Casey Anthony Bankruptcy Bust: Trustee Wants To Auction Her Rights, Has Buyers

Orlando- Fl,  In a fitting twist to the latest saga that is Casey Anthony since she was acquitted in 2010 of the murder of her 34 month old daughter Caylee,   Miss Anthony is not getting off the hook for her financial obligations as easily.

Photo Courtesy Associated Press

Photo Courtesy Associated Press

Anthony was seen for the first time publicly on March 4, 2013 at the meeting of the creditors, referred to as a 341 meeting- she is required to attend.

Since that time the attorney for Zenaida Gonzalez,  John Morgan, has filed a motion to evaluate Anthony’s estate and financial affairs after hearing that she received financial support for living expenses from her attorneys ( gee, wonder if that is from any she is claiming as creditors in the petition- that would be a bar no no.) and also from undisclosed “friends.”

Not to be outdone,  last week the trustee HIMSELF filed a motion to auction and sell the “asset of the estate”:

  1. Among the assets of the Estate are the exclusive worldwide rights in perpetuity to the commercialization of Anthony’s life story including her version of the facts, her thoughts and impressions of whatever nature, in so far as these pertain to her childhood, the disappearance and death of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, her subsequent arrest, incarceration, trial, acquittal and withdrawal from society, including the rights to motion pictures, documentaries, live stage performances and any other form of performance art, any transmission of video and /or audio content, by any means of technology, whether presently existing or hereafter developed, including, withoutlimitation, standard free over-the-air television, non-standard television distribution including, without limitation, basic, tier and/or premium cable distribution; direct broadcast satellite television, subscription television; multi-point distribution systems, multiple multi-point distribution systems, local multi-point distribution systems, satellite master antenna television systems, open video system, television receive-only, closed circuit television, and radio; online including, without limitation, Internet, world-wide- web, all forms of social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter now known or hereinafter developed; cable modem and all other forms of online distribution now known and hereinafter developed; internet protocol television, mobile/wireless, all portable devices including tablets and /or mobile phones; all interactive forms of distribution now known or hereinafter developed; airline, theater, restaurant and hotel/motel distribution, narrow and broadband services, video dial tone, paper-per-view, high-definition format, video-on-demand, and subscription video-on- demand; literary rights including publication(s) in print and /or electronic means, including but not limited to electronic books, audio books, online magazines, and internet articles; and merchandise tie-ins (the “Property”).

Among the critical thinking Orlando environs:  James M. Schober.

  1. The Trustee has received a written offer from James M. Schober in the amount of $10,000 for the Property. Mr. Schober’s stated intention is to acquire the Property in order to prevent Ms. Anthony or others from publishing or profiting from her story in the future, and therefore his offer is not subject to any contingency based upon the cooperation or promise of cooperation from Ms. Anthony.
  2. Due to the intense public interest in the Debtor and the Property, the Trustee believes that there will be interest from others in purchasing the Property.

Could the cash cow finally be going out to pasture?

Where legal, taking bets on how quickly the bankruptcy gets withdrawn or converted to a Chapter 13.

Good citizens of Florida,  leave your checkbooks in your home office and guard your target cards until this is all over.


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  1. Ragdoll says:

    PS….I miss Beejay :(

  2. Keefers says:

    Hi Blink! Well, at least she won’t be able to turn a profit for murder, just wish she would fade into the woodwork AFTER she gets her tubes tied. Any word on the her parents? Last I heard they were involved in some scam to ‘help’ families of missing children, so are they also not to be allowed to make a buck off this MURDER? Sorry, know she was found not guilty but let’s face it, she IS gulity. Keefers

  3. GeorgiaDad says:,0,3635228.story

    I guess it is a reasonable compromise. It’s probably too good of a deal for CA, but establishing a precedent that a person has to sign away all rights to their life stories in a bankruptcy case is very disturbing to me.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t expect many high bids for her rights except from porn producers.

    Except, how does someone destitute come up with $25K?

    Seriously, the singular reason this woman has survived this is because Caylee had no rights of her own in this, none. Her Mother capitalized on her heinous death as well as her grandparents and it will forever make me ill.

    Pitch your baby in a bog- life goes on in skankville. That happened.

    Sorry in advance, Miss Caylee will always hold an exclusive and special place for me that may result in occasional unprofessional response

  4. Ragdoll says:


    Under the settlement, Anthony will not object to Texas EquuSearch being named as a $75,000 creditor in her bankruptcy case, and Texas EquuSearch will not object to Anthony’s bankruptcy petition for discharge.

    The fact that the minion is so ready to not object, worries me. This bankruptcy case will be tossed out like her daughter….and as Blink puts it, life goes on in skankville.


  5. Ragdoll says:

    friendLY, I recognize this is a subject which you no longer wish to lend a stage to. I understand your convictions, which you’ve given over the past couple years. Totally respect you for that!

    I only have one question and you seem to have a great insight into her mind (for instance, why she would shake her head ‘no’, during the trial. You indicated it wasn’t about denial but rather the state had the details wrong and it pissed her off).

    So, why would she admit that Zanny the Nanny DID exist after Baez claimed at her trial, she was a fabricated character. Why would she still cling to the babysitter? I can’t make sense of it other than she has a personality disorder…what’s there to make sense of?

    No worries if no response. You just never know if you don’t ask.

    Infinite blessings xo

  6. Ragdoll says:

    Cannot imagine this going anywhere, but how convenient to register (LLC no less) AFTER the civil suits.

    This girl.
    I suppose I forgot to mention recently that maculoso is in Fed prison now.

  7. Ragdoll says:

    Heard it was coming. Thanks for the update!

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