Caylee/Casey Anthony Case: Judge Strickland Steps Down

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Orlando, FL–  The Honorable Stan Strickland has recused himself at the request of the defense team, anchored by THE BAEZ LAW FIRM and recent roster addition, J Cheney Mason.


The original request contained a notarization by Mr. Mason which was found to be expired and a corrected motion with a current seal was subsequently submitted. (insert Pavlov giggle)

In a motion filed  last Friday at the usual witching hour the defense seems to prefer; Strickland was asked to disqualify himself due to his well wishes for a recently hospitalized blogger covering the Casey Anthony case. 

Marinade ala Kronk*Du*Jour


Marinade Dave agreed to meet with the defense Private Investigator, Jeremiah Lyon, voluntarily on Sunday April 11, 2010.

During Mr. Marinade’s interview, he revealed that Judge Strickland called him following a recent health issue to check on his well being.

His reply of “ Well if I were any better I would be cruising down the Hudson with a shirtless Geraldo..” raised a flag apparently. 

(editors note: That is what we call a dramatic license/ensuing mini-vomit combo. Sorry. Shirtless Geraldo deserves that. Dave said no such thing)


The Floridian Rumplestiltskin

RumpleBaezCaseyMr. Baez can pass verbal/handwritten shanks back and forth for Casey Anthony and her family and think he can operate outside of the regulations of the Florida Bar; that’s fine.

In defense of the FBA, they tried to wash their hands of him in the eight years preceding his admission.

Mr. Baez can task his client, Casey Anthony, with attempting to spin her duct tape into gold for endless days and nights until he runs out of Vitalis.

It will change nothing.

What he has never understood from the beginning of this case is that everyone already knows his name starts with Rump.

Personally, I would like a poll from the ENTIRE defense team, as to who thinks a *do-over* is a good idea in this case.

If ever there were a be-careful-what-you-wish-for scenario, this is it.

Let’s start with Ms. Lyon, who is curiously absent from the motion.

Never mind.

In recalling her comments to the lunch crowd at the seedy soiree she refers to all judges as “ugly in the room, “ I think that her exclusion was tactical. 

That sentiment might be particularly offensive to Belvin Perry, Sr.

Mr. Perry is the high-school educated Father of the recently appointed judge to replace Strickland, The Honorable Belvin Perry, Jr.

Mr. Perry, Sr, retired from the Orlando Police Department after 25 years of decorated service.

Mr and  Mrs. Belvin raised 4 children who grew up to be a school principal, business owner, surgeon, and now, a judge that will preside over one of the most famous murder cases in recent history. 



The Honorable Belvin Perry, Jr will preside over this case to it’s conclusion.  



I am feeling comfortable it is unlikely His Honor will be open to any attempts at police pulverizations that are undoubtedly part of the defense strategy; should this case every actually be scheduled for trial.  

I am feeling if Judge Strickland wants to try his hand in the blogesphere, I am in full support.

His response motion was snarktastic.

He is a class act and friend of

 Image by Klaasend

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  1. Heidi says:

    Maybe the foundation profit(s) are hidden under the pavers out back of Hopespring Drive. Wouldn’t put it past them at all. Jose needs to come clean with his statement of “it was an… ah, ah, ah donation”. Where is the rest of the frick’n money Jose? How can one not provide bill able hours to the court. Uncle Sam is watching.

    And best of all, Cindy has accused more than one person of dipping in the Caylee jar and removing paper money (Tim miller & George). If only she kept her mouth shut, as her brother tried to relay. Go figure.

  2. Word Girl says:

    Flicka’s ‘unimaginable beauty’ made me chuckle. My daughter, who left the Miss America pageant for her singing career, just surprised me this week with a visit from out-of-state. I hadn’t seen her for a few months and my mouth dropped open. I think I know beauty when I see it.

    We went shopping and whenever I looked for her–the tallest and shiniest of all–she was there.
    Pure in heart, wide smile, and excitement over her treasures. I am grateful beyond belief, as I’m sure Gil and Dan were/are for Morgan.

    Make no mistake, Ms. Flicka. Evil courses through every vein of Casey Anthony. Florida State’s Prosecution will prove it in their court of law.

  3. Kleat says:


    Flicka’s post is a ‘copy and paste and post’ as I saw that ages ago by someone calling themselves Whiteknight on one of the MSM sites– wdbo maybe.


  4. Kleat says:

    Do the Casey supporters STILL believe that this will play out in the media? Why are they posting here now? One tested the waters yesterday, about the state withholding evidence, and how the defense had complained, obviously this poster had not been well informed about how much discovery was released– you can’t dump 14 thousand pages in Baez’s lap all at once– and the comment did not mention anything about the RECIPROCAL AGREEMENT which sports Casey’s very own signature. The defense had exculpatory evidence/proof of Casey’s innocence last year, Todd Macaluso said so, the state asked for that discovery, the state asked again in August, for that discovery, the judge ordered the defense to provide that discovery– nothing. Not upholding the agreement at all, to provide reciprocal discovery and finally the defense provided in a motion, not as a notice of discovery filed with the court, but letters provided for three people, like Joy Wray, Joe Jordan, Laura Buchanan and Tinelli.

    I have NOT been able to verify she was a LEO anywhere, fyi.

    Buchanan– so what is she all about? A cop from the mid west? Really? Would she be so pro-Casey as to help manipulate the search information, who was where and when? Oh yeah, she was trying to do that, according to one of the people she tried to get to make a certain slant to their statements. But would she go so far as to do more than just words?

    5″ black caucasian hair– does that include any Hispanic peoples?

  5. Kleat says:

    And to Flicka’s list of what the prosecution has against Casey, they NOW have Baez’s very public statement that they, the defense team, can NOT save Casey from the death penalty if they can’t get more than just access to all the TES records in Mr. NeJame’s office, if the judge doesn’t let them have the records to look at in their own office. The loss of that request will mean, as Baez says, they can’t save Miss Casey from being killed by the state– IOW, they have no other defense but to go fishing in all those unrelated TES searchers private records.

    (why not every private record of every neighbour of the Anthony’s, every worker at Gentiva who might be annoyed at Cindy for something, what about everyone at Fusion (they can get all the photographs of guests with the shot girls, to find someone to accuse and discredit through unrelated public humiliation and exposure.)

    Thank goodness for Mr. Mark NeJame. He saw this coming.

  6. Kleat says:

    Baez has admitted that Casey has no defense without those records and that she can not be saved.

  7. angela_nw says:

    Blink, don’t you think it is possible that George put any cash that he was able to squeeze out of River (or anyone else) into a fund (such as his mother’s bank account) which he might have access to but not Cindy, in case he were planning his eventual getaway?

  8. NGBoston says:

    @ #46-Flicka—Can you say

    LWOP… God Bless

  9. Ragdoll says:

    ‘O, and don’t bet your britches Dad is unaccounted for..

    The emphasis on ‘O’? Blink, you are a cheeky monkey….and I LOVE IT!

    Why is this person so hell bent on supporting Casey? Who is Jack J? Need some 411 sheeple…..baaaaadly.

  10. Ragdoll says:

    Hey Bees! Good to see you again.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend xo!

  11. westsidehudson says:

    Ragdoll says:

    A “Caylee Daily” moderator found a link between his/her posts and Orlandoeast’s posts (through an email address, I believe). As far as I can tell, there is no connection to the Anthonys or the defense what-so-ever. This person will have posts written in complete advocacy for Casey Anthony, and then under a different name, will write scathing remarks about her. It appears to be a person that has a bit of fun fanning the flames on blogs. Nothing more, nothing less.

  12. LindaNewYork says:

    This is off topic, but….I believe I read here and believe Blink mentioned (?)the movie and book “Lovely Bones”. Watched it last night and it was a fantastic movie!!!…

    I believe there is a special heaven for children who’s mother or father has murdered them and that is where Caylee is now…

    Thanks to who mentioned that movie!!

  13. chica says:

    omg will I ever catch up. glad to be home !

  14. Ragdoll says:

    #11 WSH

    Thank you for givin me the skinny! I hope someone rats this clown out. It was easy enough to ignore but now it’s infested itself in BOC.

    Well, I guess I put my ignore on high. I the others do too. The worst thing is to feed it with response.

    Cheers WSH!

  15. Ragdoll says:

    #5 Kleat

    Doesn’t the defense have access to these records by simply visiting Mr. Nejames office? He even stated that Baez is a meer few blocks from his office. There is not reason why he shouldn’t have reviewed them by now.

    Baez is tripping. I see Casey appealing this after a verdict comes down because of ill prepared counsel.

  16. Sparkling says:

    Hi Blink,

    I noticed on one news site a list of items the defense wants from the court. One item baffles me, “character witness list”. My curiosity of course if whose “character” ??? There are so darn many characters in this saga. However, I can’t imagine them finding a soul that would testify to KC’s character, other than her bad points. Afterall, they are sworn to tell the truth !

    Kleat, I so agree with your statement regarding the 4,000 members of TES being used for a fishing ground. Perhaps the defense doesn’t realize that the TES persons became involved in this AFTER the BABY CAYLEE was put to death. No amount of their attempts can prove otherwise. They could “fish” for ten (10) years and not change that fact.

    Please bring justice to the precious lil Caylee, bring it on !

  17. Peggy says:

    Thanks, but I’m well aware of how much discovery that has been released (so far)in this case.

    “Casey supporter”? Since when does criticizing the SAO or Judge make someone a “Casey supporter”?

    I have NO clue what you mean about anything being “played out in the media”–did my comment say anything remotely close to that? No, it didn’t.

    I stand by my comment that I think Judge Strickland was a lousy judge who ran a very laxed courtroom AND that I hope Judge Perry will keep BOTH sides on task–as neither side comes to the table with clean hands.

    Oh, and your comment “you can’t dump 14 thousand pages in Baez’s lap all at once”.

    Hmmm– so that’s how discovery works!? *insert sarcasm*

    Really, is that a law? Where does it say that in Florida’s Rule of Criminal Procedure? Could you please post a link to which law/ FCP rule you’re specifically referring to? TIA.

    And when did I ever suggest that? The fact is I never posted any such nonsense. My comment addressed the recently released FBI reports from 16 months ago (Dec 2008).

    BTW-I’ve been posting here at BOC for over a year re: the Casey Anthony case–if Blink has a problem with me posting here I’m sure she’d let me know.


    I apparently missed something, my apologies. I am a fan of Judge Strickland, with the exception that he treated Baez as he would any young lawyer. But any young lawyer would not have been permitted to try a case like this in their 3rd year of practice.

  18. Bees Knees says:

    Hi Ragdoll!! Yep, a really great, sunny weekend (getting a little garden started).

    LindaNewYork, if you liked the movie you’ll LOVE the book. Promise!!! It is excellent. I did it the other way around (book first) and I was pretty disappointed in the movie so if you get the chance, read the book.

  19. Joan (Canada) says:

    Kleat, read your statement concerning Baez’s statement that they have no defense without the paperwork from TES (stated at last hearing)over at the Hinky Meter. To me that sums it up. I really think you should post it here. To me it was the final nail in the coffin for Casey.

    Thanks for all the great posts and Blink, welcome back. Missed you like crazy. So much going on in the case and I always come hear for sage advice and to calm me down.

    Take care everyone.

  20. More Q's than A's says:

    I don’t think JS was lax in running his courtroom but I do believe he was lenient to a fault to avoid any problems later on down the road. I also remember reading somewhere (I don’t remember where, I read a lot) that we may see a different JS when the actual trial starts, he will run a tighter ship then. But now we will never know……

  21. Kleat says:


    It was amazing that Baez actually said what he said. Here’s one way he’s not going to make that mistake again, nor any other, in Friday’s hearing– he’s not going to be there!

    04/23/2010 Notice of Unavailability — from Jose Baez


    Here’s the basics of what Lead Attorney Jose Baez (aka Jose No. 1) said in that most recent hearing about the TES records– what WAS he thinking??!

    Of course, what we have finally seen as of last week, is Baez and Cheney have FINALLY visited Mr. NeJame’s office to have a first look at all those thousands of searcher documents they have resisted going to look at for many months now so they could keep complaining to the court to make their public appeal of ‘it’s everyone else’s fault’.

    Baez argued in fist slamming fashion to Judge Strickland–>

    “They’re trying to KILL Miss Anthony and we’re trying to save her life here, and we can’t do it if we’re at every twist and turn… Judge these documents are CRITICAL to the defense.”

    YOWZA.. I just saw that..

    Who forces a recusal and then does not appear at the new Judge’s management meeting?

    Holy Effs!

  22. Kleat says:

    (seems I missed a word in that Baez quote, but it’s not critical– fill in your own “we can’t do it if we’re’ [blocked, stopped, don't get our own way, don't get to send our copy company to Mr. NeJame's office] at every twist and turn…”

    Source for the quote–> it’s the video on this article page.,0,5222006.story

  23. Ragdoll says:

    12.LindaNewYork says:
    April 25, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    Hi Linda!

    I just finished reading the book over a week ago. I rented the PPV last week. I’m still overwhelmingly verklempt.

    “I wish you all a long and happy life.” ~Suzie Salmon~

    I love that word..

    I read that book 3x before I purchased the audio, narrated by Alice Sebold.
    Well worth it if your an Itouch person.

  24. Joan (Canada) says:

    Pure speculation on my part, but could it be that he’s not available because he might be brought up before the FBA? Maybe someone who has been stabbed by him has put in a complaint, because if not, as is a stall tactic or vacation (as some posted)he is really pushing the envelope with the new Judge. Could this be the end of Mr. Baez…..

    Also, I noticed that the 3 motions that were given to the media have not been filed. Any news on that?

  25. Gypsy DD says:

    So..will Judge Perry still hold the hearing Friday 4/30 if Jose is unavailable? I am thinking since he is not death qualified it shouldn’t matter all that much..

  26. westsidehudson says:

    Now that Casey is indigent, I wonder if the lawyers will stay on for the civil case. They can’t get money from the state, so are they hopeful and she will be able to pay them in the future? Why not just default? She has no money anyway, so nothing for Zenaida to collect. Zenaida has no money so the the counter suit would be a bust too. Meanwhile, the Anthonys might say something damaging. Do you think they will keep up the same stance with the civil case now that the criminal case has gotten even more serious?

    I think since Casey HAD $275K, at least as we know PART of the time she was being civilly, I would offer that the argument could be made she was liquidating assets..

  27. westsidehudson says:

    Do you believe that they have been paid in the civil case? I wasn’t sure if that was what you were saying, but that would make sense that they would be on retainer.

    Her lawyer I am certain has been paid (Kasen).
    However, if your notified of suit, and you have X in assets, and get rid of them somehow, your still subject to a verdict as if you had them.. But it is s slippery slope when talking about a simultaneous civil suit and a criminal prosecution I admit.

  28. Shelly says:

    Baez not being at the hearing on Friday reminds me of grandpa’s old saying….”Stupid is as stupid does”….

    Is Mason going to be the only one sitting at the table with Casey….hmmmm

    When the Judge demands all the info he has told them to bring to the proceeding is Mason gonna say….Ummm, what’s that you say Judge, my hearing aint so good anymore….And when the Judge yells loudly for the information….will Mason just say…well, Baez couldn’t be here today and he has that information…..

    You know Judge, I’m an old man I just got on this case and I need more time to get caught up on it….

    Who’s the ringmaster in this circus now? We know who the clowns are for ‘shore….smiles

  29. seemeatthebeach says:

    Gypsy, It appears Baez is unavailable for other cases as well up to June 2. I would Mason would be lead…Baez isn’t death qualified anyway

  30. Steadychick says:

    Blink — I still don’t understand. Are you saying that Casey’s civil attorneys will try to get a judgment against her so that they might receive payment sometime in the future for their services? Or, like her criminal attorneys, are they also working for free? And even if they are not charging their usual fees, how are the other expenses of the civil trial going to be paid? When is the next civil case hearing?

  31. Kleat says:

    Ok, Baez filed FOUR (4) motions with the media, his friendly media, that went on to publish each and every one of them ( in pdf format under the same story as the recusal, and of course the same media outlet had the motion to recuse long before the end of that Friday, and days before the good judge himself, had any copy.

    About the 4 motions, I don’t believe for a nano-second that this was some oops, my legal assistant faxed the wrong paperwork to the media (if that happened, then why didn’t that same assistant send them on electronically for filing at my orange clerk– makes no sense that this was a mix-up).

    What about Andrea Lyon, who had obviously prepared and signed the copies of these four motions, leaving the ‘day’ in the April 2010 free to be filled in when the documents would actually be filed and at the appropriate time for signatures of the two other lawyers listed as attorneys not only with signature lines at the end, but in at least one (if not more) of the motions, their full names were part of the motion itself.

    Those documents were given over to the care of Baez, lead attorney or not. Andrea Lyon had to expect that with her signature on them, care would be taken that her document wouldn’t get published in the media as some sort of game Baez was playing. Baez nor Mason signed any of these published documents– how appropriate is that for Baez to do, especially to Ms. Lyon? She can’t view this as being professional behaviour for one lawyer to the next, nevermind lawyers on the same team. Minimally those documents should have been completed and filed with the court. Because they have never been filed, it was part of Baez’s incompetence perhaps, but more likely, intentionally pushing them forward into the media was purposeful as part of his strategy– I doubt Ms. Lyon would approve of her lone signature being used this way when she entrusted her documents to Baez to be used for filing as motions, not media releases.

  32. Kleat says:

    My question would be, WHY would Cheney Mason sign his J. C. M. to the motion to recuse?? I don’t get that, UNLESS—> Mason Cheney needs to manipulate his client into a position of plea and that seems unethical for a defense attny. But now, Casey is far out of her element in ‘reading’ Judge Perry AND being able to manipulate him. She will have a read on him fast and know she’s done once she tests the waters a couple times and doesn’t get her way.

  33. Kleat says:

    And what of future $$ gains if Casey sues her own lawyer(s). Was Kasen paid and why didn’t Baez declare this too, in the indigency hearing– or did that come off the top of the 205, with a higher amount actually paid by ABC et al? Maybe Baez had certain amounts earmarked for civil attorneys and costs that he wouldn’t have to disclose.

    AND, now that Casey is indigent, will this change her representation from Tomasita to a court appointed attorney? Or are there earmarked funds in someone’s trust for that case… ?

  34. Kleat says:

    “I would offer that the argument could be made she was liquidating assets..

    As was her family…

  35. LindaNewYork says:

    18.Bees Knees says:
    April 25, 2010 at 8:45 pm

    YES, I want to read the book Lovely Bones. Usually read the book first then the movie

    Ragdoll,Blink, Bees, I was crying my eyes out..:).

  36. Kleat says:

    Remember this???? What’s changed from the powerful dream team of 8 members to….. to…. two???? Cheney Mason and Linda Kenny-Baden? Then mitigation specialist Lyon can help if and when a guilty plea?

  37. Kleat says:

    But then Casey still has the option to fire one or more of them, take her chances with a public defender.

  38. ross says:

    Casey Anthony murdered her daughter and staged it to look like a kidnapping. <– Blink

    And I thought you prided your self on only stating the facts. Good thing you are not part of the jury pool. Wait, I thought you did not believe in psychics?

    Should I know what your talking about? That is my belief, as I stated.

    I could not be a part of this jury pool, obviously.

  39. [...] memorandum to his ruling following oral arguments on August 18th, It is  worthy of the Honorable Belvin Perry’s stamp of approval- with the exception of course that is does not contain the phrase, “no [...]

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