Special Guest On Tonights Live: THE DANA PRETZER SHOW Tuesday October 18 2016

Please Join Christina Stoy,  Editor In Chief www.blinkoncrime.com and President,  Stoy Wigmore Associates,  tonight at 9PM EST on THE DANA PRETZER SHOW.

Hosted by honored career law enforcement professional,  Dana Pretzer,  Stoy will be discussing recent true crime case coverage and current crimes in the news.

Click Below Banner at Showtime for live streaming,  or following the show to listen to the podcast.


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  1. ps- no politics allowed!

  2. Rose says:

    re ps. Of course not.
    You’re on the night BEFORE that debate.

  3. Rose says:

    oh, I misunderstood.
    you’re saying Dana,not posters, is refraining.

  4. erose says:

    Reverse CSI effect, very interesting. With media help, we either want 100% guaranteed proof positive that someone did something, or we will go off of rumor and speculation to form our opinions and learn to accept theories in lieu of facts. So it would seem we want to settle in at extreme ends of the spectrum. If it’s not shock and awe, we no longer even listen.

    Certainly stated more eloquently than I erose, thank you.

  5. erose says:

    I spent time thinking about why some women enter their daughters into child pageants and I think it is to get an edge on their future competitors in the grown up pageants. We now train athletes younger and younger as well. Look at how young Tiger Woods started playing golf, now little rug rats are all over the golf courses.

    Granted athletics doesn’t sexualize children, but I don’t think beauty queens see beauty pageants in that light, and they certainly don’t have time to research pedophiles when they are out buying tiaras. My guess is they are ignorantly in the dark. I think child abuse agencies should be proactive on informing these groups just what they are unintentionally promoting. Had Patsey Ramsey not been accused so mercilessly, she could have been that voice.

    And I think (hope) she would have. John Ramsey definitely is. If that doesn’t work please watch Little Miss Sunshine, lol.

  6. A Texas Grandfather says:


    It is a known fact that certain children when taught skills beginning at age four or five are able to exceed their peers in whatever the endeavor. The problem is that parents must learn to have a balance in the child’s activities. All work and no play or all play and no work are destructive to anyone.

  7. Rose says:

    Say 20 years ago for several years we drove to a family camp in NO MI, always on the OH turnpike, and an overnight at times in major motels there. It was typey for groups from TX, WV, KY, TN, ARK, OK, OH iirc. groups of young girls say 7-12 apparently traveling to compete in cheerleader contests (Chicago? Detroit? Cleveland?) running around in skimpy costumes, sequins hair and face, heavy makeup, and so on. And later on say l0 years ago same in No NJ off I 95 at hotels I was in for other purposes, but we ran into “acting camp” populated by NJ/NY patrons.

    Preteen girls, heavy makeup, skimpy costumes and sequins. So it’s not just beauty pageants. It is what certain subcultures from certain areas decided was “camp” competition for preteen girls.

  8. erose says:

    o/t Rose, (“So it’s not just beauty pageants”) I know you have been following the election. I was up at 5am the morning of the final debate. I flip thru all of the news channels always and get everyone’s talking points for the day. Fox was in front of UNLV interviewing the sync woman’s swim team and the sequin studded cheerleading squad. For me, the dichotomy of the seriousness of the presidential debate and the frivolity of women in skimpy outfits being interviewed on anything but gave me pause. How pervasive it is in our society that it would seep into such an important day, (then I realized in that building in the background was the MGM where I knew there were crap tables, and I began to see the parallel).

  9. Rose says:

    beautiful insight.
    alas, all I do at 5 am, repetitively,
    is google the word trump.
    hoping for whatever. in the universe may assist.
    I feel like Malty, but no sister to call.

  10. Rose says:

    @least UNLV believes in Title IX such that their
    college women can compete in something.

  11. erose says:

    Rose, I trust you google WikiLeaks right after Trump. My family is now exasperated with it all and is looking toward Nov. 9. I OTOH love it when we can see behind the curtain, and it’s only once every four years, which this fodder may last until the next. Enjoy, my friend!

  12. Dr Pepper says:

    Hey B!
    It’s been a while!
    Whatcha got going on these days? I’m following swceal cases and wish you cover them or do a post so we could discuss it here!

    The Missy Bevers case has me floored and I’d love to get mom3.0 or ATG’s thoughts on it!!! The same sentiment goes for for the Springfield 3, lane Bryant and Boca Raton Mall Murders

  13. Judi says:

    HI Blink, haven’t posted in while but there is a case local to me I think could use your help! I do not know this young man but I feel so very much for his parents and I fear for our town. They have been a rash of young men that have gone missing from our area over the last couple of years, all relatively same age, 2 at present that I know of! I don’t know much about the second young man currently missing but the other, Dakota James, his parents have worked so hard to keep his face in front of the public and they are so very heartbroken.


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