Morgan Harrington Case: Exploring The Musical Connections

Disclaimer– exclusive original content copyright and property of Internet Network News, LLC and Reproduction of this article , ANY OF IT’S Conclusions or CONTENT, in whole or in part without proper attribution and source link is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. Charlottesville, VA– On the evening of one of the most anticipated musical events of her young 20 years, Morgan Dana Harrington, 20, disappeared from the Metallica Concert at JPJ on October 17, 2009. After months of investigative efforts involving four different law enforcement jurisdictions, Morgan’s skeletal remains were found by Anchorage Farm owner David Bass on January 26, 2010.


Upon the recovery of Morgans remains, many parallels of her life reflected her love of the musical community in general, but also, the surrounding venues she attended previously, such as bonnarooallgood, the rooster walk, and floydfest. Bamboozler Charlottesville is rife with heritage, musical talent, eclectic artisans and those wanting to be a part of it, nightly, across the vast bucolic landscape. As a tribute to Morgan Harrington’s love of the Indi music scene, will explore some of the culture and artists she embraced.


The Dirty Horse Dirty-horse Featuring Charlotteville’s own Christian Breeden of Biscuit Run fame…The Dirty Horse. Coincidentally, TDH played at Maya the evening of October 17, 2009. The Dirty Horse, is a fan-staple of CVille, although development plans for Biscuit Run into a State Park through it’s purchase by VDOT may make Breeden more of a Crozet staple, closer to his other residence. Members  are Breeden, Ariel Vegodsky, Mike McCue and Brian Massie . BreedburnshoulderChristian, former front man for American Dumpster and son of late acclaimed sculptor David Breeden, is a renaissance of Bohemian royalty with talents ranging from sculptor, bike builder, artist, musician, photographer and self proclaimed Junkyard Spirit conjurer. Breeden’s latest endeavor, The Equinocalypse, celebrating the melting away of Winter and “new life” promises for Spring, is the invitation of the season to party “carny style”.

Party Liberation Front Now Here is a Gig. Resist the urge to think this is pledge week. Tis not. The Pyro laced gala will also be dj’d by Richmonds’ own FunkFriar John Reinhold and Conway Jennings. While “THE JOHN” is dragging up the long bar from Richmond, you can catch a listen to his mixjo here. As far as non-harvest, middle of the woods socials go- this may be the actual farmville, but with F I R E.

Pre Sentencing Report No doubt the Cvillain, edited by bathtub shroom purveyor and recently Ianconvicted *man about Cville* music, eatery and libation  scene, Ian Saul, will be covering the “equal night”. It is not known if he will be using the ritual to influence any sort of leniency for a light sentencing on March 31. Regardless of his pending matters which one can observe daily on his facebook, Ian manages to personally attend and cover every evenings soiree in the ville.

Bring It and Sling It Breeden BonfireCarcinogen friendly preffered. BYOH.. Bring your own hula. Not to be confused with bring your own hooka. I am thinking fresh aire contact-hooka will suffice. BE CREATIVE. Fire-laced, dayglo, neon, light-sticks-strung-together,Breeden with Collins you are defined by your HOOP here and you don’t want anyone to think your a first timer. Or Not. You could certainly simply don your best minotaur frock and arrive fashionably equine. I have decided I will be attending dressed as Sukie Stackhouse, immediately following my dip in the soaking tub with my ammonium bicarbonate bath fizzies. Contributing Editor: Elizabeth Morton Images Courtesy of Klaasend

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  1. skyler says:

    Blink said:

    who does not have a reasonable explanation as to how it got there.

    Here ya go.. ” I was walking down the street, I saw this shirt, I picked it up, I realized it was trash and whipped it.” ( insert any other permutation you can think of, the bottom line is, sans a primary crime scene, or corroborating physical evidence to the perps at the recovery scene nobody is getting arrested with this evidence which is what it seems to be the perception.)

    I feel the need to say this, and it is not directed at anyone in particular of course, but i am not getting the warm and fuzzy gets the picture of what we are dealing with here.

    If you review posts here, the profile of these unsubs is pretty static.

    They are young, they are brutally violent, they are remorseless and they now learned something about how better to get away with this next time. These people do not give a rats bippy about whether or not Morgan was shirtless, in fact, I would go as far as to say it gave them pleasure that she was to go to her grave that way.


    Blink, this is my fear — even if they find all of the trace evidence in the world — let’s say they find semen w/ DNA on her clothes or otherwise — unless they have another piece of evidence — that case is not going to trial — the world’s worst defense atty will make a case: listen, we’re sorry about what happened, but it was consensual and she was just fine when my client left her —

    why didn’t you report this to the police ?

    I don’t watch the news, I didn’t realize that chic was the dead girl — like I said, she was fine when I left her —

    but — even though there may only be a little trace evidence on Morgan — once they can connect her to the BG, if there’s trace in HIS car — which they can’t ever clean it all up, no matter how much bleach they use, there’s always that one tiny little crack or crevice where trace will hide — that’s a whole other story — and all they need is one little tiny splatter of Morgan in that car which that same world’s best defense atty will plead out for life in prison in exchange for a guilty plea instead of Va’s death penalty

    BG is stupid to think he/she/they are insulated — no matter how many stories they concoct —

    J4M !

  2. skyler says:

    Acho: when I first read this, I thought it said: Pickles — and I swear, I was sad that Pickles was offed —

    then I read it again — shew ! He might be a pain in the butt, but if he had nothing to do w/ Morgan’s fate, w/out him, where would we have gotten our wonderful phrase: don’t mean to be pizzing in your cheerios —

    >>Investigators believe they had something to do with the death of Sean Placko of Churchville, though there is no word what that link may be.”

  3. total amateur says:

    Are we staying on this thread, or moving to the new one?

    I would say move in light of the new information.

  4. Josie says:

    Thanks Saramom for the compliment. You are so right, we do need each other. So many interesting posts. I have a positive feeling again. I hope it means an arrest soon. Whenever I start to feel down, there’s always some with a positive comment that gives hope again.

    Keekee, I always love your posts. So energetic and gets the thought train going.

    Very many good posts from everyone. I’m still catching up!

  5. anotherB says:

    @ Blink March 17, 2010 at 12:53 pm

    “Your assuming it does not have trace evidence of a handler. How would that matter unless there is voluminous blood evidence or brain matter, or any other marker of probable death by the person wearing it coupled with DNA markers of a known offender with a hit in CODIS, who does not have a reasonable explanation as to how it got there.”

    I don’t think there were large amounts of blood or brain matter, because that would have alerted police that the shirt was indeed evidence rather than just trash.

    “Why is everyone sold that Morgan’s shirt had to be removed following her death? If it is her shirt, which I contend it is, then she was not found with it on.”

    This makes me wonder whether they just got a partial DNA match with Morgan – let’s say 98%. And since it was just very unlikely for someone to plant a shirt, they came to the conclusion it wasn’t her’s. Until they found the remains with no shirt.

  6. total amateur says:

    acho- In your digging, did you ever uncover when DDO went overseas? How close in proximity to Oct 17, 2009? Was this a scheduled trip… or a “spur of the moment” thing?

  7. anotherB says:

    I trust your question was answered on this issue with Gil’s words today?

  8. total amateur says:

    Gil Harrington as quoted by WSLS:
    “I cannot get the image of Morgan’s shattered bones out of my mind, nor the jagged feel of the fractures on my fingers.”
    This is horrid and unsettling.
    Gunshot(s) then? What else could you assume?
    Can we NOW be told how she died?

    So much for the suggestion that LE wouldn’t let parents see something like that. Although, I don’t think LE would legally have much choice if the parents really wanted to view the remains.

  9. suz says:

    Observer, my gut and I are still with you on the shirt. Of course, my gut has been known to lie, like when it tells me to eat even though I’m not hungry….

  10. ConcernedBystander says:

    MsLAL posted: Thanks, CB, and yes, that other CB is who I was “talking” to! Sorry for any confusion. 34? He knows better, but I ’spect he’s quite the Peter Pan.

    Yeah, he’s definitely ‘out there’. And no, I wasn’t concerned you were referring to me, I just wasn’t sure if you knew the person making the comment on the youtube video was actually CB. As for the video – I don’t have a problem with guns, I actually own a few myself. But to be rolling around and diving in ditches and firing at the same time is beyond unsafe or immature at any age, let alone for a 34 year old. But thankfully he came back on there and said it’s just fun and games.

  11. palerider says: amateur says:
    March 17, 2010 at 12:11 pm
    How many other people find mistakes in their grammar after posting and think everyone’s going to assume they’re an idiot? lol
    Ha, OCD, juzz like me!!!!! TEEHEE!!

  12. belika says:

    Blink, where did the new material about Morgan Rocks disappeared?

  13. belika says:

    Dear Blink, when you first said that Morgan was brutally murdered… Well I had some pain in my stomach, and a few really cruel scenarios about what could have happened in my mind… but tried to focus on the possibility that *they* just shot her with a fire arm. Not it gets more and more cruel. Her bones were broken while still alive. She was completely/almost naked in that cold rainy Oct. 17th night.

    I wonder how are those *guy/s* able to sleep at night?

  14. bluewillow says:

    I can’t help thinking about how the bad guy(s) may have family members who know or suspect what kind of person(s) he or they are and what they have done, yet are too selfish or cowardly to face it and do what is right. Gil’s incredible honesty and courage is such a vivid contrast, looking the brutality of what happened unflinchingly in the face and coming to grips with what really is, and then moving outward with dignity to work towards what is good. She is the one with all the power. They are cowards, weak, pathetic cowards.

    Of course they are. The only way they could ever spend 5 minutes with a girl like Morgan would be to abduct and incapacitate one.

  15. belika says:

    Beaten to death!? This gets more and more like a horror movie. Only it’s real. I feel so sorry for her family. But I feel even more sorry for Morgan herself. No one deserves that. How can LE keep on saying that the area/community is safe? How can they keep on saying they have no POI? When I am sure both statement are not true. He/they can and will do it again. In VA or elsewhere. And I am firm at least – LE have some clues by now. So many appeals to the public for info/clues/connected people. So many people digging and searching for info about this case. I am sure they/LE have some, at least vague idea who the BG’s are. They just have to.

    Another point. After so many months, with so very few facts shared with public by LE, I totally agree with Blink and Mrs. and Dr. Harrington – LE have to release more info about the case to the public. All those lurkers out there need something to hold on to to proceed with their searches. And I am firm they will get him/them soon.

  16. justiceformorgan says:

    Thanks for the links crimewriter….I think. I stopped watching part way through the 4th video. Please tell me that isn’t a live pig. Someone call PETA and yes, I’m serious!!! That is CRUEL.

    So I take it that is CB. Wow. What a narcissistic loser. I can spot his type a mile away.

  17. CVa Native Away says:

    If there’s not enough evidence for a conviction, or God forbid a trial, then I think it will be time for the Harringtons to watch (if they haven’t already) the movie “In the Bedroom”.

  18. justiceformorgan says:

    FWIW, I’m officially moving my cheese.

    I placed my cheese on the obvious choice many, many weeks ago and have stood firm in that belief until now. I no longer think it’s him. I think it’s someone who knows his “history” though and where he has lived and where he has worked or knows enough about him to be able to gather that information. I don’t think it’s someone whose initials have come up.

    It is my understanding he spent time in a correctional facility. If he did, I think there’s a good chance it could be someone who was there at the same time. Someone who shared similar “interests” to his own or was there for reasons related to another type of violent crime. Someone who, unfortunately, is extremely bright (although I know this isn’t the popular theory), is a risk taker and has a history of violence. Possibly someone no longer in the area (again, another unpopular theory). I think the key is in investigating the people who were in the correctional facility at the same time as him starting with the person he assaulted while he was there.

  19. justiceformorgan says:

    Could also be a current or past frienemy of his (with similar “interests”) outside of the correctional facility setting. It’s my understanding that he has had multiple “conversations” with LE yet no arrest has been made. I wonder if the conversations began with him as a POI and then shifted to obtaining information about people he thought could have tried to set him up.

  20. lizzy says:

    BLINK, where did the Morgan Rocks article go? Technical difficulty, or did you have to remove for some reason? Hope all is well.

    lol, doofus move. It’s up

  21. justiceformorgan says:

    Can’t remember who it was but someone mentioned he may be an insomniac. I sure hope not ~ that may give us insomniacs a bad name ;)

  22. MsLAL says:

    ConcernedBystander says:
    March 17, 2010 at 8:15 pm
    …..But to be rolling around and diving in ditches and firing at the same time is beyond unsafe or immature at any age, let alone for a 34 year old. But thankfully he came back on there and said it’s just fun and games.

    &&& Yeah, that video in itself is not such a big deal, but in context of other creepy ones, he is worrisome. Multiple facets to his personality,not all of them good, and definitely full of himself.

  23. justiceformorgan says:

    Last post, I promise :)

    Just want to clarify that I don’t think the intent of the crime was to set him up. The primary purpose was the crime itself followed by setting him up to take the fall for it.

  24. alexandra says:

    Blink, what happened to “Morgan Rocks?”

    I’m a doofus, I needed to adjust a font and forgot to republish and it went to draft, sorry, back up.

  25. gifter3 says:

    I will be leaving this morning to attend the CUE(Community United Effort), Center For The Missing,National Conference in Wilmington, NC. Please keep all those participating in your thoughts and prayers-Monica Caison, The Harrington’s, Brittanne Drexel’s family, Marc Klaas, (KKF-Polly) and others. May we all continue to find ways to support these familes and seek justice for all.

    There will be a National Candle Light Service Honoring Morgan, and others on Saturday night (730 pm) at Riverfront Park-downtown Wilmington waterfront. It is open to the public.


  26. acho says:

    I just saw some posts to me on this line. After this, I will be at the Morgan Rocks post till there’s another new one.

    Skyler, that made me laugh (much needed after a fretful sleep) that you thought the article was about Pickles … no, some other unfortunate soul. Have thought of Pickles lots and hoped he was making some changes for the better. I see so much squandered potential in some of these kids and want to shake them, let them know it’s not too late for them, and they should seize their potential to honor Morgan and all like her, who didn’t get the chance.

    Have also been thinking of you, Skyler, as I feel sure yesterday’s news, plus the Morgan Rocks debut, had your emotions at full tilt. How bizarre to not know you yet feel proud of you and and take comfort in your goodness.

    to Total Amateur, in answer to your question about timing of DDO’s trip, no, I cannot find anything, except he was supposedly in Peru at the time of the fire. Digging on, and I’m glad you aired your grievances yesterday. Even folks who might disagree with you cannot argue with your impassioned plea to get this thing solved.

  27. cosmo says:

    LE doesn’t have a clue. they should have toxicology and some DNA processed by now. no video of Morgan, no photos of Morgan, no suspect, no POI, no communication with the public, university security and police dropped the ball, VSP dropped the ball, the FBI dropped the ball.

    so look: hundreds, if not thousands of people have been following this case. the friends don’t know, the parents don’t know, the LE doesn’t know, we don’t know. after 6 months of collecting as much data, looking at maps, potential evidence, etc… at this point, one must really consider you are dealing with a serial killer. or someone with security / LE ties … someone who can readily impede, distract and create doubt. someone who knows the law … both sides. and has the ability to run Virginia’s investigation for them. this is a sham. if i were the Harrington’s, i would be patiently awaiting LE’s outcome, but with lawyers ready to sue the State of Virginia for negligence, the University for negligence, the university police for negligence, the state police for obstruction / negligence, the FBI for negligence. you guys on here mean to tell us to be patient that LE is tying up lose ends for a trial? really? some po dunk redneck(s) brutally murder a beautiful educated girl at or around a major event and 6 months later he/they are all walking free, and you want people to be patient? bs. who says it is someone local? gee, i guess that really narrows it down. i think someone is really doing a number on LE. every week, the country finds out that ANOTHER girl is murdered in Virginia. seems like 1 a week. i don’t have the stats, someone enlighten me. LE doesn’t know WHO it is… they want you to think they do though, duh. i think this is a serial killer with ties to LE. look at all the other unsolved cases of disappearance, abduction, murder, etc and there is a definite pattern. LE is actually HOPING he/they strike again, because maybe this time “we will be ready for that wily son of a gun” hick hick. i was wrong, Virginia really IS apart of the south! thank God for the Civil War.
    you people need to WAKE UP and be all up in your courts and state government and get this stuff changed. transparency between LE and the public WILL result in higher prosecution success. they have to be held to a higher standard … right now in Virginia, you are allowing LE to be ABOVE THE LAW. “who is watching the watchmen?” your sheriff blows his brains out after how ever many years. didn’t anyone get curious when members of the LE were reprimanded for sexual deviance while on duty? in your own minds you went through just about every member of EMS/FIRE/SECURITY in the area and many including myself think there are questionable characters there as well. where the @#$@#$ did the FBI go?

  28. In Memory of Gini says:

    Gil Harrington’s thoughts from March 17th, 2010On March – 17 – 20101 COMMENT
    The nights can be difficult. When you are between sleep and wake your defenses dip and then unwanted thoughts and images come roaring in. I try not to think of how scared you were, the terror you felt. I try not to think of how much pain you were in as you were slaughtered.
    Were you still alive when they brought you to Anchorage Farm? To be hunted like a deer running frantically over the hay stubble in the field desperate to escape, trying to survive, crying, screaming, I see it. I hear it. Or, were you brought there already dead, like a slab of meat, carrion to be discarded and dumped in the field to rot – just another carcass in the hunting preserve.
    These images haunt me at night. During the day I can usually shake them off and focus on our job, trying to find your murderer. Other girls are in danger while this sadistic monster walks free. We will never rest until he is put away. Morgan will you help us, in what ever way you can to remove his evil from the world?
    2 4 1
    Gils words break my heart and sadly remind me of a story I read in school as a child called THE MOST DANGEROUS GAME.

    “It will be light enough in Rio,” promised Whitney. “We should make it in a few days. I hope the jaguar guns have come from Purdey’s. We should have some good hunting up the Amazon. Great sport, hunting.”
    “The best sport in the world,” agreed Rainsford.
    “For the hunter,” amended Whitney. “Not for the jaguar.”
    “Don’t talk rot, Whitney,” said Rainsford. “You’re a big-game hunter, not a philosopher. Who cares how a jaguar feels?”
    “Perhaps the jaguar does,” observed Whitney.
    “Bah! They’ve no understanding.”
    “Even so, I rather think they understand one thing–fear. The fear of pain and the fear of death.”
    Her comments also make me think of a few videos from YouTube made by some local POI where they are hunting humans. The thought of this sort of sick person/s still loose makes me hold my children a little closer at night. God, I pray that your justice will be served.

  29. crimewriter says:

    I’ve read and analyze I.S.’s “Cvillain”…He sure does have it out for law enforcement officers. Seems to report more on police incidents and issues than anything else. In my neck of the woods the same ones are ambulance chasers…

  30. crimewriter says:

    It’s too hard to turn yourself in. Maybe you want to be caught because you are a coward.

  31. Saramom says:

    In Memory of Gini,

    I too have been haunted by the short story, “The Most Dangerous Game.” I did not have the nerve to bring it up here on the forum. I also researched “human hunting,” but I was too afraid to even contemplate that thought out loud. I pray it isn’t true. Justice will be served.

  32. Slowroller says:

    i have a feeling that the silence from LE is due to the fact that someone has fingered Eppard. does anyone know how Eppard was laid to rest?? an exhumation would take some time to retrieve a warrant to do, and time to actually do, unless they have his DNA profile on file?? Blink?? this would explain no need to “warn” the public, although a pretty big gamble on the part of LE to trust their “source” to that degree…

    **will post on new thread as well**

  33. Minnie Penney says:

    Gil, by phone, speaks with Jane Valez Mitchell on CNN – I think her show repeats each night – also Gil might be on Nancy Grace, too. They often cover the same cases.

  34. Mom3.0 says:

    Cosmo- don’t give up yet – LE is still working on it-

    Belika, I agree it is so horrible, like a horror movie- only I can’t shut it off.

    justice – nice to know I am not the only insomniac here-

    Slowroller- thought provoking-

    In Memory Of Gini, Saramom- I have not read the story – How horrific it makes me sick to think what poor Morgan must have endured-

    Minnie Penney thank you for the heads up about the show

  35. justiceformorgan says:

    This has been bothering me. I meant to leave a smiley face, or happy face, after my comment about CB to indicate it was a kind-of-tongue-in-cheek comment. I forgot the smiley face and asked B if she could add it before posting my comment but it was too late. I’ll be more careful when I leave comments in future. There. I feel better now.


    It is not that easy for me to go back in my control panel given the volume, sorry.

  36. Ian M Graham says:

    A DMCA takedown notice has been sent to your administrator. Remove my copywritten images immediately.

    What are you talking about, where are your copyright images located? If there is an error it will be corrected, if they were posted online without a copyright they are public domain, as you know.

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