Caylee/Casey Case: Dominic Casey Takes Stand in Zenaida Gonzalez Case

Orlando, FL– Dominic Casey, private investigator for Casey Anthony and George and Cindy Anthony, took the stand today in the civil case against Casey for Zenaida Gonzalez.

Uhoh. Motion Denied without prejudice to compel Dominick Casey to testify in the civil case against Casey Anthony.

Dominic casey

However, we have some discrepancies from Mr. Casey. In his interview on January 7, 2009 with Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Dominic Casey states he has contracts with George, Cindy, Jose Baez and Casey Anthony.

These are the dates given:

Jose Baez– July 29, 2008, terminated by Dominic on October 1, 2008.

Casey Anthony– September 12, 2008

The Anthony’ s– “sometime before the contract and after Jose Baez.” Once Baez blocked contact with Casey after October 12.

For reasons unknown, on the stand today, he gave these dates:

Jose Baez– July 27, 2008 to present.

Casey Anthony– “sometime in early September”

George and Cindy Anthony’s– July 27th, but agreement in October.


The discrepancies beg the question.. Is it a coincidence that the agreement with Jose Baez is dated the same day as the opening of the first trust account at Sun Trust Bank, and the agreement with Casey directly is dated the day it was closed by the bank on September 12?

Judge Rodriguez also intimated he will be making a decision on whether to delay the trial until after the murder trial much sooner than expected.

Prediction: The Civil Case will be put on the back burner.

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  1. paperdollz says:

    Now that the emails between Dominic Casey and Cindy have been released, I’m curious if anyone has actually read through them all. If so, was there anything of interest? I know an affair between them has been alleged – were there things said in the emails between them that seemed they were “too familiar” with each other? Also, any talk between them about who was directing him to the body when he went to the woods. I assume that DC and Cindy believed these emails talks were private and privledged, right? So, I’m betting there’s something in there that proves this rumored relationship between them exists – I just don’t have time to read of the emails right now. Anyone care to share the most interesting points of info from their emails? Thanks,

  2. dee says:

    999 Blink

    I guese Brad wasn’t listening. :-(

  3. dee says:

    GUESS duuuh :-)

  4. mediamogul says:

    Question: Re: Lack of Payment to P.I. Dominic Casey
    If a P.I. to the Prince of Monaco can reveal secrets (work product in court) what’s keeping the A’s secrets from being revealed? Based on the recent document dump of P.I.Casey’s work product, it appears that all the secrets in work product confidentiality could eventually be exposed based on the below article:

    Per Oct. 26
    Prince Albert’s Secrets Exposed by his own P.I.

    It appears that the man Prince Albert of Monaco hired as his P.I. sued him for breach of contract because he felt he was still owed $ for his 4 yr. investigative services. In the lawsuit, the P.I. revealed all the dirt and secrets the he collected during that 4 yr. term.

    When asked about this, P.I. Dominic Casey replied:
    When faced with non-payment, is a breach of Privilege/Confidentiality/Work Product worth the damage to a Private Investigators reputation, integrity and that of the profession? Absolutely not and yes fellow members, I am currently faced with a considerable non-payment from a client (not to the extent of Robert Eringer) however, to breach Privilege/Confidentiality/Work Product is not an option. Let the legal system work and it will …

  5. marcy hurley says:

    Ms. Hurley- before I can post that, I am going to need to see that proof. Can I reach you at this email?

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