MISSING MORGAN: ‘And Then She Was Gone’ Morgan Harrington Vanishes from Metallica Concert

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Charlottesville, VA– Morgan Harrington, 20, a striking blonde junior at Virginia Tech has seemingly vanished.


On Saturday October 17th at 8:48PM, BF to Morgan, Sara Snead, spoke with her friend for the last time.

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Morgan with pup

By all accounts, Morgan Dana Harrington is a regular girl, with irregular charm and beauty. Out of “The 9”,  the name she and her 8 bff’s called their clique, she was the one to wear red to their Sr. Prom when the rest of them chose to wear white. 

The daughter of Medical executives Dr. Dan and Gilbert (French Canadian pronounced Jil -Bare) Harrington; Morgan is an education major in her junior year at VT.

Morgan proudly displayed her Metallica tickets on the family Sub Zero a full 6 months prior to that Saturday’s concert. A few days before the event, Morgan brought 3 outfits home to try on for Mom’s feedback and approval.

“She was excited about the concert,” Gil announced to Nancy Grace, “and she brought home three outfits that she tried on for me. We chose one, and she said, ‘Mama, it is a rock concert, so it is probably not what you would choose, but is this one okay?’ It was cute, and she was covered, and I said, ‘That will do fine.’”< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />

“You know,” adds the mother– aware that her daughter’s attire has come under fire– “you have to give your kid wings.”

“Ms. Harrington,” replied Grace, “you did something right because there are not a lot of 20-year-olds who would ask their mom what they thought of the outfit she was wearing to a concert.” 

When Morgan and Amy Melvin, roomie at VT in their off campus Blacksburg Mordrinkapartment arrived in Crozet to pick up Amy Snead and her boyfriend for the evenings event, Morgan called Dr. Harrington, or Poppa, as she affectionately called him, to notify her parents of their safe arrival.  


She was due to study for her math test with him as well as reconcile her check book she had recently overdrawn, at noon the following day. When morgan did not show Dr and Mrs. Harrington began calling her friends.


Nothing Else Matters


Like most missing persons cases of young adults, Morgan was thought to potentially be a runaway. Her own parents in an effort to reduce their building panic considered perhaps she had met a new boy and was extending the weekend. They wish she had.


Morgan and friendIt is unclear why Morgan’s friends did not report her missing when they arrived back in Crozet and Morgan’s car was there along with her keys, untouched. But what is clear, is Morgan’s family and friends are no longer mincing words; they believe Morgan was abducted and has met with foul play.




The Unforgiven Morgan prom dress


There is a saying in missing persons cases initial analysis:


Start the clock backwards from the discovery of your best evidence.


Unfortunately, the best evidence in this case was not discovered as tied to a missing persons case; Morgan’s purse, wallet and cell phone found the morning of the 18th were given to local Police as a property recovery.


What your thinking is accurate. Any prints, DNA, compromised.


However, the cell phone had the battery removed. H U G E.


Who dumps a purse and a cell at the verifiable last location of a victim?

Someone familiar with cell pings and tracking, and someone who wants you to think this a local and random act.


The Day That Never Comes 


UVcampus2What do we know? The VA State Police has issued what they feel to be, a credible timeline of the evenings events after the group is in the venue.




Morgan’s Critical Hour:

8:30 p.m. – Outside John Paul Jones Arena
8:48 p.m. – Friend called Morgan’s cell phone
9:00 p.m. – Seen in University Hall parking lot adjacent to JPJ
9:10 p.m. – Near Davenport Field RV Park and UVA Track
9:20 p.m. – On Copeley Bridge near intersection with Ivy Road

Rader says, “We know we don’t have all the information there is in Charlottesville about this case.”

He urges anyone who saw anything outside the Metallica concert between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. to call police. Police are concentrating on what happened outside the arena.

Around 8:30 p.m., witnesses saw someone matching Morgan description at the ticket counter outside JPJ, trying to get back in the concert after she ended up outside.

At 8:48 p.m., a friend of Morgan’s inside the arena called her on her cell phone asking if she was OK. Morgan apparently told her friend not to worry as she was going to get a ride from friends in Charlottesville.

Around 9 p.m., witnesses saw Morgan walking and carrying her black purse with backpack straps in the parking lot outside University Hall.

Ten minutes later, Morgan made her way to the RV parking area near the UVA track. On the night of the concert, that area would have been filled with RVs.

Witnesses saw Morgan there around 9:10 p.m., but they said they left about ten minutes later, leaving her in the parking area alone. The morning after the concert, a passerby found Morgan’s purse on the ground.

The last known sighting of Morgan Harrington was on the Copeley Road bridge near Ivy Road at 9:30 p.m.

Police believe people driving or walking along the bridge must have seen Morgan after that time. They believe she may have gotten into a car.

“Perhaps you saw someone stop a vehicle to discuss something with this young lady. That would be important. Perhaps you saw this lady get into a vehicle. That would be important,” says Rader.

The new time line explains why police spent so much time in the Copeley Road area looking for clues. Now, they’re revealing where she was with the hope that someone will know where she is.

Morgan’s parents did not appear the Wednesday news conference, but have said they believe she was taken by a stranger and that foul play was involved.

Police are asking any witnesses to come forward. They say every detail counts, and since the Copeley bridge is well traveled on Saturday nights, they hope to jog people’s memories of the night of October 17.

People can submit tips anonymously by calling the Virginia State Police at 434-352-3467.


And Justice For All



Just When you thought this case could not get more complicated, It does.


15 minutes from campus, in August of this year, a double murder in Caldwell Fields camp grounds.



Note the striking similarity between the two women.


David Meltzer, 19, and Heidi Childs, 18 were brutally murdered in the parking lot of a well known camp ground, ostensibly, while they were parking.

I am not the only one making this connection.


As we go to press, the body of a deceased woman is found in York County, SC. It is not known at this time if it is related to the case of Morgan Harrington.



The body found does not appear to be Morgan, but a young woman with dark hair and dark eyes.



Check back to blinkoncrime.com for updates.


Candace Bond and Kate Mills are contributing editors for this article. 






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  1. Word Girl says:

    PamTX–thanks for the “silverity” link. Whew. Pretty scary. And poor Sarah.

    D”W” was just online and now his blogs and photos are offline. Sarah’s are all still up.

    I’m not liking this one bit.

  2. Word Girl says:

    Blink–what about the Jason S. H….person who claims Sarah called the police on him?

    Did you all see that? Probably jumped on it like a chew-toy, days ago…

    That dog chew is gonna stick, heh? Believe it or not, you’ll have to give me a source, 3 sarah’s and 2 jason’s so far.

  3. Amanda850 says:

    Thank you both very much, suz and Heri. I appreciate the clarification. I find it odd that if her close friends and family use that, why would he feel close enough to do the same if he only met her that night? I dunno… maybe he is just a normal, weird guy who is truly affected that someone he randomly met is now missing. He still creeps me out.

  4. gee says:

    Sandy, not really seeing it, sounds maybe a little weird but I really dont think he is the one(s) responsible. I still think Morgan was in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone grabed her, I have a feeling it will be someone she never knew, hopeing they catch up to whoever is involved soon.

  5. Gypsy DD says:


    Thanks for having a victim and family friendly site on the internet. I say this because after reading at WS I cannot believe the comments I have read about friends, family, religion and sexual orientation..none of which pertains to this investigation. I felt sick after I read there..can not even fathom what is posted in the members only section..since I am not a member and would feel embarrassment at this point to be one.

    To sweet Morgan’s family and friends..peace and hugs. I know this has got to be the hardest journey life has ever lead you on. I pray for her return to your loving home and arms, I am in awe of the beautiful caring life you have had with each other. You are to be commended for the grace and love you have shown her and your son.


    As usual my dearest Gypsy, you hit my bullseye.
    The relevant issue here is the Harrington Family. I could not agree more that they appear to have instilled love, temperance, independence, and tolerance in their home. I COMMEND them for that. In the face of this tragedy, what poise and grace they have shown in this situation. The next time I see a post allowed that critisizes that or makes it wrong, OR goes after Alex- wth?

    My stylist, is openly gay, gorgeous, educated, and I will sock anyone straight in the face if they say a bad thing about him.
    People- kind souls are just that.

    sorry, right on that nerve at the right time you always hit.

  6. gee says:

    Amanda lots of people posting are using 241 not a big deal really.

  7. Gypsy DD says:

    I’d be very surprised to find this perp on the internet leaving messages about the concert or her. I think he is more savey then that at this point. I also agree that he may have some role in the killing of the couple in August. He doesn’t need to advertise on the internet, not when he can read about his conquests in the newspapers and on TV. He may read the internet..but he isn’t posting about his sorrow, relationship to or involvement in these crimes. JMHO

    As usual friend, imo, right on.

  8. TR says:

    I’m confused Blink. Your response to #107 seems to indicate that you
    do not suspect the subject of recent post. Am I misinterpreting something?
    Honestly, this is a case that hits close to home but I have no solid ideas about what may have happened other than another man overpowered a woman and here we are discussing it. So sad.

    I do not think James is necessarily our perp, but I think he is in the circle of these people.

  9. TOY says:

    Someone above inquired about the mental health connection to Morgan. I found this in an article referenced at SM from a website called collegiate times.

    “Kelley, executive director at Mental Health America of Roanoke Valley, worked with Morgan at the organization’s Forgotten Victims program, which focused on helping children who had witnessed domestic violence. Kelley said Morgan had worked with the program from the age of 13.”

    Sounds like Morgan is a very special young woman.

    Yes Toy, thanks for posting this. She was a mentor to young girls in crisis especially during her volunteer work there.

  10. suz says:

    amanda850, it seems like EVERYONE is using the 241 for morgan (and by everyone, i mean well wishers and bloggers and facebook friends and other kindly intentioned strangers who noticed her friends and family using 241 on tv). So it’s not necessarily odd that he would, too.

  11. Susan says:

    Okay, maybe this is random, but has anyone else noticed all the Virginia Tech connections to violence in the news the last few years? Wth?

  12. cali love says:

    Ok…I want to know more about this DELL and it’s relation to Sprigg Lane and the Morea House…I spelled it D-A-L-E because that’s the only way I was “thinking” to spell it. You could have found a key piece to this.

    I had more dreams last night. This time about the cell phone. I had really tried to focus my energy yesterday on WHY the battery was gone. Here is what I dreamed last night: (keep in mind that the night before the guy was wanting her backpack and she didn’t want to give it up)…..I dreamed that she didn’t want him to know that she had a cell phone, it was in her backpack and she wanted to be able to use it when she got the chance, so when she COULD, she reached her hand down inside….she was AFRAID it would ring and he would know she had it, so she pulled the back off and let the battery fall out…THIS insured that it was OFF and wouldn’t ring…and if he found the phone he wouldn’t think it was able to be used….she put the battery somewhere on HER….I couldn’t tell if it was in a pocket, in her bra, in her tights….but she put it somewhere away from the phone…but kept it so if the got the chance she could use it. My entire dream was based on this battery and her feeling like she could TRICK him into thinking she had no communication…..

    That’s all I got last night….I wish things would come to me during wake, but they don’t seem to be right now. They have before…in other situations, but I keep DREAMING in this situation. I know that alot of people don’t believe in PREMONITIONS….but they are very real and I only hope that at LEAST these things are being investigated or at least CONSIDERED….

  13. cali love says:


    The Morea house at the “Dell” has a resident with the last name dell?

  14. cali love says:

    The Morea house on Sprigg ln as a resident by the name Wayne Dell

  15. wpgmouse says:

    Gosh, one route from the Arena to that House is down Copley to Ivy Road.

    Blink, you decide if it is okay to post this link for a “music-type” WD:


  16. wpgmouse says:

    Forgot to link the map for the Morea House


    Jeepers. The Morea House is the 3rd house (smaller w. “white” roof) to the left of the green arrow on the map. Sorry about that.

  17. wpgmouse says:

    #86 Comment by hk
    “Those MySpace exchanges are odd.
    Makes me wonder if Sarah is an actual person or DW conversing with himself. The posts seem fixated on DW’s shifts and various concerts. Almost like that job is all DW has going for him and he needs a way to talk about it. So he invents this friend Sarah who constantly talks about it.”

    Blink, have you looked at these 2 sites?

    On his site, DW doesn’t even say he works for RMC . . . “Sasha’s” comments say that he does. But on HER site, DW claims he was at the concert and he spoke to Morgan, but IT IS “Sarah…or Sorcha if you’re Irish!”, who claims to be not only a music promoter but also the

    “R.M.C. Events
    Virginia US
    Registered Unarmed Security Officer
    Event Staff”

    What? And “Sarah” says on DW’s site that she was not working the concert that night? What?

    From their photos, DW and “Sarah…or Sorcha if you’re Irish!” could almost be brother and sister.

    On the Sarah site, DW writes in July something about feeling “more male” lately. (?)

    Blink, “Sarah” has a lot of text focusing great fondness on many things Irish. Is Morgan Harrington Irish? What about Heidi Childs?
    Morgan volunteered at Mental Health America of Roanoke Valley. Wasn’t Heidi planning on becoming a nurse? “Sarah” also has Christian Fellowship ties . . . Heidi and David were both active in Christian youth groups?

  18. jen says:

    there was an account posted somewhere (i think on findmorgan.com) about a man at a bar who encountered a VERY flustered young man who had come in to the bar asking for directions to harrisonburg. The car he came in had another passenger(s). He became too frustrated to wait and took off. This occurred around 9:30 pm within a few miles of the arena. This report sticks out to me BIG TIME…i wish i could remember the name of the bar. I really feel this is an important lead and i wonder if it has been explored by police.

  19. SuzeeB says:

    Why didn’t one of her friends just come down and at least pass her the keys to the car so she could wait there? Where was their car parked? If she had called someone close by that she knew was she going to walk to their home? Does anyone know ? Why would she take that path where she was supposedly spotted? I don’t know the area but the path she supposedly took doesn’t make much sense to me. If her purse and phone were found at that RV lot then why would she have been seen on the bridge and then Ivy Road? It would imply that something happened at the RV Lot or it was just thrown there on purpose. Is there any other entrances to the arena except the front? Is it possible she got back in but never made it back to her seat or never left the building? Did her friends try to call her after they left the arena to make sure she made it back to her car? When her friends got back home, wouldn’t they have seen her car?

    This is my issue. Would you leave YOUR car and hump it in 40 degrees while all your friends are in the concert you just got blasted from?

  20. PamTX says:

    #117 wpgmouse -

    If you’re interested, you can read my post #85 under Blink’s new article:

    Morgan Harrington Case: Are Police Closing In?
    Posted by Blink | James Herndon, Jeni, Missing Persons, Morgan Harrington, Sara Snead | Tuesday 3 November 2009 7:17 pm

    DW added an interesting change to his myspace page, which I note on that post. He appears at least to me, as a single male, works security, no apparent girlfriends (or many others for that matter), and a few years ago according to one of his myspace posts (or friends — can’t recall) was still living with his mother, finds it necessary a few days ago to make a statement on his myspace page about Morgan and does this from his mobile, and adds an odd statement to his myspace within the past 24 hours.

    Of course, there are probably over one million strange myspace/facebook/twitter postings out there….but not very many who say they saw Morgan that night. I try to think that he is just someone who may be lonely, wants to be noticed, and is more important than his life’s reality truly is. He also appears (myspace page only and I must admit not very fair on my part to assume this)quiet/meek, odd individual. Not sure if I would say “alone”, but if a person is actively updating their myspace page (still posting as of yesterday), then this seems to be one of his modes of communication. And only ONE friend posting over a very long period of time. Where are his other friends? These characteristics remind me of Jeffrey Dahmer (quiet, meek, friendly, not a lot of friends)…so I need to sit back and follow Blink’s continuing articles on this case. On the other hand, how many murderers who have never been caught before, serial killers, or first-time killers have been over-looked in the past years, because LE (or others) didn’t believe they could possibly be connected or fit a certain profile?

    I just want to read somewhere this guy has been taken in for questioning. I am leaving for a few days…maybe I’ll follow Blink’s site from my “mobile” :)

  21. wpgmouse says:


    Have you read DW’s friend “Sarah…or Sorcha if you’re Irish!” space – - the About Me blurb, her work history, DW’s messages to her?
    This woman is the one who claims to be a lover of music, lover of the Irish and Ireland, loves horses, is a music promoter, RMC security officer, and claims a whole lot of other employment positions and activities. Can’t understand how she can possibly fit it all in.

    In regards to Morgan and the concert, DW tells her about speaking to Morgan. “Sarah…or Sorcha if you’re Irish!” (who appears to live for her RMC job and music concerts, says to DW she didn’t work that night.

    Yet, on one of her site blogs on Sept. 21 (?), she writes about getting FIRED FROM RMC, and NOW BEING WITH “ESI”. Also works at The Pavilion.

    What? Like poster hk remarked, it seems one person having a conversation with themself. And from reading both sites, it does seem rather odd, with the remote possibility of MPDisorder.
    I don’t want to post her link, but just click on her picture on DW’s site to go to her’s, and see what you think.

    Blink and PamTX

    Another type of “LE” could also include a Park or Forest Ranger, or a Cadet.
    Also, next to Caldwell Fields, coincidently, is a shooting range.

    Unfortunately I am with you on this one, although I think she is a legit person.

  22. wpgmouse says:

    Blink (snipped):
    “There is no plausible explanation for dumping her purse and cell ( sans battery) except to say “I was abducted here”, “You should look here.”

    I agree, but can’t dismiss the possibility that “the Battery” might in itself be a clue, and left by Morgan. Perhaps “battery” or a phone not working due to not charging the battery, might hold meaning to those close to her.

    Unless the abductor realized at some point Morgan had intentionally dropped her purse/phone and quickly back tracked, fitting the inconspicuous battery into their pants pocket, as opposed to carrying the purse with visibility (perhaps was not wearing a jacket to hide the purse under).

  23. SuzeeB says:

    OMG Breaking News Fort Hood Texas 2 possible gunmen on base
    7 dead 12 injured Post is locked down

  24. wpgmouse says:

    “This is my issue. Would you leave YOUR car and hump it in 40 degrees while all your friends are in the concert you just got blasted from?

    Yes, if I was intending to return to it.

    If I could not get back in to an arena, and ran into someone I knew (or “thought” I knew and thought I could trust) and they appeared to share my level of frustration and predicament and they said “Hey, same thing happened to me, I can’t get back in either. It’s freezing out here, want to go grab a coffee or do something (that you’re really in to and will really, really like) and return later closer to the end of the concert to drive back home with your friends?” or “Hey, same thing happened to me, I can’t get back in either. My pals brought me here to cheer me up because I just lost my job, my better half just left me, I can’t focus on my studies and I don’t know how to tell my parents, so I could really need a sympathetic ear. It’s freezing out here. How about we get a coffee in a warm, quiet place and talk for a while, and then come back here.”, I might consider it.

  25. PamTX says:

    Blink if I may…

    #125 Suzee – It’s 7 and 20! Prayers to all

  26. Momof3 says:

    #124 wpgmouse
    Hi, very interesting observation. “Battery” is the title of one of Metallica’s songs. It was on their 1986 album Master of Puppets. Chilling if true.

    This might be a stretch.. but maybe it was one of Morgan’s “friends” favorite song. Or maybe someone’s nickname…and she left it as a clue.

    Possibly the battery could be a morbid clue left by the abductor. Meant to be found in the lyrics. I’ll post a link to Metallica’s lyrics to the song Battery. Also,posting a link to others interpretation of the song.

  27. wpgmouse says:

    “Unfortunately I am with you on this one, although I think she is a legit person.

    Yes, Blink after delving a bit more, you are right, she is indeed (my apologies).

    She does refer to him as David (PamTX has noted Dave), finds his profile picture amusing (?), and mentions his like for Zippo lighters.

    Zippo’s are great for outdoor use especially in windy, rainy or cold conditions. Zippo’s, IMO, would be a “survivor/emergency” type thing for campers, hikers, Park Rangers, Park Guides, Military, Scout Leaders, hunters(ugh), bush pilots – - lighting fires for warmth and SOS, finding the way thru the dark.

    She also comments a few to him on his working outside the arena in his RMC capacity, once referencing a “wind tunnel” scenario. Does this fellow smoke or does he offer a fire/light to smoking arena patrons.

    I checked that- there are established smoking areas INSIDE the arena, meaning you dont have to exit. She would still have had no need to exit to smoke.

  28. SuzeeB says:

    #127 Pam

    Yes Pam,now its 12 and 31

  29. wpgmouse says:

    # Comment by Momof3 — November 5, 2009 @ 7:17 pm
    “#124 wpgmouse
    Hi, very interesting observation. “Battery” is the title of one of Metallica’s songs. It was on their 1986 album Master of Puppets. Chilling if true.
    This might be a stretch.. but maybe it was one of Morgan’s “friends” favorite song. Or maybe someone’s nickname…and she left it as a clue.
    Possibly the battery could be a morbid clue left by the abductor. Meant to be found in the lyrics. I’ll post a link to Metallica’s lyrics to the song Battery. Also,posting a link to others interpretation of the song.

    Momof3, darn good job. Nothing’s a stretch, IMO. The “battery” as a message made a little more sense to me than the disabling of a left-behind phone.

    Oh, my, gosh. The lyrics. This DW has apparently been hanging on to one of S’s beloved guitars, and from what I read this song has “raging guitar riffs”.

    I was prepared to dismiss this until I read the lyrics, very interesting.

  30. wpgmouse says:

    “I checked that- there are established smoking areas INSIDE the arena, meaning you dont have to exit. She would still have had no need to exit to smoke.

    That is right, Blink – - sorry, I should have clarified.

    Once Morgan realized she could not get back in (if this was the case), she may have been very frustrated and reached for a cigarette. If she was lured out, the individual may have “come to her rescue” offering a light with a trusty Zippo. If this was a stranger, good way to initiate contact while continuing the control. I don’t know if she smoked pot, but that might also been offered to her outside to “mellow” out from the situation, and may have been laced with a control-type drug. Or forget about the pot, perhaps offered a laced cigarette.

    Control, control, control. The links that Momof3 provided for the song “Battery” comment to this.

  31. Dakota says:

    Reference to post #129

    Very correct B.

    JPJA has all amenities one would enjoy , all the necessary facilities one would need . smoking areas , bathrooms first aid combined with huge informational signs everywhere along with staffed help desk and numerous security personnel wandering the huge arena . JPJA is nothing short of state of the art . With a cost of 131 million in 2006, JPJA also has from what I have seen from past visits , state of the art surveillance . I intend on counting the security cameras and noting their locations Sat AM on the exterior of JPJA and adjacent buildings .

    With that said . Considering the astronomical cost of JPJA along with the vast amount of surveillance cameras I say you would be hard pressed to find a “dead zone” of surveillance around the perimeter of the arena .

    Factoring in the vast amount of people , cameras , cell phones and JPJA surveillance I am at a complete loss to how Morgan vanished without a trace . 10 years ago , maybe ; Today in a state of the art facility it just does not stand to reason we do not have a single frame of footage containing images of Morgan and the elusive “friends ”

    JPJA had all the amenities and long awaited excitement for Morgan inside . I feel the clue to the Pied Piper that led Morgan outside away from the arena in closley tied to those “friends” .



  32. Momof3 says:

    Thank you for the kudos but, if not for your theory jogging my memory about the song, I never would have made the possible connection. Question: Who is S? Where did you find this information? TIA

    The lyrics of the song Battery, to most, IMO are a reference to the mosh pit at the front of the stage.( people slam dancing, pushing, shoving ect) Metallica, themselves are the “battery” that energizes the crowd into a frenzy.
    I don’t think in the minds of most people/fans the lyrics would be taken to such a dark place.

    I however, can definitely see how a sick, demented person could twist the meaning to satisfy their need to leave a morbid message to Morgan’s family or whomever.

    I can see Morgan, being a Metallica fan and at the concert, having the whits to try and leave a clue behind for her friends to follow. I hope if either of these theories are true, LE can interpret them, and act accordingly.

    Blink, Do you really think there is something here? If so, do you think LE has looked into this possibility?

    No, I think it is an interesting co ink y dink at this point. I think if he wanted to send this message he would have left only the battery. I just think what I have said all along. No battery, no sim, no ping, no track.

  33. PamTX says:

    #123 wpgmouse: Your last sentence makes sense to me. Are you familiar with the area? Or Blink do you know if in regards to
    the murder case of David Metzler and Heidi Childs, is Caldwell Fields that wpgmouse refers to the same as in the below articles?

    “Sheriff Tommy Whitt said both victims appeared to have been shot where they had parked in a day-use area of Caldwell Fields. The area is a large group campground in the Jefferson National Forest more than eight miles down Craig Creek Road, where a shooting range and Camp Tuk-A-Way are located, off U.S. 460.”

    (another reference):
    “Lt. Brian Wright with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office just released the following:
    Investigators from our Office are seeking to speak with anyone who was in the area of Caldwell Fields or the Jefferson National Forest Shooting Range on Craig Creek Road between the times of 8:00 a.m. Wednesday August 26 and 8:00 a.m. Thursday August 27.”

    It is one and the same, yes Pam.

  34. PamTX says:

    Oh my lord, I believe in a possible connection of the two cases but had no idea!!!! — Thanks, Blink for clarifying #135. Why the heck isn’t the media screaming from the top of the tree forests??!! I just don’t understand that.

    All I can say is the possibility of a connection is being investigated simultaneously. The reward on the Childs/Metzler Murders was increased and announced on October 26th.

  35. Momof3 says:

    Thanks for the answer Blink.

    Its amazing how many unrelated coincidences arise in these situations. I never would have believed it. But in following your site, stranger coincidences have been found. I guess you must get used to weird coincidences. Although, it all must be mind boggling for you sometimes. Thanks for sifting through the muck to help victims and their families.

  36. wpgmouse says:

    Never been to VA.
    Referenced Caldwell Fields in relation to the August tragedy, as confirmed by Blink.

    Sorry to keep going on with this – - Taking and keeping the battery is like keeping the power. Leaving the purse and phone to be ID’d as Morgan’s could be a deliberate controlling of the scene, as a visual proclamation of owning the power and control.
    Otherwise, why would he (or she) leave any of that to be discovered unless Morgan herself left it behind.

    I know I’m looking at deeper complex scenario theories rather than keeping it simple and straightforward, but I feel this individual may be somewhat complex with a mind that runs quietly deep. I do favour PamTX’s assessment.

  37. wpgmouse says:

    “All I can say is the possibility of a connection is being investigated simultaneously. The reward on the Childs/Metzler Murders was increased and announced on October 26th.

    Thanks for posting this, Blink. This is very good to hear for the sakes of all 3 families.

  38. wpgmouse says:

    So, Blink, are you thinking W is a middle initial?

    wpg, catch me up, which one are we on now. Dave?

  39. wpgmouse says:

    Good Morning, Blink

    Good Morning How is your Cheesecoffee?
    I am not sure we know whether middle or last, do you?

  40. wpgmouse says:

    Cheesecoffee . . . ha – - I try to keep my cheese from melting as best I can, but sometimes the information and comments I read or develop in my head makes it hard for me to keep my cheese (and emotions) in check.

    Yeah, I am really leaning towards a connection of a middle initial based on PamTX #91 comments and observations, but haven’t yet “got there”.

    S’s comment of finding humour in his profile picture – - why, is this not him or how he usually looks? He lists he is Native American – - is this inherent from his parents, does he follow sacred beliefs?.

    Blink, am I missing something in that is there anything to indicate that he really is an employee of, or on-call to RMC?

    I have only seen that discussion between those 2. I am a bit confused as the schedule shows RMC was posted for the event; however, it is not on their events calendar. Somewhere in here, the wife of a local LEO posted they man these events. SMG is the arena management company, different from RMC.

  41. PamTX says:

    #142 Blink’s response –

    Just throwing this out there. In my experience, this is how it unfolds
    (keeping in mind I have never been to VA or the JPJ arena) — but I am familiar with Outback/Frank Productions who brought Metallica to the JPJ in the first place as part of the tour routing.

    1) Outback/Frank Productions – #1 representative of the Metallica tour.
    2) SMG – JPJ Arena Management company – IMO and experience (not with JPJ) they would handle the arena; from the building, to the parking lot, to everything that goes on, in, or around it. Everything from soup to nuts! (upper management, maintenance, indoor vendors, booking contracts, etc.) They most likely have some building security employees on their direct payroll, but again IMO, contract out remaining security for huge events — (Metallica would definitely be one of them.) That is most likely why we see on JPJ’s homepage a link for employment/security directly to RMC.
    3) local police/fire/EMS – City payroll — always are on site and outrank any locally hired/contract security firm — sometimes their pay comes with their usual paycheck direct from the city, other times, it comes from the arena depending upon their agreement. Security firms work in conjunction with local police. But can you imagine for a concert like Metallica — my lord, you would have a HUGE show of police force at that event, including walking the front/sides of the building, handling the parking lot, and about 30 of them standing in front of the mosh pits close to the stage (not to mention about 25 other areas that need to be covered). They are soooo very necessary, but city management usually only spares so many direct “on-site” officers. I can imagine they were quite thrilled when Metallica rolled out of town – Maybe, just maybe, JPJ thought their security contract firm RMC could not handle this huge event and let them off this concert and just added a ton of extra police officers, sending RMC away fuming as RMC’s financial loss from this contractual event would have been huge.
    4) Locally hired security firm — in this case the big firm in this area of VA is RMC.

    That is why it is confusing. If I am off, I gotta tell ya I don’t believe it’s not by much. I am feeling a lttle awkward, as I don’t want to appear as though tooting my own horn so-to-speak. But with so many individuals wearing some kind of uniform at these events, it’s hard to know who’s who.

    What happens is that a locally-hired person, can fall through the cracks so easily. It would not be hard for LE to overlook that little person who blends in with the amount of people it takes to put on these types of events. I have a hard time thinking it is anyone in LE and “security” just screams out to me. I do however, sense a possible connection as I have mentioned before about this case and the August murder case. Both tragedies so close to the shooting range also. That says “local POI” to me. Actually POS if I may be so bold. Is anyone from LE on Morgan’s case following this site that you know of? I need to call some of my “buds” to get their input.

  42. Word Girl says:

    The posting by the wife of LEO who worked the JPJ center is on your article “Are Police Closing In?”~~

    Comment by Cville Girl — November 6, 2009 @ 10:34 am
    Regarding security at JPJ Arena:
    As far as I know, the Arena uses local police for security. My husband has worked several events there.

    Thanks Word. Very Interesting my original thoughts on this being a possible LEO or security are hitting the web everywhere.

  43. St.Anger says:

    First much love to Metallica for upping the reward, and to Lars for posting on this site. Second way to go Blink, this site has some very informative info/posts and I also liked you use of the song titles in your story.

    Now post #86 really caught my interest. I looked at this DW guy, gives me a creepy feeling. I also think its really weird that only one person posted on his myspace page and futhermore I kind of get that sense of this sarah person being fake. I mean like it was mentioned before this DW making up a fake myspace profile (Sarah_) and posting on his page as if she was a real person posting, just a hunch.

    Does anyone know if this DW has spoken to LE? I think they should talk to this guy, especially if he is admitting that he had some contact or at rather at least spoke to Morgan that night.

    Also if DW was working at the show then LE should be able to confirm records if he was on duty at his post. I have never worked security so I don’t know how they operate shifts but I am sure the managment would want to make sure the people they are paying to work actually stay at their posts, but that is probably easier said then done.

    I agree with you blink about it being either inside or someone in a position of authority maybe offered her something, like backstage pass. Why else would she walk leave after looking forward to the show for 6 months.

    Now I am not psychic but I had a dream once that a friend had died. I woke up very alarmed and went to visit my friend, who was actually contemplating suicide that night. I am so glad I went because she was distraught and I shudder to think what she may have done if I had just shrugged off my dream. I had another disturbing dream about an acuaintance becoming ill. I told the person, who blew it off, but I found out about a year later that this person actually got very sick with some type of chronic viral illness and never recovered. Not AIDS but something that was still horrible, nonetheless.

    Again I think LE should talk to this DW guy or take a look at him anyway. He strikes me as odd and he looks to me like he is on something.

  44. PamTX says:

    What a glorious turnout for the search today — but when I read the following statement within this article, tears just came to my eyes:

    “As the Harringtons paused to speak with a reporter, Mrs. Harrington revealed that two days earlier she and her husband dialed Morgan Harringtons’s cell phone just to hear their daughter’s voice. The mother integrated her daughter’s “I’ll get right back to you” message into a poem she read for some of the searchers.”

    Obviously a battery has been put in Morgan’s cell phone by LE and questions come to my mind, but I think I will put those on the back burner and end this night with praying for comfort for her family and
    that God finds a way to bring their daughter back to them.

  45. jawbreaker says:

    Hey Blink: thank you for you work…..can you help me here….2 “peripheral” things struck me as weird.
    1. the 241 thing…that is just strange.
    2. Also, the dad seems odd to me. Not only the weird handsignals, but his general demeanor.

    Seems very Lynchian

    am i way off base?

    No, I don’t find a loving family odd. Also, I think God Forbid I was ever in that situation people would think I was an utter nutjob and I work in this “genre”.

  46. jawbreaker says:

    ok ….thanks for help…..

  47. Kelly says:

    My apologies if this post is a duplicate. My computer reset itself just as I was sending it.

    Hello Blink-

    My question: Is there a campground or an RV lot close to the area where the other 2 students (David Metzler and Heidi Childs) were found?

    Yes, within feet. They were murdered in the parking lot.

  48. Kelly says:

    Thank you Blink. Her (Morgan’s) belongings were found in an RV parking lot? I’m sure the coincidence is being considered?


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