Break in the Case: Questioning in Nicole Ganguzza Murder: Former Orange County Employee

Posted by BOC Staff | Murdered,Nicole Ganguzza | Wednesday 4 March 2009 9:13 am

Nicole G


Orange County, Fl 10:15AM– Sources inside the Sheriffs office have confirmed a man is being questioned and possibly detained in connection with the murder of Nicole Ganguzza, the UCF staffer and jogger found murdered in Blanchard Park on June 10. A warrant was served yesterday at a location in Orange County within Colonial Village Mobile Home park. *See Updates*

UPDATE 1 Warrant is Sealed

1:47PM Confirmation from the OCSO Susan Soto that at least 2 men will and are being questioned in connection with the Ganguzza murder. See the video update here .

..”At this time, they are not disclosing anything about the search warrant.. please dont expect this information today..Nobody is in custody at this time.. Anybody that lives in this neighborhood will be interviewed.. They have some information that led them here..”

Soto also confirmed that she is in contact with Nicole’s husband, who is awaiting further information from them before making any comments.  


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