Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: 3D Virtual Juror Exclusive- Tour for Yourself

Orlando, FL– While the countdown begins for upcoming motions in both the criminal and civil cases against notorious tot mom Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter, Caylee, a exclusive:

Overhead mapAn Interactive Tour of the crime scene off Suburban Drive, the autopsy area and digital DNA lab, and the Anthony home where most believe is where 34 month old Caylee Marie Anthony sadly met her end.

Built by a colleague at my request, Angela Talamasca and her team have recreated an interactive simulation that undoubtedly will be used by both the State’s Attorneys and Jose Baez Defense Team.

It is designed to provide a virtual experience allowing the final “triers of fact” to literally transport themselves within the evidence and theories they will be presented to consider when determining the fate of the accused, Casey Anthony.  This proof of concept ”build” includes contribution and consult from leaders in the fields of: Forensics, CSI, Crime Scene Reconstruction and Medical Examiners Investigations.

Currently, we have closed the simulation “island” to the public while it continues development to reflect known evidence and elements of the case.

We got a glimpse of the 3D “view” released in the discovery of Autopsy a flyover of the area where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found. In the second life version (think Wii sims for adults) site called Digital DNA, users will be able to “virtually” tour the scenes by walking through them and simultaneously interacting with the features that will hilight the components and evidence of the case.

Take the Museum tour, interactive crime scene case review, test out your own theories “real time”  or disprove someone else’s; it’s here.

(editors note: out of respect for Caylee’s age, we have used a larger than scale anthropologic presentation)

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  1. Amanda says:

    i feel she may have lied to the police to make her self not look like the piece of kahkah mother she is.. the assumptions one could make of tthis case are endless. we will never know . the reality of it is that if she does have mental issues she is and has lived in her own private hell for years. i myself suffer from ptsd and anxiety my own demons wreak havock in my life and the quality of life. so in some sencse i can relate to her mental health issues… but then again te assumptions kep creaping into my mind.. God bless her soul

  2. Mary says:

    This whole 3 years of this case has brought up so many sleepless nights back into my life. My daughter at age 19 went to school and never came home til 8 months later. Took me 8 months to locate her thank GOD and GOD ONLY she was ok and alive. I called the cops here in Fla where i live up in the panhandle and that young cops words to me was ” get over it theres nothing we are going to do to help you find your child” and he walked out of my home. Yes she was concidered an adult but she was still my child. When this baby went missing that sicken felling came over me and i still have it.That baby didnt have to die, if there was a POOL accident and they paniced then why cover it up why didnt someone call 911 ???? WHY DID THIS BABY HAVE TO DIE??????????? To watch that WENCH fake cry in court pisses me off…..God can always see down the road further then we can maybe God wanted another angel at his side. lil caylee i didnt know you honey but you will never be forgottan always look over us here on earth and know you was loved by many around the world to end my comment i will add I HAVE 2 GRAND SONS THAT is Caylees age when she went missing or was killed and i can tell you this much I WILL LITERALLY HURT someone for touching one hair on them boys heads. THEY ARE MY BABIES just as Angels In The Night is my Org. for missing children.

  3. janice says:

    I am not defending Casey. There are definitely some issues. However, the question I have is simple, do you guys really believe that Casey was smart enough and capapble enough to do this? I stand firm, she was not alone in the horrible crime. She had help. Someone out three, free, and living a normal life knows all the answes. The questions is, who would Casey protect so feverously that she would face the death penalty for? That eliminates the entire world save three people, her parents and her brother. Agree?

  4. Robin says:

    @janice – Casey is 25 not 2. She is intelligent and immature and psychotic, a dangerous combination. She grew up with a Cop as a father. She talks to people, uses people, probably got the chloroform idea from her ex-boyfriend when he posted that pic online. She looked it up and pre-meditated the murder; at the same time, i think she was trying to frame her mother for the murder because of the argument they got into, and to pay her back for threatening to take custody of caylee if she didn’t straighten her act up. casey acted first and kept everyone from ever seeing caylee again and she wanted her own party life, one where she wasn’t under accountability to her parents and didn’t have to have the responsibility of being a parent. everyone has issues in their childhood, but that would be all the more reason to protect her child, not murder her. she failed in burying her in the back yard so tried to make it look like a kidnapping, ditched the baby, the car and then acted like caylee never existed. i pray she tells the truth

  5. Chris says:

    @Robin – I agree with you. She’s a sociopath. Sociopaths are VERY intelligent. Non necessarily smart though. Im kinda going through a situation here in Nevada. My half sister lost her 2 yr old daughter in January. Didnt “lose” her, she passed away. Anyway, California coroner JUST two days ago came back with the cause of death as “pneumonia”. Now there was NOTHING wrong with this child and my sister always treated this child like she was a burden. On top of that, she’d do anything to get back at the father. My sister’s mother was the main caretaker for the baby because all my sister wanted to do was party. If my niece had pneumonia, she’d have noticed something. She LOVED that baby!!
    At the funeral, it was “ALL about her” and not the baby. She faked tears by rubbing mascara into her eyes and avoided everyone except her party friends. Long story short. The day after my niece’s funeral, she was off to Vegas to party and hasnt stopped with the partying and the traveling BTW, did I mention that 4 months before, she got the trust fund my father left for her when he died when she was 14 mos. old? So the day after the funeral, she’s off to concerts, partying, concerts, etc. This girl is 26 and I had a daughter at 21. If my daughter was dead with no reason at the age of 2, I’d be sitting by the phone 24/7 waiting on the news from the coroner. The other day, she got this half assed excuse for her death, and my sister changed her cell #, dropped any and ALL family members from her Facebook acct. and took off to party in Vegas. I tell ya, I’d like for the state of California open up a case on my sister. She’s been acting EXACTLY like Casey Anthony. But she couldnt hide the body because she was living with her mother. Something’s fishy here. My heart goes out to the family of Caylee and I know from sociopaths. I am related to one! Usually, I want to hear all the facts before I decide on a case, But I hope the bitch FRIES. Im sorry.
    My daughter and I have even gotten tattoos in memory of my niece. She went and got body mods and tattoos of her boyfriend’s name. R.I.P Emeleigh Peyton Burnside 9/8/08-1/7/11.

  6. Tonya says:

    This Casey is not worthy of being considered or referred to as anything but trash. What is wrong with this liar sleeze. I think she makes me sicker than Susan Smith. What kind of sick waste of space behaves in this manner. This is why people should confront liars, otherwise their lies get bigger and bigger. She should have killed herself and let the child stay with her parents. She should be dead. My stomach literally aches when I see her sick face. I hate Casey Anthony and all the people who enabled her behavior are pathetic and weak. I do not care what happened to her when she was a child good or bad. Nothing absolutely nothing warrants the behavior this “thing” has exhibited. “IT” doesnt deserve a trial and I pray the jurors are grounded people with great judgement in order to give her what she deserves…nothing short of death. I hope she sits in a cell on death row as long as she can and waits and waits to DIE! Did I forget to mention I hate “IT”!!!!!!!! I hope she knows people watching her case hate her too!!!

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