Craigslist Killer Phil Markoff is Groom.. To Be

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Boston, MA- Announced Earlier this evening Philip Haynes Markoff, 22, has been arrested in the murder of Julissa Brisman, and for subsequent kidnapping and gun posession charges with more charges anticipated.  Boston Police have linked Markoff to at least 3 seperate incidents involving 3 different women advertising their masseuse services on has learned that the masseuse ads placed by the women have been deleted.  Announced exclusively on blinkoncrime yesterday, their was a conference sponsored by the Cambridge Health Tech Institute that Markoff was attending for his second year studies at Boston University’s  medical program.

Mr. Markoff, the son of a Syracuse dentist and educator, is also a groom to be;  with planned August 14, 2009 nuptials.  His brother Jon, was slated to be best man.


Boston University, upon hearing the charges against him, have suspended Markoff from his studies. Markoff’s father could not be reached for comment this evening; as well as his fiancee, Megan McAllister.

Tenants of Markoff’s building address appeared shocked when plain clothes detectives began canvassing their building last evening asking questions regarding his habits. By most accounts,  Markoff was rarely home. 

Their appears to be an uncanny resemblance between Markoff’s fiancee and murder victim Julissa Brisman:


Check back to for updates.

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  2. Red Ranger says:

    The resemblance is uncanny. I am going out on a limb here and am going to guess motive. There are some sexual things that he desired that his fiance’ would not do. He found a woman that looked almost like her that would. She was expensive but being a child of privilege kept his wallet fairly full. I am guessing that she may have squeezed him for a little blackmail money. He paid. Paying blackmailers always makes them come back for more. He killed her. Now he has a new thirst to slake.
    A kid with cash, a hot fiance’ and a bright future is seldom looking for dates on Craigslist. Wonder where he picked up his apetite? Maybe from the upstairs maid at dad’s home.
    I’m through speculating now.

  3. Blink says:

    Red- I was F L O O R E D when I saw the resemblance between the 2.. Here’s the thing.. Julissa was described by a woman across the hall as having no longer that shoulder length, shiny black hair.

    Now, Im thinking for someone to describe the “shiny” when ultimately this woman was laying in her own blood, makes me think “wig”. It should be interesting to see what the other 2 women look like and if it is a factor.

    My heart breaks for this woman and her family and friends. We were able to cache alot of his facebook stuff and other, it looks like they had alot of decent friends and family.

    When is it appropriate to start the over/under on lawyers here?
    I’ll start.. Roy Black or Joe Tacapina

  4. Rick Scoville says:

    Is it too early to ask Megan McAllister for a date?

    Lol. I would say yes. However, she appears to be quite lovely and I am guessing she will not have a problem getting one. Although be prepared for an intrusive background check.. as I will advise her to do for anyone even looking twice at her, poor girl

  5. Red Ranger says:

    Either is a good one. I would go with Roy Black above Joe Tacopina though. Tacopina is not as calm, cool and collected. Black was chosen by the Kennedy clan for one of their murder or rape issues.
    Dad is a dental prof. though. he makes good cash but can he fund a Kennedy type defense? I am going under on the over/under. Maybe someone like Kevin Mahoney. He looks like he could be the defendant’s brother. Maybe not enough experience with only 5 murder trials though. Also incuded in my under list are any of the fine attorneys from the area that have a Stein or Berg at the end of their surname. Not trying to offend anyone, it is the path I would take. Harvard grads that practice locally and are well versed in murder defense would be considered also.
    I noticed that your short list didn’t have anyone named Baez or Baden on it.

    Who is on your list of forensic experts that will be pimped onto the team? Someone credible has to say LE messed up in collecting evidence and that the state is just out to get this good boy. If they Got Henry L, he could always bring some evidence with him to be found later on a date tbd. If dad is wealthy enough this could turn into the next big top.

    Also, who will be the attorney that turns the victims into destitute, teeth-gnashing demons? Pamela Mackey may be available. It all depends on funds available.

  6. Red Ranger says:,0,171544.story

    Denial aint just a river… Fiance’ says it is not possible that he did it. She is a medical student also. I am assuming at this point that there is DNA available. She would understand that.

    “McAllister said she and Markoff expect to be married in August “and share a wonderful, meaningful life together.”
    She may have a touch of the dumb blonde. I reckon this will cure her.

    Red, you know I heart you, but them’s fightin words, lol. I think she may have more of the frightfully embarassed, humiliated, how could I be with a dude that emails hookerbookers and gets lube and jubes under my nose, what will people say about me afflication at the moment. I am giving her a 48 hour shock moritoreum from judging her reaction. She could have been getting a dress fitting when she found out for all we know.

  7. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Blink, I expected her to say nothing. The fact that she came out swinging for her man is odd, but understandable. The part I found to be a bit slow was when she said “Share a wonderful, meaningful life together.” Meaningful? Are they going to Swahibia upon finishing their residencies to cure the malnourished and under medicated? It just seemed a less than alert thing to say. Maybe she is stunned. I expect more cerebral jargon from a med student.

    I am normally victim oriented and on their side. After the Anthony fiasco, I have become jaded to those closest to the defendant that sing of their innocence before they have any idea what the evidence is. She can not believe that LE arrested him because he is a Yankees fan. Some difficult truths are barreling at her and to proclaim his innocence may be a bit premature and naive. I do love me some blondes though. I’m just too old, fragile, and married to want to catch one.

    OK, so we give her 48 hours. I reckon by then she will have been advised to remain silent. I also reckon she will talk openly and truthfuly with LE.

    You kill me. Truly.

  8. Gr says:

    There, not their. And use spellcheck.

    I dont know who this is directed to, but for future reference, Inconsequential Minutia 101 is down the hall.

  9. PamTX says:

    Shook my head when I read McAllister’s response…but okay, I’ll give her 48 hours. She looks intelligent and put together, but then again, so do most engagement/wedding announcement photos. After 48 hours however, this woman needs to talk with Amber Frey!!!!

    Thanks Pam for playing along. The wedding site is already down. I can tell you one thing. If I were her, jail would be the best place for that boy, lest my daddy got ahold of him. And my Mom would have been on the phone with the Junior League today for a tip on how to, in a ladylike fashion, announce they would be calling off the engagement from the effing craigslistcreep.. But that’s my Fam. Lets hope another 24 does ‘em good.

  10. coolio says:

    Love the Inconsequential Minutia 101 comment.

    One thing I always love about these kinds of stories (if there is anything to love) is how frickin’ stupid these criminal can be.

    I would think this would be a no brainer by now, but hey, here’s some advice to all future criminals: don’t take your cell phones with you! It will not only place you at the scene of the crime, but also show LE the exact route you took to get there and at what times. AND especially don’t text someone at a crime scene when you can safely assume there are surveillance cameras recording it. Simple match of time and ping records will confirm it was you.

    And even idiots know any email can be traced back to the computer used. Was he just assuming that b/c they were prostitutes they would not pursue any robbery charges? These ladies all “know people” who will take care of things for them.

    And did he think LE would really care they were prostitutes once he start victimizing them to the level of beating their heads in and shooting them.

    What an idiot! I guess we can take satisfaction knowing he won’t be out there screwing up people’s lives who trusted him as their doctor.

    saw in the baltimore sun article Megan was in the car with him when he was arrested and they were on their way to a casino. Bet that was quite the shock for her

  11. kuaitzudog says:

    if only Ted Bundy had a Blackberry….think how many lives would have been saved..

  12. Ann says:

    Megan said that her fiance couldn’t hurt a fly! O.K. Well now we know all insects are safe from Philip! Only call girls, gay men and transvestites were in eminant danger of being harmed or killed by Jeff Dahmer’s look-alike. Megan is a victim,don’t get me wrong. Yet, this “dream wedding” with Bruce Springsteen’s band playing,etc. was Megan’s obvious preoccupation, because she clearly didn’t see all the obvious red flags that her fiance was definitely not the “dream man” in their relationship.Like many young females, she thought she caught the big fish, because Philip was going to be a “Doctor”. It didn’t matter to her that Philip was a heavy gambler, drinker, that he spent many nights out, not with her-but with call girls and gay men. Megan’s love for Philip was so blind, on every level.Most girls are inquisitive by nature.Checking their boyfriends cell phone messages,e-mail,closet, drawers, etc. Philip even saved the panties of his victims as “trophies”, hidden somewhere in their apartment. Megan will never again trust easily. She will have severe trust issues for many years to come!She hopefully will seek extensive counseling for the heinous acts committed by the man she was living with and was supposed to marry in 4 months from now.

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