Netflix ‘Making A Murderer’- Epic BingeBlast Netertainment Or Visionary Expose’ ?


Avery 1985 Mugshot

What I did on my Christmas Vacation is all Netflix fault.   Netflix, by way of NYU filmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi.   Those of us perfectly happy with our kids home from school, family blowin’ up the driveway and gobbling our culinary masterpieces faster than we can create them- are salty.  For those of you similarly afflicted by the tractor beam gravitational pull generated by Netflix new documentary, Making A Murderer, you are not alone.  At least I am admitting to hiding out in my study with the binge watch essentials: beats, backlit keyboard,  free hand to smack my own mouth silent as I digest all 10 episodes.  Occasionally… a swirl of Barolo.  Press Play, return to your cave or… [SPOILER ALERT]

10 Years=10 Episodes=690ish Hours Unseen Footage

This docuseries should come with 100% online access to the full case file to  not only vet the information but to allow the viewer to consider information that was not presented, or that has graced the annals of the cutting room floor.    It does not.   Those of us in the litigation sphere of the criminal justice system immediately taxed our Lexis and Westlaw resources for more.  Trial transcripts, available pre and post-trial filings are an important adjunct to context of Making a Murderer and I will be navigating that discussion in Volume II of this piece.

Teresa Halbach, a freelance photographer for Auto Trader Magazine, had been to the Avery salvage yard five times prior to Oct 31, 2005.   Avery Salvage Yard is a 40 acre+ field of crushed cars, parts and trailers housing several members of the Avery family, gravel pits and a quarry.  Not going to lie,  I would not choose to live next to the Avery brood for reasons I will discuss later, but then again, I am the person who drives past properties with the various appliance or dead vehicle cemeteries scattered about and ponder- I wonder where the dead body is?

Although it is not included in the series, there is little disagreement as to how Halbach ends up at the Avery compound following her last visit on October 10, 2005.   Steven Avery called Auto Trader the morning of October 31, 2005 and requested Halbach on behalf of Barb Janda, Steve Avery’s sister, to be there that afternoon to take photos of the van she was selling.  In response, Halbach called Janda’s home phone and left a message asking for a confirmation call.   Whether or not Janda was actually listing the van for sale is not clear, but the fact that Avery attempts to call Halbach’s cell and Auto Trader after it appears she has not arrived by 2:27PM (her voice-mail left on Janda’s landline) her proposed time of “around 2 or maybe later” by intentionally blocking his cell phone number using the *67 feature is suspect. Avery will call her cell again with his open cell line.

Perhaps the unearned reputation Avery had from his 16 year bid in the joint for a rape and attempted murder he did not commit preceded him.

State of Everyone v Steven Avery

In 1985 Steven Alan Avery was convicted in the rape and brutal attempted murder of Penny Beerntsen.   Although Avery had a solid alibi from over 16 witnesses, Ms. Beerntsen pointed the finger at Avery in her eyewitness testimony-twice. Avery was out on parole for a separate offense when arrested for Beerntsen’s sexual assault.    While no choir boy, Avery had nothing in his past to indicate him capable of the brutal sexual assault.   Enter the hot mess that was  is the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).   Enter and stay.   Avery had a relative who he recently ran off the road at gunpoint, while preforming a lewd act (according to her) who was married to a MCSO deputy.   Her bestie was a female officer Judy Dvorak who took the police report from Penny Beerntsen- and took the liberty of implicating Avery to her.

Although the Manitowoc DA at the time, Denis Vogel , was filling his case file against Avery with statements from his own staff that they believed another was responsible , Avery was convicted on the basis of Beerntsen’s direct testimony against him AS WELL AS the erroneous identification of Wisconsin lab analyst Sherry Culhane.   Fast forward to Steven Avery exhausting all of his available State of Wisconsin appeals.  Avery’s post-conviction relief efforts ring the doorbell of  The Innocence Project.

Through the Wisconsin Innocence Project, after 18 years in jail for a wrongful conviction, newly tested DNA evidence freed Steven Avery in 2003.  Sherry Calhune, The same DNA analyst who testified erroneously that a hair associated with the Beerntsen attack beloged to Avery, now produced the sample that would free him.   According to a recent interview with Ms. Beerntsen, Manitowoc Police Department (not to be confused with the county agency, MCSO) Beerntsen says she was told a few weeks after Avery’s arrest MPD felt he was the wrong guy.  Responsibly, Beersten followed up with a call to MCSO where she was promptly told not to speak to MPD again as it would only serve to “confuse her.  While that call does not seem to be memorialized in any way in 1985,  at the very least, Andrew Colborn of the Manitowoc Sheriffs Office was well aware of that for over 8 years.  IN 1995, Colborn took a call from a Brown County detective who arrested a Gregory Allen who believed as a result Avery was in custody- erroneously.   Colborn alleges he transferred the call to a detective, makes no report.  That is until the day after Avery is exonerated and subsequently released based on the DNA evidence implicating Allen.  As was later learned during the civil suit- save for the fateful attack of Ms. Beerntsen, Allen had been under surveillance by police.   According the MAM docuseries, Allen was a suspect in other attacks but never arrested.  Allen was also never charged in the horrific assault on Penny Beerntsen although DNA directly implicated him.  Allen is eligible for parole for his 1995 conviction for   In the docuseries this brave victim is introduced without revealing her identity.  Gregory Allen is eligible for parole in October 2016.

Pausing here for a second to sharpen a point.  In the time that Avery was wrongfully incarcerated, due to the negligence and willful acts of Manitowoc District Attorney Denis Vogel, Manitowoc Sheriff’s Office, personnel Allen  brutally raped and assaulted another victim.   Probably a deliberate underplay of the series, but definitely not as contained in the $36 million dollar civil suit against Vogel, Manitowoc.

36 Million Reasons or.. One?

Steve Avery came home to the comfort of an ice fishing shanty. Not much larger than the cells he occupied over the last 18 years- Avery’s mobile abode was plopped on a dirt heap at the junkyard.  Not discussed in MAM, while Avery was incarcerated both Avery’s brothers faced serious criminal allegations to include sexual abuse and domestic battery.   Chuck and Earl were running the Avery business, having since disposed of such criminal unpleasantry through individual rehabilitative programs.  Avery’s ex wife Lori ran off with Avery’s sisters ex husband Pete Dassey.  Attempts at editing this information for greater  ease of comprehension fails me, so go with it.

Steven Avery hired  Steve Glynn and while it took about a year- the recent depositions in his civil suit were beyond fruitful.   The series makes a very strong argument that Avery was looking at a $36,000,000 payday.   However, at the time, the largest (essentially) wrongful conviction payout in the only 2 states that allow punitive damage awards outside of the cap +was West Virginia- $1,000,000.  Even though there was clear and convincing evidence of prosecutorial and police misconduct, in 2005 did anyone really think $36 mil was even in the ballpark of a reasonable award?  Not according to Penny Beerntsen.  Beerntsen recently claimed that she did not participate in Netflix Making A Murderer  because she was convinced (need names) believed Avery was innocent in the murder of Teresa Halbach.  Beerntsen was not.  Beerntsen also revealed that in the early pendency of Avery’s civil case, Avery called her directly and asked her to buy him a house.

The Avery bill, slated to hit the Wisconsin House floor for vote on November 1, 2005 was passed unanimously after its spearhead Rep Mark Gundrum’s task force, appointed by then-Governor Jim Doyle met Avery’s impassioned testimony with a standing ovation.  Steven Avery became the Wisconsin poster child for wrongful incarceration reform.

On November 3, 2005 Karen Halbach reported her 25 year old daughter Teresa, missing.  It was quickly learned Teresa was last seen at Avery Salvage on Halloween.  Manitowoc deputies (Colborn) interviews Avery at his trailer, where he grants permission for a search of his property.  You read that correctly.  The very people Steven Avery was suing civilly, represented by two of the best civil attorneys in Wisconsin, roll up at his residence responding to Halbach’s disappearance.

Teresa Halbach

Within 3 weeks of initial depositions from MCSO deputies-in Avery’s civil suit, Halbach’s Toyota Rav4 was located, partially hidden, on the Avery Salvage lot by Teresa’s cousin and former private investigator Pamela Sturm on November 5th.  Three days later Teresa’s cremations would be found in three different locations of the Avery property.  A young woman is dead.  Millions hang in the balance and Avery may have the best civil attorneys in Wisconsin, but his needs have changed.

VOLUME II Publishes Wednesday January 13

Please Join Editor In Chief, Christina Stoy on THE DANA PRETZER SHOW

Live on Thursday January 14 at 9 PM EST discussing Steven Avery and Making a Murderer




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  1. Rose says:

    waiting on II, thank you.

    I watch TV on phone using verizon mobile fios wifi from our TV upstairs.

    How does one get netflix fir a single series vs subscription?

    I don’t know if that is possible Rose, but I believe one can watch the first episode for free via Youtube. You may be able to get a subscription for one month and cancel? Disclosure: I do not have any fiduciary interest in Netflix, lol.

  2. Malty says:

    Thanks Blink this is some case and interesting I wil listen Thursday

  3. Ragdoll says:

    First, what a stand up family.

    Ever since I watched the movie ‘Prisoners’, I too wonder if I’m driving by ‘bodies’. Even rivers, ditches, junk yards….makes me wonder.

    I’m going to ask about the simple stuff…. Where’s the Wis Innocence Project, now? Surely S.Avery has contacted them?

    Has it been proven on phone records that the *67 came from his phone (land line?)

    Is this guy the unluckiest creep in the world? (…and…is it just me or does Avery look like Drew Peterson?).

    I haven’t watched the series and I have zero aspirations to do so. Looking forward to Dana and the next piece.

    Not in the piece yet, but Wisconsin local atty and Innocence Project Member Tricia Bushnell and a very prominent Appellate attorney just signed on. ( more on that tomorrow).

    The *67 feature was used by Steven Avery 2x from his cell to Teresa’s- I will be more specific as I cover the evidence in II- it is an excellent question and I admit a sticking point for me. It is not in dispute by Avery’s lawyers and the explanation (thin) was that Steven was a private person, covering also why he books the appt in Barb’s name. Odd considering Steven answered the door in a towel the last time Halbach was there on Oct.10. I think it safe to say this case is going to divide how one feels personally about a defendant- and our criminal justice system and individual legal rights to due process AS WELL AS victim advocacy. It is a fascinating and true mess.

  4. Rose says:

    Yes, I see one can get a one month free trial.

    Yay! Thanks for reporting that back. I was dropping my son off at school this morning and a parent I have never met ( but apparently knows me, and my child LOL) double parked and waved me over. What question do you think I was asked?


  5. Rose says:

    Yes, I included that link in this piece. I don’t think it is fair to say “who Avery thinks did it” when he was precluded at trial from doing so- I intend to get into Denny as we go along, but it should surprise no one that media outlets are competing for google juice. I literally held off because I don’t care about that. I care about the systemic issues this raises about our criminal justice system. Mostly- because the right to due process is being downtrodded (imo) and that adversely effects both successful prosecutions of guilty persons release of guilty persons and similar permutations of innocents.

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  7. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Good piece B

    What has been uncovered is a family (Avery et ux)with low intelligence and low moral values who live on the ragged edge of bad behavior and the law.

    Somehow, society is going have to solve the ego problem of people with the job of District Attorney along with some in LE who wish to make a name for themselves.

    Looking forward to part II.

    This is from a man that I would take any advice he had to give:

    Somehow, society is going have to solve the ego problem of people with the job of District Attorney along with some in LE who wish to make a name for themselves.

    The only thing I would add is that it is not always the case that a LEO is trying to make a name for themselves although it happens. Frequently, it is well-intentioned or innocent LE error and fear of that exposure that drives behavior. I do believe we need to be in a training position for our investigators to both buy in and be invested in that philosophy. I don’t think error should define a LEO career if it is not in bad faith just because he/she will be scrutinized as appropriate. It is cultural.

    ie: Hi- my name is Christina and I may make mistakes before I get up, go to bed, and frequently in-between. I do my best to try and learn from them in order to grow and in my professional capacity, to serve others. I try to not make them with humility and when I fail I can commit to you my first response is how did I contribute and what is my “take away”.


  8. Ode says:

    Somehow, society is going have to solve the ego problem of people with the job of District Attorney along with some in LE who wish to make a name for themselves.
    Well as DA Kratz is concerned he is the catch of the day and that double nauseates me when I add his voice. Sorry that was mean but the truth.

    Not mean, Ode. Kratz is an elected official. O Kratz- cant wait to be on Vol II


  9. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Blinks last paragraph is similar to the introduction by a person at an AA meeting.

    Yes, I have been to such a meeting. A very dear friend,now deceased, ask me to attend with him. Alcoholics who have with help succeeded in salvaging their lives, are always trying to be better people.

    What has to happen is that everyone must come to the realization that humans are all fallible. When a mistake is made and discovered their response should be just as Blink’s last paragraph. If an act is made because of lack of diligence or poor information, then it is one’s responsibility to make corrections while taking responsibility for the act.

    Well said ATG.

  10. Ragdoll says:

    Is it possible a brother, or so….were also involved? (excluding Brendan Dassey…who’s testimony fascinates me. A low IQ does not equate to a liar. If anything else, it appears, as was with Jesse Misskelley, they make very bad liars.)

    Basically, SA’s DNA is found. He throws out his brothers’ names, as possible suspects, but their DNA isn’t found. Do they even live on SA’s property?

    Awesome piece Miss B.

    Good to see you too, ATG! :o )

    As far as I know, his profile was gleaned through the STR process, from nucleated cells, not mitochondrial- HOWEVER, I have never seen the exact testing protocol and bench notes to include chain of custody logs. It would make sense to me if the tests did not include direct lineage to Mrs. Avery if they were mito- which is a possibility those tests from 1985 come into play if discrediting Culhane. I have reviewed Dassey’s interviews more times than I care to and in some areas I completely drew the parallel to Misskelley as well.

  11. Ode says:

    The complete lack of blood or Teresa’s DNA and none of Brendan’s DNA found either in the house or barn is troublesome. I have read that sweat from Steven was found both in the Rav 4 and the key to the Rav 4. Blink have you read anything about this?

    Gonna go there in II, but none of Teresa Halbach’s blood was found in either crime scene (as it relates to her murder) Trailer or garage. In the 2005 testing process it was never, not once, testified that any of SA’s could be confirmed to come from perspiration. “Nucleated cells” is the only standard from a non-blood sample. It is my opinion this is a creation from Ken Kratz in an attempt to weigh opinion as to why there were none of Avery’s prints, however alleged blood from a cut on his bare hand, anywhere in or on the vehicle. In court, the CST who collected that info did not change his gloves from previously processing an actual vehicle belonging to Avery.

  12. A Texas Grandfather says:

    There is definitely something missing from the investigation regarding the lack of blood and DNA of either Avery,Teresa or Brendon in the buildings. Brendon told a story of finding Teresa chained to the bed nude and Avery offered him sex with Teresa.

    If Teresa was killed in the garage by a slug from a shotgun, there should have been blood spatter from that wound. If Brendon actually cut her throat prior to death, there should have been a lot of blood that needed to be cleaned-up.

    The photo showing the cut on Avery’s finger was at least a week to ten days prior based on the healing. Men who work with their hands often get cuts of that nature and that is what they look like after such a period. I’ve had a few like that myself.

    The weapon alleged is a .22 LR. As I have no doubt you are quite familiar with that weapon, you are aware of its limitations. It is entirely possible to shoot an individual with that weapon at the alleged range without spatter and without an exit wound, in which case, depending upon other circumstances would leave very little evidence of that crime once the victim is removed. The allegations of the crimes in the trailer were and are completely unsupported and in my view never met the burden to charge Dassey outside of his own words. That is about the right timeframe for that laceration.

  13. Ragdoll says:

    If Teresa’s DNA wasn’t found at 2 crimes scenes, there must be another location where she was killed.

    Must be agony for Teresa’s family, God bless them.


  14. Ragdoll says:

    For those of us not familiar with STR processing:


    Thank you Ragdoll, I was seriously remiss in not including that.
    Vol II in editing yall. Sigh.

  15. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I didn’t have information about the weapon allegedly used in the crime.

    If a 22LR is discharged from a short barrel pistol, it never reaches enough velocity to penetrate a skull and exit. The only way likely to have an exit wound is if it were placed in an ear and the small size bullet made it through without deflection. Otherwise, it could make it through the scalp and bone not exiting while making mush in the brain cavity as it bounced around inside the skull.

    It is beginning to look to me like Avery,perhaps with help, moved Teresa from the junk yard to another location where she was kept until her death. (You didn’t have it because I am late on Vol II, lol)

    It is a long rifle, I should have typed that out.

  16. Ragdoll says:

    You’re human FriendLY.. You wrent remiss , either. This is a crime blog, and as a reader, I feel compelled to research what I don’t understand. Seriously, a big undertaking for you to be educating us on both the logistics AND the cases. That’s a ridiculous load …and expectation on our part.

    LOL at “wrent”- I must use that sometime ( with full creds of course)

  17. Sunshine says:

    I just finished watching the series, I knew when I saw it being discussed on my regular football message boards that I lurk on that I should probably break out the Apple TV and Netflix to watch it..

    I feel very conflicted. I think the film is raising a lot of important issues in our criminal justice system, but it’s hard for me because I feel like the life and murder of this innocent young woman was made into a spectacle. But then I remind myself that the point of the film is to examine and expose the investigation, etc.

    I have questions about Scott Tordych (spelling) and Brendan’s older brother. I don’t know, without seeing everything presented at trial there’s no way to say which way I would lean in terms of Steven avery’s guilt.

    I think dassey needs at the very least a new trial.

    Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey and that is an excellent position re any documentary, imo. By definition they are bias if they do not contain all facts for consideration. This series is a brilliant display of our broken criminal justice system AND corruption and failure in areas we trust to protect and serve. I can honestly say that very real problem has influenced my educational and career paths over the last few years.

  18. A Texas Grandfather says:

    There are 22 cal cartridges in short, long, long rifle and magnum. I mistakenly assumed it was the size of the shell rather than a rifle.

    Ballistics tables show that when fired from a pistol vs. rifle, the muzzle velocity is much lower, below the speed of sound or less than 1100 fps. The length of time that the explosive gas from the powder is able to push the bullet in a confined space (the barrel) determines the muzzle velocity and ultimately the amount of power transmitted.

    When I was an early teen, the .22 cal. shells were short and long. They worked well in our single shot bolt action dirt cheap ($12.95)J.C. Higgins (Sears & Roebuck)rifles. The long rifle cartridge came out a few years later with the magnum being a recent entry. My Marlin lever action 22 will accept every one of the types except the magnum. The shell casing of the magnum is a bit too long to fit in the chamber. My Marlin 22 rifle is forty-six years old.

    Hey so am I!! (46)
    Thanks for the info on the .22 Long Rifle.

  19. Ragdoll says:

    Wrent. Sounds like ‘turnt’. I feel like I am

    Heh. That’s what I get for using the droid without glasses.

  20. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Your welcome B.

    I know your age. After all Poppas know the ages of all the grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    If I were to describe any caliber of weapon that uses ammunition available for both pistols and rifles, I would use .22 cal. pistol or .22 cal. rifle. Unless the actual shell casing (brass) was found, there would be little chance of determining the actual variant. Most .22 cal. rounds use a 38 or 40 grain bullet. Some shells use a smaller bullet and the magnum rounds are sometimes matched with a 50 grain bullet.

    Aww. Blush and Grin xo

  21. Ode says:

    It is beginning to look to me like Avery,perhaps with help…
    Ok? As in Steven? Waiting on Vol.II.

  22. Ragdoll says:


    “The motion seeks a stay of enforcement of the judgment and release on bond. If the court decides to vacate Avery’s conviction based on his claims, prosecutors would have to decide whether to retry him without the impermissible evidence.”

    Possible Alford Plea?

    Not for him, no. This was filed pre-new counsel by Avery directly.
    That said- have I mentioned the mixed blessing and annoyance how smart and critically thinking yall are? xo

  23. A Texas Grandfather says:

    If Avery is granted a new trial, the prosecutor needs to completely review the case with new eyes, maybe someone like Blink.

    The case in my opinion was thrown off course by the confession of the cousin. That person should be re-interviewed at length by a person very familiar with persons with low intellect. The confessed scene of Teresa chained to a bed needs to be presented during an interview. It may or may not be true or a portion may be true with the bed being located away from the junk yard property.

    This young woman was lured and abducted by Avery and murdered by him alone or with help. The truth needs to be found.

    His nephew, although I know exactly why you thought it was the cousin. I am hopeful to post volume II this evening. To be honest, what I am trying to do is summarize the story without interjecting my opinions, whether personal or professional. I suck at it. LOL.

    I ended up deciding to do analysis as independent future publications as appropriate.

    Wrt to “the truth”. I used to be that eyes wide-open ears-perked I MUST KNOW- if not Now, then immediately gal!!! I evolved over the years still believing truth is available to us if we work hard, use powers for good after learning ( with difficulty), a great criminal investigative analyst starts and stays with- I can’t assume truth until truth is the only reasonable conclusion.
    To.. where I am today. Seeking the truth is always may goal. I trust my instincts and training to know if I meet that goal. Just because I ask for truth does not mean I will get it every time. Sometimes, God intends I derive the lesson absent truth, perhaps reminding me of faith. One thing I am sure of- this young lady died a brutal and demeaning death and actions from people that put egos before truth have contributed to the lack of truth for Teresa Halbach and her family. My overall takeaway is much bigger on the system overall.

  24. Malty says:

    I don’t understand but on HLN today 2women have come on to say he is a monster both x of some kind to him

    I know one is Jodi Stachowski- my friend Naticia Lance interviewed her and does a great job. Love my Nat, not a fan of the boss, lol.

  25. Malty says:

    Blink now Nancy Grace says Netflix is in big their doc trying to get him off And she says she could have saved this woman Lots of talk out there

    Not sure Malty, but I do not believe Netflix is trying to do anything but present a docuseries. I have seen many interviews of the creators. I do not believe they feel anything stronger about Avery other than he did not receive a fair trial and in their view are not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt. As presented, I concur with that assessment.

    My opinion is strictly on the due process issue- and the series is a small part of it.

  26. Malty says:

    Blink these junk yard people sound awful Are you hearing all this stuff today

    lol, Malty be specific

  27. Malty says:

    Thousands of people are going after Netflix Avery and brothers seem like a nightmare. I. Am big on justice but this has been on one station after another today And none is good news About Avery and this killing

  28. Tarheel says:

    New email address Blink. Your Volume I got me hooked so I watched the first two episodes tonight. I can’t believe how horrible the actions of the Sheriff’s Department from the sexual assault charge case. As far as the murder charge my initial thought is that he doesn’t have the mental capacity to do this and fake his innocence as good as he seemed to do. But then I think there’s no way someone else set up all that evidence to frame him. Looking forward to Volume II and to watching the rest of the episodes.

    Nice to see you! Vol II and Dana interview tomorrow :)

  29. A Texas Grandfather says:


    There are people in the junk yard business that range across the whole spectrum of human behavior. Some are astute business people who become very wealthy while others choose to live at the bottom levels of society. I have over the years both in business and personal transactions witnessed the range of human behaviors regarding junk yard operators. This is no different than what one finds in the general population.

    In this case, we seem to have a few who fit the bottom level.

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  31. Sunshine says:

    I just can’t stop thinking about this case. On a personal note and a disclaimer for anyone reading my opinions on this thread, Having lost a family member to what myself and others believe to be at the very least manslaughter covered up/shoddy investigation by law enforcement due to strong familial LE relations of the person who took my cousins life, and false accusations made by LE against my family member that have since been proven to be false at autopsy, I will say that sadly nothing surprises me anymore. I am well aware that this personal experience is likely making my bias against anything regarding the investigations, prosecutions actions and cases in chief presented at trial in the Cases against Avery and Dassey much stronger than they might have been before seeing first hand how cover ups do occur, but keeping that personal bias in check has proven difficult.

    With that being said, and based on what I saw in this documentary (which is clearly also biased in the information chosen to be presented to viewers as we all know), I think It’s possible that it wasn’t Avery. I think Brendan Dassey saw something or heard something after the fact that he wasn’t supposed to see and/or hear but isn’t it also just as likely that Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey could have taken Teresa off the property while allegedly hunting and then murdered her, and disposed of evidence and remains on the Avery property? I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory but it is not out of the realm of possibility. I also find the extremely quick discovery of Teresa’s vehicle by Pamela Sturm a little strange, and her 911 call sounded like she had rehearsed it to me, it just sounded “off.” I watched this with my police officer husband and when he heard that 911 call he mentioned it sounded weird to him as I was thinking it. i had lunch with my best guy friend today who is a district attorney and he brought me back down to earth by reminding me that Steven Avery can still be guilty and most likely is while at the same time, some investigators and those involved in his prosecution could still possibly be guilty of planting evidence to make a guilty verdict more likely.

    I still think the American justice system is the best one in the world and I stand behind that one million percent but just like any profession, there will be those who work in this system that intentionally corrupt, or don’t take accountability for human error or mistakes that then snowball and turn into cover ups if not corrected.

    I seriously appreciate your post, obviously I can stand behind your disclosure as I am familiar with your case (family). In my view, the single biggest lack of training issue with LE is about just that- admitting human error. It is necessary. Most LE never see a high profile case , and by the time they do they are basically inept at handling it properly because in one fell swoop an error can define their career and threaten their careers and pensions ( countless cases on here but Kyron’s is a big example). I have literally had a Sgt. screaming across a table at me telling me “no blonde in a skirt and heels” ( I had a pants suit on) is going to F*ck with his investigation and told the investigators I was there to get them fired. This after pointing out evidence they thought was a decedent (was missing at the time) they believed showed him on tape so was a suspects alibi- wasn’t even him. 3 plus years those aholes never even bothered to show a family member a tape till I demanded it.

    If that guy did not need a pacemaker after that meeting… There were other things going on I think surfaced that brought about unwanted scrutiny ( I am being intentionally vague)he blamed me for as well. At the end of the day my case was solved but there will never be an arrest. Im really sick of that.

  32. Malty says:

    @A T G True I remember when we were young and went to a junk yard to get a car part and they sent you out to find it your self and being out there was total unsafe to climb those old smashed cars
    But I can’t help but wonder if Avery didn’t spend a lot of that 18 yrs planning payback when he got out
    I guess I am not seeing why anyone would set him up
    Maybe I will understand later on but he seems like the monster He is being called to me
    Made that way from 18 resentful years of

    There can be no doubt the effects of being incarcerated for 18 years for a crime one did not commit is one thing- but add to that the constant contact with seriously violent offenders who are sitting around thinking or talking about their offenses and there is very strong empirical data that environment has dark psych consequences. Avery needed serious counseling he never sought.

  33. Ragdoll says:

    Ragdoll- I do not have a post from you anywhere about your Uncle. If I can help somehow please let me know how.

    love to you FriendLY

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  35. [...] Christina Stoy (Blink), President of Blink Development Group will join me in a two part interview to discuss the Netflix Series “Making a Murderer” [...]

  36. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I agree Malty regarding the 18 years in prison creating a payback situation by Avery. I really believe that prisons as they are now operated in our Criminal Justice correctional system, become schools for additional criminal behavior rather than helping those put there to learn good behavior.

    I also believe that LE agencies with poor training and leadership contribute to bad results regarding crime investigation. I think that the original rape case that put Avery in prison was one that possibly did have Avery as an actor although not alone. He may have had a minor part in it. The investigation of that one missed a lot of facts.

    For decades and centuries LE did not include women. In that lengthy period an all male culture developed that LE was men’s business and women didn’t belong. With that culture in place, some men were resentful regarding the fact that an educated woman could do better work than they. That culture still operates today although in a minority position. This concept is not limited to LE. It is all across the business spectrum.

    I know about smart women from living my early life with my twin sister. She was not as fast as me in grasping a subject, but she made up the difference by diligence and hard work. School was always a contest to see who could be number one in a class or have the highest score on a test. We traded that first position back and forth and laughed about it regarding the outcome.


  37. [...] Read Volume I  HERE [...]

  38. [...] Christina Stoy (Blink), President of Blink Development Group will join me in a two part interview to discuss the Netflix Series “Making a Murderer” [...]

  39. Malty says:

    LOL Blink The Blonde in a skirt who had on pants So funny to me who worked a completely different type of work but still went thro male resentment I was there not in the kitchen

    I hate that people have been sent to prison for years for a crime they never committed but in this case and others he needed help of some kind to adjust to the world again. You are right
    I never saw Netflix doc. Just lots of reading and TV media I really feel even if a few LE did a few wrong things.
    This man is where he belongs this time. It is a sorry story

    Excited to hear you tonight.

    In case you were interested in Vol II Malty :)
    I am always excited to discuss cases with Dana. In particular this one as there are significant allegations of LE misconduct. Dana is career law enforcement. I am still pouring over documents in this case!


  40. Malty says:

    @ATG you are a joy on a blog All it takes is a woman and a man to create perfect balance in solving propels
    Thank God Like you and your sister

    Ikr. I learn more from ATG everyday.

  41. cd says:

    Ode says:
    January 11, 2016 at 7:43 pm
    The complete lack of blood or Teresa’s DNA and none of Brendan’s DNA found either in the house or barn is troublesome. I have read that sweat from Steven was found both in the Rav 4 and the key to the Rav 4. Blink have you read anything about this?
    I remember in the Casey Anthony LE used a smell meter thing in the trunk of the mom’s car. Supposedly the meter wold analyze smell in the trunk and be able to tell if a dead (human?) body had been in the trunk. I didn’t get them anywhere. This sweat evidence sound to me kinda like the smell meter. A desperate attempt to create evidence when LE doesn’t think they have enough.

  42. cd says:

    I do not have Netflix. I saw this story on Dr. Phill show.

    Nancy Grace was on the show. She was convinced Avery was guilty raving about her responsibility to stand up for people(because they are dead) who can’t stand up for themselves. She cited a lot of evidence she thought supported her opinion. Phil let her finish and then pointed out some of her evidence were things that were un proven. Nancy kept saying Teresa Haibach was raped and murdered Phil ask her how they know she was raped if her body was destroyed in a fire pit and pointed out a few more of Nancy’s statements that were not entirely backed up by evidence. Thats when she launched into the big speech about her responsibilities. Its was Obvious Nancy is drumming up drama for her show.

    Nancy was all about the the confession of Brendan Dassey which since he is mentally challenged and questioned with no lawyer present makes me think his confession is not worth the paper it’s written on.

    Anyway then Phil talked to Kenneth Peterson, Avery’s arresting officer in the 1985 rape case. This guy is a real tool IMO. It did not bother him at all that he helped send an innocent man to prison and even said Avery should still be in prison. He also added it was not part of his job to make sure persons he arrested and helped prosecute were actually guilty. Since another woman was murdered by the person who did commit the 1985 rape I would have thought he would have atlas felt some guilt for arresting the wrong guy.

    There was a Dark hair women(I did not get her name) who believed that Avery was innocent.

    I was amazed at although Dr Phil pointed out statements made by the three people on his show sometimes did not make sense. He remained very neutral.

    IMO Is Avery guilty or innocent that is a tough one. Most of the stuff mentioned by LE could have been left there by someone else. like why did they only find one of her teeth where did the rest of them go? Do teeth burn up would Avery’s fire pit be able to reach a temperature high enough to burn up teeth. Why would any one hide the bullet they killed someone with in their room. And the stuff about the chains and leg ions? was just weird. Oh and they had the mandatory jail house snitch who got a couple days out of the slammer to reveal what (he said) Avery told him.

    I’ll have to read here to know more. But I am torn as to Avery’s guilt in this murder. I does not seem reasonable that he would murder another person while waiting to go to court for his million+ lawsuit which would probably get settled. But like Blink has said people do things for their own reasons which may seem Bizarre to us.

    I’m going to watch the second half of Phils show Monday. I’ll bet someone involved in Avery’s case got a big payday for going on the air with Phil. Maybe it will pay Avery’s lawyers.

    I have not seen Dr. Phil.
    I appreciate you keeping an open mind and trusting me as a solid source as I feel pretty strongly that the series itself should only be the start of the conversational process.
    Many of TH’s teeth were believed to be located, however only (as I recall) still contained a partial root structure which the forensic odontologist believe identified it as hers.
    It continues to bewilder me how a former prosecutor has completely absolved herself of the burden of her professional knowledge of law and material and relevant evidence.


  43. Ragdoll says:

    Malty says:
    January 14, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    I’ll give you an AMEN to that, Malty! ATG is the real deal. God bless his heart!!!

  44. Mom3.0 says:

    I hope the New Year 2016 will be the healthiest/happiest New year for each of us.

    “What I did on my Christmas Vacation is all Netflix fault.”

    Ditto Blink, except I did not find myself watching
    “Making A Murderer”, instead I watched the BBC crime/drama show “River” featuring the old Tina Charles song, “I love To love” –
    I recommend both the show and the song for anyone needing a break from the reality of true crime.
    Caution the song is catchy and you may drive yr loved ones bonkers singing it. I know I did

    I havent watched the doc yet, although I plan to.
    I have read both your pieces and listened to the podcast w/Dana.

    You said something that resonates or should- (PP) our advocacy is precious it shouldnt be hastily given away

    I agree
    It shouldnt be based on todays popular opinion certainly not absent the entire set of facts it shouldnt be based upon just one conversation, or one documentary

    I dont know what my final thoughts will be after watching the documentary

    For now I will say thanks for covering this story and dedicating yrself to uncovering/sharing the facts – clearly you have me hooked as Im now interested in the cases and the cont conversation

    Eager for prt 3


    OMG- I watched River last week and I absolutely loved it. I recommend it highly. Not gonna lie- lots of sob scenes for me but so worth it. Thanks for recommending it to all. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts as we go through the series here and nice to see you!

  45. Ode says:

    Blink and Mom, how I spent my Sunday morning, why watching River of course. First episode was wow and I am hooked. A nice change from MAM watching.

    LOL. I vow to make time to watch it again- the character development was perfection, I did not want it to end. I don’t want to spoil so remind me after you complete it to tell you about a scene that so reminded me of something I experienced in a mp case I will never forget and stays with me always.

  46. Mom3.0 says:

    Blink and Ode – great to know you have discovered River- its too good


    What happened to 23 yr old Steven Avery was an extreme travesty of justice. He IMO deserved to get 36 million- not just because of his innocence but because of MCSO downright railroading the continuing to insist in his guilt and to never owning up to their mistakes

    Did the victim of Allen sue MCSO? Because it is clearly they and their cohorts who allowed him his cont freedom while stealing Averys which meant another brutal rape and almost murder by Allen and perhaps the murder of Halbach by SA after release.


    Nope. Statute of limitations as far as charging Allen were up- can’t speak to the victim not seeking a civil remedy but my guess is the ole cant get blood from a stone because one can’t really impart liability on LE for the crime itself. Although, I know a few arguments that might squeeze out a settlement. Just awful.

  47. Ode says:

    How I spent my Tuesday morning…crying of course watching the last episode..earlier in the morning I actually sang “I love to love” to my husband who wasn’t watching this show and actually brought an early morning smile from him and confused eyebrows.

    LOL Ode. I can’t decide if I want a second season-

  48. A Texas Grandfather says:

    I just spent time re-reading the piece and looking at the little house on the trailer. I would not tow that trailer with all the weight to the rear. Perhaps the empty space at the front was left to load a heavy equipment box. Towing a trailer with weight to the rear will at some speed cause the trailer to begin to wobble affecting the steering of the tow vehicle and could turn both over.

    Thank you Ragdoll. My goal is to always present truth and compassion regarding my writing.

  49. [...] join Editor in Chief of Christina Stoy LIVE Tonight At 9PM EST  On THE DANA PRETZER SHOW.   Dana will be interviewing Christina as part II of his Making A Murderer Coverage and discussing [...]

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