Morgan Harrington Murder: Virginia State Police Press Conference Today

Posted by BOC Staff | Alex Harrington,Dan Harrington,Gil Harrington,Morgan Harrington,Murdered | Thursday 4 February 2010 1:19 pm


Tip Line for Information Regarding Anchorage Farm

Charlottesville, VA– Corrine Geller, Public relations Manager for Virginia State Police, Appomatox barracks, has announced a Press Conference scheduled for today at 3PM.

“..No arrest has been made. No cause of death has been determined. Today’s press briefing is just an investigative update..”

Lt. Joe Radar, the ead investigator with VSP into the death of 20 year old Virgina Tech student Morgan Harrington, is expected to lead the briefing.

Morgan Dana Harrington, who is scheduled to be laid to rest tomorrow, was found deceased at the Anchorage Farm in a remote location of the vast property.

The press conference is going to focus on the Farm property where Morgan was recovered.

Police have not yet named a suspect in her disappearance and murder.

Please check back to for this continuing story.

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  1. jessejane says:

    Suz, I love Biscuitville!

  2. suz says:

    jessejane, lol! I have heard good things about it, including (if I recall correctly) angel biscuits that are light as air and melt in your mouth?

  3. Ragdoll says:

    #24 gifter

    UGH! I posted on the other thread to you. Miss you muchly too! I believe in y’all!


  4. Josie says:

    Suz and jessejane, I’ve never heard of Biscuitville or ate at one, but it *shore* made my stomach growl this morning.

    Thanks Ragdoll! I am still here…along with the madness, lol. Much love back to you.

    MinniePenney, you’re my kind of gal. I love your posts.

    I miss my fellow Gemini, Chad. It was good to read that your friend is doing so much better and I’m praying for a full recovery for him. I hope that you’ll soon be back among us and enlightening us again with your posts.

    Skyler, I sure have worried about Lexy and I hope to read today that she is back home with her mom, safe and warm.

    Love and prayers today for Dr. and Mrs. Harrington and Alex. Justice is on the way.

    Love and big, big hugs to all!

  5. Seattlewatching says:

    Going back to my “gamer” profiling …. In the xbox world it is very unique, people use a headset and communicate with other players all over the country adults and children. My young nephew lives on this all the time
    and I think it is to easy and dangerous in that place for adults to mingle with children especially since some of the games are sadistic and violent. I knew of a woman that met a guy on the xbox gaming eventually he flew up to meet her then wouldn’t leave it was a creepy situation, she became involved with him. xbox the new dating forum. Detectives need to get their headsets on and connect with gamers down there I will bet there has been talk of the murder or could be if someone starts the dialogue amongst the groups in there. there are very violent games with heavy metal music and killing ….. Go there you may find some good leads. Just a thought.

  6. Seattlewatching says:

    Here is a link for those that want to look into this.

  7. jessejane says:

    Suz, that is what I recall from my childhood forays to the then-local Biscuitville, yes. Josie, I’m tellin’ you… mmm. I believe they’re still around, no clue what they’re like now — if they have those same biscuits, then I do rightly recommend them.

    As for on-topic, I don’t mean to shirk the conversation… I’m reading avidly, still taking notes… don’t have anything new to add but I’m trying. Absolutely no disrespect meant by the shout out to Bville, just sayin’.

    Suz, you make me laugh.

  8. Tiffany Shifflett says:

    Hi everyone. I have read all the coments you guys have posted here on this website. Well I got a little news for you guys. Im the daughter of Harland Shifflett and the niece of Carl “Buster” Shiflett. There Mother died When there were in there early teens. She died in the state of Florida. There father died in there early teens as well. In Charlottesville. They have no sister names Phylis. They have 3 sisters. Mittie Ann. Stacy. Rebecca. And no mickey and Mason are no kin to us. Just really good friends. So what everyone that has posted the wrong stuff make sure you know that its right before you post it. Yes Buster and 2 of his friends killed a man. That’s in the past, He served his time for that. All of them did. Yes he has Tattoos but that don’t make him a bad person. You shouldn’t judge someone that you don’t know. Buster is the nicest guy will ever meet. He has a 1 year old daughter now. Just because you guys found out what him and his 2 friends did in the past shouldn’t let you judge him. And No my father and Buster didn’t have nothing to do with the Morgan case. Yes we are from crozet and love to play in mud and got four wheeling and go mudd bogging dosnt mean we have conection to the farm she was found on.. And we don’t have connection to that farm at all. My dad side of the family Is from Florida or Greene County. My moms side of the family is from Charlottesville or Louisa. we have no connection to that farm. So if you have anymore information you want to know about my family leave a comment and ill tell you.
    Tiffany Shifflett

    Ms. Shifflett, with all due respect- this is most certainly more about Ms. Harrington, Ms. Graham, and the other victims of this monster.

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