to find his daughter playing while she is zonked on the couch, and then say “when he found out from friends” he got Kiara out of there.. I agree he has no cause to be villafied per se, but he has been flat out dishonest about what was going on in that house one way or another.
    With all due respect Blink, you completely mischaracterized my words.

    I did NOT say nor imply that when Kaine “found out from friends” he got Kiara out of there. What I said, and I quote: “He even admits he didn’t realize TH was drinking until friends informed him of the alcohol being snuck in.” There was no reference made to Kiara at all.

    What I DID say about getting Kiara out of the house was, and I quote. “However, once Kaine learned more about who TH really is and the actions she was involved in, he immediately got Kitty safely out of the house and cut off all contact with her.” We all know what action TH “got involved in” that caused Kaine to leave with Kiara, and that was the MFH plot.

    Blink, you stated: “Desiree deserved to hear the truth from her missing son’s Father, period.”

    as a reply to my comment saying this:

    “I completely understand Desiree being angry that Kaine left her for this monster and that he did not share with her the things he discovered and realized about TH over the last few months. Desiree is more than entitled and justified; Kyron is her son and Kaine is her ex-husband.”

    As our words indicate, we are in complete agreement that Desiree should have been informed of what Kaine found out (as he found it out) and anything unsavory that went on in the house prior to Kyron’s disappearance that Kaine was aware of – so I don’t see what the issue is here.

    Blink said: “but he has been flat out dishonest about what was going on in that house one way or another.”

    With all due respect, there seems to be a pattern here recently to label Kaine as untruthful: first Lea Connor’s piece, this “Hold the Phone” piece and now this statement.

    We don’t yet know exactly what Kaine learned about TH and exactly when he learned it. Regardless, I agree he should never have withheld any information from Desiree once he knew. Labeling Kaine as untruthful, however, is a completely different matter. If he lied, it will come out – the truth always does. But, I will not get on board any “blame the victim” train at this particular time.

    As always, MOO.

    No way. Your leaping, and it is out of line. Especially as I note your comments EXCLUDE a very specific statement I made today about the fact that whether or not I believe Kaine has been controling or entirely forthcoming, has no bearing on my feelings about his grief.

    I have been very specific as to the disparity of information both given by Kaine, and filed by Kaine with specific examples for all. For you to generalize and assert there is some sort of labeling campaign wrt to Kaine is symptamatic to what I referenced earlier. I am offended, which is not easy to do, that you would infer there is a blame the victim sentiment here.
    Inflammatory to say the least.

    An inability to process information without assigning a “Team X” to support your position.

    We absolutely have heard from Kaine. Perhaps you do not understand and/or appreciate the filings on Kaine’s behalf are unequivocally “speaking for him”. And yes, we do know that information was withheld from Kyron’s MOTHER, Desiree, because she told us. Perhaps you could be inclined to take her at her word, with nothing to gain but her baby.

  20. M Harris says:

    @ Anyone: When did KH clean out Ky’s room and did he say why? Personally, I don’t understand this action. Especially if KH is so certain that Ky will return home. I understand KH believes this won’t happen for some time (years maybe) but I just can’t see myself “cleaning” out his room. Is is just me?

  21. M Harris says:

    I just realized I posted this on the wrong thread and don’t know what happens when you do that so………………

    @ Anyone: When did KH clean out Ky’s room and did he say why? Personally, I don’t understand this action. Especially if KH is so certain that Ky will return home. I understand KH believes this won’t happen for some time (years maybe) but I just can’t see myself “cleaning” out his room. Is is just me?

  22. M Harris says:

    Well, now I know! Obviously (ovs), you don’t need to include both posts but you could spell “it” correctly. :)

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