Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: New Discovery On The WRAY

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Orlando, FL– With the public still reeling from last weeks indigency hearing, the State Attorneys office is set to release the latest round of discovery documents this morning.

Joy Wray as captured by her web cam

Joy Wray as captured by her web cam

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to, a source inside the investigation has confirmed within the release is the latest interview by OCSO of Joy Wray.

Ms. Wray is said to have told investigators that she was in the woods on July 18, 2008 searching for Caylee Marie Anthony and has the photos to prove it.

When OCSO investigators requested Ms. Wray surrender her laptop computer to retrieve the original image raw files, among other source information Ms. Wray revealed, she headed to BestBuy to have the hard drive erased prior to her interview, which would reveal the dates on the photos had been added by her.

Detectives were tipped off by a savvy Geek Squadder and when Joy arrived to retrieve her blank computer and copy of it’s former contents, they were waiting for her.  Joy sniffed out the Five O, and turned on her heels out the door without the computer; only to be interviewed by Detective John Allen in her lawyers office about the incident, shortly thereafter.

Ms. Wray has been baker acted 6 times, and claims to be friends with and corresponding with former President George W Bush on the Caylee Anthony case.

The discovery is also expected to include interviews with members of Texas Equusearch, as a follow up to statements by Laura Buchanan and Joseph Jordan.

The discovery has been received and is being reviewed, check back to for updates.

Links to Discovery transcripts here.

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  1. chica says:


    lol and many more lol’s!
    Your sons toe would make for a great subject while were at it I will call in behind you and tell her I have crow feet (not)and need emergency surjery.

    I can just hear her say wowowowowo there chica are you telling me that you have crow feet and no one has told me until now!
    bombshell tonight!!
    call chica called in tonight and has sent me into a tailspin !! I cannot believe our system these days poor woman has crow feet!! weigh in Leonord Padilla!
    Leonord!! replies never happened… Nancy wowowoowo leonord you say it never happened than it never happened.

  2. chica says:

    lol A little humor for the soul
    and now back to the subject!!
    justice for caylee!!
    while I take my two crow feet out into the real world for a day of shopping!!

  3. Ragdoll says:

    #1 chica

    LOLOLOLOL on the crows feet. I can see us both goin off on a tangent then being rudely cut off by NG with a ‘what’s your question dear?’

    LMAO @ weigh in Leonard! Priceless!!!!!

  4. Yankee says:

    Blink I have a question. Laura Buchanan according to Joe Jordon sais she was with LE out of KY. Yet her statemwnt to the defense says she is from zNJ. Who is she? Tim Miller states as she did that she never worked of TES. As for Laura Buchanan, her affidavit indicated that she did not search the area with TES, rather, she and some others went there on their own. So she is telling Joe Jordon she worked with hin at TES. link:
    So whats up with her any idea?

    Yes, interjecting Anthony plant.

  5. chica says:

    she will find someway to incorportate my comment into something about the twins lol’

  6. chica says:


    WO WO WO (lol)
    true that Jane irrates me to no end with her approach with baez as to not step on his toes.

    That is why he dares not go on Nancy grace show! but than nancy is so wishy washy so who knows what she would say and how she would act! I think she bullies people that wont stand up to her.

    yeah I hear ya about Janes constant!
    I am a recovering alcoholic spill !!
    I wanna just like” wowowo there Jane You mean to tell me thats all you can talk about so like Nancy with her twins.!!! Ever notice how mean she gets and than someone mentions the twins and her whole demeanor has a different effect!!

  7. chica says:

    Hi Heidi

    I agree I do listen to her like you I sift thru her comments like I was weeding info which is what we do right! its just thats she gets off the hook sometimes and when she has padilla on I just feel like throwing my teeth at her if I had any I would throw em at them!

  8. Yankee says:

    Thank you Blink. I thought so. Sorry for all the spelling errors.

  9. MsEnscene says:

    How in tarnation are the Anthonys able to rope in all these supporters and plants? How are they able to persuade their groupies to throw innocent people under the bus to save their misbegotten progeny? Are GA and CA taking them into some kind of confidence and telling these lackies that Caylee’s death was an accident?

    If the Anthony supporters believe in an accident theory, why would they agree to point fingers at others as the culprit in a kidnapping and murder? Could anyone sane believe the story of the elusive nanny?

    Anthonys! We’re talking about some of the most unlikeable, untrustworthy and just plain crass people around. I can see them stealing pennies off the eyelids of dead men, yet they do seem to commmand, seemingly without too much effort, eager followers to do their sinister bidding.

    Are all of their supporters just attention seeking nutters like Joy Wray with her accusations of seeing Roy Kronk at the dump site (sorry!) on one of her many spy missions to Hopespring? How many people involved with the Anthonys are writing books or putting together media deals?

    Stumps me. What a weird case.

  10. MJ says:

    Ms Enscene~ my thought about how this many unscrupulous ppl. ended up in this is because the original players are all immoral.
    Casey->Cindy->Lee->George->Baez They brought on the second set by hiring like minded folks G Todd->Milsteads->Bart->D Casey->Hoover

    I agree with every adjective (lol) you used for these scumbags. The core group involved are evil types, they in turn have an equally unethical network of people willing to be shady for cash or publicity. seems like a domino effect, one bad guy knows another, he knows another etc.

    And as you so accurately described, the nutters! they will flock to an out of control situation. With the A’s being nutters themselves, it just doesn’t get shut down. Yep, one hella weird case.

  11. chica says:

    blink must be working on another story! because its weird not alot going on where is everyone hanging out?

  12. MsEnscene says:

    Yep, MJ, as you put it in so many words — nutters attracting nutters.
    Speaking of nutting, I always wonder at the Anthonys’ expectant faces when Casey is in court. “Will she look at us? Will she smile at us? Oh, give us a crumb lovely Casey as you depart the room!”

    Of course, Casey doesn’t acknowledge them unless hit over the head by one of her attorneys, “Look at your parents, dolt! Pretend your heart beats for a few seconds!”

    What is this? More theatrics on the Anthonys’ part? “Look at us, we just love her so much and, therefore, so must y’all!” Or, do they really almost live by her every fluttered eyelash? Such a tribute to their dead grandchild whom they professed to love so much…for a few minutes.

  13. Heidi says:

    Jose hired who he could afford without dipping into his personal secrete stash. The unaccounted sum of money is probably hidden in the walls at Hopesprings Drive. My guess is Mr. Morgan’s team will uncover this nasty deed, just as OJ Simpson said he was broke, when we know darn well he wasn’t.

  14. MelissaE says:

    Inside the Mind of Cindy Anthony and the People She Suspected-

  15. MJ says:

    Could the reason that Casey doesn’t acknowledge her parents in court be that when trial comes there will be an elaborate fantasy put forth that Caylee was murdered by George? She may defend herself by saying that he was an abuser to her, maybe to Caylee, she left her in his care and he did it. She was swept into a cover up masterminded by Cindy.

    There would be plenty of ways to establish GA’s question of guilt. He has a temper, he lies, he has sexual affairs and internet searches, he had access to the car,the gas cans etc. All she needs to do is put forth a theory that can instill reasonable doubt. All the red herrings may just be that, red herrings. We all assume that the defense is stuck with a ridiculous imaginanny but if they come blustering out with “this abused young lady was told by her domineering mother to take the fall for her abusive father, she did so out of love for her family” or some other version of that, G & C have contradicted themselves so many times, it might work.

    I have been wondering for a while about the dynamic between all of them, it always seems weird that C & G appear to be supporting her but getting the cold shoulder, before I always thought that it was purely because she would go ballistic and say something but now it’s beginning to look deliberate. The A’s may have been sucked right into a defense snare and not even realize it. They are so self absorbed and self focused that all of the things that they have done to promote Caylee sightings and misdirect can be made to look very damning for them. Unless there is an absolute, could only be Casey, piece of evidence, this theory could possibly be disaster for a conviction. I hope and pray it isn’t but I also hope and pray that the State is ready to poke holes in it if it does happen.

  16. MsEnscene says:

    “The A’s may have been sucked right into a defense snare and not even realize it. They are so self absorbed and self focused that all of the things that they have done to promote Caylee sightings and misdirect can be made to look very damning for them.”

    By George!She’s got it! I think she’s got it! ( MJ, that is.) You know it’s gotta be something like that. The defense can no longer continue with the ZF-G charade. Not even with the “ZF-G can be ANYBODY and a generic name for whomever took care of Caylee” weak attempt by Cindy to bolster her miscreant issue’s mind-boggling lies.

    Downright Machiavellian ain’t it, MJ? Of course, if Casey knows some yet-to-be-released dark family secret that Cindy and/or George would die to avoid Casey airing, that might play into all this,too. Can’t wait to see Casey’s jailhouse letters that the defense doesn’t seem interested in protecting. Does Casey tell the brutal truth about her abusive parents? Heh.

    And lest we forget, Cindy made up the second big Grimm ZF-G fairy tale…the JPB nappy-gang kidnapping story. Wow, she really asked for it, didn’t she? I mean that big bad bus coming for her.

  17. MJ says:

    MsEnscene , I need to give credit for the ‘used,abused,wrongly accused theory to TurboThink at SM. She is a firm believer in the possibility and the more I thought on it , it sure makes sense. Surely they’re not planning on going into trial with this laundry list of culprits that only have a contrived connection to KC when with just a little polish, G &b C can be made to look like puppet masters.
    It would be so easy to portray the Ants as callous brutes…because they really are!
    Yes, I’m anxiously waiting for the letters to be revealed too, but them not making a fuss is throwing me off. Why aren’t they whining? Mason making Baez act like a big boy? Maybe their shocking revelations have been over hyped and it’s really nothing more than the delusions of Princess Casey and the mundane jail tripe. But it’s not the 11th hour yet, motions filed by Baez are usually not submitted until the last minute, so our excitement may be all for nothing.

  18. Ragdoll says:

    #16 McEnscene

    Let’s just say if there is a deep dark family secret (there’s a gaggle of em I’m sure), Casey will expose it if she believes it will save her hide. She’s that cold and calculated. I also think enough time has passed that she’s now disconnected herself from her family like she has with Caylee. No loyalties. No bonds. I’m sure her words to her defense…..pull the rug out from anyone if it gets me out of here.

  19. dee says:

    I just stumpled upon this blog, can anyone verify the validity of this Melissa Chick and her comments, I read her LE interview but I was lost, why was her interview not completly posted, what would that informaion hold, she claimed on her blog she didn’t know she was being recorded. Who is she another wanna be interjecting herself into this case??????


  20. westsidehudson says:

    I wonder if there is any money behind JW’s intentions of writing a book.
    Just because you say you want to write a book doesn’t mean someone is going to publish it. Is this a delusion, or does she have a real stake in this little cottage industry by way of her “friends”?

  21. ChicagoJudy says:

    Does anyone know what time the hearing is on Monday? TIA

  22. MelissaE says:

    Hey Dee, no I did not purposely insert myself into this case. When Cindy asked me to help her is when I got inserted. Everything I am saying is 100% truth! I have been told that my phone records could be subp at any time. And the reason part of the transcript is missing is because he just started recording me while I was in the middle of a setence. I never knew I was being recorded but that is okay with me. I would have told the same story regardless.

  23. MsEnscene says:

    MJ and Ragdoll. If Casey wwere laying some kind of groundwork against her parents in those letters, then Baez and team would not care if the letters were made public.

    I can’t see her saying that CA or GA actually killed Caylee, not even accidentally. More like how Casey, herself, was abused emotionally, physically, (and mayhap sexually?) by the Anthonys. If she is going to include Caylee in the pattern of the Anthony abuse, and perhaps intimate that is how Caylee met her end, she’ll have a harder road to hoe, but I put nothing past her and her team.

    I don’t think anything she says in the letters will be worth a lick. She is a congenital liar and everybody knows it, and she is not good at any plausible story planning even given her active imagination. But several of her defense gang could drum up a more believable plot line, I suppose.

    She is disconnected from her family, as you say, and I can certainly see her throwing them into the suspect pot without a backward glance. That’s the trouble, though. Too many have been tossed into the stew already.

  24. Is there anybody here who think that C&G were going to set this River Cruz up and say that she was Zanny the nanny? I can’t help but think that they were going to do just that. George looks to be a real sneaky jerk, and Cindy is trying to blame this on anybody except the one who she know is guilty. JMHO

  25. MsEnscene says:

    #23 Rose, maybe GA&CA used her (River’s) physical description as some kind of jumping off place from which to have a more concrete version/description of Zanny than they could extract from Casey. Casey said Zanny had no visible tattoos in a bikini, so the Anthony description of Zanny is woefully inept in the addition of an Asian tattoo on her arm.

    None of their deflections from Casey ring true. It’s any perp in a storm with them. All of their suspects could be easily cleared even if initial damage was done to the unsuspecting target because there’s no proof to be had than anyone other than their daughter had the means,motive and opportunity. They can’t get around that.

  26. Teri says:

    Is anyone else surprised that the defense hasn’t filed a motion to keep the letters sealed?


  27. Teri says:

    Blink said:


    May I ask why not? I thought there was some pretty inflammatory stuff in those letters.

  28. NancyS says:

    I am thinkin that maybe Baez knew she was writing these letters and they maybe were in control of when this was released as how did they (the prosecutors) find out that this had happened a year later? very suspicious to me and it will be more so if the defense does not ask that they be sealed as maybe they are hoping the public will think Casey was ‘SET UP” they have to pull at straws…..why hasn’t the others talked? they can get paid for their stories? or have they already? lol hmm just sayin

  29. NancyS says:

    has anyone that we know read these letters or hear what they say in them? why no leaks?

  30. chica says:

    cuz the deputy is on suspension lol

  31. chica says:

    who knows what baez is gonna do he is so inept he just twitchs at the last minute with his motions.

    on his tomb

    here lays a man who in life loved motions
    now he lays here motionless!

  32. lou44 says:

    Nothing earth shattering will be in those 258 pages to either suggest or imply someone else murdered Caylee…….also there will be no “throwing someone under the bus” statements either…..What I do expect from those pages is that not ONCE will Caylees name be memtioned

  33. MJ says:

    My guess about the letters would be that it is part of yet another campaign from defense. We’ve seen them troll up blogs, we’ve seen them pull stunts right before doc dumps or court appearances. Very organized and full of diversion.
    It isn’t news that casey would be chatting it up but if she has been given the green light to reveal negative comments about her parents or further the idea that the police targeted her unfairly, all for a deliberate attempt to put information that they want out in the public. It’s almost like a press conference, a mini media blitz with felon Casey A. It should be interesting and pretty obvious if there’s an agenda. She’s had a lot of input from one of the most unethical defense teams I’ve ever heard about and these letters were written for some time period prior to Mason joining the crew. On the flawed advice from Baez, Lyons and maybe Mort (their PI) they may have suggested that it was time to rewrite history, for all we know, they may have even given her the name of a good candidate to pen pal with.
    Has she even been penalized for breaking rules? Probably not.

  34. dee says:

    MelissaE says:
    April 2, 2010 at 11:17 am

    I hope you don’t think I was being rude, surely not my intent, I read your complete blog yesterday and was saddened by the hateful comments directed to you, no one regardless deserves that, I am extremely curious as to why in the beginning you did not think (or did you) that Casey killed her baby and the Anthony’s were complete liars, being so close to Ms. Cindy at the time, I mean after about a week after this case went on I was totally blown away by the lies and deception, did you not see that first hand?

    I truly appreciate your comment, and pray that you like so many don’t get thrown under the Anthony Bus.

  35. MsEnscene says:

    I agree that, if the letters were not planned by the defense and executed by Casey, Baez and Co. would be fighting tooth and nail to have them sealed.

    Will anyone be surprised when we learn of the cynicism and duplicity of Casey’s team? I doubt anyone here actually believes that justice for a baby is at the heart of anyone in the Anthony camp. It’s about the winning game for the lawyers, or having Mason’s “FUN”!

    For the family it is all about protecting their fairy-tale reputation. Most of the time I believe that neither arm of Casey’s team cares a whit even about Casey. It’s about fame and fortune and FUN!

    I hope the SA will offer and the A team accept a plea deal. I don’t want to think of the lengths this defense team will go to achieve a hung jury. I don’t want another Scott Peterson type jury cliffhanger occurring where you have funny business going on with jury members eager for their own 15 minutes. Or some members eager to push the wheels of justice for their own agendas.

    I won’t go anywhere near discussing the OJ jury and it’s venue and selection…a total miscarriage of justice.

  36. chica says:

    ok yall!!

    if it was a plant than how did the defense get the jailer involved in passing the letters?
    And if they the defense befriended her than they are way out of line in my opinion!!

    the Anthonys are dispicable! but Baez is unethical and it has show in many of his actions. He is too busy playing Inspector Gadget! does he not care to be known as an ethical outstanding attorney with good morals and thus forth gaining respect from others enough that they would run down his door to get him to represent him( maybe not quite dramatic) but ya get my drift?

    I mean someone with great values like Mark Nejame he is one classy man and very ethical. He had the fortitude to leave the Anthonys while the getting was good he split!!!

  37. chica says:

    ok here I go again!!
    baez has a tarnished reputation as a liar, scammer and opportunist!! with no social class.

    the end

  38. Heidi says:

    I’m interested in knowing who started this penmanship and the date of the first letter written. My guess is this goes wayyyyyyyyy back!

  39. ChicagoJudy says:

    I’m wondering if the letters will just be full of lies — maybe even some new ones!

  40. Heidi says:

    I wanna know who, what, when and where these letters were reveled? “Come On!”. 250 pagers of paper had to come from somewhere? Is paper a luxury? Did the paper come from an account, or did Jose leave her a HUGE, yellow, legal size tablet? Could be a plant….

  41. chica says:

    good point! casey and the truth are strangers. So come on now I dont believe she said anything that was reality based. I could be wrong.

  42. lou44 says:

    Sorta off topic……How will Georges’ Baker Act reflex in any testimony he gives during the trail…..Will this come out during direct or cross examination?

  43. ChicagoJudy says:

    Go NeJame, Go NeJame, sic ‘em!

  44. ChicagoJudy says:

    Hey Cindy’s chewing gum again. I thought that was against the rules!

  45. ChicagoJudy says:

    And their best friend, Jim Lichtenstein, is will them yet again. It drives me crazy to think about what his involvement is in all of this. Why do they need a movie/TV producer to be joined at the hip at every single hearing? Something’s real fishy.

  46. ChicagoJudy says:

    Listening to last night’s “What’s Up With This” blog radio program with Steph Watts. Guests are Richard Hornsby and Roz Franco. They’re talking about the possibility of Casey testifying at her trial. Hornsby says he thinks they’d probably have Jeff Ashton to the cross-examination because he’s so good. Watts said that maybe because Casey’s such a good liar, she’ll be able to pull the wool over the attorney’s eyes (paraphrasing here). Hornsby said, “He’d love to see it because Jeff Ashton would eat her for dinner!!” lol

    Absolutely, under no circumstances will Casey ever take the stand. N E V E R.

  47. justice23 says:

    Does anyone else here believe Baez is filing all these ridiculous motions strictly to possibly set Casey up for a successful appeal later?

    The latest Eqqusearch motion appears to be just one of many and it dawned on me just this morning that Bozo might just be planning all of this with nothing left to actual chance. NeJame offered those documents on a silver platter already but AT his office so that the records wouldn’t be possibly leaked and yet, there they still sit untouched by the defense in his office … this isn’t the 1st time something like this has happened either, which tells me Baez is up to something else … as in, “Casey wasn’t given a fair trial and here’s my proof.”

    This entire case appears to have become one of complete mirage and illusion. What we the public “think” is going on and what is “actually” going on appear to be two very different things. I think Baez and his team are using the system and personally the entire viewing public as a crutch and as it seems, a patsy. In essence, Baez knows she’s guilty and the only defense he knows he really has a chance at is an appeal later to save her life, hence file tons of motions … any and all that he can no matter how frivolous grasping at straws so that after she’s convicted, they can cast true doubt for the jurors on just how competent her legal team really was, not to mention having so many of their potential motions denied which may have given Casey an actual chance … killing two birds w/one stone if you will. Show in an appeal that Baez was basically “set up to fail” no matter what he did in other words. If one excuse fails, they have another one on it’s heels to fall back on, which could potentially garner some sympathy.

    I honestly believe this case has become nothing more than a game of cat and mouse and Baez truly believes he’s setting the prosecution up to lose that game, even if he has to show complete incompetency to do it. Drown them in paperwork, motions and confusion … then scream “they were out to get her from Day 1 … even most of my potentially bombshell motions were denied by the judge which could’ve made a difference in the case … Casey never had a chance at winning”. Would a conviction be overturned in that case? At the very least, she could end up w/a new trial. Someone please tell me this isn’t where we’re heading because if so, I will never sleep soundly again knowing this is what our “justice” system has come to.

  48. justice23 says:

    Bees Knees …

    I got your response here just today … just wanted to let you know I too am behind (way behind) so please forgive my lack of blogging/responding the last couple wks. Between a funeral, my daughter being sick w/102 to 105+ degree fever on/off for several days before going on anti-biotics, school, etc I am overwhelmed lately and no time for blogging/keeping up on Blink. It couldn’t have come at a worse time either, because trust me … I am ready to write everyone in FL to get to the bottom of this ABC/money-grubbing business, not to mention all the rest of the slimy activities going on w/this case. Once school is out I will have tons of time, but right now, I’m just hanging on by a thread to get through it all. Please accept my apologies in advance … I have every intention of finishing what I started w/Blink’s request for info but I just can’t work on it now. Please keep me in the loop though because once I’m past the next few wks w/so many tests, etc I am hoping to get back into it and get back to researching how to finally get justice for Caylee Marie. Bees … I haven’t checked my e-mail yet, but please contact me and keep me up-to-date on how you’re coming with it and I will help as I can in anyway I can!

    Thanks to both of you for all your help!

  49. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    Did you all notice how many times Casey wrung her hands in court today

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