Haleigh Cummings Case: Sources Say “WE ARE CLOSE”


Putnam County, FL– Since Monday, breaks in the case of  5 year old Haleigh Cummings, missing from her home since February 9, 2008, have caused a search team to be stationed at the St. Johns River.


Sources tell blinkoncrime they are close to making an arrest in her murder.

HaleighSearch041410LgVanLeaveLate this afternoon sources inside the investigation have confirmed that Misty Croslin, the former step-mother and last person to see Haleigh alive, was brought back to the scene a third time.

Image to the left, courtesy of scaredmonkeys.com poster grnlizard, is of Misty Croslin leaving in the white SUV.

.. We have been hopeful that we could gauge her reactions from the scene, as well as the possibility she might actually tell us the truth, as we have been straight up we are not leaving without what we came for..

“.. The consensus is she is more interested in what was told to us by an unamed individual..”

-source speaking to blinkoncrime on the condition of anonymity

The recent developments are the work of a 10 month investigation by a retired FBI agent, Steve Brown, who is working for Crystal Sheffield.

“Monday was the culmination of this 10-month investigation I’ve been doing,” said Steve Brown, now a private investigator working for Haleigh’s mother, Crystal Sheffield. “We presented this to the Putnam Country Sheriff’s Office and the FDLE, and with their cooperation, finally got the final details of what transpired in that trailer on Feb. 9th (2009).”

While many are speculating that the search teams are poised to locate the remains of little Haleigh, it is this editors opinion that they are searching for something related to what is missing from the scene, a blanket.

Brown believes the presentation he gave to the Putnam County Sheriffs Office and the FDLE leaves nothing left to interpretation as to what happened in the trailor that night.

“There may be other people culpable, but as to who killed Haleigh, that’s not going to be a big surprise,” Brown said.

Joe Overstreet, Misty Croslin’s cousin who was in town the night Haleigh went missing, but has denied any involvement, was questioned last night at 11 PM for the third time at FBI offices in Tennesee, according to his attorney, Shawn Sirgo .

Sources close to the investigation believe an arrest in this case is imminent, and that Misty Croslin is expected to testify in exchange for a reduced charge in the drug charges against her.

Ron Cummings and Misty Croslin have been incarcerated since January 20, 2010 on drug charges.

Please check back to blinkoncrime.com for updates to this developing story.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Has anyone ever heard of Timothy Charles Holmseth? While checking on google to see if there was an udate on Misty going to court today, I came across this article about Haleigh Cummings.


    Blink, I would be very interested to know what your thoughts are on this guy and this article.


    Charlotte, I think he is as nutty as the rest of them.

  2. MsEnscene says:

    The writer sounds like a very strong advocate for Misty and Ronald. Somewhat like some of the firebrand Ron defenders responding to any criticism of Ronald Cummings’ lifestyle. They harp endlessly that Crystal Sheffield and her SO and family are behind the kidnapping of Haleigh so Crystal could escape prison for not paying child support.
    If this is the case, why was Junior left behind? Where are the Sheffield culprits hiding Haleigh? Why does LE state that they are investigating a homicide? Questions, questions!

  3. RubyRose says:

    What is going on in the Haleigh case. Seems too quiet after all the hoopla about the water search. Why is this missing child always on the back burner?!?!? I hope Misty and brother get many many years for the drug trafficking charges. They are very deserving of LWOP.

    God Bless Little Haleigh.

  4. Charlotte says:

    Does anyone have an update on this case? What happened to “an arrest is imminent”? What happened to “people are starting to talk”?

    What is going on? Do they now know what happened to poor little Haleigh?

  5. MsEnscene says:

    They’ve uncovered a bone at the river site where they were diving in April (?) and have announced a couple of days ago that it is not Haleigh’s but a very old American Indian bone. I’d like to know why the authorities announced the Haleigh case as a homocide back in April if they have no more than this one (unrelated to Haleigh) bone. Not that many believe Haleigh is alive, but without seemingly any evidence to substantiate Haleigh’s death.

    It seems everything previously said by Misty and her brother Tommy has proven to be fiction, as far as we are told. So is PCSO keeping everything close to their vest or do they not know anything? Why haven’t we heard any talk from anyone outside the principles? Why nothing from anyone at Haleigh’s school? From any of the employers/employees at Ron’s workplace? From neighbors? From the AC man who supposedly was at the house that last afternoon and saw Haleigh? We heard from one neighbor who was at the bus stop and who said Ron did not pick up Haleigh at the bus stop as Ron said he did on that last day of school and that Misty did pick Haleigh up. Nothing more has been said by this neighbor.

    Everything about the case, save for the numerous changing stories supplied by Misty and her relatives, has an unearthly quiet about it. Nobody is talking who can be relied upon to have no dog in the fight and can tell the unvarnished truth.

    Beginning at the beginning, I’d like to know if Haleigh was even in school that day? Was Haleigh missing even before that night/morning of Feb.9/10?

  6. Pomona71 says:

    I just saw on the jail log of Putnam County that Tommy has
    posted bail–I think that’s what it means. I’ll post the
    link. I had thought things were quiet down in south Putnam
    County but now with Tommy out (if he is), the situation will
    get noisy again. If Lindsy is indeed the breadwinner now,
    she may be able to push Tommy’s buttons so he sings every
    note he knows about Haleigh. There should be no more fear
    for his family’s safety. http://public.psco.us/jail/booking

  7. Pomona71 says:

    I guess I goofed up, http://www.firstcoastnews.com has news article
    on front page that it was just a jail transfer for Tommy
    rather than “bail”. Still, it puts Tommy close enough to
    family that visits should be easier After all this time
    of not telling the total truth about Haleigh, what does the
    future hold for Tommy after jail? That depends on Tommy’s
    choices in the near future and on.

  8. MsEnscene says:

    Tommy is not out. He has been transferred to Putnam County Jail from St. Johns County Jail in St. Augustine because he has a sentencing coming up soon, July 6th, in Putnam County. He pleaded no contest three weeks ago to trafficking in hydrocodone.

    Jeff Hardy, the Sheriff of Putnam County, said that Tommy was being held as a courtesy in St. John’s County jail so he would not be in the same jail with the others (Ron, etc.) jailed in Palatka on the drug trafficking charges.

    Maybe he and Ron can have some chatting time available, now. Or maybe Tommy will not be in GP.

  9. pomona71 says:

    Looked at local jail log this a.m. (7:33) and there is
    Lisa Carmen Croslin booked again for probabtion violation.
    There seems no end to the problems in that family. Drugs mess up
    minds so they no longer make sense to others. I am wondering if
    druggies can make sense to themselves as they keep floundering in their problems and unable to made decisions to move forward. No wonder Haleigh is still missing.

  10. More Q's than A's says:

    pomona, Look at the jail log again. It looks like Mistys parents and Lisa were arrested for trying to buy cocaine last night, as well as parole violation. What a wonderful group we have here……Poor little Haliegh didn’t stand a chance. So sad

  11. MsEnscene says:

    LE has to arrest most of the Croslins to get to some truths? Son Timmy is the only one now free. Way up thar in Mass., Timmy said that if he came back to Putnan Co., he’d be arrested,too. Wonder what for,’xactly, Timmy?

    Maybe LE should concentrate on arresting some more in the Cummings clan. They’ve got two under wraps, already, but we seem to be no nearer the truth of what happened to this defenseless, child, Haleigh. Maybe LE is too close socially to the Cummings royal family. Maybe some feds should come in and really take control of this case and look carefully at the people now in charge of it. Something is mighty wrong with the doings’ down south.

  12. Debbie says:

    Well lets just lock all them up and threw away the key,and be sure to leave Ronald out. Well I think your all wrong,Misty isnt smart enough to figure all this out and keep it still. She was a child only 17 but noone wants to talk about that. Ronald along with drugs should be arrested for child abuse everyone he has been with is minors. Misty has had no kind of life raised in drugs and dropped out of school but she is smart enough to be a ring leader of selling drugs and smart enough to get rid of alittle girl and then keep her mouth shut for all this time. Why not lock up Joe who she said in the beginning did it and put presser on him,it isnt working on Misty, but according to Nancy Grace Misty is a genieus and can do all this.

  13. MsEnscene says:


    Have you ever thought that Misty wasn’t even there in the mobile home that afternoon/night when whatever happened to Halleigh went down? Maybe Misty came on the scene later, doesn’t know what really happened before she got there, and was given a script to follow by assorted Cummings which she can barely keep straigh and always changes. She certainly has had difficulty answering a lot of questions about what happened to Haleigh beyond the “I was asleep”. Of course Ronald has his own script which amounts to nothing more than “I don’t know. I was at work.”

  14. Charlotte says:

    Just read that Tommy Croslin got sentenced to 15 years – 10 years probation and $50,000.

  15. MsEnscene says:

    Joe Overstreet, the Tenn. cousin of Misty and Tommy Croslin, was arrested in Antioch, Tenn.for manufacturing marijuana.
    Police said they received a tip about Overstreet. Wonder if they’ll be some action in Haleigh’s case, now.

    Booking info:


    Facility: Criminal Justice Center
    Unit-Pod: TNKY-M
    Security Level:
    Admitted Date: Aug 8, 2010 7:57:43 PM
    Initial Booking Date: Aug 8, 2010 7:57:43 PM
    Medical Screening Date: Aug 8, 2010 8:23:18 PM
    Final Booking Date: Aug 8, 2010 8:51:55 PM

    CIS No.: 526873
    OCA No.: 397930
    Sex: M
    Race: White
    Date of Birth: Jun 8, 1989
    Age: 21

    Active Charges & Sentencing Information
    This inmate has a total of 2 charges.
    Warrant No.GS503972
    Warrant No.: GS503972 Bond Amount: $5,000.00
    Arrested Charge: CONT SUB, MFG, MARIJUANA 14.175-4535G Type: Felony
    Convicted Charge: Type:
    Status of Charge: Bond Made – Jail Release Disposition:
    Warrant No.GS503973
    Warrant No.: GS503973 Bond Amount: $2,000.00
    Arrested Charge: DRUG PARAPHERNALIA, POSSESS Type: Misdemeanor
    Convicted Charge: Type:
    Status of Charge: Bond Made – Jail Release Disposition:

  16. Word Girl says:

    What’s the deal with Misty pleading no contest to her 7 drug-trafficking charges? She’s seen the sentences of Hank Croslin and Hope Sykes.
    She knows she’s got the real deal coming up. Misty would qualify for a ‘youthful offender’ program and get only 6 of 25 years…
    Naturally that would be appealing to her, but is there no chance she could trade Haleigh information before the drug sentence

    That Misty girl is on the low end of the self-realization scale…

    Birthday, darling Haleigh Girl! I love your Hat!

    from Word Girl

  17. Susan says:

    Just read this on News4jax.com

    Fields said Misty told detectives the day after she was arrested on the drug charges in January that her cousin, Joe Overstreet, and her brother, Hank Croslin Jr., came looking for a semi-automatic machine gun. Since the gun wasn’t there, Overstreet took Haleigh as a substitute for the gun, the attorney said.
    “According to Misty, Joe took Haleigh while Misty was laying in bed and covered herself up with a blanket,” Fields told Channel 4 Tuesday morning outside the courtroom. “They were there for like seven minutes, appeared to be on drugs and Misty says she saw Joe put Haleigh in a black bag and she heard Haleigh scream.”
    There is a new thread, I covered it Susan.

  18. Susan says:

    There is a new thread, I covered it…


    I knew that you would; just passed it along to you just in case. At the time the new thread wasn’t up, so I put it here. Didn’t know where else to put it. Thanks for looking after the missing and the little ones!

    Thank you friend.

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