Search for Sandra Cantu Focuses on Old River- Hello Kitty Tshirt Found

Posted by BOC Staff | Amber Alert,Kidnapping,Missing Persons,Sandra Cantu | Thursday 2 April 2009 8:35 pm

Tracy, CA- Sandra Cantu, 8, has been missing from her family’s mobile home park since Friday March 27th. She was last seen on surveillance video at 4PM leaving her home in the opposite direction of the exit to the park.


Two men declared by Tracy Police Department as persons of interest; Frank Wohler and Christopher Sinclair, both Orchard Estates residents, remain under surveillance sources inside the investigation revealed to

Christopher Sinclair, 49, whose cars have been impounded for forensic testing, has a long history with the law. Blink on crime has confirmed that  Mr. Sinclair has used the alias of his deceased brother Brandon on more than one occasion. Additionally, a former resident of the Orchard Estates mobile home park, Rebecca Crowler, filed a complaint in 2003 seeking a restraining order from Sinclair charging he bashed her head into a windshield. A restraining order was also sought by Sinclair’s parents a year later in February 2004; they own the mobile home he resides in currently.chrissinclair-1 They stated in their testimony seeking  the order he forced his way into their home, and that he was a heavy drinker and drug abuser.

Tracy Police Lt. Jeremy Watney declared Tracy PD  has not ruled anyone out, including Danny Cantu, Sandra’s Father. It was reported earlier today that Mr. Cantu agreed to a polygraph test, but police would not confirm that information as it is considered proprietary.

For the third time, search efforts focued on the Old River, located north of Tracy and accessible from S. Tracy Avenue. There are unsubstantiated reports that cadaver dogs have “hit” there, but police remain tight lipped about what led them there in the first place.  Within Tracy, volunteers have been sifting through trash designated for the landfill for the last five days. Police will not specify if they have found anything there or why they are sifting through the trash.  Watney went on to say that Tracy PD has received almost 600 leads, all of which they follow up on, regardless of the source. Late this afternoon volunteers searching the landfill confirmed a Hello Kitty tshirt has been found in the trash. Maria Chavez, Sandra’s Mother told police the shirt was NOT hers.

Sacramento Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla, has thrown his hat into the search, offering a limited reward of $10K for Sandra’s safe return. Crimestoppers and The Carrington Sund Foundation have offerd a $7K reward as well.

Police are asking if you have any information about this case or Sandra’s wherabouts to call the tip line: 830-4225.

Leonard Padilla can be reached at:

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  1. Money Girl says:

    Thank you for all your work and the updates you bring us on these very important cases.

  2. [...] Read the rest at Blink on Crime: Share This [...]

  3. chitown lady says:


    Thanks for all your hard work in keeping us updated. This is so tragic. I am sure we all are praying this little angel is found alive and well. Too bad that these ssex offenders are not PUT TO DEATH..Or a the very least put on and damn remote island somewhere so they do not have any contact with humans other then their own kind….Sickos like themselves !

  4. nursebeeme says:

    Blink… per Lenny’s interview with fox the reward is good only thru Sunday and he also seems to think a relative has her (fwiw… I don’t agree with him at this point in the game)

    Nursee- I will call him all that, I agree with you though.

  5. mamacrazy30 says:

    god help our children….Hug the first one you see (but only if ya know them, ya know?)

  6. I am a criminal profiler and have access to a proprietary computerized crime linkage and analysis program which is called SMART.

    According to SMART, the most probable location to recover Sandra Cantu is within a five-mile radius of her residence and in a north to north-west direction.

    As it happens, the area of focus by the investigation is the Old River area, which is in the same direction and within the distance calculated.

    I certainly hope this analysis is incorrect and Sandra will be recovered safely.

    Chico, CA
    and Mike, Boston, MA

    Christen, thank your for commenting, I believe you are correct and sadly she may have been found in an irrigation pond just off S.Tracy and Becchetti

  7. Miss Sinclair says:

    I am curious to know how the lord you all keep saying you are praying to feels about gossip and slander? just a thought and unfortunately a young girls family has been ripped apart as well as the men’s lives you have all be so interested in and wrongly so it seems…

  8. Greg the mongoose says:

    Pure Evil hides behind religion?

  9. Miss Sinclair says:

    hey I’m just trying to understand the contridiction. I unlike most of these people do not find it necessary to judge people and dig in others lives to fill my time. I do however take offence to my family being talked about especially with false information, if anything get your facts straight. just because its on the internet does not make it true.

    When that was written it was true. What is also true, is that your relative has a long history of alcohol and drug abuse and scuffs with the law, INCLUDING reports from your own family. He has been driving around in his deceased brothers truck, which is registered in Wyoming. Perhaps if you are who you say you are, maybe you could shed some light on those issues?

  10. Miss Sinclair says:

    yes not everything u say is true one the trooper has been returned, two its not a cousin in oakdale and lastly my whole irritation is with the fact that none of this was rellevant to a case of a missing girl
    Then enlighten us, we are here to listen to your side.

  11. Miss Sinclair says:

    its like picking a random name from anywhere and telling the world of someones issues. who cares if he has a truck from wyoming?

  12. Miss Sinclair says:

    and yes I am who I say I am and it would make me no better than any of you to post MY family business on the internet…what did you think all this is about anyway?
    If that’s true, why the proxy?

  13. Miss Sinclair says:

    I’m his child

  14. Miss Sinclair says:

    I am his child so yes I am aware of his alcoholizm and run ins with the law. unfortunately people deal with hardships of life by turning to alcohol, not just him

  15. Brendalyn says:

    Dear sandra, I will miss you and don ‘t worry your family still cares about you please live a good life with jesus and we will always remember you in our hearts. I love you and will miss you forever.R.I.P. my little cousin. Thank you for being a great cousin to me all the time.

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