New Clues In Kyron Horman Search: Fact or Fiction- You Decide

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Kyron big tooth

Portland, OR-Over the last week, much information has been developed about the extended families of Kaine and Terri Horman, and the circumstances with which Kyron came to reside primarily with them, visiting Mom and step-dad Desiree and Tony Young on monthly visits.

One thing that is not clear however, is how Terri Moulton Horman’s oldest son, 16 year old James, came to live with his maternal grandparents after living with the Horman’s until this past January. He now lives with his biological father who gave up his rights to him to Terri’s second husband, who stills pays child his support.


He is believed to have been on a Boy Scout camping trip with his father Ron Tarver and his half-siblings the weekend Kyron went missing.

By all accounts, and certainly by all photos, James and Kyron were *tight* brothers from another mother.

Although it has not been confirmed by Multnomah County Police, it is believed that the focus on Sauvie Island, and the surrounding area is related to cell phone pings from Terri Harmon’s phone the day of Kyron’s disappearance on Friday June 4th. According to family friend, Terri was asked to take a second polygraph this past Saturday, and was frustrated and tired at investigator’s questions as “she was where she says she was.”

BlinkThink: An Investigative Editorial Of Sorts..

Frequently, in our team’s development of information and analysis on the cases I feature, readers and listeners ask my opinion on several items of information that I may not be prepared to release out of context. In some cases, they are working theories. It is however, how we handle our “war room” and take raw data to reportable data. This case continues to baffle so many, I thought I would take this opportunity to show our readership how we work behind the scenes.  Pardon grammar in advance, these are actual excerpts from our collective work stations.

For obvious reasons, this is the collective work of the editors of; the “raw” we discount or scrap is not included.

Priority Lead #1

Tanner Pumala, 8 year old desk-mate of Kyron Horman, was the last person to see BOTH Kyron and Terri Moulton. He is his self-professed best friend, and also his neighbor. His grandmother, Wendy Fuhrer, allowed him to speak to the press, although she was specifically asked not to. As he is a minor, it would require a signed release from his parent or guardian.

Finding of Facts:

LisaPumalaNo mention of his Mother, Lisa Fuhrer Pumala

Tanner’s account states that the substitute noticed Kyron was missing from the headcount. He said she alerted the regular teacher, Ms. Porter, who told her he was probably in the bathroom.

Subissue for Flagging:

There was NO substitute that day. She had been there Monday through Thursday. Why would he offer that specific account, and simultaneously say that Kyron told him he was headed upstairs to the “cool electic one”? As his deskmate, wouldn’t he interject that information?

He was interviewed by BOTH the FBI and MCSO, and asked not to release his information, but did anyway. Who or what really prompted this?

He remarks he did not see him on the bus, so the day goes by, including the talent show, with no further discussion of Kyron although he would not have been in the bathroom for several hours.

KyronDadFriendHowever, he states he was not aware Kyron was missing until that evening, when his DAD saw it on the news.

(Jason Mateos Notes: Could the duo simply have wandered outside together at the prospect of catching a live frog for the exhibit and accidentally fall in the pond and the child is scared.

Blink Response: Plausible only if Tanner unaccounted for, the pond is across the street, and they literally would have to go out of the parking lot, which was heavily occupied at the time. Project next to his is Pond Turtle, however.

The Fuhrer residence, on the market since April 2010, borders the Horman property, and extensive search efforts covered this property. Their is a white truck and camper located at the residence in the photos of the listing.

Tanner House Tanner House RV and Boat Tannerhouseskins

Brian Pumala, Tanner’s father is a plumber and recent electritian apprentice through JATC. He resides with one Ann Pumala on NW Mill in a houseboat on the channel. Quarry Rd, is directly behind his residence as well as the Quarry that was searched initially.

Brian Pumala HouseWater

Finding of Fact:

From Blink notes: Pumala address is on Sauvie. In particular it is the start of the original start area for which MCSO requests video footage, and it has direct access to the channel, which has been a heavy search point.

Additionally folks– we have the investigative equivalent of “the closest distance between 2 points” here. Gram or “mom” Pumala is neighbor to Ky.

Non-custodial Dad, a former neighbor and presumed aquaintance, lives withing the perimeter of the focus of most of the search efforts, AND the alleged cell pings.



Priority Lead #2

Kaine Horman Email:

KyronSnowmanFrom: Horman, Kaine A
Sent: Sunday, June 06, 2010 8:39 AM
Subject: FW: Kaine Horman’s son is missing


If you have seen local Oregon news or been browsing the internet or FaceBook there is a good chance you have seen an article similar to the one that Becky forwarded (below).  While this note is difficult for me to write in this state of mind I felt it necessary for Kyron’s sake.

Optional actions for you:

The Intel network is large and wide-reaching.  Many have asked me what they can do to help us and my answer is the following:

1. Forward Kyron’s information to as many people as you feel comfortable with; the more people that see this will increase our chances of finding him

2. Do not speak to any media if contacted; I am trying to contact Intel legal to give them the heads up and help with this situation

Physical description at the time of his disappearance (picture is show in Becky’s note and here):

He is 3 foot 8 and 50 pounds, with blue eyes and brown hair. He was wearing black cargo pants, white socks, worn black Sketcher tennis shoes with orange trim and dark-colored t-shirt with the “CSI” show logo

Police Hot Line Number:

(503) 261-2847

Some rough background:

The article that Becky forwarded is pretty accurate with details.  He was dropped off at school about 8:45 and went missing sometime between then and 9 or 9:30am.  We did not know he was not at school until we went to get him off of the bus at 3:30 and he was nowhere to be found.  The bus driver immediately called the school which responded that his teacher had not seen him all day in class, at which point we notified police in partnership with the school.  It is still unknown whether he left school grounds on his own or was abducted.  Be assured that there are currently an amazing number of agencies and amount of person-power being applied to the search and investigation.

Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers for Kyron’s safe return.  I will update the group once status changes which will hopefully be soon.  At the time of this note Kyron has now been missing for ~48 hours; time is of the essence.

Kaine Horman

Enterprise Business Architect

Intel Corporation

JM session notes: Bolded by Me. Dad states he went to the bus stop with Terri. Indicates both vehicles were at the residence, and in working order. What prompted his schedule to be home at that hour, would it be normal? Why is this the only account that features the Dad at the bus stop.

“in partnership” is odd wording. What does that mean exactly?

Priority Lead #3

Terri Horman call to school: When do the exhibits need to be picked up?

TerriClassroomBlink notes: exculpatory. If your counting on a timeline that gives you until approximately 3:30PM, why would you risk the potential to raise the flag of Kyron’s absence. He was in fact, marked absent, although his things remained on his desk. SM calls and askes when the exhibits needed to be removed. In my mind, it is to see if she needed to also pick Kyron up that day, as he could not manage it himself on the bus.

Priority Lead #4

The questionaire released by MCSO and the FBI KyronQuestions editor JM, an experienced investigator and polygrapher, believes strongly there would have had to have been a deceptive response to necessitate a second poly. Blink notes: I believe strongly this is designed to progress leads in this case. My opinion as to “why” may be very unique.  It is almost as if they want someone to believe she is a suspect, stopping short of naming her. Could they be hoping for someone to make contact with her. Admittedly, agreed on the deceptive response, but could she have exposed a bad guy to Kyron through her behavior or actions, but had nothing to do with his disappearance? Those images are FBI generated from an analysis they preformed on her behavior, no doubt in my mind.

blinknotes: I believe it possible the questionaire was requested for multiple reasons. Again, I cannot wrap around her. Put plainly folks-her profile does not match up to execution or strategy as we know it.  I also believe this is designed to produce 300 exemplars. With the DA present while parents were to drop off their completed questionaires, I again think aloud– is there a convened GJ at the moment, in this case?

Also, what about this– it lets them capture the make, model, and plates of cars coming to the school with completed forms. Does our guy show up at 9am or 6PM on Father’s Day with kid in car, borrowed from someone, or does he send it with another parent?

Actual excerpt in work session:

*warning graphic* professionals need to de-sensatize in order to analyze.

Research/Investigstive Professional: Something is bad wrong is going on inside the Horman home without a doubt.  I tend to look at folks who will not talk. Terri is simply acting odd. She has odd expressions. I mean effin odd; a self-centered nutcase. Unequivocally, yes, but she has an extensive track record of caring for kids. I would def buy her having an affair.  If this is her, what kind of lame ass plot is this, in the first place. You drug the kid, you take him out on your own damn property, or closest body of water, and call the cops the next morning with your back door open and his foot trail still fresh. Say he has a history of sleepwalking. In that neighborhood, the critters would have him by then ( sorry, I know). This woman spend significant time with the school and his class. She had the baby in there, multiple times, knows all the kids by name. This is where she is going to take every risk and chance to off the child she has cared for since birth with no conceivable motive– no history of mental illness,  and a facebook of loving family photos, several of which taken by her of a beaming Kyron? Not feeling it.

That said, it is connected to her in some way. Scorned lover? Unrequited affection of someone at the school? Kyron was chosen because of her?

Priority Lead #5

Terri Horman follows cases like these:


Priority Lead #6

The baby Kiara, was not with Terri and Kyron that morning.

JM notes:

I don’t know where dad was.

I do not know what he drove.

I don’t know when he left.

I do not know when he came home.

I do not know for sure he was even at work but it would be easy enough to document with ID swipes, etc.

I do not know where the baby was.

I do not know who was watching the baby.

I do not know why dad decided to come home early to meet the bus (and even that is in question.)

Where was she and is this normal routine?

Images by Klaasend

Madeline Tanner, and Jason Mateos, contributing editors to

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  1. Shelly says:

    I am many miles away here in MD…but have been following this story ever since it broke. Everyday I hope and pray that this beautiful little boy is found. So many questions unanswered…and such an intricate family tree. Has anyone been able to find out the reason for James (the 16 year old) moving in with his grand parents? ..after reading Desiree’s letter to her son…I was under the impression that she had plans for him to spend more time with them over the summer…..maybe Kaine and/or Terri did not want Kyron to tell them something that was going on at home???

  2. tracygirl says:

    Interesting Blink, thank you for your hard work on this case…

  3. Kim says:

    RE: SM not going to the school after discovering Kyron missing.
    I posed the question to my husband who knows nothing of this case, if our daughter didn’t get off the bus, what Would you do? “Call the school.” School says she was absent and is calling the police. What do you do then? “I guess wait for the police” Where, would you go to the school? “Why? Do the police say to go there? What if she comes home, someone has to be here.”

    not to throw anyone under the bus (no pun intended)… so much speculation about SM. What about dad? Now, consider for a moment he’s a suspect. Or SM is innocent and afraid of dad being involved. Could that account for her demeanor at the press conference? Just crossed my mind a number of times. that she could look afraid… of the truth. Or in fear. Perhaps the LE presence at the home following his disappearance?

  4. FLGirl says:

    Well, I remember reading that there was something about the owners of the adjacent property that was being searched last week. I never could find a name really, much less one that sent up red flags; until now. Reading how the property was that of Tanner Pumala’s grandmother? Considering that he was the only child/parent to speak about the events of that day; and that his info seemed sketchy, then the 9am sighting (which I presumed to be his) being apparently discounted by police? A definite red flag there. But then, to read that Tanner’s father lives on the very island where police have been searching for a week or so? Just, wow!

    I’m really not sure what to make of this all. Perhaps Tanner and Kyron slipped out to find a tree frog or waste time before class? If something happened to Kyron, maybe Tanner would’ve called his grandmother or father (or alerted them at the Science Fair) and they took his body and put it somewhere on Sauvie Island? Maybe that’s why Tanner sounds rehearsed? Maybe his grandmother put him on tv to deflect attention away from anyone who might be involved with the school, and towards a stranger abduction?

    I think that’s really a stretch, but possible. Although, the fact that Mr. Pumala lives on Sauvie Island and SM’s phone pinged Sauvie Island… seems really coincidental. Thus I can see where speculation of some sort of affair arises. But still, someone would’ve had to be lurking around the school — someone Kyron trusted enough to leave with — and how would that someone know about the “miscommunication” about the Dr. appt., plus the fact that SM would be out running errands and unaccounted for when it comes to alibi?

    What if SM WAS having an affair with Mr. Pumala, and decided Kyron was an obstacle to her being with him? Maybe Kyron found out she was seeing him? Or maybe SM decided that if she was file for divorce, it would be found out that she was cheating on Kaine, and there goes her child support for their daughter? Or maybe adultery would’ve been grounds for Kaine to get custody of baby girl Kiara? Crazy as it may sound, perhaps with Kyron out of the way (especially with school ending for the summer), SM could take her daughter and go see Mr. Pumala anytime she wanted, since Kaine was at work all the time? Maybe that’s why it happened now? She needed to get rid of him before he would be around all summer, putting a crimp in her plans? And/or maybe SM would figure this was a way to free her from Kaine; through the grieving process, they could naturally “grow apart”, as Kaine would perhaps blame SM for what happened to Kyron in an emotional, not criminal, way? Even if there was no evidence that she did anything to Kyron, maybe there would always be a reminder that she was the last to see him; that she might’ve given an abductor the opportunity by confusing the teacher with the Dr. appt.; that if she’d just walked him all the way to the classroom.. etc. etc. etc.

  5. Justanothermom says:

    I just saw a picture of Kyron and his mom Desireee and he was her mini me. As Kiara is for Terri. Could that resemblance have been a source of friction, reminder of Kaine’s past?

    So interesting, and sad, that Kristian admitted that he had been molested. Wonder if he meant grandfather as in the father of his adoptive/step father, the author. Those stories set in the woods are eerie.

  6. FLGirl says:

    With regards to the book bag/coat question; I found a link that basically shows they were placed on hooks, which seem to be maybe at the back of the classroom; rather than being placed AT the desks. My guess is, that from time to time, children have left coats or book bags behind, and so even seeing something there, might not have set off red flags as being odd.

    This is the link, if it works.;next Pictures 19 and 20 show the book bags. Coats were probably hung on the hooks, over top the book bags, so one might not notice a bag was left behind. And again, I’m sure kids do forget from time to time, so not necessarily a red flag.

    Also, from looking at the classroom pics in 19 and so, and the science fair pics in 16 and 17, it seems to me that this is not the same classroom. It seems that the science projects were set-up in a different room, albeit still a classroom of sorts, likely. Also the fact that I think Tanner said Kyron went “Down” to look at the electrical exhibit, would seem to me that it was a different part of the school.

  7. Justanothermom says:

    Any more info on the lewdconduct emails that were linked to Terri? I was unable to log into the “match” site, for those who did see it was she looking for a new “friend” recently or quite some time ago? I am quite curious as to how much time Kiara spent in preschool/daycare. Terri seemed to like her distractions, spending a LOT of time online during her daughter’s toddlerhood and a lot of time bodybuilding during Kyron’s. I have a feeling that that there is a lot of unseemliness that she is trying to keep from coming to light. I think she is one of those SAHMs who spend more time online than playing with the kids. I am a SAHM and also have baby weight to lose and can understand avoiding photos. But in the photos that contain both Terri and Kyron I see no contact or affection, in contrast to photos he is in with the other kids or his dad, Kaine. Terri seems like she may have been a bit of a party girl, wondering about Kaine. He didn’t marry her for quite some time. Wonder if he is her rock or if he too has a bit of a wild side that is more carefully hidden.

  8. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    I read in comments on WWEEK that a Grand Jury has been convened and charges are to be brought–is there any known fact to that?

  9. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    BTW, I “assumed” (and we know what happens when that happens) that Priority Lead #5 was a confirmed SM post, but looks like that might not be the case?

  10. SS says:

    I think I missed something here. How does anyone know there were bad things going on in the Horman house? Is this fact or speculation because the step brother was taken to the grandparents’ house? Were ALL of the children removed at some point?

    I’m sure the LE has taken Terri’s computer apart at this point. It would be so interesting to know exactly what websites she’s been to and what, if anything, she has researched. Also I’m sure LE knows exactly every phone call she has made and received and who was on the other end of those calls. If she were having an affair they would know about it by now. That could account for her guilt, off having an affair while Kyron was taken…and deceptiveness, not wanting the affair to be exposed. BUT, if we’re going to go there, wouldn’t that very act of having an affair (with a 7-year-old and a baby at home no less) demonstrate many things – narcissism, dishonesty, sneaky & secretive behavior, and complete disregard for the feelings of others (which in its extreme is known as sociopathic)?

  11. Twinkletoes says:

    Blink, did I totally just start this rumor? This case is like a wildfire.
    B said:
    I missed that one apparently. There is no allegation against James that I want to see on here that is not routed in fact. I have a para in the article specifically saying we don’t know the deal, and every pic of these 2 I have seen is loving and appropriate.

    Not at you twinkle, just a general comment.
    TOTALLY understand! I was hoping you’d say just that. My point in quoting fellow poster (and didn’t mean to create a spectacle, so sorry fellow poster) is that it is hard to speculate at all in this case without rumors taking off like wildfire. I am sure it will be on WW tomorrow.
    G’night. Off to Grandpa’s b-day party with the twinners.
    Keep up the fight.

  12. Violet says:

    This conversation is very thorough. Thank you.

    #1 How can TM’s phone be pinged on the island at the same time it was being used to take Kyron’s picture at school? Can’t be in two places at the same time.

    #2 The letter from Desiree to Kyron would refer to someone she knew to be his best friend from her side of Kyron’s family, not speaking from Terri’s side of the family. That part isn’t odd.

    I truly appreciate all the thoughts and effort put forth on this page.

  13. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    @SS: Re the affair, and phone calls. I think you’re right that those kind of secrets would already have been revealed, and while I am not convinced that the SM is guilty of taking Kyron, I do believe that she is guilty of something. As I posted earlier, first hand experience with a sociopath and he fooled a lot of nice, honest, credible people. But once discovered, he was really a nasty person who was willing to do anything to protect his own world and feelings.

    Since I’ve seen how possible it is for someone to have such a convincing facade (the sociopath I know, not the SM), I can no longer just look at pictures of someone and say they’re happy/nice/good parent, etc. I’m of the admittedly biased opinion that it is hard to know someone unless you live with them and really observe them, and they’d have to have solid behavior all across the board over time, so I do think SM raises some red flags for me. But I just don’t know enough to know. At least Blink and Team bring so much info and so many variables to the equation that we’re all able to sort thru.

  14. Jackie Bauer :) says:

    Blink: no need to post this comment, it’s an FYI so that you’d know what I was referring to above re: the wweek. I’m still in moderation, so I thought you might want to see my “source” (which is not much of one! :) I just saw this and had to ask you:

    miss law writes on Jun 23rd, 2010 1:13pmComment 17 | Respond
    This case is about to be presented to a MC Grand Jury. Grand Juries are used to bring charges against persons who are believed to have committed crimes. The public will have a wait a long while, to find out the full details of this case. Even after someone is indicted, we, the public will not know everything until the trial. I wonder who the DA is getting ready to pin-point. Hmmmm…

    I do not know if OR statute has sitting GJ’s or convenes for special cases, although, if they have the option there is no doubt that they would go that route. It is my personal opinion that the ADA has spent an abundance of time in the field within the last week, and he is preparing to present his case this week, as I posited earlier.

  15. Kaylee says:

    Jackie Bauer :) says:
    June 23, 2010 at 5:51 pm
    BTW, I “assumed” (and we know what happens when that happens) that Priority Lead #5 was a confirmed SM post, but looks like that might not be the case?

    Same here Jackie! I assumed it was confirmed and then I remembered the title of this piece “Fact or Fiction – You Decide”. This message is being debated on many websites including There are even recent (6/21) replies to the post, including one by Terri Fan. I’m not convinced the post is by Terri Horman. My daughter has a name that can be spelled several different ways and she is absolutely livid if anyone spells it wrong. I can’t imagine someone spelling her own first name wrong, even to deceive. I wonder if this post was part of the poly?

  16. raceyrin says:

    Thanks for the info on the location of the science fair. I assumed the kids would have the projects on thier own desks and visit other classrooms as thier tour. I didn’t think they would have other unused classrooms at thier dispossal.If it was downstairs and Kyron went to check out the cool electric one, maybe he was intercepted. Maybe someone that worked there has had his eye on him for awhile now. Maybe this person overheard Terri telling the teacher he had a doctors appt on fri the 11th. When he saw Kyron in the hall , he could have told him his mom was here to pick him up.If he was in a uniform and Kyron had seen him before, he could of believed him and went with him.

  17. Kaylee says:

    To answer the part in Desiree’s letter about Mayson, the best friend. KGW interviewed the Young family’s neighbor in Medford who said that when Kyron’s is in Medford, he plays with her child. I’m assuming that’s Mayson.

  18. Shelly says:

    Give me what you got, and I will check it out personally, only you and I will be able to see it on here. Don’t leave anything out please.

  19. Tracygirl says:

    Do we know forsure Terri was being dishonest about her where abouts on that day? Sorry I don’t recall where that came from. Can anyone narrow that down?

    Blink can you give any details on your source for the cell phone ping? Obviously no name(s) but was it someone specifically employed with LE or was it a friend or relative of someone?

    Sorry no.
    Keep in mind everyone- There is a radius of +/- on pings based on cell towers/antennaes ( which btw do not need FCC clearance, and the trajectories within. A study like that, would take some time, and to my knowledge, there is only 2 Govt agencies I know of that posess it readily.

    I am referring to an advanced study, not the basics, which if volunteered, would be available in 48 hours.

  20. snapoutofit says:

    One thing that Blink isn’t mentioning in their synopsis is why the authorities wanted video/surveillance camera footage from Thursday June 3rd and Friday June 4th. Does that mean that they suspect Kyron went missing Thursday June 3rd and was never even taken to the school? When the boy talked about seeing Kyron at school on the video footage, his eyes moved to the side (indicated of lying). Perhaps he was told to lie about this by Pumela?

    He was at the school, as verified by many, but specifically LE, therefore, in my mind, not at issue.

  21. elston says:

    Wow…the whole thing under #1. I think that could be a huge deal.

    I am not convinced that #5 is Terri because she usually posted under her nickname on other sites. Based on her comments on Facebook, I think she tried to use proper grammar and that post is a mess.

  22. LPB says:

    I just read an interesting thread on WS. A hoax for reward money?

    They didn’t close down the school the following Monday so that makes me think LE (obviously) know so much more than we can imagine. If they can completely rule out a stranger or a school-related person, wouldn’t they close the school?! Jmo.

    Sorry to hijack, but that is an interesting possibility and I hope he is safe!

    No offense, but no chance.

  23. snapoutofit says:

    re: No offense, no chance…..Who verified he was at the school? Why did the authorities want video/surveillance from the night before?

    They want video surveillance of the ROADS/Traffic from 6/3 and 6/4.
    MCSO themselves verified They were there at the last press conf.

  24. Twogs says:

    At what time was SM’s FB post “hitting the gym”? Before she knew he was missing, or the next day? I’ve heard from 2 sources yesterday that they have, in fact, found his body in the water off Sauvie Island. His glasses were found fairly shortly after his disappearance, hence the LE distribution of pics w/o his glasses to “show what he may look like if he’s not wearing his glasses”. I’m sorry if this is too graphic, but I also heard that he’d been stabbed. Can’t imagine SM, no matter how whacked, would commit this crime in such a violent (not to mention, messy) manner.

    Heard from where?

  25. Angie says:

    It does seem odd that the police have not even mentioned what Kaine Horman was doing that day.

    Although I believe they are rightly focused on Terri. She was the last person to see Kyron, 7 1/2 hours went by before he was reported missing, she did not call 911 the school did, she left her daughter with a friend that day to make her available, she put “hitting the gym” on her Facebook page, she actually went to the gym.

    All of these things would cause suspicion for the police. If it is true that her cell phone pinged on Sauvie Island that day, then things are looking too good for recovering Kyron alive.

  26. Angie says:

    CSI T-Shirt message. The shirt that Kyron is wearing sends the message that Terri knows about crime scene investigations.

  27. Angie says:

    There should have been a “NOT” in my comment #21. then things are NOT looking too good for recovering Kyron alive.

  28. Twogs says:

    Heard from 2 ‘friends of friends’ of sherriffs. One of whom lives on Sauvie Island and noted the commotion during the search, and then the fizzle after a couple days. Apparently, later one evening once all died down, a boat was sent in to recover his body. I am just sickened and continue to pray that these rumors are false. I have to say, though, that I believe them. It all makes sense to me.

    Dear Lady- that qualifies for rumor here.

  29. Angie says:

    It was reported on KOIN but they retracted the story. In their retraction, they said that it was a communication error on their part that the “Body Found” story was published online, but they did not say the story wasn’t true.

    There is a blogger on Justice4caylee that claims she has friend on the dive team that found Kyron’s body. But now the police are suppressing the information.

    That is just wrong. He has not been found.

  30. J2K says:

    B – I know you’re still incubating a potentially explosive addendum to a component in BOC’s list of leads so far in the case, so I’ll edit myself; but a few queries I’d like to offer a (speculative) opinion on:

    Ode -
    (asked:) “Question..Was grandmother Fuhrer at the science fair with Tanner? I do not understand if the LE tells someone not to talk to the press and a child was misssing why would you ignore LE…?”

    Kaz -
    (in the same vein, noted:) “… don’t understand why Wendy Fuhrer had her grandson talk to the media if LE instructed her it wasn’t in the best interest of the investigation – especially when he had nothing to offer except implying the school had been careless? Makes me wonder what she thought there was to gain.”

    (Me too, Kaz.)
    To both lines of questioning: Good points – that LE, of course, has the answers to, as far as they were told by the parties involved. That said, what was broadcast by the news post-”exclusive”-interview, and subsequently posted here, was EDITED. Carefully. And by a media outlet with a wary legal advisor.

    I’m sure Tanner’s grandmother rounded up the kiddies, guided Tanner through the reporter/producer questions, and offered her own take for longer than the minute and 30 seconds captured in that news clip. But, as per the *rules* Blink has to abide by here before she posts something, you can’t just air potentially libelous remarks that may play into an ongoing investigation – you can only offer your viewers/readers a self-proclaimed witness(s)’s take, if relevant and benign, with the more accusatory/speculative aspects edited out.

    Look at that video again. I’m sure the interesting stuff is in the 30 minutes or so that could not make the cut. Just sayin’.

    FLGirl -
    “… What if SM WAS having an affair with Mr. Pumala, and decided Kyron was an obstacle to her being with him?”

    Anything’s possible, but “Mr. Pumala” is a (young, imo) 24-year-old, who lives on a houseboat with his girlfriend, and does not even have custody of Tanner (his estranged Baby Mama, Lisa, lives with Grams and Tanner next door to the Hormans). If he was involved in the plot, it’d be kinda weak planning to use the populated grounds around his Sauvie-area home to place Kyron. On the other hand, someone who wanted to set things up to look a certain way once Kyron is inevitably uncovered might target this specific location…

    Eloise – re: FB pics
    (asked:)”Are you all looking at fb pics other than what J2K posted 6/22 1250?”

    E, there is some confusion on links I posted because – as I do not work in the BOC War Room with B, nor am I affiliated with her investigative team – I posted a few connections to certain things I’d found that are not, as B might say, “ripe,” thus she has been unable to publish them (yet). She is legally responsible for what’s aired and discussed here, so B’s simply exercising due caution and verifying accuracies- in addition to being ahead of me on this particular evidentiary trail and gathering info that will flesh out my meager findings – before she posts these items or further elaborates on them. (Someone has to, I suppose.)

    Anyway! In due time, my friend.
    Sorry to cause so many head-scratches…

  31. shelbar says:


    1. SM did not drive her bright red mustang on that day.
    2. miscommunication regarding drs appt.
    3. calling to see when to pick up project. I’m sure she already knew but trying to make it seem “all is well on my end”.
    4. cell phone pings inconsistent with her story.
    5. no pleading with abductor to bring kyron home.
    6. can’t verify her whereabouts for about 4 hours.

    I gave passes on Scott Peterson and several others. Sorry, not falling for that again. I’m to jaded now. IF..SM is involved, then OMG talk about premeditation. I hope in this case she is innocent. If nothing else, so next time something like this happens, I can give the person the
    benefit of doubt before I’m yelling to anyone who will listen…GUILTY…I WANT THEIR HEAD ON A STICK.

    For anyone out there unfamiliar with K.I.S.S. methodology- it stands for Keep It Simple Stupid.

  32. debbie in va says:

    This is my first time posting. I haven’t read all of the posts, so I’m not sure if this has been discussed or not.

    Does anyone else think it is odd how exceptional Kyron’s exhibit was? Come on, he’s 7 years old!! If you notice the exhibit next to his, it looked to be hand written.

    I don’t know, but that whole exhibit has bothered me.

  33. Angela_nw says:

    Blink – I’m just getting on here today so maybe this was mentioned – when I googled Terri Moulton early on I found entries/comments by someone who was Teri Moulton but NOT Terri Moulton Horman (see change of spelling of the first name). I agree w/ poster above who is questioning whether #5 is written by stepmom.

    Also – to answer poster #19 – stepmom went to the gym 5 DAYS after the day Kyron was missing.

  34. Midwest Mom says:

    Brian Pumala (tanner dad)
    married to Lisa fuhrer-pumala (tanners mom)
    I believe that Ann is brians sister ???

    Here is the interesting part, yet I cant figure out the connection
    Bonnie___Age 48 Bonnie was married to eugene pumala.

    Bobbie Gail Alsafadi
    Bobbie Brown
    Bobbie Gail Pumala
    Bobbie Gail Harmon

    Bobbie Gail Harmon last known address was 14968 NW Mill Rd and appears to be married to Steven Michael Harmon Age 62

    Lisa fuhrer-pumala side of the family
    mother is Wendy Fuhrer and married to Steven Grant fuhrer with a son Steven Michael Fuhrer also address 16230 NW SHELTERED NOOK RD

    Question is How is Steven Michael Harmon related to Kaine or is it a coincidence?

    If Bobbie and steve horman is tanners paternal grandma and grandpa and Steven horman is kaines (?? uncle??) then Tanner and Kyron would be related?

    Feel free to correct me. I have been at this a long time.

    Except there name is Horman.
    Not Harmon. I have done that myself all over the place.

  35. TJ says:

    I’m having a really hard time believing that the police could find a body and it would/could be kept under wraps. Plus, why? I’m open to hearing theories…but what would be the purpose? I admit I believe the cops believe this is a homicide and consider it very unlikely that Kyron will come home alive. But I just can’t figure out the hows/whys/wherefores of keeping that kind of secret.

    Does anyone know if the cops are still staying with the family pretty much around the clock?

  36. Hulagirl says:

    Who are the pair in the picture with the guitar? Is this Tanner’s Dad? I think the words in Kaine’s message “in partnership” may have just been his way of communicating with colleagues…I don’t see anything terribly strange about it. The choice of the word “we” may just be the way he refer’s to himself and Terri as a couple, partnership or “one entity” (my husband and I do this ALL the time) and not meant that he was actually with Terri when she went to pick up Kyron at the bus stop. Then again, maybe he WAS with Terri. He may have come home early. I have friends at Intel and most of them are able to make their own schedules as long as they get their work done on time. Many of them work from home as well.
    I’m not sure what to make of Tanner’s story. Kids that age don’t typically lie unless they want attention. If that is the case, they usually slip up pretty quickly (and don’t recall details told the first time) when questioned again. He might have said something (truth or not) to GMA and so she got excited and told him he had to say something to LE, so he did but became nervous under scrutiny (the looks over to the side to GMA for approval or comfort) as he recanted his story. Kids that age might get their days and events mixed up also, especially if some time has passed.
    Another poster addressed this issue of walking Kyron to class, and I have to agree with her. When my own son was 7, I would have walked him to the classroom if I were already in the building. If I had dropped him off outside, I would have watched from the car to make sure he got safely inside the school and then left. I don’t understand walking a child halfway to the classroom, especially if you are already in the school and you aren’t carrying a wailing cranky baby….but then again, I can only speak for myself and what I would do.
    I also agree with the poster who said a call in the middle of the day to ask when the posters could be removed would only be a call to check if anyone may have noticed him missing. Otherwise, why not just tell Kyron you’d pick him (and the poster) up after school instead of going to the bus stop? Or why not ask his teacher that morning if you had walked him a few more feet to class? It seems a strange thing to call about otherwise in the middle of that particular day.
    so, besides the theory that Kyron was taken by someone known to him for sexual purposes (which may very well be the case), what are some possible motives for SM? (and I know absolutely nada so please BLINK, if these are AT ALL out of line, please delete)
    ..A lover that Kyron found out about; an inheritance or life insurance that Kyron was entitled to from Kaine; a college fund (or other savings) for Kyron that her daughter didn’t have. A room in the house so that her own son could come back and live with them (very far-fetched I know); jealousy that Kaine spent more quality time with Kyron or gave him more affection than their daughter or herself?; that the teen son had molested Kyron and she wanted to protect her biological son?; that she had molested Kyron (highly unlikely) and didn’t want that known.

    That said, I hate to think these things but I wonder if anyone has checked the local landfills. If he was indeed put into a container (and then possibly a dumpster and not the water on the island) …?

    If he was put into the river, its at it’s fastest and coldest right now and it might be better to look further towards the ocean if that is the case.

    Im still hoping they find him safe somewhere :-(

  37. Tracygirl says:

    Do we know forsure Terri was even driving the truck rather then her car? Are we assuming she drove the truck because LE is asking if anyone saw it? Terri’s mother Carol stated in an interview Terri and Kyron hopped in Terri’s car that morning. So did she mean truck and said car or did terri not even take the truck? What was Kaine driving that morning? I don’t think these questions have answers yet.

    What is the radius of the cell phone towers area? I recall Northern Rose talking about this in the Amber thread on scared monkeys. I think every tower is different, however aren’t they up to 15 miles or so?

  38. snapoutofit says:

    RE: They want video surveillance of the ROADS/Traffic from 6/3 and 6/4.
    MCSO themselves verified They were there at the last press conf.

    BUT WHY??? I am curious to know why they would want it for the day before.

  39. minima says:

    I just don’t understand why it is so unlikely that Terri isnt responsible? I suppose I am simply playing devils advocate here…and this is the first time that I have followed your site, or any sort of story like this, so I just don’t know. I am a Portlander, a mom and a person that got one of the calls from PPS stating Kyron had not returned from school off the bus. This story has affected many of us on what feels to be a very personal level.

    I am glad we can at least openly say that Terri is an attention seeker, and, well, a bit dysfunctional. I don’t like to believe it was her just as much as I don’t like to believe anyone is capable of harming a child. But what makes her different than other mothers that harm their children? And just because she doesn’t have a mental health record, doesn’t mean there aren’t issues there. It just may mean that they haven’t been diagnosed. (Like personality disorders are quite difficult to diagnose). I am not saying she did it, what do I know? I just don’t understand what makes you so sure she didn’t? And if ao, does this mean you don’t believe she was involved at all? I am just curious. I think a lot of people just had such a gutteral reaction to her, and with so little info, she’s, I suppose the public’s main POI, again, what we do we know?

    I will say this…you theory on her having a “secret,” such as an affair, well that’s an excellect theory that goes right along with her behavior. Perhaps she isn’t responsible but she’s more concerned with being “caught” at something than coming clean. That makes a lot of sense. I honestly doesn’t make a difference to me who is responsible, I don’t care to be right about my hunch with her, but for whatever reason I am glad others aren’t coddling her anymore, because she has behaved in ways that just are too questionable. I just hope whoever is responsible will be found quickly. My heart continues to ache for this boy and thos who love him.

    I also looked into a story regarding a 3 year old girl named Riley FOx. She was abducted from her home while sleeping, under the care of her father while her mother was away. That was a horrid, mess of a case. The police were so sure the Father was guilty they even got a confession out of him. He was convicted and served 8 months, but DNA proved otherwise even though he looked like he HAD to have been the person responsible. The police believed so and so did the public. They were so focused on him that they didn’t follow any other leads. The other thing that stood out to me in that case is that the police found Riley’s body that day they didn’t tell the parents right away. The point of this is just a wake up call. One: the police don’t tell us everything, even big things. Two: A person can look quite guilty and not be, especially not having all the facts in place, like us, the general public.

    One more thing…Facebook, she wasn’t playing games after Kyron (officially) disappeared, but to people in other time zones it looked as if she was. She was playing games at 8:01am and again posted pics at 1:21pm, with no activity between those hours. I looked. I remember that quite well.

  40. JR says:

    Terri having an affair is definitely a possibility (other than hiding something about Kyron) for her whereabouts being difficult to account. But, how likely is it that a woman within months of her new born would be in a physical or mental ‘place’ to seek an affair? Unless it was an on-going thing continued from before?

    Also, does anyone know if Kyron’s actual ‘appointment’ has been verified with a doctor or anything besides what she “said”? I have not heard much about that and it would be interesting to know.

  41. Wonderlover says:

    So, the public is the real one that is hung out to dry with all of these mind games.. and that is just what they are.. Kyron is out there and he is at stake for getting home.. if not alive, for a memorial/funeral. And all the while, LE leads one to Terri just to stop short for some reason they refuse to say anything about.. the family pulls the public strings.. and the heart of the public for this little boy lingers in heartbreak as each segment asks us to help find Kyron.. Right.

    Terri isn’t the only sociopath out there..

  42. Luv2sleuth says:

    SM used the spelling “Teri Moulton” as her stage name for competitive bodybuilding back in 2005

    Here is the link, scroll down and look on the left

    Master’s Bodybuilding Women

    Overall: Karin Limura

    Over 50
    1) Kay Friend
    2) Ita Pantilat
    3) Denise Rathwick
    4) Suzanne Luce
    5) Caroline Bowen

    Over 35
    1) Karin Kimura
    2) Merry Christine
    3) Amber Thorn
    4) Teri Moulton

    Nice catch.

  43. Midwest Mom says:

    Thinking out loud and trying to process. Hypothetically speaking: if terri suspected or was afraid of her husbands side of the family,that would be a reason to send her son away to live with someone else correct? Is it possible kaine was tipped off before the bus came home? Was he there to “handle” terri before authorities arrived?

    And tanners grandma,wendy. Does she suspect something? but not know for certain or afraid to say. Does she have fear for tanner. If this is the case then she would have even more reason for the perp to get caught and may feel that tanners face on T.V. Internet, and in the public eye would keep him and her safe and give her an opening to talk later if she needs to. So she may not have felt she had any other options than to disregard the police.

    I may be way off base…
    No one on kaines side has talked

  44. Bearlyhere says:

    This family brings ‘it takes a village’ to a whole new dimension.

    What are the ages of the other kids that live with RT? Are they closer to James’ age?

    The Harmon household is definitely activity filled. It seems the activities are geared more towards younger children than teens. Terri’s expertise seems to be with elementary age kids. Could the move simply have been to give James access to kids his own age? RT is his Dad, maybe he is better with teens, camping, ‘guy stuff.’ The fact that his step-siblings were with him camping seems to imply they are nearer to his age than Kyron or his ‘baby’ sister.

    In spite of the parental musical chairs, this family does seems to work for the children. They look happy enough, as does Kaine. There are pictures of many action packed days. Each activity seems to put a spotlight on them as being a family, and also focuses on each child as an individual. Kyron is definitely the ‘life’ of the family. I cannot see anyone in this family as a killer. I hope I am right.

    Do we know any more about the electric project? Or what that even meant? Did an adult offer to show him something to separate him from his group to gain access to him alone?

    My heart and prayers go out to Kyron and all who love him.

    I believe there are a total of 5 kids in that household. Three from the AR side, 1 together, and James. Yes, I know their names and ages, and don’t feel it necessary to post.

    We really don’t know what type of criminal we are dealing with here, and they need to be protected as well.

  45. Luv2sleuth says:

    If SM did write the Court TV comment, she sure is hero worshiping Cynthia Sommers. She appears to admire her and defends the choices she made after her husband died:

    “Cinthia Sommers I hope you sued them for millions, any therapist will tell a grieving loved one to go out and do something for themselves, perhaps something they always wanted to do. You were unjustly accused, your life and the lives of your children torn apart on top of the loss of your husband, I hope that were ever you are some how you will be able to rebuil your lives.”

    So if SM did something to Kyron, maybe she expects to get some money and plans to do something she has been wanting to do. Maybe plastic surgery, more bodybuilding? If she is a sociopath, her motive could be as trivial as not wanting an older child taking up her time. Maybe that is why big brother left too?

  46. Angie says:

    Witnesses who claim to have seen Kyron are being ignored by Police:

    Let me say this-
    I am a fan of this MCSO. From Dan Staton to Jason Gates and his team, they have done everything right in my eyes.

    I have studied his election campaign, and his career, and this guy is a cops cop and a people’s sheriff. This community is lucky to have him.

    That said, I also understand people’s frustration that their information is validated.
    I am asking that folks put this Investigative team in a position of faith and trust, above your need to know. This is about Kyron, not us.

  47. raceyrin says:

    Everyone keeps talking about walking thier child into the class or at least watching them go in to the class. I think Kyron made it in to the class , was part of a tour group of 6 children , at some point during the tour tells his friend hes going to go look at the electric project and does not make it back to the class when the tour is completed. The sub (chaperone) counts only 5 children. The chaperone asks the teacher and the teacher says hes probably in bathroom. Chaperone leaves. Teacher notices Kyron still not there and marks him absent , thinking oh yea, terri told me he had an appointment on friday.

  48. lisah says:

    would Terri and Kaine Horman have a legal case against the elementary school for Kyron going missing on their watch?
    any attorneys out there know?

    Right now, the PD has refused to call this a kidnapping yet so to date, no.
    However, there is a possibility when all the facts are known.

    Way too many unanswered questions to even contemplate a nexus.

  49. mommystop says:

    So, I’ve been thinking. At what point WOULD Terri have picked up the daughter?? IS it possible that the baby was staying out at Suavie Island with a friend or daycare? Perhaps Tanner’s Dad even saw her and thus knows she didn’t have the opportunity to do anything to Kyron? If they felt the police were targeting her unjustly from the beginning, perhaps it was more important to have Tanner tell his story??

    Blink, have you been able to get any links regarding where the baby was? I think it’s very important. If LE was focusing on her from the very beginning we all know they could have let other things slip. I thought it very interesting that in one of the articles I read, a family friend said that Terri was getting frustrated with the second request for the poly because she “was where she said she was”. Perhaps she TOLD them she was at Suavie picking up daughter, but something still came up deceptive or unclear on the first poly (There are all sorts of things that could have caused that, like an affair or even the circumstances regarding James living with grandparents etc).

    Assuming Tanner’s Gmother (His primary caregiver) and Terri (Kyron’s primary caregiver) would be “friends” is not a far stretch. They look about the same age and would have similar interests if thier kids were friends. It’s not hard for me to see that if the Grandmother felt Terri was being unfairly targeted by LE from the beginning that she would have Tanner speak to the media despite LE’s request not too. I know that I become very close with some of the parents at my kids school and I would stand up for them in a minute if I felt they were being wrongly targeted by LE.

  50. oneshot says:

    Great job, Team Blink!

    I’m behind on my reading, so pardon me if this has been discussed already by the excellent thinkers on this blog. I have question about Kaine’s version of June 4th.
    He wrote,” He was dropped off at school about 8:45 and went missing sometime between then and 9 or 9:30am.”

    I thought Kyron was driven to school with his mother, & they arrived at or near 8:00 – or roughly 8:15am – viewed exhibits for roughly 20-30 mins and she last saw him walking in the hallway toward his classroom at 8:45am.
    (Although the bell rings at 8:45am so he was already late to class — which, knowing 7 yo’s, they want to be like everybody else & he’s timid, so I don’t see Kyron being comfortable with being late to his desk; to me, he’d be on-time, at least in the classroom by the time the bell rang. JMHO.)
    And that’s a pretty slack time frame he gave for when his son was last seen/went missing: 9, or 9:30. I mean, if he’s already spoken to the school, they’d have the “absent sheet” marked by the teacher & knew when she took roll call, & the SO would have the statement by witnesses, which I’m sure they’d pass on to the parents.

    In any case, I just think it’s odd that the father says one thing, that Kyron took the school bus on the morning of June 4th (bolstering the “set up on June 3rd with TH”, & possibly leaving jacket & bookbag on desk/hooks/in closet) while SM-TH says she drove him to school on the morning of June 4th. Is Kaine the possible suspect? Perhaps he did the unthinkable?

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