Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Will Expert Witness Order Reveal Jose Baez Defense Strategy?

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“I quite frankly don’t know why we are here..– Jose Baez”


In a rare 5 P.M. Friday afternoon court appearance, after attempting to gain compliance from Jose Baez, State’s Attorney Jeff Ashton successfully convinced The Honorable Belvin Perry that the defense team for Casey Anthony has been holding out. While unavailable at the time of this articles publication, the new order in essence says Jose Baez’s proffer of an entomologist “will be talking about bugs”, is not going to fly. Pun Intended.

Chief Judge Perry, after reminding the parties that discovery has been ongoing for over 2 years and the May 2011 trial date is rapidly approaching, verbally dictated a new order on the record.

As a specific example of the defense’s non-compliance, Ashton references Dr. Michael Freeman, a forensic epidemiologist who intends to charge the state $575/hr to depose him, when the application of his area of expertise to the case against Casey Anthony for murdering her daughter Caylee is questionable at best.

Or Is It?

Epidemiology is “the study of the distribution and determinants of health related states or events in populations, and the application of this study to control health problems”. It is the basic science for public health.

Admittedly, Dr. Freeman’s addition to the defense expert witness list has been on my mind for over a week. His curriculum vitae, as impressive as it is, is heavy with publications about neck injuries following various impact ratio vehicle accidents, vertebrae -spinal cord compression and roller coaster whiplash.

What is he going to testify to? Was THE BAEZ LAW FIRM really going to go with the nanny was in a car accident with Caylee and Casey was following her and they accidentally smothered her with duct tape which was meant to act as some sort of neck brace? Maddening, yes. Plausible, No.

After examining the email’s included in Ashton’s motion for the umpteenth time, I finally realized what was bugging me more than the absence of what was already ordered by the court in it’s content, or the juvenile response from the lead counsel in a murder defense and sworn officer of the court.

It was the fact that in both email’s from Jose Baez to Jeff Ashton there was only one expert witness whose name was not bolded and seemed to be sandwiched in, almost as if to demonstrate it’s lack of importance. Moreover, Jose Baez suggests to Ashton that the state depose him last, as his reports are incomplete.

Baez Email Freeman


$575 an hour rate to tell the court at trial what the statistical and probable likelihood is of a public outbreak of unemployed, Caucasian, Target-loving party girls suddenly murdering their toddlers is?

Methinks the nut is under Freeman’s shell, but how is that possible?

Chiari Malformation Type I

Almost conveniently, Chiari 1 complications contributing to the sudden death of a child, was profiled in an episode of Dr. G Medical Examiner. Jan Garavaligia, MD who performed the autopsy on Caylee Anthony is the Medical Examiner in District 9, Orange County, Florida and an expert witness listed by the prosecution in this case. Garion Barber is an 8 year old Orlando boy who passed away in his sleep in March 2008 with only a minor history with seizures. Dr. G’s office investigated his death for over 4 months before she was able to conclude Garion died from an un diagnosed Chiari 1 malformation/sleep apnea. Dr . G also had the benefit of reaching her findings on a recently deceased child, unlike 34 month old Caylee, whose remains were tossed in a swamp off Suburban Drive and were completely skeletonized at the time of their discovery two years ago today.

In an unrelated published study, a three year old child with an un diagnosed CM1 died when exacerbating his unknown condition by a very minor bump on the head.

In the anthropologic portion of Caylee Anthony’s autopsy report conducted by Dr. John Schultz and Dr. Michael Warren, it was discovered through examination that Caylee had a previously un diagnosed premature closing of the cranial sutures, or saggital synostosis.

You guessed it, absent any previous x-rays, soft tissue and a cause of death by “undetermined means”:It is an invitation to the connection between Saggital Synostosis and Chiari I.


We report 2 cases of uncorrected sagittal synostosis associated with the development of Chiari malformations with syringomyelia later in life. To our knowledge, this is the first report of symptomatic Chiari malformations associated with uncorrected sagittal synostosis. We discuss mode of presentation and management in each case. We propose that these patients either have a pathophysiological predisposition to Chiari malformations based on the compensatory bone growth pattern in sagittal synostosis resulting in craniocephalic disproportion or that there may be an underlying genetic alteration accounting for the association of the 2 processes.

“We are not here to hide anything…. Jose Baez”


Dr. Freeman is absolutely a pre-eminent specialist in cerebellar tonsillar ectopia, or Chiari Malformations, as outlined in his published works.

Michael Freeman

Freeman MD, Rosa S, Harshfield D, Smith F, Bennett R, Centeno CJ, Kornel E, Nystrom A, Heffez D, Kohles SS. A case-control study of cerebellar tonsillar ectopia and cervical spine trauma. European Spine J

Conveniently, penned in her prison alter ego identity “Muffin”, we learn from Casey herself that she is now suffering from non-allergy prompted headaches and seizures. According to former fiance and favorite defense patsy Jesse Grund, the only seizure-like incident Casey has ever had was after an evening of heavy drinking. George Anthony, who together with Cindy Anthony met Casey at the hospital the next day, has stated in interviews with OCSO there was no evidence she had a seizure or that anything was wrong with her physically when they arrived. That girl has a PDR in her “law drawer” for sure.

Can we say retroactive heredity link to bolster her defense?

More than 150 families joined the initial phase of the CM1/S research study and provided detailed family histories and blood samples. We reported familial aggregation in a large study of 364 CM1/S patients. Of these study participants, 21 of the patients’ families had two or more cases of CM1/S within the family. Thanks to all of the families who generously participated in the study, we were able to successfully accomplish the first step of the genetic research, which showed familial aggregation of CM1/S.


The burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony murdered her daughter Caylee rests solely with the State of Florida.

The burden of creating reasonable doubt rests solely with the defense team she has hired to do so.

The problem with this theory, and make no mistake, it is wrought with problems, is that it is illogical, devoid of reason, and who is going to believe that a loving Mother whose child dies of natural causes tapes her face, dumps her in a laundry bag and tosses her to rot in a swamp on the way out of her parents subdivision?

There are hundreds of pictures of Casey Anthony dancing on bars, video of her arm in arm at the video store with Tony Lazzarro within hours of what OCSO believes Casey Anthony murdered her daughter. Let’s not forget she spent the better part of the previous year stealing thousands of dollars from her own family to avoid work of any kind.

Did anyone tell the “young lawyer” Mr. Baez that you do not seat a mock jury with members of your family?

Profound narcissism just came off the Diagnostic Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM) , read up people.

Her entire “defense” has been structured around a fake nanny with the real name of Zenaida Gonzalez she is also still counter-suing in a civil action. Casey, her attorneys, and her family have appeared on hundreds of hours of news coverage proclaiming she could not help locate her daughter or her daughters alleged abductors for fear of their safety. How does that compute to a confession of improper burial? It does not.

If in fact this un diagnosed CM1 is what Casey Anthony believes is her get out of jail free card, there is a zero percent chance she could pull it off without taking the stand. In this editors opinion, there is also a zero percent chance she can “take back” the zanny story, which means she either has to convince a jury that she believed it, or that she pointed that finger to protect someone else. Enter George, again, sadly.

The only way to counter the biggest counsciousness of guilt thought bubble permanently affixed above her head is to explain why she never called to report her child missing for 31 days, and even then, it was her Mother’s sad task after smelling decomposition in her abandoned car.

With the exception of two defense experts who are set to be deposed next week, both the prosecution and defense are ordered to provide specific and thorough information about their respective witnesses and what they intend to testify to, by December 23, 2010.

According to Jeff Ashton’s oral argument in support of the state’s motion heard yesterday, they have already met that burden.

It should prove to be a very busy week for THE BAEZ LAW FIRM.

Well played Mr. Ashton, well played indeed.

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  1. chica says:


  2. cmaissol says:

    Wasn’t the autopsy considered “junk science” by Baez? This would include the cranial findings that he’s suddenly seizing on- no pun intended.Now the “junk science” is no longer junk as it serves his purpose.

    So we’ve travelled down the Nanny road,the Jesse road,the Kronk road, the Caylee is still alive somewhere story and just now, we find out the true cause of death-a serious medical condition that she never showed symptoms of before? And this news is apparently traumatic enough to cause seizures in Casey – only because she realizes that if she had this information sooner, she could have played her cards better by not having to invent a nanny and a kidnapping and would not be sitting in prison. Thank God, she didn’t know- this child would have been dead sooner (of “sleep apnea”)and she could have easily explained it away with a little research. Cindy and George would have bought it hook, line and sinker, considering the amazing level of denial they can achieve.

    I think Cindy could not bear to think that Caylee was really dead and drove herself crazy to defend against the truth – it was a short drive, I realize. I think when she realized the truth, all of her drama has been designed to make Casey look guilty and punish George in the process.This is all revenge. She knows what the public thinks and knows no one really buys her BS – I’m sure she’s still reading blogs. She can’t come out and sully her self-image and take back what she did in the beginning by now stating that Casey is guilty and remove her support as it reflects badly on her. However, in her passive aggressive narcissistic way, she can punish the both of them with all her crazy behavior and stories that influence public opinion. In her own deluded reasoning, she can accept looking like a nut to the public in tbis manner- as the grief stricken grandmother trying to save the “real” victim, Casey. I know this sounds convoluted, but this woman’s thinking is convoluted.George took away her money and Casey took away the most important person in her life. Now, her hatred of both of them is more then the love she felt for Caylee.

    If they tested Jesus’ blood for alcohol, by any chance would they have also tested for paternity?

  3. annals says:

    1-11-11 Defense motion for reconsideration of Court’s order to compel discovery and sanctions:

    Never mind, Blink, Dr Michael Freeman will not be called to testify.

    lol, shocker :)

  4. Christy says:

    Apologies in advance, as I don’t have anything really to contribute other than to say that every time I log in here and scroll down to Kyron’s story, this picture of Casey Anthony really pisses me off.
    I so very much wish to smack her face in that instant, seriously.

  5. Debbi Merritt says:

    I feel if Casey knew that Caylee’s father the man who died in a car accident, she would have had them do a DNA swab of his mouth, and
    then she would have collected his social security for Caylee.

    Caylee was all about getting money without working!

    The document that was prepared for father to relinquish parental rights was probably wanted by Cindy and Casey never followed thru.
    Honestly I think Casey does not know who Caylee’s father is. IMO

    There is no document.

    Your right, by the time Casey figured out the parentage, she was not working.

    An evaluation for child support includes BOTH parents incomes. I say that is a major deterrent to Casey.


  6. Johng296 says:

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