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  1. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    One more week before we go to trial. Pray for the jury.

  2. Sister says:

    When does the trial start? the 13th? For some reason I thought it was this week.

  3. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    The 13th through the 17th. I cant wait to meet you. Tia goes to court on the 23rd for her theft scheme at Walmart.

  4. Sister says:

    Lynn, I will be there on the 13th. Sending lots of thoughts and lots of continued prayers your way.

  5. ~M~ says:

    I know Blink is busy with the Anthony Trial … but I hope she updates us as much as possible on Christine’s justice!! I would love to be able to go to this trial …

    I am going to ask Lynn, Christine’s Mom, and Sister, to update us daily. I am hopeful to make it at least one day this week, as I have not been invoked to date.

    My heart and my prayers are for Christine and her family.

    She never left her children, and they deserved to know that.

  6. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Today is the day!!! Please pray for a wise jury. I will try to keep everyone updated. I have slept very little but I am ready to breathe life into my daughter for the jury. God will help me find the words. I am my daughters voice…and Christine will be heard.

  7. Sister says:

    I have the summer cold and will not make it today – ugh!
    In my prayer closet for Lynn and family and for Christine to be heard!
    God willing, I will be there tomorrow.

  8. Sister says:

    The trial is in its second day with the ME examiner taking the stand this afternoon. Lynn and family are very brave.

    Are you there sister? My prayers are with Christine, her family, and of course, you.

  9. Sister says:

    Yes. Blink — had the chance to speak with Lynn for a moment today. Will give Lynn the first opportunity to say exactly what is happening, but again, they are very brave and the jury seems to be paying close attention. Today was quite painful I am sure.

  10. ~M~ says:

    Ok … so and are posting some updates from the trial. I was trying to be patient to hear from Lynn but I could not imagine being her going through this trial. I am sure she will let us know when she can …

    On the other side … how the hell can Tia say that it was an accident when she was struck 3 to 4 times in the face with the shovel, enough to break every bone in her forehead?!?!? And trauma to the ribs? And then stab her after she is dead?!?!?!

    The fact that they granted Tia immunity makes me sick! I am hoping she was not truthful on the stand by blaming everything on Justin. According to the prisoner that testified Justin “finished her off” after JR beat her to a pulp! If she is found to have committed perjury, can the immunity be taken off the table?!?!?

    Also, I do not understand why the defense would not call any witnesses or make any type of argument?? They could have tried to place all blame on Jr … unless they are admitting their client is guilty by acting alone. Which even in Tia’s statement both Justin and Jr were home when she was murdered.

    I am not sure how much of this is true but am feeling sick all over again from when Christine went missing originally! Blink or Lynn … Please fill us in!!

    I think Lynn will update us, but I am speaking to people in court. Tia testified Christine was killed at the B&B.
    Need I say more?

  11. ~M~ says:

    Nope, she is a piece of work … Really …

    Just saw GUILTY!!

    One down, two to go, imo.

    First Degree Murder.

    Yeah Christine, my heart is with you, your Mom, Dad, and family, but especially your babies.


  12. Sister says:

    two to go . . . for sure!
    continues prayers for this family.

  13. PookyBear says:

    Christine’s case broke my heart and today marks the first day of justice for her and her family. I cannot imagine having my daughter taken from me as Christine was. All of you are in my prayers.

  14. Ragdoll says:

    Thinking of Christine and her family. I pray this is the beginning of finding justice.


  15. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Thank you for still remembering my Christine. Court was rough last week and it has taken this long to settle in and get my head together. One down two to go! I got to meet sister!! What a wonderful women you are. I couldnt of come this far without everyones help, encouragement and prayers. Thanks for stirring the pot when it needed stirring. We have a date on 9/9/11 for sentencing. Again, thank you for all your support.

  16. KimH says:

    Hello Lynn:
    I found out about this less than 24 hours ago. I cannot begin to tell you how saddened I am for you and your family. Its been a long time since we spoke and the number I last had for you is disconnected. Please know that my family, friends, and co-workers are saying prayers for you and your family and hope for justice for Christine. What a beautiful young woman she was.

  17. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Check your mail on your my space account.

  18. KimH says:

    Hi Lynn:
    Not seeing anything on MS acct.

  19. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    check you email again on MS. I sent another one. The first one says it is unread.

  20. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Justin tried to escape on July 12th from the worcester county jail.

    Geeze. Why is he still there- isnt that county?

  21. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    He will be in the county jail until his sentencing on 9/9/2011.

  22. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    fyi…Tia is in the same jail as justin. She only got 90 days for ripping walmart off for thousands of dollars.


    I honestly do not know how you stand it.

    On a different note, I have heard our dear “sister” such an advocate for Christine, is very ill.
    Let’s pray for her and for all of us today, gulp.

  23. Sister says:

    Blink and all,
    Thank you so much for your prayers — they availeth much!
    I am back at the keyboard and am healing, praise to the Great Physican!
    Have another surgery scheduled for September, but please know it is well with my soul.

    There you are, please get well my dear friend and my prayers are with you.

  24. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Justin got life without parole today. Justice was served. It is bittersweet as it will never bring Christine back to the children and family and friends that love her.

    One down.

  25. Sister says:

    Lynn, I pray this sentence brings you just a little comfort.
    Sorry I wasn’t able to be there with you yesterday, but you and your family will always remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  26. Sister says:

    Lynn, continued prayers for you and your family.

  27. lynn Dodenhoff says:

    Case Number: 3I00086467Tracking No:111001775684
    Case Type: CRIMINAL
    District Code: 02Location Code:04
    Document Type: WARRANTIssued Date:02/16/2012
    Case Status: ACTIVE

    Defendant Information
    Sex: MHeight:603Weight:205DOB:06/26/1974

    Address: 4037 JOSEPH DR
    City: EDENState:MDZip Code:21822 – 0000

    Court Scheduling Information
    Trial Date: 03/16/2012Trial Time:09:00 AMRoom:01
    Trial Location:301 COMMERCE STREET SNOW HILL 21863-1007
    Charge and Disposition Information

    (Each Charge is listed separately. The disposition is listed below the Charge)

    Charge No: 001Description:ACCESSORY AFTER THE STATUTE
    Statute: CR.1-301Description:ACCESSORY AFTER THE STATUTE
    Amended Date: CJIS Code:1 1480MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X
    Incident Date From: 11/14/2007 To: 11/14/2007 Victim Age:

    Charge No: 002Description:BURGLARY-FOURTH DEGREE
    Statute: CR.6.205.(a)(b)Description:BURGLARY-FOURTH DEGREE
    Amended Date: CJIS Code:2 3030MO/PLL:Probable Cause:X
    Incident Date From: 11/14/2007 To: 11/14/2007 Victim Age:


    Related Person Information
    (Each Person related to the case other than the Defendant is shown)

    Name:KAGAN, A
    Agency Code: ZWAgency Sub-Code:23Officer ID:0026


    Event History Information
    Event Date Comment
    WARI 02/16/2012 120216;ZW 23 ;2;ARR;D11057456-4
    WARS 02/22/2012 120222;D11057456-4;
    INIT 02/22/2012 120222;00500000.00;HDOB;100; ;2092
    CMIT 02/22/2012 DEFENDANT COMMITTED;120222;WCC

    While I am glad to see him charged in Christine’s case, accessory after the fact my ass.
    He will not even get 5 years, if convicted and serve half that.

    He already got away with murder, imo.


  28. ~M~ says:

    Totally excited that these jerks are finally getting some of what they deserve!!

    I desperately hope so, but with having use immunity and none of her testimony can be used against her in the Hadel trial, the probable cause warrant would have to have something outside of anything she has ever said or done or proof of perjury, which frankly, would give Justin Hadel an appellate issue.

    Everyone is tired of hearing me say this, but I work for Christine.

    The way they prosecuted this case continues to make no sense to me whatsoever.


  29. ~M~ says:

    I understand what you are saying and I had always hoped for more justice … But at this point I was scared they were going to walk free with no charges at all. And to know that that will not happen makes my day!!

    I agree it is better than nothing, if they are convicted of course.

    As an advocate for Christine and others, I have to be honest that I believe strongly that this case should have been prosecuted differently. Even the jury that convicted Hadel believed Jr was involved in her actual murder. They were not tasked with that, and were told by Beau Oglesby that Hadel was SOLELEY responsible for Christine’s death, leaving the investigation open for other crimes, but not that one.

    That was a mistake and to this day I do not understand it.

    Obviously there is case sensitive information I am not permitted to share, I am hopeful for the next few weeks.


  30. ~M~ says:

    But you will tell us more of the story when this is all over?!?!?!?!

    To the extent it would not hurt any prosecutions in the case and I am not precluded, yes.

  31. Sister says:

    I know these are not the shoes we wanted to drop. But I am glad for whatever is falling. Continued prayers for Christine’s family.

  32. Sister says:

    I hope McDermott is tripping over his shoelaces.

    That Man. So help me.

    I can be saying that through grinded teeth all I want. Not going to change anything.

    Jr Jackson was absolutely a co-defendant in the murder of Christine Sheddy and he is getting a pass.

    Sickens me.


  33. Sister says:

    Blink, I believe he will get what’s coming to him without me having to lift a finger . . . although I would life more than a finger to help.
    I am going to try and be there for these trials. Christine’s family is due this support and more.

    Bless u sister- He and they will indeed. I would be lying if I did not admit I am angry it is not in our lifetime, but faith kicks in.

    Heart u

  34. Sister says:

    Heart u lots too Blink.
    Sometimes it does happen in our lifetime and I admit I will celebrate if and when that happens.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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