Drew Peterson Murder Arraignment: Prosecutors Want New Judge

Posted by BOC Staff | Drew Peterson,Kathleen Savio,Murdered,Stacy Peterson | Monday 18 May 2009 9:22 am


Drew Peterson, accused of killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio, appeared in court at his arraignment to formally enter a plea of not guilty in her murder.


Although Peterson did enter his anticipated plea, the hearing is now in recess as the latest bombshell in this seemingly endless Petersonthon continued: PROSECUTORS HAVE REQUESTED A NEW JUDGE FOR THE CASE.

Peterson’s Attorney, Joel Brodsky, is about to speak to media outside the Will Courthouse shortly, live feed here.


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  2. Cindy says:

    They should have known that the 3rd wife was murdered before. I think they will have a hard time proving their case. But, I hope they do.

  3. Brenda in Virginia says:

    I still think Scared Monkeys got it right in that old Drew does look like the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz…only he’s a much uglier, sociopathic version ;>)

  4. westsidehudson says:

    I don’t know how they will be able to prove that he killed the third wife, beyond reasonable doubt. Although for me, he is one of the most hate-able characters ever, so hopefully that goes against him. Plus, he is pompous enough to want to take the stand. Maybe he will mess up. On the other hand, some people inexplicably find him charming. I’m surprised that they had enough to indict him. I hope that they didn’t jump the gun on this one. Otherwise, he’ll soon be back to old ways, with a new ‘wife running away with another man’ or falling accidentally (you know, killing the next gullible woman once she comes to her senses and wants to leave).

  5. Pedrosmom says:

    Get info to Blink:
    Breaking News:
    Woman’s body pulled from Des Plaines River Near Channahon, IL badly decomposed:


    TY Pedro’s Mom, I am on this. I have 2 colleagues on the scene, will update when I can

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