Casey Anthony Placed On Supervised Probation- Motion to Quash Denied

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Cheney Mason,Jose Baez | Friday 12 August 2011 12:03 pm

In an 18 page ruling this afternoon, Chief Judge Perry denied Casey Anthony’s requests through her counsel Jose Baez and Cheney Mason.

She must report to probation in Orlando at the Department of Corrections by August 26.

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  1. Ragdoll says:

    This video was put on youtube intentionally. Creature wasn’t hacked. It wasn’t done illegally (Mason’s favourite word). I’m posting only b/c I want these so called magicians to know they can’t trick my mind. I really don’t give a ats rass what ‘it’ does, but posting on yt and having its dt come running to clean up its mess, AGAIN, tells me the enabling continues. The threat must be real if they need to act promptly and ‘splain with more lies.

    ‘It’ doesn’t know how to work computers? Then how did it achieve the black and white screen shot? C’mon. We all know what it can do with a computer.

    Also, it’s wearing a too tight tank top, its voice sounds fake and pitchy (little girlish), its hair is groomed (of course it can’t stop playing with it). If this was just between it, itself and it, why go to all the fuss w/ embellished details?

    In the end, damage control is still in full force. I don’t believe for a second this is part of its therapy (what’s it called these days? Oh yeah…video journaling). Most unsettling is that there is no evidence of cword being in treatment. It’s the same, but worse (if that makes sense). It should be on medication and have absolutely no contact with the outside world, including access to the net. It’s all a ruse and I, for one, won’t let these sh*theads tell me otherwise. Speaking of which, how did IT find the money to buy a puter with no job? Perhaps, it’s working ‘under the table’ at this so called self awareness facility?

    Oh…and just for extra messure, creature also posted photos of itself (more damage control…it’s unhappy with the images put out there during its prison years). I guess these pics are its idea of ‘nature’ shots. I hope its parole officer is taking notes.

    It makes my skin crawl, just like Charles Manson does.

  2. Nikki says:

    JB is out! i am dying to hear from you Blink! Karma is a comin, love to you Caylee

    The only hack in this case is Jose Baez. Who seriously gives a chit about this freak?

    The dude is in the middle of a Bar complaint investigation, and did I mention a pending investigation?

    Yep, it is all secret like for now. Jose Baez knows being disbarred means less credibility on the circuit.

    The Cword is a .. wait – what was I saying- who was I talking about?


  3. PigletinCT says:

    I wish everybody would stop talking about the creature already. Every time I see anything on the internet or TV about the murderer just makes me sick. Good or bad, I believe she’s feeding off it like the big disgusting parasite she is. We all know anything out of her mouth will be nothing but BS so DROP it already!! The only headline that would make me happy would be one about her demise.

    (still here lurking Blink)

  4. Malty says:

    I never posted a word about this woman durning
    The trail or before but since I have watched her videos
    I am concerned about if she is dangerous
    BS I hope so
    What if she has another child

  5. Malty says:

    Are these videos really C Anthony in your
    Or BS
    Or what

  6. Ragdoll says:

    Rough day and need an “e” hug friendLY?

    Here ya go: xoxo


    ps. it did make me giggle, however

  7. Ragdoll says:

    Back at ya friendly…and thanks for nudgin’ me before I wend too far down that road again. XO!

  8. Ragdoll says:

    The Cword is a .. wait – what was I saying- who was I talking about?


    That should be double bolded, italized, and flashing in neon on bill boards everywhere, btw. :D

  9. Teri says:

    Blink –

    You said, quite a while ago – that you were going to share things about this case that no one knew. Info you had that the general public didn’t. When are you going to be sharing that with us?


    I just have not decided how, the best venue, and when I am ready to do that. When I do, I will let everyone know.


  10. Ragdoll says:

    FriendLY, you know I heart you!!!!!

    With respect, I have to concur with Teri. You have posted your good word WRT providing additional information on a few topic areas.

    This is a piece of advice my better half gave me….and I’m glad he called me out on it. If you don’t foresee yourself finishing these projects, it’s ok to say it ain’t gonna happen. It’s hard to let people down but your focus is on being an advocate for the voiceless. I’m certain you have enough pressure on your shoulders.

    Rather than dodge bullets and make promises you’re not certain you can keep, it’s ok to say…. at this point, I simply don’t know. It lessens the burden of letting anyone down and explaining yourself over and over again.

    I simply want to draw attention to how many BOC followers have been waiting only b/c it’s been posted that there would be continuance on certain topic areas. Most would be so understanding :D

    Maybe it’s time to bring closure and put it in print?

    I pray this meets you with respect and good intentions, only. I can’t possibly undermine your hard work and dedication. I also don’t like to see a good person’s name, site and its posters’ names smudged by crotchety, sniveling hypocrites who CLAIM that lonely housewives hang out here. YET!!!!….seem to have time to write hateful, spiteful pieces behind their own monitors, hiding behind their own monikers whilst calling out individual posters from various sites for redundant reasons, rejoicing in the shut down of a popular victim’s advocate site for no legit reason other than possessing hardened hearts. IT takes more time and energy to spew that kind of venom but yet, we’re all wasting our time on caring about the victims. How selfish of you, Miss B!

    It’s sad to see that so much effort is put into hateful movements and blogs rather than righteous causes intended to be about the victims, not the readers. I mean…..really…..that’s the best they got…and followers who one can count on a single hand.

    I wonder which site is has got it right?

    Just love and respect to all!

    My dearest FriendLY- this was my response to Terri.

    I just have not decided how, the best venue, and when I am ready to do that. When I do, I will let everyone know.


    To me, that is exactly the same as an “I don’t know”, but includes the factors I am evaluating at the moment.

    I completely understand if anyone feels let down by my need to take my time on this, but my soul is not for sale, and my integrity is not for rent either. As far as mean ole ninnies sitting around some virtual cauldron I could give a rats bippy about any of it. I learned early that the more successful you are the more the bitter sector wants to see you fail. Shockingly, has nothing whatsoever to do with advocacy on their part, it is just a vehicle to make someone wrong to avoid their own misery.

    What Ev Uh. As long as I think it matters, I will continue as I do. I sincerely appreciate you and all those that take the journey with me.

    Hugs FriendLY


  11. Ragdoll says:

    I knew you’d have an intelligent response to my post! ;)

    A very healthy perspective you have, Mizz B. I pray you hold tight cause you nailed it….people love to throw stones at things that shine.

    Where protecting the human spirit and fighting for God’s righteous causes are concerned, you can bit your tushie I’m on this journey with you and BOC. I took an oath to be a soldier of God and stand by those who share the sentiment, too.

    I tip my wild rose country stetson to you, friendLY….and your MOST GIFTED POSTERS.

  12. First-time says:

    Did anyone catch Cheney Mason’s interview on Piers Morgan? He sounds like he actually buys Casey’s story. She continues to spin her yarns to Piers in an off-mike interview.

    I saw it and it will be a cold day in Haites before I promote either one of those yahoos.


  13. Charlotte says:

    They are testing the waters to see if anyone is ready to indulge in all her drama again and see if she can make some $$$$$$$$.

  14. Ragdoll says:

    @ First Time

    Consequently, the ratings for that interview of Piers Morgan was a complete bomb (except for being the most watched program on CNN. Score). I didn’t watch it. I didn’t need to. As long as their beaks are flapping, it’s all lies.

  15. Charlotte says:

    Okay, so radar online is reporting that The C word is hoping to turn her journals into a best seller. What are we going to do and how do we go about making sure this book does not get published and she does not make any $$$?


    1. She cannot and will not until the outcome of the civil trial. She has fines, restitution and a $75K Federal tax lien before a civil judgement even comes into play, potentially.

    2. This should be no surprise to anyone. The only way I am aware of to stop a deal, is to make sure any potential publishers know their is no interest, will be no interest, and consumers make good on boycotting any of their other authors or interests. That said, she can self publish and fall on her face, or through a deal make up some publisher name which is really a subset of another publisher who does not want you to know.

    Without an heir willing to file a civil suit on Caylee’s behalf, similar to a judgement providing proceeds of any of her earnings ala The Goldman Family from OJ’s book, their is very little stopping her.

    She is a pathological liar, nobody would ever trust what she said in the first place-

    Mark my words, this skeevotz will end up in a flick with Octomom.

    Vengence is mine sayeth the porn industry, lol.


  16. Classygal99 says:

    Jeff Ashton posted this on facebook this morning……..
    The Official Jeffrey Ashton Page
    I want to clarify a misconception about the book and the movie. Casey Anthony will not profit in any way from either period! Any photos used of her, and there are none in the movie to my knowledge are public and used regardless of her permission. I wouldn’t participate in any endeavor that benefitted that evil woman. Please spread this message. I don’t want the good folks working on the movie to be unfairly lumped in with those that are trying to trick the world into believing Casey’s latest lies.

  17. Charlotte says:

    Blink: Do you know if the new Caylee Fund that the Anthony’s started and Dr. Phil contributed to ever got off the ground? Now they are saying there is a new suit filed in the civil trial because a source found out that Cindy might have gave Casey a substantial amount of that money from Dr. Phil. Do you know anything about the Fund and if indeed it is active?

    Link please?


  18. Charlotte says:

    Well, here’s the link, but I wasn’t questioning this – I was wondering if you knew if their Foundation was active or not. Could not find out anything about the new Foundation so I was wondering if it ever really happened and if so how can we find out about it.

  19. Charlotte says:

    So, I’m wondering – does anyone know about the new foundation? Is it active – did it ever happen? Is there a link? Anyone know?

  20. Charlotte says:

    Never mind just found out the Mark Lippman dissovled Caylee’s Fund on June 30th. Out of $600,000 that Dr Phil contributed there was only $100,000 in the fund which they gave to other charities.

    WESH-Channel 2’s Bob Kealing reported that George and Cindy’s attorney Mark Lippman wouldn’t confirm the figure in the People article, but Lippman said the Caylee’s Fund charity was dissolved Friday and $100,000 in it had been distributed to three other foundations.

    Still, Kealing noted that People reports the “Dr. Phil” money has gone to support Casey Anthony.

  21. Ragdoll says:

    No kid gloves used in this interview. Is it wrong I feel great gratification from this interview? *chesshire cat grin*

  22. Ragdoll says:

    Miss my pink blankie :(

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