Blink on Crime Exclusive: The Lovely Bones Suzie Salmon

Norristown, PA– ..” My name is Salmon, like the fish..”


In honor of this Fridays premier of the film, The Lovely Bones; a screenplay adaptation of the New York Times Bestselling novel by Alice Sebold, I bring you an interview with it’s deceased heroine.

Fictional fourteen year old rape and murder victim, Suzie Salmon, spoke fictionally to blinkoncrime about her break out role:

“I would rather be attending my High School with Ruth and Ray, but Holly and I have infinity edition Cosmopolitan here..”

With regard to it’s subject matter, this is the single most emotion invoking book I have ever read. I am not talking about the many publications that I have devoured that have shaped my Blink Gumbie.

I am talking about my awakening as a new Mother, to the atrocities that I needed to protect my children from.

I had no idea.

I used Deft, had plastic thingies in all my outlets, an alarm system and obnoxious monitors in the nursery. I was good to go.


I read THE LOVELY BONES over a snowed-in weekend when it was released in 2002.

The effects of the jolt to my rural ignorance remain.

The story about the rape and murder of Suzie, and her subsequent observations of her afterlife and “realtime” observation of her families despondency in dealing with her loss, is, raw. Raw-est.

Luckily, and that is no play on words for Ms. Sebolds freshman offering of “Lucky”; her first novel in which she recounts her own sexual assault, is “raw– lite” in it’s movie form in comparison.

Peter Jackson, the films director, chose in the novels adaptation to exclude the specifics, or overt references to Ms. Salmon’s actual fate.

While I struggle with the comforting, lingering angst that perhaps  allows me to suggest in some fictional way it did not happen; I think it blurs the message of the young lady who ultimately wanted to be called Susan.

Non-spoiler alert: That pedophile builds an underground hut to murder a child. She was too polite to refuse the adult who wanted to show her “his work.”  She is not his first, or last victim.

They never are. The neighbors dog found Suzies elbow.

Although I think the film is brilliantly cast, I am not thrilled from an awareness perspective that the truth about Suzie’s demise is glossed over.

That said, I think there is enough hype surrounding this work that the message will get out to the same demographic it has now insured a ticket.

The fact is, over the last year I have covered true crime, I am sad to say I have many Suzie Salmons in our collective pocket.

Our Suzies to date, who are the reason I am doing this article,  below:

Haleigh Cummings


Sunny Sandra Cantu


Nevaeh Buchanan


Sarah Foxwell


Somer Thompson


..” There was nothing anyone could have done. Nobody knew he was evil and would hurt young girls..”

-Suzie as conveyed to Blink

Everyone says that. In Suzie’s case, I would agree the resources may not have been available. For that, I will direct you to my editors choice reading selections:

The Gift of Fear… by Gavin DeBecker

Protecting The Gift.. by Gavin DeBecker

The Looking Glass ..The Lovely Bones Set, and donations to NCMEC !

In this limited edition boxed set, The Lovely Bones appears for the first time with a special companion volume, Looking Glass. This unique work integrates images of missing children with the opening chapters of The Lovely Bones, providing a powerful visual experience and honoring the thousands of children who go missing every year. Many of these children are recovered quickly, but others are still out there waiting, and the search continues. Alice Sebold is proud to support the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, an organization working to prevent child abductions, find missing children, and ultimately to bring them home.

A dedication: To Ken Lanning. The dedication you have shown in your career to our children is unprecedented. I am not sure I will ever publish our interview, I will however use the knowledge as best I can.

My profound thanks for your time and observance. That was the most haunting and enlightening time I have ever spent personally or professionally.

Resources for Parents to be better informed of your childs’ neighborhood:

Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Registry

Criminal Check

FBI Site by State


I pray every time it will be the last for these babies. Anything you could do would be huge.

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  1. Karen C. says:

    But, Blink, what if it had been a gun? That’s what I keep wondering…

  2. mya says:

    You can post here. It will only be seen by me. Please start with DO NOT POST.

  3. mya says:

    DO NOT POST! Dear Blink, I appreciate you keeping my confidence. I’ve been reading here for quite awhile and from your posts and responses to others, I have a sense that you are a very caring, genuine, trustworthy person who truly cares about kids. I’ve posted here before (under a different name) in defense/support of a PI involved in the case. I’ve known him for 7-8 years and our friendship was based on trying to find our ways through a serious health crisis that is difficult for others to understand, unless they’ve lived it. I fear sharing too much, as I don’t know who you know and what their relationship may be to him. I’m not asking you to disclose this, just maybe an extra assurance that what I write is kept solely between us. I’ll write more in a bit..

  4. rita says:

    Glad you’re back, Blink! I remember vividly when Etan Patz disappeared in NYC, May, 1979. I still follow news about his family. When the same tragedy befell Adam Walsh in July,1981, my eyes were fully opened to the unspeakable nightmare of missing children. Etan and Adam were precious and unforgettable. Though heartbreaking, the photos of the children on your site are seen by many, and they will be remembered. Bless you for all that you do.


  5. Cheryl Merrill says:

    I read The Lovely Bones when it was released also. I am a huge fan of true crime novels but this was unlike anything I had ever read. Very touching and really makes you think. I have 2 daughters 25 and 23 and I thank the Lord everyday they are safe, healthy and happy. Some of these recent cases truly break my heart (Caylee, Haleigh). I can’t imagine anyone harming a child or even an animal. Although I am happy Misty and Ron are at least in jail for something, I wonder if Haleigh will ever be found. I know its not a popular opinion with all but I truly believe Ron was involved as well as Misty and possibly others. I also pray that Casey Anthony will pay the full price for what (IMHO) she did. Perhaps others in her family should spend some time in jail also (covering up is almost as bad as the act) . I enjoy your column Blink. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Concerned Mom says:

    I stumbled upon Blink on Crime when you started covering Morgan Harrington’s disappearance as I live in Charlottesville and my life’s mission is to protect my four children. They think I am way overprotective, too weary of people, not trusting enough of strangers, etc… I have a 13 year old daughter and I cringe thinking of the evil out there that awaits her. From day one, I have tried to prepare her, to educate her on safety, etc.., but as she grows older, my worry also grows larger. I know so many people who purposefully do not want to hear about crime against children, child abductions, etc.. saying, “I can’t hear about it, it is too horrible”. I MAKE myself read about it, hear it, see it, b/c I will not bury my head in the sand and pretend evil does not exist.

    I bought the book The Lovely Bones yesterday for my 13 1/2 year old daughter. I have read Protecting the Gift twice and will be buying The Gift of Fear for my daughter.

    I want to thank you, Blink, for all that you do for these victims and families. I am forever “hooked” on your site. Again, thank you.


  7. Ragdoll says:

    I JUST finished this book. My husband bought it for me.

    Not what I expected. If anything, I got a taste of what ‘no sense of closure’ would feel like. Everything just ‘hangs in the air’ kinda feeling.

    I felt a sense of ‘non closure’, provoking thoughts of incompletion, unanswered questions and how healing is almost stunted then refueled by hope and faith. Survival skills kick in instinctively. All I can say is….wow!!!!! My heart goes out to families of the missing. Despite the henious murders and mysterious disappearances of our children and loved ones, the human spirit is relentless.

  8. Mrs Hunter says:

    My 5yr old watched this movie on last Friday. I caught it in the middle and then could not wait to watch the movie myself, this movie gave me chills,made me cry and wonder what will happen next by this time my 14yr old was trying to figure out what had me and my baby girl so quite so therefore we watched it with him tonight this was a great movie, trust I will get the book……..

    Respectfully I think the subject matter is not for a 5 year old, I am guessing you meant you caught your child in the middle and turned it off. I watched it some time ago with Blinkette, and recently with Blink Jr. It is not his typical thing, but we were able to have good discussion about bad people, reality, and spirituality.

  9. Mrs Hunter says:

    Thank you so much Blink this is truly something to watch and be aware of….

  10. Mrs Hunter says:

    B, this is Mrs Hunter although you this that this was something that my 5yr old should not have been watching and that I as her parent should have turned it off, respectfully this was a subject matter for all ages there is no age that a predators have no age limits when the harm children. Thank you very much,I don’t and will live in this world today as they did in 1973.

    We absolutely agree that the subject matter is and remains important for children at such time as they begin to understand it, I just felt that the medium for that age may not be appropriate. In retrospect, your right, you know your child, I do not, I think sometimes I answer in general terms and should not have.

    If I offended you I apologize. Thank you for following up with me.

  11. Ragdoll says:

    I hope you all have a long and happy life <3

  12. Sister says:

    Leggs pleads guilty and receives lift without parole.

    I interviewed a work associate of this creep, thank God he will never get out of prison.
    Thoughts and prayers are with Sarah’s family and friends.

  13. Sister says:

    Yes, Blink. It hit a lot of children very hard, even children who did not know her. Maybe now they can begin to move forward. Some were so afraid Leggs would get off. I have tried to teach them to have faith in LE . . . thank God not all LE are like in Christine’s case.

  14. Sister says:

    Leggs slashed in face in prison — toooooo badddddd

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