Casey/Caylee Case: “BOMBSHELL” New Discovery Released George AND Casey Stole From Cindy?

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Orlando, FL- The State’s Attorney’s Office released the newest round of discovery evidence previously released to defense counsel to tot mom, Jose Baez, Wednesday.

The interviews released include interviews with Shirley Pleasea, Cameron “Cam Cam”Campion, roommate to Tony Lazzarro, PI Dominick Casey, a co-worker of Cindy Anthony and a man that smoked pot with indicted murder suspect Casey Anthony. In the Investigative Reports, a man that lost his wallet in the general area was interviewed as well. 

Among the information learned, it appears the most startling revelation comes from the interview with Shirley Pleasea, Mother of Cindy Anthony and Grandmother to Casey Anthony. She indicated that although Casey had stolen money from her on numerous occasions, she used the money in August 2007 to pay for a cake and party favors for Caylee’s 2 Year Birthday Celebration.

Also revealed during the August 21 Interview with OCSO, Mrs. Pleasea told Investigators that Casey had stolen ,000 from her mother Cindy, possibly through taking out credit cards in Cindy’s name. Casey’s father George also took out credit cards in Cindy’s name without her knowledge according to Cindy Anthony’s Mother.
 The most damning comment offered by Mrs. Pleasea, was when she wondered allowed if Casey hated Cindy more than she loved Caylee. 

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Download Documents Here

Dominic Casey Interview Transcript

Cameron Campina Interview

Jeffrey Hopkins Interview Transcript

Shirley Please Interview Transcript

Timothy Monforte Interview

Charles Crittenden Interview

Debbie Bennet Interview

Melina Calabrese Interview Transcript

Crime Scene Reports

Cell Phone Text Records Investigative Report

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  1. lee says:

    The grandmother says the Cindy and George almost lost their house because of Casey stealing over $45,000. I hope the State continues to find things that prove what a horrible person she is

  2. Angie says:



  3. KJ says:

    I noticed in the great grandmother interview she referred to “the accident” several times. When pressed she said she saw that on TV. Seems to me that she knows a little more than she is leading on. But she also asked if she had a cat after looking for it? Poor lady, being dragged into this.

  4. Kleat says:

    I don’t know if anyone would agree with this, but from reading the first transcript of Shirley Plesea’s interview with police, and now with this one, that Shirley is one of the most credible, level-headed and honest of all the family. This is an elderly woman who, without any of this added Casey problem, has a lot on her plate caring (and caring SO WELL), for her husband in the care home. This woman is to be
    commended for her openess and honesty, and for being forthright because she recognized Casey’s problems early and she recognized Cindy’s failure to see through Casey’s lies and to cover up for Casey from the earliest times she stole from the grandparents.

    All I wish all the very best to Shirley Plesea in these terrible times for her, the stress of the situation and her age and her needs and to be a primary caregiver in support of her husband are beyond comprehension, well beyond what Cindy did for her own father to relieve the duties of her mother. I feel for this woman, and look how resilient she was with this last interview, even under the stress of the storm, electrical problems that could be serious, and loosing track of her companion cat in the dark and confusion.

  5. Kleat says:

    From the telephone records of the 16th, 17th and following days in June 2008, I have to wonder about the repeated calls to car dealership(s). What is the connection, did Casey want a replacement vehicle, did she try to rent one? Try to lease or otherwise obtain use of a vehicle? Or was this a connection to another boyfriend or acquaintance? Or was she trying to obtain replacement parts or?? Does this have anything to do with ‘her’ own car and it’s relationship to the baby’s death and need for a ‘new’ vehicle?

  6. Annals says:

    I love the part where John Allen and Yury Melich help Shirley Plesea with her fuse box and getting lights & appliances in the house back up & working. Evidently they conducted the interview at her house during a power outage due to downed wires. At one point a neighbor checks in on her because there are three guys in the house with her in the dark. She tells the neighbor she’s OK and he leaves. Wonder whether he knew that she was entertaining Police Ivestigators and the FBI? What a slice of life.

    High fives to John Allen, Yuri Melich & Scott Bolin.

  7. IMO Casey was doing all the stealing…..Cindy started blaming George at some point to her mother, and possibly other family members. She was continuously covering the skanks azz. George just went along with the “script” of Cindy’s…..yes dear, yes dear, whatever you say dear…..everything’s my fault dear…..George is an easy scapegoat, because for some ungodly reason, he’s afraid of losing Cindy, if he rocks the boat……George steal your balls back and run as fast as you can from Cindy….it’s your only hope for survival!!

  8. Kleat says:

    …. and Casey’s car was a Pontiac, why is there a call to a certain Ford dealership included after the baby was to have been ‘taken’? Casey claimed that ZG drove a silver Ford Focus– was Casey adding support for this part of her story somehow by making this call or inquiry as it might relate to the ‘nanny stole her’ story? Not expecting answers now, but interesting– will wait and see–

  9. Snowy says:

    Does anyone else find the word “stealing” a little strong for both Casey and George? I realize that taking out credit cards in Cindy’s name is wrong, but ‘stealing’ is too harsh when this happens within a marriage and a family. I have raised two teenagers and have had my share of financial irresponsibilty yet I would never have accused my family of stealing from me. And how many of us have experienced our spouses making decisions and signing our names? I noticed that this whole family uses the word in harsh reference to each other – Cindy’s mom, Cindy, Cindy’s brother, and George. According to this family they all ‘steal’ from each other. It’s rather sad.

    And as far as the new documents are concerned I am now thinking that maybe the whole family is involved in Caylee’s death. Co-workers claim that Cindy did not enjoy looking after Caylee after work and Casey simply tired of being a mom. Both Cindy and Casey were talking about ‘Zani’ to friends and co-workers for about 2 years prior. Yet Zani was seemingly never met by anyone but Casey. Me thinks Cindy may have handed down (mother to daughter) the ‘perfect’ no-cost zani solution to a little peace and quiet – over-sedating the baby. Then, of course, Casey gets careless…..and now the whole family has to scramble for cover. Initially Casey gets thrown under the bus until the rest realize she can implicate them as well…. Too dramatic?

  10. Kleat says:

    Snowy, what would you call ongoing theft of money from a baby’s piggybank to using check information and checks from the grandmother to illegally get money from her small checking account used for her husband, to the amounts of credit card use (numbers of 25 and 45 thousand are out there in the documents), and this same behaviour then extends to friends, like Amy, not only cash stolen and non-payback of a tow charge for Casey’s car (dui, crashed and blew two tires), and forged checks stolen from Any’s own car. Stealing a term too harsh??? This is not a mistake, one-off, or childhood antics, it is a seriousi and ongoing symptom of Casey’s behaviour that is allowed to increase without any consequences. Call it like it is, stealing, theft, uttering forged instruments, identity theft. Yes!

    Now maybe the blame to George taking a credit card out in his wife’s name may not be true, and maybe some of Casey’s misuse of credit card and the amounts racked up are too much for Cindy to blame on casey, so maybe she shifts some of that blame to George. Or blames credit card use on George as was nicer sounding than ‘gambling’ or email scams. Wouldn’t put it past Cindy in her attempts to keep Casey away from real blame and responsibility, to shift blame to someone else, like George. JMHO

  11. Kleat says:

    KJ, yes, caught that ‘do I have a cat’ statement, but there are funny words in some of these transcripts and this may not be what she actually said. Hearing her last interview audio, she is not suffering from confusion, she’s quite with it. I bet there was a mistake in the conversion of audio to the typed transcript and that Shirley Plesea could have said ‘do I hear a cat?’ — her following statements do show she knew she had a cat and also, she commented that she was hard of hearing. Some of the transcripts do have obvious mistakes with phonetic interpretations of the wrong word.

  12. KJ says:

    Thanks Kleat, I’ll listen to the audio. The audio is always better than the transcript.

  13. Kleat says:

    don’t think the audio of this one has been released yet- I would have remembered that emergency situation and noise!

  14. Plantmaster says:


    I have followed your comments on another site and have been reading your blog here and respect you very much. I would like to post a song here penned by a friend of mine. I hope it touches you all as much as it did me.

    Caylee’s Song:

    You are my sunshine…
    My only sunshine…
    You make me happy…
    When skies are grey.
    You’ll never know dear…
    How much I love you.
    Please don’t take my sunshine away.

    Grampa Jo Jo…
    Grammy Cindy…
    Why do you support her…
    When she killed me.
    How can I know now…
    Who really loves me?
    When SHE took my sunshine away.

    I was your sunshine…
    Your only sunshine…
    I made you happy…
    When skies were grey.
    You’ll never know now…
    How much I love you.
    cuz MOMMY took your sunshine away!

  15. [...] According to childhood friend Melina Calbrese, Casey Anthony told  her that Casey once slept with a man she worked with at Universal Studios named Josh and believed he was the father of her baby, Caylee. Casey Anthony would have a one night stand and get pregnant in the process? Say it isn’t so. Is it believable that such an event could occur? There is no truth to the rumor that Las Vegas casinos have that bet at even money. The infromation came from documents released on Friday, as well as info that Casey stole from Cindy. [...]

  16. erin says:

    plantmaster, i have never seen your posts anywhere and don’t care to see any more of them. i think you are a sick individual for having the nerve to post such a disgusting song — and shame on your friend for penning such trash.

  17. turbothink says:

    Erin -
    WHY would you consider that song disgusting? I find it accurate and sad just like the fact that a grandparent would deny their only grandchild’s death to protect the killer.

    That my friend is the real trash here, grandparents who use the BLOOD MONEY of their precious grand baby to live so they don’t have to work.

  18. How soon will you update your blog? I’m interested in reading some more information on this issue.

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