Casey Anthony Case: Prosecutors Office Tells Jose Baez Show Me the Money

Posted by BOC Staff | Casey Anthony,Caylee Anthony Case,Jose Baez | Monday 9 March 2009 5:35 pm

*Update 1*  Marti MacKenzie, spokesperson for Jose Baez, says Baez will file a response to the State’s Motion seeking disclosure of how his Client, Casey Anthony ,is paying his legal bills by 4PM Today.

Check Back for Updates


Orlando, FL– Late this afternoon Prosecutors filed a motion to reveal how Casey Anthony, facing murder charges in the death of her daughter, 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony, is footing the bill. Ms. Anthony has not had gainful employment with the exception of stealing from others since 2006. Neither George nor Cindy Anthony, Casey’s parents, have worked since Casey’s arrest in July 2008. 

To date, Jose Baez and The Baez Law Firm has hired eight attorneys to participate or consult in his client’s defense. Using a Fashion analogy, these barristers would be found in the Couture salon of Neiman Marcus, not off the rack at Tar Jay. As I first requested via sister site Scared Monkeys , several letters asking for inquiry and expressing concern for a possible trial outcome that would be wrought with possible appellate issues were sent; it appears your voice was heard.

 If no investigation into the possible conflict of interest of Atty Baez’s representation of Casey Anthony occurs prior to a disposition in this case, the likelihood a verdict could and would be overturned in this case is very high. Think Keyser Soze and Kobayashi.  Any conceivable scenario you can come up with as a disposition to this case causing an appellate ground swell would cost the taxpayers MILLIONS.

As I have written previously, and still believe, if Baez is toting an attache (editor’s note: bag would contain Lexis Nexis logo) of waivers from his Client corresponding with every transaction and or conversation about questionable issues that might compromise his representation, we’re done here and this case will proceed accordingly and probably leave us to draw our own conclusions.  I am not holding my breath this motion will be heard or disclosure of same, publicly. Are you ready to react? What media are you willing to give up in this case to make your stand for Caylee?

The one- two Punch 

I am hopeful however, that between the current bar investigation and this motion filed by State’s Attorney Lawson Lamar’s office, it is inevitable the parties responsible for paying for Casey’s defense, as well as any other member’s of her family, will be exposed.

Is it too much to hope a certain Prince’s Ball attendee grabs his carriage before midnight allowing justice to be served in this case? Will the furry, helpful and definately not pro-bono footsman hear the distant sound of the next pied piper and scamper off? I can’t make any promises but I can tell you we’ve been sweepin up the chimney as best we can. Rest is up to the Fairy Godmother.. Lady Justice wave your wand for Caylee, please already.




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  1. KK says:

    My Comment is

    This Case has Transcended to Become the Next Disney Movie – It has though left behind the Most precious and Innocent Baby that deserved to have a life – Was to grow and become a Beautiful Girl in Spirit and in Body.

    Caylee could have become a Young Woman – She herself branded her own self by her video with Great Grandfather. She showed all that she was healthy, surpassing her age in emotions and her own responses within the video. The part of the video that gets me every time is Caylee holding the table cloth under her Eyes ..and she continues to Bat her Eyes – shows that she knew what was Funny and felt good to others.

    I find that the Travesty is within this Case is that the ATTY’s in this case keep portraying MOM Casey to be a victim of ?????? – It has No Meaning to Me at all. The defense team Have Nothing and it will be proven. This is a World known Case of Child Abuse at its Grand Scale- its a child that was Murdered, victimized by her own Mother and then again Victimized by her Mother again when Law Enforcement became involved. NEVER was a Mention that her Daughter ” TWO Years Old” was missing for 31 Days- Never a thought of contacting the Police – UNTIL Until she was Caught UP by her own Words and Face to face with Grandma. Then Grandma Called Police – and We are here today. What is Today is not what anyone could Imagine as it unfolds. Its almost as Big, If not bigger then the Lindbergh Kidnapping.
    All that Rise in this Case are Looking For Profit and Self Autonomy – Young Lawyer Comes to Mind. Autonomy is a concept found in moral, political, and bioethical philosophy. Within these contexts, it refers to the capacity of a rational individual to make an informed, un-coerced decision. Well I guess his main concern – If he knows he has a Million Dollar Deal not yet signed-but waiting … Would defiantly sway him to do what is right for HIM .. Caylee is Dead right. So Lets Move On to bigger and Better financial findings. Isn’t that how it works ? Kinda Like Wall Street Caylee is not represented by Anyone – and For the Dubbed Dream Team on BOBO’s Side – I say Shame on You for even representing Casey Anthony. Shame on You. They themselves are Only within the Case for the AIR TIME – that’s plain and simple. All I can Say is these People have to Look in a Mirror and Or Rest at Night with their own conscience. Let them rise with their money and Be as they Wish. Their Days will be remembered as Empty as they were Glorious.

  2. Liza says:

    Can you please get rid of all your blinking and flashing advertisments? I would like to read yout Point of View but when I come to this site it triggers seizures- Thank you.

  3. Greg says:

    Nobody works for free. If Baez is working pro-bono I would be surprised. I was under the opinion that Casey has been selling pictures and videos to the media for millions of dollars. Is a third party involved in the sale of pictures and videos? Ask NANCY GRACE.
    Grace seems to have a new video or picture every night. My guess is grandma or uncle is the third party. Casey gave up control at the beginning of this nightmare.

  4. Blink says:

    I loved your comment and it made me really reflect, which at this hour is no small feat. I agree and I mourn what Caylee could have been. I am committed to restoring her legacy as many of you are, thanks for recognizing she has one.

    Liza, lol. Turn on your phishing filters and it’s all good, however I will pass your request on..

    Greg, Baez is not free. They are on the record in that regard. I say (Baez) go hang out at someone else’s roulette wheel already.

  5. denisa says:

    Drew’s stepbrother speaks out

    March 10, 2009

    By Joe Hosey, Sun-Times News Group

    Believing that Stacy Peterson was in a blue barrel that he helped his stepbrother, Drew Peterson, haul to a waiting vehicle, Thomas Morphey tried to kill himself by swallowing antidepressant pills.

    Morphey survived the attempt but isn’t sure if that makes him lucky. Instead of death, he now endures each day in a living hell, courtesy of Peterson, he said.

    “It kills me,” said Morphey, who broke a near 17-month silence to speak out. “There’s not a day that goes by that I dont wish I could take back the events of that day.”

    That day was Oct. 28, 2007. Morphey said he was on the second floor of Peterson’s Bolingbrook house when Peterson appeared, pushing a blue barrel and asking Morphey to help him get it downstairs.

    They took the barrel “right out the front door” and to Peterson’s Yukon Denali, which was parked in the driveway, Morphey said. Part of a thick plastic bag was protruding from the lid of the barrel, he said.

    Morphey said Peterson, then a Bolingbrook police sergeant, dropped him off at his home and told him, “This never happened.”

    “I said, Don’t worry. I wont say a word.”

    Stacy Peterson, then 23, has not been seen since, and her disappearance has drawn national media attention – especially after it led to a new investigation of the March 2004 death of Peterson’s previous wife, Kathleen Savio. Her death, initially ruled accidental, was determined to be a murder.

    While recovering from his suicide attempt, Morphey spoke to Will County prosecutors and received immunity from prosecution regarding Stacy’s disappearance in exchange for his testimony. Despite the immunity, Morphey has yet to testify before the county grand jury investigating the cases of Peterson’s last two wives.

    Nearly 18 months have passed since Morphey first told police and prosecutors his story about assisting Peterson, and he’s questioning the progress of the case, leading him to speak publicly about the last time he was in his stepbrother’s house.

    Murder plot?

    Morphey said the barrel incident was preceded by Peterson trying to enlist him in a murder plot the day before.

    Peterson showed up at his home that Saturday morning, ostensibly to take him to a Meijer store where Peterson supposedly lined up a job interview for Morphey. But Peterson drove Morphey to a park.

    “He looked like I’d never seen him before,” Morphey said. “As if he had a frantic evening the night before and hadn’t gotten any sleep. We went to that park to discuss Stacy cheating on him, and he had to take care of the problem.”

    He assumed Peterson planned to murder Stacy’s supposed boyfriend.

    “I didn’t think for a minute he was going to try to kill her,” Morphey said.

    But then Peterson started asking strange questions.

    “How much do you love me?” Peterson asked him, and Morphey answered that he loved him a lot.

    “Enough to kill for me?” Peterson inquired.

    “No, I couldn’t live with myself,” Morphey said.

    “Could you live with knowing about it?” Peterson asked.

    To which Morphey replied, “Yeah, I guess. We always figured you killed Kathleen.”

    Morphey said Peterson then drove him to a storage facility and asked him to rent a unit in Morphey’s name. But Morphey had not brought his state ID, and Peterson, fearing that leaving to get it and returning would attract undue attention, dropped Morphey at home, Morphey said.

    A few hours later, Morphey called Peterson and told him, “Sorry. I know you’ve always been there for me, but this is just something I can’t get involved in.”

    Peterson said, “OK, I can respect that. Ill get with you later.”

    Morphey said he felt as if he was in “hell,” fearing that a life was at stake but not knowing where to turn.

    “I couldn’t really go to the police,” he said. “He is the police.”

    Now, he said, he must face the consequences of his lack of action.

    “It’s just something I have to live with,” Morphey said. “I grew up Catholic. I believe if you take another life, you go to hell.”

    Cell phone calls

    The night after their trip to the park and the storage center, Peterson showed up unannounced at Morphey’s home to take him for a ride.

    “He just started driving,” Morphey said. “I didn’t ask any questions.”

    They went to a park off Weber Road where Peterson handed him a cell phone and told him not to answer it, Morphey said. Peterson left. Morphey said he paced back and forth in the dark, wondering, “Is he killing someone?”

    About 45 minutes later the phone rang. Then it rang again. Both times, the caller ID showed “Stacy’s cell,” Morphey said, which gave him a “pretty good idea” who was Peterson’s target.

    “Really, all I could think when I saw Stacy on the phone was he was killing her while I was standing there,” Morphey said.

    Peterson returned to the park within an hour of the calls and told him, “I need a hand at the house moving something. You got time?”

    Morphey tried to beg off, explaining how his girlfriend had a medical procedure scheduled early the next morning. But Peterson wasn’t taking no for an answer, Morphey said.

    Suicide attempt

    The day after the barrel incident, Morphey spoke on the phone with Peterson, telling him he wanted to hang himself, Morphey said. Peterson told him not to worry.

    That night, Morphey started drinking again. He spoke on the phone with one of his brothers, whom he had earlier told some details about what happened over the weekend, and the brother told him that he had called the FBI about it.

    “Then I said to him, ‘That’s it. It’s over,’ ” Morphey said.

    He hung up on his brother and swallowed the two bottles of pills. He said he tried to kill himself to protect his girlfriend and her sons – if he was dead and they knew nothing, they would be safe from Peterson, Morphey reasoned.

    But Morphey’s brother had called 911 and reported the suicide threat, and police and paramedics showed up at Morphey’s home and rushed him to the hospital.

    On his second day in the hospital, Morphey got his offer of immunity. Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow showed up himself to grant it. He had a couple state troopers with him, and they talked to Morphey in a coffee room.

    “It was the first of many interrogations,” he said. “They went easy on me there.”

    Morphey figures he has undergone about 40 hours of interrogation. “A lot of good cop-bad cop going on,” he said, as well as threats to pull his immunity. Morphey said he also spent about five months away from his family for his protection.

    Wondering whats up

    Despite all the interrogation, state police hiding him out in small towns and his immunity agreement, Morphey has yet to testify before the grand jury probing Stacy’s disappearance and Savio’s death. He also has not gotten a call from the state police in quite some time, he said.

    “All contact’s pretty much been broken. I dont know what that’s about,” Morphey said, adding that he feels “betrayed.”

    A spokesman for the states attorneys office said he could not comment “on any aspect of a pending investigation.”

    Since the revelation that authorities believe Morphey helped Peterson dispose of Stacy’s body, Peterson, 55, repeatedly has disparaged his stepbrother. Told of the new interview with Morphey, Peterson said Monday, “He’s lying. He’s hallucinating.”

    Last week, Peterson’s attorney, Joel Brodsky, issued a statement in which he said Morphey “has a documented history of severe mental illness, drug and alcohol addiction.”

    Morphey concedes he has been diagnosed as manic-depressive, was arrested twice for drunken driving and spent time in rehab after his mother’s death. But he said he has straightened out his life – living with a woman and her three sons for about nine years.

    “I just feel like the truth needs to be told at some point,” Morphey said. “At this juncture, I don’t know if I’ll get my day in court.”

    He doesn’t know if Peterson will have his day in court either.

    “I never would have imagined I’d be sitting here 17 months later, and there hasn’t been an arrest,” he said. “I know what I know. Drew knows what I know.”

  6. Kleat says:

    denisa, the link would have been sufficient thanks.

  7. Gigi says:

    i’m with you, kleat.

  8. Annals says:

    “Jose Baez entered a motion to strike the prosecution’s request to look into a conflict of interest. He denies the allegation and says the prosecution is trying to embarrass him. Baez says the prosecution has no evidence of a conflict of interest.”

    Embarass!? Jeezsh, get a thicker skin.

  9. mamacrazy30 says:

    i just wondered over to websluths and apparently Casey is angry over the idea of them asking if Bozo is selling her stuff. “Casey Anthony said her agreement with Jose Baez ‘does not contain any clauses of part that allow or entitle him to sell my “story, or that of my daughter Caylee Marie Anthony”‘. It also includes a hand written message that the prosecutor who thinks there is such a deal “is angry because I have refused to take a plea agreement for a crime I DID NOT COMMIT”. wow. I have been watching this case since the beginning and maybe i’m burnt out but by golly, if it wasn’t Casey who did it (and i believe it was) then it was SOMEONE in that house. this case is gonna get ugly soon. please reassure me because i still have a problem with “so you don’t know what my involvement is? well sweety. MOM! Casey! Of course i don’t know what your involvement is honey, if you hadn’t of lied.”

  10. LittleMe says:

    LexisNexis does not have a space between it.

  11. Kleat says:

    Was that Baez’s response to the motion, just the Affidavit of Casey filed today?? There must be more. Any word on the apparently refused plea deal? Maybe tomorrow will reveal something more.

  12. chitown lady says:

    BAEZ is looking out for his own paocket I assure you. They are making their living by selling off a dead child his client KILLED…..How does this scumbag sleep at night? I am waiting for them to start selling her bones for god sakes. Why can t the courts put a STOP to this raping of a dead child? This piece of trash CAsey, n eeds to cop a plea, go to jail and live a unhappy life. She will make a nice toy for some chick in jail…….Even her parents are insane feeding in to this insanity of a nanny…..Who are they kidding…NANNY my ass….One would think her own parent s would know of a nanny. This Casey stole thousands from the parents and they STOOD THERE AND DID NOTHING…..NOTHING !!!!!! They are a part of Casey’s problem. ANd now an innocent child had to lose her life. When is Casey’s family goning to STOP DRINKING CASEY KOOLAID and face the truth..THE REAL TRUTH! Their daughter is a BABY KILLER……..

  13. lee says:

    This is scary. I just took a survey about this case, 32 people thinks she innocent. All we need is one of those coo coo birds on the jury.

  14. Gigi says:

    was the survey in florida?

  15. BEES KNEES says:

    How many people think she is quilty?

  16. luie says:

    Ok… When I read that Caylee had her whole life ahead of her, and that she was going to be a great woman and blah blah blah, all I can think of is that she was probably going to end up getting pregnant around 14, doing drugs, laying around, and just being an improved version of her mother and grandmother.

    I know that right now she was an angel, but she was a baby! I can only imagine growing up in a family like the one she had!! As Casey is just a direct consequence of Cindy and George!

  17. Tamara Bass says:

    Please explain to me why no one has inquired into where Caylee was at all those nights during the two years when Zanny was supposed to be babysitting her. This needs to be addressed in the closing arguments because each and every time Casey drugged her daughter is applicable and egregious. Asking that question alone puts it all in place.

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