Caylee/Casey Anthony Case Exclusive: Cindy Anthonys Scathing Message to Tim Miller

Orlando, FL– Yesterday marks the anniversary of what most believe to be the death of 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony. Whether it was in the early morning hours, or other, we may never know for certain. The only certainty I am aware of is that this doe eyed cherub has owned our hearts since we saw her for the first time. I will forever hear that clip “Momma Poppa” in my head and hear her voice.

Unfortunately, George and Cindy Anthony, together with their attorney Brad Conway, took this anniversary opportunity to fire the first shot over the bow to what I have been eluding to for months. Casey Anthony’s defense team, led by Jose Baez is coming after them directly to save their client from the death penalty. The tactics of covering up for Casey, perpetuating her lies, lying to investigators and the public in an effort to protect their daughter from being held accountable for her actions; is the very evidence Baez and team will cite to attempt to acquit their client and implicate her parents.

Starting Today, In an exclusive to, I will be exploring in an aptly titled progressive series what I believe the pivotal evidence, discrepancies in witness testimony, and behind the scenes insight of the major players in this case will reveal; and will ultimately lead to the successful prosecution of Casey Anthony in the death of her daughter Caylee Marie.

The Scamthony Series, begins with Cindy Anthony’s comments yesterday regarding Ron Cummings “shun” of their foundations help. Yesterday George and Cindy Anthony appeared on The Early Show, and criticized Ronald Cummings for not wanting them or their foundation to be associated with his missing daughter, Haleigh Anne Marie Cummings.

When your child’s missing, you take any bit of help that you can,” Cindy Anthony remarked to Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez Tuesday. “You take every help. You don’t turn anybody away. You can’t turn anybody away.” “You know,” Cindy said, “that one exposure of your child’s face out there could be that one time. So, you know, to him I say, you made a mistake. 

“We’re the ones who got national attention for their daughter the first night, because I was on the phone with national media. And that was the day of Caylee’s memorial, Feb. 10. We had just gotten home from her memorial and heard about Haleigh. So we hurried up and made desperate phone calls to people in the national media to say, ‘Hey, start covering the story.’ And that was a day that I should have been home just worrying about myself.” 

Really Interesting after hearing those comments how she ran Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch out of town in contrast to the search for her grandaughter. Listen for yourself.

The split second that Tim Miller met with OCSO and formed the opinion that Caylee was deceased and shared it with the Anthony family; Cindy’s wrath began. Mr. Miller and his organization had nothing to do with exposing the “improprieties” within the original Trust. Blink and 5 other contributing researchers did. One of which was a former banking executive within that very Sun Trust Bank.  Mark Nejame, former attorney for George and Cindy Anthony, released the documents he was given by the Trustee, Paul Kelley, in full. Nejame is not a Trust attorney and simply presented what he was given; he did not represent the Anthonys in any way regarding transactions of the Trust, or Sun Trusts decision to close the account without prior notification. 

The first four days of the transactions of that trust were missing. No opening balance, no explanation as to why the account was set up to overide “holds” and treat all transactions as cash to be available for wire transfer. Nada. To date, they have not been released publicly. It would be truly wonderful if instead of granting the Anthony’s puff piece venues, an actual interviewer might ask them why.

I will be exploring exactly how the initial trust is truly the epicenter of what cultivated the major players in this case from day one, and who they are, in a future Scamthony Series installment.  


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  1. Jan says:

    Have been a member at CSO for quite some time now…..but, seems to me that Blink is actually doing a whole lot of investigation into this case…….looking for the TRUTH! I commend you for your hard work with keeping us all informed. I can’t remember if I’ve ever commented here or not, but just wanted to say I TRULY enjoy your threads and comments! My CSO peeps are hung up on the fact that Georgetta lied………..AGAIN!

  2. Kleat says:

    Someone asked what show Brad Conway was on…. GMA, here’s the link:

  3. nickel says:

    Thanks Kleat.. you always have my back…lol..Was not sure why someone would “destroy” the key instead of just giving it back. How did Amy drive her car?? Did she use a spare rather then getting the car key back from Casey as you said?? Are we sure it was a car key??
    And i know this is a stupid question..but what is a lanyard?? This is new to me??

  4. Kleat says:

    oh boy, nickle… ya gotta go digging but it’s easy diggin’ because Blink had that covered– scroll way back to around St. Patrick’s day for a story with photo– the lanyard (string or cord, in this case beaded with Irish shamrock beads) around ones neck to keep something attached, like a key, or an ID (universal) employee badge, a whistle, or a stop-watch, like that…. fancy name for string around the neck . And you will read about the lanyard a bit, but Blink has something coming…. she does…. she says she does… I believe her!!

  5. nickel says:

    I believe too Kleat!! In the meantime i will try to find the story you are speaking of..Thanks:)

  6. Thunk says:

    Psst! Blink, I’m pretty sure you’ve been alluding to something. The Anthonys are the ones busy eluding. I wouldn’t say anything if this hadn’t turned up before.

    On your belief that KC will accept a plea deal, this would have made sense at many times. (It may make sense now, although I predict they will go all out against the DP, to see what that can accomplish, before making any deals.) From a legal, rational standpoint it makes sense. From the standpoint of psychology, it does not. People like KC would much rather dramatically go down in flames, than accept any of the offers prosecutors are likely to make. Don’t expect her to show any consideration for the harm she causes others, either. The greater the uproar, the happier she is. She is a classic manipulator who has never had the power to control so much money, or so many people, before. She will hold out until the money runs out.

    The important question for me is how did we get a criminal justice system which is made to order for training and enabling sociopaths?

  7. JWG says:

    I think the evidence is conclusive she was on an AIM chat in the home just beginning before 8AM.

    The forensic evidence for the chat was taken directly from the HP desktop hard drive, from the computer user account that KC used.

    Two and a half hours later she uploaded a picture of Fusion to Photobucket from the IP address registered for the Anthony home.

    So while her cell phone pings all morning and into the afternoon from a location that could be her parent’s or Lee’s, the desktop computer clearly places her at her parents at 8AM-sh and 10:30AM-ish.

    But is she uses a wifi card of her user account? Pings have a 3 MI plus or minus radius. Not disagreeing with you, just want to make sure I am covering all the bases, it actually supports my theory of what Casey will say.

  8. jenn says:

    Thanks kleat for the link for the bc interview. My q is this if the anthonys wanted to protect casey and want her perceived as innocent then why the call to 911? Casey told anyone who cared to ask about caylee that she did not have her. And everyone was ok with the 2 year old always out and about. If not for the call to 911 would anyone notice she is gone?

  9. Ashley Marie says:

    Could/would someone do a timeline using statements made to LE and then the statements made this week, adding in the info that JWG has given us? Or is there one already? I, for one am so confused and turned around in the whole thing, I really need a flow chart, of just that morning……..

  10. JWG says:

    I don’t know how the desktop computer was connected to the internet at the parent’s home – wireless or ethernet – but my point is she was not on a portable computer. She did not start using the laptop to any degree until the following day. The forensics make it clear she was on the desktop IMing the morning of the 16th and not on the laptop.

    Hope that helps!!
    Yes, lol, but could you and Bond run down how it could be someone else in the house as a prove out theory?
    In other words, under what set of circumstances could that be someone else, or done remotely via a blackjack, etc.

  11. Ashley Marie says:

    *raises hand* I’m no computer expert but I do know that everyone has their own style of IMing, ie, their way of lingo, use of punctuation, etc….it may be an elementary way to look at it but I would think that would be one way of knowing who was in the house using that computer.

  12. surfing2day says:

    #64 FairWitness; EXCELLENT post!

  13. Vidda says:

    it took me 3 tries to understand this ignorant b…@ ! Do you all remember the time when Tim left the search for Caylee?I kind a think this is thime when C&G became hardcore-idiots and totally lost their human dignity and started lying non stop..How could Cindy dare mentioning Tim’s daughter ?
    I didnt know much about Tim Millers backgroud so i had to look it up …This guy just stroked me with the best of the best human quality …NO way in the World he would put up with Cindy’s crap and games…All you need is to listen to him talking fro few minutes , this guy radiates so much dignity and trust! He is in the right field helping people … Cindy must ve been on wrong medications or she just forget to take them…Is she still working as a nurse?

  14. Karen Lee says:

    Cindy & George (& their ENABLERS) will spend a long time IN HELL for ALL their crimes against Caylee (and humanity). WHY somebody hasn’t taken the “law” into their own hands on these DESPICABLE creatures is beyond me. IF ever there was a need for an AVENGING ANGEL –now is the time.
    Tim Miller is a saint –as is everyone involved in his incredibly WORTHWHILE (and saintly) volunteer group. WHO ELSE would take days, even WEEKS –and months from their lives searching for the inevitable “remains” most of these missing children & women cases entail. God bless them all –and DAMN C & G for slamming the group just because C & G wanted to LIVE OFF donations from well meaning people who probably don’t REALIZE their hard-earned donations are going to SUPPORT THE gad-about LIFESTYLE of the ANTS.
    The fact the MSM continues to provide a platform for the Ants (& their co-conspirator Conway) to continue LYING is unconscionable.
    Only those who have truly endured the WORST (their beloved innocents) being heinously murdered realize HOW REPREHENSIBLE the Ants truly are! The Ants have done everything to diminish Caylee in favor of getting their killer daughter OFF …. May they NEVER know even one moment’s peace for their BETRAYAL of Caylee.
    We know there is a God and the Universal spirit who will take the measure of anyone slaughtering the innocents. Caylee was slaughtered because her grandparents raised a KILLER –in their OWN IMAGES. For THAT, there is no forgiveness.
    Every guardian of an innocent owes their entire life force to protecting that child. All the mothers (and grandparents) who refuse to act in protecting any child deserves the same punishment as the “doer” himself/herself.
    Mothers of Naveah (MI) & Haylee (OH) BOTH sacrificed their daughters to get the “attention” of a man. BOTH should be punished to the same degree as the men they allowed NEAR their innocent child.

  15. KameronJ says:

    Ashley Marie…that is a very great way to look at it. And you are absolutely correct!!! :-)

  16. JWG says:

    Bond and I are jousting over a number of things related to the 16th, including time of death. But as to whether or not KC was at her parent’s home at 8:00AM…we agree she was.
    Lol. ok.
    Do Tell. We agree then she died on 6/16, GRHS.

  17. After reading the above and listening to the video of Cindy’s rant against Tim Miller,am I right to asume that money from a trust fund for Caylee or money from donations came up missing and Cindy is blameing Tim Miller and his guys? Cindy Anthony makes me sick and I really wish she and her lying husband would stay off TV. And as for the shows that are giving them air time,they must be real hard up for rateings. This woman should be ashamed of her self and that goes for her husband as well.This case gets stranger by the minute.Poor Baby Caylee was dealt a bad hand when she came into this world as a part of that family.I Beleive the whole family is a sandwich shy of a picnic.

  18. Ann says:

    Someone suggested it was Casey calling her own cell phone the 16th…to locate it. It could also be that she was checking her voice mail I think.

  19. Denise says:

    Hi Blink,

    Just wondering your theory on how Casey will explain away the nanny she so vehemently said took Caylee. Also, curious, what does Jessie Grund do for a living now that he is no longer in LE? Do you know?

    Thanks for all you do!!

    She will say she made it up, that’s all

  20. SUSAN says:

    aren’t the shorts in the laundry bag with the remains the same shorts caylee was wearing with poppa on june 15th? the clothes sure arent the ones george describes.

  21. NoseyRosey says:

    So Blink- is Casey and Baez going to claim they don’t know who killed Caylee, but they do know that the “heroine Casey” found Caylee’s lifeless body and knew she had to act fast. She loved her parents so dearly that she couldn’t let them pay for their crime against her sweet, loving and innocent 2 YEAR OLD BABY. The reason she stayed away for 31 days is because she couldn’t tolerate being around the very murderers who took her child from her? I have to say….I don’t think I would be surprised if this were in Casey’s plans from day one. They can’t write scripted television this wacky!!!!!!!!! Thanks Blink ;)

  22. Sunny says:

    I feel compelled to comment but can only do so via texting on my cell phone so please bare with me.
    Remember the phone records… Casey had her phone glued to her person, talking and texting (Tony A) all night June 15 in P.M. until thee wee morning hours on June 16. Hence, Casey didnt need to call her phone to locate it or check VM. IMO, that 7:45am-8:00am call from the house phone to KC’s cell was Cindy wondering “where the girls were/up already?” … and if Casey was “still not talking to her?”… to say “Caylee can stay but tonight she(KC) needs to be out of the house/find another place to stay/ will talk after work about (Caylee) long term plan”. JMO.
    I’m not 100% sure KC was even home that morning or if CA knew either way. I’m certian now more than ever that George lied about the morning of the 16th. I don’t think he ever say Caylee that day. Based on all the “stories” of what took place between the 15-16 of June, along with phone call & ping records… IMO KC was not there overnight & most likely returned home with Caylee after CA left for work,and before Jojo woke up. Who knows what actually transpired-was said in KC’s passing by GA, rushing on her way out the door but IMO Caylee was not there. Perhaps in quick passing KC said ..”in a hurry-can’t talk..Caylee is (already) buckled in car- running late-no time for goodbye- gotta go-cya” and then rushes off without George ever really seeing her. This seems to me to be the most likely scenario. The hard part is figuring out for certian if Caylee was in her car seat that morning or if, actually/instead, she was already in the trunk by that time?
    Our heart aches to think of what happened, yet it pines to seek out justice for her. Thank you B, for everything you do to help find justice for sweet Caylee and all precious babies!

  23. Sunny says:

    Blink I meant texting and talking to Tony Lazzaro!

  24. Felix says:

    Attorney Paul Kelley has always interested me. In one of GA’s interviews with LE (I think w/FBI), he gave excrutiatingly detailed information about how Cindy treated PK for some kind of nasty infection after which PK came to their home, ostensibly to buy a cocker spaniel puppy. GA admits to feeling jealous about his wife’s grateful patient, but was later won over by Kelley’s Workers Comp prowess.

    In his interview w/LE, Bailey Dickens stated that CA had a boyfriend who came to the Anthony home while CA and GA were in the nascent stages of separation and divorce filings. Who was the boyfriend?

  25. Kleat says:

    re: ‘own style of IM’ing’. ‘IF’ someone wants to emulate someone else’s messages, they can simply ‘copy and paste’ to get that person’s exact style of chat. And alter content accordingly.

  26. Kleat says:

    Felix, #124 story-line sounds almost identical to how Larry Garrison came to know the Anthony’s– buying a cocker spaniel puppy, the George-jealousy but then how they all became nice friends, so when Garrison called them up to offer help as spokesperson, they already knew him well. (George told FBI or LE in his interview, talked about the bit of jealousy he felt when the guy came to buy a puppy from them).

  27. Kleat says:

    Did Casey get or learn her jealousy behaviour from George? Sociopath’s copy emotions, maybe it wasn’t jealousy as others know it (feelings of hurt or betrayal or whaever is involved) but just plain anger in her form of jealousy).

  28. Felix says:

    #126 Kleat — Exactly! But I never did see Garrison as someone to be won over by Cindy’s sexual charms (urp). If you know what I mean.

    Cindy, like Casey, goes into far too much extraneous detail when describing people who enter their orbits, whether in reality or fantasy. It’s the hallmark of pathological liars.

    In the fascinating v-mail to Tim Miller, CA states that she is giving him medication for his back. Do tell. Is she attempting to make him look like a drug seeker? Is CA doling out Schedule 3 drugs? She had an interesting stockpile in her medicine cabinet.

  29. ann says:

    I think they are lieing for they can’t not use them in trail because they are going to have to tell want they know about the night casey took caylee and killed her and i am not sure if they are doing it to save their casey killer daughter or they are just tring to make money so they never have to work again. It was all so wrong that George had caylee picture in court to help his killer daughter. Go see her in jail if you love her so much and talk about the weather or tell her these stories but please stay off TV we are sick of seeing there lieing faces on TV.

  30. Vidda says:

    Hi, guys! In recent intervew , Cindy was answering questions about not going to visit her daughter in jail etc…so she repeated twice than THEY ARE WRIGHTING NOTES communication with each other…Assuming the Baez (& his crew)is the messanger…how about the rulles ? Is there any regulation or restrictions about it ? Are they monitored the whole time ?

  31. Robin M says:

    that mannish-looking “death penalty expert” lawyer

    OMG I thought it was a man She does not look like a lady!!!!! Lady Looks LIke A Dude!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Kleat says:

    To be fair, I’ve listened closely to the Cindy attacks Tim one-sided conversation and Cindy uses the ‘Please’ word twice then I lost count. Also apparent, that the whole blame for problems in what Cindy and Tim were trying to accomplish together was caused by the ‘Sherriff’s Department’ (I couldn’t get the word she used… undermined, interfered, wrecked…. something to that effect)

    Cindy should be forgiven, she is a grieving grandmother with a daughter facing serious charges and she only goes as far as she has to to make her point… ALRIGHT???…. OK???

    Cindy’s technique– attack, slam below the belt with double hook and repeat as necessary, come in for big finish then catch off-guard by being nice and appreciative, then a finishing blow.

    Selected quotes in order of appearance:

    “… go ahead try, I will out you.”

    “Don’t go there Tim.”

    “Don’t try to pick a fight with me.”

    “I’m telling you right now do not fight with me because I will win, I will win.”

    “… I’m not gonna let ANYBODY, I’m telling you, ANYBODY, take uhm her [my grandaughter] away from me, not,…including you Tim.”

    “… whatever you think you are gonna do, think again.”

    “You did not stop looking for your daughter and please do not take that way from me.”

    “I would appreciate a one on one with you because you never did return my phone calls.”

    “I told you before you went on Nancy Grace that night, do not cross the line.”

    “… I’ve been more than up front and aboard, above board with you. And I would expect the same respect back to me.”

    “Do not accuse my son of any inproprieties.”

    “… I’m telling you, do not wage war against the Anthony family Tim because you will not win, in the end, you will not win.”

    “… I’m telling you…ok?”

    “… that is not a threat, that is something that is fact… alright?”

    (identical technique as used with John Allen voicemail– lay it out, threaten and then ask for a return call)

  33. Felix says:

    #132 Kleat — Very well stated.

    The zinger (to me) was the ‘I have been nothing but kind to you’ followed by her attempt at cloaking herself in the righteous garb of altruistic medical professional.

    CA does love to remind the world that she is (or was) a nurse. My favourite reminder of this was after the bond hearing while she was having a meltdown over questions re the smell of decomp. I can’t recall the first part of her response but she blurted out, ‘I am a nurse of decomposition.’

    Yes, you are.

  34. Annals says:

    Thanks, Blink for this recording and Kleat for the transcript. I listened to it once, did not understand all the phraises and couldn’t bring myself to go back and listen for more detail & clarity. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting.

  35. Kleat says:

    Annals, that is not complete transcript at all– I thought about it, then thought ‘my’ typing would be up for grabs for anyone who wants to repost and repeat it whereever. I wouldn’t care about a transcript being shared, per se, but what if I’ve got something incorrect and someone takes it without making sure it’s letter-perfect, besides, the real impact of that is Cindy saying it herself. So I selected– just the main whammy, zingers, ka-pows!! And as Morgan said on NG about Cindy’s techniques, ‘comin’ at you like THIS’!

  36. Kleat says:

    Hey, Felix is a Canuck?

  37. shoozeyque says:

    There are more players and more twists and turns to this very strange and bizarre case, that it would take, hundreds of hours to create a mini-series out of this. Do you think the ma and pa Anthony have received any movie deals yet?

  38. FosterMom says:

    Hi all , I am new here and find everyone very intersting thru this discussion. I have been following from day 1 and had the chance to visit Caylees memorial back in April, well when it was still there. Which brings me to this ? Blink the babydoll had no clothes on when found in the car if that was Caylees clutch when going anywhere and was left behind even if Cindy washed it shouldnt some kind of chemicle be in the creases of the hands feet head? It looks as if it was plastic and cloth sewn together if u remove those parts maybe find something? Not much mentioned about this doll for it to be so important to Caylee. Justice will prevail sweet little angel! ty blink

  39. Felix says:

    #136 Kleat — Transplanted Kiwi.

  40. Rosebud says:

    I know many say that Tot Mom will take a plea but I do not think that the pros is going to offer her one…. I do believe that they have enough circumstantial evidence that they will not need to offer her one … Besides that… my firm belief is that they DO HAVE her FINGERPRINTS on the duct tape… hence … GUILTY!!! … but that is JMHO …. I just found your site tonite and i do like it and your posters as well, and i will be back….


  41. Debra says:

    What was Caylee wearing when she was at the nursing home? Was the book found with her. Cindy does act like she has something to do with the murder. She is talking way too much for a grieving grandmother. I know this sounds bizarre, but could Casey be protecting her mother? Why was the book found at the scene? Who would leave the book at the scene as well. How do we know for sure it was Casey who left the smelly car without Cindy’s knowledge?

  42. NancyS says:

    I just re-read this whole topic BLINK!

    I GET! that you don’t believe that Casey was in that house that morning?

    Hmmmm, BUT what I don’t know is where the heck was she do you think?

    Do you think Caylee was possibly in the pool(as I do) over night? so that “they” would find her after the fight?
    I am just not sure that the fight really happened but with this family anything is possible?

    I really think that the deed was done at the house and that the parents just did not find her like they were suppose to so Casey had to do what she had to do.

  43. Fred McNeil says:

    Love ya Blink!

    I can’t believe nobody’s questioned Cindy Anthony’s comments to Mr. Tim Miller about how she supplied him with “support for his back and PILLS for his back.” Isn’t she either a nurse or at least a supervisor of nurses? Did she misappropriate those pills from her work?

    As for whether totmom was home that day the “calling her own phone to find it” … it is something I do myself every day … LOL!!! : )

    The computer tho has many explanations. It could be Casey if she really used the admin account. It could be George or Cindy or Lee pretending to be Casey to spy. It could be from another computer within radio range using the desktop as a proxy.

    Welcome Fred.
    It has been discussed early on, but I believe it was her own prescription, agreed on the computer usage.

  44. K.B. says:

    I remember reading somewhere that Lee used some of the funds in the bank to do his own investigation. Maybe that is what Cindy was eluding to in her message that Tim brought that up. She has a lot of nerve to say something about him and $300. She was selling water that was already donated for free to give to the searchers. She took the cash out of Casey’s wallet that was clearly Amy’s money. That bought they bought is certainly a joke. They have taken it out but not to look for missing children. I think Cindy choked the shit out of Casey in their fight on the 15th and in turn Casey took it out on Caylee in return and did the same thing.She feels guilty now and is trying to protect her. They are just going to sit back and try and make a career out of this child’s death.They make me sick. I got myself a Casey Anthony Karma doll at good video funny pics, check it out. I think this is what Casey deserves.

  45. Overall says:

    I regard this video of Cindy/Tim Miller only as her hurting desparately to think that
    he is trying to take away all her hope and faith that Caylee is alive, not dead. Whatever word
    transpired from Tim Miller, we do not have on tape, so it is unfair to throw this out as a bashing
    on Cindy, and just leave it at that. Not likely that Cindy is the ONLY one who, at a desperate time
    speaks from her pain and heartbreak of not knowing what has happened to their loved one but
    mixed with fear hope and desperation. Cindy is only trying to maintain a positive outlook and
    Tim Miller threw a shadow over that hopefulness. Not to say I or anyone wouldn’t be sorry they lost
    their child as Tim Miller did, but that does not give the right. to have lost one and act to know it all in all other cases. Cindy did no harm to Tim Miller! or Padilla! who came in and took over, with (Padilla) saying just about anything to keep himself up front
    in the media. Well, at least TM did not do that!!

    How are things Joy? By the Way, this is a tape of a VOICE MAIL left by Cindy. There was not 2 sides, just hers. Take it for what it is.

  46. Kleat says:

    Blink, someone should send an audio of that recording to Jason Volentine at KIAH.

    Shocking no less now than when it was first heard.

  47. Kleat says:

    Blink, what are the chances of Joy being the target of the defense? Wasn’t the husband also in those searches and in the TES records, and didn’t Cindy ignore Joy in the hallway of the courthouse after the hearing in which Jeff Ashton describes Caylee’s death looking into the eyes of her killer– her mother? Cindy saw Joy and her head did a quick snap to look away and walk quickly by her, just before the hearing started.

    Keep your friends close– enemies closer. Yep, anyone who inserted themselves into the Anthony camp, is at risk.

    I think the Joy era is over.

  48. Kleat says:

    Hope Joy has kept her lawyer on retainer.

  49. Kleat says:

    (of course I should have gone back to the main thread for those comments, sorry!)

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