Jennifer Kesse Missing: Blink and Drew Kesse Discuss New Developments on The Dana Pretzer Show Podcast

Drew Kesse,  Father of Missing Orlando woman Jennifer Kesse and Blink, Editor In Chief, www.blinkoncrime discuss her case with Host Dana Pretzer of Scared Monkey’s Radio “The Dana Pretzer Show”.  Click Picture to listen to podcast of live interview.

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  1. Jane says:

    This is also the first time I’ve felt there could be answers to Jennifer’s disappearence. A new police chief and a shakeup in the police department sound like a good start. I would imagine if the focus has long been on those people working and living at the condominium and has now changed to her workplace, that some folks might be feeling the heat. Bring it on, Blink.

  2. connie says:

    Blink- Great interview! Hopefully, this is the catalyst needed to uncover the truth and justice for Jennifer and her family.

  3. RunzByNite says:

    I have been watching this story for 6 years. I have always been amazed at the ‘luck’ of this guy in the pool photos that he was able to have a fence post in his face at the most opportune times! But the fact that it has taken 6+ years for some of this to come out is TOTALLY unacceptable.

  4. RunzByNite says:

    Oh…and another thing…I have always thought they should put a couple three huge billboard signs thru-out Orlando with the HUGE picture of the POI walking away from her car with a MAMMOTH sign saying ‘IS THIS YOU OR DO YOU KNOW THIS PERSON?’ Just in case this guy was just a valet of some kind and really doesn’t even know that he was involved. I would venture to say the OPD would have phone calls by time the weekend was up. Some things are just no-brainers. WHY does it take ME to think up something like this?

  5. Ode says:

    Great job again Blink. I am glad that you have stepped up again to bring new light and additional energy to this families overdue unanswered questions as to what happened to Jennifer. Interesting, what familiar names might we see and how will it relate to Jennifer? They are searching again today for Michelle Parker near where Jennifer’s car was found. Even if the cases are not connected, any search in that area could bring information related to Jennifer.

    I have LONG held the feeling that Chris George, Tracy Ocasio and Jennifer’s case would ultimately help solve the other. Chris and Tracy’s in my view are linked, but as he has been found at a location where Tracy has not, that investigation is ongoing. The Universe has a way of helping these things at the risk of sounding hokey, but it definitely does. With Michelle’s case, I cannot draw any parallels with the exception of the possibility that someone wants it to look like another case, but I pray for her recovery as well. As Drew pointed out last night, Orange County has some cases to clear.


    I am calling on it for help, just like y’all are.

  6. NantucketJen says:

    I agree with you. Several large billboards of this POI would most likely generate some tips. If it were my daughter, I would see to it myself that this picture of “cricketman” was made public in a large way!

    RunzNyNite says:
    Oh…and another thing…I have always thought they should put a couple three huge billboard signs thru-out Orlando with the HUGE picture of the POI walking away from her car with a MAMMOTH sign saying ‘IS THIS YOU OR DO YOU KNOW THIS PERSON?’ Just in case this guy was just a valet of some kind and really doesn’t even know that he was involved. I would venture to say the OPD would have phone calls by time the weekend was up. Some things are just no-brainers. WHY does it take ME to think up something like this?

  7. Edward says:

    Do we have a link to the complete security video ?

    There is no one video. There are 3 angles spliced together.

  8. PaMom says:

    Haven’t posted in a long time, but I read daily. I thought I would speak my condolences to the Kesse family. That they might know that there are people all over the country that care about them and are saddened by the tremendous loss of their precious Jennifer. You will be in my prayers.

  9. kiwibird says:

    Hi there – I posted a comment when there were none and it obviously went to moderation and it now isn’t there – neither were the last couple that I posted months ago but I didn’t make much of it till this time around. Can you please explain why this is or if there is something in my posts which is somehow causing offence or something. Kind regards all the way from New Zealand.

    kiwi- this is all I have for you and you are not the only poster from New Zealand so I am not sure.

    If it does not say “awaiting moderation” it means it did not post, I recommend copying your post, then submit, and do that until it says that.

    It sounds like a time out problem on your end maybe?


  10. Nobody deserves to suffer the way these victims have, No-one— not the families, not the friends, not the victims themselves! Alot of these crimes are senseless. (Well aren’t all crimes, senseless?) It seems to me in most cases I have read and where they don’t have a criminal at the wheel driving the machine of ignorance, it is just blantant disregard for human life is what it amounts too. these Criminals think they are smarter than all of us real life human beings with consciencesness, compassion and understanding of the existance of life in the first place. I pray everyday like the rest of you these criminals are brought to justice. ( and when i say that, I really mean that) I sit here and imagine comments others post and people say things in discussions verbally to me, THey themselves would do this or that to that criminal. But i dont want some vigilanty “righting Justice” I want justice through the system we have in place to prosecute these idiots. Because they think they are above the laws, they can loophole & skirt around the what is factual, (they wronged someone). I want to know one thing- WHAT DID YOUR VICTIM DO TO YOU? NOTHING, that is just it. It is your mind that makes you think these things, it is all you. If your going to kill anyone or hurt anyone, then hurt yourself…leave others out of your dang problems. All of these cases makes me realize we have alot of people in society that are mentally unstable, they have to be to want to do physical harm to another being…living breathing creature…i cant hardly even kill a mouse or a fly—it sickens me to think we walk, talk and carry on in society next to these individuals on a daily basis. (is it fair to all of us normal humans to call them individuals) They are criminals, socialpaths, narcistic very resourceful creatures that prey on all of us others….. I want law and order to bring them to their knees. Hang tight everyone, we must have faith that each of these cases with time will show themselves and everyone involved….just like Christine Sheddy’s case…..everything has it’s time….I just feel so badly for the families, and what they must endure and go through in this difficult process….its not fitting for a loving family to have to endure…it is not fair. but if we keep the faith and support these families, it will happen. I know it.
    TO all of you Criminals—Just remember…..
    Karma is a bitch and Justice is the bastard, I definitely would not want to be on the opposing end of either one of them, if Karma doesn’t get you, Justice always will!

    Last thing I need to say–Prayers for these families!!
    WE together MUST Have faith.

  11. oh and BTW, for the longest time I didnt even realize what ya’ll were talking about when you mentioned the gift of fear. It truly is a gift isnt it? YEs it is, since I met a few of you and have come to understand your terminolgy and comments that are too often not discussed i have taken notes and read up on the books you mention, I have come to realize, fear is a god given gift, just like intuition, our inner voice or our person thoughts…whatever anyone wants to call them. It is a gift we all should be feeling blessed with, I have looked back over my life and thought many times if it wasnt that “feeling” i had inside myself preventing something from executing out they way it could have….if just one more minute would have wrnt by with me in that situation the prognosis would have been life altering events. looking back, I see my self standing right in th emiddle of situations i really had no control over, and my intuition or “Gift of Fear” saved me from making a decision based solely on looks or visual awareness only. another words i was judging books by covers, but looking back, those covers were just that, “Covers”. FEAR HAS SAVED MY LIFE. MANY MANY TIMES.. there is nothing wrong with having FEAR. I teach my kids that too, it is okay to cry, and it is okay to be scared. there is nothing wrong with expressing those two very real emotions! have a great day everyone…and thank you for sharing ya’ll ideas about fear, it has validation to me. I am not scared to have fear anymore. Hope that makes sense, Because it has helped me teach my kids how to better understand fear and when it is okay not to trust people and has helped me explain things better to my single friends that live alone and are always meeting new and bringing new people into their lives….I have passed on the information you shared and continue to share…. so, THANK YOU!

  12. Word Girl says:

    Hello to BetheChangeYouWannaSee.

    Thanks for chiming in and I’m glad you’re also an advocate for the victims.
    I had to laugh at your “Karma and Justice” depiction!

    You might already know this–Gavin deBecker’s Gift of Fear is available on audio book, which is available from any library–they will even mail you books or at my branch, they’ll buy a book for you if it’s not in the listings.

    Sometimes finding the time to sit down to read is a challenge. In the car, though, watch your speed! LOL.

    deBecker has other helpful books such as Fear Less, Protecting the Gift (protecting our children and teenagers) and 2 Seconds.

    He created the Mosaic System of Assessment (and I find Mosaic ironic here) to screen threats to the Supreme Court, Congress, CIA, celebrities and those in the public eye/at risk. He also helped design the program to assess threats against federal judges and prosecutors, for which I’m personally thankful.

    If anyone hasn’t read or listened to Gift of Fear, it’s very much worth your time. Gifting a book to your circle of friends and initialing inside the cover when you’ve read it, is an awesome bonding experience.

    So glad you’re out there, BetheChange. Let’s get the message out that violence is predictable.

  13. Ragdoll says:

    Sorry to be OT (I know, then why do it).

    Is it my end or has BOC’s server been having issues. I’ve been having connection probs all weeks. I couldn’t read on here all day yesterday :( Withdrawals!!!! ;)

    Be blessed <3

  14. Elisaa444 says:

    I couldn’t get on this site for two days….Withdrawals, indeed! Then, I was thinking well maybe they are posting an update in Jennifer’s case….Im thrilled I was just now able to get back on. HUGE fan of Blink!

    Only down for 12 hours, lol and thank you

  15. marnie says:

    hi ragdoll. i came over to see the new post. everyone seems to be still posting on the last one. anyway, blink did mention over there that there was a problem with the server. i’m glad she said that, because i was afraid it was my computer, even tho the message did say it was the server. i was having withdrawals too, lol nice to see you.

  16. Elisaa444 says:

    Ok. Sorry! 12 hours. A verrrry long 12 hours indeed when you are such a huge fan! ;) Blink, thank you for the incredible, amazing work you do.

    lol, thank you.


  17. Ragdoll says:

    @ marnie says:

    February 4, 2012 at 6:49 pm

    Thank you for the info, Marnie and very kind of you to respond. I didn’t see the memo about the servers.

  18. Jeez! says:

    I very seldom post, but I was very excited to see the new article posted by Blink. Maybe this new info will move this case closer to resolution.

    What I find so hard to believe is that in 6 years, no one has come forward with ID of the person in the video. I mean fence or no fence he/she has a One-of-a-kind haircut (or hat), and it is mid January and they are all in WHITE with NO coat, black shoes , and white socks??? That sounds like a uniform to me, or they have really bad “fashion sense”. Not making light of this, just stating the frustratingly obvious!!

    Couple that with the fact the person is on foot, sounds like he probably lives close enough to walk home? Someone HAS TO KNOW THIS PERSON, don’t you think?

    Also in the photo comparison in your recent article, the “black Hat” looks to be an “outlined” baseball cap (notice a fine white line in the shape of a cap)the part on the left seems like it has been added or a shadow of some sort–does that make sense? I don’t know what that means, if anything, just asking about it.

  19. SouthernMom says:

    Blink -

    Is there some good DNA evidence (from shower/towel and fiber from her vehicle) entered into the national database so if the perp’s DNA is ever entered for any reason a cross reference match can possibly bring closure to this family? With some potentials being in prison and other potentials somewhat available (DNA at least being obtained by private investigation)to match it with?

    Thanks for your coverage of this case and all the victims and their families.

  20. LinzFromFL says:

    Blink – can I send you a private message?

    Yes, post it on here, and mark first line PRIVATE.
    Only you and I will see it until I delete it.

  21. 2center says:

    Hi Blink -
    I’ve been in Orlando for 5 years now and have known of the Jenn Kesse case since I moved here, but the posters at the stoplights caught my attention recently after taking a new job in that part of town and I became enthralled with the details of the case, especially some that you’ve uncovered recently.
    That said, I’m having a tough time with some of the information you posted. Allow me to be specific and forgive me for my verbosity:
    1 – the Johnny Campos / “Adam Frank” developments seem to be the most promising of the recent breaks; I understand that some of this information may be sensitive, but please don’t dilute the importance of this new lead with really far-fetched speculation

    Not diluting anything, I developed the lead- why would I?

    2 – the speculation regarding the picture of the unnamed suspect and its comparison to a Cricketer and the Cricketer bar is downright ridiculous; there may be cricket fans in Central Florida, but that bar is just an English-style pub and you’d be hard-pressed to find any semblance of a cricket game anywhere in the area at any time; suggesting that Jenn’s trip to a bar nearly three months prior to her disappearance is somehow relevant to the grainy, low-resolution surveillance picture of the unnamed suspect with attire that is difficult to identify; this type of specious reasoning has the potential to undermine all the great and meaningful work you’ve done

    How do you know? I can tell by this comment that you are not reading other reader comments- there is a full blown league and stadium in Orange county. As I have commented previously, there is plenty of “pick up” cricket among certain concentrations locally as well. It is my personal belief after weeks of research and investigation that individual is sporting what is likely a cricket uniform or components of same. I would not waste your or any other advocates time in a 6 year cold case. People in that development know this guy- I promise.

    3 – you mention the land sale by Westgate and financed by CFI and wonder if this is the missed meeting that caused concern at the office, but provide no follow up on this aspect. Instead you focus on the fact that the “buyer” subsequently went bankrupt / was guilty of fraud. First, seller-financed deals are not that unusual, especially if Westgate / CFI provided the loan using the property as collateral (which it appears the clearly were since they reclaimed the property after default). Second, this was the height of poorly-documented, paid-through-the-nose, straw buyer transactions, but Westgate may have had every reason to think their counterparts were legitimate and appear to have secured their investment in the case that they were not. Mentioning this merely to use the term “Ponzi” is sensational and since there is no connection of Jenn to this specific incident, it is in no discernible way relevant to the case.

    That is just completely unresearched on your part. I have personally worked with every resource you can think of in both residential and commercial development. I have developed and presented multi million dollar development pre-buy analysis and in some cases represented builders and/or contractors during the planning process to planning and zoning committees and appeals. I have been hired as a consultant to recruit and hire talent in the area of CPM and PMP for the largest multi-brand real estate corporation in the US.

    This was after my first year in real estate where I listed 4 luxury developments, commercial interests and rebuilds for an investment group and as a buyers rep in committee approval new resident communities.

    Oh the stories I could write on this area of my business alone. The straw buying and the overall bubble burst which sent over-extended builders and developers into holding cost hell should be categorized as some sort of affliction in the DSM.

    It is not my intention to toot my own horn whatsoever, I am mentioning this so you understand this is a space I know inside and out with my eyes closed.

    I was not alive during the great depression, kicked off by the stockmarket crash of 29- but if ever there was a relative comparison to builders and developers it was the real estate fall out and subsequent mortgage messes. It is likely the reason I will never work in the industry again.

    I saw well educated multi-millionaires and luxury builders with several developments and specs under their belts threaten one another and stepped out of the way when one called his loans due and payable and his contractors showed up after they were told they would not get paid.

    And agents? No offense to any really good ones, but take a few hundred people that have been earning 6 figures for years with no appreciable skills outside of unlocking a property and taking people through it that saw it online, reaching in their bag for paperwork and tell them they are looking at the next few years where they would be lucky to make about $20K at best after the broker gets the cut.

    Sadly, I have never seen a bigger group of unscrupulous, mother-selling miscreants in any industry.

    I was not surprised when the ponzi schemes began to bubble to the surface.

    The bulk of which were born because of the exact problem with this agreement- no due diligence.
    I completely disagree that this kind of deal is mainstream, and so does the Attorney General if you review the recent bills Pam Bondi introduced and signed into law-

    At the time of this agreement, a simple credit report, and asset review would have sounded the batphone to any underwriter not sleeping at their desk.

    You seemed genuine, so I took the time to address your comments in detail, however, I am behind deadline in her update to my last piece on her case, which you will likely hate.

    Have a little faith. I don’t know how to play the flute, but I know how to get to the pier.

    In closing, I applaud you for all the great work you do, I just cringe when I think of the damage you may be doing to the cold-case effort and your reputation by publishing pure (and highly questionable) speculation as opposed to the new real facts you have uncovered. My concern was confirmed when I listened to the replay of the Drew Pretzer show with Mr. Kesse when you again focused more attention on this transaction than on the developments with Campos. More broadly, trying to play up this tenuous-at-best link to a stinky situation that is anything but a smoking gun, you do a disservice to yourself and all the new things you uncovered that clearly suggest that the original theory is not likely: cell phone last pinging the night before the official disappearance, the bags still packed / purse in the bag, glasses in the bathroom, pump shoes missing, etc…

    Keep up the good work, but please stay focused on facts! You’re too good at that!!!

    2center- me in bold.

  22. 2center says:

    Allow me to give more detail on #3, which you seem to think is some nefarious deal by CFI. It may have been with a sketchy counterpart, but, given that it was a three-year balloon note with a high interest rate, it was actually a pretty good deal for CFI. Further, since the loan was secured by the property, they had the collateral they needed to make the loan (whether that $4.7M piece of land in 2006 was worth anything close to that three years later or now is an entirely different issue).
    Let me break this down:
    1 – From your figures, CFI received a $500k down payment from JDA
    2 – Assuming JDA stayed current on payments, they received $420k / year for three years
    3 – At three year anniversary, CFI would receive $4.2M balloon payment (or perhaps would work with the borrower to restructure as this is often an implicit or explicit part of an agreement if the borrower has made their payments)
    4 – If at any time during which the note was outstanding JDA went into default (terms / covenants of which I’m uncertain), CFI could begin the foreclosure process to reclaim the property
    5 – Your comments – no win on the balance sheet and no due diligence – are misinformed. The loan would be a liability for JDA and an asset (i.e. long-term note receivable) for CFI in the amount of $4.2M and they would receive $420k of annual interest income (i.e. revenue on the income statement). Also, since it was a property OWNED by CFI prior to the sale to JDA, it stands to reason that they were MORE informed about the property than most anyone, including the buyer, JDA.
    I know you’re great at bird-dogging cold cases and uncovering new facts, developing new witnesses and even furthering new theories. Please, though, do not develop sensational distractions out of poorly informed accounts of things that are, at best, tenuously connected and, at worst, red herrings to the matter at hand.
    Thanks again for your hard work; just my $.02….

    I am going to blame you if I can’t finish my update today, lol.

    Answering your additional query about something in your estimation is sensational and unrelated in the first place is puzzling to me. In criminal investigation everything is in until it can be excluded.

    What I presented and the manner in which I did- was not poorly informed, it was calculated.

    I can promise you that anything Jennifer may have touched or activities that occurred within her purview leading up to and immediately after her disappearance are worthy of consideration and investigation.

    As you point out, the information regarding Mr. Campos and Adam Frank as well, of course.


  23. 2center says:

    Blink –

    Sorry if I distracted you from the focus and I appreciate your feedback.

    First, forgive me for my presumptions on my comment #2. There ARE cricket associations in central FL. Further, knowing that you do your research, you may be aware of cricket players in that complex or residing nearby. It can’t be ruled out, you are right, but it seems a stretch to me. I personally think it looks like a cook / chef / kitchen worker’s attire, which also seems more likely given the part of town and time of day and day of week we’re talking about when POI was caught on tape. And following that theory would require one to consider all restaurants Jenn may have visited in the area.

    Think about what you just wrote- why is a cook or kitchen staff parking a car in the height of lunch service? That said, early in the case I shared your thought. I thought the bike messenger had merit as well. Further investigation led me to the cricketer.

    To follow your theory, one must address whether league participants frequent Cricketers Arms is another matter, whether Jenn’s appearance at Cricketers Arms was regular or one-off is unknown – including if she knew any cricketers – and whether cricketers would wear their attire at midday, midweek while parking a stranger’s car are all questions on which this theory hinges.

    I am presenting confirmed information that could be coincidental, but it may not be. That is the point- posing the question is not positing. I need people to think about where they might know this guy and provide them the best tools at my disposal to do so.

    Further, the pictures I see on one of the CFL cricket websites: – the players are almost all of African or Caribbean descent and the attire doesn’t look much like the more traditional get-up from your comparison picture. I guess my point in all this ramble is that there are many outfits in which you could find a picture of a person in mid-stride that would compare reasonably to the surveillance photo. We’d all see different things in a rorschach inkblot, but if you put a clear image with similar patterns next to it, it’s going to seem like the obvious answer. (Again, I think it looks like a chef or cooks attire, which seems much more common midday on a Tuesday.) All this said, if you know there are cricketers in that apartment complex or residing nearby, then I owe you an apology because, even if it’s a person in a karate suit and a sumo headdress, you had just cause for your theory, but I refer back to the images I’ve seen of cricket players from CFL and it makes the theory seem more unlikely to me. I agree all theories should be considered possible until they’re ruled out and if you have information that makes this one more likely than it would appear to the casual observer, again, shame on me.

    Now your getting it. I disagree however there are many outfits that could be shown midstride that would seemingly match.

    As for #3, I won’t question that you have extensive experience in the real estate world. That said, look at it from a reader’s perspective. There is brief mention that this MAY have been an area where Jennifer could have been involved before progressing into the details of a deal gone bad with a counterparty that turned out to be scammers. Detailing this before going on to talk about Madoff seeing them in prison, playing canasta and calling them slackers is just silly. You must admit that is complete fabrication and their fate post-fraud exposure is irrelevant (unless, of course, David Siegel posted their bail or some other crazy outcome that suggests nefarious cooperation).

    I am a writer engaging readers in sometimes macabre and complex subject matter and in most cases attempting a call to action of some kind. If you do not care for my personal style, that’s fine, but snark and silly are sometimes part of my personal relationship with the reader and allow me latitude to evoke emotions they need to sustain their advocacy journey with me. Lighten up Frances.

    The reason I asserted that this wasn’t complicit participation in a scam by CFI was because of the details you described, and, to address your comment “Why CFI would to carry that amount of debt with no “win” on the balance sheet at the start of the decline in home sales leading to lack of funds for time shares, I have no idea.”
    But look at what I said about the deal:

    - CFI (or Siegel, I see them as interchangeable) gets ~10% down

    Siegel is the owner and CEO of CFI- a privately held company. These are not his personal funds, so it is not interchangable regardless of it’s non-traded status.

    Respectfully, I can tell from your post you have not reviewed and researched the sales agreements, transfers, deeds, and civil filings regarding this transaction and it’s parties. How is it your arriving at an opinion then?

    - CFI provides the balance of the purchase price in the form of the loan (which is not actual money but basically a transfer of the property and development rights for 3 years or until the note is repaid)
    - Again, CFI isn’t carrying the debt as a liability; it is an asset in the form of a long-term note receivable or some similar description
    - This was January 2006; the incipient softness in the housing market and timeshare market was not apparent at that point
    - The fact that CFI made the loan, with a short maturity, interest-only / balloon at a high rate, fully secured by the property they were selling leads me to believe they knew there was risk on the other side and they took steps necessary to protect their loan
    - CFI ultimately reclaims the land through default / foreclosure

    Let me issue a disclaimer: if I’m missing something here, and CFI went to a lender on JDA’s behalf to secure funds for them to use at closing, then that wasn’t stated in your original description and is a material omission. That said, the lender would then have the land as collateral, not CFI, so it doesn’t seem like this is what happened that I’m missing…

    What is the upside to them in dealing with a shady or criminal buyer?
    It’s not as though the buyer is taking out a third-party loan and CFI is getting paid in full at closing; if I take your numbers at face (and I do because, like I said, I trust that you’ve done your work here) they realize ~$500k of proceeds at closing. Regardless of why the buyer ultimately wasn’t qualified, it would never be in CFI’s interest to do a deal that is going to prevent them from pursuing other deals on that property for 3 years on the hope that JDA could get something going there. CFI may not have done enough homework on the buyer to disqualify them for not being credible, but unless there’s some aspect we’re missing in this story or that you haven’t mentioned, there is no upside for them to knowingly participate in a shady deal or work with an unqualified buyer.

    After this long ramble, again, I’m not saying professional connections and responsibilities of Jennifer shouldn’t be considered, I just fail to see any reason to think that a deal that later went bad due to what was essentially buyer fraud could be a factor in her disappearance on the day of the deal.

    Please, don’t feel the need to respond until it’s convenient. I know I sound critical at times, but I’m really trying to understand why these aspects of the case are more promising or relevant than they seem on initial reading. If I play devil’s advocate or a lousy excuse for a public defender in the process, I would hope that helps us all think about this and other things in different ways that might ultimately prove useful.

    Thanks again for all your work on this case and time to educate me…

    2 center- my responses within your post in bold, I appreciate your patience for allowing me to hold so I could respond directly. I think allowing those with substantial backgrounds in this area to respond would make this the new ponzi blog, and certainly not my intent.

    I would encourage you to RSS this thread and read through those comments as your schedule permits as much of what you originally commented on has been covered by a few hundred posts from all sorts of perspectives. I know you read it, I assume you came through here after listening to the interview.

    To address your devils advocate comment- Sometimes the nature of my work, which I promise you has a sincere and calculated method for the madness if it is a case I am personally involved in and not just “covering”, precludes me from using the fine pointed pen. It would defeat the point entirely.

    One of my new goals is to systematically debunk the CSI effect among the true crime and advocacy communities. I think my next piece on Jennifer’s case will pretty much take care of that for those following it, at least in the short term.


  24. 2center says:

    you are right: i took the summary details from the deal that you provided about the deal and did not research the deal docs. i just don’t see much in what you described that makes it seem like anything other than a typical hard money loan or bridge loan, other than the fairly high LTV.
    so, all i was really trying to get at is: what am i missing that makes this something that would have been controversial from the CFI perspective at the time of the deal?
    but, at this point, i’ve wasted way too much of your time and i know you are working hard on this topic. eagerly awaiting the update post that you’re working on…

    I appreciate the concession and support.

  25. Bodine says:

    Maybe someone can help me here. I haven’t spent much time looking at this case. Why is there the assumption that the POI that parked her car is a man? Or is that even the assumption?

    The individual looks like a female with her hair pulled up under her cap to me. With the height, slight build and gait it strikes me as a woman or a really tiny effeminate man.

  26. shelly says:

    i do believe this crime was done by a painter who watched jennifer while he worked in one of the apts in the mosaic. After jennifer drove her car OUT of the complex and PASSED the security gate, he was there asking for help telling her kind of a story …his car broke down… can she drive him to the nearst gas station to buy cigarettes…jeniffer knew him from the complex ,not very well,she saw him few times maybe even tallked to him so she agreed to help and by doing this let her guard down she gave him a ride and that’s when things went wrong. HE told her to drive somewhere far away maybe where he lives a remote location no people around and once she realized something is not right it was too late.
    I THINK HE EITHERWORKED THERE AND watched her as i said maybe he was a painter because of his uniform and as a painter he could leave the complex and come back without being seen. Or he might lives there asa resident of mosaic.

  27. private says:

    I cant respond to that and keep in private. What I will say is that I am frequently contacted privately to discuss elements of this case that are not public and as I have stated, by agreement I will not. It is an active an open investigation.

  28. charles feezell jr says:

    the week that Jennifer and rob went to st.croix could the following have happened 1. johnny campos goes to her condo,pays the workers to abduct her and tyake her with them to protect his status at westgate. 2. can anyone verify johnny’s blue 2000 ford Taurus was seen at jennifers condo 3.have all areas of water on google maps been searched for her body 4. what happened to gausse and wright

  29. I do not believe any condo worker was involved. I was told personally by some with direct knowledge of the current case file all possible workers with access were investigated, individually interviewed and cleared.

  30. charles feezell jr says:

    unconcluded is a podcast about the jeniffer kesse case. several things are different than what is listed here. listen to what joyce says.

    Lots of times in criminal cases- especially open ones, information is open to interpretation, changes, in a pseudo whisper down the alley manner- or new information is learned via different sources. Very common. I am not going to support or refute anyone else’s work here. as to do so would be inappropriate- but I can tell you that the Kesse’s and I share frustration occasionally when LE could clear this up pretty easily. Maybe. It is one of the reasons this case remains unsolved, imo. There is actual dissention within OPD as to “facts”.

  31. Tracy says:

    Hi Blink. My husband and I attended Jenn’s press conference across from the HOG apartments and it felt good to be a part of something so worthwhile. Jenn’s Mom and Dad, Drew and Joyce, are such a lovely couple, inside and out. Logan’s frustration at the lack of cooperation of the OPD spoke volumes. I hope they are finally going to get some answers they have SO long waited for. It’s time. I’d say they have been more than patient. I was also sorry to hear about the unfortunate act of evil that happened to Joyce while the press conference was going on. UNBELIEVABLE! And yet, nothing surprises me. My husband and I were parked 2 cars down from them with our little dog in the car. In the middle of a parking lot with news trucks, cameras and OPD officers all around in broad daylight! What a crying shame. I hope these nice people can finally get some good news for a change. They SO deserve it!

    What happened?

  32. Bill Best says:

    Hi, in the unconcluded podcast, a woman by the name of Erica, a sales agent at Northbridge Apartments ID’d Jenn in her sales office on the weekend (either Sat. or Sun.) before she went missing, and also outside that complex’s Roundabout 10:30-11PM the night she went missing screaming for someone to call the police. She observed a man about Jenn’s height or maybe an inch taller with black or brown hair and light skinned hispanic, with his hand around Jenn’s throat. She was shown a picture of Campos and she ID’d him. I know you believe Campos had something to do with it, but how do we prove it? Do we know for a fact where Jenn was that weekend before she went missing? I heard that she spent all her weekends with Rob? It sounds to me like this woman’s story is credible, what do you think?

    I do not believe that this woman saw Jennifer Kesse nor does anyone in any law enforcement capacity.

  33. Bill Best says:

    Do you give any credence to the cell phone ping forensics which show Jenn’s phone and presumably Jenn with it, in movement at 9:57PM, just after she got off the phone with Rob, away from her condo? I understand that you have a location of the last ping on her phone when it was disabled. Can you offer where that ping originated, and how accurate it is? Thanks.

    I do.
    I cannot/will not discuss the specifics on her cell pings publicly by my agreement with OPD. Not that I believe they will resolve this case, but I am old school when it comes to integrity. And.. in my view, the proper forensic analysis makes her pings, along with any pinging (devices other than hers) with hers similarly, critical evidence.


  34. Bill Best says:

    OK, shouldn’t those pings give a breadcrumb trail of Jenn’s exact movement in space and time from 9:57PM to 10:40PM? Are you saying that there was in fact another person’s cell phone pinging similarly with hers, at the same time and location away from her condo? Thanks.

    I can’t/won’t discuss the ping data specifics past what I have written publicly. Generally speaking, if LE has probable cause in the form of a warrant to access it- they can request the cell ping records of others for comparison to the travel path, etc. There is no way to conclude that Jenn was with her phone, it is only the likeliest scenario.


  35. charles feezell sr says:

    when the couple at Windemere found her key fob, why didn’t police obtain a search warrant where it was found and bring in equipment capable of finding a body. 2 ceos of her’s lived there. has their property been searched

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