Christine Sheddy Case:Murder In Maryland Chapter 2

Devil Went Down To Georgia Maryland Lookin For A Soul To Steal

Christine thought everybody was cool. She would say that all the time, So and So is cool. Q, their cool. Even if they weren’t, she did not really see it. I begged her not to go to Pocomoke. I think she was just tired and thought, she resigned herself sometimes that she would never get away from Levi. She was my best friend, I loved, love her.

– Jimmy Quail, “Q” Christines BFF.

Cultivating a Criminal Enterprise; now that is a feat. A family affair, you might say. Grab a Pen. Grab a moist towlette. Grab an adult beverage, I may need 2 chapters just for these introductions. In this one however, I am outlining the primary players in Christine’s case.

Tia and Clarence

TiaandwomenTia Theresa Lyn Johnson Weisenburg, daughter of Teresa Johnson and Stephen Johnson. Former wife of Shawn Weisenburg. Born of that marriage: son, Austin. Shortly after their separation, Tia files a paternity suit against Jerry Davison. She wins. Austin Weisenburg is in the custody of non babydaddy Shawn, currently. By all accounts, Shawn is a decent guy and Father. He had the sense to get a restraining order against “JR” for weed in his house.  Born later, father unknown, daughter Cierra, or CC. Tia is pictured 2nd from the left.

Apparently, unsuccessful personal injury lawsuits notwithstanding, Tia has herniated disks L4 , L5. This is public record. What is not so public, is the witness I spoke to, upon the condition of anonymity, is that Tia has an unusually high tolerance for Oxycontin.

JrtiaClarence  Butch “JR”  Jackson. Now, here’s a pip. Clarence is also no stranger to the judicial system.  JR, born in June 1974, has been a busy dude. He has a rap sheet from Ocean City through most of Worcester Cty. In lieu of a “Tom Tom”, let’s say that is the equivalent of vast pokey visitin’.

Kindly allow this to be a cursory introduction, more on “JR” later. Contrary to what both Tia and JR have told Christine’s family and police, neither child was at the farm on the 12th or 13th of November.

Dominick and Erin VonGraevenitz

DominiccrzyDomo, Father of 7, *ahem*, 8, as he likes to be called, is JR Jacksons brother. Not sure about the brotherly thing exactly, as Domo sought a peace order against JR in 2003. Domo has asserted on any blog that will allow his grasp of the English slang, that he was not at the Farmhouse November 12, 2009. Not so. He exclaims he was enjoying his wedding anniversary that evening. He does not own a Vizir , but he wants one. He is 5’5” in contrast to Erin, who is 6’1”.  2002 and 2003 were particularly trying for Domo. His mother in law took out a peace order on him and he was arrested for a sex offense and assault on a minor.

Erin, is not in the running for Mumsy of the Year. She may be however, the most fertile woman in the saga. Erin was pregnant with the couples youngest son at the time of Christine’s disappearance. Erin

Dominick has since left his compound and is now bringing slices of heaven to 23 year old Mary and their new baby. He was ordered to pay child support for the starter family last month.

Justin Hadel


Justin Hadel is Tia Johnson’s cousin. Justin was the current boyfriend of Crystal Freeman, who has a child with Charles Timothy Johnson, Tia Johnson’s brother. Justin could be heard in the background of more than a few of Christine’s phone calls to “Q” extolling his fondness for Christine. Justin’s mother, Susan Shelton, whisked him back off to Texas immediately following Christine’s disappearance. He is in the Md. court system under the surname Hydon.

Charles Timothy and Jennifer Johnson

Charles is Tia’s brother. He is married to Jennifer Waters Johnson. He has a child with Crystal Freeman. Jennifer filed domestic violence charges against Justin Hadel and Byrdie Johnson last year that she refused to pursue.

Charles was arrested for second degree assault the same month. Charles has a history of harvesting Conch and Horse Shoe Crabs without a license. It is alleged by her family members Jennifer has a substantial drug problem. According to court records, she has children from 3 different men, that were not in her care in 2006 and an outstanding failure to appear warrant in Virginia. Charles and Tia’s mother Teresa also attempted to remove custody of their child. Jennifer was put on probation supervision the day Christine was reported missing, November 13, 2007.

Stephen Dale and Byrdie Johnson, Jr

Stephen is Tia Johnson’s brother. Stephen has oodles of files in the criminal courts ranging from burglary to several domestic violence and peace order incidents. One month prior to Christine’s disappearance, Stephen and Tia’s mother Teresa filed for custody of Stephen and Byrdie Johnson’s children. Stephen and Byrdie have an extensive history of trading off domestic violence allegations against one another, most recently November 2008. Byrdie has been arrested for assault, burglary and dangerous weapons charges. She is pictured in the first pic in this article on the far left in the pink.

Levi Hall


Levi was the longtime boyfriend of Christine Sheddy and father of their two sons. Levi met Tia and JR through his cousin Steve, who Tia described as her best guy friend. Levi arranged for Christine to stay with JR and Tia, although has never divulged under what auspice, and why he would not come pick her up when she begged him to. He last beat up Christine a month before she disappeared from the farmhouse in Pocomoke City, MD. He has maintained a solid record of arrests since 1997 from disorderly conduct, DUI, forgery, theft, and domestic violence. If I had the letters for his name while playing scrabble, I would spell out e v i l instead.

Joyce Hall

Joyce Hall is Levi Hall’s Mother and Grandmother of Isaac and Zeke, Christine Sheddy’s sons. She was also an employee of WGMD, who has covered the case since Christine’s disappearance by Dan Gaffney. Joyce did not mention to anyone there that Christine was the mother of her grandchildren or that Levi was her son until Lynn Dodenhoff was interviewed on a radio program mentioning her by name. 

Steve Magg

StevekidSteve Magg,  Levi’s cousin on his Dad’s side, had driven Christine, Levi and the boys to a weekend stay to the farmhouse a few weeks earlier. Steve introduced Levi to JR and Tia and per Tia he is her best friend.  Steve arrived at the farmhouse on November 9.


Jr, Tia, Charles, Jennifer, Stephen, Justin, Dominick and Steve were all in attendance at the farmhouse party on the eve of November 12, 2007.

QThe last person to speak to Christine, her best friend Q, spoke to her after 9PM and she was desperately trying to whisper something to him. He could tell something was “up” because it sounded as though she kept trying to move from the background noise, then whisper, but she could not seem to get the privacy she sought. Q asked Christine if he should come pick her and the kids up, she replied:


..”No, it’s cool Q, Levi is coming..”  


Contributing Editors to this article: Candice Bond, Kate Mills, Ryan Tettemer, Lucas Cain

Audio/Video/Images by Klaasend

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  1. boo says:

    #97 Gypsy DD I’m sorry for you loss. Also I could not have said it better although I have certainly been trying. Hugs to DD

  2. boo says:

    DOMO. Some advise, don’t drop the soap.

  3. Kaz says:

    Hi, Blink. Thanks so much for making this site available. I’ve been reading your site for over a year now, but have never commented because my detective skills are pretty much limited to “Colonel Mustard in the Library with a Candlestick!” :)

    I just wanted to say that in this case, I wouldn’t be surprised if Christine’s murder was a consequence of a rejected sexual advance. All those prone-to-violence men together, drinking or using other substances, might have incited someone to ‘show off’ his handling of the ladies. Maybe Christine called Q because she sensed the situation was growing volatile, and mentioned that Levi was coming in hopes of reminding those around her that she did have someone’s protection.

    If she did fight off a sexual advance, and was able to embarrass or humiliate her assailant in front of that particular crowd, it seems believable that the person could beat her to death without any of the others blinking an eyelash. Especially if everyone was high. It makes more sense to me than the idea that Christine was lured to the farm for another nefarious purpose. However, I do wonder if the crime wasn’t premeditated, why Levi Hall would have filed for custody of the children so quickly, and if he knew she’d been murdered by this crowd, why not clear his name with a polygraph?

    So many questions. I think you’re wonderful for doing what you do, and I hope your efforts will help bring Christine home to her family, and finally grant them some peace.

  4. Public Eye says:

    RE: Boo

    No that’s not the mayor of Pocomoke, that is the original (actor) “Boss Hogg” on the TV show “The Dukes of Hazzard”
    the link I posted does have a picture of the mayor at the top of the page.

    Back to Christine;
    I noticed someone mentioned “the good’ol boy network” that may exist here… I can say the characters at play here fit in their own little network and snitching is a high crime among them. That will be the last thing they do.

    There is a “good’ol boy network” here in Pocomoke but these players would not be welcome into their “network” unless they were/are heavily into the drug seen, if they are, … the “good’ol boys” in high places will protect them. You can bank on that.

    And a tip, no matter how you think you are being treated here, if you are an outsider look to be fed misinformation and do NOT trust anyone with any authority. If you get too close to what may have been covered-up they will find a way to charge you for something over and over until you back-off.

    There is only one or two LEO’s that I know of that worked this case that will be willing to help.

  5. wymzie says:


    No, it is not Mayor Mikey. It is Sorrel Brooks of the Dukes of Hazzard fame…We live under a ‘Boss Hogg’ form of government here.

    Search Mike McDermott on the Tattler, you will find pics of him there.

    Oh, and just my personal opinion, I don’t think anything in this case was pre-planned. I think that Jr. went off and Christine wouldn’t take his crap, and it got outta hand real quick. From everything I have read throughout the last year is they just ain’t bright enough to premeditate anything.

    I agree with this, with some of leads I am getting, I am hearing Jr was a suspect in more than one disappearance.

  6. "WiseOne" says:

    What a lethal combination!! Mayor Mike, Junior, Domo, Tia, etc., etc.. I agree that there was not enough brain power there to preplan anything. Combine drugs and alcohol, and we again have a very lethal combination.
    After spending the day going over the blogs, I truly believe LE should start looking at more missing persons cases. Junior is a monster who looked at women as dirt beneath his feet.Joyce….uuuggghhhh…What can I say about Joyce? What a scary psychotic person she is! Levi, another woman hater.Mayor McCheese!!! And there you have it! The apacolypse!
    I feel a storm coming and ths case is gonna get ugly before it gets better. Batten down the hatches bloggers, we’re in for a bumpy ride.But I feel a light at the end of the tunnel and let the light shine down on Christine to reveal brighter days for her family and children.

  7. mjh says:


    There was supposed to be a cousin staying with JR and Tia at the farmhouse at the time of Christine’s disappearance. I’m assuming that was Justin Hadel? I have read that he has never even been questioned! If he was living there at the time, wouldn’t he be there with Christine when JR and Tia supposedly went to pick up their kids?

    Since he was the one “hitting” on Christine while she was talking to Q, and his mother whisked him away to Texas immediately following her “disappearance”, HE would be the first person I would be looking at.

  8. Charity says:

    Public Eye, It does sound like this group was in the drug scene.

    And, yes, that is what came to my mind first off. If someone in LE WAS covering up (and I am not saying they were particularly since I know Blink cooperates with LE a lot and is careful about never accusing LE on this site)

    But if they did cover up for this group, it would generally be because of something like drug connections or some other illegal operations.

    Not caring about a woman with 3 children and treating her mom so poorly doesn’t make as much sense as trying to protect one of these clowns, but unless someone was a relative or did illegal business dealings with one of them, it wouldn’t make sense to care about them enough to protect them from being examined carefully. Particularly with their police records.

  9. Sister says:

    It is my personal opinion that those involved in the “good ole boy” system are not part of this group of abuser/drugers/murders, etc. Is there such a system, absolutely, but the gobs will not cover up for these idiots.
    Was the orginial dectective an idiot — I think just too lazy to get off his butt and do anything productive unless absolutely forced to do so.
    I know the family wants and deserves answers now (they’ve waited long enough), but I believe the truth is about to be revealed and justice will finally be served.
    Christine’s family and extended are in my prayers each and every day.

  10. sassy says:

    i have a question? is it possible they could have disposed the body somewher on a neighbor property like one they been agruing with, i mean if your arguing with someone and one of your houseguest get kills . maybe they felt like they could try to blame that neighbor if it was found on the back of their property. it seems like i remember reading somewhere about them being on someone property and high tailing it out of there , i think they say they never seen noone run that quick just a thought

    There was a security guard on the neighboring property the night of the 12th.. They were well aware of it. I don’t believe that is a possibility.

  11. mjh says:

    Hey Blink, just wondering….and I understand if you cannot comment, but did the security guard on the neighboring property see/hear anything “suspicious” that night?

  12. sassy says:

    this is a true story that happened here where i live these three guy were running and drinking and doing drugs. they later ran out of money so they planned on robbing this lady store clerk, by the time they got the plan together and a gun and things , one had left to take her g friend to the store , while the other two went and borrowed a gun , and was supposed to meet back up with them. one ended up passing out in the back seat of the car, after picking up the first one again. they get to the store and the 1st one stay in the car to watch and be the driver , the second was still passed out , the 3rd went in and rob and killed the women, came out telling the guy to fo he had to kill the b****, the next day the 3rd turn over states evidence cause some one seen the car and got the tag # . the tag came back to him , so he work a deal and told what happened took them and show them where he disposed of the cash register and gun . he never pulled a day in jail . the other two got 30 yrs for murder and 20 yrs for robbery without chance for prorole and they never killed the women 1 never knew it happned till the next day cause the plan was not to kill her but the first to make deals get the best offers

  13. Candice Bond says:

    I have a question for Domo –

    You say you weren’t there and that whoever did “it” should pay with their life. That tells me you have heard that whatever happened was bad enough that someone should die for doing it.

    What did you hear? Someone else talking about what happened? You can comment back to Blink and ask to be kept private.

    Hugs to your kids.

  14. Public Eye says:

    RE Sassy;

    I also remember someone posting that they saw two of the players in this walking in a field along the edge of the woods. The first time they saw them both entered the woods.
    The next time they saw them at the same place again and spooked them somehow (I forget) and they both ran-off. I think that person posted that on the blog.

  15. Red Ranger says:

    Hey Domo,
    I know you are still reading here and I know you are now not answering back because it is a scary thing that is growing. Being quiet about it is not going to make it go away. I know a lot of things about you like your past and present addresses and where your family is etc. In relation to all this I know another more important thing. Jr has always bullied you, picked on you and beat you down. He has used his size advantage to punk you when he should have been treating you as family and keeping you close. He has shown you time and again that he is never going to stop pushing you around and giving you less than you deserve and have earned.

    I know you know exactly what happened. Jr knows you do as well. This makes you a danger to him because he knows you know. He will sell you out in a Brooklyn second. You do have the chance to stop him before he can set you up to take his fall. I think it is time for you to contact the law and tell your side while you can. Even if you contact Blink she can help walk you through. I know you are not stupid and will be able to tell that she will keep her word to try and ease the hard road you are heading toward. The time is now though. If you contact her you will find her helpful and easy to talk with.

    Christine was somebody’s baby, momma, sister and friend. She deserves having you step up and be a hero for her. Today is the day. Be strong. Start writing and get it done.

    My best to your little ones,

    Domo, Red Ranger is correct. It will be ok. To expedite, you should know that I am going to be featuring that “other case” about JR, resulting in a woman’s untimely death. It will piss him off, and make you more of a liability. Nobody cares who gets to the finish line first here if we find her. If Christine was really at that party, Zeke and Isaac played with your kids. What do you plan on telling your children when the time comes? Your amongst friends, your kids should not suffer, nor should Christine’s- let’s make it right for everybody. You have my word, ask around, it’s like bullion.

  16. boo says:

    Domo it sounds like a good idea that you do the right thing and for the right person Christine not jr. You pointed to JR in your post and others. In your post were you expressing concern for your kids because it sounded like you are afraid for them. Help bring christine home. We are commited to that, how bout you?

  17. Charisse says:

    If Jr is the one who killed her…. but somebody else helped bury her and / or move the body… and everybody else at the party knew what happened… plus, Levi and his mom knew… and maybe a few wives and girlfriends….

    Wouldn’t they all criminally liable?

    Potentially, yes. Depending on the level of knowledge and participation.

  18. Gypsy DD says:

    Domo…don’t take the fall for know he will use you being there to set you up. It’s you or him way around that now.

    He’s a bully..put the bully behind bars so everyone can get on with their lives in your family..and so Christine’s family can find her and bring her home to rest. Covering for him is only gonna get you in jail beside him..because people are talking..the time is getting close..a decision needs to be made. For once in your life you can get the upper hand on JR, simply b telling with Blink.

  19. Charisse says:

    Makes me sad to hear that another woman met an untimely death at JR’s hands. And, yet, it was posted on the po. tattler that he threatened a third person about his ability to make people disappear…

    Sounds like he is on his way to becoming a serial killer if he doesn’t get put away soon.

    Clarification, I did not say it was at Jr’s hands. Will be in Chap 4

  20. Charisse says:

    Sorry for trying to jump ahead. :-)

  21. boo says:

    I was thinking of christines last call to Q on 11/12. She clearly did not have a single person at that farm who would help her (no one) That really pisses me off.

  22. boo says:

    Looked up peace order (maryland) at

  23. Gypsy DD says:

    Charisse post 119 ..I don’t quite understand. I understand that JR was a big braggart about things like making people disappear…but the end clarification..”I did not say it was at Jr’s hands” confuses me.
    DD, sorry , that was my response.

  24. Gypsy DD says:

    So..has anyone else been curious about Travis Parsons?

  25. boo says:

    #124 Gypsy DD. Yep me too.

  26. boo says:

    Did domo finger JR in his post as a malignant narcissist? It sure did read that way to me.

  27. Gypsy DD says:

    Thanks when can we expect Chapter dear friend?

    Great Question, planning for tomorrow, we had substantial activity on this case over the last 2 days warranting a reduction in speed, back on the gas..

  28. Charity says:

    LOL! Gypsy DD, you are trying to jump ahead, too, I think. Waiting for the next chapter.

    I got this far: Parsons was charged with first- and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment, with shots fired. June 5th, 2009/

  29. boo says:

    Slowing down some, hmmmm

    My friend Boo, not what I said, applying breaks to converge is all..

  30. wymzie says:

    Domo mustn’t be worried about his kids too much, cause I have heard that he has left his wife and 7 kids to fend for themselves, and he also lost his job?

  31. sage101 says:

    Did jr speak to anyone while he was in the “clink” for a whole month in june of 2008?

    Also, everyone at the party, Im assuming, saw what Christine was wearing. I am sure that Tia and Jr gave a description of her outfit the last time they saw her – if so, are those the clothes found in the barn?

  32. sage101 says:

    I also read that another woman who was involved with Jr, died at the age of 33- they considered it very “untimely” and “unexpected” …… this apart of the next piece?

    If so, has her case been thoroughly investigated?
    Yes’m and not to personal satisfaction, no.

  33. sage101 says:

    I love when I get my answers back from miss Blink. :)

  34. seekingjustice says:

    OK, I have a few questions – if someone could please clear them up for me, I would greatly appreciate it. TIA

    1. IIRC, Levi’s (I am sooo sorry baby) post from his myspace was copied to the tattler on 12/22 (Christine’s Birthday) or did he make that post on 12/22. I am thinking it the first???

    2. IIRC, I read that the Mayor was still in office and running for a higher position? Is that correct?

    3. I don’t think Domo posted here?? That was copied from the tattler too. Right?? I wonder if he is still following the blogs.

    4. Also, why would both JR and Tia go pick up the kids? JR would be too lazy to go, IMO.

    5. Lastly, If Domo cared so much about his kids then why did he run off with some young girl and make another baby. He is FOS, IMO.

    He did post here, that I can verify.

  35. boo says:

    #129 blink. I always suspected you were a “I brake for animals” kind of gal.

    Heh Heh

  36. Gypsy DD says: 128..I found that on well as past addresses in TN. Also he comes up for trial on August 25th for the June assault charges..maybe he’s thinking he needs a lighter sentence and would like to go back to TN.

  37. seekingjustice says:

    Blink – I see that Domo did comment on here (#68) – My mistake. Sorry. :) I am still trying to catch up with all the comments posted.

    His post was just so similar to the tattler.

    God Bless you for all you hard work.

  38. Public Eye says:

    RE seekingjustice;

    I thought the same thing until I went back and read his post on the tattler.

    It’s a scripted lie that’s why it’s says the same thing just worded a little different. His post always reads like he’s a victim looking out for his family but never offers any ideas or leads to help find Christine.

    Although he continually post that he wants to help, he never does, when the heat is turned up he runs and hides like he’s doing now.

    It’s strange that after almost two years he’s still searching the www for info on Christine and making the exact same claim almost to the word.

    The time is now Domo, Man up and do the right thing for your family, don’t be the last or even the second to talk because there’s no turning back once your ‘buddy’s’ rat you out first.

    Your kids need you, they need a dad they can be proud of, not a dad doing life + in prison.

    Domo, contact Blink and tell what you know, you will start to sleep better and you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror and know you are the man your family needs, you can stop running, you wont believe the weight that will be lifted off you.

    Domo, don’t wait, do it now. It’s time don’t let the name Domo be scrambled into Doom.

  39. seekingjustice says:

    Hmmmmm? Interesting that so many “innocent” people are following this case so closely now.

    Wonder when Joyce will show up to declare her son “Father of the Year”
    and protest her son’s innocense.

    I agree, Joyce and Cindy are cut from the same mold.

  40. seekingjustice says:

    I know Lynn got cutody of the boys in May but how did this come about, if you don’t mind me asking.

    Coming up…

  41. seekingjustice says:

    Oh and Dom – marriage certificates are easy to obtain. Just sayin’ :)

  42. boo says:

    #139 seekingjustice. See post #78 under chapter 1 (malignant narcissist)

  43. Seashed says:

    Joyce and Levi picked up the boys from Pocomoke. Levi was asked to take a lie dector test and refused. What about Joyce? I don’t think Levi went to Pocomoke often and not for long if he did. Levi was not at the party, neither was Joyce. Why ask Levi to take a poly and not Joyce?

    Personally, I think from what I have seen of her behavior they just assumed she would lie about anything.
    I am embarassed to share a gender with that woman, with all due respect to Christine’s boys genetic link to her.

  44. PrivateEYE says:

    Im Willing to pay $1,000.00 To Who Ever Comes Forward With Information Leading To The Arrest And Conviction Of All Involved In Christines Murder!!!!!!!!!!


  45. PrivateEYE says:

    Waiting On Domo!!!

    Domo What Did You And JR Do When He Was Dropped Off At Your House On 11/13??????????????

  46. pak says:

    DOMO is not going to say anything because
    1- He is Jrs little bitch
    2-He actualy killed christine
    3-He helped jr hide christines body(jr made him help)
    4-He is just as evil as jr
    5-He is to dum to realize that he could walk away with no time served if he helps out ( if you dont help your screwed even if jr put you up to everything)
    I think you get my point DOMO you will be sitting in jail wondering why you protected someone who put you there.

  47. domo says:

    domo is not jrs little bitch and i did not do anything to her.and i was not there the day she went missing there is nothing for me to say and you would think with all of you looking into stuff of my and his past you would have turn up that me and his is not close to each other and in my opion he is danger4ous and needs to be taking off the street.and finally for the record so if i new something i would say it just to get him off the streets.we may be brothers but i have a heart i may be a ashole and i am the first to say i am,but i am not some who hurts people.and i dont even think he should have been able to leave the state.i love my brother just cause he is just that my brother i dont like the way he acts,treat,or talk to people,always wants respect but gods knows he dont give it he care for know one but himself and thats in plain sight cause if he did he would not be running to a different state while everyone is dealing with his shit i have done my shit and i am not proud of the shit i did in my past but that is what it is the past,jr just cant get out of the past.i will never be like him never want to.the times i met christine she was really nice at my brother inlaws birthday party she was the only one that was helping with everything while everyone else did whatever at the end she helped me and my mother inlaw clean up she was cool people to cool to be with my brother in my thought.if i new anything i would say something if i was able to help i would with out a second thought.if jr did it and i know he reads all of these sites on her so he is going to see this so please if he did do it get him before he hurts someone else,either way after he see this i will be for sure less of a brother then we was before which was not much.i stoped hanging with him alot when i let him in my house and he did something to me that was fucked up and when he started having trouble with his neighbors cause they helped him out with furniture and fed his snke and invited them to parties and he had to do something fucked up like always he just does not care and thats to dangerous for him and everyone else.i have a feeling after he see this i will be seeing in so if he did do it please .find out

  48. Charisse says:

    Domo, I am praying for you and yours.

    I feel for you, because if your brother killed her for whatever reason, it clearly leaves all of the rest of you in a bad situation.

    There is only a short list of people on the list of potential perpetrators & until this is solved, all of you are caught in the middle or the speculation and accusations.

    That is a hard place to be.

    If you are truly innocent, have you considered helping with what you do know about your brother? You would probably know his habits. The places he went to and the people he hung out with and what kind of drugs he took, etc. I’m sure Blink would be happy with any info at all.

  49. larosebud says:

    Domo Domo Domo, You are SO full of it. The first thing I ever read from you was your total lack of disrespect, humanity, manners, (and I could go on and on and on) when you called Christine a “chickenhead”. Now mind you, I had never heard of that term before in my life. When I found out what that meant I could not believe ANYONE would have the freaking AUDACITY to come on to a website of Christine’s friends and family and post something so disgusting and disrespectful. Those are your true colors dear boy. Especially when you know that is NOT TRUE. You make me sick. I hope you go to jail and never get out. The only way you can prove anything to us is to tell Christine’s Mom where she is so her children can say goodby to their Mother. So save your stories because no one is buying.

  50. I4NI says:

    DOMO, you said you would take a polygraph, have you done that yet? If not , why?

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