Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Blink on Crime Discusses New Developments Podcast

Orlando, FL– You have to hear it to believe it. For Real


Podcast Here

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  1. fish says:

    Blink: No signs of a concussion tonite!

    Great job and easy to understand. Thanks for all the hard work. Easier to comment on when you are not hard-pressed with emotions. The last time you were on Dana’s show, I posted after and was a wreck!
    Glad to hear you from a point where I was not so, so emotional. I truly support you and your team!

    My heart goes out to that little baby, Caylee. Stand strong!

    Thanks friend, I am working at it, still not “me”. Weird.
    Good Point about processing cases less emotionally.

  2. artgal says:

    Is this 9pm eastern or does it matter? Im in california

    EST, podcast will up tommorrow if you missed it

  3. Janice says:

    Thanks, for the podcast information only caught the last couple of minutes of the show was almost mad at myself, can’t wait to listen to the entire show.

  4. TOY says:

    Blink, good job as usual on Dana’s show. (The podcast was up earlier than usual this time with a longer musical intro before his show music…mentioned in case others like myself are attuned to his “normal” intro. He is just so good…hard to believe it’s not his profession!)

    I know, Dana is the best.

  5. Boz says:

    Guess what Blink, Blinko’s, Blinknation, Blinkers, Blinkmeisters, Blinkoroonies, and all you other Blinks. Guess what?

    DO tell Bozman!

  6. ChicagoJudy says:

    I just went to the site, but can’t find last night’s program. Can someone share a link please? I’d love to listen to it. TIA

    Podcast link is up.

  7. caseydidit says:

    Happy St Patrick’s Day,…..Just finished listening to the show Blink…Just have to say “BRILLIANT” your analogy is “right on”…as a Fl Taxpayer born and raised, I am outraged that the State would pay one red cent for this woman..and her Faux lawyers,glad that the JAC has “serious concerns”…This “out of the blue” development with George,WOW!….I think you are very right about the Plea coming forward, my first thought of the “accident” comment could be a ploy to get the DP off the table….YES this should be about Caylee,not about little Miss Fancy Pants & her Snake Oil Show!…PS It was great to here the Voice behind the text!….CHEERS!

  8. caseydidit says:

    OOP TYPO- Hear! LOL too much Bailey’s already!

  9. artgal16 says:

    Dear Blink – you were great! You listed people who were not paid
    I was interested that Kathy Reichs the creator of the TV show bones
    has signed on to look at evidence and testify in this case. I emailed her about it last year and she answered my email. It was a standard
    “everyones entitled to a defense” reply – as I had initially emailed her I was disappointed that she would sign on to such a case. Do you know if she was paid?

    I know she does not work for free, however, some are willing to work as long as they maintain their work product rights to do with as they please at some point.

  10. jrube says:


    Please don’t leave us in suspense. LOL We want to know!!

  11. Kleat says:

    Caught the podcast on smr Blink– what can I say, it’s a summary not to be missed. Who’s getting fat… say will the charities and foundations run by George, Cindy, their cohorts in the shade, be accountable to any institution, including JAC for the state, including the Bank of America, in the bigger picture?

    Loved how Dana momentarily stole your show with his, ‘give Casey a cheque(spelled Dana’s way)book’ in jail!! Cancel the hearing!!!! ;)

    It’s St. Patty’s day! I didn’t realize– Casey will be rubbing and kissing her blarney stone today, watching for a glint of daylight to see if there’s a rainbow so she can mule her written directions to the outside, to start digging. Afterall, she’s owed something now, someone owes her and it’s birthday time for her on Friday.

    Will the judge wear green for Casey tomorrow? Will Casey have a new shirt, green without so much foam from parents as a birth-good-luck-in-court-for-$$$$’s-day? Will she be wearing a fav sham?

  12. Kleat says:

    Blink, is it (warning, redundant Q coming) reasonable for the hearing tomorrow, to determine that the figures stated are cast in stone? Specifically, that Todd Macaluso donated all his airplane fuel (14 hrs worth per trip estimated based on his website’s claim that his plane can get him and his team anywhere in the continental USA in 7 hrs, Florida seems to be as distant as it gets– ok, let’s go with 10 hrs of fuel return trip)?

    Is it just a tax write-off to him? Is that ethical, what will the tax department say about that, when specifically for this case, if he wasn’t expecting big dollars, what do you write the cost off “OF”???? He’s not exactly starting out and giving away his expenses for free, or is he???

  13. Kleat says:

    To answer my own question on what Todd Mac’s costs would be written off of, were they PROMOTION costs? Promotion of what, he’s got his reputation (or had) in the bag, promotion to get more and more, bigger and bigger roll of the dice on this case, to win big or lose it all in the world of Criminals Defenses Lawyers?

  14. Boz says:

    OK here:

    Last night while watching NG with wieffy, Mrs. Boz said, “You know what honey? When I saw G+C Anthony at Target a couple of weeks ago, C went the other way and G kinda followed me. I said Hi because I recognized him. He kept talking but I wasn’t too interested but now I think he was flirting with me.”

    Uh OH! Not good.

  15. dancehappy says:

    Aloha Blink, I live in Hawaii. Kahuna is a Hawaiian word, defined in the Pukui & Elbert (1986) as a “Priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard, minister, expert in any profession.”


  16. Blink, I come to your sight daily. I am always impressed. I listened to your podcast today (5:30 PM EST) I have to say you were great. Thank you for watching out for little Caylee. I have followed this case since the very beginning. Keep up the awsome work.


  17. CC Rider says:

    Blink you are awsome!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for helping helpless victims, especially Caylee Anthony.

  18. Janice says:

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010


    Just finished listening to the podcast I have the same mind set as you, agree with you 100% thank you so very much for verbalizing what I for one am feeling, most likely many others about the Casey Anthony case the focus should be on the child that was caught in the crossfire and is now dead. Caylee’s legacy should and will be restored with people like you looking out for her.

    TY, you hit my bullseye on that one :)

  19. Great show! Thanks for posting the podcast Blink!

    Justice for Caylee!!

    Thanks Seemee, Justice for Caylee indeed.

  20. Leslee S. says:

    How about the person that claimed to have first-hand knowledge of the deal with ABC contacting JAC, if it is true.

  21. JR says:


    I just got a chance to catch the SM radio show from the other day and wanted to say you are as well spoken as all that you write. I have researched this case more than any other, desperate to find out just WTF happened and my best conclusion continues to echo my instincts from the start – what also appears to be yours: Casey’s actions somehow led to Caylee’s accidental death and her further mistake was trying to cover it up.

    To normal people, it would seem so much more logical to have just come clean in the beginning and spare herself from the perpetual lies and th risk of facing much more serious charges. Especially when the cops were repeatedly giving her that out.

    But to a sociopath like Casey who likely first convinced herself of reasoning to justify Caylee’s death, it would seem much better for her to not suffer any consequences at all and a feasible option to get away with everything, being smarter than everyone else.

    I also agree this is why a plea deal could likely be what eventually comes. Sociopaths do not admit to any wrong doing until they’ve exhausted everything else and only tell the truth if its clearly the best thing for them. But still, it will always only be their version and never what that truth actually is. I’m almost resigned to the fact we may probably never know what REALLY happened at all.

    The trip to Universal is a window to this girls soul. She is not living past 5 minutes ago, or five minutes ahead of her reality. In her head I truly believed she thought it possible little Caylee was going to pop out of an office closet or something when she took detectives there.

  22. JR says:

    Blink said:
    The trip to Universal is a window to this girls soul. She is not living past 5 minutes ago, or five minutes ahead of her reality. In her head I truly believed she thought it possible little Caylee was going to pop out of an office closet or something when she took detectives there.

    -HAHA…yes either Caylee would magically re-appear for convenience sake or Casey would surely find the right words (in all her circular ‘tangent-’ing)to make the police forget all about the little child they were trying to find and become more focused on the mother…this charming’ young lady with her impressive ‘hook-up’ at universal studios! haha

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