Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Mexican Macaluso Manjito Manscaper

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Corona, Mexico– From the LOST segment of the series:

“How The Little People Bring Me Beer On Vacation From The Whirlybird I paid For With Client Cash..”

Todd Macaluso, facing California Bar sanctions, resigned from the BAEZ LAW FIRM last month.

Check back to for updates.

Youtube courtesy of Klaaend

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  1. Kleat says:

    Update, Judge Strickland has set an hearing re: the indigency matter. WESH (and we know now who the ‘letter’ was from recently entered with the courts).


    Defense attorney Jose Baez said Anthony has given full financial disclosure. She also signed a form detailing how she has no money to mount a defense. Gardner made the indigency declaration based on the form.

    “It’s the most vague and superficial affidavit you can possible have,” Attorney Richard Hornsby said.
    Before Anthony qualifies for public funding, Hornsby said Strickland needs to probe much deeper than the one-page form.

    “I’ve got to think that Judge Strickland is going to make Casey Anthony and Jose Baez make a full disclosure of how much he was paid, who brokered the deal, who managed the funds, where the funds have been sitting since Casey Anthony has been in jail,” Hornsby said.

    Also added to the court file on Wednesday was a letter from a citizen in Fernandina Beach encouraging Strickland to decline Anthony’s request and appoint a public defender to her case. Others echoed that sentiment.

    “It doesn’t sit well that she had the money and spent it and gave it all to the lawyers and now expects us to pay for it,” a citizen said.

    “You have Casey Anthony, who is now a convicted fraud, who is claiming indigence and is claiming that she somehow had $111,000 while she’s been in jail,” Hornsby said.

    The question remains whether Anthony will have to disclose where she got the money she had before she can be entitled to public money in the future.


    Giltodd and the Texan benevolence Committee gonna gettin’ a call from Blink.

  2. Kleat says:

    You sharin’ what you plan on gettin’???

  3. Gavriella says:

    So, guys, we know how much she paid Baez. We know how much she paid Lyons. But how much did she pay Mac-A-Loose-O and Baden, and Dom Casey, when he was in the employ of Baez?

    Also, will Baez and Co. have to account for every dime paid to ALL of them thus far?


  4. Heidi says:

    Here’s what bothers me…they want the state to pay for her trial (which was to be expected) yet what about the future book deal George is expecting to fly off the shelfs? Is George and Cindy liable for Casey’s debt? I’d love to see Cindy’s tax returns since Caylee was born. How many dependents did she claim? Also, isn’t Florida the state to reside in if you want to hide assets/ income by using various alias(s) like OJ tried to do when he claimed bankruptcy?

    Also, Someone please tell me why Caylee had no medical history? Don’t children have occasional earaches or common cold/flue like health issues and require medical attention or was it all handled by emergency outpatient clinics?

    What? She has a medical history.

  5. Heidi says:

    Ya know this hammer came down on foreclosure when ZG attorney’s placed their witness list on the table for up coming trial.

  6. Heidi says:

    Cindy said she in ZG Depo that Cindy has never paid for a medical bill for Caylee since she was born, except for one just after she was born (Caylee was about to turn 3). I’ll have to find it… but somewhere I’ve read or watched (youtube) Caylee did not have a regular Dr. or Dentist w/record(s). If Cindy didn’t pay for a Dr. visit and KC didn’t hold a job, who took care of her medical expenses/check-ups. We all know this family full of bunk. Which leads me to ask… If there is a primary Doctor for Caylee, will they be called as a witness on behalf of Caylees defense regarding the level of physical & mental health she received?

  7. Kleat says:

    to my comment 2 on this page– figuring Giltodd etc would have a plan for big money movie deals– (hope it wasn’t taken the wrong way– that’s a snark alert late!)

  8. C.J. says:

    I’m sure the “Nurse of Decompensation” considers herself as knowledgeable or more knowledgeable than any physician. Thus, Cindy probably treated most of Caylee’s colds and such. However, surely Caylee was receiving her immunizations and received regular checkups as a newborn.

  9. claudia says:

    Hey Blink,,,,

    It is very sad comming her and not seeing any new posts!!!
    Hope to see you back very soon.

  10. chica says:

    ok let me try this again

    Jean Casares from in session just said that if casey was a tax dependent of the Anthonys. They would be responsible for her legal fees. So now we know why the forclosure. they are sneaky and conniving

  11. C.J. says:

    Chica – Whatcha talking ’bout? If they are foreclosed they don’t have to reveal their tax info?

  12. chica says:

    That just something jean was saying on insession today. I am just the messenger I know what you mean.

  13. Mom3.0 says:

    I almost feel sorry for Casey because if it was her hard earned money she IMO is not getting her money’s worth in Baez. I mean What has he really accomplished?

    But since this money comes from the money Casey received from selling Caylee’s pics(right?) -perhaps this is where he earned the money-then it almost seems like karma that she hasn’t gotten her money’s worth.

    What does this mean for all other clients? Can I hire a dream team and not rely on public defenders?- only to later declare myself too poor to pay thus requiring the state to step in and rescue me?

  14. Kleat says:

    Trivia, have I missed any of Casey A’s lawyers? How can a public defender possibly compete with this in shear numbers?

    1.Jose Baez
    2 Andrea Lyon, followed dp Lenamon
    3.Linda Kenny-Baden, of NYC
    4 Todd Macaluso, of San Diego, California
    5 Jonathan Kasen– civil, from Ft. Lauderdale
    6 Tomasita D. Crowell– civil replaces Kasen
    7 Jose Luis Garcia
    8 Gabriel Adam
    9 Dennis Michael Walsh
    10 Terence Michael Lenamon– first DP attny, of Miami

    Plus on the joint defense, for Casey’s PI , Dom Casey, attny Diana Tennis
    Plus joint defense with Casey’s parents, Brad Conway.

  15. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    How could Casey be listed on her parents tax return as a dependant. She was not enrolled in school, plus she said she was working suposedly full time. How can that be legal?

  16. martha says:

    Exactly, Chica, something SMELLS in Anthony land and it aint Pizza or squirrels stuck to the grill with their little greasy cheesey paws. That’s the first thing I thought of was if C and G declared Casey as a dependent and they would be liable for defense money, they would come up with something to shift the blame. Oh—-we didnt know we hadnt paid our house note for about 9 months, imagine that so we are foreclosing. Yeah, Casey is indigent. That is so not right!!!!!

  17. RJ says:

    Kleat, I have always thought that Tomasita Crowell was replaced by Kasen. Have I been wrong? Both Kasen’s name and Crowell were listed on the Clerk of Courts records, until they switched to a new system. Not sure if the new system has the capability to list multiple attorney names (for instance, Lyon isn’t listed on the murder case).

    09/29/2008 Summons Returned Summons Returned|20 DAY SUMMONS SRVD [9/26/2008] AS TO CASEY ANTHONY
    10/20/2008 Notice Appearance of Counsel Notice Appearance of Counsel|NOTICE OF APPEARANCE OF COUNSEL ON BEHALF OF CASEY ANTHONY
    10/22/2008 Petition/Motion to Extend Time Petition/Motion to Extend Time|DEFTS MOTION FOR ENLARGEMENT OF TIME IN WHICH TO RESPOND TO PLTFS COMPLAINT
    10/22/2008 Order Substituting Counsel Order for Substitution of Counsel|ORDER FOR SUBSTITUTION OF COUNSEL
    10/23/2008 Order Enlargement/Extension of Time Order re: Extension of Time|ORDER EXTENDING TIME
    10/23/2008 Petition/Motion to Extend Time Petition/Motion to Extend Time|MOTION FOR ENLARGEMENT OF TIME IN WHICH TO RESPOND TO PLTF’S COMPLAINT

  18. Charlotte says:

    Blink: It’s just not the same coming here everyday without you. WHERE ARE YOU?

    First day out of bed since Monday, went 12 rounds with my driveway. I am here, with my helmet on.

  19. Kleat says:

    RJ, Kasen was actually present and presenting in hearings for Casey Anthony’s civil trial but is not listed as the attorney on the court records now as ‘retained’. Crowell is named now. Why would Casey need two attorneys for a case they call ‘frivolous’? I never noticed that Crowell has been listed as ‘retained’ from the beginning, could be, I just didn’t look I guess. I don’t see Kasen and Crowell are or have been, in the same firm. Confusing.

    To another couple subjects, it never ceases in this case, just when you think there’s going to be nothing expected end of week, there’s a couple new twists.

    1. George and Cindy have hired an attorney (real estate attorney Mark Lippman), according to Channel 6, to ‘save their home from foreclosure’.

    2. The state ‘Justice Administration’ commission that ‘doles’ out public funds for indigent defendants, is apparently seriously concerned about Casey’s status as ‘indigent’.,0,3315926.story

  20. Kleat says:

    And, to point no. 2 in my last post, WESH now adds:

    “The JAC indicated they want to participate in next week’s hearing as Judge Stan Strickland considers the issue. His decision could clear the way for Anthony to begin receiving tax dollars.
    In their five-page response, the JAC also indicated they wouldn’t pay for all costs, including travel expenses for out-of-state attorneys.”

  21. Kleat says:

    Who says Casey doesn’t really have a stash somewhere from some activities she’s been involved with, or from a Lotto ticket she held. Maybe all this stealing was to assure that people thought she was broke once the story broke.

  22. Kleat says:

    As yet, there is one story missing. No media has yet reported the contents of the Judge’s response to the defense for more TES records– did he or didn’t he modify his last order as requested, and will Mark NeJame need to hand over?

  23. Kleat says:

    This was filed two days ago.

    03/10/2010 Response to Defendant’s Motion to Modify the Court’s Order on Defendant’s Application for Subpoena Duces Tecum for Documents in the Possession of Texas Equusearch

  24. Bees Knees says:

    Oh my!!! Have you read today’s news? George has admitted to an affair. Also Strickland denied Casey’s attorneys request to stop the Orange County jail from videotaping their visits. It’s all on WFTV right now.

    He admitted to an affair previously. Or does he finally refer to his Day-Fares.

    Yep, Im back.

  25. Kleat says:

    Wow yes, Bees!! I just toured back to wftv, and they have yet ANOTHER story, PLUS they have the link to ‘modify order’ (haven’t looked at it yet to see if it’s the TES).

    This must be a record of stories covered in one day on the CA case– different twists on each station!

  26. Kleat says:

    Blink, dayfare, nightfare, everywhere-fare– or just a Zanny-nanny-look-alike-fare.

    wftv writes:
    “It turns out that woman looks a lot like the description George gave detectives of Zenaida Gonzalez, also known as ”Zanny the nanny.”

  27. Kleat says:

    The ‘response to motion’ is Mark NeJame’s response to Baez’s request to modify, not the judge’s order.

  28. Bees Knees says:

    Apparently this one started after Casey was arrested.

  29. Kleat says:

    We’ve been keeping the door kept ajar and open for ya, Blink!!! ;)

  30. Kleat says:

    Caylee’s death an accident that snowballed out of control– story allegedly told by George to this woman, who then told her sister what George allegedly said.

    (does it snow in Florida? Oh yeah… was a cold one this year)

  31. Kleat says:

    Talk about snowballing, OS now has the story of WFTV’s breaking story… besides their own story. This is quite amazing– it’s all about media and lawyers, less about a client and victim. Thank goodness for Mark NeJame, he has a chance to be a white knight in all this mess– good for him.

  32. Kleat says:

    And a commentor on Val’s site responded to my post about some ‘Hurricane Tape’ I found in a store, that the military personel would apparently use the term ’100 mile-an-hour tape’ as a common saying. That would explain how Kronk came to know and use the term.

  33. Bees Knees says:

    Benaida = Zenaida……….what in the WHAT?

  34. Barbara says:

    Re; The Anthony’s foreclosure on their home: If The Anthony’s use the excuse and blame the bank, it just shows their character…using this excuse just adds to their credibility issues all along-it’s always someone else’s fault. Everyone knows they have had a tragedy in their lives, but they must know they didn’t write out a check for 9 Mos…! If they stated we just couldn’t pay, we need help to catch up and save their house people would certainly understand, but instead they blame the bank for not sending proper notice! Unreal…

  35. Bees Knees says:

    No one better to be a white knight than Mark NJ. Perfect.

    I don’t think this could be THE SECRET, do you, Kleat? It really has no bearing on the case that I can see (Snort! As if I would see it!!!) other than possibly throwing their bank balance into a different bracket!

  36. Bees Knees says:

    Kathi Belich speaks about the story (good scoop for Kathi)!

  37. Bees Knees says:

    Here’s the sister. I think.

    Notice that she states her ethnicity is Hispanic/Latino? Do you think Cindy will need a little mini-break after this?

    I’ve been in moderation ~ is it the links?

    No, just this one to verify.

  38. Leslee S. says:

    If this gal really did have an affair with George & she passed a poly, this is going to give proof that George & Cindy were in cover-up & scamming mode from the beginning. I’m wondering if George is going to deny the affair or go with the story. I’m wondering if the defense is going to use George’s statement to her that the death was an accident……please NO! George would never tell anyone that his daughter murdered his grandchild so he might have told the gal that it was an accident.

  39. Mom3.0 says:

    What I find so despicable, is that if Cindy’s affair with DC proves to be true and George’s affair with Benaida proves to be true- while their baby granddaughter was lying dead, murdered and while their daughter was incarcerated and while their son was being chased by the media- they were busy getting busy- How does that speak to their character and to where there concerns were? Sad so Sad.

  40. Kleat says:

    Klassend keep a copy or some pics? Because this beer might just be a moneymaker for Todd Mac and his newly revised ‘client’ of some description, in their newly shot ‘da Plane!’ video with the half bottle Corona in the c-word’s hands.


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