Boy In The Basement: Is Etan Patz The Prince of Prince Street?

SoHo, Lower Manhattan, NY- I have never seen a picture of this cherub that did not mirror my smile in response.

Etan’s innocence emanates from his baby-toothed grin like a neon glow stick.

It is all I can see at the moment I gaze upon it in its Willy Wonka technicolor.   Not the Depp version.

Patz was wearing similarly fluorescent sneakers when he left home for the last time.

Etan , named from the Hebrew meaning- strong, firm and impetuous- lived up to his name while he was alive for six short years.

Perhaps his everlasting gobstopper is metaphoric, and he is about to rise out of the fizzy lifting drink chamber at 127B, which is currently disguised as a dank concrete slab and former workshop of Othniel Miller.

I was 10 years old when he went missing.   My Father hales from the Bronx.

My last business meeting on Prince Street was in 2005 with Madam Fabulosity Kimora Lee Simmon’s assistant James.  Great guy.

We got reamed.

“You have to back off the retouch on that one, she looks like a dude.”

He was right.  Scott , the oracle of fashion print- ad- retouch saved the day and I had forgotten we were in “that building”.


Got Milk For Missing?

Etan Patz is the case study the criminology enthusiast and true crime aficionados can regurgitate verbatim.

A word to the wise to those who may not say his name correctly in professional conversation-  It is on the “things you must never do  if you wish to be taken seriously” list.  Colleagues will involuntarily cringe.

He was the first missing child featured on the milk carton.

Ironically and without public service calcium he disappeared just after his own breakfast on his way to meet his  school bus at  the corner of Prince and Broadway.

The unofficial suspect for the last 33 years has been Jose Ramos.  Ramos is currently incarcerated for child rape in Pennsylvania and is due to be paroled in November.

Lisa R Cohen, a former abc reporter and emissary to the Patz’s  wrote about Etan’s case following a 2004 civil victory where he and Etan’s  Mom Julie were awarded about 2 million in a wrongful death action against Ramos.

AFTER ETAN may need a new epilogue.

What was not known publicly before the FBI began jack hammering the first quadrant of the Prince St building basement which housed his old workshop on Friday, was Jamaican national Othniel Miller was also on the short list of possible suspects in 1979.

Investigators renewed their acquaintance with Mr. Miller twice last week before securing a warrant which has been sealed.

The basement space was also home to a makeshift playgroup made possible by donated space from an adjacent gallery, and renovated by resourceful parent tenants.  Shira Patz, Etan’s older sister, was a member.

Photo by Don Gangemi courtesy of NY Post

Miller was known throughout the neighborhood as a skilled carpenter and handyman.  Ramos was considered a vagrant who mostly lived in a drainage ditch and managed to skirt multiple molestation allegations.

Miller paid Master Patz a dollar the day before he disappeared as he skipped down the block to tell his parents  Stan and Julie.

“I want to spend this at the bodega tomorrow!”

Can’t you just hear that jubilant voice exceeding his height in volume in your head?

Etan Patz never made it to school on May 25, 1979.

May25th is now National Missing Children’s Day courtesy of Former President Ronald Reagan.

Which one would know if you lost the sibling battle to read the cereal box  quiz and were therefore forced to hide your “slight” behind the milk; like it was AS interesting.

Reading the nutritional value of same aloud in retaliation over the voice of your sister notwithstanding, we both shut up.

In retrospect the yogurt moustache branding thing would have been preferable.

Mom enters upon the conversation battle void anomaly to remind us how lucky we were that Grammy and Poppa moved Daddy out of the city or we would never have been born.

She would never have agreed to  live there no matter how much she loved Daddy.  It was not safe for children.

“This happens in the city in big buildings because you can’t possibly know everyone that lives there.”

“Don’t ever take anything from or talk to a stranger and finish your breakfast or you will be late for the bus,” she scolded.

“What if he has a golden ticket?”,  lamebrain in pigtails asked.

“Especially NEVER”, Mom replied.

On last Thursday afternoon, Othniel Miller was returned to his home by investigators  walking with a cane he has been using since a multitude of strokes since 2008.

Othniel Miller

Customers found him easygoing and polite. He knew the Patz family, worked on the oak doors in their lobby, and did carpentry for at least one other family in their building.

Julie Patz described him to police in 1979 as a family friend.  There is at least one witness account that claims Ramos had a key to Miller’s workshop.

An as yet unidentified former assistant of Millers in 1979 has law enforcements ear and is said to be cooperating with investigators.

Also audible on the possible pedophilic public address system is Miller’s former wife.  They were divorced in 1986, but Phyllis Miller is alleging her ex raped a 10 year old girl.

Millers only known criminal offense at this point is driving with a suspended license in 2004 while visiting the couple’s daughter in Tampa.

Miller’s attorney  Michael Farkas  met the media head on.

“He is innocent,” the attorney said. “He is not involved in this terrible murder. He is going to continue to help authorities as best he can.”

Note to self:  unfair to say Farkas rhymes with Farces when it really does not.

Let’s be clear about something.  The Eff Bee Eye does not even escavate walk ups in Soho without the strongest probable cause warrant 33 years can bye.  Misspelling intended.

Cadaver canines with the prestigious Quantico address alerted to the death pads and their NYPD counterparts confirmed their findings onsite.

Will modern forensics and strong teamwork between NYPD and the FBI recover Etan?

Photo Credit Robb Bennett For WSJ


Precariously Perched On a Precipice

Taking snapshots from the balcony overlooking the “recovery site” ,Etan’s Dad has his lens fixed on the building he has seen, walked past and  perhaps spit on, for 33 years.

Photo Credit John Taggart NY Daily News

When odor absorbing pads are placed in a building within your purview  and subsequently generate multiple warrants to find items of your missing child,  the “view from your fire escape” must feel like no escape at all.

Stan and Julie Patz remain the sentry watch for Etan both literally and proximately.

Stan Patz has sent Jose Antonio Ramos a copy of his sons flyer bi-annually on October 9 and May 25th; Etan’s birthday and the anniversary of his disappearance respectively.

He handwrites “What Have You Done To My Little Boy?” on each one.

Immediately prior to my meeting  on Prince,  which by now qualifies as “who gives a shit” in context,  I had a kaffe in the same shop that Mrs. Patz was enjoying when the press approached her once the dig started.

Please Find Him.  I pray to God they do not find him.

Like most, I fluctuate between the two travesties.

“I still gag at the fear he must have felt at the thought that an adult betrayed him.”

Me too Mr Patz,  Me too.


Ramos has not left the top of the skeeve list,  and there is evidence that Miller and Ramos worked together on a few projects.

All of which after a third of a century are seemingly reliant upon finding  Etan or some evidence allowing prosecutors to indict.

Cy Vance, when running for Manhattan DA, made a promise to Stan Patz and the Patz family.  If he was elected, he would reopen the investigation into Etan’s disappearance and probable murder.

With much help from former Federal prosecutor Stuart GraBois,  he has more than made good on his word.

GraBois actually deputized himself in the state of Pennsylvania to be able to investigate and charge Ramos in a string of offenses ultimately ending in his current incarcerati0n.

Ramos befriended a woman who worked briefly for the Patz’s to gain access to her son.  Although she is not willing to be identified,  she believes Ramos molested her son for years, causing him to take his own life after troubles with the law.

She walked Etan to school during a brief period in 1979 during a transportation strike.


Etan’s anguished and unwillingly patient parents wait  for news at 113 Prince St, E 3.

They have made it clear to all members of the media they will have no comment right now, and ask for their privacy.

Stan and Julie Patz 1980

Scapular removal of the basement cement poured shortly after Etan’s disappearance is expected to continue through the early part of next week.

If  Etan Patz is  destined to be found finally , and I pray that he is:  I dub him my prince of Prince Street.

For Etan:



Check back to for updates on Etan’s recovery.


Update #1

A stain on a wall which was previously the workspace of Othniel Miller reacted positively to a luminol field test.   The wall portions have been removed and sent to the FBI lab in Quantico, VA.

An unamed source said “there is truth to that” when asked if Miller blurted out “what if the body was moved” while in the basement with investigators.



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  1. Jay says:

    As I said, Jay, which is not your name, no Christmas card from you, got it.

    Be well.


  2. VF says:

    Thanks to Blink for this thoughtful peace on a beautiful child. I have a few thoughts I would like to share.

    I am curious if Ethan revealed to Othneill the night before that he was walking to the school bus the next day? Othniell would have been able to see him as he passed his shop that day. Perhaps he would have coordinated with JAR (Jose Antonio Ramos).
    What troubles me about the two suspects (JAR and Otniell) is that JAR has raped several boys and never was linked to ANT murder. The fact that several (two brothers in Pa and Rainbow bus incident) young boys were molested but NOT KILLED could signify that it is not part of his modus operandi. From what I have read (and I defer to those with far more knowledge) these cowards stick to one age group, one sex and have a pattern (ie, murder or not). JAR was at a Rainbow Family annual gathering where he would hand out trinkets to the children at the Mark Twain Forrest in Missouri. He was with a traveling companion (light haired teenage boy) and they took a young boy onto their bus…JAR was later arrested and charged with “involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, statutory rape, and indecent assault.” He confessed to sexually assaulting the child in his bus, but because the police failed to read him his Miranda rights, the confession had to be thrown out and the case was dropped. Yay.
    Another time he went to a similar gathering (Rainbow Family? Shanti Sena?) and befriended a couple from Erie Pa and two little boys. Note – At least one of the Shanti Sena was convinced that Ramos was scouting out children he could kidnap and sell! He was eventually babysitting the boys and was incarcerated for their molestation.
    Othniell was accused of raping a 10 year old niece who was only recently located if I recall correctly…
    I am puzzled that JAR molested and Othniell ( still not accused of anything) have not been accused of murder. Wouldn’t JAR have been accused or linked to a murder/disappearance other then Etan by now? I am not sure it is his MO to murder.
    Is it possible (I pray, pray, pray) that this little boy was kidnapped, sold and living a new life with perhaps little if any recollection of any of this?

    JAR told two jailhouse informants that he knew where the body was but would never tell. I am inclined to believe that if he knew he would have spoken by now…he has some narcissistic qualities…would have wanted the media hype.

    There is no much horror in this world…the little boys murdered and their identities subsumed by the WM3 in Tenn (WHAT A HORROR that was). James Berger(sp) of England brutally murdered by two other boys who would later be released with new identities causing public outrage…Lee Iseli 4 year old brutally murdered by Westley Allan Dodd who wished he could videotape everything. Strangled the boy then resuscitated him to strangle him one more. He was left to die by hanging in the skumbag Dodd’s closet while he went to work.

    Perhaps we need to respond to these outrageous acts by doing something outrageous ourselves…why not voluntarily microchip our kids? I know there are many who will profess this to be a bad precedent..the govt could use this for other means…but if its voluntary wtf? I have nothing to hide and would be all for it. Microchips and other radio-frequency identification devices (RFID) have been imbedded in pets and attached to items in order to track them for years. VeriChip is one; it’s been sold in the US since 2002 and was approved for implantation in humans by the FDA in 2004, in spite of the fact that tests from the mid-1990s showed that the implanted microchips had “induced” cancer in laboratory animals, with most of the tumors encasing the implants. By 2007, about 2,000 of the devices had been implanted in humans around the world, The Washington Post reported.

    I believe after the murder of Leiby Kletzky in Brooklyn there was progress in the form of a tax initiative being proposed whereby storeowners receive a $500 tax credit for having security cameras in place as this led police to the murderer of little Leiby (albeit too late).

  3. VF says:

    Follow up comment: an infamous pedophile (probably Dodd) had written a “how to” book for other pedophiles. He suggested reading obituaries to see if there were young children who would thereby be in attendance at the funeral home (name of funeral home is usu listed with the obituary). Go there, have toys ready, etc. While the family is grieving they can befriend the child. look to see if the family is selling furniture from the deceased’s home, become friendly with the family. (I believe the rest of the “book” was not released by law enforcement for obvious reasons).

    My point is that these are actual “hunters” and children are the prey.

  4. LaurieO says:

    Jay says:
    April 24, 2012 at 4:48 pm
    As stated previously, this site does more harm than good.

    Sheesh, read all the cockamamie concepts that these freaks come up with by sitting at their computer.

    Go out and actually make a difference. Dont sit there and do nothing.
    Wow, Jay, did it ever cross your mind that this a place where people can connect and feel like they are not the only ones interested in these cases? Maybe you don’t understand that need to connect with others. So Blink is helping us do that. Why do you care? We aren’t hurting anyone.

    Also, did you know that I pray the rosary almost every day and include the missing kids I read about here in my prayer intentions? Maybe I can’t go out and give $1 million to the cause of missing people and maybe I don’t live where someone is missing. Am I supposed to leave my own family to go hunt for everyone who is missing? I can’t. But I can pray for others, like the Patz family, who suffer more than most of us will ever know.

    This is Blink’s site. She can do what she wants.

  5. Ragdoll says:

    I can’t believe I missed out on the ‘stang Sally and Sally Martooni. That brought out a hearty trucker laugh. Lawd, I love those kinds.

    For those who think we’re being fooled by WHO Blink is….we’re cool with that. Some of us know, some don’t. This site isn’t about the writer. It’s a victim’s advocate forum. We’re actually civil to each other. That’s new territory for some ‘jay birds’.

    If you don’t see the forest from the trees…then I gotta conclude….puff puff pass.

  6. Ragdoll says:

    PS….you and other haters are not invited to my funeral. Hmmmmph.

  7. [...] We can remember that it was the high profile case of Etan Patz that gave rise to the missing children’s campaign on milk cartons. [...]

  8. BlackPearl says:

    Man In Custody In 1979 Etan Patz Case!!!

    Let’s hope justice is on its way. And perhaps Etan can finally come home.

  9. Blink says:

    @Black Pearl
    Keep your fingers crossed. I wish I felt better about it.

  10. Tarheel says:

    Oh please let this be the break to bring him home and have some justice. His poor parents have suffered long enough.

  11. Neddie says:

    It’s all over a Pedro Hernandez from Maple Shade, New Jersey confessed now to killing the boy back then.

    I am hearing his story is very credible, I pray that it is. I am going to have to absorb the fact that Etan will likely never be recovered. I was so hoping he would.


  12. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink Black Pearl Tarheel & all-

    They have a taped confession. Looks like they have the guy. Can it be true…
    Who is this man?
    More to be released later today….

    My prayers for Etan & to his Mom and Dad

  13. Mom3.0 says:

    forgot to add snippet:
    Man confesses to strangling Etan Patz

    The New York Daily News reported that Pedro Hernandez, 67, was picked up in Camden, N.J., on Wednesday.

    Hernandez was apparently very emotional during the confession, an unnamed official told the Times, adding that the confession was videotaped

  14. Mom3.0 says:

    U am so sad for his parents and for Etan… Not sure if he can be believed the returned for the box story is what has me wondering…

    waiting for more details hoping for the truth and successful prosecution


  15. Mom3.0 says:

    Meant I not u my finger slipped.

  16. SouthernMom says:

    So glad this case is being solved finally. Kudos to the persons who came forward with the tips.

    Prayers for Etan’s family.

  17. Redly says:

    He confessed to the murder today.

  18. beejay says:

    I found a blogger who has been doing an unrelated blog on her memories of growing up in Etan’s neighborhood. This seems to be the very bodega that Hernandez worked at. Her timeline looks fairly close to Etan’s. Her entry is dated Aug 13, 2011:

    “I ran into Juan, the guy who used to work at the bodega on West Broadway at Prince…the other day…He pretty much looks exactly the same as he did over thirty years ago…he said he just worked there (for 17 years!). He still lives on West Broadway (for 41 years!).”

    The blogger said she caught her school bus in front of that bodega. She also said she’d recently been in touch with others who remembered that bodega. They seemed to have some fairly detailed memories. If they can remember this, maybe some of them can remember Hernandez, or something else.

    “I recently asked around to see what other folks remembered about the bodega. The sinful steak sandwiches, the weed they sold behind the counter, and the barbecues. They used to roast a whole pig….”

    From the Soho Memory Project at:

    I wonder why he was apprehended in Camden-


  19. beejay says:

    Blink: Um, he was apprehended in Camden because…that’s where he lives??? Or, should we be skeptical of what we read in the newspapers?

    Do tell.

    Because I read the quote yesterday from someone that he was still a local in the city. I am hearing he is the guy though.


  20. beejay says:

    Oh, Blink. I thought you asked a trick question or were dropping a hint. I think there are photos all around documenting that’s where he was when apprehended anyway. I’ve read everywhere that Hernandez willingly left with NYPD, rom his wife’s home in Maple Shade, near Camden, N.J. They were apparently estranged till sometime–who knows how recently–when she let him move back in when he said he had cancer.

    Their minister in Maple Shade talks about him being at church every sunday. Their neighbors all talked about seeing him. Including a retired cop neighbor. He apparently has been there for awhile now after the earlier living-apart thing. (He’s 1 of 12 kids; still has a sister living in same bldg where he lived when he says he took Etan; maybe he’d been in and out, visiting with her? that’d fit with your source).

    Now they’re going to arraign him via video conferencing from his bedside at Bellevue Hosp where he’s on suicide watch. And is getting some meds for a pre-existing condition, which LE said they’d rather treat in the hospital. He told one relative he’s bipolar; he’s supposedly off his meds.

    I was all in on this till I heard off his meds. Let’s get him stabilized on something and see what his story is then. Oh, and let’s get him that attorney, too.

    When he lived on Prince with some relatives he was one or two bldgs from the Patz apt. Betwn them and the bus stop.

    Yep. I am with you beejay. I am going to need more. O this little dude-


  21. beejay says:

    So, they have a signed, videotaped confession, readily given. To which he now pleads not guilty.

    “On Friday in a video hearing from his bed at Belleview Hospital, Hernandez pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges. Hernandez, questioned by prosecutors in New Jersey on Wednesday and arrested Thursday, was at the hospital to undergo a psychological examination and receive medicine for an existing health problem, but doctors admitted him after he said he was contemplating suicide, police said.

    Hernandez’ court-appointed attorney Harvey Fishbein said Friday he had not met with his client and had no comment about the criminal case against him. Fishbein said he expected Hernandez to be arraigned at the hospital.”

  22. Kim from PA says:

    Mr. Hernandez is bipolar and schizophrenic. He apparently killed Etan for the hell of it. He cannot give a motive because he didn’t have one.

    Imagine his amazement when he actually kills and no one notices he has done anything out of the ordinary. There is an all out search for a missing little boy……police question his coworkers but never question him. The trash man conveniently and quickly takes the body away. He moves back to NJ right after Etan disappears and no one thinks it’s odd or remotely connects him to a murder. He even confesses to a family member.



    Whoever called the tip line with Pedro Hernandez’s name after 33 years is a hero. I can’t help but wonder if it was clergy or medical staff…………..

  23. MandyVZ says:

    So forgive my ignorance… I was born in 1981 and only have followed this tangentially… but this Hernandez guy… has his name come up at all during the investigation? When I read the story in the newspaper, all I could think was, wow, that’s outta left field.

    To my knowledge, he has confessed previously. A few times, and was not taken seriously.

    To my knowledge, he is undergoing a psych evaluation, and that should determine next steps.

    Under NY law, there has to be a corroborator to a confession to make an arrest, do not know how strong that is in light of detectives ignoring him for many years.


  24. MandyVZ says:

    Wait, what? SECOND degree murder? After he said he lured the kid away from the bus stop with the promise of a soda? Does that not tend toward premeditation? Prosecutors are always going on about how if you thought about it, even if it’s only for a few seconds, it’s premeditated and therefore first degree murder. Or am I just totally misunderstanding the law here? There’s willful deliberation (check), killing a child (check again) and it certainly looks to me like it could have been in conjunction with another crime–such as rape. (Although we’ll never know without a body, I doubt anyone lures a kid into a basement to pat him on the head and say have a good day at school). I’m lost. Is there a possibility of upping the charge at any point or WTF is the deal here?

  25. Eloise says:


    Demented murder suspect Pedro Hernandez, 51, revealed to authorities that after killing the child May 25, 1979, “he put him in the walk-in box and kept him there until he took him out and put him in the garbage,” a law-enforcement source said.

  26. beejay says:

    Even if Hernandez is the killer, there’s still a couple of loose ends, for me.

    Etan had his dollar from Miller and told his parents he planned to stop and buy a soda the next morning on the way to school. Or something like that. I assume Etan had a plan and that’s why he was so insistent on walking alone to the bus. Did Hernandez figure into that plan? Did Ramos?

    Etan was, to me, in a risky situation. He routinely went alone from his third floor apt to the basement of a nearby building to work for Miller. Creepy and risky, to me. Miller, who the Patz family called a friend, was subsequently accused of raping his own niece.

    Etan’s babysitter at one time dated Ramos, the man who thought he’d been with Etan that day. But, no, it must have been another little boy he tried to assault. So, Ramos was lurking in the wings.

    I’m a contemporary of Etan’s parents. I lived through the whole summer-of-love, anti-war, civil rights era. We trusted too much. We rejected our parents’ cautious conservatism. I’m a babyboomer, whose childhood in the 1950s was spent in a suburb of Atlanta. My husband, grew up in the 1950s in what was then considered to be a “suburban” setting of NYC–Flushing, Queens. Neither of us was allowed the freedoms that the children of the 1970s were–at least those in Soho.

    My native New Yorker inlaws have told me the difference in childrearing practices was because Soho consisted of “city people” who did things differently.

    But there are also class differences in child rearing practices. And that might have been at play here too. I’ve done a lot of research to try to understand how Etan came to be where he was on the morning he disappeared. Please don’t take this as an attack on his family. It’s not. They are representative of their community, their time and place and mindset of their subculture.

  27. beejay says:

    I posted once here from this blog, but there’s much there of value for anyone who wants to put Etan’s childhood in its proper context. It’s hard to know which posts are the blog owner’s and which are guest columnists, but this snip is from a woman who was a contemporary of Etan’s, I believe a few yrs older. She is considered to be a resident expert on Soho, and much interviewed by the media:

    “… I was also asked repeatedly if, after his disappearance, my parents became more protective of me, if my life had changed because of it. The answer I suspected they wanted, judging from recent press coverage of the story, was, yes of course they never let me out of their sight after that and I lived in fear for the rest of my childhood. But, the truth is, I do not remember being kept off the streets or public transportation, and neither does my mother. …”


    Here’s a snip of another contemporary of Etan, a girl who lived in Soho, but spent much time with her girlfriend who lived on Bowery. Taken from the entry “Bowery Girls”:

    “…The Bowery and the streets on either side of it were not the prettiest you’ve ever seen. That didn’t stop me, however, from walking to Anna’s house on a daily basis, though I do not know what my mother was thinking letting me go. After dark, I would take the longer but “nicer” way home, via Prince Street….

    Their house was my second home, as my parents were often working at all hours, leaving me to fend for myself….

  28. beejay says:

    If you browse that entire website, which is dedicated to Soho, you’ll find interesting reading, plus a good number of photos.

    Here’s a snip from another article at that site, with a good photo:

    “If dumpster diving were an official sport, New York City would be much better represented at the Olympics. Is there anyone out there who lived in SoHo in the 1970′s who has NEVER been inside a dumpster? Most of my childhood home was furnished with items carefully selected from an array of dumpsters, dragged off the street on “big garbage day,”….”


    The soho memory project focuses on the late 1960s thru the early 1980s, a time in which the blog’s author characterizes her Soho community as “…it also wasn’t always a quiet, dirty, residential/industrial community filled with quirky creative-types living illegally in palatial, underheated dwellings.”


  29. beejay says:

    This is the community that Etan lived in. It had some elements that were unique to the artists who largely populated it. But it also was a working class community; they were not safely esconced in the suburbs with parents driving them to school, uniformed school crossing guards, and the like. Etan was unlucky; many of his contemporaries thrived, unharmed, although they, too, were not as protected as one might think a young child should be.

    On a different site is a nice photo gallery. Use the forward and backward arrows to get a sampling of the events in NYC (not just Soho) overall in that era.

    The link below will take you into the gallery at a photo of a “performance art” event at a Soho loft gallery while Etan was in diapers, captioned as follows:

    “Artist Lil Picard ties up Geoff Hendricks for a performance piece with Frosty Myers sculpture at Sculpture Now Gallery, SoHo, 1974.”


    For a summary of those times in NYC written by that photojournalist, who worked there at the time, go to:

  30. lyla says:

    Don’t investigators need more than a confession to arrest a Bipolar/Schizophrenic? I can’t imagine this going to trial. I feel for the Patz family, they’ve been through enough already.

  31. Blink says:

    Yes, they need some sort of evidentiary corroborator.

  32. Eloise says:

    NEW YORK – Police returned on Wednesday to the site of a former grocery store to look for evidence in the 1979 disappearance of a 6-year-old boy.

    Police returned to examine an area that wasn’t looked at on earlier visits, Browne said. The effort, he added, “wasn’t based on any new information.”

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