Casey Anthony Case: “BOMBSHELL DEVELOPMENT” Cindy Anthony Saw Bag Found at Scene in August Blink on Crime Interview with Keith Williams Part I

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Orlando, FL- Keith Williams, the “reporter” named in the August 18, 2008 Police Report as the finder of a Father’s Day balloon, bag full of stuffed animals and small girl’s clothing, including, a sandal, provides the latest bombshell development in the case against Casey Anthony.  In an exclusive interview to Blink On Crime, we may learn why Jose Baez deposed Officer Richard Cain, the responding officer to both Keith Williams and Roy Kronk calls for findings at the scene within twenty yards of the vicinity where 34 month old Caylee Anthony’s remains were ultimately recovered.

He was There First in Late July

Keith Williams, currently working in the security industry and former massage therapist, grew up down the street from Casey Anthony and owned the home at 8735 Grandee Drive up until five years ago.Kwmyspace 

After some self-admitted life lessons he has “learned the hard way,” he returned to Orlando two years ago. He initially heard of Caylee Anthony’s disappearance following Casey Anthony’s arrest, he has felt a strong connection to find Caylee and that based on his younger sister’s friendship accounts with Casey, he was positive she was in the woods by Hidden Oaks elementary school.

He first went to the woods in late July or early August to the best of his recollection, possibly early August after a conversation with his younger sister Alison. He did not venture into the woods at that point;  he did run into a reporter which he spoke to, but declined to appear on camera, but shared he was a childhood friend of Casey’s and familiar with the area in the woods as most neighborhood kids were. He stated it was a place they would sneak off to or in some cases bury their pets. Prior to August 18, 2008 Keith had not had any conversations with George or Cindy Anthony regarding Casey or Caylee and had not seen them in years.


August 18, 2008 

On the morning of August 18, 2008 Williams went to the dead end portion of Suburban drive nearest the fence opposing the Oaks Elementary School. At the scene, he found a Happy Father’s Day Balloon, a little girl’s sandal, some little girl’s clothing, and a plastic bag filled with stuffed animals. Keith removed the bag from the scene, loading it into his car, and headed for the people he felt could tell him who the contents might belong to; The Anthony’s.

He rang the bell to the Anthony home and was met by Cindy Anthony. He told him who he was, and how he came about finding the possible evidence and location it was found. Cindy looked through the contents of the bag as Keith mentioned the other findings at the scene. She expressed that none of the contents looked familiar and that their family was quite sure that Caylee was alive and had been kidnapped by her nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez. Williams felt he did the right thing by bringing the bag to the Anthony’s and was not satisfied with what appeared to be, in his perception “denial on their part”. He told Cindy he would just get rid of it. He returned to the woods location he retrieved it from in the first place, and called Police. Cain3

(editor’s note: Cindy Anthony weeded through this bag, knew exactly where it was found, the other described possible evidence at the scene and we are supposed to believe two of her investigators show up at the same location by coincidence?)  

The Incident Report

 There was no formal police report DV17 issued at the scene regarding Keith Williams find on August 18, 2008. Richard Cain, the responding deputy, sent an email to the criminal Investigations Division.

At the scene with Officer Cain, Keith stated that he had been told by a psychic what items would be found there, and that they subsequently were. He specifically pointed out the Father’s Day balloon and other items. Officer Cain felt the items had been there for a very long time and probably unrelated to the case due to roots growing through the bag and the condition of the plastic. He left the items at the scene.  

Keith Williams did not tell Cain that he had taken the items to be reviewed by Cindy Anthony at any time during that incident, but he did tell someone.

To be Continued in Part II …

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  1. Suzee says:

    I just cant wrap my head around the fact that Kieth Williams took the bag to Cindy. Was he looking for confirmation before he did any more searching. If I would have found that bag it would have immediately prompted me to do more searching or call LE.

    I still dont get why Cain said there were roots growing out of the bag if Kieth disloged the bag. Didn’t Cain even look at it?

    If Kieth was at the dead end of Surburban drive across from the school then he was a good distance away from where Caylee’s remains were ultimately found. That must have upset Baez as he needs any excuse to prove that the crime scene was contaminated.

    It would seem that Kronk was the only one that was right on. But of course Officer Cain decided that Kronk was wasting LE time and that the body wouldn’t have been skeletonized at that time.

    Was the bag that Williams Found ever collected? Or is it still there?

  2. Maribeth says:

    Sorry, I’m just not buying this story. Why would he put the bag back in the woods? Why didn’t he just take the back to LE? Why would he seek Cindy Anthony for verification, knowing she would deny that any of these things belong to Caylee? Just not buying it…

  3. Charlotte says:

    I was just wondering. A few weeks ago I read on your post that partial fingerprings had been found on the duct tape. They are reporting that NO fingerprints were found on the duct tape. Can you explain? Is there other information coming out about the duct tape?

    Also, do you know anything about the new diary pages that supposedly have a mercy killing confession?

    Every time I see Casey Anthony on TV I want to choke her when she is sitting there smiling.

    Thanks for any info you can give.

    Charlotte- they have not reported there were NO prints, just none of Cindy, Lee or George’s.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Great, thanks for clearing that up. I did not realize that about the fingerprints.

    Do you know anything about the new diary pages that supposedly have a mercy killing confession?

    I love your website!

  5. truthorhalftruths says:

    it just blows my mind that keith williams can lie like this. theres more. he just wanted to inject himself in the freinzy. and mr meter reader had a little bug in his butt too. i hate hearing nancy grace say “meter reader stumbled on the body” i think they need to quit blaming deputy cain for what meter reader didn`t find yet in august. ask the meter reader what psycic he was using. and that one gsj is as phoney as those disrespectful goofy shirts they had made up. someone once told me that ng was only entertainment and now i know how right that is. there is so much thats not tonights bombshell. maybe when all the mall sightings and the folks that want to put themselves in the story have been investigated, then they le can finally get to the truth of it all. thanks, i had to vent, think its time i throw in the towel

  6. Sunshine says:

    Iguess Casey is all washed up…her 15 minutes are over….I just wish all those ppl would stop sending her money !!

  7. Patty Carlson says:

    BAG OF BIG TROUBLE FOR CINDY: Now that LE has THAT bag, they can tell if any of Caylee’s DNA is in the bag (such as hair) and if it is…then we know Cindy lied when she said that nothing in the bag is familiar and it is not Caylee’s toys.

  8. Cindy S says:


  9. the martins says:

    Blink….The link to part 2 doesn’t work or something…it won’t take me there……
    Just so you know…I LOVE YOUR SITE !!!!!! BIG BIG FAN !! Keep up the great work !

  10. Twiglet says:

    The more I hear about this case the more I think Cindy should be sharing a cell with her daughter? I am horrified, Just when you think this case cannot plunge to new depths..It does !!!

  11. Wildflower says:

    “At the scene, he found a Happy Father’s Day Balloon, a little girl’s sandal”,(snipped)

    REALLY weird that in the bag that was found:

    a little girls sandal and Caylee was found without shoes

    a Father’s Day ballon, when she may have been killed on the day.

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