Missing NC Woman Holly Fischer ( UPDATE BODY FOUND): Pending Divorce From Ali Girit Upset Her- Tennesse Police Ask For Public Help

Holly Christine Fischer, 39, has been missing since Monday May 27th.  (UPDATE: THE BODY OF HOLLY FISCHER HAS BEEN LOCATED NEAR HER CAR, WHICH WENT OVER A CLIFF OFF OF 16 IN NC)

Courtesy Holly Fischer

She has not been seen nor heard from since leaving her parents’ home in Knoxville, TN according to a missing persons report filed by her Father Ted.

Ted Fischer described his daughter as “upset” when she left the home Memorial Day- over her pending divorce from estranged husband Ali Ozan Girit. Fischer states that he spoke to Girit and inquired as to his daughter’s whereabouts but Girit proclaimed he has not seen Holly since she left Tennessee.

Holly Fischer, a graduate of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Parsons School of Design was a regional sales manager for Discovery Communications through last year.

She has worked in the fashion and design industry for brands like Club Monaco and DKNY.

Girit, a competitive bodybuilder and training manger of LA Fitness according to his linked in profile, signed over a deed to the couples Huntersville home in January of this year. Girit is a former resident of Weehawken, NJ and worked security in New York City in 2009.

Holly Fischer left her parents’ home in Knox County on Monday May 27th and friend Liz Stafford Ajello called the Fischer’s when Holly had not arrived by Wednesday. Ms. Ajello went as far as to suggest foul play is involved in Holly’s disappearance.   Police are focusing their efforts on the area approximately 100 miles  away based on pings from Fischers phone in Ashe and Wilkes counties.

Coward said Fischer’s father told authorities his daughter was upset about her upcoming divorce.

“Her parents seem to think she might have decided to go to Ashe County, to collect herself,” said Liz Stafford, who said she has been a friend of Fischer’s for more than 20 years, dating back to their days as students at Charlotte Latin School.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/05/31/4077514/search-continues-for-missing-charlotte.html#storylink=cpy

Holly is believed to be driving her vehicle- a  UPDATE: DARK GRAY*  2004 Infinity FX 35 and was last seen in Newport wearing a white blouse, denim shorts and sandals. She is blonde with brown eyes, approximately 5’10” and 140 lbs.
Her license plate is registered in North Carolina DMV and is XYH6678. The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is JNRAS08W64X203396
Anyone that may have seen her or her vehicle is asked to contact  911


*There is scratches on the driver side mirror and and along the front fender.  For the auto and auto salvage/impound community the actual factory color is Beryllium 16.

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  1. Inda says:

    Thank you for the support and for the welcome earlier in the discussion. Someone here might know a good reason why it would be better not to contact LE with my impressions. Does anyone know how to find out the lead LE agency in an investigation?

    The county has installed gaurd rail around the whole area. At least they are attempting to keep someone else from going off. The road is well traveled. In fact many people stop there to look at the scenery. It does look somewhat like a roadside stop with the extra pavement.

    Inda, you used the word impressions, are you referring to psychic ?

  2. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Try the county sheriff to determine the agency in charge. This is an unincorporated area that should fall under their jurisdiction. However, the State police may also be involved because of the parkland along the nearby parkway.

    If you do not believe it was an accident, that only leaves two possibilities. Foul play by ex husband or someone else or the fact that she took her own life. Since few commit suicide in such a manner, it is a strong possibility of a kidnapping and homicide.

  3. Inda says:

    No, I am not a psychic though I may tend to be intuitive at times. I try to stick with logic and everything about Holly’s behavior until later that day (May 27 – my daughter’s birthday) pointed to a person who fully intended to go back to Charlotte. Yet somehow on a 3 hr drive from Newport, Tn to I-77 she changed her intentions dramatically. We can conclude there was little if anything to change her mind other than her phone. So if I were LE I would be very interested in what was being said and to whom.

    We agree Inda, and we share an important date apparently. It is my belief SO FAR, that this investigation is ongoing- however, I do believe it is largely dependent upon the autopsy results. Sometimes these cases can be marathons, not sprints.

    If it remains in question, I will keep at it.

  4. Inda says:

    Thanks for the information ATG.

    Since it is hard to exit a moving car at 30 mph, homicide seems less likely to me now. After visiting the site of the crash I gained new perspective. About 10 ft (maybe more) from the edge there was a young tree that had bark and branches stripped, probably through contact with the car when it was airborne. There was essentially no damage to the plants and vines on the ground, at least not that I could see from the edge.

    Would suicide eliminate culpability on the part of someone else if they had, for example, bullied Holly into taking her life?

    Legally via criminal statute, yes. Morally and civally- no.

  5. Inda says:

    Thanks Blink.

    I don’t know what you mean when you say “If it remains in question, I will keep at it,” but it sounds good. :-) This should not have been investigated as an accident due to Holly’s unexplained presence there. IMO

  6. Judi says:

    41.Liam says:

    July 2, 2013 at 12:09 pm


    Blink this is just heartbreaking and disgusting, these are little children God damn it. Tell me they know then animals who did this!


    Yes, they know. God rest her soul.

    BLINK: I have been following this case about precious Alanna Gallagher. You say they know? Geez, I hope so, and that there is an arrest soon. Last I read was that some guy came forward saying a red truck with a green splash approached his daughter(s) a month ago and he scared them away, but did get his plate number.

  7. buckwheat says:

    I find it very strange that in some recent pictures of Holly’s roommate she is wearing Hollys belongings??

    link please.

  8. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Why do you think the vehicle was moving at 30mph? From the photos at the top of the cliff, there was quite a bit of disturbance on the ground.

    Some of the FX models of the Infinity are equipped with an all wheel drive option. That would change the way the vehicle could get traction up a hill or on slick surfaces. This would also affect the steering by making it less likely to turn once the wheels were straight.

    Your first question regarding the logic of getting off I-77 and taking the route ending in the crash is an important one. This seems to be outside Holly’s normal behavior. It is the anomalies that will point to what really happened and that is a big one.

    Jumping or rolling out of a car at 30mph would not be easy. However, if you have ever watched some of the police programs, there are many chase scenes where a car thief will ditch a vehicle by rolling out of it at speeds close to 30mph.

  9. Inda says:

    ATG: Why do you think the vehicle was moving at 30mph?
    Police reported a speed of 30-35 mph. Branches and bark stripped from the top of a young tree (older sapling) slightly down the hill indicate it was probably hit by the car while it was airborne. Lack of damage to vegetation on the ground seemed to indicate the car was not rolled off the cliff. Damage to vegetation on the ground that could be seen was limited to that right at the edge of the cliff.

  10. Inda says:

    ATG: Jumping or rolling out of a car at 30mph would not be easy.
    Didn’t even know that was possible and it would open up new possibilities about something that seems so apparent was not an accident.

  11. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Another possibility Inda.

    The FX could have been lined up with the place it went over the cliff, the motor started with the transmission placed in neutral and pushed over the edge with a pickup truck with one of the large protective bumpers on the front. Of course that would probably leave tire marks on the ground that would not match those of the Infinity.

    We don’t have any information regarding the track of the vehicle and if any other tire tracks were present.

    When I was a little guy, I got a job on Saturday evenings delivering the Saturday Evening Post, Colliers and Life Magazines. In those days the magazines were delivered to the homes by private contractors. I worked for an “old couple” (at least to me at the time) as a runner. They delivered the magazines in a LaSalle sedan with running boards as all cars of the 1930′s were equipped.

    The LaSalle was a GM product that was produced between 1927 and 1940. It used the same body at the Cadillac, but was equipped with a straight eight engine rather than the V-8 or V-16 of the Cadillac and had a less fancy interior to hold down the cost. The patents on the V engine design were held by Ford and GM paid a royalty for each engine produced.

    There were usually four boys riding outside the car on the running boards. The gentleman drove and the lady sat in the back and handed out the magazines. We would jump off the running board with the car moving about 15 mph and run up to the house and put the magazine on the porch. We could do that without taking a tumble, although a few were taken while learning how.

    There were no seat belts or any type of safety equipment that we now have on autos and trucks. The things that children did during that time would scare the average mom of today into convulsions. Most of us survived without major trauma.

    My point in telling this story is that we were 10 years old or less and could manage the speed match at 15 mph. An adult or older teen could easily handle a higher speed. So someone could drive the car and exit in a roll out at perhaps 25 mph or maybe even 30 mph.

  12. Inda says:

    If this works you should see a picture of a small tree with bark and branches stripped and the top stripped out. It would have been the path of the car as it left the grass.

    I don’t see it Inda, tell me if you need assistance and I will email you at this address and you can send me the pic, I will upload to my photobucket and post the link

  13. Inda says:

    Blink: I don’t see it Inda, tell me if you need assistance and I will email you at this address and you can send me the pic, I will upload to my photobucket and post the link.
    I have several pictures I could send and you could decide which ones might be informative.

  14. Inda says:

    The email address should end hotmail.com

  15. Inda says:

    Jazz93 says -

    I do find the text message [from Girit] rather parcular [peculiar] and suspicious as the vehicle was Holly’s.

    And then in the very next message, same day

    Just a few things to keep in mind-
    The Infinity was not the car that was involved with the ex husband. There was a second car involved.

    My question: Are we being told that Girit was demanding a vehicle that belonged to Holly?

  16. Leland says:

    Surely someone knows by now if her car was in neutral or in drive. That should not be hard to determine, should it?

  17. Leland says:

    Still trying to figure out different ways someone could get her and the car over the cliff. They say “necessity is the mother of invention”…..Foul play earlier would mean someone could have been pretty desperate. Her debit card use in Jefferson lacks information. (By her, by someone else, at an ATM, was there a camera. If it was her what happened after she got out of sight of the camera if there was one, etc)…I’m leaning to: she went on into Jefferson, foul play in Jefferson near/at where debit card was used before she got to the condo and then bringing her and the car back to the curve in the middle of the night and setting up the “drive off”. A lot of this will, of course, be verified or not by the autopsy and release of any information we don’t have yet.

  18. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Your post IMO raises the proper question. Holly could have been attacked and lost her life prior to the drive over the cliff. The perp(s) could have thought that the damage to the body and the difficulty in finding it would cover up forensically any prior markings that would result in the determination of a homicide.

    If that is what happened, then we would be dependent on the quality of the forensic investigation to discover the facts needed.

  19. Starsky says:

    Blink, almost two full months without a new post…you okay?

    TY Starsky I am managing a tortuous Summer schedule and a new puppy, while working behind the scenes on some larger case commitments requiring significant research, investigation and of course fact checking.

    I appreciate the concern, I hope when I am able to publish the features and case updates shortly y’all will think them worthy of the non-turning front page :)

  20. Inda says:

    According to Jazz93 was Girit demanding a vehicle that Holly received in the divorce settlement? Notice Jazz93 says -
    I do find the text message [from Girit] rather parcular [peculiar] and suspicious as the vehicle was Holly’s.

    And then in the very next message, same day -

    Just a few things to keep in mind-
    The Infinity was not the car that was involved with the ex husband. There was a second car involved.

  21. Inda says:

    Finally found a way to get a picture online with adequate resolution to show the damage to the tree (pictured.)

    It appears Holly’s car hit the tree while it was airborne. When you visit the link you will be able to zoom in on the picture and see the damage.


  22. Michelle says:

    Is this site still active? Haven’t seen any new posts in quite a while.

  23. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks for the photo Inda.

    When standing on the top and taking a picture. it is difficult to get an idea of the ground surface. Just how far out from the face of the cliff the damaged tree actually is situated cannot be determined. I know you had no way to apply a scale to the photo. This is why forensic photos always need a scale to be of real value. How far away and how far down from the top of the cliff would you estimate the damage to be? Is ten feet a reasonable guess?

    These are mostly hardwood trees that have a lot of vines growing on them. I can see why the people who tried to go down the cliff face had a difficult time.

    The damage to the tree indicates that the motion of the vehicle was still moving away from the face of the cliff and beginning to drop.

  24. mosaic says:

    Hi Inda–thanks for posting the photo of the trees at the site. What was your impression when you were standing there– is it obvious from the road that there is a steep drop underneath all that vegetation? Also, was the photo taken looking down (into the ravine) or across toward the horizon?

  25. Inda says:

    mosaic says:
    What was your impression when you were standing there– is it obvious from the road that there is a steep drop underneath all that vegetation? Also, was the photo taken looking down (into the ravine) or across toward the horizon?
    Hi mosaic – It isn’t obvious from the road there is a steep drop. I walked out to the edge and took the picture of the trees looking down the mountain. Standing there it was obvious it is a very steep slope, probably 60° but I didn’t have any sense of how far the slope went down. I believe it is a 1200 foot drop.

  26. Inda says:

    To ATG -
    I took another look at the slope and an estimate of 45° might be closer to accurate. The tree was easily 10 feet out so it would be the same distance down at that slope.
    Of course it’s always possible the damage was caused by something entirely different, including the efforts of the rescue team to reach the car and body.

  27. A Texas Grandfather says:


    The photo posted by Leland showing the area without foliage indicated to me a slope of closer to 60 degrees. However, photos and angles can be misleading.

    Try this and see which is closer to what you saw: get a piece of 1/4″ graph paper and draw a vertical line 4″ long and connect the bottom of the line with a horizontal line 4″ long, then connect the top and bottom end points making a triangle. That will produce a 45 degree angle to the vertical from the top. Next, take another position along the bottom line at 2 and 5/32″ and draw a line to the top. That will produce a 60 degree angle. Which one appears to be the closest to the angle of the slope will be apparent. This can be done on plain paper as long as a true 90 degree angle is kept between the vertical and horizontal lines. I did the math for you to find the proper position on the bottom to create the 60 degree angle.

    Your ruler should be divided into 1/16″ divisions. Five thirty-seconds is halfway between the second and third divisions.

    The Infinity FX is about fifteen or sixteen feet long. If it had all wheel drive and it was engaged, the rear should have cleared the top by ten feet or more prior to falling front first from the weight of the engine.

    Your could be correct that the damage to the tree was from rope and not the vehicle. There should have been a great many marks on trees and vines as the vehicle fell down the slope. I don’t have an actual weight, but vehicles of that size are between 3,000 and 3,500 lbs.

  28. Eloise says:

    I was looking at your picture Inda. I don’t know if you have seen this video- but take a look at it and see what you think in comparison. The beginning is a bit frustrating, but as it goes along, you will see it is relevant to the conversation.
    Geez ATG- I am impressed with your geometry- way to go. lol

  29. A Texas Grandfather says:


    Glad I gave you a laugh. I learned that 70 plus years ago. All you guys keep my brain active and I appreciate that you do.

    I don’t see a link or a reference for the video Elosie.

    Does anyone know of a published Autopsy for Holly?

  30. Inda says:

    ATG – photo at link that shows the slope
    Eloise – I didn’t see a link to a video.

  31. Inda says:

    Hi Eloise. Your video was interesting around the 2:45 mark. Definitely the same tree. Looks like it took a pretty direct hit. Thanks for sharing.

  32. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Thanks for the photo Inda.

    The portion at the top is 45 to 47 degrees. I don’t know if the angle increases as it progresses towards the bottom. This could be walked if one wore proper boots. The grass and vines would make it harder.
    An ice axe would be helpful too. It could penetrate the soil and give the climber a resistance point.

    Eloise- the video is not available tonight. I will try again.

  33. Eloise says:

    Hi guys-

    I was wondering about what looks like dead debree and such or worn area on the ground there.If she were only going the said 30mi/per hour- how could she reach that height in the air? I have no idea. That is where our Mathematician comes in-wink.
    That said- obviously something was on the ground that attracted that motorcycle guy to start- but the tree damage is troubling. Was wondering your thoughts Inda from having been at the scene. Hope the video works for you ATG- that site can be weird sometimes.

  34. Inda says:

    I looked back at the video and I can’t understand why my pictures don’t show that tree with all the breakage in the crown of the tree. It looks like that tree is the one that took the direct hit; the other tree may have taken a glancing blow.

    The video is so bad it is hard to watch, Blurry jerky and generally not too informative. :-) Still glad you brought it to my attention.

  35. Inda says:

    The damage on the ground probably resulted from firefighters rappelling down the slope. It was steep enough they did rappell from the top as well as from the bottom when they didn’t reach the car and body from the top. There were other people around there investigating.

    The reason the damage occurred above ground level is because the car was airborne for awhile. The trees that are damaged are downslope from the place the car “flew” off the ground. Obviously there must be damage to vegetation once the car hit the ground. It may be visible in the video. If any photos have been released I’m not aware of it.

  36. Inda says:

    One thing that was visible on the ground that the motorcycle guy noticed was tire track marks on the grass.

  37. A Texas Grandfather says:


    I agree with your question about the damage on the ground at the top of the cliff. The LE estimate of 30 to 35 mph is IMO too fast to create it.

    We don’t have any reliable measurements of the actual surface damage to the top of the cliff or how far down the cliff the tree that Inda shows in the photo is in relation to the top. Nor do we have any photos of down slope ground, tree and vine damage. Maybe Inda has more photos.

    If you are winking at me regarding the math it is ok. That is so simple,I will laugh with you.

    I am not working on math today. I am digging into the specification sheets (450 pgs.) for the main processor (a TI OMAP 4470)on my new kindle fire HD 8.9″. That is a powerful chip based on the ARM v9 design. The video processor is designed to handle 3D although it was not implemented on the Kindle. My friend of many years worked on the ARM v9 chip design.

  38. wpg says:


    Try this video.

    1:16 time mark shows tree damage that, imo, is significant to the speed the vehicle was traveling/moving at.


    Inda, are you saying the tire marks on the grass are still there?
    If they are, where do they begin . . . like right off the paved area?

  39. zuzu says:


    I just wonder how long they have been living apart and not divorced.
    I mean Holly and Ali. Did poliçe make an investigation on Alis phone records.

    It is my understanding they did. They had been living apart since Holly learned about the affair he was having with his client. However, they did attempt to reconcile briefly in the neighborhood of 6 months ago.

  40. zuzu says:

    Does Ali have a child from that woman


  41. zuzu says:

    Hope so

  42. BOCINFORMANT says:

    Why were Ali and Holly getting a divorce?

    Was the divorce finalized?

    Sorry, not an ok name to use here, please choose something else.

  43. BOCInformant says:

    Do we know why Ali and Holly were getting a divorce?

    Do we know if Ali and Holly’s divorce was finalized?

    Unacceptable name for posting here, with all due respect, please choose something else. This is not the National Enquirer as well so I am going to ask that you read her coverage and comments and responses please.

  44. Inda says:

    I was intent on photographing the fresh dirt on the ground and didn’t notice a possible tire mark. At the time of the wreck there was some kind of timber structure on the ground, maybe a railroad tie planter. Holly narrowly missed. Don’t know what the track is associated with but I’ve read the guy on the motorcycle saw tire tracks in the grass.

  45. zuzu says:

    how long doest it take to get the result of autophsy toxid record

    it’s in. It is considered private information in NC.

  46. A Texas Grandfather says:


    The photo referenced in your post 46 does show a tire mark all the way to the edge of the cliff. There is also another tire mark alongside the one to the cliff that stops where the planter box was removed.

    Highway maintenance people may have caused the second mark when they removed the planter box and installed the guard rail. How long after the car went over did the guard rail appear?

    I remember a photo early on by the sheriff or state police that showed a lot of vehicles in the area of the track. That could explain the second track in your photo.

  47. Inda says:

    To ATG and Eloise -

    Found a picture online that clearly shows old damage to the plants at the edge where Holly’s car went off. Definitely couldn’t be blamed on the rescue attempt because the picture was taken the night they found the wreck.
    What does this say about the idea that the car was airborne?

  48. Inda says:

    On the issue of the car being airborne to any significant degree would the car have to be traveling faster than 30-35 mph?

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