Sandra Cantu Case: Huckaby Swallowed Razor Blades- On Psych Meds

Missing GirlTracy, CA- One day after Melissa Huckaby’s arraignment in San Joaquin County court on murder, kidnapping, rape and molestation charges, new search warrants are issued and troubling new information is surfacing. Yesterday afternoon two additional warrants were served in the case against Huckaby; one at Clover Baptist Church, and the other at the home of Connie and Lane Lawless where the defendant lived.

As previously brought to you exclusively by Blink on Crime, it has now been officially confirmed that Melissa Huckaby was hospitalized for a suicide attempt immediately after Sandra Cantu was found. Huckaby, in an attempt to end her life, swallowed three Xacto blades. What is not known, is how she got there. Did she present herself after swallowing them? Did she tell her grandparents? We do know for certain that she did not call an ambulance. The treatment of ingested razor blades varies greatly based on when they are presented and where they are in the digestive cycle.  Sources within the investigation have also confirmed this is not the first time Huckaby has attempted suicide, or the second.  Blink on Crime has also learned that Melissa Huckaby may be on disability benefits for a psychologial condition, receiving $600 per month.


Connie Lawless, grandmother to defendant Huckaby, asked the public to reserve their judgement and honor Melissa’s right to a presumption of innocent:  

“This is totally out of character for our granddaughter,” she said. “She is a woman who never raised a hand to a child, never raised a voice.” She said she does not believe her granddaughter could have committed the crime, unless “some freakish thing happened.” She said her granddaughter had been taking some psychotropic medication, and that she had no criminal history aside from a shoplifting. 

Psychotropic Medications. Prior Mental Health Issues, including suicide attempts. Court Ordered Psych program. You see where this is going, right? Good Luck with that. I spoke to this woman, as did many reporters.  She was articulate and direct in her communication. She was able to recall very specific details and incidents that are specific to evidence in a rape and murder. She was able to utilize information in an attempt to cover up that crime. I am not a Mental health professional nor do I play one on tv.  However, she is no more schizo, delusional, psychotic and overall bat sh*t than any other alleged criminal I have interviewed.  If this family thinks they are going to spoon feed us the “we tried everything but institutionalizing her” I am going to come out swinging. She was a Sunday School teacher with access to children. She was put in that capacity by her grandfather, the Pastor Lane Lawless. I do believe I have found my new platform.

Head of Child Protective Resigns Abruptly


Lynn Frank, head of Sacramento County Health and Human Services, which oversees Child Protective Services, has resigned after a three year tenure in which 10 of children in the system have died.  By her own admission, 4 of them were preventable. While she is stepping down voluntarily, she is taking a leave of absence and returning July 1st in a different capacity to fulfill her retirement requirements. At this time, there is no indication this agency had any interaction with Melissa Hucakby or her daughter Madison as they are located within San Joaquin County. As Huckaby seemed to only really have a permanent address in Tracy since last Summer and her child is 5 years old, it is not out of the question. At this time, although there is evidence of a history of emotional issues and a condition of huckaby’s probation had a requirement to participate in a psychological program, it is not known if CPS of San Joaquin county has investigated Huckaby previously. 

Request From Tracy Police PD

Sgt. Tony Sheneman of the Tracy Police Department, is asking the public to help in the investigation of the murder of Sandra Cantu by Melissa Huckaby. If you or your child has had contact with Huckaby, you are urged to contact them immediately with any information you can provide: 209.831.4550.

Services for Sandra Tomorrow  sandracantuframe2 

A public memorial service will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday at the Merrill F. West High School gym, which seats about 2,500 people. Burial will be private.

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  1. coolio says:

    Blink, I understand you might have commitment on the mind, but I believe one can only “commit” suicide one time… ;)
    Thank you, corrected, must have been Freudian :)

  2. Paladine/Lighttheway says:

    Thanks for the updates, Blink…:) Much appreciated…

  3. deena says:

    It will make me even more sick about all of this if this horrible child-raper-murderer gets to spend her time in a brand-new Coalinga State Mental Hospital where she can enjoy her carefree life and visits from her family while Sandra had to endure being raped and murdered and Sandra’s mother and family has to feel the extreme pain every day for the rest of their lives of losing her and not only that the senseless violent way they lost her.
    There are plenty of people in prison with mental illness, please let her be one of them.

  4. Tina says:

    Hi, Blink!

    I have been following on your website for days, checking every few hours, I’m so sadden by this twisted story! My heart goes out to Sandra’s Family. I’m confused like alot of people are, after seeing Melissa Huckaby on TV yesterday, I thought maybe she didn’t act alone.

    Today, I feel angry…wondering why Melissa wasn’t watched over and was allowed to teach Sunday School. Razor blades huh? I think thats a weak way to try to kill yourself. I also feel as if the police had paid more attention to the drugging of the other girl, this might not have happened. Melissa’s family is a total trip, I would still like to know where her grandfather was during the time that, Sandra went to their home, as she often did. I have two little boys and I feel ill.

    This case is so off the map, poor Sandra and her mother. Thanks for keeping us up to date on these event’s.

  5. miss t. fyed says:

    Found this on Rick Lieberman’s Blog –

    “It isn’t the press, by the by, that revealed the fact Huckaby was also pointed to by yet another parent of a 7-year old girl who was brought home by Huckaby after a play-date to a park at 2:00 a.m …. the little girl was returned to her parents stoned out of her mind, the parents contacted the police and the case was still dangling. A local Tracy online poster brought it up in the comment section of their local paper last week.

    This previous incident seemed to be quite recent and the current case with Huckaby has the other file red flagged and in their sights.

    The police have issued a presser today for the parents of children who had contact with Huckaby to question their children and notify the police if there is any aberrant activity reported to the parents.”

  6. I’ve had a feeling that this story is not over yet. I too feel that someone else is involved.I wonder about the maintenance man WHY did he lie, also the man sitting in the truck. Something just is not adding up.But I have tremendous faith in the Tracy P.D They have done a great job.

  7. Tina says:

    Hi Kathy from Vegas,

    I have to wonder if the Tracy Police really were doing their job….had the other incedent been taken seriously, would Sandra still be alive? I was writting a comment on here, and it didn’t show up as I was sent to a broken link page. I’m so sickened over this story…I have to move on with my day!

  8. chitown lady says:

    this just gets stranger and stranger….I feel like the rest here, i find it hard to believe she did this alone…but then…..How tragic. Another walking timebomb that went off. Just sickening….Why wasn’t she on medication..? Or was she????? Your the best BLINK….Ever think about getting your own tv show??????? your some kind of superman on getting to the truth….

  9. cljky says:

    Whether or not she has mental problems or on medication for mental problems….she deserves the death penalty. There are mentally sick individuals through out the world that dont molest and kill children. A mental disorder is no excuse for murder, like you said too, if she remembers details and can recall things…that shows she was in her “right state of mind” when doing the crime…..Her family should be ashamed for trying to make excuses for her…although im sure its hard to know someone you love (a family memeber) comitted such a horrible crime, that doesnt give the right to make up excuses…..Dear God I hope they dont start with this bullshit…..ANYONE who comitts such a horrible crime should get the death penalty…mental disorder or not. Then all the ones that dont have mental disorders wouldnt be able to act like they do just so they dont have to pay for their crimes….Justice needs to be served…….Ms. Huckaby needs to pay.

  10. amber says:

    I see where we have discussed about the other 7yr old that she allegedly drugged and took to the park. Did you ever find that to be true? I don’t recall seeing a link to that information. Nor did I see anyone ask LE about it either. Just wanted a little bit of fact checking on that one…thanks!

    Also was wondering if you found out any other information tying any of the Lawless’ to the Wenatchee ring mentioned in another post?

  11. NoseyRosey says:

    At what point is her family responsible for not assuring she got help and continued on medication that was sucessful for her. Obviously they thought to take her (Melissa’s) daughter out of harms way- why didn’t Sandra get that same respect from this family.I am not ok with the fact that they knew she wasn’t well and instead of taking the high road they ran to the media and screamed “do not pass judgement”. What else are we supposed to think?

  12. Stephanie says:

    Amen. God has NO room for those who kill little girls.

  13. Greg says:

    Too bad she did not commit suicide before killing Sandra Cantu.
    Suicide would have saved the state of California a lot of money.

  14. Ralien 7 says:

    Fred Williams is an interesting character. He is the church caretaker and who seemed to know about the suitcase, initially. And he is the same guy who placed the first note at the memorial from Sandra to her killer……In an article regarding the first search of the church, it mentions that Fred Williams had the keys and had to let the Pastor and the police in to conduct the search. Curious…How the hell does she have keys to let herself in, if grandpa pastor doesn’t AND she drove to the church with only her spare? This guy was an early focus of the Tracy Press bloggers and then drops out of sight. Could she be covering for him because he has threatened her daughter – explains why she has dropped out of sight. Could the porn angle be in play? MH is the one who offered up the previous drugging incident with another child. Could she have been drugging young girls for porn and $? Could the “accident” have been that Sandra suffocated in the suitcase (murder in the commission of a kidnap), or worse, during the rape?

    IMO The leaks by “sources close to the investigation” suggest LE is simply not buying the “accident” angle – the way most of us think of an accident and point to something or someone else.

  15. mamacrazy30 says:

    Blink, like i said yesterday, i guess crazy can just sneek up on ya.
    i do agree 100% she wasn’t too “insane” to raise her child, teach sunday school, bag and dump her murder victim, or try to “kill” herself after said victim was found. (here is my bitch side coming out now) Oh THE IRONY that this chick has tried to off herself (a few times from what i understand) but never got it right, but shit, give her a little girl and she finally figured out how to kill. Alone or with someones help I DON’T CARE! She needs life or the dp. either one will make me as ok as i can be about this.

  16. Sally says:

    What is starting to make the most sense is that Melissa Huckaby is someone who experienced severe sexual abuse during her childhood and who entering into adulthood started to psychologically unravel. I worked with an abuse survivor with a similar profile in my work for many years with homeless people. By the time he got to college things started to unravel and he no longer could keep it together psychologically dealing with the level of trauma he had experienced. He couldn’t keep a job, intimate relationships were impossible, and he acted out the trauma he himself had experienced by attempting to abuse a child. The difference is that the person I know hit bottom and got a huge amount of help without committing a felony crime that he was charged for. Melissa Huckaby seems to have fallen between the cracks and in the course of her own psychological break down committed a very serious, horrific crime. It’s really tragic. If she had been able to get the help she needed, if her family had been more knowledgeable about these sorts of things, etc. this could have been avoided. But often it takes some sort of precipitating incident before the acutenesss of the disturbance really surfaces. From this point, Melissa Huckaby will have a chance to get much needed therapy, needed medication and to begin to sort out what happened to her that caused this horrific incident. I know for the person I worked with, fifteen years after developing psychotic behavior resulting from the trauma and getting help, he still goes to regular 12 step meetings, is on SSI, takes significant medication and goes to weekly therapy. He is unable to hold a job and will probably never be stable enough for that or for a long term relationship. He is still dealing with the memories of what happened to him as a child on a regular basis but he is aware now of what happened and can deal with his feelings in a healthy way. He still sometimes feels suicidal but he doesn’t act on those feelings. Melissa Huckaby is a victim herself and I believe is in a lot of pain, facing enormous confusion and emotional trauma right now. I believe that this was what we saw in her face at the hearing

  17. deena says:

    If Madison went to school at Jacobson (I believe that’s where Sandra went) then there were no school holidays until this week. I preplanned vacation just doesn’t fit.

    Also, swallowing 3 X-acto is not truly trying to commit suicide…it’s a sign of desperation. If she truly wanted to kill herself she would’ve done it in a quicker more sure-fire manner.

    It is VERY strange that MH’s mother isn’t around. Wouldn’t she want to be there for a visit with her daughter? Seems like they have a big enough family for one of them to stay with Madison and keep her out of the spotlight (which is about the only good thing that family is doing) while she would see her daughter…unless her mother is the only one willing to acknowledge that her daughter did do this and is completely disgusted to want to show her face.


  18. Brenda says:

    After reading about more than 1 suicide attempt, I am sitting here wondering when the other attempts were made. I guess what I am wondering is… could she have killed before and afterwards attempted suicide?

  19. Jen in RI says:

    I believe I read in an earlier article that two abulance’s responded to the trailer park that evening, previously believed to be for the mom and gramma. It was stated that one was for the mom and gramma the other was for Melissa and the police had her in their sights then and had an officer stationed outside her room until her release. I don’t remember where I read if this was a blog or a newspaper article. I will contine to look and see if I can Identify the source.

  20. SacOne says:


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    As a rule, I despise novella size posts. I am going to read this again, and I recommend anyone that has not do the same. Then I am going to post it at SM, then I am going to send it to anyone I can think of that might be affected positively by it. Sac- many thanks.

  21. Ralien 7 says:

    Grandma says MH was gone for only hour – the same video that shows Sandra walking to MH’s house must also have shown MH leaving a little while later and probably returning an hr later. Grandma says when she returned – she noticed no changes to her demeanor. So it would seem not enough time to do all the things she is accused of, compose herself and return to her normal routine that day. So maybe it was a drop off? And it is not until later she finds out the bad news that Sandra is dead – reportedly she was admitted to the hospital the 1st time for internal bleeding the very next day. The same day her daughter leaves town. The same day she finds the note and gives it to police. The same day she “supposedly” told LE about the stolen suitcase. And the same day – the caretaker flubs the suitcase story by saying it was headed for a rummage sale at the church – that grandma refutes by saying the church has not had a rummage sale in 10 years. Just thinking out loud.

  22. Brenda in Virginia says:

    IMO MH is a serial preditor and it may or may not be revealed depending on whether the victims come forward.

    As for her being a good mother, no she isn’t or she’d not have attempted suicide which would have left her daughter alone as well wondering why.

  23. My opinion says:

    I agree Tina, Swallowing x-acto blades does seem like a lame way to off yourself, not very efficient. Seems more like a way to get out of dodge and start the “see how crazy I am?” defense just in case you need it.

  24. Sue says:

    Mental disorder, paleeeze! Don’t even go there.
    IMO anyone who rapes and/or murders a child HAS to be mentally ill!

  25. Sue says:

    My 5 year old was raped last year. Thank God she wasn’t murdered too! I hope LE wakes up and realizes what an epidemic this is! I have learned the hard way these perps usually don’t keep just below the radar, they fly right through it. We need to stop looking for the dirty old man with a trench coat on, and start looking at the “nice” person that just loves our kids and that our kids love too. Most of the time the perps are someone you know and trust with your child.

    That is horrific, Im terribly sorry to hear that. If your able and without giving away any identities, perhaps you could offer a piece of advice to stop this from happening to anyone else faced with a similar situation to yours.

  26. FairestWitness says:

    Good evening Blink, Your reporting on this case is very informative. What’s your take on this crime? Regardless of the mental issues, which I don’t buy, the savage, depraved nature of this murder doesn’t jive with who this woman is.

    I’ve seen mental illness, up close with my stepmother for decades. Even at her most crazy, she wouldn’t harm a child.

    There had to be a payoff for Melissa Huckaby for abducting little Sandra. Drugs, money, the approval of a love interest; some benefit was to be derived from the kidnapping of Sandra Cantu.

    When will the autopsy results be released? Do you think law enforcement already has the toxicology report? Were the sexual mutilations and foreign object rape pre- or post-mortem? If they were post, then they may have been done to stage the crime in order to divert attention away from Melissa.

    What do you think about this case, Blink? Thanks for this website, it’s really great!
    TY, but I have to ask where you heard there are sexual mutilations?

  27. SoCalGal says:

    Let’s reserve judgment until we have all the facts. Obviously this woman was not operating with a full deck. One is not put on psychotropic drugs for no reason. Not that I am sticking up for her or condoning in any way the crime she is alleged to have committed. Before you say she deserves death, wait until all the facts are known.

  28. dddeerma says:

    HlN is now reporting that LE in Tracy had been previously aware of a report that MH had been involved in child porn and had told the parent that the parent would have to bring them pictures or a website address. (!) What ever happened to investigation by LE. Also being reported, what we have read here about MH drugging a child. With either of these reports, MH should have lost custody of her own child. When people are involved in making child porn, should a community be notified as well? Blink I know your LE bias is famous, but they knew this woman was involved in something and now a child is dead. Not just molested, if there is such a thing as just molested, but dead.

    Whoa. If LE effs up, I call it out, check my record. My BIAS is to victims and their families. It is true that I support LE in general, thats a fair statement. In some cases I work with them. You see me all over this case being very vocal that I feel there is alot more going on here, and I do. I am working a case right now that I believe the only way this person’s body will be found is if an investigator trips over their bones on the way to the bar entrance. How’s That?

  29. musingalong says:

    Please explain how one manages to swallow razor blades? I can’t wrap my mind around that one.. Also, just wondering if anyone thinks there may be some Munchausen and Munchausen by proxy (sp) going on with this demented soul consdiering her own daughter has been described a being sickly..

  30. Cathy says:

    Johnny Huckaby

    “Melissa married Johnny Huckaby on May 10, 2003, four months before giving birth to Madison Huckaby in San Joaquin County, according to court documents. The pair moved south to Fontana, but the marriage quickly soured, with Melissa and her daughter moving out of their apartment by May 2004. Melissa took her daughter to mother Judy Lawless’ Cypress home and separated from Johnny Huckaby in August 2004, according to the divorce file. On Jan. 19, 2005, after almost a year living with her mother, Melissa Huckaby filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, court records show.”

    And from a comment in the Tracy Press:
    “« rla wrote on Wednesday, Apr 15 at 01:07 PM »
    Everytime I search something new on this woman it gets more bizarre. The judge ruled there was evidence that Johnny Huckaby’s visits be supervised on allegations of: ‘abduction of child(ren),’ domestic violence and alcohol abuse.”

    Seeking Truth and praying for the Cantu family.

  31. mamacrazy30 says:

    man, i must be full of myself today BUT…women are child molesters and it happens Every Day. I KNOW this ’cause my 16 year old step- cousin (a FEMALE) molested me when i was 5! So all of you with the whole attitude of “Oh she must have had MAN with her” can jump in a lake as far as i’m concerned. granted, i don’t know my step-cousin’s past as far HER being molested, but i do know that she did it to ME while she had a 2 year old son (yep, she got preggers at 13). i just know that i told my mom she was mean to me and never wanted to go to her house again (i didn’t tell my mom the truth until i was 22 homeless and VERY strung out on drugs, and even then i held my hands over my face). I’m putting this out to ya’ll cause i feel some of you don’t get it. women do evil things all the time (hello cma). to be molested as a small child is a very hard thing to get over, and to be molested by a person of the same sex that you thought loved/cared about you puts a child into a very deep hole. a very odd thing about all of it was that i never had a problem telling close friends, or lovers about it…but it took years to tell my own mother about it and the shame i felt while telling her was beyond description. victims really do feel as though it IS their fault and when you’re small you really don’t understand. needless to say i’m not strung out anymore (i do love me some whine oops wine lol at times) i’m not homeless anymore and i have a wonderful job, husband, and the most beautiful BABYCRAZY girl (5). sometimes you have to lose everything to know what it means to you. Oh, and Pleeease spare me the whole so happy your clean, have a home etc…. I got into it all myself and got out of it all myself. i don’t relish my down times but it taught me to be a very independent person, and if i really want something the only person who can provide it for me is ME. FOOTNOTE..i have learned from all of it to tell my daughter that her body is her own and if she EVER feels the slightest hinky feeling from ANYONE that she can tell me and we will use our CRAZYPOWER to stop it. that little girl is my life and God help the fool who would try to do ANYTHING to her. back to the point…

  32. Gina says:

    She was ‘sane’ enough to attempt to hide the body. She evidently was capable of somewhat cleaning up after her crime. She knew what she did was wrong and attempted to kill herself. Of course anybody who maliciously kills another person has some screws loose…BUT it doesn’t mean that it makes it ok and that they should not pay the consequences. What a ridiculous notion…

  33. Cathy says:

    hmmmm… found this:

    “Court records show that when Huckaby filed for divorce from her husband, John Huckaby, in Orange County in January 2005, the couple had no children. The identity of Madison’s father was not immediately clear.”

  34. EDNurse says:

    I work in an ER, about 75% of ALL patients AND children are on psychotropic meds! The world is crazy! All the time ER’s have patients who swallow stuff, glass, nails, pins, paperclips, and razor blades, then call 911 or arrive themselves, all very attention getting, usually when they arrive, shortly, a brigade of family and friends arrive, before staff can even call family, because the patient has done all these calls before arriving. Family swarms and hovers, all the attention in the world. Those who really want to commit suicide don’t come to the ER, they go to the morgue when someone finds them MUCH later, or days later. It’s all about Sandra, the innocent child, knowing why, how will not bring her back from the angels safe haven, may Angel Sandra lookafter Madison.

  35. Red Ranger says:

    Is this Melissa Huckaby Fernandez-Gonzales?

    I SAW THAT, and also saw she was a (the real one)nanny for a family years ago and thought the same Should have known you would post it.
    Folks Red is appearing all week- try the veal.

  36. coolio says:

    mamacrazy30 ok, you don’t want to hear I’m happy for you.

    How about your post made me cry and I am so very very proud of you. You rock sister!

    Thank you for sharing your story. Maybe it will help convince others she was capable of this.

    I have been one of the few here who understood she did this. Partly b/c I have read “The Sociopath Next Door” EVERYONE should read it. Written by a psychiatrist about real life cases demonstrating how some people really dont have a conscience. It will help you understand this case and the Anthony case more and make you more aware of those around you.

    Blink, thank you for calling attn to the book. There are some good life lessons to be learned with its contents.

  37. Jen says:

    Just because someone snivels and cries, does not mean they feel bad for what they did. Tears are used to manipulate – look at the sociopath comment above. Tears cried by a sociopath are cried for themselves being caught. I believe she did it on her own and is not covering for anyone else. Would she really leave her own five year old daughter to the perpetrators without her protection? Trying to kill herself was to try to protect her daughter from her (MH). Could she carry that luggage? You bet-I look physically like her – I’m 5’2 and weigh 190. There is no way that woman weighs 125. I would have no problem moving a large object weighing up to 200 pounds. She would have simply pivoted the luggage into and out of the vehicle. I’m not sure where I heard this, but there is a recording of MH talking to a reporter on the phone regarding the seven year old being drugged. She said, “Her mother didn’t realize she was MISSING, uh, I mean with me at the park.” The little girl from the previous incident is extremely lucky to be alive. I think MH had abducted her as well and then thought better of it. Do women molest on their own? You bet they do. My friend was molested by a female– never reported by her parents. Another friends daughter was as well. Female molesters are less likely to leave evidence, they are less likely to be suspected and therefore less likely to be caught. Those least suspected are the those that get away with it the longest. I suspect that MH has done this same thing many times. My theory is she used a stick as the foreign object and punctured Sandra. She knew at that point she would never be able cover up the injury or explain it, so she had to kill Sandra(the police were walking the tree line at the church picking up very specific looking sticks. I think they were looking for the murder weapon.) I don’t what illness she wants to feign now. It is as simple as this, thou shall not kill. None of the low-life scum that molests male or female, should be allowed to suck the life out of society. And contrary to what our society would like us to believe, women are perfectly capable of committing a crime ALL BY THEMSELVES.

  38. Sue says:


    I’m sorry to hear that you were a victim of sexual abuse. My best advice to any victim is to get counseling AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. After my 5 year old was raped last year, I have learned that the memories of the abuse never go away, but you must face them and learn how to deal with those emotions when they do arise, (and they always will)! Even if your memory tries to forget, your body’s sense of touch or sensation NEVER forgets. That is why most untreated children of sexual abuse start having problems and showing signs when they enter puberty, whenever they are in a relationship, etc. I can tell you that empowering your child with the knowledge of what to do if they are ever in a “dangerous” situation is invaluable. Teaching children that they are in charge of their own bodies, the “correct” names of both the male and female body parts and that there are both good touches and bad touches seemed so paranoid to me before last year. But, I have learned that most perps target younger children because they are so trusting and unaware of what is going on. Kudos to you for teaching your daughter her body belongs to her an NO ONE ELSE. The best information I have found is on this website:

    Get active people, because the LE is overworked and underpaid and this is an epidemic. In my case, they told me pointblank that they would not prosecute unless they knew 100% that they could get a conviction…They are waiting for more victims to come forward.

  39. PamTX says:

    ….”She said her granddaughter had been taking some psychotropic medication, and that she had no criminal history aside from a shoplifting.”

    You have got to be kidding me!!!!!!! “some psychotropic medication” WTF!! Was the pastor out of his mind? Granny knew this and they still let her teach Sunday school! I want to puke…or did the note that went out to the parents say: “Dear Parents of all Sunday School childen, Just a note to let you know that the Sunday School teacher we have hired is “taking some psychotropic medication”, but all is well and thank you for attending”. Holy crap in the biblical sense! What the heck kind of Pastor is this….I immediately know what letter I want to write and to what legislative body!

    Share it please. and Yes, foul in every sense

  40. Sally says:

    I don’t think Melissa Huckaby fits the profile of a sociopath at all. I think she fits the profile of someone who was herself a victim of serious childhood sexual abuse and is unconsciously acting out from that horrific past. The term “repetition compulsion” applies well. She appears to have been falling apart psychologically for some time–she’s clearly psychotic. She seems confused and pretty unable to function in the world. Very irrational. Not thinking intelligently.

    When I think of a sociopath I think of someone like Scott Peterson, or worse, Drew Peterson!

    Sally- repectfully, how can call someone be “cleary psychotic” you saw on a 3 minute video where she was not psycho.
    I spoke with her, and have heard other interviews, if I am reaching for a label at the onset, it’s sociopath

  41. Ralien 7 says:

    RE: Comment by dddeerma — April 15, 2009 @ 4:30 pm

    HlN is now reporting that LE in Tracy had been previously aware of a report that MH had been involved in child porn and had told the parent that the parent would have to bring them pictures or a website address…………..

    Who or what is H1N and how credible is the source? If in any way true – we can probably guess the direction the investigation is headed in.

  42. Pam says:

    Just hit me … what if this was MH’s final cry for help? She has been part of this abuse all her life (including picking good ole’ Johnny for a hubster – who could have learned from the Lawless fam) – she tries the drug a child incident and is not taken seriously – kills SC and then swallows the blades HELLO FOLKS I AM HERE AND SICK AND HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL…

    It would explain (to me) the shamed person I saw in the arraingnment video…

    SREAMING for someone to hear her?


  43. deena says:

    Thank you Sue. I have 2 young boys and have always been so worried/paranoid about things like this happening to them. At times I’ve almost felt that I am making them scared of their own shadows because I frequently try to make scenarios for them and tell them what to do. I finally got to where I let my 10 and a half year old walk around the corner (five houses down) to the bus stop, but after this, I no longer do that. I’ve described strangers to them, but after this I’ve stressed that even our neighbors we see walking their dogs all the time we don’t really know and therefore they are still strangers. I’ve never gotten so involved in a case until this. From the moment I viewed the video, I realized that this could be one of my own children. My goodness what has this world come to?

  44. coolio says:

    Sally, remember the footage you saw was AFTER she was caught and incarcerated for almost 4 days knowing the whole world was finding out the awful truth about who she really was.

    I believe who she was in court is sooooo very different than the person she was before March 27th. At least outwardly appearances to others.

  45. Summer says:

    Commenter on Lieberman’s blog says MH’s cell phone and keys were found IN the suitcase. Is that true? It’s probably not, that would mean someone else had to drive her to the water.

  46. Sister says:

    SacOne and Blink — thanks for the info. It is sad what is happening in our midst, I am glad we have started working on our Safe Sanctuary Policy, which includes background checks, fingerprinting, and 2 non-related (nor boyfriend/girlfriend/spouses) adults (must be 15 years older than oldest child) rules in our Sunday Schools.

  47. Cathy says:

    Sadly, this commentary rings true to me “Huckaby: Abuser Was Abused?”

  48. babyfacemagee says:

    A lot of the posters here are obviously ignorant about mental illness, where it comes form and how it can make a person not be ‘aware’ of how others would see things. As a neurologist, I have seen many cases of ‘denial’ that exists within mentally ill people where they conciously aren’t able to acknowledge how sick they are and thus don’t get the proper help. Often the help the do get is incompetent and not effective. By her behavior during her arraignment it would seem she is suffering from remorse and quite possibly the traum of being arrested has made her ‘realize’ the enormity of what she has done. The information coming out about prior mental illness makes me suspect that there will be a strong case to have her admitted to a mental institution and not face the death penalty.

  49. mamacrazy30 says:

    coolio and Sue-
    really i did not want my post to be all about me (although i’ve re-read it and it IS :0) i just wanted to get it out there that THIS DOES HAPPEN. and maybe when it happened to me if it had been a man, i might have reacted differently (would have told my mom right away) but i’m the only child of a single mother and the fact that it was my female cousin…well, it just kind of changed the ball-park. i really had no clue. my struggle every day is the fact that i want my daughter to be strong and independent, but at the same time, how do i really install the fear and caution in her (that she Really needs) without making her afraid to go out and do the things she wants to do. (generally speaking, of course, she’s five)
    i appreciate the concern, more then you know, but trust me, life is good.
    A thought on miss melissa–she’s not “insane” nor is she “crazy”. she, well, kinda’ like ca, was board. and self-serving, and thought THEIR life was ssooo sucky, and nothing exciting, or tragic, or romantic, or well-what they wanted to see on tv. i don’t buy miss melissa and her “crazyness” she just looks like a pill-head to me. life to some people will never be good or happy and missi strikes me as one of those people. i really wouldn’t be shocked if missi’s “suicide” attempts weren’t just to get pills.

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