Casey Anthony Murder Trial: Chief Defense Witness Bill Rodriguez Perjurs Himself- OUT HE GOES- .. Ashton Spits Out Spitz… Blink Discuss Live Tonight On Dana Pretzer Show (Podcast Added)

Orlando, FL-  The Ninth Circuit of Orange County is beginning to look like their own decay facility.

If your watching the murder trial of Casey Anthony, for the murder of her daughter Caylee as the defense is presenting their case in chief,  you are watching Jose Baez et al building their own THE BODY FARM, of defense witnesses, that is.

The Body farm

For those of you who wish to maintain your decorum and have been advised to remove sharp objects from your reach, I offer the Blink hilight reel.

Fly In The Ointment.. Or Chew Lugie

Dr. Timothy Huntington, who was the defense entymologist expert , swarmed in, stating that the flies and larvae were attracted to the contents of the trash bag.  In short, his opinion was the blowflies, known for their ability to smell “happy hour” within seconds, were nearly absent from the trunk, and that the ones found were attracted to whatever decomposing food products, or garbage, that were NOT present.

Yep,  I said NOT present.  Jeff Ashton opened the evidence of the soda can reflecting no chew spit, and the “salami” packaging which actually held a piece of paper disguised as a food item, apparently.

Dr. Huntington’s “pigs not in blankets” experiment, where he had someone kill pigs and stash them in the trunks of various cars to prove the rate and amount of blowflies present in contrast to those found in the trunk of the Pontiac Sunfire, forgot to duplicate conditions in anyway, specifically, double trash bags wrapped in a laundry bag.  Dr. Huntington was forced to admit he has zero relevant experience in this area.

Like a moth to the flame, State Attorney Jeff Ashton drew Huntington into his “web of truth”.  Huntington, for purposes of this piece, was not at all comfortable on the prosecutorial flypaper; he said it “rides up” after a while.

It is not known if  Dr. Huntington left any puparia in his seat when he was excused from the witness box.

From Founder To Flounder In Taphonomic Wikigate

William Rodriguez, Phd, the defense expert in taphonomy, or the study of decaying organisms over time through fossilization has an impressive resume.

founder-  one that founds or establishes

flounder (v)-  to make clumsy attempts to regain one’s balance.

The good Dr, under oath, claimed to be a co-founder of  infamous THE BODY FARM in open court.

Not according to THE BODY FARM, or it’s actual founder, Dr. Bill Bass.

Dr. Rodriguez was already a subject of contention, or possible contEMPTion,  for drastically altering the opinion and findings he reported, versus what he is now prepared to testify to, thus violating Judge Perry’s order for what is now going to be the third time.

However, it is a whole different animal to claim a co-founder status, than the actuality, which was a teaching assistant, and at times,  window washer.

Because the State of Florida believes Rodriguez’s change in testimony is in effect a discovery violation, Judge Perry has since reserved ruling on the infraction until the trial’s conclusion.

Wait till he hears this BOMBSHELL.

Immediately Prior to Publication Update:  Rodriguez is OUT.  Details To Follow

Shoddy Is As Shoddy Does

By far, one of the more painful witness cross-examinations to date,  Werner Spitz, MD, was like flying coach to Thailand seated next to a newborn with an ear infection,  that has run out of booze in the first hour.

Dr. Spitz’s obsession with his pocket-cranial saw for all occasions not withstanding,  his testimony under cross, following a celebrated 56 year forensic pathology career involving the Assasinations of  President JFK and Dr. Martin Luther King was an affront to the profession, period.

At one point, he referred to the autopsy conducted by Jan Garavaglia, of “Dr. G” fame, as “shoddy” because she did not remove the “cap” of the skull, and therefore could not see the brain; although little Caylee Anthony’s remains were completely skeletonized with no soft tissue whatsoever.

When Dr. Spitz told the jury that he believed that the reason the mandibular bone appeared almost in full articular placement was because the duct tape was placed “on the left side only” after the toddler was completely decomposed, jurors were observed actually smirking at the man.

He was unaware there were 3 separate strips of duct tape affixed, and overall seemed to defy most Medico Legal Investigation of Death protocol in unnatural death investigation ,  which sadly, he is actually the co-author of.

Career, Interrupted.

Definitely A Fortnight…. Yes For Sure… Maybe Not

Dr. Jane Bock, the defense botany expert, as I have covered exclusively previously, is a lovely woman and accomplished professor.

She was also the benefactor of  Jeff Ashton’s gentlemanly handling of her testimony during cross examination this afternoon.

Dr. Bock went from the sublime to the ridiculous in her assertion that Caylee could have completely skeletonized, and grown herself a “root wrap” via her Pooh blanket.  Mr. Ashton was kinder than I would have been, to his credit, and to my “note to self about humility”, because I have written about her prior case work and it would have been entirely relevant as an impeachment item.  That said, I will follow his lead.

With no personal disrespect intended whatsoever to these “experts”, professionally, you betcha,  I have to ask,  did Jose Baez pull these folks out of a matinee complete with the AARP discount for a COCOON screening?

How is it, these seemingly accomplished, highly educated forensic professionals with career paths the envy of many a grad student,  were willing to throw their credentials behind such ludicrous opinions that were completely unsubstantiated by findings or evidence,  simply to have their names associated with this case. Make no mistake, that is exactly what happened here.

Being an expert defense witness, real or perceived in this case, makes going into one’s twilight  a solid 401K extender.

Blink discussing witnesses and developments after press-time LIVE tonight on THE DANA PRETZER SHOW.

Special Guests:  Diane Dimond, Mark Nejame, and Blink, Editor In Chief, www.

Images by Klaasend.

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  1. Riverpearl says:

    Blink, IF they [State] get CA’s work records for March 2008 [which I thought they did have] can the defense objected to them being brought into evidence in rebuttal ?? Wouldn’t the records be in fact part of impeachment of her testimony ??

    With CA “giving her info to defense & by omission she did NOT tell State–is this ‘witness testimony’ & ‘reasonable doubt’ a very strong force in acquittal now ???”

    IMO CA’s ‘testimony” go hand in hand w/her “i love you” to ICA last week ???


  2. Kaysey says:

    @ATG….I agree with you….I just watched my MIL get off the stand and see my SIL sitting at the defense table! My FIL = George….goes along with it all like a sick puppy….My husband the oldest of the 2 siblings, thank God, made it out with honesty and decency! This case so frustrating to me! I’ve been living it! I had a little bit of hope though, that Cindy might really and truly finally be trying to do the right thing by Caylee. From my own experience, she never will….I don’t know what I was thinking…I’m screaming right about now!!

  3. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink I missed Cindys testimony-
    but Just read what utter bull shit she is spouting.

    Today is the day that I personally have moved into NOT having Any sympathy for this woman AT ALL.


    Please tell me that ALL the evidence will come in now-

    Can and will they proove Cindy wasnt home during those days/times?..

    For petes sake which is it a stain due to trash and butter and cheese or something that was there when they bought the car????

    Cindy WTH is wrong with you? Your granddaughter was lying dead and bloated in that trunk and you damn well know you didnt look up chloroform!!

    Casey deserves to be in jail for the rest of her life and Cindy can be in a cell right next to her, for all the “love” I am feeling right now.

    What does this mean for Georges testimony? Is he seriously going to go along with this BS and lay down for the sacrificial killing?

    I am so sad Blink, and I again havent even seen her testimony yet.

    That poor baby Caylee has been left again alone in the dark to be forgotten all- so her mother can achieve freedom, this time at the hands of her Grandma


    Shame on you Cindy! Shame on you!

    Seriously, I dub this the short active mom’s with kids home on Summer Holiday, except the d-word is not for them, lol

  4. Dave S. says:

    The Lady Computer Forensics person had it wrong about the password account on the home computer. If Casey was on the computer using her password protected “adminstrative account”, do you think that she would not log out and leave the computer on but logged back in to the “non-password protected account” that Cindy, George etc. used?

  5. Starsky says:

    My jaw is on the floor. I thought that Cindy wanted “justice” for Caylee. I did not expect her to take the blame for the searches. Having said that, our home computer has a password but is always on, so I never have to type one in. The only time I have to type one in is if the computer has to be rebooted.
    If you have a laptop, you have to know what a freaking browser is. That was a crock of shiznit if you ask me. The jury cannot be buying this. I do not think it was a ‘tremendous day for the defense’, rather it was an opportunity for the jury to see the depth of lies in this family.

  6. Dave S. says:

    Cindy’s BS about that no one at work knows here password is Bull Sh*t! Do they not have an “IT” Department? All IT departments Administrater know all the passwords used on the system. Also how does she know if emails are not backed up? More Bull sh*t!

    Lol, it may shock you to know early in my career, I did IT consulting for Fortune 50 Companies, and the simpleton that is Cindy Anthony, had me on the horn with old colleagues laughing their DASD off.

  7. Charlotte says:

    What did Cindy say about the check fraud charges? I completely missed that???? Please someone?????

  8. StephG says:


  9. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks Blink for clearing up what will happen during rebuttal.

    Now you are thinking as I do about the DNA. I do know that in a study made regarding people on death row in various places around the country, all were found to have a similar gene that was not found in people who did not kill. Is there any revelance there? IDK

    I don’t think any juror could place any credance in testimony by Cindy after this last performance.


    Don’t dispair. Remember your source. IMO the host is just attempting to do a marketing ploy. I never ever believe anything uttered by anchors on HLN without verifying it from another source.

    I have zero despair my dear ATG. I am going to work, lol.

  10. chelsea says:

    Blink, please, to prevent me going absolutely balistic, could you explain what happens with rebuttal? I understand direct and cross etc. but what does rebuttal actually mean for the Prosecution.

    Cindy Anthony has sickened me to the very core of my being and I retract any form of apology that I may have offered. I am unbelievably disappointed that this family are not prepared to seek justice for their grand daughter/niece.

  11. OhioSheryl says:

    I do not know what makes me more ill, the fact that Cindy has lied on the stand, or the fact that her newest lies are being spewed across the airwaves courtesy of the talking heads that have not followed the case.

  12. Riverpearl says:

    AMO but I am going to say it-

    Soo Anthony’s, the stain in the trunk, you NOW claim has ALWAYS been there …


    ===>You can NOT “CLEAR THE AIR” in that trunk<===

    Decomposition is Decomposition.

    All the frebreeze, all the dryer sheets in the world will NEVER EVER remove that smell,
    the smell of DEATH,
    the smell each of you,
    Yes you Cindy & George,
    YOU SMELLED the SMELL of DEATH when you were exposed to that Sunbird trunk/car.
    You both have statements in evidence about comments you made about the SMELL.

    So, unless you are also now claiming the trunk has always carried a decomposing body …
    the SMELL of decomposition was smelled by many, many people
    REMEMBER there are 4-cans holding that "stain carpet pieces w/smell of decomposition" …

    Your "security in presenting your NEW testimony to set up reasonable" is FALSE.




  13. justice23 says:

    Cindy’s recent testimony was despicable. Caylee must be looking down on all of this in despair right now. The degree of patheticness continues …

  14. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Anyone who has ever been a salaried employee knows that they don’t normally punch in and out on a time clock. If they have to work extra hours beyond forty per week, they in most cases do not show it on a time sheet. Some states require that salaried employees must be paid for overtime if it continues for a period of time or exceeds an hourly threashold.

    This tells me that Cindy was an hourly employee. In fact, at this point, I am beginning to question the claim that she is a registered nurse. Someone needs to investigate.

  15. jane says:

    Blink was this not an ambush by Cindy and can the State do anything to her with rebuttal and can the do something for her perjury

  16. Riverpearl says:

    Ooops, dropped a word -correction below-
    Your “security in presenting your NEW testimony to set up reasonable doubt” is FALSE.


  17. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your post this morning. I will give a rousing second to your observation about the Long testimony.

    The thing that really cinched it for me was his testimony on cross examation by Mr. Ashton regarding the lack of lab notes regarding the set up of the equipment. Then Mr. Ashton asked if his lab had that paticlar equipment and the answer was “NO”. A follow on question about how long ago had he worked in that area. The answer was “not since I was a grad student”.

    If the man did not have that piece of equipment in his lab and had not worked in that area for twenty years, how could he really qualify as an expert? IMO he did not understand the lab notes regarding the machine set up is his ignorance of what should be found in the notes.

  18. A Texas Grandfather says:


    The dispair remark was aimed at Jane, not you. Bless you,the amount of posting today is a real load along with the other things you must do.

    Lol, thank you. I do think you addressed a message that is needed by many, however.


  19. PamVA says:

    Oh Oh and there are other ways to tell if someone was at work on a particualar day besides timesheets. There’s her work PC, I’m sure a nurse has to document patient’s charts, there is probably a security camera of some sort, toll road receipts or records, maybe the state has something other than timesheets.

  20. jane says:

    Blink can Casey’s check forgery come into the trial now since lying Cindy mentioned it as she was perjuring herself

  21. julie says:

    Seriously I never expected anything less from Mrs. Anthony. You guys….seriously..? Like mother………like…….

  22. lizzy says:

    44.A Texas Grandfather says:
    June 23, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Blink’s reply:
    I have zero despair my dear ATG. I am going to work, lol.

    YES! You armour up and go to work! And I TAKE BACK my nice posts about Cindy. Virtually shredded.


    This woman, who avoided much of the uglieness that occurred at the home out of respect, just bought herself a ticket on the Weinerboat.


  23. nana2 says:


    Well Cindy clearly said she was a salaried employee on the stand today & has stated that many times in clips of her depo’s. I was a salaried employee in NY for many years, no time card required & worked many hrs over 40, many, many hrs. Here in Fla also no time cards for salaried employees that I know for sure.

    Personally I don’t think Cindy is afraid of being held accountable for lying under oath either on the stand or at depo whatever they might try to do to her for that she will get out of it. I remember the videos of Cindy being deposed by John Morgan that’s when you saw what she is capable of.

    Right now I can guarantee Cindy is watching every TV show & searching every blog to see how much damage she did to the state today & loving it. Can’t understand how the state didn’t know this type of testimony was going to happen. I also feel it was a big mistake to allow Cindy to sit in the courtroom during the trial because she is sitting there taking notes of what is said & using it for her testimony JMO. Those notes provide her with what to say & how to come back at people when questioned & stay on the safe side. Cindy & Casey have excellent memories when they want to.

    I was puzzled by the Cindy that was on the stand when the state called her as a witness all that ‘yes ma’am & no ma’am’ to LDB like sugar dripping out that was so not Cindy.

  24. lizzy says:

    Sometimes professional employees are asked to keep a detailed time log (not time cards), for the purposes of caseload/project management, billing/invoicing, identification of hiring needs, etc. In that case, the employer wants them to keep complete and detailed records of EVERY hour they work and when. Only putting down 40 hours per week is a complete contradiction of this.

    Briefly, I agree with ATG.

  25. Amy says:

    I thought it was illeagal for an attorney to allow his client to get up on the stand and perjur themselves..How can Mark Lippman allow Cindy to get up on the stand when he knows she is lying..Please Blink, tell me that the state expected this.. tell me they have a plan…MY heart just breaks that no one in that family cares what was done to Caylee. the anthony’s attorney needs to stop telling people that his clients just want the truth..

  26. Riverpearl says:

    Did you notice CA’s face when she was ‘reconstructing her testimony’??

    She had “the same look she had through out her depos w/State” …

    IMO “she was really hoping ‘to do battle’ w/LDB”…
    IMO she ‘appeared to enjoy the unfolding’ of her ‘new testimony’ and really wanted to’stick it to the State”.

    IMO ‘she was down right cold in her presentation & seemed to feel miffed she did not get to go for the throat of State’…

    I may not be explaining this well but there was ‘no trace of the broken down grieving g’mother on the stand today’.

    IMO there is “ice in those viens” and “she has been waiting, ‘tears’ & all to put on this ‘act’ for all to see because hey, ICA may be a narcissistic, lying, thieving child killer but she is CA’s narcissistic, lying, thieving child killer. Absolutely no one is going to stand in her way, including her murdered grand daughter, to stop her from freeing ICA.”

    IMO There are little micro-expressions a person has on their face, watch CA’s face while on the stand [while the sound is off] and you will almost see her intensity increase as ‘forming bigger & bigger fabrications’ …

    Notice still #4 than still #5 –she is literally trying to ‘swallow her lips/mouth’ — your body has a way of expressing ‘truths/tells’ even if ‘a person is not verbally telling truth’.
    slideshow of CA

    Video of CA on stand

  27. Riverpearl says:

    ===>NEW BLINK TREAD<===

    Casey Anthony Trial: The State Discovers The Elusive 17th Allele- BOMBSHELL Discovery Of The Deuchebag Chomosome, Belongs To Bereaved Gram Cindy Anthony

  28. Riverpearl says:

    ===>NEW BLINK THREAD<===

    Casey Anthony Trial: The State Discovers The Elusive 17th Allele- BOMBSHELL Discovery Of The Deuchebag Chomosome, Belongs To Bereaved Gram Cindy Anthony

  29. bobwhiteoftheglen says:

    Blink says:

    I think we are going to hear from many folks formerly lurking today.


    I say — yip. I am not surprised by Cindy’s testimony today. After all, her memory is better now that she changed meds, right? I am truly sickened. God Bless Caylee.

    I shall return back to lurkdom and enjoy the great posts from all of you. Blink, kudos to you…as always. I’ll leave you with my favorite quote before I go:

    “Such is the irresistible nature of truth that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing.” ~ Thomas Paine

  30. WPG says:

    Riverpearl, great analysis of CA.

    Caught CA’s little smiley/smirk towards LDB, too.

  31. Liam says:

    The standard of commenting on here is fantastic, lots of obviously intellegent people with different views but amongst all things, good people.

    I don`t think any less of Cindy Anthony for trying her best to help Casey, if she gets the death penalty it will ultimately be a punishment more for the family than any individual and it`s simple human nature to do so.

    Sadly this young woman has made decisions that she will always live to regret, but sometimes the solution to a problem begins with the understanding of it.

    I sincerely hope Casey Anthony is spared the death penalty, I believe this was an unintended death that has ultimately come to seem the opposite and will cost her freedom, she, I believe has already given herself the toughest sentence, living with the loss of her beautiful daughter Caylee…

  32. Mom3.0 says:

    Liam You know I value all your posts- you always seem to keep me on my toes with a different perspective. Thanks for having the courage to state what you “believe”-

    Having said that Liam, respectfully- how can you “believe” anything, if the points and testimony you underscore comes from a pack of liars?

    I agree with you Liam, that it is human nature to want to help your children. But Cindy Anthony, Caylees grandmother could have told the truth and nothing but the truth so help her God, and STILL gave an impassioned plea to the jury to opt for life over the death penalty. That is what the penalty phase allows.

    I realize you and I may have different beliefs about what the trial has proven so far, or what the evidence has shown- but we seem to agree that Cindy lied- under oath- you say it was her doing whatever she could- “her best” to help Casey- human nature…I say it was her lying- and willfully choosing NOT to get to the truth of what happened to her baby granddaughter at the hands of her spiteful daughter….a blatant attempt to get her daughter out of trouble again- this time over the heinous death of her 2 year old grandchild.

    As for Casey giving herself the toughest sentence, life without her beautiful daughter Caylee, are you serious?

    Caylee was dead- DEAD on the 16th of June- Casey partied and lived life to the fullest- as if a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders…she went shopping on her friends tab- she lied and rented disturbing movies and uploaded macabre icons and partied and ate and had a bed in with her new boyfriend, and watched fire works, & danced the nights away…and smiled pretty for every camera-

    The toughest sentence ever…No not by a long shot.

    That reminds me of Caseys words….What am I supposed to learn from this? as if she were saying havent I been punished enough?

    I was arrested on an fing whim.

    Ps- great posts from everyone- especially you lurkers- dont be afraid to speak up- even if we disagree we do it kindly and respectfully.


  33. Slowroller says:

    Unfortunately, I am starting to believe we are witnessing, “How to get away with murdering your offspring: A family’s struggle with narcissism, attrition, and meddling law enforcement”

    Sorry for the sour outlook, but this “family” is scary. Casey’s comment about this being a “private matter” has been ringing in my ears since she uttered it. The A’s have reduced Caylee to an ailing family pet, that they should be able to “put down” and no one ask any questions…

  34. Beth says:

    I have followed this case for the 3 years that it’s been in the news. I have to agree with Slowroller and Mom3.0 on this one. The murder charge is one of seven charges against this girl. We have 3 daughters… and 2 grand-daughters… I just cannot fathom for the life of me what I would do in this situation. I do know that I would never get on the stand and lie to set my daughter free. Especially one who has consistently lied and to this day will not reveal what has happened to my grand-daughter.

    The dad in all of this, yes, he sits idly by and watches as his wife, Casey’s mother, and his son, Casey’s brother are working to save his daughter. Talk about dysfunction. It’s very clear that the Mother/Grandmother is the head hen in this household.

    What the heck ever happened to responsibility and accountability for one’s actions. Regardless of what happened, this child died while in the care of Casey. Neglect at the very least.

    I am with Dr. G. If your child dies accidentally, you’re calling 911. You’re asking for help, from someone. You’re not ditching the body and partying for a month, until it is that some family member finally calls you out on it, and reports it themselves.

    The 911 calls from Cindy say it all. That my friends was the essence of truth. Those were raw emotions!… Not a concocted lie in order to “save the child”.

    Finally, my synopsis of this whole situation is this one: Casey Anthony had a HUGE blowout with her mother, and left, vowing never to bring Caylee back. In the weeks that followed, when Casey was 100% responsible for that child, and was “tied down” with a 2 year old… she realized just what it was that her mother did to help her out with her. She wanted to go out with her friends, couldn’t ask her mother to babysit, and had to, just had to figure out a way to get out on the party scene… She drugged her, and went too far… Caylee died… maybe in the trunk of that car. When the car began to smell/wreak of decomp, she removed the child, and ditched the car at the Amscott… Life went on for Casey… until the wrecker-guy notified the Anthony’s.

    There was no drowning… There was no abuse or molestation by George. He’s just the guy who is taking the fall at the expense of Cindy and Casey… As for Lee, I really feel bad for him. He is just the side-guy in this circus.

    I have to admit, that my oldest daughter did say that to me one time… and I felt so bad… as if I had actually neglected her. We talked for hours. She said… Mom, I guess if I were the bad kid, I would get more of your attention. I try to do what’s right, and she gets all the love…” It was a real eye-opener for me.

    Let’s let the process do it’s thing, and hopefully, at some point maybe one of these people will remember that this trial is NOT ABOUT CASEY ANTHONY… It’s about CAYLEE ANTHONY! Can we all just remember Caylee!!!!!

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