New Clues In Kyron Horman Search: Fact or Fiction- You Decide

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Kyron big tooth

Portland, OR-Over the last week, much information has been developed about the extended families of Kaine and Terri Horman, and the circumstances with which Kyron came to reside primarily with them, visiting Mom and step-dad Desiree and Tony Young on monthly visits.

One thing that is not clear however, is how Terri Moulton Horman’s oldest son, 16 year old James, came to live with his maternal grandparents after living with the Horman’s until this past January. He now lives with his biological father who gave up his rights to him to Terri’s second husband, who stills pays child his support.


He is believed to have been on a Boy Scout camping trip with his father Ron Tarver and his half-siblings the weekend Kyron went missing.

By all accounts, and certainly by all photos, James and Kyron were *tight* brothers from another mother.

Although it has not been confirmed by Multnomah County Police, it is believed that the focus on Sauvie Island, and the surrounding area is related to cell phone pings from Terri Harmon’s phone the day of Kyron’s disappearance on Friday June 4th. According to family friend, Terri was asked to take a second polygraph this past Saturday, and was frustrated and tired at investigator’s questions as “she was where she says she was.”

BlinkThink: An Investigative Editorial Of Sorts..

Frequently, in our team’s development of information and analysis on the cases I feature, readers and listeners ask my opinion on several items of information that I may not be prepared to release out of context. In some cases, they are working theories. It is however, how we handle our “war room” and take raw data to reportable data. This case continues to baffle so many, I thought I would take this opportunity to show our readership how we work behind the scenes.  Pardon grammar in advance, these are actual excerpts from our collective work stations.

For obvious reasons, this is the collective work of the editors of; the “raw” we discount or scrap is not included.

Priority Lead #1

Tanner Pumala, 8 year old desk-mate of Kyron Horman, was the last person to see BOTH Kyron and Terri Moulton. He is his self-professed best friend, and also his neighbor. His grandmother, Wendy Fuhrer, allowed him to speak to the press, although she was specifically asked not to. As he is a minor, it would require a signed release from his parent or guardian.

Finding of Facts:

LisaPumalaNo mention of his Mother, Lisa Fuhrer Pumala

Tanner’s account states that the substitute noticed Kyron was missing from the headcount. He said she alerted the regular teacher, Ms. Porter, who told her he was probably in the bathroom.

Subissue for Flagging:

There was NO substitute that day. She had been there Monday through Thursday. Why would he offer that specific account, and simultaneously say that Kyron told him he was headed upstairs to the “cool electic one”? As his deskmate, wouldn’t he interject that information?

He was interviewed by BOTH the FBI and MCSO, and asked not to release his information, but did anyway. Who or what really prompted this?

He remarks he did not see him on the bus, so the day goes by, including the talent show, with no further discussion of Kyron although he would not have been in the bathroom for several hours.

KyronDadFriendHowever, he states he was not aware Kyron was missing until that evening, when his DAD saw it on the news.

(Jason Mateos Notes: Could the duo simply have wandered outside together at the prospect of catching a live frog for the exhibit and accidentally fall in the pond and the child is scared.

Blink Response: Plausible only if Tanner unaccounted for, the pond is across the street, and they literally would have to go out of the parking lot, which was heavily occupied at the time. Project next to his is Pond Turtle, however.

The Fuhrer residence, on the market since April 2010, borders the Horman property, and extensive search efforts covered this property. Their is a white truck and camper located at the residence in the photos of the listing.

Tanner House Tanner House RV and Boat Tannerhouseskins

Brian Pumala, Tanner’s father is a plumber and recent electritian apprentice through JATC. He resides with one Ann Pumala on NW Mill in a houseboat on the channel. Quarry Rd, is directly behind his residence as well as the Quarry that was searched initially.

Brian Pumala HouseWater

Finding of Fact:

From Blink notes: Pumala address is on Sauvie. In particular it is the start of the original start area for which MCSO requests video footage, and it has direct access to the channel, which has been a heavy search point.

Additionally folks– we have the investigative equivalent of “the closest distance between 2 points” here. Gram or “mom” Pumala is neighbor to Ky.

Non-custodial Dad, a former neighbor and presumed aquaintance, lives withing the perimeter of the focus of most of the search efforts, AND the alleged cell pings.



Priority Lead #2

Kaine Horman Email:

KyronSnowmanFrom: Horman, Kaine A
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2010 8:39 AM
Subject: FW: Kaine Horman’s son is missing


If you have seen local Oregon news or been browsing the internet or FaceBook there is a good chance you have seen an article similar to the one that Becky forwarded (below).  While this note is difficult for me to write in this state of mind I felt it necessary for Kyron’s sake.

Optional actions for you:

The Intel network is large and wide-reaching.  Many have asked me what they can do to help us and my answer is the following:

1. Forward Kyron’s information to as many people as you feel comfortable with; the more people that see this will increase our chances of finding him

2. Do not speak to any media if contacted; I am trying to contact Intel legal to give them the heads up and help with this situation

Physical description at the time of his disappearance (picture is show in Becky’s note and here):

He is 3 foot 8 and 50 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. He was wearing black cargo pants, white socks, worn black Sketcher tennis shoes with orange trim and dark-colored t-shirt with the “CSI” show logo

Police Hot Line Number:

(503) 261-2847

Some rough background:

The article that Becky forwarded is pretty accurate with details.  He was dropped off at school about 8:45 and went missing sometime between then and 9 or 9:30am.  We did not know he was not at school until we went to get him off of the bus at 3:30 and he was nowhere to be found.  The bus driver immediately called the school which responded that his teacher had not seen him all day in class, at which point we notified police in partnership with the school.  It is still unknown whether he left school grounds on his own or was abducted.  Be assured that there are currently an amazing number of agencies and amount of person-power being applied to the search and investigation.

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers for Kyron’s safe return.  I will update the group once status changes which will hopefully be soon.  At the time of this note Kyron has now been missing for ~48 hours; time is of the essence.

Kaine Horman

Enterprise Business Architect

Intel Corporation

JM session notes: Bolded by Me. Dad states he went to the bus stop with Terri. Indicates both vehicles were at the residence, and in working order. What prompted his schedule to be home at that hour, would it be normal? Why is this the only account that features the Dad at the bus stop.

“in partnership” is odd wording. What does that mean exactly?

Priority Lead #3

Terri Horman call to school: When do the exhibits need to be picked up?

TerriClassroomBlink notes: exculpatory. If your counting on a timeline that gives you until approximately 3:30PM, why would you risk the potential to raise the flag of Kyron’s absence. He was in fact, marked absent, although his things remained on his desk. SM calls and askes when the exhibits needed to be removed. In my mind, it is to see if she needed to also pick Kyron up that day, as he could not manage it himself on the bus.

Priority Lead #4

The questionaire released by MCSO and the FBI KyronQuestions editor JM, an experienced investigator and polygrapher, believes strongly there would have had to have been a deceptive response to necessitate a second poly. Blink notes: I believe strongly this is designed to progress leads in this case. My opinion as to “why” may be very unique.  It is almost as if they want someone to believe she is a suspect, stopping short of naming her. Could they be hoping for someone to make contact with her. Admittedly, agreed on the deceptive response, but could she have exposed a bad guy to Kyron through her behavior or actions, but had nothing to do with his disappearance? Those images are FBI generated from an analysis they preformed on her behavior, no doubt in my mind.

blinknotes: I believe it possible the questionaire was requested for multiple reasons. Again, I cannot wrap around her. Put plainly folks-her profile does not match up to execution or strategy as we know it.  I also believe this is designed to produce 300 exemplars. With the DA present while parents were to drop off their completed questionaires, I again think aloud– is there a convened GJ at the moment, in this case?

Also, what about this– it lets them capture the make, model, and plates of cars coming to the school with completed forms. Does our guy show up at 9am or 6PM on Father’s Day with kid in car, borrowed from someone, or does he send it with another parent?

Actual excerpt in work session:

*warning graphic* professionals need to de-sensatize in order to analyze.

Research/Investigstive Professional: Something is bad wrong is going on inside the Horman home without a doubt.  I tend to look at folks who will not talk. Terri is simply acting odd. She has odd expressions. I mean effin odd; a self-centered nutcase. Unequivocally, yes, but she has an extensive track record of caring for kids. I would def buy her having an affair.  If this is her, what kind of lame ass plot is this, in the first place. You drug the kid, you take him out on your own damn property, or closest body of water, and call the cops the next morning with your back door open and his foot trail still fresh. Say he has a history of sleepwalking. In that neighborhood, the critters would have him by then ( sorry, I know). This woman spend significant time with the school and his class. She had the baby in there, multiple times, knows all the kids by name. This is where she is going to take every risk and chance to off the child she has cared for since birth with no conceivable motive– no history of mental illness,  and a facebook of loving family photos, several of which taken by her of a beaming Kyron? Not feeling it.

That said, it is connected to her in some way. Scorned lover? Unrequited affection of someone at the school? Kyron was chosen because of her?

Priority Lead #5

Terri Horman follows cases like these:


Priority Lead #6

The baby Kiara, was not with Terri and Kyron that morning.

JM notes:

I don’t know where dad was.

I do not know what he drove.

I don’t know when he left.

I do not know when he came home.

I do not know for sure he was even at work but it would be easy enough to document with ID swipes, etc.

I do not know where the baby was.

I do not know who was watching the baby.

I do not know why dad decided to come home early to meet the bus (and even that is in question.)

Where was she and is this normal routine?

Images by Klaasend

Madeline Tanner, and Jason Mateos, contributing editors to

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  1. Liam says:

    I find it an odd coincidence that the “substitute” was at school Monday-Thursday but not on the Friday. Has there been an explaination for this?

    This is not a stranger, obviously somebody who was at the school that morning took this child and background checks will narrow the list of possibilities, who was not at work? Who was unaccounted for?

    Certainly the SM is not making things easier if she is being deceptive about something, if she is willing to lie to LE over something then how can you believe anything she says?

    Opportunistic or planned?

    Blink, you and your crew are simply fantastic and even though this is something everybody would rather didn`t have to be done, nobody does it better. Keep up the great work and hopefully this poor chap will be home soon.

  2. Kaylee says:

    I thought the same thing as Ode – that Terri seems to side with the suspects, but I hadn’t moved it into motive. Nice connection! However, Terri hasn’t spoken publicly and that makes me think she doesn’t want someone to twist her words so that she can sue them. I wonder if, in the past, she has been accused of something and not felt to be understood.

  3. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    35. Kaylee says:
    June 23, 2010 at 11:48 am

    “How interesting is it that we get to see her opinion on the two major aspects about which Terri has been criticized! Something persnickety on my part: As a reading tutor myself, all of her spelling errors stood out to me – especially since she considers herself to be a reading specialist.”

    My comment: DITTO.
    Twinkletoes says above that following these cases might make one better at planning their own crime if one wanted to commit one (gross paraphrasing, pls excuse). Not that I’m saying SM did it, but just a thought that popped into my head after reading her post: Maybe Terri thought she could plan a crime the same way she thought she was a reading specialist.
    “Sometimes I sing and dance in my underwear; it doesn’t make me Madonna”.

    Last thing, why would she misspell her own first name and then use her maiden name instead of married name?
    For the same reason I’m “Jackie Bauer”? So she could post anonymously? But she just wasn’t terribly creative about it? Esp since her “Moulton” name is also on her FB.

  4. Bearlyhere says:

    I cannot imagine the science projects were in the same classroom the kids were in all day. Why would they have to go visit them? They must be in another room entirely. IMO, there was not enough supervision for all the activity that was going on, however, I don’t think they anticipated a child being missing, because this never happened before at one of their events. There must have been a lot of excitement in the air, too, it was almost like a free day for the kids.

    I am not entirely clear about the doctor’s appointment but this is what I can tell you about my experience. When my son was going to an evaluation, I always gave the teacher notice in advance in case there was anything she wanted me to mention during the visit. The doctor often sent me paperwork that had to be filled out specifically by the teacher. For example, the doctor could ask does he pay attention, did he raise his hand, did he hang out with friends at recess, etc.

    Since Terri was more or less an ‘employee’, it would not seem strange to me that she mentioned Kyron’s appointment to his teacher while they were together watching the kids in gym, while the gym teacher worked with the kids. It would sort of be down time for them. My son’s teachers often would not write down the date of his appointments or even an observation of him in the classroom, even though we had a communication book, and get dates confused. Something different could trigger a false memory about an anticipated event. They do have a lot on their minds and figure I will remind them again before the appointment, which I always do.

    I think it was TMI to give out that the teacher was hard of hearing, but being her colleague, if you will, and probably friendly with her, she may have wanted to show that she did not blame the teacher, that circumstances were just not perfect for communicating.

    It could have been the teacher’s first ‘full’ year, also or her first year in this grade and that is why she wrote something in 2008.

    In our district, there is a lot of pressure to be perfect, many parents are doing their kids science projects and the teachers know this.

    When my son was in elementary school and especially now that he is in high school, we were discouraged from walking our children to their classrooms. I realize this is a different district, but people have to remember, what their rules are may be totally different than another school’s rules or what normally happens in a day at another school. Just because someone else would not do a certain thing, does not mean what Terri has done or the school people have done is out of the ordinary, it just may be different.

    I am pulling for you, Kyron, it doesn’t look good, but miracles happen every day.

    Just like in the case of JonBenet Ramsey, Terri was in the public eye during contests. There was Tara Grinstead, a Georgia teacher who helped with beauty contests, herself a former contest winner, who has been missing for years. Just like actors/actresses have followers, contestants could also. Terri was in a body builder contest, could she have acquired a stalker or an obsessed fan.

    Terri seems to be very involved with her children. I am not sure what happened to the older son, but he may have had an interest in horses and farm life and then went off with his Grandparents, then bio-Dad to bond with him. When kids get to be a certain age, they may wonder why their bio-parents did not “want” them, this could have been a way of finding himself.

    These are some of the things banging around in my head.

  5. D.A. says:

    It interests me about Terri’s comment regarding Misty in Haliegh’s case. When I first read the comment on that other site, I wondered if it really was this Terri, because the first name is spelled differently (Teri) as well as how it seems she tends to use RDSQRL in her posting online. Yet it’s close enough to think that it’s really her. IMO.

    What interests me is that in her post back then, she seems to identify with Misty — the live-in babysitter — who then falls in love with and marries the father of the children she is caring for.

    Which is exactly what Terri did in her life.

    Strange how Haleigh (father’s child) went missing after Misty supposedly says goodnight and Haleigh supposedly goes to sleep. And how Kyron (father’s child) went missing after Terri supposedly says goodbye and Kyron supposedly goes to his classroom.

    All this is a bit too strangely similiar for it to be a remarkable coincidence, IMO.

  6. Daisy says:

    Oh, Also want to comment on the fact that Terri was “consoling” DY, I think (assuming terri is innocent in all of this) she would act like that because shes a natural care giver, some people care about others feelings more then there own, or reaching out to other to make themselves feel better by comforting someone else. Just a thought. There doesn’t always have to be an underlining reason to be kind, although there sometimes is.

  7. Blink says:

    J2K is going to throttle me, lol.

    That is being reviewed :)
    I will post you something even more cryptic later

  8. chitownlady says:

    great reading Blink. One thing is for certain…..this child was NOT taken by “little green men”. Somewhere in that chain of custody of this boy, perhaps lies the answer. I have never seen so many people take custody of a child (children). What exactly up with this family? Why and when were the kids including Kyron taken away. SOmething is really really wrong inside that family. there has got to be records somewhere, maybe even public ones. I’m not buing what Tanner is selling. I agree with a previous poster….He looked and sounded coached. Any chance they can get this boy alone and be questioned? Maybe grandma is intimidating him. he might feel better outa grandma’s eye…Know what I mean. Did they go over the school with a fine tooth comb? Checking the heating ducts etc? I do not believe this chld just walked away on his own. Was daddy dearest at work? SO many questions few seemed answered by the police. Maybe the grandma of Tanner needs to be questioned. This has got to be the strangest thing I have ever read and sen unfold. Did they actually track step- moms cell phone pings the morning of him disappearing? how about tracking them the rest of the day and how about tracking daddy;s cell phone pings? Did they? Any info on that? very very interesting….

  9. MontanaMom says:

    Verrrrry interesting post, Blink! I apologize if this has already been brought up, but I’m having to skim comments as I have 5 little girls here and not much time to read! To me, this connection with the P’s makes me wonder if she is lying about being on S. Island because she doesn’t want her husband to know she was there–not because she had Kyron. An affair?? Blink–if Kyron’s body had been found as previously reported, would LE have to disclose that within a certain amount of time?

    To the family first, yes. From a PR perspective, they would absolutely make that announcement.

  10. J2K says:

    Ha! should have figgered. More cryptic? Bring it, B (the Queen of Cryptocracy!… and Craptastic Trivia) Throttle revoked – I’m way too intrigued by where you’re heading with this. The plot doth thicken..

  11. LPB says:

    Just saying, I don’t always use my “correct” name when posting online because I don’t want my name all over the web. However, that IS a strange moniker.


  12. Barista says:

    It is very likely that the Teri Moulton who posted about Court TV and Misty Croslin is not SM. For instance, there are at least three Moulton women using the spelling “Teri” on Facebook alone.


  13. MontanaMom says:

    Oh great, I know I am going to get a “Try reading my post” comment from Blink after asking if anyone considered SM was having an affair on S. Island…I did read the most excellent post,I guess it just helps to explain her discrepancies about where she was that day with her cell phone pings–other than doing harm to Kyron–and I’m wondering why other posters aren’t commenting much about it. I do think this case has everything to do with sexual abuse…sad to say.

  14. Eloise says:

    Are you all looking at fb pics other than what J2K posted 6/22 1250?

    It seems you all are commenting on pics I have never seen, like the other project, the student standing next to Kyron, so many baby pics. I feel like I may have missed a link. Any help? TIA

  15. Eloise says:

    Blink says:
    June 23, 2010 at 1:34 pm
    J2K is going to throttle me, lol.

    That is being reviewed
    I will post you something even more cryptic later
    Oh great, leave me hanging to go to work! lol!

  16. Diane says:

    Add to the mix the following information from OR public records:
    1. Terri’s son James had a name change in December 2009 from James Logan Ecker (Ecker was husband #2 who adopted James) to James Logan Moulton. This would have been about the time or just prior to the time James moved in with his grandparents. (Why move in the middle of a school year, and get a name change? Did he need a clean start somewhere?)
    2. A “Derek Deloss Moulton” was arrested on 6/14/10 by PPB for a 2004 incident involving a DUII and Possession of Controlled Substance. (Is this a brother or other relative of Terri?) His latest address appears to be in Vancouver WA, which is very close to Portland.
    3. Terri was found guilty of a DUII and Reckless Endangerment of Another Person in 2006. She completed a Diversion program with a drug/alcohol treatment program called LifeWorks.
    4. Terri got a violation, Burned Waste w/o permit, in 2008, apparently at her current address which is surrounded by woods.
    5. Terri filed a Restraining Order petition against Ronald Tarver, Jr. in 1998 – it was denied.
    6. Desiree (bio-mom) had custody of Kyron until 2004 when it switched to Kaine (bio-dad), apparently due to her ill health.
    Also, even if there were no substitute teachers present, there apparently were other adults, most likely parent volunteers in order to have an adult with each small group of kids touring the science fair. Tanner could have assumed the adult was a substitute teacher when in reality she was a parent/volunteer.

  17. D.A. says:

    Another thought on what/who/why of LE seeming to disbelieve or dismiss regarding who ‘last saw’ Kyron.

    In the earlier sharing of the info they had been receiving from various adults/students, seems to me that it was beginning to look more and more like Kyron was at school after Terri had left. (ie: fully the school’s responsibility/liability for his having gone missing?)

    Yet then LE seems to backtrack to focusing on Terri alone being the one who ‘last saw’ Kyron, at about 8:45 am, when the final bell rang for classes. (ie: either a shared responsibility/liability between the school and Terri, or placing that responsibility/liability fully back into Terri’s lap?)

    Is this truly about the school doing a CYA, with the help of LE, rather than a focus on what happened to Kyron and where is he?

  18. D.A. says:

    Anyone else wish TES and Tim Miller would be called in for the search?

    As fond as I am of Tim, not on this one. I completely agree that the search should never have had civillians.

  19. D.A. says:

    The family that has been up to now described as “close, tightknit, loving and supportive” is now being portrayed as “troubled”.

  20. Twinkletoes says:

    When I saw the “teri” moulton post on the Haliegh Cummings story somewhere before this, I initially disregarded it as not the same Terri Moulton because the name was mispelled and there was really, really atrocious grammar and I thought, ‘Nah, can’t be the reading specialist with a Masters degree”. Is anyone certain this is even the same person? Really, you’d think someone with a Masters degree could spell her own name along with the simple words used in her response. I am still not sure it is even her. There are some Teri Moultons out there.

    I agree with other posters that the perp could very well have thought s/he was smarter than others (a lot of perps sure seem to cling to that illusion). But I need help to see any past evidence of SM’s manipulative powers. Unless she has spent her whole life pretending to be a child-loving, big hearted bimbo (sorry, but yeah) just to pull off the perfect crime. If SM tried to pull off this elaborate and bizarre murder scheme in broad daylight and setting herself up as the last person who saw him alive and actually left no evidence behind except some errant cell phone pings, she is a mastermind. And perhaps the mispelling of her own name was just to make us THINK she is stupid when all the while she is wicked smaht and was plotting to dispose of just one of the several children she pretended to love for seven years. Or not . . .

    Seriously, the only way I can envision Terri hurting Kyron is if one of her other children were in danger because of Kryon, such as if her older son were abusing Kyron and she was protecting her older son, but I am doubtful of even that since she didn’t seem to rely on blood lines to establish family.

    That said, I do think she is hiding some info that would be helpful to resolve this case. And if she thinks it is important enough to hide, then it must be pretty big.

  21. PamVA says:

    PBI(Partially baked idea)

    If they had a substitute Mon-Thurs and Kyron’s deskmate said he saw the substitute in the classroom Friday morning, should we be wondering about the substitute? I’m certain she has been checked out, but could she have lured Kyron out for someone else? Who is this substitute and why was she in the classroom that morning? Was she at the school the entire day? Maybe this is the one small peice of information the police did not want to be leaked.

  22. GriffyMom says:

    I hear too many people saying that we all handle grief and stress differently so we can’t sit in judgment of Terri and Kaine Horman but my mind continually goes back to the two of them ducking into their car when spotted outside the gym. It’s as if they didn’t want it known they were even there. The day following the disappearance of your 7 year old son, you’re composed enough to go for your workout? As a mother I can’t wrap my head around it. I don’t care if LE told them to go about their lives as normal as possible. Police would have to lock me up because I would be beating down doors with my CWP and packing! They are too reconciled to the fact that little Kyron isn’t coming home. Sadly if they didn’t want Kyron they could have given him back to his mother but much like Susan Smith, 15 years ago, I believe one or both of them feared that they would then look like a bad parent.

  23. SGS says:

    Okay … not sure how to sift through all this.

    The info about the neighbor/classmate, Tanner, and his family is interesting, indeed.

    The house borders the Horman property. Is this property actually owned by the Hormans?

    Looking up the property, I find that it is/was in foreclosure (link: and it indicates a “sale date” of 7/27/2010. I don’t know how to read these things, but I think it may indicate that the value estimate was roughly $360k and the sale price was $109k. Did the Hormans purchase this property for pennies on the dollar, by chance?

    Blink … am I right that your reference to “mom Pumala” as a neighbor to Ky, it is actually “mom Fuhrer”? (i.e., the maternal grandmother).

    Both of Tanner’s parents … Brian and Lisa … talk on their “spaces” about their pride in their kids. And, Mom Fuhrer (who looks to be about 45-50!), comments very lovingly on both of their spaces. Well, she did as of about a year ago.

    Pings to Sauvie: Terri was visiting Brian?

    Mom Fuhrer aka Tanner’s grandma: She allowed discussion with the media despite request by officials to keep mum. My gut sense is that she thinks she knows better than the officials and truly thinks she was being helpful. Don’t know, of course.

    Mom Pumala is reference to Lisa Fuhrer Pumala, Tanner Mom

  24. Twinkletoes says:

    Somehow getting an ex-husband (adoptive dad of James) to pay child support to the bio-dad of James is a pretty interesting result of Terri’s past relationships. Now, that is ingenious.

  25. NantucketJen says:

    First-time poster. I have followed this case from the beginning, spending hours looking at various articles. I keep coming back to this: Tanner Pumala said that the substitute (which was probably a parent chaperone) did a head count and said “Oh no. We only have 5. Where’s Kyron”?If this was indeed what was said, then the sub (parent chaperone) must have done an initial head count and counted 6. These chaperoned tours were to start @ 9:00. So, was he in the group or not? Did he tour with the other children or were they allowed to walk off on their own (and if so, why have a chaperone)? If he was in the supervised group starting at 9:00, someone in that group would have seen him.

  26. Ode says:

    Bring in the Hounds…The dogs probably followed the scent right back to Kyron’s house. Only supposition but if one was to abduct a child from school you would backtrack the way he came to school and return home. The dogs could not tell if the smell is coming or going. You could then drive him in several different directions from the home…providing you have the time or an accomplice…and this would again confuse the dogs in what ultimate direction the child was taken. I think it is very possible that Kyron himself was never near SI. The only thing we seem to know is that SM’s cell phone may have been there. Just thoughts.

  27. Mom3.0 says:

    Where was the baby?…

    “The baby Kiara, was not with Terri and Kyron that morning.”

    That is very troublesome Blink-

    Was this day a total deviation from any other school day? Did long practiced morning rituals get thrown to the wayside? If so, Why?

  28. Bearlyhere says:

    I wonder if the electric project was an adult telling Kyron he would show him something later. The adult’s project that was electric. Kyron was going to see something electric, if you believe his best friend. I wonder how this ties in?

  29. pamomma says:

    Just something to think about when it comes to the gym:

    “The owner of The Xtreme Edge, a drop-off site in Beaverton, said Kyron’s family works out at his club and he was eager to help.”

    “Donations will be accepted Wednesday through Friday of this week.
    Collection centers are:

    The Xtreme Edge
    16365 NW Twin Oaks Dr.
    Beaverton, OR 97006
    Hours: 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.”

    It could very well be that they weren’t at the gym to work out at all, but to thank the owner, or collect donations or some other reason. I’m not saying I do know why they were there, just offering a possibility

    Great post Blink and team! Love reading your thoughts!

  30. dee says:

    Blink, I don’t like this one AT ALL, my meter is all over the place and it is not pretty…holding out hope, the rope is tightening, this is going to end ugly IMO

  31. Maltey says:

    I think an accident happened to Kyron
    that morning

  32. Tarheel says:

    24.NantucketJen says:
    June 23, 2010 at 2:52 pm

    Good point NantucketJen.

    “I keep coming back to this: Tanner Pumala said that the substitute (which was probably a parent chaperone) did a head count and said “Oh no. We only have 5. Where’s Kyron”?If this was indeed what was said, then the sub (parent chaperone) must have done an initial head count and counted 6.”

    I agree that the little boy could have confused a volunteer as being a substitute. If we believe the account given by the little boy, and the volunteer/substitute/parent said “where’s Kyron,” then Kyron must have been assigned to her group. Why else would she specifically say his name? Otherwise she would have just said “someone is missing.” I’m assuming the teacher in the class is saying this never happened? That there weren’t any volunteers/parents helping her on this day?

    Wow Blink…your response to D.A. (copied below)is huge for me…though I can’t put my hands on why. The only reason I can think of for your response is that you have reason to believe the Police know where Kyron is. Otherwise, why wouldn’t we all want TES (known as one of the best, if not the best) to be involved?????

    18.D.A. says:
    June 23, 2010 at 2:24 pm
    Anyone else wish TES and Tim Miller would be called in for the search?

    As fond as I am of Tim, not on this one. I completely agree that the search should never have had civillians.

    I am referring to the civilian component. That terrain and recovery target is not suitable for untrained searchers, imo.

  33. Angie says:

    My theory is that Terri did not know that she had married into a family of child molesters. Uncle Kristian admitted molesting his girlfriends daughter and then told police he was molested by his grandfather.

    Possibly Terri’s 16 year old was molested and then molested Kyron. She may have loved Kyron dearly but when it came to protecting her own son, Kyron had to be kept quiet.

  34. Angie says:

    Why would Kaine Horman want to avoid the media. Doesn’t he realize the media is the only outlet to get word out about his missing child?

  35. J2K says:

    fish -
    Good to see you swimming in another neighborhood with me! I’ve been trying to keep up with the crew, but we had a fire in our basement a few weeks ago, forcing me offline for the most part. I’m reading through the pages to catch up, though, asap, friend.
    This case is completely different in nearly every way from the Harrington case, but equally confounding…and just as profoundly sad.

    (P.S. Just saw the Jerz-Philly comment on the other thread. Too funny, oh Wearer of Clogs… too, too funny.)

  36. Ode says:

    Question..Was grandmother Fuhrer at the science fair with Tanner? I do not understand if the LE tells someone not to talk to the press and a child was misssing why would you ignore LE? This is not like a case that has grown cold. The Grandmother said she wanted to keep the story alive or something like that. What is her true agenda? Hinky. Who was with Tanner that morning?

  37. ORdad says:

    Regarding Lead #5, posting by ‘Teri Moulton’

    I am nearly 100% certain that post was not made by Terri Horman, but rather by someone named ‘Teri Moulton’. There are several people with that name and spelling on facebook, at least one of which regularly comments on politics & tv shows, including crime dramas.

  38. LynneinMd. says:

    Why would the step mom call 911 when Kyron didn’t get off the bus? Wouldn’t you have called the school first to see if he had missed the bus for some reason? Sounds like too much alert too soon. Just my opinion.

  39. Redrock says:

    Looks like Kaine paid Desiree about $21K in child support in 2003.

    I think we can say she received that amount in support that year, but to my knowledge, not which Dad it was from.

  40. bluewillow says:

    Blink, who is the “substitute teacher” that Tanner refers to? Do we know? And immediately after noticing Kyron is missing, she is apparently freaking out enough that the teacher has to reassure her, it’s ok, he’s probably in the bathroom? Then she says “alright, I’m going to leave, and she left.” Who left, the substitute/chaperon/? or the teacher left to take the kids back upstairs? If the substitute, where did she go? To another classroom? or left the school?

  41. Angie says:

    I don’t think either of the Horman’s called 911. The school called 911.

    Also, if you had just been informed that your child was marked absent when you left him at school, wouldn’t you immediately jump in your car and go to the school. Terri didn’t.

  42. JEN says:

    I am not sure what to make of that video clip of Tanner and Grandma, but something seems “off.”

    How long ago did Brian Pumala move out of the Sheltered Nook home and into the Sauvie Island house?

  43. pamomma says:

    RE: ” LynneinMd. says:
    June 23, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    Why would the step mom call 911 when Kyron didn’t get off the bus? Wouldn’t you have called the school first to see if he had missed the bus for some reason? Sounds like too much alert too soon. Just my opinion.”

    She didn’t call 911, she called the school secretary and the secretary called the authorities once it was discovered that he had been marked absent
    (snipped from site below) “Kyron’s stepmother met the school bus about 3:30 p.m., but the bespectacled 7-year-old wasn’t aboard. She called Skyline, and the school secretary called 9-1-1. ”

    I think that Kaine made a point of saying “we notified police in partnership with the school.” Because people either thought, why would they call 911 so fast? Or, why would she call the school and not 911…I’ve heard people arguing it both ways…I think Kaine was just making a general comment that they worked together and notified the authorities when they discovered Kyron was missing. IMO

  44. bluewillow says:

    Just a note- I just recently went to my grandkids’ elementary school science fair which may have been similar to this one in some ways. LOTS of people, including extended family members, milling around in a crowded space, people coming and going from the room and from the school, kids being separated from their groups as they talk to different people about their projects or run around looking at others’. At this school, other classrooms were also having special events going on at the same time in other rooms, entailing similar commotion… A little bit of chaos is what it can amount to. It’s not hard for me to imagine someone luring a child outside in that situation. But it seems that unless that person drifted in alone, off the street (which is not impossible), someone from their family group would know that they disappeared early.
    Just thinking possibilities…

  45. hk says:

    Why is there still so many discrepancies in the reported events of the day? Was there a backpack on his desk or not? Was he counted absent or not? Who had the baby during this time? Was it normal routine for them?

    Why is more not being said to solidify the days’ events?

    Shouldn’t we know more about the father’s movements that day?

    Wouldn’t the police want to put an official version of events out there so that tipsters could call with information that might confirm or disprove those events?

    Why is it all so quiet? It can mean they have a known suspect. What other reason?

  46. joeamerica says:

    Blink and all:

    Very well done. You were leaning non-stranger very early on and I was and am with you. This entire cast of characters would be familiar to Kyron. He was a bit too young to recognize even an obvious P.O.S. and so would likely have trusted any one of them.

    We expect a tangled web of interconnected sleaze when we have drugged up welfare losers like the Croslins and Cummings sticks, we are always a bit more surprised at the knotted family and extra-family trees when it is middle class sub-rural types with steady jobs and teeth.

    Draw a circle around your array of characters in just this BOC report. Ninety percent chance you’ve got at least one party who either knows or strongly suspects what has occured, or was directly involved. I stongly suspect that there are two individuals who have a good idea – perhaps both having been directly involved in Kyron’s demise, or one being suspicious of – or an accomplice to, the other.

    Eighty percent chance, I am afraid, that SM is one of the two. Her entire demeanor since Kyron’s disappearance has been self-focused and inwardly directed. She makes no eye contact with anyone. She sees herself as the victim in what has transpired. Not out of charater for someone who has spent thousands of hours looking at herself in a mirror, someone is leaving behind a family tree that requires 3-D glasses to follow.

    Could I be wrong? – Absolutely. Am I obligated to presume her innocence? Are any of us? No, only a juror has that obligation. Will I apologize if she is cleared by LE? Profusely. It is however entirely her behavior which puts my dog on her tail.

    JMO but I think that JiJi’s comment 10:55 above starts tightening the cuffs on SM in the first 3 sentences:

    “To me, the reason for calling to check on when to pick up the science project is that she wanted to know if the school had already realized that he was missing.

    If the school had realized he was missing, on her call they would ask if he was with her or where was he. Then she would mount a raucus saying he was supposed to be at the school, 911 is called, and that would be how his disappearance would become public.

    That failed, so they waited for him at the bus stop… and “so on and so forth…”

    Blink (& Jiji) I think you have poked the right bags with a stick here. I am sure that what oozes out will be exceedingly foul one way or another and all the more so in contrast with the radiant smiles of an innocent young life.

    Joe- I apolly for taking my time to post this, but I wanted to acknowledge it personally.

    Excellent analysis on your part. One of the single biggest frustrations in my work is that with few exceptions, we are pretty close to the bullseye from day one, and it can take weeks and months to locate a missing person or secure an arrest.

    I worked on a case, which I did not write on, where we had 2 suspects I literally caught when they set their RSS feeds for something I profiled they would (intentionally vague, has not been through the courts yet), and it took five months and a body for an arrest.

    In the case of Christine Sheddy, I was told by an investigator that had never been on this site previously, that if LE did not use this site in relevant cases or sites like it, they were not working all their lead channels. If I did not believe at the end of the day, this work would impact in a positive way, I would never waste my time.

    Thanks for acknowledging the contributors and readers, Joe America.

  47. Midwest Mom says:


    Brians mother is/was a Horman?

    WHO is michael horman? How is he related to kaine?

  48. Twinkletoes says:

    “Possibly Terri’s 16 year old was molested and then molested Kyron. She may have loved Kyron dearly but when it came to protecting her own son, Kyron had to be kept quiet.”

    Blink, did I totally just start this rumor? This case is like a wildfire.

    I missed that one apparently. There is no allegation against James that I want to see on here that is not routed in fact. I have a para in the article specifically saying we don’t know the deal, and every pic of these 2 I have seen is loving and appropriate.

    Not at you twinkle, just a general comment.

  49. Kaz says:

    Thanks so much for sharing some of how you work.

    I keep reading over things, and keep asking myself the same darn questions. Assuming that Terri Moulton did actually fail her first polygraph regarding her whereabouts, and it isn’t a ruse by LE to flush out a suspect:

    1) Isn’t it less likely that Terri would be a premeditating sociopath in this case? Wouldn’t a sociopath be more likely to pass a polygraph? Also, as was pointed out, if Terri Moulton had planned to be rid of Kyron, why would she call the school asking about his science project and possibly bring attention to his absence?

    2) If this were a crime of passion by Terri Moulton, what possibly could have happened at the Science Fair that would have set her off? It doesn’t seem like there was the time or the opportunity for that kind of trigger.

    3) If Terri wasn’t where she said she was, why do you lie to LE about your location when it could bring a child you’ve cared for for years home? Maybe when you think there’s no hope of recovering the child, and that you still have something left to lose – whether it’s your marriage, your reputation, or one or both of your other children? The first I wouldn’t think twice about in this circumstance, but the second might give someone pause…

    If this *is* a ruse, perhaps LE is hoping someone will come forward and say they saw Terri on Sauvie Island that day, and unwittingly place themselves where LE already suspects they were? I don’t understand why Wendy Fuhrer had her grandson talk to the media if LE instructed her it wasn’t in the best interest of the investigation – especially when he had nothing to offer except implying the school had been careless? Makes me wonder what she thought there was to gain.

    I hope they find Kyron soon; when I see his smiling pictures, it breaks my heart.

  50. Twinkletoes says:

    This is being stated on the Willamet Weekly, which I am not fond of but reading anyway. Any truth to the restraining order against Kaine by Desiree? I had heard of one against Tarver by Terri, but this is new to me.

    “What hasn’t been made public is the fact that, a month after filing for divorce, Young sought a restraining order against Kaine Horman, Kyron’s dad. At the time, she had a 7-year-old son from a previous marriage. In court documents, Young said she feared Kaine Horman would “remove our children from their residence.” It’s unclear whether the couple was living together at the time. Washington County Circuit Judge Donald Letourneau granted Young’s request, forbidding either her or Kaine Horman from taking the children without the other’s consent.”

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