Missing NC Woman Holly Fischer ( UPDATE BODY FOUND): Pending Divorce From Ali Girit Upset Her- Tennesse Police Ask For Public Help

Holly Christine Fischer, 39, has been missing since Monday May 27th.  (UPDATE: THE BODY OF HOLLY FISCHER HAS BEEN LOCATED NEAR HER CAR, WHICH WENT OVER A CLIFF OFF OF 16 IN NC)

Courtesy Holly Fischer

She has not been seen nor heard from since leaving her parents’ home in Knoxville, TN according to a missing persons report filed by her Father Ted.

Ted Fischer described his daughter as “upset” when she left the home Memorial Day- over her pending divorce from estranged husband Ali Ozan Girit. Fischer states that he spoke to Girit and inquired as to his daughter’s whereabouts but Girit proclaimed he has not seen Holly since she left Tennessee.

Holly Fischer, a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Parsons School of Design was a regional sales manager for Discovery Communications through last year.

She has worked in the fashion and design industry for brands like Club Monaco and DKNY.

Girit, a competitive bodybuilder and training manger of LA Fitness according to his linked in profile, signed over a deed to the couples Huntersville home in January of this year. Girit is a former resident of Weehawken, NJ and worked security in New York City in 2009.

Holly Fischer left her parents’ home in Knox County on Monday May 27th and friend Liz Stafford Ajello called the Fischer’s when Holly had not arrived by Wednesday. Ms. Ajello went as far as to suggest foul play is involved in Holly’s disappearance.   Police are focusing their efforts on the area approximately 100 miles  away based on pings from Fischers phone in Ashe and Wilkes counties.

Coward said Fischer’s father told authorities his daughter was upset about her upcoming divorce.

“Her parents seem to think she might have decided to go to Ashe County, to collect herself,” said Liz Stafford, who said she has been a friend of Fischer’s for more than 20 years, dating back to their days as students at Charlotte Latin School.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/05/31/4077514/search-continues-for-missing-charlotte.html#storylink=cpy

Holly is believed to be driving her vehicle- a  UPDATE: DARK GRAY*  2004 Infinity FX 35 and was last seen in Newport wearing a white blouse, denim shorts and sandals. She is blonde with brown eyes, approximately 5’10” and 140 lbs.
Her license plate is registered in North Carolina DMV and is XYH6678. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is JNRAS08W64X203396
Anyone that may have seen her or her vehicle is asked to contact  911


*There is scratches on the driver side mirror and and along the front fender.  For the auto and auto salvage/impound community the actual factory color is Beryllium 16.

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  1. A Texas Grandfather says:

    The photos down slope do not reveal much due to the lack of surface reference data. The guy with the rope down the slope does show that the angle of the slope is not uniform. The slope immediately in front of him is steeper than the portion at shoulder height. That is not unusual.

    If I were the crime scene investigator, I would not be happy where the guys were all standing around talking. They are trampling all over potential evidence. In addition, the big bus sized vehicle is right on the asphalt where the track begins. Good people trying to help, but lacking in knowledge about protecting the scene.

    Think about what happens when a daredevil uses a ramp to jump over a row of parked cars. The ramp is about 30 degrees up and extends to a height above them. The take-off speed and the ramp combine to get the vehicle high in the air and moving forward. As soon as the rear wheels leave the ramp, there is no longer any energy to drive the jumper’s vehicle. It will begin to slow down and fall because of gravity and drag from the air. If the speed and height are great enough, the jumper will be successful. If not, the vehicle crashes into the parked cars underneath.

    In this case, the pathway is obstructed by trees that grow above the top of the slope. They will be an impediment to the vehicle as was possibly shown in one of the other photos.

    In the daredevil stunt, the surface is level. In this instance, the ground is falling away giving more time for the forward motion to move the vehicle prior to contact with the ground. Gravity in this case will act on the weight of the vehicle to increase its speed down. Any trees in the way would slow it down and change the position of the wheels relative to the surface. At some point, the vehicle begins to tumble down the slope bouncing off trees, plants and projections of rock and soil. The steep slope would keep it moving until it struck something strong enough to stop it.

    Without a reference to the top of the cliff and the mark found on the tree, it is only a guess as to how high the vehicle was or what part of the vehicle struck the tree. It would take a day or two to find all the places showing damage from the falling vehicle and photograph them.

    One can see the dead leaves on the ground in the photo of the man on the rope. This makes for a slick surface which is difficult to traverse for a human and could contribute to the vehicle sliding down the slope as it would reduce friction.

    At this point, we have more questions than answers.

  2. Eloise says:

    Inda- I had seen that before- forgot about those pictures.

    ATG- Thanks for that explanation- that helped.

    I have to say- not being there in person is a disadvantage, but I am thinking she wasn’t all that airborne. Is there a pocket or opening when you look down the cliff, or is the underbrush and bushes etc obscuring the view down? I guess I am wondering if the car would have to get by a whole wall of fairly high trees to get down. In which case we should see that- but is that what you were trying to show Inda?

    I wish someone, LE or friends/family would report something if they know. Then again, maybe we wont hear at all. ??

  3. Inda says:

    Thanks ATG for your remarks. They lead me to look at some video online.

    Here’s a video of a car jump up a fairly steep incline and at a relatively rapid rate of speed. The jump is made over a flat area and onto a downhill slope. It shows that the car does not gain much elevation and begins to drop fairly rapidly.
    This video contains an expletive at the end so you might want to turn off your volume if that sort of thing bothers you.

    Holly was traveling up a road that probably had less incline than the road in the video.
    Across a parking area with slight incline
    At a relatively low rate of speed.

    The trees must have been close enough to the road and growing on enough slope that the car, traveling at a relatively low rate of speed, clipped the trees as it fell to the ground. Otherwise we would need a new set of facts such as a higher rate of speed for Holly’s car. We’ve seen the visual proof of the damage. The video was especially compelling.

    Hi Eloise -

    Underbrush does a pretty good job of obscuring the view even the slope. I don’t know what Holly encountered after clipping. The trees but I think these trees we’ve seen we’re her first contact with anything. She also probably damaged those plants on the ground when she drove off.

  4. Inda says:

    Something is wrong with that final link. Here is the correct one: http://hlinda115.tumblr.com/post/57551007932/looking-toward-the-place-where-hollys-car-went

  5. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks for the additional information Inda

    The myth busters link is all based on the video and some math associated with physics. The old vehicle is about two feet longer in length than the length he assumed. This would only change things a little bit. At 89 mph the vehicle moved six car lengths or about 100 feet if one considers the car to be 17 ft.

    The photo of the area where Holly’s vehicle went over has an up slope that breaks at the edge of the pavement and slopes down for a distance of about 20 feet prior to reaching the edge of the cliff.

    Based on your references, and the amount of track damage to the grass from the photo of the day the rescue attempt was made, I find it very difficult to believe this was an accident. The photo of the track is very straight with no indication of front wheel movement. The speed of the vehicle would probably be 20 mph or slightly less. I would expect to find contact with the ground around 50 to 65 feet down-slope.

    If someone wanted to take their own life by driving off the cliff, why would the little impediment (4 to 6″ )of the one layer rr-tie planter box matter? That obstruction would create a tumbling motion if it were struck. If someone wanted to get the vehicle far down-slope where it would be difficult to find, then the straight line missing the planter box makes sense. This particular spot also seems to have a little clearance from a tree that is smaller or farther down-slope than the trees on either side. All of the trees appear to be covered in dense vines.

  6. Inda says:

    Let’s focus on one thing for a minute. Holly didn’t have a ramp. So what would give Holly the lift to travel 50 to 65 feet down slope? Especially if she was traveling only 20 mph.

    If she were traveling really fast would she have any lift when she left the flat area or would she just drive down the slope?

  7. redly says:

    You guys are mixing up your terms. She wouldn’t get any lift. The ground dropped away from her, not the other way around. As soon as she lost contact with the ground gravity would take over. It is a constant. How fast she was going when she lost contact with the ground would determine how far she would get before gravity brought her low enough to hit something (in this case it looks like the tree first but that is just from what has been posted). If you know where she left the road (and they do) and where she hit first and at what height (and I think they do), it is a matter of fairly simple math to determine how fast she was going. The calculation would be impacted by the angle of the ground when she left it.

  8. A Texas Grandfather says:


    You are correct about the slope having an effect on the distance down where the vehicle would strike the ground. I thought I had pointed it out in an earlier post. The angle on the paved area of the property is upward until the edge of it and then the grassy area angles down to the face of the cliff.

    Without additional photo evidence, my estimated distance is a good guess. If one or more of the tress were hit a glancing blow by the falling vehicle, it is possible that the speed would be reduced causing a contact with the ground much sooner. It would not mean that the vehicle could not continue to fall down the slope. We also have a lot of vines growing on the trees. Vines are strong and where dense, can make a big difference in movement.

  9. Inda says:

    Makes perfect sense Redfly. Thanks.

  10. Leland says:

    Very well said Redly…”As soon as she lost contact with the ground gravity would take over. It is a constant”…

    I would then add, “Whatever arc of descent intersects that first point of contact tells the speed.” (Given the weight of the car, angle of attack, and the force of gravity there can only be one speed that will cause the arc of descent to intersect that point of first contact). Anyone not knowing height and distance from the edge of the cliff of the point of first contact and not knowing the angle of attack of the ground at the edge (+ or – level) is just guessing at the speed.

  11. Inda says:

    Out in the Los Angeles greater area AG and JD have become a happy family, and they soon will become four. Not sure how soon but it’s possible Holly could have learned this news before her death. If anyone is still in contact with her friends I would really like to know what they think she would have thought of this, especially since they had made an attempt to reconcile.

  12. Redly says:

    If the med examiner concludes this was likely suicide, will that become public or is it sealed for the benefit of the family?

    The report itself is considered private in NC, so it would not be subject to public request, however, the investigative reporting through LE would not be once the case has it’s determination which I presume will rest largely on the full autopsy. In short, the cause and manner of death will be known. I would also offer that depending upon the probate outcomes as a result, we could see some legal issues arise.

    I firmly believe that this is still very much an active potential criminal investigation pending the autopsy report.


  13. Leland says:


    Went to AG’s FB Page. Whoa….Says an awful lot…. This guy is creepy….I can see he could really be an insensitive jerk. It is so convenient that Holly is not around anymore so he can get on with his “new” life. How does this translate into Holly’s death? Who knows……You have a point, though. You wonder now how much she did know and what it could have done to her. Making me rethink some things too.

  14. zuzu says:

    WHO is JD s kids father AG or WHO does anybody know cause ı feel that she is their kid and hiding from public .

    I believe I answered this already. The child is not AG’s, the child was a product of her former marriage. I have confirmed this personally- they did not even meet before the baby was born. In fact AG was barred from spending any time in her presence according to court documents for several months.

  15. zuzu says:

    thank you for info but the situation still weird Hope to they investigate this cause it is really important the kid is like 3 years or younger and when this marriage ended and when AG started and now she is pregnant for AG s baby.

  16. Inda (new phone) says:

    To Leland:

    JD has a video at her site that makes him seem likeable. Maybe you should watch it :-)

  17. Leland says:

    To Inda:

    Maybe so….but JD had better make sure she never grows older…

  18. Inda (new phone) says:

    To Leland-

    I’ve never heard anything about their ages. Is JD younger than Holly?

  19. Leland says:

    To Inda:

    What I read was Holly was 39 and that AG was “trading her in for a younger model”. From the pictures I can see that is a rather true statement. (I haven’t read anything about AG’s age)

  20. Leland says:

    To Inda:

    Further Info: In “bodybuilding.com” in April 2011 AG was listed as 39. That being 2 years ago he is most likely 41 now. According to her FB page JD graduated from Northwest Guilford High in Greensboro and then from University of South Carlina, class of 2008. That would put her about age 27 if she went immediately from High School to college.

  21. Gina says:

    AG must have really promised JD the high life if she cheated on her hubby who she was with for quite a few years and seemed to have a perfect relationship. Now all of a sudden she has up and moved to LA with him? Wonder how long the affair had been going on?

  22. Ros says:

    I just don’t understand, what happend to JD husband, all of the sudden she is no longer married and with the other guy? Has the autopsy come out yet?

  23. Eloise says:

    Thanks for the heads up re ‘update’. I cannot really comment on my reaction other than it’s unbelievable on the lack of tact some people have -jmo of course.

  24. Inda says:

    Looking back at the beginning of this discussion I found two remarks related to age and newer model trade-in to which Leland alludes. First this one:

    from my review of both parties social sites it appears the divorce was precipitated by the very timeless tradition for some of newer model trade-in

    And this question from Word Girl:
    Ali and Holly are both aged 39, correct?

    iirc, yes

    Those remarks did little to stimulate discussion in this case maybe because newer model trade-in has more to do with divorce and less to do with death. I don’t see a connection to Holly’s death unless it contributed to suicide.

    Not following Inda-
    The ages are accurrate.

  25. Inda says:

    Sorry for any confusion. I accept the ages as accurate. Leland found information indicating that AG is 39-41 yrs old depending on how you interpret the information. Holly was 39.

    AG became involved with JD leading to the divorce. Leland found information that JD graduated college in 2008 and surmised she would be about 27. That’s significantly younger than Holly and could be seen as newer model trade-in on AG’s part and it was probably related to the divorce but was it related to Holly’s death?

    Inda I think we have to understand that sometimes posters present their opinions on their research. I don’t think any of us can say how anything is related or contributed to Holly’s death considering it is an open investigation.

    What I can say, is that I have tried to take the high road on the gossip channels here- as I agree, it should be proven how it is relative to the case and as an example I have not posted everything I know about this couples- well, couplings.

    I think both of them are missing a humanity chip, at best. At worst, remains to be seen.

  26. Leland says:

    Sorry Blink…am not interested in gossip either. Since the beginning I have not accepted the “upset” factor as leading to suicide. That’s why I started following this blog… However, now I’m beginning to think this guy WAS capable of driving someone to this state. If it was suicide…. something or someone made her feel totally “worthless”. And that’s what I’m seeing in AG’s “public” presentation of himself afterwards. If this investigation does not find any evidence of foul play then I’ve got to be able to wrap my brain around something that makes sense of a suicide. That’s all.

    I do agree that the choices, as I have said very early, are foul play or suicide. I do not believe there is ANY evidence this was an accident. I can tell you that nobody in her family or friend base believe for a second she committed suicide and while it can certainly be a possibility, I do not believe foul play has been excluded and much of this is going to hinge on the autopsy protocol to include the investigative notes.


  27. buckwheat says:

    JD (Posted)
    2 hours ago near Calabasas, CA
    It’s official! We are adding a new member to the family! Ali and I will be proud parents to a baby boy!!!! cant wait to welcome baby Girit! — with Ali Ozan Girit.

  28. zuzu says:

    why the last name is dreher
    this one will be girit

    Not publishing the baby’s name on here zuzu- if her Mom does, that is her business.

  29. buckwheat says:

    This would mean AG girlfriend JD was Pregnant when Holly was still alive…..


  30. WantAnswers says:

    Here are the facts folks.

    1) JD is STILL technically married.
    2) The unborn (approximately 4mos old) baby is Girits
    3) The older baby on facebook is from her previous/current marriage.

    Yes, as I have already stated several times-

  31. Angie says:

    I am not surprised by the announcement of the baby. Sad- very much so. Yes Ali and Jen would of known about the pregnancy prior to Holly leaving us on May 27th.. I read these posts almost daily yes some are true and some are a stretch just to try and help figure out what happened to Holly. Thefacts are she left her parents Monday around 12-1 p.m. She stopped and got gas and food. She was supposed to be going home and instead she turned North on 40 to go towards the parents condo. I pray everyday that the investigation is still ongoing and that all possibilities are covered. To me, I feel there are many. Does JD know about Holly? Why wouldn’t she put anything on her FB to help find her or even a message to Ali regarding her sympathies, etc. My next investigation will be what are the VISA regulations.

  32. Eloise says:

    I would think the parent of the current child would have a say in the child leaving to go overseas- if you are including the child going with?

    Does she have full custody I wonder?


    If you are planning to stay in Turkey more than 90 days within a 180 day period, you must get a Turkish residence permit. In order to obtain a residence permit, please contact the Foreigners Police in your area. The U.S. Embassy strongly urges U.S Citizens to not overstay their visas and to maintain valid residency permits at all times. Turkish authorities do enforce the laws, including those stipulating fines, deportation, and bans on future travel to Turkey for people who overstay their visas or do not maintain valid residency permits.

    Are you saying she is planning that travel? No, she would need a court order without Dad’s permission.

  33. WantAnswers says:

    She does not have full custody; nor will she ever.

    I have been hesitant to discuss the custody issue but since you brought it up- I will confirm to the readers that Ms. Dreher does not have primary custody of the Dreher’s daughter. In fact, Ms. Dreher’s move to California was necessitated by the child’s custodial parent and Father’s employment motivated relocation. He had sole custody of the child.

  34. WantAnswers says:

    Has there been any update on this case? What is taking so long?

  35. Inda says:

    It’s been four months since Holly’s body was found and still no word about autopsy results? When will we hear something that will bring some closure to this case?

  36. WantAnswers says:

    Looks like autopsy was complete. Any thoughts on this? It looks like we will never know what happened. “Officers said they may never know why Holly Fischer’s vehicle left the roadway. An autopsy declared that she died as a result of injuries from the car crash.”


    I am going to withhold my comments until I have had the opportunity to review the autopsy protocol in total, as well as the investigative files I have requested.

  37. lady in wilkes says:

    When the young lady was found was she wearing a grey shirt and was her phone pinged in the country club area of wilkesboro

    no, white.

  38. Jen Johnson says:

    My husband dated Holly when they were in HS at Lincoln Sudbury in Massachusetts. My husband graduated in 1989. He had only mentioned Holly once because when we were moving in together in 2010 I found a letter she wrote to him in the late 90’s hoping to meet up with him because she was in Boston. Fast forward to 2016, I was at home and had this really strong urge to look her up. So when I couldn’t find her on Facebook, I started to google her and when I came across a page stating she died in 2013, I showed my husband a picture of her and asked if that was her. He said yes. Since 2016 Holly’s presence has been consistent with me. I knew she was trying to tell me something but did not k ow what. I’m 12 years younger than my husband and never personally knew Holly. Yesterday I went to a very well known psychic in salem Mass and she yelled ‘murder!’. I know some people don’t believe in that but if you could even understand what I have been feeling emotionally (sadness and anxiety) regarding Holly, you’d understand. She asked who ‘pushed’ that car over the cliff while she was unconscious. I truly believe Holly was hurt intentionally and this was not an accident.

    Miss Johnson, welcome to BOC.

    I had very detailed and specific investigative information re Holly’s Fischer’s case when she “disappeared”. I have also reviewed her autopsy and recovery scene data (also in great detail). I am trained to consult/analyze autopsy and accident reconstruction findings (as a way of background). If someone forced her vehicle off that cliff against her will, I can assure you that I have never seen a scintilla of evidence to support that claim. In fairness and disclosure, I wish I had because it is my belief Holly was mistreated horribly by some individuals close to her, and absent any other evidence, ultimately was the distress that caused her death. From an evidentiary perspective, after reviewing both her autopsy and consulting the vehicles specs, “accident path” trajectory and ultimately its recovery condition/location- I can only say with certainty that Holly’s death was either accidental or a suicidal death, with my strong opinion leading to the latter.

    I don’t know if you have ever seen the location where Holly’s car went off the cliff- (it has since had the guardrail extended) but the turn ratio, entry point and grade/incline of that stretch of 16 would make it next to impossible to go off those cliffs accidentally in the first place, and at the rate of speed I believe the car had to be traveling to achieve the trajectory it did both going over, contact points and landing.

    You are right, many people do not believe in that area of the “spiritual”. All I can say is that I have worked on missing person and homicide cases for a long time and it is my belief that in some of them (at least) I do believe the Universe has a way of helping them to be solved. I believe people can be sensitive to energy, but I also believe there are some total charlatan crooks out there as well. If you are inclined to believe in the message you received, my compassionate advice is that it would not surprise me to learn that the actual interpretation of the message is contained in the facts I just mentioned.

    Lastly, pray for her soul to accept her choice and move on.


  39. Jen Johnson says:

    Thank you for your response, B. Question- Did you know Holly personally?

    I did not.

  40. Anonymous in CA says:

    I hope this investigation is still open. Is there a main person to contact? I may have some insight relevant to AG’s character. He is a voliatile and hostile man.

    Unfortunately it was closed shortly after her final autopsy protocol was filed. I don’t doubt your insight, this poor woman was treated horribly by him. I received dozens of emails from folks with similar concerns at the time and Irt LE was geared to think he had to be involved somehow. However, I did have access to information to include the autopsy protocol. In my professional opinion Holly’s death was either a suicide or some sort of accident (I have been to the location, the only reason I am willing to consider an accident is because I can’t rule it out). In my personal opinion God has a way of handling the “karma” that (imo) ultimately ended her life either way.


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