Blink On Crime Discusses Caylee Anthony and Morgan Harrington Cases with Dana Pretzer LIVE



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  1. Kleat says:

    Finally, I get to hear it live!!

    I just heart you Kleat.

    You are a staunch advocate, We are priviliged to have you friend.

  2. dragko says:

    Nice job on the show!


  3. Kleat says:

    Great, Blink– if any little girl needs an angel to bring her home, it’s Haleigh.

  4. Kleat says:

    Now what will Robin Sax say about the letters. I agree with you on the letters being more thought out, she’s laying a lot of notions that could be laying the groundwork for defense.


  5. Word Girl says:

    Go, Blink, go.
    I’m looking forward to this. Especially protective of Joe Ocasio–I hope it’s not too hard for him.

    Will Dale Archer sound differently off the NG show? Hopefully!

    Thank you all for taking the time to do this. It is most enlightening.

    Me too, I agree.

  6. fish says:

    Sorry it took so long to post.

    A M A Z I N G!

    I have no other words.
    Well, except to say when I grow up…I want to be just like you!
    Family sends their best and keep up the good work you and your team do.

    Your too kind Fish, I wish I had some progressive something or other- so, we keep at it.

  7. JR says:

    I missed the live broadcast and can’t seem to get anything to play when I click on the link now. Hopefully that only means a matter of the archive becoming available and not some error on my end. Anyways, I look forward to hearing the show when I finally do, as I always enjoy hearing Blink’s insight in voice.

    (You remind me of my aunt -a long renowned with cbc radio in Canada -but both of you are these eloquent articulate types blessed with that pleasant, calming voice people WANT to hear.

    JR- how very, very kind of you to say- Thank You.
    The podcast will be up tomorrow, I will post it as soon as it is available.

  8. Kleat says:

    JR, not talking about Vicki, are you?

  9. JR says:

    Hi Kleat,

    No, I was comparing Blink to my Aunt, Erika Ritter. She is primarily a writer, but has hosted and co-hosted a variety of current affairs and arts & entertainment shows on CBC radio in Toronto. Hearing Blink on these radio shows reminds me of the same qualities I’ve always enjoyed and admired listening to my Aunt. Its also this ‘thing’ I have with people’s voices, certain ones I immediately can’t stand and others I just really like.
    Anyways, are you referring to Vicki Gabereau?

  10. Ragdoll says:

    Sorry I missed you again Blink. NOT FAIR! I can never catch you but I know you were sensational!

    Mucho love~

  11. Twinkletoes says:

    I will listen to the podcast when it is up. I am sure you were wonderful, Blink!
    OT:One of my colleagues sent this to me and I thought it was important to share. Excellent news coming out of Florida!


    Today both houses of the Florida legislature UNANIMOUSLY voted to
    eliminate the civil AND criminal statute of limitations for child sex

    A special congratulations to NCVBA member Michael Dolce of Palm Beach
    Gardens, FL who spearheaded this effort.

    The legislation does not contain a window for old cases, but does apply
    to all civil claims arising out of child sex abuse against both
    perpetrators and negligent third-parties. This is an important step
    forward for our efforts.

    Jeffrey R. Dion
    Acting Executive Director
    National Center for Victims of Crime

    National Crime Victim Bar Association
    2000 M ST, NW Ste 480
    Washington, DC 20036
    (202) 467-8717

    An affiliate of the National Center for Victims of Crime

  12. sueK says:

    Blink, you are very well spoken. Good job!

    TY friend.

  13. Mom3.0 says:

    Great show- Jose a Telemundo pundit??- Aye Dios Mio!

    Your commentary on Jose not keeping track of his billing hours made me think of that movie… “The Firm”. Don’t they arrest people for that kind of thing?

    I am sorry to hear your sad thoughts on Haliegh’s case. Hopefully she will be found.

    I am hoping for justice in all 3 cases, for Caylee, Hayleigh and Morgan.

  14. Kleat says:

    Busy, busy bees at work playing catch up, previously motions were submitted to the judge on the bench– no more, the 4 reported as filed much earlier by news stations have finally been filed today, with the addition of one more.

    04/28/2010 Motion
    Amended Second; to Preclude Death Procedures for Impermissible Prosecutorial Motives With Exhibits

    04/28/2010 Memorandum
    Amended; of Law in Support of Second Defense Motion to Preclude Death Procedures for Impermissible Prosecutorial Motives

    04/28/2010 Motion
    Amended Second; to Preclude Death Procedures for Impermissible Prosecutorial Motives

    04/28/2010 Memorandum
    of Law in Support of Defendant’s Motion for Protective Order With Respect to Penalty Phase Discovery

    04/28/2010 Motion
    Defendant’s; for Protective Order With Respect to Penalty Phase Discovery

    04/28/2010 Memorandum
    of Law in Support of Defendant’s Motion to Declare Florida Statute 921/141 Unconstitutional for Inadequate Appellate Review

    04/28/2010 Motion
    to Declare Florida Statute 921/141 Unconstitutional for Inadequate Appellate Review

    04/28/2010 Memorandum
    of Law in Support of Defendant’s Motion to Preclude the State’s Impermissible, Gender Biased, Request for Imposition of the Death Penalty

    04/28/2010 Motion
    to Preclude the State’s Impermissible, Gender Biased, Request for Imposition of the Death Penalty

  15. Kleat says:

    Media given the motions in incomplete form for publication long before filing them with the court– same time as the motion to get rid of Strickland. New motions of course, had to be completed and amended for submission to the new judge.

    From News13,

    Documents Released April 19, 2010

    Casey Anthony Order Of Recusal
    Order on Defendant’s Motion to Disqualify Trial Judge
    Motion to Declare Florida Statute 921-141 Unconstitutional
    Motion to Preclude the State’s Impermissable, Gender Biased, Request for Imposition of the Death Penalty
    Second Motion to Preclude Death Procedures for Impermissable Prosecutorial Motives
    Defendant’s Motion for Protective Order with Respect to Penalty Phase Discovery

  16. JR says:

    Hey Blink,

    Got to hear the show finally (got the archive off the SM website) and you were great, as always. Very interesting projections on Baez and this new ‘shake-up’ of the defense. I have a feeling you could very well be right. I really hope all the craziness you mentioned going on in Virginia doesn’t end up making Morgan’s investigation go cold. I still get such an overwhelming feeling of sadness when I think of this case, I can only imagine what her family goes through. I hope they are able to find solace somewhere.

    On another note, I just realized today in hearing the show’s intro “From his humble beginnings in….”
    Dana Pretzer grew up in the same little prairie province as I did! I wonder how close he is to the Colin Thatcher story (the infamous crime case of that world).

  17. Ragdoll says:


    Maybe we’re related….lol. My dad grew up in Rouleau aka Dog River. I lived in Regina for a few years as a little girl. I entered the contest to name the Riders new mascot (didn’t win) who is affectionately known as Gainer the Gopher (holy cow, does this story date me). I even inherited my Great Aunt’s stuffed Gainer when she passed. He decorates our bed to my husband’s chagrin.

    Funny you mentioned the Colin Thatcher story. Back in the day when you had party lines living on a farm, my Aunt, God love her, would sometimes pull up a chair, light a cigarette and listen in. On one eventful day, she listened in on a call between Joanne Thathcher and a friend. Joanne was staying at a nearby farm near Rouleau with friends, hiding from Colin. I don’t remember the details of the conversation but leave it to my aunt to have a somewhat significant part of Saskatchewan history. My cousin, her son, called her MOTS (mouth of the south). Everyone from Regina to Bismarck I’m sure has heard this story.

    Looking forward to listening in on the podcast!! xo

  18. Kleat says:

    JR, got it, Vicki wasn’t from a flat place! Is there a province that hasn’t been represented on BOC?? Probably, but there was someone from the Maritimes (because she mentioned the case of the murdered unwanted daughter there), and from the wet coast and ON and plaecs in between.

  19. caseydidit says:

    ..Good Commentary Blink on Dana’s show!…now the Todd Macaluso has withdrawn from the case for his indiscretions (70,000 of them)…..I feel you are very close to on target with Mr Baez and the Florida Bar. Tomorrow’s Court hearing will hold a whole different energy for Miss Anthony & Co….sure going to miss “Stan the Man”…but sure do welcome Judge Perry.

  20. Ragdoll says:

    Enjoyed your interview with Dana, Blink. I’m feeling especially heavy hearted about Haleigh’s case. It’s probably a miracle she lived to be 5 years old. I’m also angered by the lack of incentive, as you indicated, for anyone to tell the truth. I hope Ron, Misty and Tommy spend a long time in jail with their thoughts.

    Loved the reference about Eric Estrada. Nuff said.

    You gave an informative and engaging interview Blink. Your personality and sense of humour is infectious.

    Have a beautiful weekend friend xo

    lol, thanks friend. Dana makes it easy.

  21. Sue says:

    Hi Blink – Finally had a chance to listen to you on Dana’s show. I agree with you on the fact that the Haleigh Cummings case may not move forward unless Haleigh’s body is found. I want to bring up another case that was in “neutral” too here in Orange County, NY for almost a year and a half and that is the Laura Garza case. The chief suspect in the case, Michael Mele – a convicted sex offender, is behind bars on a parole violation at this time for unrelated charges, but he is due to get out on parole by Dec. 2010. Mele is “suspected” of her murder, but her body remained hidden for all this time in the neighboring state of PA. Mele was seen leaving a night club in NYC with Laura in Dec. of 2008 and she rode up to Orange County, NY, with Mele (in his car) in the wee hours of the morning with another person who has remained unidentified by police. It just so happened that some ATV riders were riding in the area of Scranton, PA one day last week, and discovered her skeleton. (Reminds me of the accidental discovery of little Caylee by Roy Kronk.) You never know when someone will accidentally discover something or someone. All kinds of searches were done here in the Hudson Valley for Laura Garza for months and months by her family and police, but it took the accidental findings of these ATV riders to stumble across her body. I think it’s Divine Intervention that things suddenly turn around. Of course, Mele is not talking, but the State Police have evidence against Mr. Mele, and now with the discovery of the body, perhaps an arrest can finally be made. It is just a matter of time for little Haleigh too, I think. Someone will talk or someone will find something. Enjoyed listening to you and your insights on the show. Look forward to your next piece.

    Thank you friend.

  22. Kleat says:

    More discovery provided to the defense yesterday.
    04/28/2010 Notice of Provision of Supplemental Discovery

  23. Kleat says:

    The TVGuy does a synopsis of the local media and lawyers perceptions of tomorrow’s hearing. Baez is still in so he’ll be there, he’s on Stay-cay vs Vay-cay (a term familiar to those who are familiar with Dog River and Corner Gas).

    Couple quotes from the TVGuy:

    “… Kealing showed how Perry reacted strictly in sentencing a murderer who refused to cooperate with authorities. “You will never, never walk this Earth again as a free man,” Perry told the young man.”


    “WESH said it will offer coverage on its Web site and on the air. The station will cut into “Live With Regis and Kelly” and stick with the hearing depending on what unfolds.”

    Could Judge Perry possibly, once all is heard at trial, buy into Casey’s so-often-called ‘compelling’ story of how she could not call authorities, could not tell her mother because she would then call authorities, and of course, how she was absolutely petrified of what her mother would say before she called in authorities.

  24. Kleat says:

    Completely off topic, but goes to define ‘Staycation’– This little YouTube, well, think of it as a substitute for ads or movie trailers as you await the hearing to start in the morning. It has absolutely nothing to do with the case– warning.

    You will also learn what a Staycation is (in Blink-ese, that would be Stay-Cay), there’s a little bit for JWG in here too, in celebration of his latest theory on computer wizz kid (or not) Casey. About the parents learning ‘the email’, about cookies– and in Pt 2, the concept of getting kicked off the internet and Staycation continues. (even JWG will learn things from Oscar!!! ;)!

    (has JR ever been to Dog River??? ;)

  25. Kleat says:

    Busy defense bees– got one more motion in under the wire before hearing tomorrow.

    04/29/2010 Motion to Seal Jail Visiting Log Records

    What will this reveal about the defense? Psych evaluations?

  26. JR says:

    Kleat, thanks for all these links of Anthony case info! Never had a good chance to go through it all yesterday but you sure make it efficient for someone to get caught up and now I finally can. I’m on California time, so I already missed the live court broadcast and probably shouldn’t even comment on this topic today, until I have more ‘updated’ insight to offer.

    In response to both you and Ragdoll, I do have some more “Canada Talk” though:
    Vicki hosted a daily TV talk show in Vancouver when I lived there and I believe she still does. And yes, I wouldn’t be surprised if every inch of Canada is represented on BOC. I alone have lived in 4 of the provinces and with both Ragdoll and I having base roots in Rouleau, Saskatchewan (aka Dog River) we’re already talking TWO per patch of soil! Haha I do have a few friends that worked on the show “Corner Gas” as well (if that’s the Dog River you were asking me about.) For the record though, NOT EVERYONE SAYS “EH” NOR DO WE ALL SOUND LIKE THE MOVIE FARGO. I do appreciate this random detailed knowledge you have of Canada not even being a Canadian…or, are you?

    Ragdoll, I have to say I am pretty surprised to find this Rouleau, Regina, Riders and Thatcher connection.Wow! My grandparents grew up in Rouleau and moved to Regina when my Mom and Uncles were starting high school. My Mom started excelling in dance competitions in and around Rouleau at a pretty young age and then ended up becoming a Roughrider cheerleader in the late 60′s (was at the Vancouver grey cup around that time.) My Grandma has this story about how they asked her to run for Miss Grey Cup as well but she ended up declining because she was getting serious with my Dad who had ‘some issue with such things’. So they married,moved to Calgary, had me and sister, then divorced soon enough for my Mom to end up back in Regina anyways -with two girls. So there I was too, going to elementary school in Regina for 4 years. At this point, I won’t be surprised if its the same school…perhaps the same class? haha

    That is really interesting about your Aunt overhearing such conversations! Has she ever been asked to account what Joanne had to say? Not even for gossip sake, but for the genuine shock and general grief with the reality of her tragic fate coming to light. There was so much documented discussion and people wanting insight on every little thing that went on, I’m sure people would have wanted to interview her for books at least. He was already awful to her from the start … the way he ‘killed’ the relationship between her and her two boys. I remember her also getting shot in the arm through her kitchen window a while before the murder and likely been when she would go into hiding. I can’t remember at what point all their problems became public knowledge. Can you?

    My parents were around the same age and I can’t remember if it was my Dad crossing paths with Colin early in his career or my Mom and Joanne both being newly divorced mothers in Regina at that time, but one of my parent’s had some minor aquaintance to Colin or Joanne. I was about the same age as the youngest daughter Stephanie and years later, when the case was going on, I had a friend who knew Stephanie and would update us from time to time. I won’t get into those details too much here,but I do remember she was in the care of the grandparents and going to boarding school around Moosejaw somewhere.

    What my Grandma recently told me about my Mom’s other connection is definitely stranger. Apparently there was a guy who came forward to the police saying he was originally approached to do the deed for Colin or help find someone instead. I know he declined to do it himself but I believe he introduced Colin to the guy who actually did it and testified this in the trial as well. Basically he was a petty criminal but also this random quite guy who had had a crush on my Mom in high school and had even asked her out a few times. Luckily he wasn’t her type.

    This case is a good example of how lenient Canada’s ‘life sentences’ can seem. Colin has already been out a few years, wrote his “OJ” version of a book and now working at his parent’s ranch. He’s the JR Ewing of real life. I think they both even had Daddy’s named Ross come to think of it…

  27. Josie says:

    Great job Blink, as usual. I always love listening to your interviews. Thumbs up!

    Thanks, too kind-

  28. Ragdoll says:

    #24 Kleat

    I’m guessing JR’s at least passed by Dog River. Moose Jaw is only about 40 minutes west of Dog River/Rouleau.

    I love my fellow Corner Gas posse :P

  29. Thinker says:

    from WS
    May 14, 2010
    Dear Prudence said:

    “Found where Cindy talks about the money from CBS
    for the 48 Hours show:”

    starting on p. 480. She is asked “did you get money for selling any pictures of Caylee?” Cindy says $10000 from CBS 48 Hours. Here’s her quote: “I’m not getting that much. 3000 goes to Brad and then I have to pay taxes on it. So roughly $5000 for some pictures and videos.”

    It’s not until a little later when she is asked if there is any other money from the media or any other contracts for future money that she replies: “Yeah. I believe there is another $10,000 at some point to come. I believe that contract is also through CBS. And
    it’s just the second portion of the $20,000 that was negotiated, that Brad negotiated with them.”"

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