Casey/Caylee Anthony Case: Anthonys Begin The “Alibi” Tour Oprah Says : Hell To The NO

New York, NY- George and Cindy Anthony made the first stop of their not so affectionally dubbed “Alibi Tour” on the CBS Early Show. Together, with their Attorney, Brad Conway, the Anthony’s were interviewed by Maggie Rodriguez.

In the First Part of their appearance, George and Cindy fielded questions about whether or not they believe Casey murdered Caylee. True to form, they deflected several responses to wait for trial. Cindy Anthony, however, was emphatic that Casey will not take a plea deal “for something she did not do. Ms. Rodriguez did not ask them any questions about the recent deposition in the Zenaida Gonzalez civil suit.  (Part 2 of Video on next page)

If I were her, I would have also asked Cindy Anthony why she flubbed Zenaida’s name in her FBI Interview and called her “Zenaida Gonzalez Rodriguez” ; as I might have some relatives that would have been offended. But that’s just me.  




In this brief second half video of their appearance, George reflects on his recent suicide attempt, and the stresses all the “outside” influences he has had to endure while trying to keep his family together.

The Anthony’s will be appearing tomorrow on CBS The Early Show as well.


Oprah Cancells Anthony’s

Late yesterday afternoon, Producers of the Oprah Winfrey Show announced they have cancelled the scheduled appearance of George and Cindy Anthony on April 29th. It was also learned that the Anthony’s only agreed to do the interview with Lady O provided there would NOT be a studio audience present. There has been no official announcement as to the reason why the A’s got the axe , but there have been hundreds of emails, letters, phone calls, and comments posted on the show’s site in an organized effort by the members of and the readers of  

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  1. .·:*¨ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Gina says:

    Blink- who was cancelled without being pulverized, Cindy with the Melanie Rieger Conference? I hope so & will admit I used their feedback form to voice my objection with a person who’s obstructing justice, tampering with evidence, framing innocent people for murder to speak at a victim’s conference. IMO C & G are criminals involved in a big cover-up to free a killer they know is guilty, no denial involved & not victims.

    I was polite but feel if we don’t seek justice for Caylee & voice our frustration with this pathetic clan of liars, thieves & one murderer no one will.

    The A’s were cancelled by the conference founders, without being “pulverized” by people like us. Its a great thing.
    I agree with you completely. They heard us without us sounding like vigilantes: just accountable citizens standing for Caylee.

  2. Prevost1580 says:

    Dear George & Cindy,

    I’m not a fan of you & your lies but your stupis attorney needs to tell you both to STFU already!

    Cindy, if you were going to off yourself back in July,then that is another clear sign that YOU knew Caylee was dead because otherwise you would’ve wanted to be alive to see her again. Then there is the 911 phone call, the towtruck yard evidence and numerous other *evidence* that you are guilty of obstruction,tampering with evidence & now perjury too.

    George, you are too dumb for words. THE LE videos contradict what you said today and while under oath with ZG’s attorneys. You can’t even make your suicide attempt,believable. 25 text msgs to family, pizza & beer, a 5 page suicide letter. What a maroon! no wonder why you fell for the internet lottery scam.

  3. Kleat says:

    This is just one opinion, but there’s something to this thought– imprinting public minds with lies– that ‘they are loving grandparents’– the position of this video is that they ‘don’t care’– an idea that all this is to protect Cindy….

    What do you think? Cindy taking part in the coverup? Is she a fully-fledged sociopath? Is she mimicking the loving grandparent role like she mimicked the soft spoken, quiet and calm version we saw this morning? Is Cindy showing enough traits of the sociopath to be one, but more cunning than the young Casey, still finding her way and making mistakes? (pt 3) Title “Cindy at her Lemonade stand, pts 1,2,3

    Then there is another set after than one called ‘See Cindy Run’ pts 1, 2 … interesting… the ideas that Cindy and George really don’t want Casey back, no visits reasons being just excuses (that’s what I think, they could just ‘visit’ about family stuff without talking about the case).

  4. Kleat says:

    And one other point made in these recent two titles is that psychologists often will not want to try to treat a sociopath, besides low chance of any success of change, there’s the problem that they get caught up in the web of lies and manipulations and find themselves unable to sleep at night. (and I don’t know what background this person has, but these two most recent videos have tied a few things together that make sense… fwiw… without knowing who is really putting forth the ideas)

    Could Cindy be feigning her role as ‘grandparent’? Is there a reason Cindy and George use ‘titles’? My granddaughter, my daughter… is this repeating their loving role of father, mother, grandfather, grandmother so the public remembers this?

    Blink, do you have any psych criminalists in your cache of sources? Any insight into the behaviour of Cindy from ranting and lying, to OH-so calm and lying?

  5. fedupmom says:

    I have never hated anyone that I dont even know the way I hate the Anthonys. I cant stand to hear their rhetoric or see their smug lying faces. I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT STAND THEM.

  6. Scoop says:

    Oh my Gosh!

    I suppose one could say, ‘This is the reason most people try to stay out of the media’. LOL 1580! I think we all agree they need to put a sock in it… but, who’ll pay the rent? :)

  7. susan says:

    suicide attempts (IN THESE SITUATIONS )are commomnly the domain of the quilty

  8. Karen Lee says:

    BLINK: I was under the impression that Mark Klaas and Tim Miller had been scheduled at the time the conference was announced some months ago. I was also given the info that Cindy was a very recent addition to their program.
    As to Tim Miller, Tim and Leonard Padilla and the woman from TES were alternately on NG in November … from what they were saying, Tim was working with Cindy directly IN THE BEGINNING. But when she became “unhinged” and started bashing TES and Tim *during their last prolonged search attempt -their relationship (whatever it was) ended.
    Cindy was on camera caught by local camera people shrieking about the TES people; George was equally combative and rude.
    Since their most recent DEPO tantrums, neither has an image anymore other than bad.
    If by your “guess who was canceled” without stirring up a fuss …you meant Cindy, people have been writing and emailing strong protests about her appearance for over a week now. In fact, as soon as it was mentioned in the press in Orlando, the sturm and drang about Cindy’s appearance added to the hoo-ha because (at that time) they were booked on Oprah as well.

    Yes Karen, we have been writing, that was my only point to you initially, you took offense to it uneccesarily.
    You are using televised accounts vs. actually being there, which I was. Truth is Cindy was a miserable ungrateful byoch who made our lives hell, both times, but Tim and she “made up” through the efforts of Mark Nejame.
    Tim is not and was not ever scheduled for the conference. There will be alot more I am willing to say about this matter after a disposition in Casey’s case. The appearance was cancelled, let’s move on.

  9. Marion says:

    Hi all….seems most of us can’t understand why C & G support their daughter. It’s obvious they walk (tip toe) on egg shells around her. Maybe Casey has something on her family. Makes you wonder what their trying to hide..???

  10. susan says:

    does anyone know the longest casey had ever been away from cindy?

  11. dddeerma says:

    Blink, all most of us know is that the Rieger Foundation people thought that George and CIndy Anthony were appropriate keynote speakers. They are the ones who failed to do any research. How many complaints did they receive? They cancelled the A’s before it became a blitz and that is to their credit. Marc Klass may have helped, is what I am hearing. I think you were too hard on Karen Lee who had a good point. Why were the A’s ever invited in the first place? It is obvious to any one following this story that the A family made themselves part of the crime by August. The FOundation invited them and cancelled after protest. Bad decision followed by a good one.

    I respect your opinion but 2 things.
    1) I deleted Karen Lee’s letter so you have no idea how harsh it was. Your here pretty often so I think you have a flavor of my tone.. I did not publish my letter to them, or the hundreds of others that went to them AND Mr. Klaas.
    2) I did not publish the response. Why? Because your probably right, bad decision in the first place, but I believe their intentions were in the right place. They did the right thing and I commend them for it. All I am saying is people dont have to bashed into seeing a mistake. The A’s.., well thats a different matter.

  12. Blink says:

    To Karen Lee-
    I appreciate your note. I understand your stance and it’s origin. On the issues, you and I are in complete agreement. This baby was left to rot in a garbage bag in a swamp. Her family drove by said swamp KNOWING she was there for months, but apparently pretending not to pays the bills. It haunts me and sickens me in a way I know you and others on here gets.
    We’re cool. Be my guest to come back here and be “hostile” and “vociferous” to those deserving of it anytime.
    Hug from Blink

  13. chitown lady says:

    Im glad they were cancelled from the conference.They really did not belong there. Until these two really face the ugly truth, the real truth, they can not know the true heartache. Maybe just, maybe if the A’s show any type of remorse they would be better off. To continue to blame everyone else except the true killer here is getting OLD…..What new stuff do they have to offer? NOTHING! Its the same ole same ole. CASEY – NANNY – INNONCENT….To see and hear these two nut jobs lie and lie and lie its getting to be too much….They seem to be tetlling a lie to covder the other lie…When this happens, you have no clue what lie you are covering up…Do they have some book of previous lies to keep them straight? Their so called lawyer (oh my god) what rock did he crawl out from under? He just lets these two go running off at their mouths. Any lawyer worth their salt, has dropped these two. They know who did it and got tired of the A’s mouths.

    Oprah only dropped them because she has a thing for being the first one for an interview. I am sure she felt betrayed by them going on the “EARLY SHOW” …I hardly think she ever took in consideration all the backflack she took for even wanting them on her show. Perhaps maybe, she saw them for what they really are…..We all hope so.

    Anyway, its just amazing that the A’s are all about them and Casey. My god where is the justice for Caylee. Where is their outrage for the crime. Do they ever sit down and watch themselves on all these shows? Do they realize just how sad they come across. How much they have lied and changed their own stories…? Maybe they don’t care…After all Casey didn’t do it…The pretend nanny did…

    Its sad to see these two bash all these great people who tried to help them. They are beyond help. These people trying to help had to endure their (the A’s) rath, which was very unfair to them. The A’s are the ones in MAJOR DENIAL….How sad…..How sad they have become..Keep us updated Blink.

  14. My opinion says:

    Does Sindy really think we are that stupid………
    Cindy’s My Space page

    July 3, 2008
    Mood: Distraught

    “She came into my life unexspectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant, the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal. What does the mother get for giving her daughter all of these chances? A broken heart. The daughter who stole money, lots of money, leaves without warning and does not let her mother now speak to the baby that her mother raised, fed, clothed, sheltered, paid her medical bills, etc. Instead tells her friends that her mother is controlling her life and she needs her space. No money, no future. Where did she go? Who is now watching out for the little angel? ”


  15. Karen Lee says:

    Thanks, BLINK. I should have known you were a women. Who’d a thunk it as I am relatively new fan of you and your site.

    How come the MSM isn’t picking up on YOUR EXCLUSIVE about the Melanie people rescinding their former invitation>>>? Is it okay to post the bare info and leave a link direct to your site> (not copy anything but just relate the cancel info)?

    Lastly, anyone in media knows about the MEDIA blits TOUR … it surrounds any big movie or book release.

    This recent attempt (of Conway’s IMO) was specifically tailored to make the A-F more palatable after their disastrous MORGAN depo explosion.

    IE: First was to be CBS … then Oprah … to be CAPPED-off BY the “Main Event”; their appearance at the most prestigious foundation Conference (Melanie Rieger) setting a PR-windfall … their speech before a national audience of foremost advocates for murder victims and their loved ones. HAD they pulled off their little triple=header …

    it would have been a PR “COUP.” Fortunately, divine spirits were at work. And instead of bonanza .. they got a milk toast appearance on a show not many bother to watch.

    Bummer for them. It all went so bad, so fast. Whoever is advising Conway (pr=wise) did more harm than any potential good. In fact, when you think about it A-F did themselves IN> First, by dissing Oprah when they had a MILLION DOLLAR publicity potential just being on her show.

    So because they were stupid and greedy — there went that@

    Then, (IMO) it must have been Conway (or one of his contacts) who persuaded the foundation (initially) of what a good idea it would be to feature CA as the keynote speaker. I GAG just typing the words.

    It must also have been Conway’s PR consultants (OR KID FINDERS consultants, because we know what GOOD negative ENERGY crooks bring to the mix .. whichever, SOMEBODY (stupidly) lit the firecracker by trying to stir up good press for C&G’s Melanie conference appearance –and it back fired! (Who wouldn’t know THAT would happen — A-F & their cabal).

    I wondered WHAT got all this stirred up early last week when all of a sudden the A-F appearance was everywhere. As soon as the first whiff of their appearance – their little world exploded.

    If the A-F were supposed to succeed at ANYTHING, this could have been it. But they would have been so much smarter (God at work again) had they literally SNUCK onto the Melanie stage –and took the good PR AFTER their dumb keynote speech. Instead, they wanted to Bogart the publicity -and it killed them/ Let’s hope THIS is a TREND for their END.

  16. Kleat says:

    My Opinion, but what did Cindy say yesterday on CBS!! No red flags, nothing, no worries, Caylee was with her mother with no reason to be concerned until the 15th of July!! Can’t believe Cindy would contradict herself! (I don’t think the lies and contradictions are of any concern at this point, the idea is just to say things that will stick in the minds of viewers and potential jury members– no reason to be concerned, Cindy was wonderful mom). Lies– it does not matter one bit to them, their ‘message’ is the only thing now, lie or spin or other is fair game ON!

  17. Kleat says:

    (any concern to Cindy and George and Brad that is….)

  18. David Lohr of Discovery suggested that I speak with you, please email me.

  19. IVOIRE says:





  20. susan says:

    very impressive kicked off two shows wow we can make a difference

  21. Karen Lee says:

    this is recent blog from WFTV-9 in orlando

    XMAS WROTE: “Great news that they will not be part of that conference. I wonder if NG had anything to do with it, her and a guest were really hammering how inappropriate it would be for them to go.”

    DEAR XMAS: Nancy Grace had absolutely NOTHING to do w/the foundation canceling Cindy. It was Mark Klaas and Blink (blink on who is longtime foundation member and friend of Melanie’s family. People writing their emails and letters certainly MADE their point about public outrage … but it was really Blink and Klaas who got to them personally.

    WHAT a humiliation for George & Cindy. They really thought they were flying SO HI, and now –they ruined their own media bubble they tried to manufacture to whitewash
    their foul images.

    It is amazing to me that any pr professional could be dense enough to not consider the astounding public outrage (especially around Orlando & all Central FL) because of the circumstances of this case.

    As usual, it is the cover-up rather than the original crime that always does negative forces in. There’s never been a more blatant cover up and outright bald-faced lying than in this case.

    PS: NANCY Grace is not the factor she ONCE was. Frankly, her continual defense (relentless it seems) being a Cindy APOLOGIST is making me sick/ She goes over-board attacking her own guest MD experts if they DARE call Cindy a “narcissist”
    BUT: there isn’t a better recent example of Cindy being a (it’s all about me me/I am the center of the universe) attention-seeker … NARCISSIST as her (now at this late date) CLAIMING “ME, TOO” … ‘I wrote suicide notes, too” Look at me, I’m more important than Geo. Yuck.
    NG better get it together better or she’ll KEEP losing her former dedicated female audience. Since she’s become a mother, everything’s slanted to HER motherhood. She couldn’t do what Cindy’s doing, so it must not be happening.

    Lol, Karen thanks for posting that, but again, it was everyone who cared enough to stand for Caylee.
    Regarding Cindy, I have come full circle with her since the beginning and I believe 100% she knew Caylee was dead and in those woods by 8/11/09. Period. I thought that for a while, and then watched the jail visit of 8/13.

  22. susan says:

    casey probably wishes melissa huckaby lived in florida

  23. augie says:

    I cannot recall any of the Anthony’s – including Casey in and out of jail – standing in front of the frenzied media and “imploring the abductors to let Caylee come home” albeit they screamed and ranted at everyone and anyone to go find missing Caylee (while they did no such thing themselves). We witnessed Haleigh Cumming’s dad, the Sandra Cantu family having done so . . .

    Also, as poor and struggling as the father of Haleigh Cummings is . . isnt’ there a reward offered via an agency that receives donations to do so?

    I don’t recall the Anthony’s arranging with known reward providers nor themselves to offer a reward for the return of the child.

    It was Padilla, right? ….who offered a reward if Caylee was brought home alive

    ….but the Anthony’s, no, for the life of me I cannot recall them attempting to create, fund, nor offer reward for her return NOR can I recall them even holding a presser to “implore the abductor” to bring the child home let alone “humanize” Caylee in the kidnapper’s mind

    ….even when they (claim) they new the abductor’s name/address/phone . . . etc.

  24. susan says:

    of all the trouble stirring around jose baez, if he goes on air to discuss the case : if he cant say he has a suspect and is working with le ,i’d have to say that i beleive he is willing to be the scapegoat,screw up the case and let her win on appeal, is that their strategy?

  25. Kleat says:

    I have to wonder if the ‘suspect aka Casey’s accomplice through threats’ is going to be ‘the father’ of Caylee. The image of Jose Baez sitting next to Cindy, and clapping his hand to his mouth at the very moment Cindy was to answer Geraldo’s question ‘who is the father?’, is telling– he was trying to signal Cindy to ‘shush??’ or involuntarily saying through his clear gesture– ‘DON’T say it’?? Why was Baez with Cindy, Cindy was not his client, but probably has been running his show in her own mind, since day one.

  26. Kleat says:

    Backlash against the Riegers– here is a letter from Marc Klaas about this backlash and his intentions and the credibility of Mr. and Mrs. Rieger as advocates of highest regard for their work.

    This ‘backlash’ against the Reigers, such personal attack for what their organization represents and does FOR victims, for prevention, is so unfortunate.

    Threats were mentioned as the reason for removing the Anthony’s– threats were not appropriate (not that they ever are, except to say to media ‘we won’t watch your show if you have them on’). This falls into the category of acting just like Cindy, just like Dennis MIllstead, threats are their mode of operation.

    This is THE organization with people who CAN change things for victims without a voice, and you bet they will in the future, be addressing these issues with law makers, victim’s advocate groups and Advocate’s who have official political offices to help victims, children, to have a voice when they can not speak for themselves.

    I agree and agreed with Mr. Klaas whole-heartedly. Some of those emails I have read, and were sent to me. Sad.

  27. Kleat says:

    Now, maybe everyone should get on a letter writing campaign to place an official victim’s advocate and voice to Caylee in all of this. Does Florida have a similar office to the CT’s OVA?

  28. Sister says:

    If I believed my daughter was innocent, I would be turning over every stone, kicking in every door, etc. etc. to find the “real” zanny. Not one time, according to them, have they looked for the “real” killer nor did they ask their PIs to look for the “real” killer. If I believed my daughter was innocent, I would have that as my theme song of finding the real killer, and not waste time doing fluff pieces to better my image. If I believed my daughter was innocent, I would be rabid in my search and do everything and anything to be able to say in your face LE — here’s the real killer. Alas, even though they had the address and phone number of the “real” zanny, they never, according to them, even tried to call. Actions always speak louder than words.
    Blink, you do an awesome job of being factual, and it is much appreciated. I believe in being respectful and remembering that people are not defined by the flaws we discover, or think we discover. People can and do change their views and if we remain respectful then we can disagree without being disagreeable and mean-spirited.

  29. Kleat says:

    Blink, one nagging question about those July jailhouse video taped ‘video/phone’ linked visits, is whether there was an audio speaker line for the second parent to listen while the other had the phone receiver. Because there was no one else in that room using other terminals, only jail officials are ever seen, and because the investigation was still in full swing at that point, the jail even giving the Anthony’s more time when some minutes were lost– clearly wanting to have the parents talk to Casey and get information, help find Caylee and to get answers from Casey.

    I have believed there is a point where Cindy heard Casey say (or she read lips maybe) to George, ‘Caylee has had the best grandparents…. and she still does have….’

    Cindy clasped her hand to her mouth and teared up– at what seemed like the moment she caught the ‘past tense’ slip. Then, as a sociopath can do, she changed the subject when back on the phone with Casey, to go on the LE attack, about Melich wronging her re: the grandfather visit date, so she was right in the fight along side Casey after being so visibly upset moments before.

    I’d like to know about the jail audio to both parents in those early visits…. was there a speaker besides the phone? Or can Cindy read her daughter and read lips, so she knew Casey admitted Caylee was in the ‘past’?

  30. augie says:

    People in Florida have posted that Lee Anthony knocked up his girlfriend…making Cindy and George grand parents yet again.

    This family doesn’t believe in condoms and or birth control?

    I agree with the poster above, someone SHOULD appoint Caylee a victim’s advocate. There’s certainly no one in her family advocating for her nor honoring her.

    Just watching Geo and Cindy sit behind Casey in the court room appearances is repulsive, squared.

  31. susan says:

    does anyone know how long it would take a decomposing body to start smelling?

    Susan, there are about 100 variables to that question. SHort answer, immediately depending on the COD and other.

  32. Karen Lee says:

    SISTER WROTE: April 23 11:23am “IF I believed my daughter was innocent, I would be turning over every stone, kicking in every door, etc. etc. to find the “real” zany. Not one time, according to them, have they looked for the “real” kill …
    DEAR SISTER: I agree so totally. I would not REST until I found the invisible “nanny” and at least TRIED to verify as much of MY Child’s myriad fairy tales as I could. Whatever it cost, I would mortgage my soul & anything I could beg or borrow to GET AT THE TRUTH;
    HOWEVER: if my exhaustive (unbiased) researched PROVED that my child was culpable … I would put it all on the line to FORCE her to come clean. I would find the best legal minds available to WORK WITH LE and State to cut the deal of all time. I would INSIST my child FACE whatever she had done –and take appropriate “medicine” that I would (also) try to mitigate in her favor. BUT I would never participate in this ongoing CHARADE that is nothing but an insult to the intelligence of (even) a third grader.
    For all these reasons, any many more related in all these countless posts … IMO Cindy and GEO have acted in the most heinous fashion witnessed in today’s crime tragedies.
    WHO wouldn’t save their child –exert every influence to give him/her a “leg up.” No question, all of us. But I think where (most of us) would draw the line is SUBORNING perjury, aiding/abetting the cover-up of felony murder, obstructing justice (pre-meditated) WITH malice and forethought.

    Everything the A-family has done is an anathema to the basic principles of freedom and justice. Justice is supposed to work on an even playing field that all respect and adhere to basic human guidelines. Not C & G. Since their initial (LONG over-due demand that Casey produce Caylee in some form) when C, G & L all gave consistent (taped) sworn statements about THEIR beliefs in Casey’s culpability … they were honestly heartbroken in disbelief. From that point on, ALL 3 must’ve KNOWN (BARD) Caylee was gone. Rather than FACE that, everyone quickly joined the cover-up.
    What happened since that time has been regurgitated all over national and local media to our eternal disgust.\\

    All those stories our parents told about “what horrors awaited LIARS” are really true.

    Sadly, the A-Family never learned those basic lessons of right, wrong and the wisdom to know the difference.

  33. susan says:

    yes ,sister and karen lee .i agree ,i was just about to say that somehow the most basic principle of “honesty is the best policy” and “the truth will set you free” escaped this family at its most desperate,devastating time.

  34. Kleat says:

    Is all this focus on Cindy and her behaviour continually in front of cameras once again, going to benefit the defense of Casey as a shift of focus from the accused killer to the mother and sympathy either for parents (for any sentence phase) or sympathy for the accused because of her mother?

  35. kos says:

    Blink–thanx for your top-notch investigations. I
    would ask what do you think of an email blitz
    to ABC asking them if they are paying for
    casey’s defense?

    I thank you, but I think the abc thing is a done issue. A source of mine told me Baez admitted the arrangement to the judge during the motion for possibility of conflict of interest. The payments go to Casey and his fees are drawn from that trust. I also know the funds are gone, thus the A’s going on the CBS Early show. They put the A in Ahole.

  36. new says:

    Karen Lee I enjoyed your last post. Good work. Susan a body can smell of death before death comes. Depending on a delbilating illness. After death the bacteria in the bowel develop immediately and progress to rot the body dependiong on the temperature. In the heat it happens very quickly. Cold temperatures will delay decomposition to a degree. People who are familar with the smell of death can smell it on living people before they die because of the decreased circulation, cells begin to die early.

  37. new says:

    I do not believe that the Anthony’s are in a state of denial. They just can not accept the responsibility of their actions. If they would dare to admit to themselves their role in this Saga they would have to face their failure as parents. All parents fail their children in the course of their rearing in one way or another. To admit that failure is not easy. But doing it will help your child and help the parent grow. I remember Casey saying to Cindy “you don’t know my role in this?” That has always puzzled me. The other statement I puzzle is ” don’t worry I haven’t said anything.” June 15, is the noc Cindy can’t bear to recognize and associate with what has happen. George and Cindy have not accepted any responsibility for their actions denying their failure to save their face. They have reared their daughter to do the same substituting lies for truth to avoid responsibility. In a sense they have caused their own grief.

  38. Sister says:

    Karen Lee, I totally agree with you. Taking responsibility for one’s actions is learned behavior, the proof is in the pudding as to what wasn’t learned. What disturbs me is that Caylee has been forgotten and hasn’t had respect from this group of people (the Ants, et al)that are breathing my air. It’s like they are spitting on the cremation jewelry holding the, yes, remains. They knew she was dead for months before her precious body was located and they just let her rot. That fact alone removes them from my “human” column.

  39. Kari says:

    I have a question about a piece of evidence I noticed.

    According to the Orange County forensic report:

    Page 42 Tuesday Dec. 16
    Art # 1, Item # H-51975 (sealed box)
    Black Plastic bag with yellow handles with Caylee’s body:

    Page 2
    Art # 8, Item H-51975
    Found inside Casey’s car:

    Could this be the reason the state called a specific witness to determine wounds made by knives, bullets, ect. Sorry but I can’t remember exactly who Nancy Grace said was testifying.

    Is there a connection with these 2 knives?

    Why would she put a knife in the bag with Caylee?

    Thanks for reading and hopefully answering!

  40. Jade says:

    Blink, Am I correct in thinking(first time at your site) that you personally have been in the presence of the Anthony Family? If so, do you think(IYO) that maybe brother Lee could be the father of Caylee? Cayce had mentioned to an ex that Lee had tried to..whatever..with her. Im just wondering.. Didn’t Lee refuse to give his DNA at one point? Did he ever turn any DNA over to authorities? Maybe this is why the whole family is trying so hard to cover everything up and misdirecting the investigation from the start.And why no one seems to want to say who “daddy” really is… IMO I think the whole family knew and they were all involved in covering up the death(accident or intentional). I have 5 sons. I can not help but cry every time I see Caylees sweet face.

    Jade, Caylee is not Lee’s son. Their are DNA tests to support that, and I never thought she was.
    By court order Lee had to give a DNA sample, also a print sample after Caylee was found.
    Welcome to

  41. turbothink says:

    The more I think about the “suicide thoughts” Cindy talked about today, the more I believe that may be very important in the trial depositions. We are seeing the ZG depositions, but I am assuming the SA will do depositions prior to trial if it is like in this state.

    No grandparent who thought their granddaughter was alive and being held captive would ever consider suicide. They would be doing everything in their power to find her. I realize she had to do the one up-manship on George, but I believe that was a very telling statement which will help the prosecution when it comes to trial.
    Turbo- I agree

  42. IVOIRE says:








  43. Sharon Chicago says:

    I read somewhere, maybe family/cindys mother/bother/sister? someones statement, they said that Cindy had been suicidal, during her turmoil with her husband and his spending the money and with Casey stealing etc. prior to Caylee’s murder….. so she might have felt suicidal when Caylee was missing…because she knew downmdeep in her heart she was dead.

  44. Since there does not seem to be any lawyers posting, here is a post from someone who was on the wrong side of the gavel. Well, I am now going to share some of the facts of life I learned from that jarring experience. It was due to drugs, so before I start I want to say if you are using hard *****t, go get help or you WILL do some time, if you don’t OD, etc. Anyhow, I spent 6 years as an infantryman to pay for college and had a very good life. To make a very long story short, a dealer made a veiled threat regarding me kids and I, being an old paratroop, whupped his behind. I admit I got a little carried away.That got me 4 1/2 years behind bars and regulates me to sweeping up cigarette butts for a living. Not crying, that is just how it is for now. I accepted a plea deal because I was guilty and didn’t want to put my family through even more grief. I also realized that taking responsibility for the damage my addiction caused others is the true first step in reclaiming my life. There are a lot of intelligent posters here and all over the message boards but one thing most seem to be missing is that you CAN be hung on circumstantial evidence. It is a little harder but it happens daily on one-tenth of what the have on Casey. Now, I respect law enforcement and there are no hard feelings on my part. Indeed, I would go back to Central America on a combat patrol long before I could do their job for an hour. That being said, the next part of this post is going to really PO some folks but I am NOT trolling. Once the police get it in their collective head that you did it, you are going down for it. Now, they are right 99% of the time, thank God but I don’t want to stray too far from the point. What is the point of this post?, you ask. That little witch better try to get the plea offer back on the table so the rest of her wretched family can continue their high life based on that little cherub’s murder. She won’t due to being a sociopath, but she should. If not, Cindy, George, and Lee will get popped for obstruction and other related charges and they can kiss the lifetime movie deals, the super-duper bass boat and all that other stuff good-bye. I was blessed with having one of Pittsburgh’s finest defense lawyers and his counsel was golden. “I am here to see that you get a fair accounting before the law and to make sure your punishment takes you as a person into account.” Nothing about getting me off, or circumventing justice. Now, do you think Baez said anything like that to you-know-who? HA, he is so happy right now he can hardly count. So in closing, as the lawyers say, do not expect some earth shaking doc to sway this one way or the other. She is cooked and any decent and humane lawyer would not play any part in the circus and concentrate on saving her life. The way that joker handled it, the best she can hope for is n unmarked grave so it is not desecrated. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I may re-post it on other Caylee/Casey/Cindy boards, etc.

    Thom, takes a man to write that. I have a friend who was in a similar “scenario”. Today, they have a Nuclear Medicine Degree. Keep the accountability and the faith and you wont be sweeping up butts for long. I mean that.
    Great post, However, this joint is crawling with lawyers, lol.

  45. Sister says:

    Thom, taking responsibility for our actions can be tough, but I believe it is the only way to live. I am a volunteer at a male,prison, Med security, etc. That’s what I preach all the time, being responsible means being honest. God doesn’t expect perfection, He does expect honesty. Thanks for sharing.

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