Tracy Ocasio Case: Blink on Crime Interview on Dana Pretzer Show

Ocoee, FL– The following is my radio interview July 9, 2009 regarding the developments into the case of missing 27 year old Tracy Ocasio.

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  1. jackbnimble says:

    B- Been following your site for a while now. Thanks for the great work that you do for the victims and their families. I have a question. The 911 hangup call from 1002 Wyoming Ct. According to the OC property appraiser records, that house is owned by the bank. Foreclosed on back in 12/08. Are any of the “boys” still living there? I agree with you 100% on focusing on the Hutto Bros. I was at the searches last month everyday, lots of the “locals” showed up. They were pretty talkative. Now a lot of what they were telling me make sense.
    Im afraid I cant be more specific than that and protect a source, I hope you understand. I have several friends and associates that were also on the ground as well, so I know exactly what your referring to. The only way I know to fox out of his hole is to smoke him out, which we will continue to do until Tracy is found.

  2. jackbnimble says:

    Blink – You are awesome.
    so not, but thanks

  3. suz says:

    Blink! What a sweet voice you have. No wonder you can get folks to open up to you.

    You sound very knowledgeable and very competent. Kudos to you and the work you do!

    TY, but I think folks open up to me because I am straight with them, and our collective goal in this case is to find Tracy. It continues to humble me in cases we work on, how you can approach people that appear to be one thing on the surface, but if you simply agree to respect your differences without jusgement and come together in our humanity for a common goal, how honest and helpful people can be. I cannot tell you what a student of humanity this work has made me; I had no idea.

  4. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Blink, I waited a few days to listen, then another couple to comment. You were knowledgeable and articulate. It is obvious you put many hours into your research, then many more in your preparation for the show. You occasionally have to be PC in your choice of verbiage. While I understand that, I would love to hear you speak on it when you can spit and cuss a little. I reckon the destination is still the same though. I am still proud to know the address to your website.

    Red- I am trying very diligently to not make this about who is right and who is wrong. Nobody cares. I hate that lines get drawn in the sand when mistakes are made. I was always taught if what your doing isn’t working, do something different. This is not to say we expect cases to be solved in a McHour like on CSI, not at all, the rest is evident from the piece you and others contributed to. If we can develop it weeks ago, what’s up with ‘dat?

  5. Red Ranger says:

    You possibly misunderstood me. I thought you did an excellent job. You stepped up and went to bat for the victim and went out of your way to make it happen in a professional, educated manner. I know what you did is not easy or fun. I applaud your efforts.

    As stated before, I am not verbally eloquent. Had I done the DP show they would have had to bleep about 17 words and I would be facing 3-4 lawsuits. Your ability to choose and parse your words while under the gun is impressive. I stand humbled. I mentally prosper from basking in the iridescence of your direct and indirect tutelage.

    Now, who wants ice cream and a shovel?
    ME!! IN that order please :)
    As if you would ever need to explain anything to me my brother from another mother.

  6. melissab says:

    Be-u-ti-fulllll compliment Red. I second all you said. Blink uz amazin’! May I ask what your former (current) careers were? Lawyer, detective, journalist, investigator, etc. …you seem all the above and more on here! If only I had stayed in college…what if?…oh well.
    TY, bio coming eventually, but it may put you to sleep, lol, I became Blink the way alot of people do, through a personal tragedy.

  7. melissab says:

    A heart felt sorry for your loss, words never help…but we here do care. I picked up on your reason for being here in one of your verbal ‘shutdowns’ of an misinformed idiot at the Michelle Lee site. God rest her soul. Keep on keepin’ on, God bless and please tell your fam thank you, they’ll know what for.
    TY for the kindwords, and I will

  8. YoYoMofo says:

    may I ask in private what your personal tragedy was in regards to? am sorry if that Q is going to far its just with the tracy thing going on I feel so alone because I am by myself on the other side of the grid from everyone else.
    Respectfully, no.

  9. D says:

    My cousin Tracy texted me one night in April about a conflict she was part of but I didn’t realize that our conversation via text was about the same situation. The female she dumped beer on the head of was trying to toss beer into my cousin’s face. So naturally my cousin dumped beer on her head. I asked her if she was ok she replied yeah. I asked her what happened that she needed to get physical she replied that a couple of people had too much to drink and couldn’t handle their alcohol. I asked if she got hurt and despite the fact that Pual pushed her down my cousin told me know she was fine. My cousin only brought up this situation as it was happening and never brought it up again.

    Whenever something big good or bad happened she would usually text me about it and I’d usually do the same thing.
    12:34am and of memorial day was the last text I got from my cousin.

    I noticed something there after was wrong because she never leaves my texts hanging without a reply ever.
    People need to understand that my cousin isn’t a hater she simply doesn’t take crap from anyone. She never does something else provoked to which law calls self defense.

    I also remember that the last call I got from her in April one night because we’re both nite owels and while she was talking to me I heard a male’s voice in the background which makes me believe she had a boyfriend during the month of April which I’m curious to know if he was the male Blink mentioned being with my cousin the night of the confrontation. I’m praying it wasn’t one of the Hutto bros whom Blink stated dated my cousin as some point.

    My cousin is a fire cracker but only when the moment calls for it she’s a lover not a fighter. She doesn’t take crap nor should anybody who would have been in her position. These butt holes meaning the freakin Hutto’s just can’t handle it when people they start confrontations with stand up to them instead of claiming up.

    These Hutto’s think their the untouchables while they maybe so as far as the law is concerned they will never be at the hands of God’s justice.
    If more people would stand up to the Hutto’s instead of fearing them as much as many seem to do they wouldn’t seem as untouchable but people need to stand up these aholes its the only way to bring them down and hopefully the few cop(s) that are involved.

    If my cousin is infact gone I hope that Ocoee people don’t allow her passing to be invain I hope that they use my cousin’s case to bring them down because if they keep getting away with it Ocoee will never be safe of anyone to live in especially fokes with families.

  10. ToOcoMoFo's says:

    Sorry to offend Blink.
    You did not

  11. ToOcoMoFo's says:

    Ok thankfully because that is never my intent. By the way in regards to our conversation that night would it prove useful if I scan my memory because so much was said very quickly via phone so I’m still scavanging parts of what I remember to form a bigger pic.

  12. ToOcoMoFo's says:

    She was texting me stuff either while it was happening or just after it stopped. When I saw the information you posted yesterday regarding the altercation I realized it was the same situation she was talking to me about that same night. I feel like a complete dumbass that it took me this freakin long to realize that.

  13. Felicity says:

    Blink, I am still having trouble connecting to the Tracy Ocasio (latest) blog. What am I doing wrong? By the way, you are doing a FANTASTIC job helping this beautiful young girl’s family! It’s difficult to even imagine the mental torture and grief they are going through. So many drugged out thuggie BULLIES seem to be in control that even the local LE is runing scared! I’ve seen these “good old boy” networks in action before, and it is disgusting! My next letter will be to the FBI. (I have written Charlie Crist) Don’t know AG’s address…but will find it and write him too. When I say, I HATE BULLIES, that is an understatement. (I lived with one for several years)

    Keep up the great work that u r doing. It’s invaluable.

  14. Felicity says:

    BLINK AND RED RANGER: You guys make the best “team” possible. Don’t, please, please, don’t change a thing. GREAT CHEMISTRY is not easy to comy by…you two have it…in spades!

    (Blink, R.R. almost made me pee on myself awhile back…someone on the blog found something he had been looking for and when he thanked them he said “I WAS GOING CROSS EYED AND “FISH LIPPED!”

    I would LOVE to see a photo of him all FISHED LIPPED!! HAHA!

  15. passionflower says:

    Office of Attorney General
    State of Florida
    The Capitol PL-01
    Tallahassee, FL. 32399-1050

    Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement(investigates corrupt cops)
    P.O.Box 1673
    Orlando, FL. 32801

    I wrote to these folks, who told me that I should contact the Tampa FBI field office:813-253-1000 Also the FBI Headquartes:202-278-2000.

    I am posting this as a courtesy, but I must tell you I did not, and nobody else on here better make an allegation about corrupt anything without proof.

  16. Sunday says:

    Just curious if internal affairs for the OCPD might be interested in this information.

  17. passionflower says:

    Did not mean to sound like there are allegations of any kind. These numbers were referred as such by the departments. Thank you for posting them.

  18. a cry for the missing says:

    I shiver at the idea of more than one of these young men being involved in sexual battery. A pack of predators, rather than
    just one. Scary.

  19. passionflower says:

    It’s more than scary, it’s for real. These are a clan of thugs. Maybe not anytime soon, but they will do it again, I have no doubt. These young thugs think this is a sport.

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