Morgan Harrington Murder: Why Anchorage Farm?

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Charlottesville, VA– Morgan Harrington, 20 year old Virginia Tech Student found murdered on Anchorage Farm January 26 2010, was put there for a reason.

My neighbors Winter

Image of Original Work By Nancy Bass

It was clear from Lt. Joe Rader’s press conference on February 4 that the location of Morgan’s remains is critical to the investigation, and to the identity of the individuals responsible.

Why Anchorage Farm?




David and Nancy Bass, owners of Anchorage Farm and the residential dwellings therein, own a boatload of land.

B O A T L O A D.



Mr. Bass, is also a longstanding member of the Albemarle County Zoning Appeals Board. In fact, he is the Chairman of the ACZAB since 2007, where he preceded this position at the Vice Chair since 2000.

Between 2005 and 2008, let’s agree there is a “run” on raw land in Albemarle County VA, in particular.

Like many families owning large tracts of land, there is always the dilemma of staying ahead of the zoning curve or preserving their land while paying taxes only on the residence.

Anchorage Farm, like almost 90% of surrounding vacant land, was registered in the Agricultural and Forrestal preservation program.

Location, Location, Location


The forced sale of Biscuit Run due to David Breeden’s original will was a disaster to its purchasers including Hometown crooner Dave Matthews.

A $46 Million dollar purchase from the Breeden family was recently bailed out by VDOT for under $10 Million.


There are lukewarm results to Blandemar Farms in its infancy.

The fresh sale of the first-of-its-kind development marrying land preservation and *ethereal* elite* estates* known as Bundoran Farms, Bass withdraws his 654 acre contribution to the Hardware District renewal.

Mr. and Mrs. Bass re-parceled and re-deeded their land in 2007.  I have studied this tract closely; there is no doubt in my mind this land was being prepped for development with exactly the right easements for “right of way” purposes in place.

Nearly every other landowner was now in the 10 year plan with the possibility of not just one, but two significant luxury development projects on the horizon while their land is restricted from development of a “more intense use.”


Holy Sh*t,  my land could be “not subject to further subdivision”  and worth half of what it is now in 10 years.  Gulp.

Morgan’s remains were found in parcel 41a.

Which would coincide with the 4 and 1 parts of her families creed o; I choose to take comfort in that.


Keeping up with the Jonesbrights


As an example, let’s use the adjacent property tracts across Red Hill.

The Howell, Waybright, Napier and Hager Families own the largest preserved adjacent trac on Monacan, which from a plot perspective, you might argue is land-locked due to Mr. Bass ‘s re-zoning.

Now, before I get 300 posts asking if I am suggesting Morgan Harrington was murdered out of revenge of a land dispute; of course not.


I am simply saying it is possible that part of the motive of the persons responsible for Morgan’s death to place her on exactly the parcel she was, may have been a combination of comfort AND perceived payback.

I have personally worked with developers on a similar project and I have seen a man have his land value cut in half by not completing the planning process prior to  new zoning amendments AFTER granting easements through it. Utter Nightmare.




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  1. localcvillegirl says:

    Josie, O, MsL, PM1…go Hoos beat Dook!

    Yo, Poppa went to Duke. Easy.

  2. Judi says:

    Well, according to this article, from the sleuth with the proof, he says Morgan is on video…

    Video surveillance captured Harrington between 8:20 and 9:00 p.m. on October 17 standing outside the John Paul Jones Arena prior to concert’s conclusion. Like many other commercial entertainment venues, the arena’s policy prohibits reentry. At 8:48 p.m., Harrington telephoned friends inside the arena and said she would find a ride home. Between 9:00 to 9:10 p.m., a video image captured the young woman walking through the University Hall parking lot alone. Witnesses later observed Harrington inside the Lannigan track and field parking lot.

    A witness told police that a woman matching Harrington’s description was standing on the Copeley Road Bridge attempting to hitch a ride. Standing over a set of railroad tracks, the bridge runs between University Hall and Ivy Road, a few blocks north of U.S. Highway 29. At 9:30 p.m., she was last observed standing on Copeley Road near the intersection of Ivy Road, about a block west of the bridge.

  3. GnM says:

    Observer – you are a beautiful soul.

    It lightens my heart to know there are people like Blink and her posters dedicated to seeing justice for Morgan and justice for all!

    As Marianne Williamson said “We are the angels we have been waiting for.”

    I have come to terms with what happened to me and why. I love myself too much now to ever put myself in those situations again. And you can believe if a man ever tries that again, he will be met with a viscous fight. I will fight “dirty.” I will not be a victim.

    We not only need to teach our daughters to fight back, but also teach our sons to respect women. We are not here for the taking.

    And back to topic — Morgan matters. We will not go away. You will not get away with this. You will pay in this life and in the after. You will pay.

  4. Observer says:

    TO: TOY, re: The Shack: I’ve read this book and am taking it on vacation with me in a couple weeks to re-read again. It is one of the (if not the singular) most profound, compelling reads of my lifetime. [I admittedly had to look past the fantasy to the essence of the message.] Your recommendation to readers, TOY, is excellent given the sub-plot of kidnapping and murder. I strongly echo your endorsement of this book for the comfort it may provide to some.

    TO suz, re: cognitive dissonance: Thanks so much for the reminder. While I’m very familiar with this syndrome, I still experience it frequently and must discipline myself to be aware of it in my efforts to avoid it.

    RE: The Sutherland fire: I will say this only: I find it not disturbing that the FD was dispatched to this location, later cleared, returned again later that same morning, and was later back in service. IMHO, whether LE was there at any point does not raise red flags (for me) WRT Morgan. I may yet be alone in this belief, but I do not think that this fire is related to Morgan’s murder. [And, as usual: I reserve the right to be wrong; wouldn’t be the first time, nor will it be the last. Once I stop learning it‘s time to put me out to pasture.]

  5. Observer says:

    OT: As mentioned in an earlier post, I’ll be leaving in a few short weeks for a vacation to some rather remote spots around the world and will be w/o internet and media access for the better part of two weeks. While I’ll enjoy myself immensely (and plan to take copious quantities of underwater photos), there’s little doubt in my mind that I’ll experience BOC withdrawal. In my absence, though, I know that the readers here will continue to fight the good fight, leaving no stone unturned to bring Morgan’s murderer to justice.

    Nothing would please me more than to return to this great country of ours, and to The Family BOC, to see that the BG is behind bars. As John Walsh is so fond of saying, “Let’s make it happen!”

    From this keyboard to God’s ears…

  6. In Memory of Gini says:

    Justice….I watched the video and also googled Karla Homolka. She is a piece of work to put it nicely. It scares me to think that people like that walk among us. According to Wikipedia, she got out in 2007 and moved to the West Indies. I would not be surprised that when Morgan’s murderer/s are exposed, those around him/her will be shocked and saddened.

  7. total amateur says:

    21.suz says:
    March 12, 2010 at 7:01 am
    total amateur, is there circumstantial evidence in this case that points to someone in particular? i guess we don’t know what was found at the scene, but the hat in hand plea from Rader to the locals sure didn’t sound like they had anything solid at that point.
    I guess you’re asking me this because in a previous post I stated that IMO, LE could be waiting on making an arrest because they would prefer to proceed with DNA evidence, otherwise they’ll have to proceed with a more circumstantial case.

    Anyone’s guess is as good as mine as to what kind of circumstantial evidence they have.

  8. total amateur says:

    oddly, I can’t find that dispatch, even though I know for a fact ACPD was onscene.
    Are these records available for the public online? i tried to find them last night with no luck. If so, could someone provide a link?

    If the call itself is unavailable(most likely), is the exact time of Mr. Bass’ 911 call known?

    Could a “flare up” have occurred at the Sutherland scene after emergency crews left? I can’t think of any other typical reason for that many units to be called back. Do the records show what kind of units were dispatched- i.e. fire/rescue or just police?

  9. Mom of a college student says:

    Relative to the discussion of crime reporting on college campuses, it might be worthwhile to google “The Handbook for Campus Crime Reporting” published by the US Dept. of Education. All campuses receiving Title IX funding are required to comply with the Clery Act, which mandates that campuses not only publish their crime statistics, but judiciously investigate reports of illegal activity on campus, risking their Title IX funds if they fail to comply. These reports are in the public domain and parents would do well to ask for a copy regarding the campus their student is attending.

    In fairness to college campuses, and I speak from no knowledge of UVA, rape/criminal investigations/reporting can only be as good as the willingness of the victim to come forward, report the crime and cooperate with campus security and the police.

    Unfortunately, and particularly with this age group, consensual sex fueled by drugs and alcohol, coupled with morning after regret/guilt contributes to the reporting problem. Is this to say that campuses are without blame in this situation? No, there are any number of examples across the nation of university attempts to cover up sex/violent crimes, particularly if athletes are believed to be involved and a championship is on the line. That is inexcusable from an administrative standpoint and college presidents that condone such activities ought to be handed their walking papers.

    Mr. Harrington is correct, if we are ever to get a handle on this situation several things must happen:
    – Younge women need to be aware of the issues of date rape drugs, partner violence, personal safety, and the wisdom of the buddy system in social situations. They need to feel empowered to call on campus security if they are uncomfortable walking across campus at night for an escort. They need to report other criminal activity they witness. And they need to take some personal responsibility for not putting themselves into situations that are potentially fraught with danger, i.e. going it alone.
    –Men need to be held accountable for their actions and specifically told that irrespective of their value to the university, if they commit a crime the university will not protect them or hide the deed.
    –Universities must uphold the sanctions they have established to deal with crimes, irrespective of who the perpetrator may be. They also need to work with local police to keep up with what is happening in their communities/precincts.
    –And the university or community in which it resides, should have a safety net of support services available to women and victims before and after a violent crime is committed.

    Unfortunately, college campuses are not the havens of safety we might wish them to be. In fact, very often they are only as safe as the surrounding community. There are no walls to keep the BGs out and by their very nature, campuses seem to attract free thinking folks of all sorts of persuasions. It’s what makes college life magical and, at the same time, a place where caution should be exercised.

    My long winded point in all of this –it takes everyone — campus administration, students, parents, communities and police dept.– working together to create and sustain a safe educational/community environment. The Clery Act is helping to create more transparency, but in the end, it’s everyone’s responsibility.

  10. Swiss Miss says:

    peggy says:
    March 11, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    Virginia is definitely part of the South, they seceded from the Union in 1861.

    The Mason-Dixon line is between the borders Maryland and Pennsylvania.

    Shhh, don’t tell that to those of us living in Northern Virginia. Many of us thought the M-D Line had moved to Richmond!

  11. Pomona71 says:

    Re: justiceformorgan -Men show much less signs of guilt than
    women according to today MSNBC-Health “Women Feeling Too
    Guillty” (I don’t know how to link) We’re all pretty sure a
    man is involved and some says perhaps a female. The female
    may show some sign, but I think of Misty Croslin and Ron
    Cummings. Misty appears to be subservient to Ron and shows
    little emotion–she’s probably thinking of that headless rat.
    A normal male might show a little guilt, but your sociopath
    wouldn’t–good call on your part.

  12. MsL says:

    Josie, Even when I’m not posting, rest assured, I am reading and praying for an arrest!

    Can’t resist, WaHoowa-Go Hoos go! Hoping for the best, but if today’s the last day of basketball season for the CAVS, there’s still lots of spring sports including baseball and lacrosse. Blink, I’ve always considered Coach K a class act. Think Tony Bennett might prove to be cut from the same cloth.

  13. localcvillegirl says:

    MsL that’s right…we can always rely on baseball and lacrosse to ease the pain. This could very well be like being on the Titanic today, but did you see the UVa-Syracuse game on Sunday????

  14. crimewriter says:

    As seen on-

    {Buck Naked December 31st, 2009 | 9:08am
    Let’s not forget that Mr. Craig bid two times higher than the next closest bid for this land, which was in the neighborhood of 24 million. I was in his office three days after this was announced and boy was he PISSED.

    Don’t worry, he has something coming his way in the form of a political favor or two. Is his tax accounting going to value the land at 2005 prices (48 million) or 2009 prices (33 million).

    Tax wise, he unloaded a burden and can claim a loss. And some old growth forest gets saved.

    Isn’t it “funny” how the people with all that kind of money can make such ridiculously uninformed decisions? There were major signs in 2005 that the housing boom was already showing problems. Seriously, did EVERYONE think this 20% per year appreciation of real estate was going to last forever? More dollars than sense.

    Overall, I’m glad he donated it, but he should not have rushed to buy it in the first place.}

  15. doug says:

    Is there still snow on the ground around Charlottesville? Why haven’t authorities re-searched Anchorage farm and the surrounding area with cadaver dogs to see if any more victims have been planted in this area of comfort. There are other missing young women. Maybe there is more evidence in those hills that could help tighten the noose.

  16. redly says:

    doug says:
    March 12, 2010 at 12:55 pm

    Is there still snow on the ground around Charlottesville? Why haven’t authorities re-searched Anchorage farm and the surrounding area with cadaver dogs to see if any more victims have been planted in this area of comfort. There are other missing young women. Maybe there is more evidence in those hills that could help tighten the noose.


    I don’t think there are other missing young women from the area. I know people have been listing everyone listed as missing on the findmorgan site, but none are from c’ville and most do not appear to be crime victims.

  17. Eloise says:

    Food for thought:

    Alot of coverage has been provided from Fox news regarding Chelsea’s death & the alleged RSO charged. One interesting bit of info from this AM is that this guy Gardner had a GPS bracelet that they then discontinued b/c he wasnt good at replacing the batteries.Nice.
    So, my thought was, our young RSO would’t have had a GPS on his person. Otherwise what would be the need for him to be late on reregistering if they already knew where he was? The announcement made it sound it was one or the other. Can anyone speak to this?

  18. MsL says:

    localcvillegirl-no I didn’t make it on Sunday but heard there were over 7000 fans.

  19. redly says:

    Eloise says:
    March 12, 2010 at 1:19 pm

    Food for thought:

    Alot of coverage has been provided from Fox news regarding Chelsea’s death & the alleged RSO charged. One interesting bit of info from this AM is that this guy Gardner had a GPS bracelet that they then discontinued b/c he wasnt good at replacing the batteries.Nice.
    So, my thought was, our young RSO would’t have had a GPS on his person. Otherwise what would be the need for him to be late on reregistering if they already knew where he was? The announcement made it sound it was one or the other. Can anyone speak to this?


    Its not one or the other. Registering is to let the public know where he/she lives and works. GPS is for constant tracking. You always have the first; sometimes the second as well. It looks like he should have had both under the law but no one here has been able to confirm if he was actually subject to GPS.

  20. J2K says:

    Observer –

    We sure are gonna miss you around here…
    But! No sense focusing on that now, when we can still engage with you. On that note (and sort of O/T), you and TOY’s exchange on “The Shack” compels me to encourage more relevant-to-this-case-in-some-way book recommendations from BOC posters. (I’m more of a non-fiction gal myself — but, I can do based-on-a-true-story novels, too.) The way B was able to “circulate” and turn a whole new audience onto “Gift of Fear” just shows the power of the intelligent like-minds in this forum. Anyway! Back O/T:

    If I wasn’t clear, I do not find it “disturbing” that various FD units returned to the scene of the Sutherland fire seven hours later. And, I’m quite sure that at points through the night/the next morning, ACPD was there or in the direct vicinity as well, possibly staging road blocks, and assisting/observing in other ways.

    Departmentally speaking, if the fire was not determined to be a crime scene – which I do not believe it was – the same units securing the firefighting/investigation scene off of Sutherland Road would *not* have been the same units/detectives at the recovery/possible-crime scene on AF, so the dual investigations could indeed co-exist.

    I was simply pointing out an observation, and putting it forth for comment. I’m with you on this one, O – not a single development or release of info since Jan. 26 has bolstered the theory of a connection between the awkward timing of these two events (that, again, occurred nearly 5 miles and more than 6 hours apart).

    But I second Observer’s stipulation, as far as my lack of *total certainty* in this regard: “I reserve the right to be wrong; wouldn’t be the first time, nor will it be the last. Once I stop learning it‘s time to put me out to pasture.”

    Here, here.

  21. Motherofbeautifuldaughter says:

    In reply to Observer 3/10/10
    We have the Cleary Act that requires reporting, offices have been designated, resources made available, yet, according to a recent report, nineteen of twenty rapes on US campuses go unreported. Also, according to the study, the main reason for underreporting is reluctance of victims to come forward. Are the victims to blame for not coming forward or does the culture reinforce the problem?
    Observer, since you may be in an influential position, I wanted to suggest some ideas that I believe may help to bring about a culture change:
    1) Educate all incoming students, along with parents, at new student orientation about sexual assault – how it happens, consent when intoxicated, how to preserve evidence, getting a rape kit, reporting procedure, contacting law enforcement. Proactively educating students about sexual assault, what a powerful message to send — we acknowledge that it happens here and it happens to nice girls, it is a crime, don’t minimize it, if it’s happened to you, it may be happening with others; we support the prosecution of sexual assault.
    2)I agree with you, investigations should be conducted and adjudicated by law enforcement with ability to get search warrants, trained in investigation and questioning witnesses, arrest powers.
    3)If we continue to rely on self-reporting (albeit I find this of dubious value) there should be a system of checks and balances, i.e., independent audit by an organization paid through outside funds.
    4)Independent surveys of entire student body conducted to corroborate reporting; effectiveness of policies, procedures, resources, etc.
    5)Government funding should be withheld or dispensed based on results (audits, surveys, etc); not compliance activities.
    As a practitioner in the private sector, I am not an advocate of self-reporting particularly when results might be at cross-purposes. While I certainly support efforts directed at sentencing of perpetrators; I agree with Dr. Harrington, a broad based culture of advocacy and accountability is needed. As parents we can only do so much. I found with my own daughter as she was spreading her wings in college, she dismissed much of my advice as an overprotective, alarmist parent. And, I didn’t know then half of what I now know.

  22. Mom3.0 says:

    Observer, We will miss you- but you are not gone yet, so I look forward to more posts.
    J2K Thanks for the welcome back my ever so funny friend

    I think the article that was posted saying they have footage of Morgan trying to reenter is wrong… Lt. Rader said they do not and Dr. Harrington said much the same.

    justiceformorgan, thanks for the link.. It always makes me sick to know that woman is now free and a wife and mother. God help her not be the horrible person I have come to know through my crime reading…

    Daisygirl frustration has set in for most of us. Don’t worry we won’t jump all over you. I think you made some very valid points. Observer, once warned us to be careful mentioning names, as these people are real live men and women, they have family’s and such… I agree.

    I hope LE will release cause of death ect soon- better yet, I hope they are well on their way to arresting someone. Unfortunately, we don’t have very much to go on, and that breeds frustration and sometimes speculations that wind up being just that, speculations and not facts. 241

  23. Eloise says:

    Thank you redly. I was thinking I misunderstood the whole discussion. All of these rules seem to be totally insufficient.

  24. Motherofbeautifuldaughter says:

    To Mom of College Student says:
    Unfortunately, and particularly with this age group, consensual sex fueled by drugs and alcohol, coupled with morning after regret/guilt contributes to the reporting problem.

    I have been told by law enforcement in certain states, a woman who is intoxicated cannot give consent legally. That is why I think educating students at orientation is so important.

    In my own case, I recall a lot of discussion about theft of laptops and measures to safeguard property but don’t recall a discussion about sexual assault. It’s been a while and maybe that’s not the case.

  25. suz says:

    total amateur, yeah, I was hoping you had some nugget of circumstantial evidence in yer back pocket; maybe something I hadn’t considered. I sure hope they have SOMETHING.

  26. suz says:

    Doug, you make an interesting point. Of course Morgan wasn’t buried, but that convicted rapist in Cleveland who had all those dead bodies (and the house that smelled really bad, but everyone thought it was the sausage factory or sewers) had them stashed in all kinds of ways: buried, stuffed in walls, shoved into crawlspaces, stuck up in the attic….IIRC

  27. Phyl says:

    The sleuth with the proof is no schlep. (At least according to his credentials listed on his website.) I’m thinking LE has a lot more than they are letting on. That clock is ticking louder and louder BG.

    About Steven Spingola
    Steven Spingola is an investigator with a national reputation for excellence.

    A 2001 graduate of the FBI National Academy, Spingola holds two masters degrees. He is also a death investigations expert, a police related shooting reconstruction specialist, and has formal training in criminal investigative analysis (profiling).

  28. Pepper says:

    Minnie Penney, March 7th at 4:21 pm – I agree 1000% with you!!! I am so upset about Chelsea and all the others that he probably raped and/or killed. Some of the RSO’s here in VA have PO Boxes for addresses. WTH? Last time I checked, I couldn’t fit inside a PO Box! And it being left up to them to register ? Why? It makes me sick! Thank you for your post. I’m a little behind in reading this site – had a very busy week.

  29. suz says:

    We do know that Bass found her at 8:30 a.m., don’t we? I remember thinking, wow, her purse is found at 8:30, her body is found at 8:30….weird. But some articles say she was found at 9:30 a.m., of course, because this case has such great reporting.

  30. justiceformorgan says:

    “justiceformorgan, thanks for the link.. It always makes me sick to know that woman is now free and a wife and mother. God help her not be the horrible person I have come to know through my crime reading…”

    Mom3.0, I agree. The deal Karla Homolka was able to make by coming forward to LE before all the evidence was “uncovered” is despicable. Although, she was just as involved and just as guilty as Paul Bernardo in the sexual assaults and murders of the girls, she is now a free woman simply because she confessed to LE and agreed to testify against her “partner in crime” before LE had all the evidence in hand. Absolutely despicable.

  31. Minnie Penney says:

    just reading and catching up…..where did everybody go….

  32. Mom3.0 says:

    suz very interesting # 30
    justiceformorgan- So true and so sad

    Minnie- new article:

  33. gifter3 says:

    Minnie Penney and All…
    We’re over on the NEW thread!
    Come join us!

  34. Ragdoll says:

    Hey guys!

    I’ve just been lurking on Morgan’s wall here. It’s gone on way past my capacity to comprehend the complicated pieces of this rubik’s cube. I never did master that itchbay….ever. I’m so glad to see y’all are still hard at it and persevering for Morgan.

    Miss my friends on here! Very precious, true friends. Just wanted to say I miss you but I have you with me….and of course…..

    ((((((GROUP HUGS)))))))))))

    PS….in memory of Morgan and her 2*4*1, my husband, children and I made a decision to carry on with her trademark and keep it in motion. May God bring great comfort to the Harringtons and the answers they need


  35. Ragdoll says:


    What’s worse, Karla Homolka was given a new identity and a job in Montreal upon her release. She was pretty much outted after sitings of her were being reported. That is our justice system folks. America takes it much more serious, so when you are ready to criticize your system, think about the wrist slaps Canada hands out to killers, pedophiles, child porn rings. They price they pay is so trivial compared to their victims. It’s not perfect, but a life sentence means a life sentence in the USA. In Canada, you’re gonna get parolled, usually and eventually.

    I love my country, but our PM fails over and over. He hasn’t made any kind of appearance in almost over a year (evening during hard economic times). He managed to take time to attend the Olympics. He is a joke. He is not a leader and he knows there is no successor in site that would win a national election.

    Oh, but that man sure can sing a Beatles tune.

  36. Ragdoll says:

    Observer, you deserve that vacation. You will be greatly missed….as in postage bag full of comments reveal! You are a kindred spirit and genuine friend to all. God bless, be safe and return to us refreshed and renewed!

    Mucho love~

  37. Mom of a college student says:

    To mother of a beautiful daughter (me too!) Back after a few days break and read your comments. Frankly, waiting until college to begin a discussion about partner violence and sexual assault is, IMHO, way too late. I can also argue that while the educational institution can play a role in alerting our young people to danger, it is the parents that, all along, should have been taking responsibility for educating their sons and daughters. The gift of fear, I believe, should be instilled at a reasonably early age, and built upon throughout a child’s life as is age appropriate. And, this may be surprising, but parents still carry more weight with their student than university staff ever will.

    Having worked in university administration for more than 3 decades, I get dismayed when parents take the stance that educational institutions become de facto parents when students enroll. (And I’m not suggesting that’s what you are saying) We are not. We cannot be held responsible for how much someone’s child drinks off campus, what they smoke, who they date, or what ever other risky behaviors they may pursue when not on our college campuses. We cannot force people to report crimes. We can enforce campus prohibitions regarding alcohol, drugs and violence that occur on our property. We can provide a reasonable level of security presence, we can provide or refer them to appropriate support services as needed, we can adjudicate crimes occurring on campus, and we can facilitate contact with the authorities when victims come forward to report crimes and press charges.

    The extent to which a victim feels comfortable to do so is due, in equal measure, to how supported they feel by family, institution and community, and their own personal commmitment to seeing justice served. It does not surprise me that the number reported is so low, but I would argue that rape reporting in the community at large is probably little better. And while an incapacitated woman may not be able to give consent, she does bear some responsibility in maintaining her capacity, date rape drug notwithstanding, but even then, staying within a group setting can lessen the risk.

    Bottom line: universities exist to help students achieve their personal and professional educational goals at a time of transition from young person to young adult. Students’ safety is, of course, a paramount concern and most campuses do a darn good job in creating and sustaining that kind of environment. But we can’t do it all, and this isn’t grade or high school. Parents and the individual bear responsibility in personal safety. Have that talk about alcohol, drugs, sex, and partner violence before they come to campus. We’ll reinforce you, but parents need to plant the seed.

  38. A Texas Grandfather says:

    Mom of College student is on the right path. If you as a parent don’t begin the process of getting your child’s attention at the High School level or even earlier around twelve or thirteen, then we are subjecting them to a world that is violent without the knowledge and tools to recognize and cope with danger.

    In my opinion, the fact that colleges often allow co-educational dormotories to exist creates problems for female students. It also places temptations in the way of male students that some may not be mature enough to handle. If I were in charge of a campus, there would be none of this type of housing and there would be a five day a week curfew of ten PM on all female dorms. There would be no possible way that a male student could have access to the living quarters of any female.

    Girls need to have it pounded into their heads that the safest thing to do is to always travel in groups of three or more and that they must stick together at all times.

    Most of the cases of recent time, have involved young women who have made decisions to travel,jog, go to school or go to a store alone.

    Twenty-eight years ago a neiece of mine was kidnaped from a convience store and held captive for four days until she managed to escape. It was a horrible experience for a nineteen year old and for the family. It took many years for her to recover. She went to the store alone.

    My that is horrible, I am at least glad she made it out alive, thank you for sharing that.

  39. cosmo says:

    universities need to have their multi-million dollar security camera system paid for by student / parent tuition working during major events held on campus or on university grounds …

  40. Mom of a college student says:

    Lest anyone truly thinks that tuition pays the entire cost of a student’s education, please reconsider. At many state supported institutions, tuition vs. state support is about 40%/60% or 35%/65%. Having said that, if an institution is lucky enough to have a multi-million dollar security camera system, by all means, it should be in use.

  41. cosmo says:

    pretty sure the state of Virginia can find it in the budget to equip at least three state institutions with security system / cameras / etc.

  42. Dawn Bohrnstedt says:

    How does one “register” for this site? There is nothing to “click?”

  43. Sherlock says:

    I certainly see an enourmous amount of irrelevant information in these postings. Much brainfarting.

    Anyways: I have lived in the Charlottesville are for more than 35 years (bad karma perhaps).Police detection work here? Non-existent at best, only the typical leap-to-conclusions followed by waiting for evidence to fall from the sky.

    Regarding the T-shirt: Morgan wore a black t-shirt with the ‘Pantera” logo in brown across the front. The only witness quoted by news reports of having mentioned anything written on a t-shirt stated the young woman he encountered wore a black t-shirt with Metallica on the front.

    It seems quite logical since Morgan was a Metallica fan, that she bought a metallica t-shirt and changed into it in a womens’ bathroon inside the arena. Since she was not seen carrying a shirt, it seems logical that she had stuffed the Pantera shirt into her back-pack style purse. No reason to believe she was anywhere near the location where the shirt was later found — someone else was.

    Considering that she was wearing only a miniskirt and a t-shirt, adding that it was around 37 above zero and raining late that night, she could easily have died of hypothermia (froze to death).

    While police look for a killer with a violent history and “Intimate knowledge” of Anchorage Farm and and other “rural” areas, it might be clever to look for someone connected to the multi-million dollar homes located a few thouseand feet from where her remains were located.

    One might note that the place where her remains were found was populated by rather large Black Angus cows and at least one bull. Damage to her body would definately have occurred if stepped on by one of these bememouths.

    Interesting that the apparently false sightings of Morgan (3-4)were all in the I-64 are near Shadwell and Keswick and the County line – far in the wrong direction (look at google maps). Perhaps there is or is not some connection between such false sightings and someone with evidentuary knowledge of her demise.

  44. [...] In an earlier article, published shortly after Harrington’s remains were found, we reported the most recent activity of the land and it’s owners David and Nancy Bass.  During the time of Morgan’s disappearance, the farm house, or the home on the Va historical register occupied at the time by the Bass’s daughter Jenny, was undergoing renovations to its hvac. [...]

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