Haleigh Cummings Case: Pond in Putnam County Drained


Satsuma, FL–  In the latest developments in the case of missing 6 year old Satsuma girl Haleigh Cummings, deputies are searching the woods and draining a pond on Stokes Landing Road.


Neighbors have reported the roads to the pond have been blocked off, and the crew draining the pond have been on scene since Police dive teams were deployed to the pond Friday morning.

 This development comes on the heels of the arrest of Hank Croslin, Misty Cummings brother less than 24 hours earlier on an unrelated firearms charge.

Hank Croslin’s wife Lindsay, his sister and Haleigh Cummings step-mother, Misty Cummings, were at Satsuma Police HQ Friday morning.

There are unconfirmed rumors that Misty Cummings is in police custody. Recently, Misty Cummings sought the help of Texas Equusearch founder Tim Miller. Through the efforts of TES attorney Mark Nejame, Misty took a series of lie detector tests Miller said she failed miserably.

Reached for comment this morning, Mark Nejame told blinkoncrime.com the pond was in fact being drained, but had no new information. 

Check back to blinkoncrime.com for updates.

Contributing Editor Kate Mills

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  1. NancyS says:

    I am wondering why we haven’t heard anything since this letter, it seems that someone would see some type of search activity going on.

    I think that windchime has moved into Rons old trailer if this woman is in fact windchime… just strange and now this letter.
    and no media down there.

    we got so spoiled with 24/7 Fox cameras outside of the Anthonys I have grown to expect it!… lol

    Oh well, the quiet before the storm?

  2. vidda says:

    Nay Nay gets paid to talk on geraldo tonight, 10 pm ET

  3. kp-in says:

    Good Evening,

    Did they ever find Chad Reynolds? (see link below)


    #191–Blink Response

    Windchime, aka Terry Stipp, was the outed RSO who was the admin at Websleuths for many years. That’s all I know. On Scared Monkeys, they are/were discussing if the woman who dropped off “the tip” was her.

    Blink, what is the link on Scared Monkeys were this was being discussed?


  4. TruthSeeker1717 says:

    what about Amber Brooks? Why WHy doesnt Nancy Grace consider her? She had her mom beat the crap out of Misty!!How come no one talks about the possibility of Amber Brooks hurting Haleigh with the help of Nay Nay to set up Misty to get Ron back??? I think they drugged Haleigh and Misty at the party and got Misty to have sex with someone else and are blackmailing her & setting her up with this letter!

  5. Kleat says:

    Nay Nay gives the name Lindsey (sp) to Art Harris, he asks if this is the sister-in-law, Nay-Nay says no, it’ a different one, from St. Augustine.

    That’s one St. Augustine link. Whoever Lindsey is, may have been concerned about what Nay-Nay or others would be saying about her, so could this new ‘sealed’ letter information be from this Lindsey and does she have a trusted friend/relative to take such a letter in to the St. Augustine paper?

  6. Kleat says:

    sorry– that was ON the Art Harris link, but the video was Nay-Nay talking to Cobra who we met in earlier Blink articles and videos. (Nay-Nay had taken some speed-talking pills… wow she talks fast!)

    Anyone have a link for tonight’s Geraldo with Art Harris?

  7. NancyS says:

    You know Truthseeker,
    you could be absolutely correct! It is a VERY catty thing and teenage girls would think nothing of this if it is true. Whatever they can do to hurt someone. It is like some kids these days are so desensitized or something?

    I watched this video tonight and will try to call the number on it to see if it is a working number. I watched it and it has no sound in the beginning but at the end is a lady’s voice claiming to be an associate of Kim Picasio’s and that she has information that Kim talked about. I have a hard time believing that no one has taken her tips seriously or what?


    I just dont know what to think about the letter the lady in scrubs delivered to the paper either as they said on the news that it could help solve the Haleigh Cummings case but so quiet today and why is that so, no searching today or yesterday? Doesnt anyone around there, including media think that this information is important enough to cover? Oh it is so frustrating…. come on get it in gear!

  8. sweetpea says:


    I happen to have a serious fear of the dark. So I have kind of focus
    on that aspect of this case.

    If someone came to the house (like the bother)who was knocking. Maybe Haleigh got up and answered the door. If he wanted her to go outside
    with him, she probably would not want to go in the dark (without a fuss). Unless the door was propped open to provide light.

  9. Sue says:

    Blink – By now, I know you know what’s in that 2nd letter. What’s going on? You’re on to something and we need to know – like yesterday!

    Lol. You kiddin’ me? One shitstorm at a time for us, thanks.
    When I can I will, promise

  10. Angela_nw says:

    Well God forgive me, if Haleigh is truly “alive, healthy and growing” (per video 208) I say, leave her where she is. I have always wondered what would be the point in returning her to this unstable and dangerous environment. She deserves to be taken care of.

  11. Kleat says:

    The St. Augustine Record tipster’s name was given in a report yesterday, but can’t find it. Wondering if she has any relationship to the Lindsay (sp) friend of Misty?

  12. suz says:

    Ok, here’s a what-if scenario. What if it’s true that Misty snuck out to a party, leaving the kids asleep in bed. And what if Misty’s good brother Hank did come by and knock on the door, and found no Misty but only the kids there. And what if he for some reason left them there, and went home and reported same to his family, including psycho Joe the child molester. (why wouldn’t hank stay there or take he kids with him? i dunno, look at him—I hate to say it, but they kind of look like a family of dullards) Then maybe Joe (who went to bed in his clothes that night instead of just his boxers, as Hank reported earlier) then waited for Hank to fall asleep, borrowed the van (as the keys were reportedly moved, and the van now had a mysterious scratch in it) and slipped back and took Haleigh.

    Now why jr heard someone’s squeaky shoes and heard the couch bouncing, i dunno.

  13. NancyS says:

    JFYI- The number is indeed listed under the name of the lady in the video!

  14. Mariann says:

    Suz~ I think the “look” is from fetal alcohol syndrome. I had a whole family of cousins who had the same “look”. Mom drank while she carried her babies.

  15. suz says:

    Ah, Mariann, interesting. I didn’t think it was inbreeding, but it sure looked like *something*. Hank’s photo kind of reminds me of Van Gogh’s Potato Eaters

  16. Mariann says:

    Suz……… ha ha ha ha ha ha The better to HEAR you with my Dear! lol

  17. NancyS says:

    Okay get ready cuz I have a whole new theory here of what is going on in this case!!!!! YES! I am bored to death with both cases being slow, now please bare with me……..

    okay they have mentioned Misty having an attorney right?
    well she really doesn’t have the need for an attorney, does she? BUT! I looked up on google for the name of the attorney that was mentioned as hers.


    okay all you legal eagles and everyone just think about this.
    Misty has not been arrested for anything right?
    Misty has not taken her attorney with her to any of her LE questioning and or on TV with her intervieews but the others
    have involved in this case. Well Misty is a minor and cannot even buy cigarettes yet! so would she be able to enter into a contractual contract with an attorney for anything? or would she need her now HUSBAND to do it for her?
    OH I have more.. hehe

    Did any of you watch the news when Tim Miller and Mark Nejame were getting involved in this case?
    IT is not a bad thing so don’t get me wrong, Could this lawyer have something to do with a story deal on this as this lawyer seems to handle contracts and mitigation? business law?
    They were both in town and getting Misty to take Lie detector tests and interviews?
    TM has taped converstations from people calling him etc.
    Something just keeps bringing me back to something going on behind the scenes here, it is way too quiet. TM said he would search and NO search.
    People are talking abd coming out of the wood work.
    ponds being drained? car being towed and looked into. Letters from jail. people dropping envelope at paper and no one being arrested.

    Could this little girl still be alive?

    I know it all sounds crazy and believe me I am trying to type my thougts but so many going on about all this. I need your help in sorting it all out!

  18. NancyS says:

    OH and I left out about the letter being dropped off at the newspaper. Did anyone see how the lady in scrubs handled that letter?
    She made sure no fingerprints.

    Also the paper said that if the contents of this letter was true it could be VOLITILE? well it has been since wednesday and this woman was at the PD on saturday talking with the police again?
    so why is nothing happening that we can see.
    A new search? another arrest? what is going on?!

  19. Kleat says:

    Re: ‘Windchime’ aka tipster in blue?? Sorry if this is duplicated–


    (some similarity in the photos with a clear front face photo of the tipster presumably compared to that of Windchime– if this happens to be ‘windy’, hey that rhymes with Cindy– what medical or care facility or pharmacy, does this woman work at?? Yikes if it is her!)

  20. kari says:

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee authorities have arrested the mother of a woman who was babysitting a 5-year-old Florida girl when she disappeared several months ago.

    The Tennessean reports that Nashville police and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents arrested Lisa Croslin on a fugitive-from-justice warrant on Thursday. She was wanted by Florida authorities on forgery and theft charges.

    Croslin is the mother of Misty Croslin, who police say was the last person to see Haleigh Cummings when she disappeared Feb. 10 from a mobile home in Putnam County, Fla.

    Haleigh’s parents are divorced.

    Authorities are treating the case as an abduction.


  21. kyrasmommy says:

    The more I see and hear about this family the more I wanna puke! Child molesters, thieves, druggies, what the hell kinda chance do these kids have? What role models? What security? What childhood?

    As far as I’m concerned the mother is just as responsible for leaving her children in such an environment. .

    I hold my 2 year old everynight, and I think of Caylee and Haleigh and Nevaeh and Justice and Dylan and pray to God that my baby never goes thru what these angels went through at the hands of SICK ANIMALS

    They know what they have done.

  22. mjh says:


    Thank you for the above information. I have looked at the pictures, and it definitely looks like the same person to me. Same exact nose — hard to duplicate a nose.

    I am extremely concerned with this, because as you mentioned — this woman is a child molester, and if it is her, she is dressed in scrubs, which would indicate that she works in the medical field in some capacity. Does anyone know what this “Terry Stipp” supposedly does for a living?
    Is that where we are on this? The consensus is its Windchime, aka Terri Stipp?

  23. Red Ranger says:

    Let’s assume for a moment that MC will break down and tell the truth about what happened to Haleigh. Let’s assume that Haleigh did accidentally ingest someone’s oxycontin stash and die. Let’s also assume that a few of MC’s cronies and fellow drug users helped her dispose of Haleigh’s body.

    Would MC be tried as an adult? It is clear that she was a minor at the time of the assumed incident.

    What would she be charged with? Would her fetal alcohol syndrome keep her out of jail? Would her history of being sexually abused keep her out of prison? Would her drug addiction enable some kind of defense? Any defense attorney can find a Dr. that will declare her retarded. The Stanford-Binet scale shows that anyone with an IQ below 70 is mentally retarded.

    If she stands on the courthouse steps and says she purposefully did away with Haleigh, are they really going to do anything to her? If they do, I reckon she will be out of prison in time to have a dozen kids before her kidmaker shuts down.

  24. Mari says:

    I don’t believe the scrubs lady is Windchime…I’ve looked them over both carefully and don’t see it.

    Nor do I, but I am no expert.

  25. Kleat says:


    It’s an interesting comparison, the nose looks very similar yes, but there are other differences plus a lot in a description that isn’t there. Skin type, jaw, hair, all look different to me.

    The tip was discounted apparently now as no body found where the tip claimed. Maybe a hoaxter.

  26. Kleat says:

    Blink, I wasn’t suggesting that was one and the same person in that photo– don’t have a clue where that photo would have been obtained of the tipster, and the site that posted it. Clearly another bogus tip about a body location, but still, maybe the tipster got that info from another person with an agenda who does know something, or a psychic, or someone with just some sincere ‘gut feeling’.

  27. dee says:

    Red Ranger did you just say “Kidmaker” too funny, thanks I needed a chuckle,

  28. Red Ranger says:

    Their jowls are totally different. Windchime’s forehead does not seem to be as broad. The top of Scrubs head appears to be flatter as well. Scrubs also has a cross necklace on. This would surely burn into her flesh if it was Windchime….IMHO


  29. Kleat says:

    Mari, yes, it’s a stretch with just those photos. One could be 6′ tall, the other could be 5′ nothing.

  30. R.L. Haley says:

    Hey Blink have you ever spoken to Nancy Grace ,shes really starting to get on my nerves,her new books lead character is a haily,or a haliegh,Blink do you care to comment on Ms Graces character as a person? you could just say no comment…

    I will say no comment on her personally, one of her producers is a good friend and colleague, another one is a family friend. Personally, once, when I was contemplating appearing, my son said, isn’t that the lady that yells everybody? Why would you want to go on TV to get yelled at?
    - Mouths of Babes..

  31. suz says:

    They kind of look the same to me. It’s the nose. And that pic of windchimes in the identical shades, or was that a photoshop?

  32. Kleat says:

    Red Ranger, you get ‘quip’ of the day!! But of course, had the cross been backed with the rare type of super-heat resistant duct tape, with an added ceramic inulating tile layer for added super-heat protection, that could be a useful disguise item. (of course, some people may not even notice the burning sensation, if they have no feelings, to begin with)

  33. Kleat says:

    Seems my hunch about a ‘psychic’ tipster might just be on the right path– this is so sad when people do this to a family whose baby is missing.

    “The woman who dropped off the letter …. said she…she was the messenger for a man who claimed to be an FBI informant with special psychic abilities. Detectives … would like to talk to the man who wrote the letter.

    Can anyone spell ‘West Virginia’? The psychic, FBI informant with three letters on the anonymous note, could be giving enough clues to his identity to take credit for his ‘find’. One of the Ginny M. Lucas’s father’s specially gifted children or grandchildren perhaps?

    This is a terrible thing to do to a family, going to the newspaper with the anonymous tip, giving people ‘hope’ then bringing them down with ‘it is about a body location’ then nothing. Nothing less than cruel. If some psychic or hunch tipster needs to come forward with their hunch, or something overheard, then they should take that information to the police, NOT some newspaper for publicity or other reason. That way, the family is not brought into this rollercoaster. It’s just irresponsible and malicious to do the ‘tip’ this way to the media.

    That person should be charged with mischief proceeding to the media, even if they believed the ‘vision’ or whatever, it was not the right thing to do. That messanger woman needs to be hauled in for serious questioning.

    Hey, that psychic made Nancy Grace! Maybe she can get him on this week to talk about his FBI informing and pyschic abilities.

    Do we know it is Ginnette?

  34. Red Ranger says:

    ***Windchime’s sexual offender page says she is 5’8.***

    Mystery Letter’s Contents Revealed— No Closer To Finding Haleigh Than Before


    This is a misleading title. The story tells jack squat about the letters contents.

    And here is a good one…


    “The woman who dropped off the letter came forward, but investigators said she told them she was the messenger for a man who claimed to be an FBI informant with special psychic abilities.”

    Would somebody quit telling the fricking psychics how to get to FL?

    They already know. They just blind drive here, duh.
    I gotta teach him everything.

  35. Kleat says:

    lol Blink– you really like RR doncha know. ;)

    Wait until he starts b-chin at me in French.. Think Gomez and Morticia. GA dee da….

  36. Kleat says:

    No, we don’t know it’s Ginnette of course– or her father. This pyschic is supposed to be a male.

  37. Red Ranger says:

    No Mon Cher. Si c’était sombre ces médiums ne pourraient pas trouver leurs bouts avec les mains et une lampe de poche. Leur professeur mérite la fessée

    Sommes-nous d’accord ? I reckon so.

    Ok, for those of you who don’t get how ridiculously funny that is, translated:
    No My Dear. If it was dark these mediums could not find their pieces with their hands and a flashlight. Their teacher deserves a spanking.

    Cackle then Spackle,

  38. mjh says:

    Hey Red, that was pretty funny. I must admit, I did not look close enough to notice whether or not there were any burn marks.

  39. NancyS says:

    Okay I know I am tired but are you all talkin in code?… lol

    I am crackin up here…..

    what are the initials we might be looking for please? if it was this person?

  40. dee says:

    Red, thanks for starting my morning off with a *BANG* it is nice to find humor in all this mess, makes it all a lil bit less painful!

  41. Caly says:

    ok, details of the tipster’s letter have been published…

    “Check the back of father’s mobile home,” the letter read. “From the right end of the mobile home extending out continue for 540 yards straight. At that point go north 12 yards. Dig 2�àè-3 feet, will strike metal covering an old well, check inside, black plastic garbage bag.

    “Circumstances extend statewide and beyond.”

    The typed initials at the bottom are “SAM.”


  42. suz says:

    Sam? Is that the father of the son of Sam? Is that dog talking again?

  43. NancyS says:

    OH brother,
    I was just notified that Steph Watts site had that Misty had confessed to a priest and then Watts retracted it as the source was not a good one or the priest does not have to tell what she confessed. A legality?

  44. Kleat says:

    “Circumstances extend statewide and beyond.”

    To Orange County perhaps… how about Puerto Rico??? Another ‘psychic’ involved and who’s the connection to bring this psychic in? Or maybe coincidental, and just some independent attention seeker.

  45. Ann Coffman says:

    Hey following this story about Haleigh. thinking it could have been posible that she answerd the door while misty was passd out!and mistys brother did go to the home and bang on the door that night after they went to bed.Claiming there was no one home.I doupt his story very much!Mabe’ police should have followd his scent with the dogs.anyways following this story its serious when a child is missing. hope peaple jokeing around on this matter will knock it off!p.s if that back door was propt open’ then mistys brother could have gone in/out.

  46. radiogirl says:

    OK Blink…what in the heck is up with the teeth whitening photos on ads at top left?

    I gotta a picture of my jack o lantern on my porch I could loan the company.Have a great monday!


  47. Rosana says:

    Apr18La girl I read articles on this case and my head just spins. This whole ctdousy battle in middle of search for Haleigh is wild. I read where Ron won ctdousy alot based on he had job. Crystal did not have income like job so that is why judge ruled that. Now her case against him is so hard because if we take at word everything these people say for truth. I would not want my child with Ron right at this point. My child with Ron and Misty.!!! Forget for a second about Halegh being missing and this. We find out from sources that weekend before she went missing Rons girlfriend who now he married’ was sleeping with another man and doing heavy drugs. Would anyone want their other child in the care of the newlyweds if you were the other parent of that child? Hell no. I mean this politely hellll no’. I am divorced and I let my daughter visit with her father alot. He is about to get remarried. If I thought at all this woman whom I never meet was bad for my child, he would not see her until he fixed that. I know she does not do drugs, run streets etc like Misty. I trust the judgement of her father to know what is right for our child to grow up healthy and in a healthy enviroment. If you had two children with a man, one goes missing and you find out about Mistys adventures that lead to that point. Could you sleep at night knowing he has your other child with him. No way. If police have not ruled out anyone in this disspearence, how can they leave Jr in his care? If they believe at all that they know something but withholding information, is that safe place for other child? Think if you were his mom for a minute. I hope police are sure its not from inside that house or Crystal will have good chance of ctdousy if she just finds job. She needs job based on ruling with judge or at least the was judges reason, right?! My heart aches over this case because of all involved and what damage it does for those involved.

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