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Columbia, Ill– As announced exclusively this afternoon on, sources inside the Major Case Squad confirmed that Chris Coleman, husband and father of murder victims Sheri, Garrett and Gavin Coleman, has been arrested and charged with the murders of his family.



Coleman was arrested at his parents home in Chester, Illinois without incident. At press time, Coleman was being processed and prepped for his 3 hots and a cot.

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  1. momofmany says:

    One comment said since he was drawn to JMM (those that crave power are drawn to each other)that he was craving power. He didn’t have any power. Hes a security guard. Please!!! So if a person gets a job at a toilet paper factory then they are drawn to crap…. come on…. lets have some commom sense. Some people work for a living. If you were JM I am sure if you worked hard and wrote best selling books Christian or not that you would expect compensation. I know I would. There is so much ignorance in this world. Quit trying to blame others for someone elses actions. Chris is the one who has made his choices and he will have to live with the consequences just like all of us live with ours daily. And he will reap what he has sown. If indeed he did murder his innocent family, he will pay for it. Even in prision he is going to pay when he loses his freedom and suffers at the hands of other men. This is an earthly consequence. But then there will be a spiritual judgement that will come. One thing that brings peace to me is to know that Sheri and the boys are not suffering anymore!!!! Pray for the loved ones, and church friends that are left behind. By the way I attend the church where Chris attended and it is an awesome, loving church, the pastor and the people have a heart to serve the people of St Louis. We are hurting!!!! So stop casting judgement to those that are hurting at the loss of ones of its members. When you cut off a finger, the body is never the same and that is what has taken place at Destiny Church with the loss of Sheri and the boys.

    From the evidence that I have read and understand theres is not much doubt of his being guilty. His glove with paint on it on the side of the road. Thats enough for me to be pretty positive of his being guilty. Lets let the justice system do what its suppose to do and then that will be that. Even if he did get off, he would forever be guilty in the minds of the people. Lets hope that the prosecutor has a rock solid case and that there is no doubts created. Then justice will be served.

  2. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Futureman…how about you skip over the posts you are not interested in? I do. I believe discussion of the Bible is very, relavant in helping understand how the we’ve allowed the world to get to the miserable point it is. If you find that troublesome to read about, we’re sorry about that.

    I’ll try to refrain from so much of it since Blink has requested we stay on task per se….but as a PK, I find other’s thoughts and views facinating as the crime blogging itself.

  3. tisha says:

    Killers come in all shapes and sizes, from all backgrounds – regardless of race, religion, sex or any other characterization. Once people start to understand that basic priciple, we can stop all of this ignorant generalization and making assumptions based on personal experiences… ie, you knew 4 different preacher’s kids who murdered someone so all preacher’s kids must be bad, etc. That’s just plain ignorance. We become racists when we separate a group of people, be they black, white, Jewish or Christian, marines, or preachers kids or whatever – when we separate and ostracize a group of people based on what a few of them have done. That is persecution and intolerance at it’s finest. What Chris Coleman did to his family is horrible – no one is disputing that – he should be punished to the full extent of the law. I only came here for a news report and found a soapbox… lol
    I’ve looked at local news stations this morning and haven’t been able to find any updates since yesterday, is there anything new? does anyone know?

  4. Mandy says:

    I just saw a picture that was posted of the girlfriend. I bet she will be in the news sooner than later.

  5. Brenda in Virginia says:

    momofmany, you judge my comment when you do not understand. When I was a communications officer, we often experienced a problem with hired security guards who were NOT police officers. The worst were those who worked for Wackenhut. We received MANY complaints of man handling and false arrest by them doing a citizen’s arrest, and even following people in their cars because the security guard believed they’d stolen something. Often times it was NOT the case and the poor citizen was traumatized by such.

    It is clear you are not informed on this subject. You have no clue how many security guards get a rush of some wierd “power” and tell alot of people they are officers for that matter. Happens aaaallllll the time. So, I respectfully disagree with you 100% since I have worked in an environment that clearly proves my point to be correct. Not for all security, but many based on the complaints I’d get at the PD>

    Also, I have to wonder why CC chose security work rather than becoming a police officer since he’s a former MP. My guess? He couldn’t make the cut in the outside-world which consists of a very, grueling interview process and alot of your personal times away from family…or girlfriends???

  6. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Oh, and momof many, re: your “let’s have common sense” comment…pls follow your own advice. I have plenty of common sense. I did beat our 120 people for the dispatch job so I cannot be all that stupid.

  7. tisha says:

    Mandy, can you provide a link to the pic? I have been trying to come up with this lady’s name, but the basic google searches haven’t turned up anything yet. Beyond Google I’m computer illiterate :)

  8. columbia res says:

    momofmany- most of us do work for a living. You want to throw your money at some jesus whore- you go ahead. Do us all a favor and get your tubes tied.

    What did I miss?

  9. columbia res says:

    Back to the case- Blink- Sheri’s friend (?) said night before they were murdered CC cooked dinner for fam which was way out of character for him. Wander if he slipped some bendryl in their dinner? Sigh.. it just gets more and more evil. can’t trust the person on the other side of your bed.

    I have often thought that might be the case. With any luck, they were all drugged so they did not know what was happening. I keep feeling like I reach my point of vile threshold with this crime, but no

  10. columbia res says:

    Sorry- Blink– it was this…(I know..I know- it was catty.. but I really really hate “christians” and people like CC that feed on the trust of others).. I think they’re worse then psycho killers. Because there is nothing worse then people that betray your trust. It’s your foundation.

    Comment by momofmany — May 22, 2009 @ 8:45 am
    One comment said since he was drawn to JMM (those that crave power are drawn to each other)that he was craving power. He didn’t have any power. Hes a security guard. Please!!! So if a person gets a job at a toilet paper factory then they are drawn to crap…. come on…. lets have some commom sense. Some people work for a living. If you were JM I am sure if you worked hard and wrote best selling books Christian or not that you would expect compensation.

    Yes it was catty, appreciate your owning it, the end.

  11. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Blink, you may have to straighten me out on this but I thought he was the head of security for JMM. This would not be a minimum wage position. It would be way more financially lucrative than being actual LE, especially if he was taken into the inner circle and given the expensive gifts JM is famous for. This would be more like the guy that hires the guy that hires the company that hires George Anthony. Or hopefully better.

    Rotfl, how exactly am I to take you seriously?
    I have not been told of his position per se, but it is my understanding he was fairly high up with frequent travel.

  12. Gypsy DD says:

    I read today on Fox News that written on the wall in red paint was “I TOLD YOU SO”

    Now ..that really points to Coleman..I mean wasn’t he the person saying they were getting threats. What a stupid man..and yes very heinous.,2933,521119,00.html

  13. Red Ranger says:

    OK, I just looked around. Some articles say he was a security guard, some say he was a night security guard, some say he was night shift security guard supervisor, and some say he was the head of security for JMM. So we have four choices. NG’s show says he was a night shift supervisor. She gets all her scoops from you so I will have to defer to your authority. I know she phones you, all teared up, saying “Blink, I need a little ratings boost {Sniffle} can you help me out?” Then you give her a scrap, she curses at you and hangs up, only to call back the next day. I reckon she has Tourretes or something the way she always hollers at her guests. (And no, I ‘m not making fun of Tourretes so don’t flame me.)

    Okay….. you get some stuff a week before her. You know she is jealous of you. But I digress.

    Chris Coleman was a night shift security supervisor for JMM.

    Lol, close, but goes more like this.. “Well ,that’s great but you dont expect my editorial staff to fact check that all afternoon? So I say, Nan, it HAS been fact checked. As you know, I never give you anything that has not been.
    She says.. scoop schmoop. Second verse same as the first. How in the tarnation jehozafat am I supposed to make that last 3 episodes?? Think Blink, your name rhymes with T H I N K.. You should try it.

    Ps, the above is dedictaed to mon frier NL.

  14. LaZyJeStYr says:

    The name and pic of CC’s alleged girlfriend is all over the papers in Florida. As Blink reported way early in this investigation, she (Blink) knows the name of this person but is not reporting it at this time as it detracts from actions police consider to be solely those of CC. Bringing the alleged g/f into the spotlight gives focus more to seedy gossip than to the true crime.

    And I remind myself this as I go ahead and follow the thread to her name/pic.

    Which means curiosity is natural. But let’s refrain from making it the focus of this investigation.

    And I thank Blink for reminding us of that.

    You know, I will delete all comments that get political here, but I will say this, not a fan of John Edwards or Elizabeth. But I strongly advocate her intention NOT to “circusize” the situation with exploitation of the skankographer, I mean, videographer. This applies here. It’s like using the same brush on watercolor paint by number without cleaning it off in between – it’s all brown.

    Sheri Weiss Coleman, Garrett Coleman, and Gavin Coleman and their lives and deaths have NOTHING to do with this woman, or her taudry talents. Er Go, she does not get to stain the canvas.
    Thank you for agreeing.

  15. sweetpea says:

    Good Morning Blink-

    I had an extremely busy work week so I logged on this morning and
    read each and every one of the comments. Wow, a bit overwhelming.
    Bad Christian-Good Christian?

    I was raised by two very hard working parents, farmers with 8 children in Central Washington. As most people we had an affiliation
    with organized religion. But my mother who was a full blood Native
    American, believed in a power greater then ours, “the creator” so to speak. She liked going to church, the social aspect, the support system, but I don’t think that she really took the teachings as black and white as many of the others did.

    I am truly grateful for my religious upbringing and my mothers insight to see gray. As an adult I have made the choice not to take part in any one religion. But I would never disrespect any persons right to their religious beliefs.

    I personally can not put blame on the JMM’s organization or CC parents
    for his horrendous acts.

  16. Al Miller says:

    The clear and direct correlation between anti-depressants and inter-family murder is scary. Google it. There are lists all over the place that outline crimes and what prescription mood altering drug the person committing the crime was on.

  17. wilfish4774 says:

    I don’t know if this will get through so I will keep it short.
    It seems that this sort of thing is becoming more and more prevelant these days. Myself, being a individual within this civilized world I hope that mankind can get itself straightened out before it is too late.

  18. Red Ranger says:

    I agree with you. From elementary school forward they should teach personal responsibility and repercussions. This is only because parents no longer seem to be willing to do it. We are coming through a period of psychobabble where parents were taught all kind of horse hooey about damaging a childs self esteem to tell him not to hit his little brother, etc. Also, the goal for a while seemed to be being the childs best friend.

    I am still unaware why this pimple on the rear end of humanity strangled his lovely family.

  19. Brenda in Virginia says:

    Red, I agree with you that parents for the most part have abandoned moral teaching by example. Empty words do nothing as the evidence proves. Sadly the school system isn’t going to do much good trying to teach morals since our gov’t driven/funded education system cannot teach anything truly spiritually moral because they’d relate it to not separating church and state. Not only that, but many teachers don’t really care about the children and they all know who they are. What about morals can that type of educator truly teach? We’ve all been subjected to such an individual standing at the front of the classromm.

    As if children have become pets that the unprepare and selfish parents find too costly and take too much attention!!

  20. cheryl says:

    It seems this couple got married at really young ages $ Chris Coleman decided he wanted out for some reason-maybe for another woman or maybe to just be free. He was making good money & being the selfish person that he obviously is, didn’t want to share with his family. He just wanted to start over-with his money, lifestyle, job prestige, etc, intact. It has been my observation that most men don’t leave their wives unless they have another woman on the side, even if they have no intention of staying with her. She’s just a security blanket. For example, I never believed that Scott Peterson killed Laci because of Amber Frey, but more for what Amber symbolized. Freedom. Now, this man may actually be in love with his mistress, but what kind of love would that be? Where their new life together started off with the murder of his children & wife-her supposed friend? I’m leaning towards the girlfriend & even her ex-husband being involved & maybe a hefty insurance policy. His girlfriend & associates seem really seedy & the odds that they weren’t involved, seem slim.

  21. Red Ranger says:

    Sheri’s family is filing a wrongful death lawsuit.
    This article also says “they” were killed with some kind of ligature. The family will hold a press conference between 10:30-11:00 this morning.

    Good, they should. Know what else filing that suit does? Freezes his assets and keeps him from spending insurance cash.

  22. Mandy says:

    Sorry for the late response. Here is the link that I saw Tara’s pictures.

    I pride myself on not being catty. But Bow Wow. Sherri Coleman was stunning, this chic is, well, not.

  23. Mandy says:

    B- I agree. What a shame. Sheri Coleman was beautiful. This gal looks like a tramp! Did you see the myspace page of Tara’s mother where Sheri is actually a friend and left her a mothers day comment last year?

    Yes. I have heard some downplay the friendship between Sheri and Ho Stess. Not true. This is as brutal as it gets.

  24. Red Ranger says:

    Ho stess would not be so bad with a little PT and if she was run through the car wash a few times. Sheri on the other hand kept up with her appearance. I keep thinking of the age old question- Why go out for a Mcburger when you have a ribye marinating at home?

    So Blink, they had kept up with their friendship over the years?

    Yes, they had, Sherri posted a message to Ho Stess Mom on Mother’s day.

  25. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    SO very disturbing…from
    Attorney describes messages spray-painted on walls inside Columbia home where slayings occurred
    BY BETH HUNDSDORFER – News-Democrat

    A lawyer for the family of murder victim Sheri Coleman described today messages spray-painted on the walls of the home where she and her two young sons were found strangled.

    Attorney Jack Carey filed a wrongful death lawsuit today seeking documents concerning life insurance obtained by Sheri Coleman’s husband, Chris Coleman, who is accused of the murders. Her family also won a temporary order allowing them access to the house at 2854 Robert Drive in Columbia.

    Carey, Sheri Coleman’s brother Mario Weiss and family spokesman Enrico Mirabelli entered the home with the help of a locksmith at 12:55 p.m. Carey walked out of the house a short time later, overcome with emotion.

    From left, Mario Weiss, brother of murder victim Sheri Coleman, attorney Enrico Mirabelli, a cousin, and Columia Police detective Justin Barlow, leave the Coleman house after 30 minutes spent conducting an inventory of the contents. – George Pawlaczyk/BND

    He described messages he’d seen spray-painted in red on walls. Laced with obscenities, they appear to have been directed at Sheri Coleman and include “punished” in the downstairs dining room, “whore paid” or “u have paid” in an upstairs room and “I saw you leave, (expletive) you, I am always watching” in the kitchen.

    Carey said he told Weiss and Mirabelli, “I’ve had enough; I need to leave.”

    The lawsuit filed by Carey in Monroe County Circuit Court seeks information on trips taken by Chris Coleman and others for Joyce Meyer Ministries. It seeks airline schedules on commercial flights and private airplane manifests for travel in connection to Chris Coleman’s former job as a security guard for Meyer’s evangelical group.

    Carey will seek a permanent order June 5 that halts Chris Coleman or his family from dissolving the marital assets. The lawsuit, which seeks damages in excess of $50,000, also seeks any “memorandums or notes” and a complete work schedule connected to Coleman’s job with the Joyce Meyer Ministries.

    The two-count lawsuit alleges “intentional acts,” a reference to the May 5 strangulation deaths of Sheri Coleman, and their two sons, Garret, 11, and Gavin, 9.

    A second count accuses Coleman of “negligence” in connection to the murders.

    It was filed on behalf of Angela DeCicco, Sheri Coleman’s mother and her brother.

    The lawsuit also seeks documents from Coleman’s father, the Rev. Ron Coleman of Chester, who heads Grace Church Ministries in Chester, including Rev. Coleman’s pay records and life insurance records.

    Neither Ron Coleman nor Joyce Meyer Ministries are named as defendants. The are referred to as, “respondents in discovery.”

    Christopher Coleman resigned from his security job at the ministries after being questioned by a Joyce Meyer official about an alleged violation of the organizations moral conduct policy.

    Coleman is being held without bail. A preliminary hearing in his case is set for June 10.

  26. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Lawyers say Sheri Coleman would not have removed her name from deed

    COLUMBIA — Lawyers for Sheri Coleman’s family allege in legal papers filed Tuesday in Monroe County court that she did not voluntarily remove her name from the deed of the house where she was found strangled with her two sons.

    An emergency petition for injunctive relief asks that her husband, Christopher Coleman, 32, be barred from selling or otherwise disposing of the house at 2854 Robert Dr. in Columbia. Coleman has been charged with first-degree murder in the May 5 deaths of Sheri, 31, and their two sons, Garett, 11, and Gavin, 9.

    The injunction was signed Tuesday by St. Clair County Circuit Judge Michael O’Malley and is in effect for 10 days. A hearing is set for June 5 on a extended protective order.

    Six months ago, Sheri Coleman signed a quit claim deed on her house, surrendering her ownership share to her husband.

    “Is there a rational basis for her to take her name off a house held in joint tenancy with right of survivorship?” asked Belleville attorney Jack Carey, who filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of the family. “I can’t think of a rational basis why she would voluntarily give up her claim to the marital home.”

    Monroe County property records showed the Colemans’ original mortgage filed on March 2, 2005 for $202,269 with Sheri Coleman’s name listed on both the deed and the mortgage.

    But on Oct. 6, Shari Coleman signed a quit claim deed turning over complete ownership to Christopher Coleman for $10. Records filed with the county show that on the same day, she signed a new mortgage for the same home for $230,850.

    Enrico Mirabelli, Carey’s co-counsel and Sheri’s cousin, said the new mortgage reflected between $28,000 and $30,000 in cash equity that would have been realized as a result of the transaction.

    “At this point, we have no idea what happened to that money, but we intend to investigate,” said Mirabelli, a prominent Chicago divorce lawyer.

    Mortgage experts say sometimes spouses agree to sign off of a deed, but remain on the mortgage after pressure from a bank, if they have bad or weak credit. Additionally, if Chris Coleman died without a will, under Illinois law, his wife would have had a claim to the house, despite having signed off the deed.

    On May 11, News-Democrat reporters showed two documents — Sheri Coleman’s voter registration card signed July 25 and the Oct. 6 quit-claim deed — to handwriting expert Betty Butts, of Kirkwood, Mo.

    Butts concluded the signatures were made by the same person.

    Sheri Coleman and her children died without a will, leaving control of the house and other assets to Chris Coleman. The wrongful death lawsuit challenges his right to inherit any assets from the marriage.

    “Sheri’s mother told me that she couldn’t imagine that her daughter would voluntarily take her name off the deed,” Mirabelli said. “So, we are going to do due diligence as lawyers to find out.”

    Contact reporter Beth Hundsdorfer at or 239-2570. Contact reporter George Pawlaczyk at or 239-2625.

  27. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    In Re: the Ho Stess. Now I will give everyone that this chick is a “ho” stess, but doggish? I don’t think so. She’s NOT ugly at all, her actions are.

    If Tara Lintz had been the next Stacey Peterson, we’d all be saying how beautiful she is.
    In comparison, to the women’s husband she was boffing, I find her FIDO incarnate, thats my opinion.
    Jaded as it may be, I stand by it.

  28. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Just trying to keep information in this thread:
    Judge unseals search warrants in Coleman case: Letters reveal warnings against family
    WATERLOO — Major Case Squad detectives investigating the ligature strangulation of Columbia mother Sheri Coleman and her sons Garett and Gavin found an orange piece of twine with a noose tied on one end at the western end of the Jefferson Barracks Bridge, according to court documents unsealed Wednesday.

    The twine resembled cord used to tie four bales of hay that was found in the back of the Colemans’ home, according to an affidavit filed by Detective Karla Heine in a search warrant application.

    The search warrants were released on a judge’s order in response to a Belleville News-Democrat request filed last week in Monroe County Circuit Court.

    The bodies of Sheri Coleman, 31, and her sons, Garett, 11, and Gavin, 9, were found after husband and father Chris Coleman called Columbia Police from Gold’s Gym in South St. Louis County asking them to check their welfare.

    He told police around 7 a.m. on March 5 that he became concerned when he could not reach them by telephone.

    Chris Coleman, a 32-year-old former security guard for the Joyce Meyer Ministries, faces three counts of first-degree murder. He remains in the Monroe County Jail without bond.

    For the first time since the investigation began, the contents of a threatening letter was revealed. Chris Coleman told police that someone mailed the letter to the family home at 2854 Robert Drive.

    According to a report by Columbia Police Sgt. Jason Donjon, the report letter read, “(Expletive)! Deny your God publicly or else! No more opportunities. Time is running out for you and your family.”

    The letter, dated Jan. 1, referred to someone traveling to Asia, but doesn’t refer to anyone by name. Sheri Coleman participated in missionary trips to southeast Asia, including Cambodia.

    “Have a good time in India (expletive)!” the letter concluded.

    The contents of a second letter to show up at the residence, dated April 27, also are listed in the search warrants records.

    That letter stated, “I am giving you the last warning! You have not listened to me and you have not changed your ways. I have warned you to stop traveling and stop carrying on with this fake religious life of stealing people’s money.”

    The letter referred to an unnamed woman.

    “You think you are so special to do what you do protecting or think you are protecting her. She is a b*tch and not worth doing it. Stop today or else. I know your schedule. … This is my last warning. Your worst nightmare is about to happen!”

    Also included in the search warrant information was a report from the Columbia Police Department describing a horrific scene in the house when officers arrived and found the bodies of Sheri and the two boys.

    “After searching the first level of the house and finding no one, we went upstairs to the second story. … As I walked up the stairs, I looked to my left and saw a white female, lying on her stomach,” Detective Justin Barlow wrote. Barlow reported Sheri Coleman was naked and lying face down.

    “I saw she did not have any clothes on,” Barlow’s report said. “I yelled: ‘Columbia Police’ and she did not move. I called for an ambulance.’”

    Barlow described red spray paint “…all over the walls on the first story.”

    The officer said he tried to determine whether Sheri Coleman was alive, and noticed that rigor mortis had set in, which usually occurs within two to three hours, according to experts.

    “I attempted to slightly roll her over in order to see her eyes and check for breathing. I noticed when I lifted her shoulder, her head and neck moved also. It appeared rigor mortis had set in. I noticed the skin of her chest and head appeared purple,” Barlow reported.

    A moment later, according to Barlow’s report, a fellow officer shouted, “There are a total of three victims.”

    Barlow wrote in his report that he walked to the rear of an upstairs bedroom, “…and saw a younger boy lying on his bed. I checked for a pulse on the younger boy but found none. I also noticed his face appeared slightly purple.”

    According to the search warrants made public Wednesday, police also took into evidence a greeting card addressed to Christopher Coleman’s post office box in Columbia from St. Petersburg, Fla., found in the glove box of Coleman’s 1998 green Ford Explorer. Police have said they conducted interviews with several people from the Tampa area.

    Enrico Mirabelli, Sheri Coleman’s cousin and family spokesman, said Christopher Coleman was engaged in a romantic relationship with a woman who lived in St. Petersburg. The woman went to high school with Sheri Coleman, according to Mirabelli.

    Police also seized an e-mail from the U.S. postmaster in Columbia regarding an account payment due on a post office box dated July 2, and a credit card receipt for $36 from the Columbia post office from the same glove box.

  29. cres says:

    Blink there is new info available on about Coleman case.

  30. shoozeyque says:

    Hello fellow bloggers,

    I just have a comment to make regarding the fact that this sicko apparently took his wife’s name off the deed last December. What was he thinking? This was red flag number one. That because he took her name off the deed, the house would no longer be considered marital assets in the event of a divorce? Obviously, he must have forged his wife’s signature in order to do that. That shouldn’t be hard to prove. This guy is not only evil, but stupid and greedy, cold, callous, calculating, unfeeling and the worst kind of coward there is.

  31. EyesWIDEOpen says:


    Hand writing experts have already compared signatures from the quit claim deed and Sherri’s voter registration card, and have stated they appear to both have been signed by the same person.

    The house would still be considered a marital asset, because it was obtained by both parties during the marriage, AND she was on the mortgage.

  32. steelbonnet says:

    CC is a sociopath, as is 4% of US population. Recent poll finds 40 % in this country say torture is ok. Could this mindset contribute to an increase in sociopath “acting out?”

  33. patti a says:

    Can the drying time of the spray paint as well as the lengths of drips of paint be measured for time when sprayed?

  34. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    Doesn’t CC go to court tomorrow?

  35. EyesWIDEOpen says:

    CC appeared in court this morning. Time of death determined to be between 11PM and 3AM.

  36. vidda says:

    I keep thinking for this lovely mom Sheri Coleman, who had believe till her end that she had the good family…who knows how this scumbag CC tried to talk her into divorse, if he ever did…He brought the Ho-stess to look for a job and a new house in St Louis area…Did Sheri know how close the end is? She didnt say a word to her family..was it just the religion thing or it was her dignity? I hate this animal CC , he so didnt deserve her or these lovely boys
    he is so ugly inside and out

  37. vidda says:

    I did find this can see the link there with topday’s court record ;the link is from a local TV chanel:

  38. shoozeyque says:

    This is how stupid this guy is. He killed his own flesh and blood to be with his stripper girlfriend, h.s. friend of his wife? I wonder what she’s thinking right now. He thought by taking his wife’s name off the deed (by forging her signature), that this would diminish her rights to her share of the house? Not. What a totally stupid idiotic jerk. He didn’t want a divorce, like so many of these jerks, because he didn’t want to give up any of his assets. Are people so stupid nowadays, that they think by merely deleting a spouse from a house deed by forging their signature, that this will miraculously get them off the hook. I wouldn’t doubt it if the house was mortgaged to the hilt anyway? I think this is one of those instances where money was the root of all evil, and in this case, Chris Coleman is evil to the bone.

  39. alpha says:

    CC was worried a divorce would get him fired. What about being a suspect of murdering a woman and 2 children? What is going on with lintz now adays?2012

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