Jerry Sandusky Sex Abuse Trial: Sandusky Convicted On 45 Counts, Sent To Jail Immediately

Bellefonte, PA-  not subject to Judge John Cleland’s order, which is likely a violation of our First Ammendment Rights Under the US Constitution, has confirmed the jury has reached unanimous verdicts in this case, which are being read in open court, and so far, they are guilty.


Update: Sandusly convicted of 45 of 48 counts


check back to for updated verdict information.



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  1. Word Girl says:

    Rose, I’ve got cbs news saying 1996 suicide attempt and bellenews say 1995. All sources agree it was approx four months after his arrival in the home. I thought he was 16 in 1996 and that’s when it the suicide gesture occurred, after the foster home placement.

    Beej! Did not know the other ‘foster’ child was Dottie’s niece who tried to OD on aspirin with Matt.

  2. Word Girl says:

    Here’s Time Magazine’s info on the year of placement and attempted suicide.

    “In early December 1994, Matt set fire to a barn. He spent his 16th birthday, on Dec. 26, in juvenile detention. On Jan. 6, 1995, records show, he was placed in foster care — with the Sandusky family.

    Long said she knew Matt would be placed in a Second Mile foster home but didn’t think it would be with the Sandusky family. Of all the foster families in Centre County, “he had to end up with that one,” she said. It struck her as odd.

    “Jerry told Matt that he had a judge ready to sign the order and nobody could stop it,” she said. “He told Matt before we ever went to court that I wouldn’t win against him. Matt came right to me and told me, he said, `Mom, Jerry said you wouldn’t win against him.’”

    [WG note here: I read that Jerry Sandusky was actually out of town doing something with the Rose Bowl when the placement happened and that he'd been able to set it up ove the phone. Uh, yep. Can smell it here, too.]

    Long was initially limited to a half-day a month with her son. Her lawyer repeatedly petitioned the judge for greater access.
    Matt attempted suicide in March 1996, swallowing 80 to 100 pills, according to the probation department report.”,8599,2118190,00.html#ixzz1z2vUN4Zh

  3. Rose says:

    @Beejay, Blink. I concur with focus on jurist level. And I include the age 62 retiree decamping this year a year before a replacement election can be had. Grine having a son on the local bench is some investigatory shield politically in the County though, at least from the DA. Gotta be Federal.

    However, I think in a suit Matt’s attorneys will have to get his unreacted case files from juvenile and from CYS–for his own satisfaction–if they haven’t had pages shredded (I’d get a records preservation TRO now.) Then ask for a federal probe of transactions therein to the extent out of normal
    agency policy/procedure and any similar.

  4. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Well beejay just beat me to a post about the two judges in Luzerne County.

    Two million six hundred thousand in kickbacks and 6,500 cases of unlawful detention of juveniles in a time frame of 2002 thru 2009. All connected to these two judges and the Mid-Atlantic Youth Services and their affilated companies. The judges have been removed, but it is not known if any of the private company employees have been taken to trial.

    When I read the post about Matt and his biological mother and what she went through in the courts with JS pushing hard to get Matt into his care, it made me remember the Luzerne County corruption.

    I just question how the decision in Matt’s case came about. Did JS have second mile people grease the way for him to get the child?

    Good citizens in every state need to take time to inquire about the operation of our juvenile court systems. IMO they are very broken because no concerned group of citizens is monitoring the activities.

    Any time there is a private group, either charity or for profit, involved in providing services to juveniles and the courts, the people need to investigate and monitor for the real protection of the children.

    So Dottie’s niece and Matt tried to OD on aspirin and this didn’t raise red flags? Everything just pushed back into the closet and no investigation performed. I would say the judge that was overseeing this court needs a real good investigation. A possible case of the “fox watching the henhouse”.

  5. erose says:

    What happened in ’88 that changes things. Why haven;t we heard from the kids (who hid in the basement) on Bernel Road?

    By October 1982, at least three foster children – all boys, ages 10 to 18 — lived in the house. An article in The Daily Collegian, the Penn State newspaper, described a typical day: Doing chores, playing games and going on picnics with the house parents, a couple chosen by Sandusky and The Second Mile. Each resident had a member of the Penn State football team as a mentor.

    In 1983, The Second Mile hired Jack Raykovitz, who had recently finished his Ph.D. in school psychology at Penn State. In its early days, Raykovitz ran the day-to-day operations of the charity, which included week-long camps — first for boys, then also for girls — on the Penn State campus. He signed off on licensing documents for the foster care agency. For a short time, state records show, he also provided psychological counseling to some of the foster children.

    In 1988, records show the charity stopped actively operating as a foster care agency, but it kept its license active through 2011.

    That same year, at least six children — three boys and three girls — in their early teens were living at the house on Bernel Road.

    Todd Keith spent about two years as the resident director at the house in the late 1990s. “Sandusky would come to the house probably once a month,” Keith told NBC News last fall. “Sometimes for photo ops, other times it would be just to interact with the kids and stuff.”

    Though he thought little of it at the time, Keith remembered the boys tended to shy away from Sandusky, retreating to their basement bedrooms when he stopped in. “At the time I truly just thought it was adolescent boys not wanting to be around adults,” he said. After hearing the initial allegations, Keith wondered if he hadn’t missed something.

    None of the alleged victims who testified against Sandusky lived in the house on Bernel Road.

  6. erose says:

    Same article as before. In 2001, emails were a flyin’ about how to humanly treat Sandusky. Yeah right. He molests children, so he can continue to run these football camps. IMO, this goes beyond cover up at PSU. They didn’t take his keys, they provided the venue. I know we knew that, but in light of the Spainer emails, these camps provided children to a known pedophile. (You have to scroll down to get to the article)

    In July 1999, Sandusky announced that the upcoming season would be his last. That September, he incorporated Sandusky Associates, Inc. with his son Jon, who had just graduated from Penn State.

    In the summer of 2000, they started a series of four-day, three-night football camp for boys at Albright College in Reading, Penn, where Sandusky’s son E.J. was head football coach.

    The camps continued until about 2009 and were held at various sites, including Penn State satellite campuses.

  7. erose says:

    About 2400 Bernel Road, Bellefonte, PA 16823
    60.68 Acres of prime, cleared land near Pennsylvania State University and the University Airport. Planned Airport Zoning District offers a variety of potential future uses both non-residential and residential. The property is subdividable and has access to public utilities. A development plan for The Second Mile campus is available and could provide a starting point for future development. Property also includes a two story home (valid rental permit for 3 unrelated people) on the NE corner on the site.

  8. erose says:

    OTW, but a lot of names intersect and apparently the Bernel Road house was aka the ABC House.

    In a 2001 Centre Daily Times article, Gricar was quoted saying, “It was clear Mr. Johnstone was not a dealer. The marijuana was for his own use. … I didn’t want him to lose his job.”

    Johnstone received probation and a $1,000 fine.

    Support for Johnstone was overwhelming. Todd Keith, identified as a resident director of the ABC House for The Second Mile, wrote an editorial in defense of Johnstone. While praising Gricar for his temperate and enlightened handling of a case some politicians seek to exploit, Keith qualified his adulation with something rather prophetic:

    “I just hope, if Johnstone had not been a Penn State professor or a Patton Township supervisor, and instead had been a teenager or a blue-collar worker, Gricar’s decision would be the same.”

  9. erose says:

    3 sue to block transfer of Second Mile assets

    Charity Sandusky founded set for summer programs

    Abraham’s investigation is complete, but won’t be released publicly beyond what’s in the court filing, he said.

    Meanwhile, Arrow said it hopes to hire all of The Second Mile’s current employees, but will move them to new offices in the area.

    “They will become Arrow employees,” said Faye Eson, Arrow’s chief development officer.

  10. erose says:


    Pennsylvania lawmaker seeks federal review of attorney general’s Jerry Sandusky investigation

    He says people should be told why it took years to produce charges against the former Penn State assistant football coach, and he wants the U.S. attorney’s office to look into it.


    Jerry Sandusky case: Convicted sex offender could keep state pension

    But the crimes requiring a public official or retiree to give up a pension do not include any of the sex-related offenses that are now on Sandusky’s rap sheet, even though some crimes occurred while he was still defensive coordinator of Penn State’s football team.


    Retired Penn State Vice President Gary Schultz might run a greater risk of losing his pension than Sandusky’s.

    Schultz is accused of perjury, and pension attorneys have noted that perjury is on the list of crimes that could call for forfeiting pension benefits.


  11. erose says:

    And in other news, judges from Timbuktu are being bussed into Centre County (almost).

    Sandusky fallout: Judges step aside in civil cases due to Second Mile, Penn State ties

    Read more here:

    It is about time.

  12. erose says:

    The story does not say whether Ms. Gross picked up.

    Jerry Sandusky calls wife from jail

  13. erose says:

    Wonder if he is any relationship to Sandusky defense witness, coach, teacher and Grine’s son-in-law, Brett Witmer?

    Paul Witmer, 64, has been the president of the Legion post for the last five years. A native of Bellefonte, he left to serve in the Air Force for four and a half years as a security policeman and a member of the K-9 core stationed in Okinawa during the Vietnam War. That was his first time out of Pennsylvania and one of the few times he even left the old Victorian town

    Before Sandusky adopted Matt Heichel, the youngest of the family’s six adopted children, Witmer coached Heichel and his brother Ronald in teener league baseball. Sandusky would drop the boys off for practice or games — sometimes staying to quietly watch — and pick them up when it was over. Conversations rarely lasted beyond greetings, but Witmer always referred to Jerry as Mr. Sandusky out of courtesy.

    “Their parents never saw them play a ballgame,” Witmer said of the Heichel boys, both outfielders. “They actually weren’t bad boys. They were typical teen-agers. They came and I pitied them for coming from the type of family they came from.”

    Last March, Ronald Heichel was convicted on charges, including first-degree murder, in the August 2009 shooting of a Centre Hall man.

  14. beejay says:

    OT: I’m working on hard-won electronics-access-time here. Had to strike a deal with my DH last night after I found the above-posted Grine/Cuyahoga thing. It involved recreating a scene out of centre county jail for DH in exchange for delaying seizure of my electronics. No, no handcuffs involved (this is a very old marriage). I took DH out for a late supper of big hamburger, steak fries, and real milkshake. Followed by a package of antacids!

    Back on task. I keep reading suicide attempt with Dottie’s niece, who was living in the home. In only one place have i read it was Kara, and that’s an iffy source. So, IDK.

    Here’s what i want to know: If the aspirin overdose occurred in a hotel, as reported (rarely), or anywhere away from the 2 teens’ current homes, how were they found? And by whom? What normally happens when 2 teens in that situation first come to someone’s attention? Police are notified and, if on the ball and in CYA mode at least, police have them transported to an emergency room for medical evaluation.

    They were both underage. How did they get a hotel room in the first place?

    Tell DH I said thank you and hoepfully that will keep him for a spell, lol.


    Give me a few minutes to grab some hanging references for ya’ll.

  15. beejay says:

    Blink: lol! I know how to please an old man.

    One of the defense witnesses, who knew JS through football connections, and said he based his testimony on those, was Wetzler. IIRC, he called JS shortly after the presentment came out, and volunteered to vouch for him.

    Three-name defense witness, John Lewis Wetzler, normally goes by just John Wetzler. Reprted in July, 1997: he resigned as Bellefonte High’s football coach. Shortly after Fran Johnson resigned as their wrestling coach.


    Wetzler said that his decision was greatly affected by the failure to renew the county schl superintendent’s contract. Others left as well. Students walked out of class in a protest after a popular principal left.


    Where Wetzler went after resigning, I haven’t followed up on. He was listed as an Assistant Coach at Bellefonte High in 2009. Whether that was as a volunteer, he was employed as counselor at a diff schl, or other—IDK.


    Didn’t wade thru the fine print, but in a June, 2011 publication, Wetzler was still active as a coach for some sport at Bellefonte H.S. as shown in this google return:

    Wetzler (coach1122@yahoo. com), the Bellefonte Area High School … – Cached

    He has coached lots of sports, including girls softball. U can read more at link below. Here’s a quote, from June, 2002:

    “I’ve been coaching here at Bellefonte for 30 years,” he added. “I’ve been the head football coach, I’ve coached wrestling, I’ve coached swimming.


    Thank you beejay, I am holding Cuyuga until I can assign that research. I am not seeing how that is possible without a GAL, ESPECIALLY when a minor is taken into custody, in many other states, that is mandatory for a juvenile, and at any proceeding for an adult about to lose their liberty, they are appointed counsel for the adjudication process if only to “hold” for transfer.

    Also, jurisdiction must be determined, in a separate hearing. So all odd, and given the history of the county in the first place, I find even odd-er.


  16. beejay says:

    Erose: veromi is currently getting crashed, probably by everyone trying to answer your question about Paul Witmer and Brett Witmer. Finally got thru; veromi doesn’t show a link. My life shows this:

    “Kristen M Grine was born in 1977. Kristen currently lives in State College, Pennsylvania. Before that, Kristen lived in Bellefonte, PA from 1991 to 2010. Before that, Kristen lived in Bellefonte, PA from 2007 to 2010.
    Kristen M Grine is related to Calvin Witmer, who is 59 years old and lives in Centre Hall, PA. Kristen M Grine is also related to Brett Witmer, who is 33 years old and lives in Upper Darby, PA. Kristen M Grine is also related to Karen Grine, who is 66 years old and lives in Bellefonte, PA. Kristen M Grine is also related to David Grine, who is 67 years old and lives in Bellefonte, PA. “

    Looks like she explored career with FBI at one point; that’s what these internships are geared towards. From Juniata College, about their alumni:

    FBI Honors Internship Program
    1 of 70 students accepted into program.
    • 1999 Kristen M. Grine Witmer ’99, Bellefonte, PA

  17. beejay says:

    The whole issue of who the girl was that attempted suicide with Matt. And where they did it. And who found them. Needs to be discovered.

    I’ve seen so many incomplete stories. All I can find now about the girl being Dottie’s niece is someone on another forum stating that info was in a commenter’s post at an earlier MSM article. Maybe that’s how it got started.

    Can someone google the “aspirin” “hotel” aspect? I’m out of time. Plus, I don’t have sound capabilities so I never listened to any of the tapes/videos available online. Long or Matt might have said more. IDK.

    It sure makes sense, though, that it would take something at the judicial level to have everyone so thoroughly cowed and for so long.

  18. beejay says:

    check the sources for the info here; it might be more credible. Look at the dates for various events. That’s a lot of pills. If it was aspirin, and he kept it down, then salicylate poison and possibly internal bleeding–hospital trip to empty his stomach asap was vital. If true.

    snip: “Matt attempted suicide in March 1996, swallowing 80 to 100 pills, according to the probation department report.

    He referred to it in the recent police interview.”

    Read more:

  19. Rose says:

    @Beejay. re
    What I get out of this url, clinically speaking, is Mrs Long’s attempts to cut Jerry off from Matt began in Sept ’94.
    We have no idea how Matt felt in 9/94, but we know precisely what Jerry felt (empty, bereft, determined to bully his way over her limits) and did reactively at the threatened loss of this psychotic (imo) pedophile attachment.

    Jerry went to the school that fall, met Matt there without Mom’s permission, and put the pressure on Matt to continue to continue his relationship with Jer. We’ve seen the Vic 4 letters; we know the magnitude of his guilt-inducing manipulation on boys trying to separate and individuate from him, at an age appropriate time as adolescents.

    Imo the barn burning in Dec 1994 three months after Mom set limits on Jerry had more to do with Jerry’s behavior toward Matt than Matt–it was reactive gesture. It was a predictable response to the crap Jerry put him through at school when his mother wasn’t there to protect him. Any molested, unprotected teen would be angry. Wouldn’t be surprised if the barn wasn’t owned by a school staffer. And when that cry for help resulted in Judge Grine taking away the rights of Mom, who’d tried to stop Jerry, and conveying him to the molester, the suicide attempt was guaranteed imo.

    I believed the hospital must be involved, if not police, as there was a placement review. Where Grine screwed Matt a second time.

    I want Matt to sue for all records: hospital (we know who “owns” that baby – Dranov et al or Penn State depending –
    police, TSM, Court records including Court reports & transcripts, County Welfare, Probation Dept etc with records preservation TROs. Best way to get to the bottom of County corruption.

  20. Rose says:

    oh, I forgot, sue the F’ing school
    that let Jer on campus in fall 1994 to
    harass Matt without Mom’s knowledge
    or permission and complicit school

  21. erose says:

    “They thought he had lost his mind. Where would they get that many people to attend a concert?” said D. Paul Witmer Jr., whose father of the same name supervised the construction of this and other major Hershey buildings from 1925 to 1960.

    “Finally, Mr. Hershey made the decision to go with it,” Witmer said, after seeing his Ice Palace (which later became the Hershey Museum) packed with people skating and playing ice hockey.

    If he hadn’t built the arena, Witmer believes the town “would have been strangely different. … Hockey added a lot to our culture around here.”

    Witmer recalled his father was sent by Milton Hershey to scout other venues such as Madison Square Garden. His marching orders were that the new arena should not have any obstructions such as pillars to mar spectators’ views.

  22. erose says:

    Brief History of Old Senior Hall on Pat’s Hill

    •First planned by Mr. Hershey to be a vocational school for the entire community.
    •D. Paul Witmer designed and supervised the building of Senior Hall.

    •The Trade School opened officially on September 5, 1934, with 86 boys enrolled in the shop program at Senior Hall. A trolley brought students to the building. The trolley tunnel, through which students entered the building, is still in existence. It is located on the north side of the building near the swimming pool.

  23. Rose says:

    Go Pennsylvania Sen. Casey!
    Called for a Fed review of Nationwide appl of Fed child sex abuse reporting laws & revision as needed.
    (his State, PA, is more loosey goosey). Mikulski is a pit bull, so if they (D) remain in Senatd majority (Committee control) this will get done.

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  25. Word Girl says:

    Odds and ends here: Rose, you’re short little posts are getting almost as haiku-like as Malty! Love ‘em.

    Do we already know JS will receive his pension?

    “Pennsylvania will continue paying out Jerry Sandusky’s $59,000 per year pension, despite his conviction on scores of counts of child molestation. That crime is not covered under Pennsylvania’s pension forfeiture laws. This sounds abhorrent, but it is important enough to remember what a pension is.”

    Re the suicide attempts with aspirin. Aspirin can definitely kill you. We don’t know the dosage, height and weight of the patients, their ages and degree of dehydration, what was already in the stomach, how quickly (over what period of time) was thae aspirin taken, nor whether or not they were enteric coated/soluable.

    These can be very tricky patients to treat and would likely require hospitalization at least overnight, depending on how they origianlly presented.

    (Please remember not to give aspirin to anyone under age 21.)

  26. erose says:

    Insight into Centre County Court. (scroll past the red and orange) Read when you have some time, it is sometimes humorous.


    XVII. Sentencing

    Dale and I reported to the appropriate courtroom for sentencing. In
    the hall, a young man, shackled and restrained by two police officers,
    was yelling: “I’m eighteen, and I’m having a very bad day!” The cops
    didn’t bat an eye as they dragged him to the adjoining prison.

    We sat.

    The presiding judge, the Hon. David C. Grine, surveyed with evident
    disdain a room full of criminals like us. Deborah Lux was there, once
    again serving as counsel. David Crowley was mercifully absent.

    The judge briefly examined each case before him. For each case, he announced
    the amount of the fine, the time of probation, and banged his gavel.
    Immediately before he arrived at our case, he looked at a man directly to
    our left. Instead of delivering the usual ARD sentence, he flashed a
    sadistic grin and said: “Two years jail.” Dealing marijuana was the crime.
    The man’s attorney objected. The judge said: “Okay, two years, one
    suspended.” The attorney, another flunky from the public defender’s
    office, sat down again. Two cops immediately dragged the man from the
    courtroom to take him to jail.

    I noted that practically everyone in the room was poor,
    and those with whom I spoke were all uneducated. DUI was the
    most common offense.

    Judge Grine came to our case, announced the expected sentence,
    and we reported upstairs to be assigned probation officers. I was
    disgusted with myself for having agreed to this arrangement, and
    perhaps this was why I was surly with the probation officer, Thomas
    Harmon. This earned me a visit to a court-appointed psychiatrist,
    to determine if I were mentally disturbed or on drugs.

    I wondered if this was fiction, but it was reality, btw they got ARD’s.

    Date: Sat, 10 Mar 90 00:22:22 GMT
    From: (Angela Marie Thomas)
    Subject: PSU Hackers thwarted

    The Daily Collegian Wednesday, 21 Feb 1990

    Unlawful computer use leads to arrests
    ALEX H. LIEBER, Collegian Staff Writer

    Two men face charges of unlawful computer use

  27. erose says:

    Don’t know where the dude in the shades came from. The article starts on page 8.

  28. Rose says:

    erose. I’m on the podcast thread. where should we be?

  29. Word Girl says:

    Erose, thanks for the phrack. Couldn’t read! Not on the mobile , anyway. You gave enough of the flavor–thanks.

  30. erose says:

    I see that. Usually the podcasts are on more than one topic, so we resume at the thread we left off at. It makes no difference to me. Blink?

    Rose says:
    June 29, 2012 at 11:02 am

    erose. I’m on the podcast thread. where should we be?

    Agreed until I complete my updated piece early next week, makes sense. Thanks to you both.

  31. Word Girl says:

    Oh, so we stay here as usual. Good.

    Just a note on hotel check-in. If you call ahead to reserve, not to mention the anonyminity of the Internet. And you can check in swiftly on arrival (not in huge cities).

    If he used the Sandusky name, the hotel’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policysy have locked in.

  32. Word Girl says:

    Not too pith– smooth– is what I wanted to say regarding my above post. ^^^

  33. Redly says:

    So the latest reports would indicate that it was paterno within penn state that was most responsible for protecting the pedophile from the authorities after 2001 and thus allowing the rape of more children to continue. Not that this excuses the failure of the others to follow through on their previous decision to report the pedophile, of course, despite his “talk” with them, but I think many suspected that he was the one person at psu with the ability to shape events that could impact the football program. Hopefully getting caught before he died allowed him to realize the damage he did, though I am not convinced he did from his actions re his firing. He was said to be a very caring man but somehow must not have viewed these children as worth protecting.

    Redly- until we know the content of those emails, if there is content regarding Coach outside of that snippet, I think your comments are premature. If Paterno participated in a cover up, I will be the first person to condemn that behavior openly, right after I vomit.

    That includes any findings by the Dept of Education, NCAA, US Atty General or credible and verifiable source.


  34. Redly says:

    Blink, I just get so angry about child abuse. Hopefully they release the emails in the perjury actions.

    No worse crime in my book, than harming a defenseless vulnerable child. Particularly in this case, where they were struggling in the first place. You are right to be angry and an advocate.

    And btw, I am particularly concerned about the statement issued since on behalf of Schultz and Curley.

    How many times could they put Corbett’s name in it?


  35. Redly says:

    Here is the CNN piece on it.

    It is clear that Paterno had a level of influence, we knew that, but he alerted Schultz and Curley and scheduled the meeting. The rest, a bunch of narcissistic self-preserving bullchit by men who should know better and at the very least, the Clery violation is a sure thing.

    I will address this in my next piece. Not a freaking word about the victim, but they consider their options to be “humane”. These humps.


  36. erose says:

    Is this – blame the dead guy? Another cover-up? How will we ever know if these emails are legit? Who leaked them, and why now? It just goes a long way to justify the series of events with the BOT and all, and no one, NO ONE, is now in a position to defend whether or not that conversation between Curely and Paterno went down that way.

    Can we rely on the authenticity of the document? We already know we are dealing with liars in Curley and Schultz. And if it is true, where does TSM fit in to all of this. Who was charged with informing them, following up, seeing to it that the rapist was getting help? Or was Raykovitz his shrink and his employee?

  37. kjazzyjazz says:

    The one thing that I have been struggling with during this whole ordeal is the fact that a lot of people are saying that he musted have been abused as a child and that’s why he did it. I listend to the below internet radio show and they had a psychologist as a guest discussing her diagnosis of JS. It is very interesting and worth listening.


    I am going to be honest, I will post this link for others to make up their own minds, but I have to tell you their is a very big chasm between opinions in the mental health/psyche community and the LE and criminal analyst community. In fact, I will go as far as to say when I hear descriptors like a pedophile may have been born that way and therefore should an argument be “are they then defective” and not guilty of a crime I want to hurl stuff.

    I wish Grace In The Hills was not so bogged down, I will try to get her to weigh in on my next piece.


  38. Rose says:

    thx erose for high sign “over there”
    makes sense. bad day.
    my region sold out of a/c rooms by 7 am
    landed at a cheapo place in another state at 730 am
    where VA State Bar did CEUs

    forging on and reading back

    you are right Blink.

    until there are verbatim email transcripts in evidence, who knows.

    And then it was hearsay. someone said JP said.

    Waiting for who rolls ovef on whom.

    But Gordon ? had the right 3 part plan.
    Sorry he caved.

  39. Word Girl says:

    Here’s a federal proposed and actual budget for Foster Care and Permenancy(Adoption) broken down by state, with justifications.

    The next big news piece is going to detail how children are put into foster homes and how much the parents are paid for taking care of the children.

    Specifically, we will find out how much D. and J. Sandusky were paid for their years of “service.”

    In my limited research it could be as much as $350,000 paid to the Sandusky family, but there is a lot we don’t know there. We have been told that Matt was the youngest of all the foster children, which leaves a lot of years to investigate.

  40. Word Girl says:


  41. erose says:

    @Rose, Hoping for some relief for you all. “Hang in there,” is the best I’ve got.

  42. A Texas Grandfather says:

    As Word Girl suggests in her post, we need to follow the money. Not only do we have JS and TSM engaging in questionable actions, they could not have accomplished as much if the courts were more diligent in monitoring all placeents. This raises some questuons about the money transactions as related to the court.

  43. kjazzyjazz says:


    I totally agree with you about wanting to hurl stuff when you heard that comment. I did too. I wanted to point out that if you were sexually molested as a child, does not mean you will become an abuser in the future. Looking back to my situation with my father it was all about power and control and a lack of empathy. He was not sexually molested as a child. He lacked empathy for others. In fact he was a car salesman and he would lie to people just so they would buy a car. He didn’t care just so he made money. He only cared about him. I also believe that JS lacked empathy for all of the children he molested and used his power to keep them quiet.

    Sorry about my typo in my previous post…”musted” is not a word. :)


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  45. A Texas Grandfather says:

    IMO there has never been any type of medical or scientific evidence that people are born with a particular propensity that affects their behavior. It is all about decisions and the environment in which one lives.

    Every human that has a reasonably working brain makes moral or immoral choices on a daily basis. Those that make poor choices and then do nothing about correcting them are gradually embracing evil.

  46. Kate says:

    Since Paterno didn’t use email (it has been said), how will it ever be proven that he did or did not want to cover up Sandusky’s crimes?

    I predict it won’t ever be proven (one way or another) to everyone’s satisfaction.

  47. Rose says:

    @Word Girl. That’s been around for decades (Federal grants to States Foster Care programs) and the benefit of Federal subsidies is there are minimal rules for States to get the $…idk the form now, once called block grants. In the 80s to get the Fed funds, States had to do some minimal regs & training to ensure kids didnt languish in foster care til age 18. I think a lot of ill worked its way in thru States contracting out these essential govt functions for child protection beginning in Reagan years. Anyway, the need for foster care will always be with govt, especially since religious groups and clubs like Masons have mostly moved out of ” orphanages”
    The payments cover housing, food, supervision 24/7, clothes & necessities and I doubt most foster homes make as much as running a home day care center. Now founding a business of group homes, for mentally disabled, there’s your money maker. I don’t think Sanduskys were in it to maje money. It satisfied different needs in each of them.

  48. Rose says:

    wow erase that. how did I open such an old thread?? blushing.

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