Is Jose Baez and Cum- Laud- Clan Defense Team for Casey Anthony Funded by ABC?

Posted by BOC Staff | "Todd Black",Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Jose Baez,Todd Macaluso | Tuesday 10 March 2009 1:34 pm

There has been much public outrage about the possibility that the media or Entertainment rights brokers are footing the bill for Jose Baez and his hand-selected dry aged dream team. Could we be close to finding out the truth?RitzBaezCheck2

The latest discovery documents, ongoing Florida Bar Investigation into his representation and this Friday’s Special hearing request by the State’s Attorney’s Office all seem to include a common denominator: Kaitlyn Folmer and abc.

Ms. Folmer is an NYU grad and producer at ABC. She has credits for segment production on the Good Morning America Show and several bi lines as a reporter. She also has a large expense account apparently. It has been verified through several witness interviews and security footage directly from the Ritz Carlton; She paid the Camp Casey dinner at Norman’s for 10 people and 4 rooms for 3 days. She had help. 


 ABC is owned by DisneyArguably the largest employer in the Orlando areaand owner of the Disney Park attractions and competitor to Universal Studios. Universal is the infamous backdrop of the “ok I don’t really work here” skit, Casey Anthony’s former employer and extended cover in lieu of an actual job since her firing in 2006. The irony in this case, if true, is staggering. The very Icon of joy and delight for children all over the world, is helping to support a woman who is accused of murdering one of their target market. 

Puttin’ On The Ritz

December 11, 2008 is a day most involved in the search for Caylee Marie Anthony will not soon forget. Forged in my memory are the tears I shared with Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch as well as other members of TES, my conversation with an FBI agent at the scene and the text messages I sent to Sgt. Allen and Cpl. Melich. Throughout the day I received numerous calls and email asking me what I knew. I shared what I was told with the only people with as much sweat and emotional investment in this baby as I had, my research team. It was the sort of surreal occurance that you experience when you remember what you were wearing, what you ate, who you spoke with, where you were, and where you were not. I was not at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes, Orlando. I did not spend three nights in the Deluxe Lake Front View Room 1022.


According to recently released Interviews of Jim Hoover and Dominic Casey, Private Investigators hired by Jose Baez, George & Cindy Anthony and Casey Anthony, there was not so much as a syllable expressed about the impetice bringing them together for the evening in such a lavish setting; the finding of the possible remains of Caylee Marie Anthony.

From Dominick Casey in pertinent part (paraphrase):

..” Kaitlyn met us at the hotel… I spoke to her once before on the phone, she called me and said I’m Katilyn, a producer for abc.. I said, I don’t talk to media, and she said it’s ok, I’m here with George and Cindy following their appearance on the Today Show.. I said, no your not, and then she handed the phone to Cindy and Cindy said “it’s ok she’s ok to talk to ..”

..” we were about 3/4 of the way through dinner when Jose Baez showed up, Lee had ordered him a steak while he was on the way, he had just come from Casey at the jail I think..

..”we were back in our rooms about 30 minutes or so and Cindy knocked on my door and said she needed to walk, she was upset, so I said ok I’ll go for a walk.. We were walking through the lobby and we saw Michelle Bart and Kaitlyn and Cindy said.. Michelle and Kaitlyn are on the staff. I said who’s staff, and she said you know with ABC. We went outside and sat on the bench for about an hour..” 

From Sgt. John Allen, “Did you ever have a conversation alone with Kaitlyn? Response: “No, I have never had a conversation alone with Kaitlyn”  From JA: So we won’t find footage on Hotel Security cameras of the two of y’all sitting together sitting by yourselves? Response: “I don’t recall, if we did it was probably talking about how upsetting the whole situation was..” JA: “For an hour?” Brad Conway: “Dominic, just tell them that ABC paid.” Response:“ I found that out, after, that ABC paid for the Hotel.” 

She Doth Protest Too Much

In response to the State’s recent Motion for a special hearing to determine Baez bankroll, tot mom suggests she is being bullied.


No mention of whether or not Ms. Anthony is aware her attorney is currently under investigation for same by the Florida Bar; A response to that inquiry due the day after her birthday, March 20th. Baez put forth a carefully worded motion to strike late yesterday afternoon in which it seems clear he fixates on the word “story”. Industry insiders have confirmed to Blink on Crime that is standard language for skirting disclosure of actual agreements in place.

A source inside the State’s Attorney’s Office has told me that they believe this motion will be successful in part: They will be granted the hearing privately and it will uncover the sources of funding for the defense, but that Casey will waive any hint of conflict of interest.  Perhaps Ms. Folmer, Gil Cabot/Todd Black and Paul Kelley should be expecting subpoenas.

photos courtesy of Klaasend



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  1. Annals says:

    Who is Paul Kelley?

    I read the Dominic Casey interview and he does indeed say that Cindy identified Micheel Bart as “on staff” with ABC; but could that possibly be true? She talks like such a flibberdy jibbits.

  2. lee says:

    If ABC is funding Casey Anthony I will NEVER watch that network again. I’m not kidding. If she gets off – its because all of these top notch lawyers (don’t forget the OJ case, everyone new he was guilty and he got off).

  3. Blink says:

    Paul Kelley is the lawyer that set up the first CMA Trust Fund later closed by Sun Trust. His reporting on the transaction left out 4 very important days: July 29, July 30, July 31st and 1st half of Aug. 1st.

    I do not find it a co ink y dink that Dominick Casey’s agreement is also dated 7/29/08.

  4. Annals says:

    Thanks for the answer, Blink; oh and, thanks for the bonus material.

    Whereas it’s believable that a few deep pocketed indivuals might work for team Anthony without pay; some of those working for them are simply unable to forgo wages for months at a time. And those with deep pockets are high enough profile individuals that they no longer need free media exposure. Lots of money is coming from somewhere.

    PS: The victim stance of the Anthonys and those around them is grating. They pulled this in on top of themselves.

  5. Kleat says:

    Disney is revamping the classic ‘It’s a Small World Afterall’ attraction. Sad if it has Caylee’s blood money or worse, imaging rights for Caylee. Would also give a new perspective on the Make A Wish Foundation as it relates to Disney (speaking of that, didn’t the obituary for Caylee or related news releases by Cindy etc, mention the Make a Wish Foundation along with KidFinders?).

    Good work, as always, Blink!

  6. tina says:

    i think this is an outrage and should hurt the ABC network bigtime. everyone has forgot poor precious little caylee except for the ones that blog on it, her family that should have protected that sweet precious little girl is all about making money off her death and protecting casey
    we should all protest ABC if it comes out this is found out to be the truth and ABC is paying for all these bozos.
    wish i could sit on the jury in that trial

  7. Blink says:

    Im pissed enough already at just footing the bill at the Ritz…

  8. Kleat says:

    aww Blink, but they probably got the ‘Club’ rate… Say,who is Harris Rosen spoken of in the March 5 docdump of phone transcripts ‘incoming call 07/22/08 3 pm on pdf pg 219 quote: “Harris rosen has stepped up and said he will help anyway he can! So awesome!” Does he have anything to do with the Ritz? (what happened to the ‘reward’ money for finding Caylee– the hundred thousand plus, also mentioned same tel. transcript page– did that shift to the Anthony’s foundation or Casey’s defense or KidFinders or Make A Wish?)

  9. Lisa says:


    Withy Disney set for MASSIVE LAYOFFS, I don’t think people will to be pleased to hear that they can find money to bankroll this slore’s defense. Keep digging, and keep up the good work!

  10. lee says:

    Oh…and what’s up with Casey scribbling on the affidavit?? I’m a legal assistant and I’ve NEVER seen a client insert a new paragraph in their own handwriting and then submit it to the Court??? Baez should have told her that will not be necessary. He certanily does have a strange relationship with her….bizarre.

  11. Greg says:

    Boycott ABC, Disney, Disney movies until they apologize and fire all involve.

  12. NGfromBos says:

    @ #4—Lots of money is coming from somewhere, alright. We’ve all been saying that for awhile and looks like we could be getting closer to one of the biggest sources…..ABC/Disney!!!! for crissakes! Yes, that irony is BEYOND staggering should it be the case.

    Blink, as for your commentary and your personal experience on December 11, 2008….I cannot even begin to imagine being on scene at all, and even though many of us were not there physically- our emotions were the same but could never be completely equal to those experiencing it first hand. It is the people like you, your research team, Tim Miller, all the Volunteers who so many of us have so much respect & admiration for. How could society ever even begin to repay folks like you, I haven’t a clue but we’ll continue to support you in whatever you do that’s for damn sure!

    Great Work, Blink! Keep on digging. You’re the bomb! =)

  13. cecybeans says:

    What also is a tad odd is that WFTV is an ABC affiliate. ABC has a partnership with CNN I believe as well, which might explain all the NG, JVM and HLN supercoverage the case is getting. And Kathy B’s (from WFTV) continued presence on NG.

    Blink, I’ve been a fan of yours for awhile, particulary regarding your ZG theories and the Todd Black dirt. While I agree that ABC is up to their eyeballs in this and has more than a passing acquaintance with Baez, I still think the real stuff is coming out of the AIM offices that are down the hall from the man who has connections to the Enquirer empire. Didn’t those folks sort of “imbed” investigative reporters in the Jon Benet and OJ cases? Wouldn’t it be in their best interests to delay a trial, while still paying a dream team, in order to squeeze maximum coverage of the case? Wouldn’t they also benefit by having the defense work counterintuitively by objecting to a gag order motion? And isn’t that media empire still privately owned? (I would be interested to see if the “family” heirs live in either CT or TX). While all media outlets would gain indirectly through increasing ratings, and thereby ad revenue, isn’t it only a tabloid publisher that could measure direct ROI by copies sold? I’m sure they have that calculated down to the dollar based on past experience. It would not surprise me in the least if it turned out that Todd B was the one to search out a rookie rube like Baez and talk him into even taking the case to begin with – promising to handle “PR” and brokering all necessary media deals on his behalf to finance the case; JB’s bumbling naivete would only be an advantage to someone with ulterior motives. I would love to see what you could come up with regarding TB connections to other media organizations, as well as perhaps being the Svengali On Record for the defense team. You are the best!

  14. Blink says:

    whheehw. That’s a tall order cecey. I agree that Black is a major player in securing rights, etc, but there is more and I am workin on that as we speak. Very astute post, thanks

  15. cecybeans says:

    Hey – I know you’re up to it and more – and I knew you’d probably have a flow chart going as we speak. Just for fun you might want to look around a bit a the NLHF connections to KFN. That orgs a real eye-opener too and they seem to simultaneously appear at functions. Keep up the good work – you have quite the fan base out here in cyberworld (and I’m sure LE as well).

  16. Kleat says:

    Hoover, ‘embedded’ in the Anthony home, comes to mind.

  17. cecybeans says:

    Kleat – that has always been my thought as well. The ubiquitous Hoover whose very first interview question from LE was “who is paying you?” or something of that ilk. Nobody, he said. Yeah. Right.

  18. macarthur says:

    This is a thought that has been in the back of my mind for a while. Several months ago, the media reported that Casey had sent a letter and a bracelet to a young supporter when Casey was out on bail. It would be interesting to know if the letter had heart stickers on it and more importantly,were the stickers related to the sticker placed on the duct tape found on the mouth of Caylee’s remains.

  19. Laura says:

    WOW Blink! This is bar none the most factual drama free blog on the case I’ve come across! Well done! Thank you for sharing your information with us. :)

  20. cecybeans says:

    Macarthur – I am starting to think that it was Cindy who sent the letter and bracelet to Dakota. KC doesn’t seem plugged into anything but herself; I always thought it was odd she would take time out of her “me, me, me” world for even a minute (unless it was to cook some guy dinner).

    After hearing that Annie and KC supposedly found Cindy on the computer in KC’s email account (or something similar) when Annie briefly stayed there while KC was out on bail, I tend to believe that sounds like a typical Cindy PR stunt. Which is why hers so often fail, good PR has to exist in credible parameters and hers just ends up looking like bogus spin. It would be interesting to know if Cindy attached a similar heart sticker, but that also might cloud the issue if the letter did not emanate from KC.

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